2003 Honda Pilot Inspection This Thing Needs Help

I ended up purchasing this 2003 Honda Pilot. I knew it needed a transmission, but it appears to need more than that. In fact, if someone were to purchase this Pilot they would end up paying way more than it’s worth to fix it.

That said, fixing things and making videos is what I do. So I will press on and do the needed repairs while providing you with useful information on these vehicles. After that, I plan to have a little fun.

I wonder how much boost a Honda 3.5L can take?

Stay tuned.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. HakuThePockyEater


    8 days ago

    The 2004 Honda Pilot I bought has a shudder at 32 mph usually. It also has baaaad rust where suspension attaches to the frame on the rear. Also needs new tires RIP



    18 days ago

    You don't like Moog ?



    18 days ago

    I just seen a video on the headlight deal, I have seen WD40 etc, but this one was using, Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish, Worked great, it's only been 4 days, but seriously worked great. Did the mostly red taillights too, works good. Real good.

  4. The Golden Folder Treatment

    The Golden Folder Treatment

    21 day ago

    You don't like moog Eric? Why.

  5. Lesrevesdhiver


    23 days ago

    It is a miracle that the driver rear subframe bolt hasn't ripped out yet. It almost guaranteed at that age on Pilots. ASK how I know. Those bad ball joints, I didn't think they could be THAT bad yet still attached. I bet the previous owner was really happy to get that much money out of it.

  6. Rod Knock Racing Co

    Rod Knock Racing Co

    26 days ago

    Me listening to Eric talking it about how SUVs being expensive while I daily an excursion

  7. Austin Constantino

    Austin Constantino

    27 days ago

    I just recently picked up an 05 Pilot AWD with 220k. Engine and trans are great, cold ac, newer all weather tires, laundry list of new front end components. Picked it up for $1500 because the rear sub frame is rotted. I changed the front and rear brakes, spark plugs, timing belt and water pump on it. I'm a truck driver so I only drive it a few times a month and then we take it on long trips every couple months. Should last a few years before that rear sub frame mount gives out completely 😅

  8. CrazyHHO19


    29 days ago

    i love watching your videos Eric.i had two Japanese cars in my time but had nothing but bad experience.citroen or pug are much better in so many ways best diesel engines on the market handling is no bad. smooth quiet ride and reliability is also ok.so yeah am believer in french cars.god bless



    Month ago

    We have a brilliant man here 👏🙌👍

  10. Stanley Cup Champs!

    Stanley Cup Champs!

    Month ago

    If you drive a Honda or an Acura, come check us out on Discord: discord.gg/snp5GnhqhX

  11. Rollin' Soul O

    Rollin' Soul O

    Month ago

    SC Pilot...this could get interesting.

  12. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

    Month ago

    i thought you were going to say J-Hawk which would've been a cooler name since you were gonna push that J35

  13. Miner Gate

    Miner Gate

    Month ago

    Motor outliving the shell as usual with Asian cars, its a rust bucket though, call the junk yard

  14. Johnny Nimble

    Johnny Nimble

    Month ago

    Hmm. Eaton, putting the Sport in Utility.

  15. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    Month ago

    You have a Crush on Jennifer

  16. Travis Carr

    Travis Carr

    Month ago

    I get the feeling this Eric fella is a car guy.

  17. Michael Hammer

    Michael Hammer

    Month ago

    You got your work cut out on this one! It will be fun watching you fix it up. There are so many SUV's now days! I guess it's all about being just like everyone else? To me a SUV is no more than a station wagon! I love old station wagons! You can't put a super charger on that old Duke! That thing will blow for sure!! Ha ha! Good luck!

  18. Simmie's Schrauber-Channel

    Simmie's Schrauber-Channel

    Month ago

    1st thing, that came into my mind with cables hooked into the airtemp-sensor: The ebay "Tune-ECUs"! Mostly they are small resistors and got hooked up to cheat the ECU into thinking the air is at a different temp, to get a whole lot of snake-oil claims: better gas mileage, more power, better emissions - you name it. Have a nice day! Simmie

  19. Andrew NJ

    Andrew NJ

    Month ago

    Eric please trim your beard, you are looking like a hermit. Otherwise great content.

  20. Wildman113


    Month ago

    I'm not following the S/C project...the engine was never designed for even one pound of boost, it would fail spectacularly. But hey, it's your dime my friend!

  21. Wildman113


    Month ago

    Typical Honda junk.

  22. Carmen MonteCalvo

    Carmen MonteCalvo

    Month ago

    I remember driving a 2000 TL, dreading the inevitable P0740. Never showed up. The transmission failed, but I got a P0750 code instead. Sold it to a tech at the Honda dealer for $400. Eric, you told me I should ask for more, but I was so PO'd that I just wanted it gone. Fun times. The only confirmed fix for those cars was to fit a 2006/7 Accord V6 transmission in.

  23. Wipsplash


    Month ago

    The supercharger will kill your replacement trans quick like.

  24. whoasks


    Month ago

    You bought a SUV and got a SUV and a truck!!

  25. Ludwig De Vera

    Ludwig De Vera

    Month ago

    I am excited for the hackhawk series.

  26. John Gutierrez

    John Gutierrez

    Month ago

    I bought a wrecked 2011 for 1000

  27. John Kennedy

    John Kennedy

    Month ago

    "This will not stand, man, this aggression will not stand."

  28. A Campbell

    A Campbell

    Month ago

    Please do everything you said you wanted to do with this.

  29. Tin_Man_Ton


    Month ago

    Let's go!

  30. Douglas-knifes


    Month ago

    I own a 03 pilot I think it would be great to have some videos on the Honda pilot



    Month ago

    clean the beads and add bead sealer unless its pretty much a new car everytime in wi

  32. Ian Zulick

    Ian Zulick

    Month ago

    Sometimes wheels are so pitted that even perfectly clean they will leak. At that point, it's bead sealer or a new set of wheels.

  33. Joseph McIlhenney

    Joseph McIlhenney

    Month ago


  34. Mike Cady

    Mike Cady

    Month ago

    With the supercharger you'll need a Pilot's license!

  35. seeya205


    Month ago

    They didn't notice those ball joints when they put on the tires? WOW!

  36. dalesworld


    Month ago

    Looks like the tow hitch adds structural integrity in this case. Just wouldn't tow with it.

  37. honda phan

    honda phan

    Month ago

    These days I use Valvoline MaxLife ATF in my '98 CRV and '05 Pilot....been using it for around eight years. It's a synthetic and I like it better than Honda's ATF...and it's much cheaper($17.89/gal at Walmart) to boot.

  38. Monkey King

    Monkey King

    Month ago

    That kid is crying now, not knowing where his toy truck is.

  39. Aseem Agarwal

    Aseem Agarwal

    Month ago

    acura-video.info/name/video/iI2q1IGDvJLap2Y.html I think it is the tensioner noise please confirm

  40. Go Clunker

    Go Clunker

    Month ago

    Looks like Jennifer is good at killing all cars she touches

  41. MemeSauceXD


    Month ago

    In school they teach you to run it to an external cooler and then the factory cooler to prevent overcooling of the fluid

  42. Lebron Jordan

    Lebron Jordan

    Month ago

    Can't wait for the build !

  43. T.L. Everett

    T.L. Everett

    Month ago

    ……a rag 😏

  44. a t

    a t

    Month ago

    I bought a 2005 Honda Pilot with 200,000 miles and just did a cross country trip west coast to east coast and had no issues whatsoever, also on my trip my friends 2002 Excursion 7.3 diesel ran out of gas on the interstate..(which was scary moment because had concrete barriers on both sides on both lanes) i hooked up 2- 1 inch tow straps to my tow package to his Excursion and towed him with my pilot 1/2mile and up an exit ramp with another 1/4mile to the gas station!....Pilots rock

  45. K M

    K M

    Month ago

    Damn I'm looking forward to this project!

  46. John BEE

    John BEE

    Month ago

    I like the idea of fixing it up and selling it with the (hopeful) profit being used to fund the next Fix It Forward build. Liking this Pilot

  47. Dipe


    Month ago

    It should be a fun ride

  48. C to the J

    C to the J

    Month ago

    If you can tell by my profile picture I’ve already done this, I easily made 450hp

  49. James Rhodes

    James Rhodes

    Month ago

    Eric...FYI ... Merc Racing just came out with a supercharger bolt on kit for the Honda Element :)

  50. PHGamer


    Month ago

    why are the terminals that way? i can tell you why. because someone like me who knows nothing about cars goes to a mechanic after the battery dies . (went to auto zone first to get the battery, they replaced it decided to test the alternator,which when they did said it might be bad because it wasn't near 14v or whatever, only about 12 ish). So i take it to the mechanic, the mechanic is like let me check so im like ok. turns out alternator was fine, az just didnt test right but he was like you know terminals are pretty bad might as fix that. im like we already kinda brushed it but hes like i can replace em for cheap it was like 30$ or whatever. so your like well i dont want to deal with this in the future so i might as well. he cuts the old one off adds the new one like that and then you find out watching another video a month later acura-video.info/name/video/g2PfzYSYytykxak.html that will probably corrode more lol.

  51. dzeeeeko


    Month ago


  52. pkaronis1


    Month ago

    Awesome video's Eric! Keep them coming...... Maybe J-Hawk is a more appropriate name? As in J35? IDK, but I will still watch!

  53. revvolutions


    Month ago

    This is fine be better than the Fairmont

  54. mark price

    mark price

    Month ago

    It bothers me to hear him say he used to replace Acura Tl transmissions for a dealer. I have a 2007 Acura TL that shifts fine with 90k miles.......fingers crossed.

  55. Scott Farris

    Scott Farris

    Month ago

    This might be the most excited I’ve been for an ETCG video series! Awesome!!

  56. steffydog1


    Month ago

    Mmm, lots of work.

  57. bg147


    Month ago

    They ran the transmission line through the add-on cooler but not the radiator.... that is odd.

  58. Chris de Haan

    Chris de Haan

    Month ago

    This aggression will not stand man

    • Chris de Haan

      Chris de Haan

      Month ago

      Loved the Big Lebowski quote slipped in. Lol

  59. WastedTalent


    Month ago

    Something tells me that car smells like sour milk and feet.

  60. S Chang

    S Chang

    Month ago

    Rear brake back covers are gone. Typical. So far from my experience... back brake will be noisy because of rusty rotors. Got MDX.

  61. Too Many Hobbies

    Too Many Hobbies

    Month ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing this project progress.

  62. CRAPO2011


    Month ago

    I believe 3.5L j35a4 were rated at 240HP 242 TQ. 3.0L J30 v6 were rated at 200HP if memory serves me. I believe P2R makes an adapter kit for the Eaton SCharger.

  63. CRAPO2011


    Month ago

    Hmmm she paid 1,500 not a bad deal for one of these

    • CRAPO2011


      Month ago

      @EricTheCarGuy ahhh ok gotcha. Looking forward to see where you get/order the replacement trans from.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      She paid $3000, not $1500. I paid $1600.

  64. Brad Maas

    Brad Maas

    Month ago

    Oil leaks are a poor mans corrosion control

  65. Brad Krekelberg

    Brad Krekelberg

    Month ago

    Wait... what if you put the Pilot's engine in your extra Integra? Supercharger and all? DO IT.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      The 'extra' Integra will be Swiss cheese when I get done with it.

  66. Brad Gilpin

    Brad Gilpin

    Month ago

    Can’t wait to see the upcoming videos!!

  67. Poorboy Man

    Poorboy Man

    Month ago

    I can't wait to see the videos that will transform a Honda Pilot into the beast called HACKHAWK! Enjoy all your videos ERIC.

  68. Chuck Boyle

    Chuck Boyle

    Month ago

    I recently purchased a new set of tires at COSTCO. I asked the service manager to ensure the wheels were cleaned prior to the new tires being mounted. I had to pay an upcharge of 1 shop hour to cover all four wheels. I got really pissed when the car came back with oil finger prints on the wheels.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      Not something you should have to pay extra for in my mind. Thanks for the comment.

  69. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous

    Month ago

    Hey how we doing you help me wait a bit on different things I just recently watched a video on brake controller and redid the ground well I have a 1995 jeep sport everything works good except when you pull the lights on or parking lights or headlights doesn’t matter trailer goes in the lock mode just wonder if you could help Appreciate your videos and thanks for help

  70. Gerberbaby922


    Month ago

    VTM stands for Variable Torque Management. You can find information about it on the inside of the drivers sun visor.

  71. Tyler Thompson

    Tyler Thompson

    Month ago

    I tell ya. Gas mileage wise my wifes 05 Pilot is awesome for its weight.

    • Tyler Thompson

      Tyler Thompson

      Month ago

      @EricTheCarGuy lmao it's a hefty girl on 4 wheels.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      "For its weight". Don't call girls fat. Just sayn.

  72. dozerman53111


    Month ago

    Looking forward to this Pilot series. Thanks man !!

  73. Robert Becerra

    Robert Becerra

    Month ago

    So you going to turn a Honda pilot into a fast and furious car that is funny

  74. Allan Johnson

    Allan Johnson

    Month ago

    Won’t adding a supercharger to the Pilot stress the already weak OEM-style transmission even after replacement unless you replace it with a beefed up transmission?

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      Perhaps, but I'm putting in a reman with a 100K warranty for that reason. I'm also hooking up the cooler properly which will also help.

  75. MyJoegreen


    Month ago

    im so stoked

  76. Jason Cruise

    Jason Cruise

    Month ago


  77. Joe's Rollin' Coal Transport LLC

    Joe's Rollin' Coal Transport LLC

    Month ago

    Spit shine by dealer, shame on scammer, who spends money on tires without fixing deadly ball joints! Children looks can be deceiving, over look other problems while being distracted by shiny new tires, may we have a sigh for the many crooked dealers out there! number one get an mvi before leaving any money 😔

  78. poland153


    Month ago

    HackHawk nice! I was thinking more like SuperPilot since youre adding the blower ;)

  79. Papa Cookin

    Papa Cookin

    Month ago

    When he said bead sealer is not a solution I was re thinking my whole life every thing I knew was a lie lol now I know.

  80. Suvijak Engr

    Suvijak Engr

    Month ago

    Support comment from Thailand.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      Hello Thailand!

  81. Lou's Garage

    Lou's Garage

    Month ago

    I agree Eric I have a 99 Acura TL with 255K and it still serves me well I like the cars better than SUV's

  82. D.A.L.


    Month ago

    Does it have a loud humming type sound coming from the air intake? I don't know if it's a normal thing for this engine or if there's something wrong with ours.

  83. OutKast Garage

    OutKast Garage

    Month ago

    Check out Texas Honda channel he put one of those super chargers on a pilot

  84. D.A.L.


    Month ago

    My wife has a 2004 Pilot the same color with 223,000 miles. It needs a lot of work, but it still runs and drives pretty good. There is a lot of rust and bad bushings underneath. Also needs engine mounts and a tune up. I'll get it all done eventually. Maybe

  85. Ryan S

    Ryan S

    Month ago

    I don’t understand how the tire shop put on new tires with bad ball joints like that. Shame on whatever place did that

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      Shops do what the customer wants. if the customer doesn't want ball joints, note them on the work order and move on.

  86. Robert Klein

    Robert Klein

    Month ago

    Eric doesn't have enough work in the shop. Pays $1,500 for a scrapper and wants to put in another$700-$800 for suspension parts alone, crazy. That thing in decent running condition maybe $3,000.00 tops, and that's a stretch. I guess he's making more off ACURA videos than car repair now. I going to follow this and then supercharge my CRV too, I've already done the suspension and my tranny is fine. Dollars to donuts you'll never see a blower on that Pilot, pure BS.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      Thanks for watching!

  87. Nope


    Month ago

    The "Hack Hawk" - L.O.L. I love it! :-D I have a feeling that this "Hack Hawk" series is gonna be fun *evil laughter*

  88. Pipero BT

    Pipero BT

    Month ago

    Eric I have a 03 honda pilot with 225000 miles is running very good can wait to see the next video on the pilot

  89. Roller Dragon

    Roller Dragon

    Month ago

    air to water intercooler? check pfi speed and boostedboiz

  90. Oscar Garcia

    Oscar Garcia

    Month ago

    Which Honda/Acura cars had the crappy auto transmission? I'd like to get an older Odyssey or Pilot but the reputation of the auto transmission puts me off.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      I'd say 07 and up is a good place to start.

  91. Christopher Briden

    Christopher Briden

    Month ago

    Complex suspension on those cars. Having that lift looks so nice. I would be a dream to have all those parts floating at chest level instead of working off the ground. Looking forward to the rebuild.

  92. Shamwowing IT

    Shamwowing IT

    Month ago

    Majestic honda parts

  93. Siam Hossain

    Siam Hossain

    Month ago

    Good car buy 👌

  94. Tanner Anderson

    Tanner Anderson

    Month ago

    Video of when you bring it to a real mechanic to fix it, please.

    • Tanner Anderson

      Tanner Anderson

      Month ago

      @EricTheCarGuy subscribers equal ability? 🤔

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      I suppose that would be you? If so, I welcome you and your 2 subscribers. Stop by anytime.

  95. mark heatherly

    mark heatherly

    Month ago

    Eric here is a tip for ya , I worked at Honda for 26 years and my hobby was wrenching on cars and I imagined at a young age a career in auto repair industry so I ended up staying updated by my hobby and working on all the cars for all my buddies I worked with and their families and friends so naturally a lot of those were Honda’s and one of my many secrets I picked up along the way was as a employee I got a discount on all the oem parts I ordered thru service center but I discovered that if I ordered those parts online thru a place called majestic Honda which by the way is a dealer up north east like New Hampshire or Massachusetts or something like that been three or four years since I have ordered parts from them by now but the point is I got a bigger discount than I got from the service center located on factory grounds and some were substantial so if you want to give it a try and you can wait few days for delivery you could save alot money and the exploded diagram on the website was especially convenient and helpful also when getting those oem part numbers anyhow good luck and don’t let them wrenches get rusty.

    • EricTheCarGuy


      Month ago

      I did that for a while from a place called HondaPartsNow. Thing is, after you factor in shipping, the cost is about the same. Also, since I'm in OH, I get the parts faster from the dealer since most of them come from Troy anyway. Thanks for the heads up and comment.

  96. barkeep2009


    Month ago

    Even though I loath SUVs, you have now piqued my interest on this project. Doesn't mean I will change my mind in buying one, for the reasons you stated in this video and your previous videos, but I really enjoy watching your builds. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  97. Jerry Bot

    Jerry Bot

    Month ago

    Yes, this is going to be a fun series.

  98. Claas M.

    Claas M.

    Month ago

    Nice projekt!

  99. tonallitam


    Month ago

    The supercharger idea is great!

  100. Joe


    Month ago

    so gross... surprised you arent wearing gloves...