2008 Acura TL Used Car Inspection (What to Look For)

In addition to this video covering the things to look for before purchasing a 2008 Acura TL, or any used vehicle for that matter, it also serves as an introduction to a series of videos I’ll be doing on this car.

This is Episode 1 of the Acura TL series.

Episode 2: acura-video.info/name/video/hofVup2E2rqxx3c.html

FYI, this information will also be applicable to 2004-2008 Acura TL’s as well as the 2003-2008 Honda Accord with the V6. It also covers some general information on performing a used car inspection on any vehicle.

In addition to the inspection, I also cover how to deal with battery terminal problems since my new TL had some issues with that. Don’t use cheap battery terminals!

Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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  2. Central


    11 days ago

    I have an 2007 Acura TL and your videos on this have been a BIG help!

  3. Moises N

    Moises N

    21 day ago

    Eric I am a huge fan ! I was was looking too purchasing a Acura TL just like this one. I’ve heard a lot bad things about the trannys going out. I watched ur video which year do u recommend where the trannys are good ? You said 2008 ? Or 2009 as well ? Thank u

  4. TK TK

    TK TK

    Month ago

    I’m thinking on picking up a 04 for 3. Think I can talk em down to 2-2500. Has the common driver window problem, but that’s about it

  5. Alexander Donado

    Alexander Donado

    Month ago

    Eric, I have an Acura TL 2005 I bought it in 2018 drove it for about 7 months the car ran great and was in good shape, I was young missed probably about an oil change with it. Around 2019 the transmission went, I sold it to someone I knew, they have kept it in their driveway for 2 years. Haven’t turned it on haven’t started it for 2 years I was thinking of replacing the transmission to get it running again. Since it’s been sitting for 2 years do you think it’s worth it or no? Car had little to no major problems besides the transmission. It also has 175k miles on it

  6. Alberto Ceballos

    Alberto Ceballos

    Month ago

    200 ?? Where!

  7. Stinky Cheese

    Stinky Cheese

    2 months ago

    ?? Used spare infers didn't keep up with maintenance? Seems more like it only indicates that at some point they had a flat tire and decided that instead of abandoning the vehicle and walking, it would be nice to drive away... or are you suggesting that once you use a spare tire once, it has to be replaced with plenty of tread still on it? Granted, a very old spare should be replaced due to potential dry rot, safety issues, but one kept away from sun in a trunk and only 11 years old, usually still has some life left in it, but examine, don't assume.

  8. chris c

    chris c

    2 months ago

    One thing I noticed in the video is those cars have a significant amount of negative camber

  9. Hayque Porter

    Hayque Porter

    2 months ago

    I love those wheels.. Can't find in nz

  10. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    3 months ago

    5:39 interesting my 07 Type S has an alloy spare I didn't know these cars had steel spares maybe it's a Type-S exclusive I don't know

  11. Sergey Weinstock

    Sergey Weinstock

    3 months ago

    My friends windshield is like the exact same and the door handle cover lol .

  12. Tyler Buchanan

    Tyler Buchanan

    3 months ago

    Looking to buy a 04 TL with 230k for $2,000 Thoughts? It’s a 2 owner car. Needs a new windshield (branch fell) and brakes in the future. Will need motor mounts and I’ll replace AT shift sensors and fluid

  13. Im_An_Oreo_Mix


    3 months ago

    4:45 my key feels loose, It has a wobble feel to it like it'll come undone from some pressure. Would I be able to tighten it? (i dont have it right now)

  14. Kevin Hughes

    Kevin Hughes

    4 months ago

    I got both hood struts for 18 dollars. The same exact car

  15. Uasquad Ohio

    Uasquad Ohio

    4 months ago

    Honda uses Valvoline atf ....

  16. rich phero

    rich phero

    5 months ago

    Amsoil transmission fluid

  17. Brian Yang

    Brian Yang

    5 months ago

    there is aftermarket ones from monroe or something, I bought them for my 04 mine for 10$ ish last year

  18. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi

    5 months ago

    I just Got an 07 Type S with a 6 speed with 92k miles so much fun 286 hp is pretty spiffy for a full size car

  19. SmartrMelons


    5 months ago

    Eric, if you're still checking comments, I'd like to know if a 3rd gen automatic trans would fit in a 2nd gen. I have a 2000 TL and after 220,000 the trans is going out. Hard shift 1st to 2nd, and sometimes slips. Any advice would be appreciated. Would like a 2008, but my finances only allow for about $5-6K for newer car or repair. I love my 2000, everything else is still working fine so far, except heated seats, and trans.

  20. Ansar Ali

    Ansar Ali

    6 months ago

    Good vid.uk

  21. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    6 months ago

    What? You can get hood struts on Rock for like $20 for 2 with shipping.

  22. Ken Hedger

    Ken Hedger

    6 months ago

    Can you make more videos on 07 08 TL I have 07TL S I've taken the hands free link I believe still getting battery drain and multiple sensors was too futuristic coming up on 86k miles sat for years 3 driving since 73k with basic maintance oil's rakes'tires ect it's the pcm ecu all computer issues I'm positive

  23. Max-Andrew McMillan

    Max-Andrew McMillan

    6 months ago

    Eric that was really good, thanks so much for putting this up, it's a great help, I am to look at one this week, a 2008, will give you a chime back and give you a report, you are the tops.

  24. doug mannie

    doug mannie

    7 months ago

    I have 2008 TL. whaty about the handsfree link module draining the battery?

  25. Brian Reyes

    Brian Reyes

    7 months ago

    I got an integra for 900 bucks only problem it had was missing rear view and bumper fender was missing. The trans still works the tires and breaks still work after a year plus I think it was a good buy it also had ripped seats but the guy had covers on them but the rips weren’t as bad anyways overall I think it was a good buy of course suspension needs a good replacement

  26. Garaging aRound

    Garaging aRound

    7 months ago

    I swear by these cars Own a 07’ TSX, 07 TL, 13’ TL shawd, 15’ TLX

  27. erik


    7 months ago


  28. Vince Wilkes

    Vince Wilkes

    8 months ago

    YESSS...just when I start thinking of doing my TL front brakes... I decide to look up Eric's channel after a long hiatus!

  29. Bind the Devil Loose The Angels

    Bind the Devil Loose The Angels

    9 months ago

    Could you make a video of how to adjust the headlights on this particular car please.

  30. Bind the Devil Loose The Angels

    Bind the Devil Loose The Angels

    9 months ago

    Keep up the good work Eric Love your channel. Especially the older ones with older Honda's and Acura's

  31. goodie2shoes


    9 months ago

    is this ASMR

  32. Bucket book

    Bucket book

    9 months ago

    hello sir does the honda accord 2007 4 cyl aut have transmission problems?

  33. Rob Robert

    Rob Robert

    10 months ago

    Where could I find myself a 2008 for 200

  34. Mr.smoker420


    10 months ago

    youre dumb thats all for the battery

  35. Luis’s Garage

    Luis’s Garage

    10 months ago

    Your my hero I learn a lot😌

  36. Nicolas Xu

    Nicolas Xu

    10 months ago

    where can I get 200 dollar car like this?

  37. Tesseract Comics

    Tesseract Comics

    11 months ago

    great Vid, looking at a 07 Type S tomorrow... Im excited and nervous, great price but has almost 200k miles, no accidents, clean tile and has a carfax, any tips?

  38. Harvey Bluntman

    Harvey Bluntman

    11 months ago

    I found an 05 TL with a mint interior and 233k miles for $100 bucks. Impossible to not buy it

  39. Suren Xavier

    Suren Xavier

    11 months ago

    $200 for a car that is worth around 5 Grand?!!

  40. The Vester Family Vlogs

    The Vester Family Vlogs

    11 months ago

    Battery Terminal 15:23 was upside down

  41. JJ


    11 months ago

    I just found a clean 2008 thats blue paint, but it's got a peanut butter colored interior and I had to back out on the sale because I hate the interior color

  42. Outspoken Insider

    Outspoken Insider

    11 months ago

    Anyone got wannadem $200 acuras? *scratches neck*

  43. Jean Gabriel

    Jean Gabriel

    11 months ago

    I have morning sickness also with new rack and pump ... cant win

  44. Joshua Welch

    Joshua Welch

    11 months ago

    Good luck at salvage yard

  45. Alan Vargas

    Alan Vargas

    11 months ago

    Nice tip looking on the roof for Dents

  46. Dan W.

    Dan W.

    11 months ago

    the key alone cost like 200 bucks

    • 2fast4all


      5 months ago

      I found a pair of keyfobs for this car is about $34 bucks on ebay. The real cost is getting the key laser cut and programmed by either the Acura dealership or a locksmith. That alone is $200 bucks or so.

  47. MrDave 777

    MrDave 777

    11 months ago

    I hate stereotypes. Eric is a mechanic. I’m a truck driver. Yet we are masters of our occupation. And we can speak like educated beings. What a concept! Never judge a book by its cover.

  48. David Valencia

    David Valencia

    Year ago


  49. Skyehero


    Year ago

    2:31 imagine dropping the flashlight in....

  50. Garrett Chatterton

    Garrett Chatterton

    Year ago

    Sorry eric, hood struts for my tl were 12 bucks in total.

  51. Crux Interfacing Solutions

    Crux Interfacing Solutions

    Year ago

    I've seen your other videos as well as this one, you should try using our products on your vehicle Thank you for the content

  52. Jaydog209


    Year ago

    I’m telling y’all try that Amsoil engine flush. You can also use it for automatic transmissions but I haven’t tried that because mines manual.

  53. AdnanSkillz1234


    Year ago

    i got a 2006 TL power steering rack needs to be done, front control arms, ball joints tire rods need to be done. 300k on body around 190 on a replaced engine. Ac compressor doesnt blow cold. throw out bearing chrips. is it worth to fix? car still drives nice

    • AdnanSkillz1234


      Year ago

      @Mikel yeah man, trying my best to take care of it

    • Mikel


      Year ago

      AdnanSkillz1234 I will quickly buy a tl with over 250000 miles how much I’m confident in these cars!

    • AdnanSkillz1234


      Year ago

      @Mikel just did my rack. Going to do compressor next week. Pretty pricey to fix everything. But I hope she lasts me

    • Mikel


      Year ago

      Fix it bro Car-part get you a 60 dollar (steering gearbox) Honda name for steering rack) 4hr job just did it on a my tl. Timing belt needs to be done I’m sure! A/c probably has a leak at the charge port. These cars are simple! Guaranteed acc. Belt Side engine mount is bad lol good luck I only bought an sold 10 of them!!

  54. medearis northcuttt

    medearis northcuttt

    Year ago

    Very informative guy though love the videos.. you have saved me tons of money my friend, thanks.

  55. medearis northcuttt

    medearis northcuttt

    Year ago

    Just a small crack a lot of wheel shimmy

  56. medearis northcuttt

    medearis northcuttt

    Year ago

    That bushing caused me a lot of issues.. (front control arm bushing).

  57. Ronald Sosa

    Ronald Sosa

    Year ago

    This is hopefully my first car, please bring more of the content! I just found your channel and I enjoy the things you post, they're super helpful! Thank you!

    • MrDave 777

      MrDave 777

      Year ago

      They are terrific Ron! Any questions pls ask.

  58. Toxmyy


    Year ago

    I just got an 07 Acura TL but the steering is super hard and stiff anybody know a fix

  59. Michael


    Year ago

    Excellent video - informative and easy to follow.

  60. Orlando Flores

    Orlando Flores

    Year ago

    Just bought a 2004 TL for my daughter with 116,000 pretty much in good (ofcourse crack dash and crack seat) condition and run good, I always been talking care of my car when got one change oil, spark plugs, break, antifreeze, well you know but I heard you saying about the transmission fluid may not good idea to change it. color look ok so what's is my best choice. Thanks.

  61. Anthony HT

    Anthony HT

    Year ago

    Hi, my 2010 SHAWD Acura TL makes some noise when I roll over bumps or cracks, I hear a metallic sound from the outside of the car. It's like a rattle or a ticking noise that really sounds like metal-metal contact. The noise is present on the front and the back end of the car. I only hear it when the windows are down and the there are no weird noise inside the car when the windows are up. I recently had the sway bar links and sway bar bushings changed on all 4 wheels and the noise is still there and unchanged. It's been doing this for a very long time and no garage mechanic was able to tell me what it was. We couldn't not find a loose link or worn out bushing on any suspensions on the wheel. I'm really thinking the shock assembly is the culprit on all 4 wheels perhaps. Do you have an idea on what else could be the problem? It's really frustrating how every Acura dealer I've seen are all saying «it's the car, the car is built like that and it makes noise». This is obviously BS since a metal ticking noise is an abnormal noise on any other car. Thanks for the help!

  62. jared thomas

    jared thomas

    Year ago

    Wait?... the dash isnt cracked?! is it really a TL? Thanks for the video

  63. TheSwiftEcho


    Year ago

    I don't think they learned how to fix those automatic transmissions. A solid amount of times when I see an automatic TL for sale 2004-2008 there's some transmission issue. It could be I'm the most unlucky person and have the worst TLs around but I personally just think the transmissions are junk and will get you to about 150k and start dying

    • Mikel


      Year ago

      Just sold my 07 with 241,000 miles no transmission issues.. Just got a 05 w/259,000 bro I can’t find them without frame damage lol

  64. Harry Rackard

    Harry Rackard

    Year ago

    Glad I ran across this video, currently looking to purchase a 04 TL with 107k miles. Good to know what to inspect.

  65. sexiewasd


    Year ago

    I keep these battery terminals on hand. www.amazon.com/dp/B00O7S8PYO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_92Q.EbGDGK7V6 You do have to have a 16 ton hydraulic crimper (cheap on ebay) So much better than those temp ones, and better than a lot of oem terminals, although oem cables are affordable and available these days.

  66. sexiewasd


    Year ago

    dude, a fender liner is like 20 bucks, I get it that it's a $200 car but it's always worth checking. I spent a hour trying to get a bleeder screw out of the caliper on my 1999 suburban, finally gave up and found out a reman caliper with bracket was $25

  67. Nathan Albers

    Nathan Albers

    Year ago

    "Ohhoho am I callin' you out?" 🤣 got me to subscribe. Aside from your common sense

  68. Jimmy Jones

    Jimmy Jones

    Year ago

    I have an 06 TL black on black these things are tanks!!! Really pretty comfy tanks!

  69. Mike Way

    Mike Way

    Year ago

    I just got an Acura TL 2007. Great car. Clean body and interior. I’m happy.

  70. George Le

    George Le

    Year ago

    Eric you are the best Thanks alot of good info

  71. Raw Flock

    Raw Flock

    Year ago

    Thank you so much Eric. I never knew. Thing about cars until I watched this whole video!!🔥🖤✊🏽

  72. Rodder Files

    Rodder Files

    Year ago

    Eric , got a question for, i just bought an 02 Acura TL type s, i cannot find a site or link on the subject, where is my High port for ac? i can see the low pressure port but cant find he Hi, its not leaking but needs to be flushed for fresh freon as im only getting cool blow temps of 57 degress at vents but cant find the so we can hook the evac pump on it, please help cant find any info on web either

  73. Mr Shwifty

    Mr Shwifty

    Year ago

    My moms 2003 TL has blown hood struts too lol. I do the same thing

  74. Jason Paige

    Jason Paige

    Year ago

    Hi you seem to know alot about Acuras. I have an 04 acura tl and when I turn off the ignition the car still runs for a few seconds. Do u have any idea what it could b?

    • Jason Paige

      Jason Paige

      Year ago

      He never responded 2 my question do u know how I can reach him

    • 2fast4all


      Year ago

      He was a tech for 8 years.

  75. L5Rocks


    Year ago

    Question for you Eric. I see people in Facebook groups who have ball joints blow out in 3rd Gen TL/7th Gen Accords. Is there an interval or could it be avoided by just putting car on Jack stands and wiggling the tires?

  76. AdnanSkillz1234


    Year ago

    do the TL's need premium gas?

  77. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim

    Year ago

    Hey eric. what you think of 06 acura tsx?

  78. The Amazin Mohawk

    The Amazin Mohawk

    Year ago

    Dang today’s the day I look at an Acura 2007 ti and this video was dope and now I got a new channel to watch

  79. Frank Cavalier

    Frank Cavalier

    Year ago

    that vice grip trick is gold

  80. Modern Day Entertainment

    Modern Day Entertainment

    Year ago

    Wow I wish I could find any running car for $600

  81. Ross Hamilton

    Ross Hamilton

    Year ago

    I got an automatic 05 TL and sometimes when I'm slowly accelerating I feel the transmission shutter making the whole car shake, does anyone else have this issue?

    • O'Neal


      Year ago

      Check the fluid

  82. O'Neal


    Year ago

    You should start selling ETCG license plates

  83. Val


    Year ago

    If you own 03-08 Acura TL and transmission start slipping, change 3rd and 4th gear sensor and it will be back to normal! Also change fluid and filter and clean transmission solenoids. I did it myself saved thousands:)

  84. Hasan Z

    Hasan Z

    Year ago

    My daily is a 06 TL 6MT, 200k, runs like a champ. 0 issues. Owned it since 89k. Best sedan Honda/Acura made other than the Legend.

  85. tenken1013


    Year ago

    Oh am I calling you out? Sorry... I chuckled. Scum car shops give good car shops a bad rep...

  86. NileshR12


    Year ago

    How did you get it for $200 & not $2,000?

  87. YoungCapoh


    Year ago

    Where in earth can i find a 2008 TL that runs?

  88. Owen White

    Owen White

    Year ago

    Makes my cock hard how you said use OEM FLUID finally someone who understands. Stop using aftermarket cheap ass fluids that destroy your vehicles

  89. Tee Lee

    Tee Lee

    Year ago

    how many miles was on it?

  90. Zip ZAY

    Zip ZAY

    Year ago

    Roof damage could be from young people getting on the roof denting it dont ask me how ik. And how tf did this guy get a 07-08 to wtf I cant even find one for 1k

  91. zard1231


    Year ago

    Wow... no cracked dashboard? Awesome. I would say about 90% of this model I've seen had cracked dashboard.

  92. Adrian cruz

    Adrian cruz

    Year ago

    Hey eric love what your doing. so i own a 07 TL running great, lights perfect just one issue turn signal and hazards dont work. I already tried and replaced the Fuse relay module from under the dash as well as another one in the hood. any suggestions for what may be the problem im all ears. thanks

  93. GeFeldz


    Year ago

    So this TL is the follow up to the Legend/RL?

    • deekay2


      Year ago

      No. This TL is a follow up to the previous generation TL.

  94. ThePsychoRaven


    Year ago

    Love the video dude! Had to subscribe

  95. crystal berry

    crystal berry

    Year ago

    Thank you for this!! I'm currently looking at buying one of these so this will help me a lot since I'm on my own and no clue what I'm doing. I've somehow been sold junk cars the last 3 times I've bought

  96. iliketakingshowers


    Year ago

    Yay eric congrats on cracking 1mil

  97. Matt


    Year ago

    Look me in the eyes😂they're junk

  98. edgemarsm


    Year ago

    what brakes and pads did you use?

  99. Roland Williams

    Roland Williams

    Year ago

    I own two Acura RL 2007 210K, 2012 83K they both have that dent near the sunroof and have never been in an accident. I owned them for brand new. Both run like a dream, I have broken fog lights because of the placement of the fogs breaking is common for 05-08 RL & 04-08 TL

  100. John Ojeda

    John Ojeda

    Year ago

    I bought 2008 Acura Type S last year, 1 owner with 72k miles.