2019 Acura ILX A-Spec Review - Entry Level Luxury

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We go for a drive in the 2019 Acura ILX A Spec
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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won't find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you'll have real world opinions on what it's like to drive and own cars.
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  1. TheStraightPipes


    2 years ago

    What do you think about where Acura is heading? Do you like this grille or the old beak? Also thanks to our early video access Patreon supporters Michael H, Somark L, Sean R, Oliver U, Arthur E, David C, Israel C, Luke M, De Kun L, James M, Paul B, Julian M, Graeme P, Ethan L, Charles E, Pavo B, LeaseCosts Canada, Stephen Y, Edgarson R, Ryan J, Curtis K, Kevin D, Robert P, Ben M, Allen G, Andrew R, Nick L, Joe, Waleed M, Hyogo M, Omar, J, Paul B, Matt W, Bill B, Kelvin K, Carlos L, Forrest W, Carlos S, Kevin S, Brad M, 10ShapedFist, Phuong N, Santhosh B, Peter S, MK, Andy B, Casey A, Rob J, Andrew L, Jayjay S, Christopher K, Alex S, Artur N, Alexander M, Edward A, Carlin M, Pablo O, Kevin J, Jim G, Kirk H, Brylon E, Matt P, Johnson L, Glenn K, James S, Rohit S, Grant H, Jim W, Henry K, Sean F, Kim H, Joel P, larusso, Dallon H, Nealon Y, Giliar D, Matthew G, Paul F, Jesse Y, John D, Devin B, Eric W, Brian H, Fei D, Chad S, Cameron P, Nelson C, Eric Z, Griffin O, Daniel R, James B, Doanh L, Aaron B, Christopher S, Jayjay S, Armel M, Jordan R, David, Maciej S, Nihilia, Dante A, Geoffrey G, Jeff M, Christopher B, David G, Lance H, Ryan D, Peter L, Mark R, Thomas B, Diondi T, Brendan T, RG, Owen Q, jj, Andersen G, Aaron A! Check out the cool rewards at www.patreon.com/thestraightpipes

    • Yael Mateo

      Yael Mateo

      25 days ago

      @John Jeffrey whoa! It took about 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

    • John Jeffrey

      John Jeffrey

      25 days ago

      Dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

    • Lincoln Loudleastic

      Lincoln Loudleastic

      Month ago

      Looks compact and ok

    • Brett Guyer

      Brett Guyer

      2 months ago

      The old grill grille looks good on the TSX everyone likes my TSX.

    • Yngvar


      Year ago

      I agree with good transmission. A bad transmission would hold back higher spec cars.

  2. hanis hs

    hanis hs

    4 days ago

    one of my fave luxy car ! keep on bold........ACRY.

  3. Nicole Baker

    Nicole Baker

    22 days ago

    I purchased this car! Love it so far..

  4. Ashley Myles

    Ashley Myles

    Month ago

    Am I the only one that likes the double screen? 😄😂

  5. Mary Ellen Griffey

    Mary Ellen Griffey

    Month ago

    Have one reliable, sporty, safe, great gas mileage. Works for me!

  6. N Garci

    N Garci

    2 months ago

    Silly that Acura finally got ride of that awful front shield/beak thing just to have Honda adopt a very similar one... Thumbs down on that discussion...!

  7. ebay seller

    ebay seller

    2 months ago

    looks good..guess this is my next car when im done with my mazda6 2016.

  8. pca 123

    pca 123

    2 months ago

    201 hp for the Acura, while you can get a Honda Accord 2.0T with 260 hp for $10,000 less ???

  9. Spiritcr1jsher


    5 months ago

    I have a 2018 ilx base . Cheap looking interior , horrible stereo and dated with no apps . The car however has 200hp and still gets me 35-40mpg on my 100 mile commute and comes standard with a decent amount of features . I would prefer a mazda 3 but at 80mph with the dated 6speed it gets crappy MPG even though it is lighter and has less power . Im probably going for an aspec at the end of the year unless the civic si has a better lease

  10. Ray


    6 months ago

    This is what I was expecting in terms of positivity and being informative for the tlx... not some super biased awkward review

  11. jak p

    jak p

    7 months ago

    Expensive civic....

  12. Acura Racing

    Acura Racing

    8 months ago

    The need to change the rear end on this ILX, give dual exhaust..it would be great then!

  13. tommywallbanger


    8 months ago

    How tall are you Jacob? Did you have enough room in that ILX? I'm 6 ft and thinking about getting one.

  14. scary movie

    scary movie

    8 months ago

    I like 2013 look

  15. kimnewcom


    8 months ago

    No rear wheel drive, no awd option... sure its premium brand?

  16. samuel wh

    samuel wh

    8 months ago

    My dad bought a red NSX in 2016 and I love it, it has something special, and my dad was thinking to get an Audi R8 plus, 911 turbo S and he really liked the GTR, the R8 was the best sounding, but the looks of the NSX are better than all of the other cars and is a Honda so is reliable, the only thing it needs is a better exhaust because the sound doesn’t match the power and looks of the car 😅😅 and people told me that it was very crazy because we had one in September of 2016 😅😅

  17. Jeffrey Segal

    Jeffrey Segal

    9 months ago

    Total chick car so specs don't matter

  18. Song Kim

    Song Kim

    9 months ago

    No lsd, lame.....;p

  19. Static101


    9 months ago

    Acura’s not a true luxury brand

  20. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis

    11 months ago

    I like the headlights I remind me of the type S concept

  21. GibsonBuck


    11 months ago

    Whst about the ELS sound system?

  22. M A

    M A

    11 months ago

    Throttle house>>>>

  23. Nick gee

    Nick gee

    11 months ago

    I like the design of this car ! Very fresh and crisp!

  24. Smokescreen


    11 months ago

    I have this car in my garage, after some minor mods, short ram, exhaust, eibache pro lowering kit, type R WING. I love it!!! One of the best looking cars, looks better than the TLX. So fun to drive.

  25. Joseph Rasero

    Joseph Rasero

    11 months ago

    Had a 2016 ILX Premium and really liked it besides the crappy infotainment and while the 2019 doesn't change the infotainment besides adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in a janky way, the exterior styling and ability to get a premium A-SPEC for sub $30K at most dealers makes it a really great looking car that's peppy and fun to drive. If you compare it to the original ILX which started at $29,200 for a Premium with the 2.4L I-4 6 speed manual the currently refreshed ILX has come a long way since this is the most modern and luxurious ILX yet and doesn't just look like a re-branded Civic. The 8 speed DCT is a great option for people who don't want a manual and shifts are very smooth and quick. While the Premium edition IMO is the trim that offers the most bang for the buck since that's where Android Auto and Apple CarPlay start, the Premium A-Spec which essentially is just a cosmetic upgrade offers a good deal of needed style and luxury. Especially on the the platinum white pearl the A-SPEC package which really stands out with it's contrasting 18" shark gray wheels, LED fog lights, Dark chrome grill, piano black diffuser, black spoiler, side underbody spoiler, dark chrome headlights/taillights, A-SPEC logos. On a black or darker grey model these exterior accents just become a blacked out look. Inside the A-SPEC adds class with the premium leather with suede inserts and black liner. The Darker graphite chrome dash trim, A-SPEC branded parts, and stainless steel pedals really add to a classy sporty look even if the car does have a decent amount of hard plastic. If you want to be a little more flashy with your A-SPEC you can choose RED seats that mimic the one's found in the NSX. Hands down this is one of the best values for a premium luxury sedan however it doesn't hold a candle luxury wise to a Lexus and even a Civic in some ways might be a better buy with certain features like if you really want a hatchback or want a TYPE R. In the end this is a great car for a small demographic in a shrinking segment, so it's no wonder why the car just doesn't sell but if you are one of those people who wants an affordable luxury car with good gas millage, is fun to drive, has a good amount of standard tech, and wants a car that should be fairly reliable than yeah even in these crazy times buying an ILX makes sense just don't expect BMW 3 series luxury albeit the cost of ownership is much less

  26. Gina R

    Gina R

    11 months ago

    Love the channel guys! Would you recommend this car, 2020 ACURA ILX or the 2020 SUBARU WRX?

  27. Neightrix Prime

    Neightrix Prime

    Year ago

    For an NA 4 cylinder auto, it's pretty damn fast. Better mileage than the Si while being slightly faster.

  28. Carlos David Moreno

    Carlos David Moreno

    Year ago

    Nice little car for the money and specs. Throw some kind of dial tip on there and it’ll flow a little nicer.

  29. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez

    Year ago

    I'm hella surprised Acura is still here

  30. Apapeduli mu

    Apapeduli mu

    Year ago

    an extraordinary review *thumbs up*

  31. isaiasd85


    Year ago

    Hey Jakub I know your tall how did the inside of this car feel, was it to cramp I’m 6’1” and interested in this car but I feel like it might be to small

  32. chellyvino


    Year ago

    Ugh those seats smh

  33. Romulas -Cushman project

    Romulas -Cushman project

    Year ago

    I hoe when the ILX type S come out they have the 2.0 turbo from the type R and the transmission options of the 10 speed (the one from the RDX) or the type R’s speed manual I’ve driven a type R and it’s fun but I don’t like the flashy looks of it

  34. Lordmazi official

    Lordmazi official

    Year ago

    haha 201 hp 😄😄😄 my G35 Would blow this acura away 😄😄😄😄

  35. Phillip Guerrero

    Phillip Guerrero

    Year ago

    Just realized that your as tested just over $35k price is actually in USD. CAD would be higher.

  36. Gary Button

    Gary Button

    Year ago

    nothing here would tempt me to trade my GSR for this milk toast

  37. CalisRemedy


    Year ago

    Please Acura don’t do that 5:11

  38. Patrick Capps

    Patrick Capps

    Year ago

    I don't know how people can live with a red interior everydy

  39. La LoCa makeupJuNkIe85

    La LoCa makeupJuNkIe85

    Year ago

    I bought this car in black and I don’t regret it❤️ BEAUTIFUL car!

  40. victor Victor

    victor Victor

    Year ago

    aren't you tired of speaking about the stupid satellite radio?..

  41. Jonathan B

    Jonathan B

    Year ago

    I drive a civic hatch turbo, and I gotta say I love the motor in that car. The torque is amazing. If this ilx had the civic turbo motor (they can tune it to put out more power for the ilx) and this dual clutch, that would be awesome. I know ppl are gonna say they love having a manual, but I'd rather not sit in city traffic driving a manual. More than anything else though, I want them to redesign this ilx using the new civic platform. It's still on the same civic platform since 2012... crazy

  42. MrChad97Z


    Year ago

    small motors benefit the most from a transmission that has more than 4 gears. My 2005 Acura TL , when accelerating, it goes from Boggy to almost Redline in a 1 shift! haha Even my TL needs better gears

  43. Le Leedler

    Le Leedler

    Year ago

    This whole car is very unnattractive to me... I don't think I could ever see me buying one.

  44. delplaya5


    Year ago

    Nice looking car.

  45. cc Devil

    cc Devil

    Year ago

    People are being gouged! Robots are supposed to make cars cheaper. Less stell more plastic crap and more expensive

  46. Jordan Fiedler

    Jordan Fiedler

    Year ago

    Exterior looks hot. Interior is hella dated.

  47. Dreamy


    Year ago

    The 2017 Acura ILX had the best looking Acura beak grille. The new car is sweet

  48. Kujiko 123

    Kujiko 123

    Year ago

    That engine sounds pretty nice when you send it.

  49. Diego Eleazar

    Diego Eleazar

    Year ago

    This or Accord?

  50. Nicholas Field

    Nicholas Field

    Year ago

    I feel FCA has good nav. It's Garmin. They dont try and make their own.

  51. Ms.Tesfaye


    Year ago

    Only 201 hp 🤦🏾‍♀️

  52. J B

    J B

    Year ago

    A lot of these Japanese lux brands are behind when it comes to interiors. Lexus, Infiniti, Acura. Not spending all that money for a dated interior that I have to see every day. Mazda, Hyundai, Kia have caught up.

  53. Patjvm


    Year ago

    Only going off this review, I think I would rather have my 2019 Accord Sport 2.0T than this ILX

  54. Michael harrity

    Michael harrity

    Year ago

    Looks nice I like the tlx

  55. Car Bitch

    Car Bitch

    Year ago

    It's such a nice car on the outside, but on the inside... It looks really outdated :/

  56. Harvard Ford

    Harvard Ford

    Year ago

    Does this car come with a manual?

  57. Damiien EVO

    Damiien EVO

    Year ago

    They shouldn’t make in A spec everything looks awkward

  58. Craig Main

    Craig Main

    Year ago

    This model has been discontinued for 2020.

  59. Callandor


    Year ago

    Meh. I bought the Civic coupe touring, it is faster and nearly as luxurious.

    • Daniel Alfano

      Daniel Alfano

      9 months ago

      Definitely not faster

  60. Juan Plus

    Juan Plus

    Year ago

    I like the design overall. If they can bring the price to like $31K, it be good.

  61. Alexander Ramsey

    Alexander Ramsey

    Year ago

    No, the seats are not comfortable. The headrests don't even adjust.

  62. Ian jones

    Ian jones

    Year ago

    Are oil changes at 10000km or a shorter distance ? Toyota corolla is 10000km oil change (a naturally aspirated engine).

  63. Jagpal dosanjh

    Jagpal dosanjh

    Year ago

    review a g35 !!

  64. Arslan Khalid

    Arslan Khalid

    Year ago

    This things looks so good. Definitely the car I'd buy if I was shopping in this class

  65. Darrell


    Year ago

    This review came off as more of an infomercial than an actual review. No real critical comments nor any mention of it being based on the previous generation Civic, which may be a better car. Frankly, I don't what about this car would make me think luxury at all. This is a miss guys. You're better than this.

  66. Chase McDougall

    Chase McDougall

    Year ago

    Pricing is very reasonable

  67. Aecura


    Year ago

    Needs a type s trim

  68. Honda Jon

    Honda Jon

    Year ago


  69. Benjamin Leeret

    Benjamin Leeret

    Year ago

    Love the ILX

  70. Pitu Q

    Pitu Q

    Year ago

    A little bit better than older one. But still an Ugly grill . I used to like Acura. I owned one year 2000. Bought it brand new. c mon it s not cheap car. Same as a Kia stinger. $50k plus can’t even design a nice looking grill. More ugly than Mazda. More ugly than Ford. Honda. Etc. It does not look luxury at all

    • Matt ws

      Matt ws

      Year ago

      I don't think there are any more nice looking grill designs, they've all been taken

  71. Rob L.

    Rob L.

    Year ago


  72. Classics of Design

    Classics of Design

    Year ago

    I came here just to say “Acura, who u got designing your cars, Chevrolet ?”

    • Lucas Procopio

      Lucas Procopio

      Year ago

      Yeah they really need good designers, both them and honda.

  73. Quang Lam

    Quang Lam

    Year ago

    It looks ugly. The NSX is not made in Japan? The original one is.

  74. Thug9030


    Year ago

    Tlx need these headlights this ilx constantly get all the best styling

  75. Conscious Robot

    Conscious Robot

    Year ago

    I'm honestly surprised so many people think the current design looks better. From a designer's perspective, the new design doesn't flow anywhere near as nicely. It looks awkward to me, especially comparing them side by side.

  76. Conscious Robot

    Conscious Robot

    Year ago

    The front end on the 2018 model was so much more attractive. I hate when automakers change a beautiful design into something awkward in comparison. I understand the need to update designs to keep models fresh, but they often take the new designs in the wrong direction.

  77. grubbp


    Year ago

    Exterior design is very good, distinctive. Engine is good but severely outdated and doesn't return that great of fuel economy. In my opinion the dual clutch doesn't belong in any Acura or Honda product. Interior is really, really dated and very small. I'd rather have a Civic Si or Civic Touring for less money and better mileage. The new Hondas are so good that I'm wondering what will happen to Acura in the future. Our family has had lots of both.

  78. Paddy Munday

    Paddy Munday

    Year ago

    If only Yuri knew the engine is just an updated version of the one in his Element

  79. JiTengful


    Year ago

    Still ugly

  80. ユウzz


    Year ago


  81. Abel Jovani

    Abel Jovani

    Year ago

    My 06 tsx makes more horse power. Maybe ill get a ilx soon tho

  82. Freezy 420

    Freezy 420

    Year ago

    Are there turn signals in the mirrors? I didn't think I seen any.

  83. Towards The Sunset

    Towards The Sunset

    Year ago

    Absolutely horrible car. Just buy a Civic Si.

  84. Matthew 6:33

    Matthew 6:33

    Year ago

    Same size as the audi a3 sedan

  85. Jerald Kirsch

    Jerald Kirsch

    2 years ago

    Acura needs to bring back manual

  86. James Rainey

    James Rainey

    2 years ago

    Waiting for the next iteration. The interior is in dire need of a real update.

  87. Will Serrano

    Will Serrano

    2 years ago

    The comment about the dual screen set up “never working right” is a shit statement to say. When the last generation TL, RL, TSX, MDX & ZDX were out, automotive reviewers shat on how Acura had too many buttons. Technology was already generally going toward replacing buttons with touch screen interfaces, and Acura did so too, by replacing the bulk of the climate control, seat warmer, and sound system controls in the UI of the touch display. The upper display is far too recessed and obviously not designed to be touched, not to mention it does not include a touch display as it was the traditional location for factory installed navigation systems. Those usually were interacted with a rotating push button knob-this is the same with their previous models and other competing models. The inclusion on the current models while they’re all were designed several years ago and are scheduled to be redesigned shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. For the comments about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto appearing on the top navigation screen display and not the touch screen-the bottom screen is still set to control the climate control and skip tracks. You may also interact with the overall interface with the knob. Is it the most simple and intuitive experience? No. Argue that. Does it fundamentally fail or not work right at all? Totally wrong.

  88. Arjeguz Rodriguez

    Arjeguz Rodriguez

    2 years ago

    Over priced Honda Civic ! I drove a 2016, 2.4 Liters, I don’t know where are the 201 HP !! Totally disappointed I ended up buying a ‘13 Camry XLE , 2.5 liters only 178 hp and feels more powerful and agile !!!

  89. Keith Howells

    Keith Howells

    2 years ago

    looks great! love red interior. 8 spd DCT 2.4 and no Turbo 👎🏻. more power

  90. Caz Mer

    Caz Mer

    2 years ago

    Yeah, this is pretty much the previous civic SI with new body panels and a DCT, not that any of that is a bad thing! 34 MPG with a 7k+ RPM redline? With my wrist injury I've been experiencing a lot of pain driving stick, so maybe I should pick one of these up.

  91. Nedzad Cavka

    Nedzad Cavka

    2 years ago

    People that complain about everything are annoying. They want luxury interior, flashy exterior, they want good mpgs, they want 400 hp, they want the car to be reliable. Oh and they want it to be cheap. I think this ILX is a really nice car. A naturally aspirated engine with a great transmission like that is what I prefer.

    • c3intricate


      Month ago

      @Kristiāns Ozoliņš begs the question... why would I care about luxury, power, or handling if my car is in the shop 1-2 months out of the year due to UN-reliability?

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      2 months ago

      @LegacyEnds just because it's reliable doesn't mean it's good. The Germans are way better than Acura or Lexus in every other thing (aside from reliability)

    • SVGE _19

      SVGE _19

      8 months ago

      Joey N not exactly acura and lexus r behind germans in power because germans are willing to sacrifice reliability for power were as japanese prioritize reliability

    • Joseph Rasero

      Joseph Rasero

      11 months ago

      mmm, you are only as reliable as the tech of the time. We have seen this with Honda throughout 2008-2013 witht heir 3.5 V6 engines that had VCM misfires but eventually that was ironed out after a class-action lawsuit and since then the 3.5 V6 6 speed has been one of the most bullet proof engines out there. We saw this a few years back with Honda and Acura's implementation of the ZF 9 speed transmission which they simply couldn't calibrate right, and while the 9 speed is still a tad wonky they aren't recalling anymore TLX sedans. When I had my 2016 ILX a few people complained about weird shifts every now and then, but it seems since 2016 they have ironed those out.

    • LegacyEnds


      Year ago

      Joey N id say that for most car companies besides Honda and Toyota. There luxury brands such as this Acura, and Lexus hold up remarkably well compared to other luxury or performance cars. I’d expect this car to last well past 15 years.

  92. Justin L

    Justin L

    2 years ago

    Acura website clearly states that the Premium package that is required for the A-Spec package, includes "Front Passenger’s 4-Way Power Seat with Power Lumbar Support", contrary to the claim at 6:24.

  93. Poof Gaming

    Poof Gaming

    2 years ago

    $26,700 USD for the top trim? I think you guys might be miscalculating

    • Vincent li

      Vincent li

      2 years ago

      The price on the Acura Official web is CA$35,596 period.

  94. Nodak81


    2 years ago

    I was researching this transmission and didn't know that even though it's a dual-clutch, it also has a torque converter so it "feels" more like a traditional automatic and has a smoother launch from a stopped position. Would love to drive one.

  95. Jason Lopez

    Jason Lopez

    2 years ago

    Nice review guys, but about the dual screen infotainment... the lower screen is a touchscreen. I think you mentioned that it's NOT touchscreen, so just a small correction there.

  96. Ruoyu Li

    Ruoyu Li

    2 years ago

    This car needs awd. 250hp. Plus a more aggressive fascia

    • lol lol

      lol lol

      4 months ago

      Nah keep it cheap i like the way it is. All it should have is a limited slip

  97. bigdish


    2 years ago

    Electric parking brake I hate them

  98. bigdish


    2 years ago

    Why is hard plastic always called "cheap plastic" when I buy a car I need it to be durable, cant you people rename it durable plastics

  99. tech tack

    tech tack

    2 years ago

    came here to watch the car not your face...

  100. Mighty Moe

    Mighty Moe

    2 years ago

    I have black 2019 acura ilx premium a-spec . Very smooth ride . Love it

    • AtPacific


      10 days ago

      @Illyrian Gamer Doesn't mean shit

    • Illyrian Gamer

      Illyrian Gamer

      4 months ago

      @Logan Deering There are european car brands that have more histary and tradition than all asia together you dumb fuck

    • Logan Deering

      Logan Deering

      4 months ago

      @Illyrian Gamer -reliability, something European cars can’t get😄

    • Illyrian Gamer

      Illyrian Gamer

      6 months ago

      >wanna be sport car >it's front wheel drive lmao at asian engineering