2019 Acura RDX Review | The Best Acura in 15 Years

Prepare for a deep dive and review on the Acura RDX. The new design was created from the ground up to compete in the Luxury CUV and SUV segment. There are other strong choices like the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and of course the Lexus RX, but we focus in on why the Acura is different. Everyone is always looking for the best SUV or a top 10 list so we avoid comparisons and just focus on the technical details.

Looking for a new or used vehicle, watch and learn!

Savagegeese is:
Mr. Goose
Jack Singapore
Scott Turbowski

00:00 - 1:20 Intro
1:20 - 7:25 Interior and Exterior
7:25 - 12:35 In the Shoppe - Infotainment - Android and More
12:35 - 19:10 In the Shoppe - Mechanical and Suspension
19:10 - 25:55 Driving Impressions
25:55 - 27:55 Final Thoughts - Pros
27:55 Final Thoughts - Cons


  1. Protector of the Republic

    Protector of the Republic

    2 years ago

    Holy shit! You've gone off the charts with the music and the cinematography this time. Plus, the amount of detail, the engineering explanations and research, and all the hard work put into this video. It shows! We really appreciate what you do man. Your one man operation is better than the entirety of MotorTrend.

    • Marlen Hinojosa

      Marlen Hinojosa

      10 months ago

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    • jacky zhu

      jacky zhu

      10 months ago

      You are so ...

    • John Park

      John Park

      2 years ago

      Jon Meissner k

    • Jerry S

      Jerry S

      2 years ago

      SavageGeese: Hire me for free man. Your work is tremendous.

    • Jerry Rounds

      Jerry Rounds

      2 years ago

      Your reviews are absolutely the best I've every seen. Thank you for all your hard work and thorough analysis.

  2. SubaruForester2015


    2 hours ago

    This is the best looking Acura since the original MDX

  3. googoo gjoob

    googoo gjoob

    3 days ago

    that cavern in the center console is GREAT for sound. it allows the notes from the woofer to travel side to side. most vehicles have a solid 'wall of china' which prohibits stage presence of the lower mid/upper bass notes. i LOVE it. unless the woofers are located high in the door (F-150 etc) these pass throughs are a delight.

  4. Muhammad Ahsan

    Muhammad Ahsan

    16 days ago

    uff... Sold on the intro. Literal Fire.

  5. Quillan Benoit

    Quillan Benoit

    23 days ago

    The alert skin connoly attract because ear preliminarily annoy during a slow century. fresh, far-flung sex

  6. Grokme Amadeus

    Grokme Amadeus

    27 days ago

    10 Speeds is perfect for driving in Texas which is a state with every single kind of terrain and driving conditions. The Sport+ allowed me to always get a distance from those types of drivers that want to lock onto your back bumper while going 90+ mph. The thing accelerates up steep hills like no other and when going downhill modulates the speed so you aren't tap tap tapping the brake.

  7. Basel Dabbas

    Basel Dabbas

    28 days ago

    I am looking into buying a used RDX that's supposed to be hyper low mileage, but I find that steel knuckle carrying the wheel also has rust the same as in your video. Do you think it's normal that this piece developed rust after just 1 winter?

  8. Eric Kirshner

    Eric Kirshner

    Month ago

    I know this video is 2 years old. I just bought an RDX. Maybe they fine tuned the transmission programming since this video. I have 0 issues with the transmission. It is why matched with this engine it can take the RDX 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. I also was a bit turned off by the touch pad at first. Now I actually like it. It's almost better than a touch screen once you get used to it. What I don't like is having no remote start button on the key fob. I also don't like that the HUD and heated steering wheel aren't available on the A Spec trim.

  9. Sonya S

    Sonya S

    Month ago

    WOW WHAT AN INTRO! ❤️🥺☸️

  10. Joe Marzo

    Joe Marzo

    Month ago

    Dude turns his main screen off all the time in the car. Anyone else never do that? Ok even turned center console to minimal. Haha

  11. Joe Marzo

    Joe Marzo

    Month ago

    @9:00 does it drive anyone else crazy that it is not a rectangle like the screen or is it just my OCD?



    Month ago

    touch...by touch....

  13. Devilot80


    Month ago

    Ours was dark gray

  14. Leo Mortimer

    Leo Mortimer

    2 months ago

    My wife would put her put her big-assed purse under that space, lol!

  15. shadowmagic


    2 months ago

    Touchpad like a mouse is a horrible idea. Just look at how Lexus failed

  16. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    Is this still not recommended by Consumer Reports?

  17. CyberDasherXD


    2 months ago

    0:15 music name? thanks

  18. City Life

    City Life

    2 months ago

    Nobody who wants a German SUV buys this

  19. Sterling Archer

    Sterling Archer

    2 months ago

    The car interior looks great, I just don’t like how ALL of these crossovers look exactly the same on the exterior…:/ I’d love a sporty almost range rover looking crossover like the evoque, just…not made by shitty ass range rover.

  20. Kasshyapa Rangari

    Kasshyapa Rangari

    2 months ago

    Really great review, very impressive. Kudos to you ! Thank you !

  21. brandon lawrence

    brandon lawrence

    3 months ago

    I just got one a couple days ago. Coming from a 2002 crv, it's insane

  22. Bryan Kauffman

    Bryan Kauffman

    3 months ago

    How much of a concern is the surface rust on those knuckles? In fact I see surface rust on various parts of the axles. When I see rust I think loss of longevity. How many miles did it take for that surface rust to appear?

  23. oober goober

    oober goober

    3 months ago

    Yep, love this SUV. I build the rear suspension for them. Great review! 👍

  24. Jerrol Julian

    Jerrol Julian

    3 months ago

    There is NO auto review page, regardless of size or budget, that does better work than these guys. Content and cinematic video quality is unmatched.

  25. R L

    R L

    3 months ago

    Test drove and blown away how good engine/trans and handling is !

  26. MGP 9

    MGP 9

    3 months ago

    The last great majour review with Turbowski credited, just before the introduction of Jack. Gary would be proud.

  27. Will Esco

    Will Esco

    3 months ago

    Wow you looked so savages!!!!!

  28. Justin H

    Justin H

    3 months ago

    Do type s mdx when available

  29. Anarchy Softworks

    Anarchy Softworks

    3 months ago

    I always wondered why my old Acura TL had amazing sound quality. It only has a CD player though so dunno how much good that does me lol

  30. János Seres

    János Seres

    4 months ago

    shit 4 cylinder!!! we want minimum 6!!!!!

  31. Rose Carreon Vargas

    Rose Carreon Vargas

    4 months ago

    Again thanks for all the info.bout rdx 2019(we just got this a wk. ago)i show’d my husband bout your video and he was amaze the way you explain the negative/positive side...new subscriber here,thank you! ☺️

  32. Rose Carreon Vargas

    Rose Carreon Vargas

    4 months ago

    You’re awesome,thanks for all the info.,,we just got this suv( expensive for me but really liked Acura)2019..👏🏼❤️

  33. XxklusivV Gaming

    XxklusivV Gaming

    4 months ago

    The car in this video needs a good wax job.

  34. B C

    B C

    4 months ago

    Great video! Being that it's now 2021, do you know if Acura updated their infotainment system closer to make it more intuitive and user friendly?

  35. Manzar Seyum

    Manzar Seyum

    4 months ago

    Salute to you for all awesome detailed reviews. Why would Acura have surface rust on a new car? That seems cheap much alike American car companies.

  36. Neil Quinn

    Neil Quinn

    4 months ago

    Do you think this RDX is worth ~ 9-10k more than a Mazda CX-5 turbo though? So much of a premium. As of 2021 kelly blue book shows a CX-5 turbo w/ AWD at around $21k private party and an RDX technology package SH-AWD at around $30-31k

  37. Colin Campbell

    Colin Campbell

    4 months ago

    Honestly I’ve spent a lot of time in the 2020 RDX and I was really disappointed by the sound system. It didn’t have any punch whatsoever. I spent so much time tinkering with the settings and could never once get it where I wanted. This video makes me feel like something is wrong with our RDX, as it stands now the Sony system in the Edge sounds better.

  38. Angel bluerider

    Angel bluerider

    5 months ago

    Dont these Rdx,s had transmission issues in the past years? Especially the All wheel drive transmission?🤔🤔

  39. Southern Belle

    Southern Belle

    5 months ago

    Please read reviews on edmunds and cars.com on these.. absolutely heartbreaking.. changed my mind on these 🥺

  40. BenjAmin Hoang

    BenjAmin Hoang

    5 months ago

    are thery going to do something about the rusting parts?

  41. P Lei

    P Lei

    5 months ago

    Ive had the loaner for 3 days and the infotainment is definitely a deal breaker.

  42. surferdude44444


    5 months ago

    Just picked up my 2021 Advance yesterday. Dealer never showed me the sliding console. I don’t think he knew. Now I do thanks to you. Touchpad.....easy peasy. Took me about thirty minutes overall. Took your advice and eliminated a lot of never use icons and now have four. Upper right and left. Lower right and left. Keep eyes on the road, slide finger to what corner of pad I want and push. That’s it. Two model years later, I think they’ve improved the paddle downshifting. It uses a lot of quick torque to get you lower fast. Doesn’t seem clunky to me. Wish you drove it in the snow a little bit to show what SHAWD can really do. Great review. Very impressed.

  43. John O

    John O

    5 months ago

    As a person considering saving myself at least ten grand and buying a pre-owned 2019 RDX here in 2021? This information was perfect. Excellent, in-depth, professionally produced video review. Being a HUGE Panasonic fan (I still have a perfectly functioning, retro cool, Panasonic mega-sized boom box from the 80s) getting all that background information on the sound system - not included in other reviews - was also refreshing and encouraging. As an IT guy and an aging gent, (I’m 57) my take on having the different than the norm infotainment pad interface is a good thing. I think we do ourselves a possible Alzheimer’s-inducing zombie set disservice by always thinking and doing the same way over and over again. (Just a theory...I can’t prove it.) The brain needs diversion and mental elasticity to remain sharp - so thank you Acura for forcing this upon me in a way that’s doable and perhaps delaying my entry into the old folks home a bit more. (Although I agree shortcuts to oft used functions would be a makes sense addition.). I haven’t owned an Acura in decades - I bought a brand new 1987 Integra when they first came out - and I’m ready to reapply for my man card, ditch the Mommy van Sienna, and come home to the performance envelope I remember in my first Acura. Thank you again for your excellent review!

  44. revvolutions


    5 months ago

    Please savage grease, demo more interior features with a balaclava on.

  45. George Brown

    George Brown

    5 months ago

    Paddles shouldn't be on any car that doesn't shift exactly as demanded.

  46. G4ryG3t0n1t


    5 months ago

    Great job, Savagegeese!

  47. Keith Hicks

    Keith Hicks

    5 months ago

    Does this acura rdx compete with the Mercedes benz glc 300 and the BMW x3? And is it as good or even better in some areas? Thanks for all of your videos you my friend are a true honest car reviewer that I have enjoyed watching!

  48. K Kao

    K Kao

    6 months ago

    I think you just pulled me over from the subaru outback camp to the RDX.

  49. Song yong ho

    Song yong ho

    6 months ago

    Feel like the lexus interiors are just s bit better

  50. Song yong ho

    Song yong ho

    6 months ago

    I can get over everything about this car but the center stack control thing in the middle. So awful.

  51. Brads Burgess

    Brads Burgess

    6 months ago

    I swear every v4hicle should be tested by Savagegeese,honest no sugar coating,and forget the shop experience,it's like a classroom very concise info,then the driving experience,I wait for this moment,straight shooter,I like what he said about the New Land rover !,just great info.keep up the great work,!🙂👍👍👍👍👍

  52. Jeff Hopkins

    Jeff Hopkins

    6 months ago

    Love your channel and honestly you have a much better approach than some other veterans of motor vehicle journalism. You have already over take “Alex on autos” “TFL” etc

  53. ttbwoi


    6 months ago

    damn i got lost in the intro

  54. Dennis Sumague

    Dennis Sumague

    6 months ago

    Do not say that

  55. CKPHH


    6 months ago

    It pulls fast

  56. Di Korlaet

    Di Korlaet

    6 months ago

    I swear this is one of the finest automotive reviews I have ever seen. Equal measure artistry and technical information. I walk away feeling I have wasted 1000 hours watching anything else. Awesome!

  57. Plate lunch express

    Plate lunch express

    6 months ago

    Also, will that engine last 30 years

  58. Plate lunch express

    Plate lunch express

    6 months ago

    Dam better hope none of that ever breaks ever lol

  59. Stewart Starling

    Stewart Starling

    6 months ago

    I own one of these, I absolutely love it. Acurawatch, ELS STUDIO, turbo, SH-AWD! It's fantastic 😁 the true touch interface is great!!

  60. ruzzell907


    6 months ago

    The rear looks so generic. I found out that the rear indicator lights aren't LEDs. It is fact that the Honda CR-V has better taillights.

  61. Slade The Original

    Slade The Original

    7 months ago

    Source, Mute, Screen Off.

  62. Laolu Adegbesan

    Laolu Adegbesan

    7 months ago

    I enjoy and learn so much from your compilations. Details and explicite lay out of information from all sides of the vehicle is well appreciated. Thank you. Kindly review 2018 MDX.

  63. ouija 781

    ouija 781

    7 months ago

    i got to drive one for a week and really didnt like it compared to my car 2010 tsx v6..little laggy when you step on it from a dead stop...in car engine sound is way too loud if you dont drive like a grandma and trasmission allways shifting is kinda annoying...if the two were the same price id take my tsx over this anyday

    • angus p

      angus p

      5 months ago

      @ouija 781 I had that TSX, it was a fine car. But the new RDX is just so refined and has so much tech and is well balanced

    • ouija 781

      ouija 781

      5 months ago

      @angus p hes the one who said it was the best acura in 15 years..i drove both ..its not even close ..the only thing better in the rdx is the interieur..everthing else driving wise is better on the tsx or even every acura ive driven...mdx,tsx,tl,tsx etc...

    • angus p

      angus p

      5 months ago

      how can you compare this to an 12 year old outdated ancient TSX aka accord worth $3000 lol

  64. Chet Beireis

    Chet Beireis

    7 months ago

    Anyone else notice the stamped "HONDA" on the underside of the RDX? 🤔🤔🤔

  65. Heroicalx


    7 months ago

    7:25 you telling me this car will get better software support than android phones themselves? Neat

  66. Luke Smith

    Luke Smith

    7 months ago

    i just wanna buy this car so i can live in it

  67. Alpha Beta

    Alpha Beta

    7 months ago

    *upto 70% of the torque 19:36 spot on 👍

  68. David Ly

    David Ly

    8 months ago

    What a great video. Thanks for doing this!

  69. Barry Richardson

    Barry Richardson

    8 months ago

    Who wants to be on a computer 7.5 +hrs a day and all week just to get in their vehicle to play on a computer some more? If u haven’t experienced corporate tunnel in ur wrist..... it’s sure to come. Savagegeese...... we have to get u on the board of engineers or the board of conception! People are spending a lot of their money on things they don’t really care for...... give the people what they want!!! I still perfer a V6 six speed transmission.

  70. alexander wei

    alexander wei

    8 months ago

    How does this RDX compares to the audi Q5 in terms of comfort, quietness and performance?

  71. cun-ty


    9 months ago


  72. Alpha Beta

    Alpha Beta

    9 months ago

    Final thoughts at 25:59

  73. DAM8658


    9 months ago

    So the Ridgeline is an RDX with a bed?

    • A-Spec Reviews!

      A-Spec Reviews!

      8 months ago

      No. The Ridgeline is a truck first and foremost. The RDX is a performance vehicle first and foremost.

  74. Kiss Kiss

    Kiss Kiss

    9 months ago

    Dedicated to GARY... In my "Weird Science" dad voice, "Gary, Who's Gary??"

  75. Robert Maggs

    Robert Maggs

    9 months ago

    I love this car so much but had to go with a CX5 due to price....still bummed but happy at the same time

  76. Mi OnGoogle

    Mi OnGoogle

    10 months ago

    The best & most detailed review, well done. Love the story on the stereo sound. It made me want to go test drive one, it made the Acura RDX jump to two two finalists on my list.

  77. Nigel McCure

    Nigel McCure

    10 months ago

    what US State are you actually from anyways because I just actually thought that you were actually from Florida or something else in that lineup because most of your Reviews are always in the summer months

  78. V


    10 months ago

    Best! Best. The Best review..

  79. Allan Salmon

    Allan Salmon

    10 months ago

    I am fan of Acura, currently a owner of RDX 07 and I am looking for an upgrade. Definitely love the new 2019 an 2020 Acura RDX.

  80. Luis Castillo

    Luis Castillo

    10 months ago

    They should do a comparison with the honda CRV 1.5L turbo.

  81. Byron Seymour

    Byron Seymour

    10 months ago

    I own a 2006 Acura TSX that has been flawless, save basic wear and tear. While this RDX is much more equipped and loaded with the latest tech and gadgets, I find it hard to believe it’s the best Acura in 15 years.

  82. Live Your Life

    Live Your Life

    10 months ago

    Going anywhere else for a car review is pointless. I'm going to buy an Acura MDX and even though this video is about the RDX I still feel that I have enough information, thank you.

  83. Heavy Mental Gamer

    Heavy Mental Gamer

    10 months ago

    be honest now, how many bowls of rice did you eat while making this gem of cultural sensitivity, you absolute savage.

  84. Eric Sade

    Eric Sade

    10 months ago

    I remember hearing the els audio for the first time back in 04 on the new TLs. 18 yr old me was blown away

  85. Eric Sade

    Eric Sade

    10 months ago

    You should start a side gig teaching ACURArs how to film and edit. I felt like I watched a full on professional production. It's criminal that you don't have more subs.

  86. Jiten Patel

    Jiten Patel

    10 months ago

    Coming back to watch this video, looking forward to your review for the 2021 TLX. Just want to say bro, that I think you are the best reviewer in the industry right now. The production is out of this world!!

  87. Erran Zimmermann

    Erran Zimmermann

    10 months ago

    The best, most emotive intro I've ever come across, for a car or otherwise. The Asian music along with the cinematography alone would make me buy the car, even though I'm not in the market to buy something like this. The panning driving shot combined with the musical pitch/tone... just wow.

  88. Janay H

    Janay H

    10 months ago

    Amazing video! Just bought mine a week ago. You killed this shit dude 💪🏾

  89. Nigel McCure

    Nigel McCure

    10 months ago

    I only like the frist generation of these vehicles because they are definitely turbocharged and can definitely be moddid too the moon and then back to this planet earth man because if I ever bought myself one day then ya of definitely course I would absolutely buy myself the frist generation version long before I even attempt to buying myself a brand new RDX because I just actually perfure Performance racing Parts over economy I just actually love speed and Performance long before economy

  90. Martin Nery

    Martin Nery

    10 months ago

    Fuel dilution? Nice one! Hahahaha.

  91. Ben Sumicad

    Ben Sumicad

    10 months ago

    So, did you have issues with brake noise? I'm looking into buying one by year's end.

  92. Dan T

    Dan T

    11 months ago

    RDX is at the top of the food chain. No other crossover or even SUV comes close to the level of quality RDX has

  93. George George

    George George

    11 months ago

    Just got the wife a 2020 loaded with everything. Including heads up display. 4 banger with turbo. But still fast. Awesome inside and out. Handles great. I’m happy I got it. Spendy. But so is the competition

  94. lowlife74


    11 months ago

    It's premium Honda HRV but $10,000 more expensive!!

  95. Bill Kincaid

    Bill Kincaid

    11 months ago

    Really enjoyed this review. I’m torn between this RDX and the Highlander. Love them both.

  96. George Taylor

    George Taylor

    11 months ago

    I purchased a 2020 with Advance package. The engine has a problem where the cylinders will register a miss fire and shut down. In other words, when your trying to pass a tractor trailer on a two lane road the engine shuts down, that’s very scary. Then the dealer is unable to diagnose the problem and therefore unable to repair the problem. This is my 4th RDX, I’m disappointed or should I say scared the engine will shut down when I’m in the need of power to pass or pull away. No results from Acura.



      11 months ago

      That is not good, any updates on this issue?

  97. RussoCatSly


    Year ago

    They could change android to allow binding settings, but... they absolutely never will.

  98. Chander Bal

    Chander Bal

    Year ago

    Hello Savagegeese. I was watching your reviews lately and they are great! Based on your Acura RDX reviews, we are thinking to get into a Acura MDX. Please review a Acura MDX...it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  99. Richard Shelton

    Richard Shelton

    Year ago

    Great review. I think I might have found my next new vehicle. I'm 70, and the touchpad doesn't scare me one bit. I like a challenge. Keep up the good work!

  100. Andy B

    Andy B

    Year ago

    We have had our RDX for 2 weeks and the touchpad is both easy to learn and quickly becomes intuitive. Within an hour we were using the pad smoothly without any issues. Great design in my mind.