2020 Kia Telluride | The SUV and Minivan Merger

We review the new 2020 Kia Telluride a new SUV with 3 rows that promises most everything for less money. There are so many SUV options you could literally pass out trying to remember them all. However, in the 3-row segment, most of them are garbage. We discuss the highlight of the new Kia why families would choose it and why it's a great alternative to insanely priced luxury products from Audi, BMW and Volvo. Get ready for the good and the bad.

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00:00 - 00:57 Intro
00:57 - 6:20 Interior Electronics, Style and Finish
6:20 - 10:05 Interior Second Row, Cargo and Third Row
10:05 - 13:13 In The Shoppe
13:13 - 17:28 Driving Impressions
17:28 Final Thoughts