2020 Lexus GX460 | Suited for World's End

We review the new 2020 Lexus GX 460 an ancient yet relevant truck/suv that has been around for a long time. To understand why this exists in the modern age, we dig a bit deeper to understand why it still exists and the buyers who covet them. While it makes sense to look at the used market, given the current economy the GX may be one of the few trucks that would hold its value. There are other SUVs like the Kia Telluride, Mazda CX9, Toyota Highlander, Dodge Durango and Ford Explorer but this is a different beast.

00:00 - 01:27 The Story
01:27 - 2:33 Intro
2:33 - 6:18 Interior Impressions
6:18 - 11:23 In the Shoppe, Mechanical and Suspension
11:23 - 15:44 Driving Impressions Good and Bad
15:44 Final Thoughts


  1. joseph bianco

    joseph bianco

    Day ago

    My 2016 Mercedes GLE300d beats this cold: 4 cylinder Diesel engine, immediate smooth quick pull off the line, quiet as a church inside, over 700 miles to a tank of fuel on the highway, 600 miles city. 90,000 miles already with nary a problem in sight. And it doesn’t look like a constipated rhinoceros.

  2. joseph bianco

    joseph bianco

    Day ago

    This needs a Diesel engine!

  3. Jerome Dumpit

    Jerome Dumpit

    10 days ago

    They also offer this V8 in the Philippine-Spec GX.

  4. Harsh Brahmbhatt

    Harsh Brahmbhatt

    14 days ago

    Basically the reciprocal of Land / Range Rovers when it comes to reliability and simplicity.

  5. Seanzky


    15 days ago

    I like the part when you said that when you're sick and tired of buying cars and you just one more to own for the rest of your life, you buy this one. That's exactly the scenario I'm in. Fortunately, the 2022 refreshed the dash. I'm ready to live without any more car payments every month for the rest of my life.

  6. Daniel Pegues

    Daniel Pegues

    20 days ago

    I traded in my 2014 Audi A8 3.0 L recently for a GX460. I got so tired of all the fixes and the insane price for parts. Replacing the PCV valve, replacing the entire air suspension (entire strut assembly x 4 with control arms x 8 and a couple knuckles), air compressor, sensors, sensors, and more sensors, hoses, and a ton of other things. Now the Audi was fast as freaking hell, and darn did it hug a corner when doing 90. And in the blink of an eye, you go from 80 to 120 faster than lightning. But you talk about the most unreliable vehicle. I had tried for weeks and weeks to get my Audi back into driving condition, and like dominos something else would break. I needed to drive from Virginia to Florida to see some property we bought. Another week came and went, and still the Audi was being worked on. Eventually the mechanic would call me and say it was ready to go. I'd pick it up, and within 15 minutes something else would go out. This went on for 4 months and $12k. In the last couple of weeks, I told the mechanic to get all lights off, such as check engine, and anything else the stupid car would complain about. He finally got everything running tip top. I picked my car up at 7:30am, drove it to the detail shop to have it washed inside and out - $150. By 10:30am, drove to the Lexus dealership and walked up to a blue GX. Test drove. Done deal.

  7. Grim Productions

    Grim Productions

    21 day ago

    @savagegeese can you do the QX80?

  8. TC


    22 days ago

    Just bought my third GX. Traded my 2020 4Runner ORP for a 2017 GX straight up. Forgot how much I love that smooth V8. The infotainment lags like a bi.. but IDGAF.. immediately put Toyo AT3 on it and driving it until home ‘CFO’ approved LC/LX budget.

  9. Night Dipper

    Night Dipper

    27 days ago

    Sales figures for the 2022 GX are the highest since the 2005 model. 2005 was the GX's first year and 2022 still has a chance to beat 2005 in the last quarter. It has not been updated in 12 years and doesn't need to be considering the current sales figures. If 4runners sell new for >50K the GX460 is a steal at 60K. I just bought a 2022 Green GX, Black line special edition for 60K.

    • TC


      22 days ago

      That new green is sick. Love it.

  10. Krisztian Gagyi

    Krisztian Gagyi

    Month ago

    It was 50k a year ago new now you can get a used one for only 75k

  11. timer 008

    timer 008

    Month ago

    Love my 06 GX470, I did part with my 00 Land Cruiser but the ride and comfort was a step up. I agree with all the points in this video

  12. elgenius


    Month ago

    Damn that costs less than my isf

  13. M V

    M V

    Month ago

    They were not made in 1871.

  14. Fct 8306 On Two Wheels

    Fct 8306 On Two Wheels

    Month ago

    11:55 that truck hauls ass. I used to have an 06 F150 V8 and it was a great highway cruiser but was falling apart like every other week from age

  15. Jeff Juma

    Jeff Juma

    Month ago

    The real ultimate driving machine. But I bought a GS 350 instead.

  16. RnBFAN06


    Month ago

    I'm a little disturbed that I'm 10 years older than the passenger 🤔 lol. He seems my age or older.

  17. 9000Redline


    Month ago

    Really appreciate the mentality of Lexus and Toyota to not compromise on reliability. That's one thing that turns me off big time about some so called premium brands, especially Porsche. Porsche have gotten away with having produced a lot of unrealiable engines over the years but somehow get a free pass by a lot of people. If the marketing line of 'prove at Lemans' was worth anything but BS then reliability would be more of a focus, but actually it's a marketing driven company. It's refreshing to see this old Lexus, at least they don't tell us it's the best thing in the world. Instead it just works.

  18. John Hetherington

    John Hetherington

    Month ago


  19. Marcus J

    Marcus J

    Month ago

    A little video I did on some features people don’t commonly know about/how to use in the GX/Prados unless your savage of course acura-video.info/name/video/hKzZpmmZkJaryH8.html

  20. Cliff Morham

    Cliff Morham

    Month ago

    The GX is an automotive classic, and thanks for the awesome soundtrack, All Emotions, ELF

  21. 2 Steak Sandwiches

    2 Steak Sandwiches

    2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me how useless the third row seats are? I have seen people that say they’re plenty good for teenagers

    • 2 Steak Sandwiches

      2 Steak Sandwiches

      17 days ago

      @Joe thanks. It will be used for 5 total passengers and it’s captains chairs but my kids will get tall. My 9 year old is already 5 feet tall. I may pass on this as much as I like it and buy a Tahoe. I know the Lexus Is better but I need the space and I can’t afford the Lx

    • Joe


      17 days ago

      My 8 years old daugther loves the 3rd row. I would say it is an emergency 3rd when you have 6+ passengers.

  22. 2 Steak Sandwiches

    2 Steak Sandwiches

    2 months ago

    The 2022 interior refresh is welcome. I am waiting to see one and if it’s as good as I hope it is I’ll be placing an order. I’m going to get it loaded in in about eight or nine years I will keep it and turn it into the off-road beast that I want after the wife is done with it

  23. MrMrbugzz


    2 months ago

    Great review. My only concern will be the last comment he made about this heavy thing blowing side to side on the highways. Btw What's the song at around 1:30?

  24. Tomas Tylecek

    Tomas Tylecek

    2 months ago

    same price as loaded ford explorer but go 4 ever sign me up

  25. brian menezes

    brian menezes

    2 months ago

    Hey, can you please try to do a review of the 2022 GX with the updated infotainment?

  26. Scott Bott

    Scott Bott

    2 months ago

    You guys are really doing a great job selling me on this thing

  27. Scott Bott

    Scott Bott

    2 months ago

    I LOVE seeing what under the vehicle. Thanks for doing that

  28. Stefan Tank

    Stefan Tank

    2 months ago

    Ugh another huge SUV with no trunk space. So lammeee

  29. angus p

    angus p

    2 months ago


  30. Dejo5


    2 months ago

    My only issue is the screen same as my 2010 LS460. But wife wanted a new car and we had to go to RX350L AWD. Needed a 3 row but wanted a bit more technology and a car that looks 2021 lol. But I do love this car. Maybe they will update it and then we will switch.

    • Dejo5


      2 months ago

      @Ken Lei And of course it comes when I sign the lease. But just think how pissed I would be if I got the 2021 model and now the 2022 comes out lol.

    • Ken Lei

      Ken Lei

      2 months ago

      They will have 10.3 inch new touch screen and CarPlay for 2022 model. It is available for ordering now

  31. Thai Ngo

    Thai Ngo

    3 months ago

    For the GX and 4runner, you will truly appreciate these once taken offroad and seeing how well it does. And the fact that you can make it home with no worries.

  32. sushi4life


    3 months ago

    I guarantee you despite its less than sexy background…this is probably one of Lexus’ cash cows. They sell these all day long at full boat.

  33. PainfulWhale


    3 months ago

    I think the Lexus GX is a gem because not as many people know about it when shopping for a Sequoia.. therefore the prices on sequoia are oftentimes more expensive!

  34. Rana Saleem

    Rana Saleem

    3 months ago

    Song ? Any one please

  35. johnnyXXX


    3 months ago

    These things also hold their value extremely well compared to similarly priced luxury SUV.

  36. Eric Gjerde

    Eric Gjerde

    3 months ago

    I've yet to try out one of the gx460s but your comment about it being comfortable for big people - over 6'3 - is EXACTLY what I wanted to know. I test drove a 2014 land cruiser and I was surprised to find less than an inch of head clearance (to my bald head!) even with seats at max depth. I can't wait to give one of these a try and hopefully I find my true land cruiser experience!

  37. Marcus J

    Marcus J

    3 months ago

    As close to our Australian spec Prado Kakadu as you can get in North America except you don’t have the diesel reliability concerns (possibly resolved in 2021?) ... wish they had a petrol hybrid or better, a full EV option

  38. Vadim


    3 months ago

    Just picked up a 2021 GX in the same atomic silver with red interior and I absolutely love my new rig!

  39. Matthau San

    Matthau San

    3 months ago

    I love to have a used one but they go for too high for even over 200000 mile one

  40. Username:


    3 months ago

    9:50 IT IS available in the middle east.

  41. Ostad Fiha

    Ostad Fiha

    3 months ago

    This is just a prado with a different face & slightly nicer interior

  42. Ewald


    3 months ago

    Everything I hearth and saw in this review, made me buy a new GX460 today!

    • Brijinder Pal Singh

      Brijinder Pal Singh

      2 months ago

      I bought mine in January after watching this review . And am loving it.

  43. Michael V

    Michael V

    4 months ago

    Final thoughts: Just buy an older car `cause they last longer.

  44. mike duncan

    mike duncan

    4 months ago


  45. Frag EightyFive

    Frag EightyFive

    4 months ago

    That looks like the same rear axle out of the 1980's Toyota's I've had.

  46. Kelby Neisen

    Kelby Neisen

    4 months ago

    4:46 them long legs

  47. FNH


    4 months ago

    I’m a single 20 year old guy with no kids and this (GX460) and the 4Runner are my dream vehicles… is that normal? Lol

  48. Londoriath


    4 months ago

    I won't deny the GX460 is a good car, But let's be honest, that interior needs work. We spend most of our time in the interior. Cheaper Lexus cars have a vastly better interior. So surely there's no argument that those cannot be ported into this and the LX570 Just go take a look at the Lexus UX 250 which is their cheapest car. It's got a dope interior But no kidding, this car actually does sound good. It'd do well with a supercharger and make around 500hp

    • Londoriath


      2 months ago

      @TC Well, they updated the infortainment for the 2022 model. So that's a start

    • TC


      2 months ago

      My wife drives a 2020 Porsche Panamara with beautiful stitched leather seating. She absolutely loves riding passenger in my 2017 GX 460. Says it’s so cozy.. then today she asked me if it had 4WD & could go to the mountains for skiing. It’s so cozy many can’t fathom what it’s capable of.

  49. bird718


    4 months ago

    lots of these in my neighbors driveways, i don't see that many on the road.

  50. Suveer Singh

    Suveer Singh

    4 months ago

    I predicted this 4 years ago, but I never actually expected it to actually happen

  51. Steven


    4 months ago

    If only they made a GX570. (The 4.6L is to wimpy for how bad it is on gas)

  52. jeffone2nv


    4 months ago

    The music 🎶 was like 👍🏿 Nuevo in the 80’s lol 😂

  53. personalfunfest


    4 months ago

    I don't understand the hipsters talking about "it's old technology". It WORKS. You buy a Toyota to last you forever without worry. That's why we buy them. My 1995 Camry just went out the other day because the ORIGINAL clutch gave away at 280,000 miles. My wife was too far away to tow it back home and it hurts too much to get into the seats these days..lol.. so we're looking to get another new Toyota truck with "old technology" that we can forget about for 20 years and give to our children after that... cars aren't a fashion constest.. they are machines that need to do a job without aggravating the owner...lol that's why Toyota

  54. blackme1


    4 months ago

    Great video legendary SUV.

  55. Leon Bruiners

    Leon Bruiners

    4 months ago

    What an introduction!! Straight to the essence👍🏾

  56. Dae Roberts

    Dae Roberts

    5 months ago

    Great until you’re on a raised freeway in heavy winds. Sucks fuel ⛽️ like it owns a gas station. Infotainment system archaic. Rear end design needs more attention. Do not buy a high mileage one thinking it will be 👌 ok just cause you watched someone’s admiring ACURA videos.

  57. KarenSundays


    5 months ago

    This has to be the most honest and funniest automotive channel! We need to protect you at all cost 🤣

  58. Maximus Primus

    Maximus Primus

    5 months ago

    The SUV for your adventurous Asian grandmother

  59. Erik Baltazar

    Erik Baltazar

    5 months ago

    1 year later, I followed 2 paths that were not for me in life and seeing this video again makes me think how much progress I've made. Finally being at peace (mostly) with myself pushes me to do things I love to do again. My grandpa used to have a gx460, and he brought me that peace as well by going on some long car rides talking about anything and everything. Although it's just a car review, it's far more than that for me. Thank you for doing what you do.

  60. Shiro Surfer

    Shiro Surfer

    6 months ago

    What a intro music experience

  61. Robynn Mendez

    Robynn Mendez

    6 months ago

    i don't understand why they have not upgraded there panel tech. It should have at least android auto. I have had lexus for 10 years now and I need an SUV but I am wondering if I should leave lexus because they will not upgrade.

  62. ImSteevin


    6 months ago

    I bought a 2003 gx with 175k 6k and it's been an insane value, no question this new one will last forever

  63. Chi Huang

    Chi Huang

    6 months ago

    Bought a low mileage 2018 model 2 wks ago. Absolutely love it...

  64. BobWilson84


    6 months ago

    Leg extensions?

  65. George Brown

    George Brown

    6 months ago

    I never understood the appeal of luxury SUVs. SUVs are meant to be used. It's a UTILITY VEHICLE. Why put leather and other fancy things in it when you're just gonna scratch it up and stain it on a regular basis?

  66. Daniel Stanislous

    Daniel Stanislous

    6 months ago

    I am getting one.

  67. fadzlen kadir

    fadzlen kadir

    6 months ago

    Globally known as Toyota Land Cruiser Prado...

  68. MrSuperrajab


    6 months ago

    @9:45 middle east?

  69. Aditya Rastogi

    Aditya Rastogi

    6 months ago

    Underrated channel ! Love the content, it gives me goosebumps 👌🔥

  70. Tom McHugh

    Tom McHugh

    6 months ago

    Best reviewer on ACURA. Wish they would update the drivetrain and tech. I love this truck.

  71. Abel Asmerom

    Abel Asmerom

    7 months ago

    Doesn't he remind you of Seth rogan

  72. Andrey Alex

    Andrey Alex

    7 months ago


  73. Jimmy Deneus

    Jimmy Deneus

    7 months ago

    Fuel economy & good handling its good suv 👌👌👌 off road

  74. Jordan Kelly

    Jordan Kelly

    7 months ago

    So many fuel economy complaints, throw a long range fuel tank in that thing, only fill it up every 2 weeks.

  75. Paul Eck

    Paul Eck

    7 months ago

    I'm one of "those people that could give a shit less about fuel economy". My favorite ride is still my 2008 Sequoia with a 5.7. Great video. Love their honesty.

  76. e m

    e m

    7 months ago

    So much BS from this assessor. Simple, then why take away a manual offering?

  77. friendo787


    7 months ago

    What song is playing in the beginning?

  78. mark spence

    mark spence

    7 months ago

    The only people I see driving a GX460 are Vietnamese immigrants trying to look rich.

  79. Watch Geek

    Watch Geek

    7 months ago

    That is dirt cheap in the USA, in Europe it would be double the price

  80. John Ireland

    John Ireland

    7 months ago

    Wonderful review. To the point. No bs.

  81. Greg Hagwood

    Greg Hagwood

    7 months ago

    I always laugh when people try to compare this to a 4runner . Not even a competion!

  82. Jake Huggins

    Jake Huggins

    8 months ago

    This channel is something special. Combination of subtle humor, excellent editing, thoughtful music selection, and a unique and informed perspective on each vehicle. Not just another repackaged car review. There is a deeper part of vehicle ownership which is recognized here. Nice job, and thank you for the refreshing entertainment and perspective.

  83. Boris Tikhomirov

    Boris Tikhomirov

    8 months ago

    Great review, as always, guys. I daresay, however, that in order to get a more comfortable ride on the motorway, one needs to drive this vehicle with the Luxury Package, which includes Adaptive Variable Suspension (=AVS) and Auto-Leveling Rear Air Suspension. As for the sound approvement, I think that adding the mind-blowing Mark Levinson® 17-speaker, 330-watt Premium Surround Sound Audio System will do it. The Premium package is just not enough to allow you to fully appreciate this vehicle on the highway. (To go off-roading, the Off-Road package for around 1500 USD is also available.)

  84. FacelessMan


    8 months ago

    Buying a used one of these off lease from soccer moms is 100000% a catch price wise.

  85. J Dikanza

    J Dikanza

    8 months ago

    That interior looks 15 years old!!!!

  86. Aqua God

    Aqua God

    8 months ago

    Is there enough room in the back of the GX460 to knock boots with Janet from the bowling alley or is my back going to be ruined after gettin in them guts?

  87. Jonathan S.

    Jonathan S.

    8 months ago

    As for the sound system, go with a Premium or Luxury variant with the Mark Levinson. I bet you'll have a change of heart immediately. Amazing $1,200 factory system.

  88. Luis Guevara

    Luis Guevara

    8 months ago

    Toyota Prado

  89. Alain


    8 months ago

    People complained that the Defender has too many gimmicks and miss the ol' reliable stuff you can take anywhere. Well...here you go.

  90. V Matt

    V Matt

    8 months ago

    Poor highway manners, deal breaker.

  91. s3v


    8 months ago

    What happened to Scott Turbowski??

  92. BigByteBeats


    8 months ago

    Is this the GTR of no-real-change SUV's?

  93. Pooky


    8 months ago

    At least you understand and appreciate it. Most car reviewers are making dumb assumptions and throwing stupid childish ideas all over the place so it pushes buyers and also manufacturers towards newer stuff. We are road warriors, we usually buy 2-3 years old off-lease Toyota's or Lexus' and put 250-300k on them in a very short time, this is what we want. It is tried and true, that's why we like Toyota's and Lexus' because they are following "if it works, dont freaking touch it" mentality. If car reviewers stop thinking about gimmicks and appreciate these things like you did, these cars will be around for quite some time. But these days I can not trust even Toyota for not messing things up on every product launch. Don't get me wrong I like those gimmicky new stuff too my nicer cars are always unreliable and flashy but I put few thousands of miles on them every year, so I don't care about them. Long writing short, I thank you for your understanding, and let's hope other folks will do the same.

  94. Orlando Vega

    Orlando Vega

    8 months ago

    My main problem is the interior you're getting for 55k+ is dated a f.

  95. pete _www

    pete _www

    8 months ago

    Can't appreciate a Landcruiser until you take it waaay off road. The Lexus version is just for people with too much money

  96. David Denham

    David Denham

    9 months ago

    It's funny you mentioned this vehicle lasting forever. I just bought a used 2018 base model with only 16k miles on it, because I bought a 1990 pickup brand new in 1990. It now has over 600k miles. All of my kids drove it during college years. It has been in the wilds of Montana where I grew up in some of the toughest conditions. I recently put my son in it and sent him off to New York without a worry of, "will he have car trouble" on the way. I am confident my GX460 will last as long and be as dependable. That's why people buy this SUV.

  97. Jamal Walker

    Jamal Walker

    9 months ago

    such a beautiful truck. I love the grilles.

    • Dragos Pahontu

      Dragos Pahontu

      8 months ago


  98. 「Svaaz」


    9 months ago

    That infotainment reminded me of my ‘ol 2007 Hybrid Camry. Most reliable and pain free vehicle we’ve owned!

  99. ghlibisk


    9 months ago

    The anti-Tesla.

  100. Vasya


    9 months ago

    Not too much rusting for 2020?

    • Dragos Pahontu

      Dragos Pahontu

      8 months ago

      Not too much