2021 Acura TLX - Full Presentation - TLX Type S first look | Ready to fight Audi A4/S4?

Acura revealed the quickest, best-handling and most well-appointed sedan in the brand's 35-year history - the new 2021 Acura TLX.
With a model-exclusive body structure and chassis architecture, all turbo engine lineup, and an athletic stance with bold proportions, the new TLX delivers dramatic gains in both style and dynamic performance. The first Acura sedan fully designed around the brand's Precision Crafted Performance ethos, the 2021 TLX will arrive at dealerships early this fall with a manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) starting in the mid-$30,000 range.
The second-generation TLX also marks the highly anticipated return of Acura's Type S high performance variant after a decade-long hiatus. The TLX Type S, arriving next spring, will be powered by an all-new Acura exclusive 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine developed for Type S levels of performance. Additionally, the new TLX Type S will be the first Type S model to feature Acura's torque vectoring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system, making it the best handling and most performance-oriented Acura sedan yet.
In fulfilling its mission as a thoroughly modern sport sedan, the 2021 TLX integrates a multitude of performance, comfort and connectivity technologies first deployed on the highly successful third-generation Acura RDX. These include a high-output 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine, 4th-generation SH-AWD system, award-winning Acura ELS STUDIO 3D premium audio and the latest iteration of Acura's driver-focused True Touchpad Interface.
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  1. Rodney Ammons

    Rodney Ammons

    5 days ago

    Japan is...

  2. Voycodin


    6 days ago

    W206 looks like 2 generations ahead of Acura. Its performance models, against which type S is competing, are so technologically advanced with their turbo-hybrid power unit and F1 type battery that I honestly do not know who in their right mind ready to pony up over $60K would choose an Acura TLX over a Mercedes.

  3. Davis Dowell

    Davis Dowell

    9 days ago

    Engine sounds beautiful

  4. P. Bence

    P. Bence

    10 days ago

    Bring the v6 with manual transmission to Europe please :)

  5. 10 City Studio

    10 City Studio

    15 days ago

    Never been in an Acura or drove one, i wanted to own & try this till i saw FWD wished the opposite it's a beautiful car🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  6. Aurora Skywalker

    Aurora Skywalker

    21 day ago

    I’m sold!!! Take my money! Gorgeous 💖

  7. Anthony Giordano

    Anthony Giordano

    21 day ago

    Ohh why oh why did you go with turbo engine acura ? This concern me as a 2008 acura tl type s owner. Pleaee don't make me consider going with the lexus is 350 f sport which is naturally aspirated V6.

  8. albert dean castillo

    albert dean castillo

    22 days ago

    Acura is actually faster than Honda but shared the same engine and transmission,type -s are more like special cars from production line has more hp and torque compare to standard base model,bang for your buck,Alpha Romeo Giulia are the only one will outshine this model

  9. i getluski

    i getluski

    24 days ago

    Was considering the g70 but this seems like a more sound choice.

  10. sharkninja21


    25 days ago

    I love the car but they lost me at 272 HP I’m gonna stick to getting a charger scatpack instead......great looking car though.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Chris P. Bacon

      22 days ago

      These car need to be at least 300+ Hp with 350 Torque

  11. Samar Zia

    Samar Zia

    Month ago


  12. minjjanggu


    Month ago


  13. Just Ah Trucker

    Just Ah Trucker

    Month ago

    *STANCE* is the keyword of this video 😁

  14. Juan Carraballo

    Juan Carraballo

    Month ago

    I'm just wondering when they gonna replace the v6 engine with a new better & powerful just like the B series to K series cuz there v6 is very old they just redesign the head & valves. But don't get me wrong im not complaining cuz Acura v6 engine is a GOAT really

  15. Frankie Garza

    Frankie Garza

    Month ago

    Being a 3rd gen TL TYPE S owner, this....is fucking beautiful and will stand by it.

  16. Amir Rashad

    Amir Rashad

    Month ago

    Get rid of that fucking grill and you will have something.

  17. Raiken333


    Month ago

    Can I tow my 2020 S1000RR M with it?

  18. Jerry Wright

    Jerry Wright

    Month ago

    HI ACURA should have just put the 3.5 V6 280 hp back in and got rid of the 2.0 T. HONDA engine and later bring the turbo in. Just saying or a later 3.7 twin turbo older TL V6 but with turbos. that had already a 300 hp engine from the Late Model TL 3.7 sh-awd.

  19. e_ski e

    e_ski e

    Month ago

    It's just going to fall apart. Was very disappointed in little things in my acura that have gone bad. Buy Audi or BMW, in 5 year's you'll thank me.

  20. TOLEK392 6.4

    TOLEK392 6.4

    Month ago

    Everything fine but its take so long with tlx s

  21. Viktor Zguro

    Viktor Zguro

    Month ago

    If this is going to be priced similar to an Audi rs5 sport back.... I’d rather have the Audi. If this is under 50k then that might change my mind.

  22. David SixSide

    David SixSide

    Month ago

    Acura is taking over! Both the upcoming 2022 TLX and MDX Type-S models are game changers. This will most likely be my next purchase once my 2018 A-spec is paid off.

  23. Stickercutting.com


    Month ago

    Luke Combs at 5:43

  24. resolution55555


    Month ago

    THANK YOU ACURA. It will be difficult to part with my "MINT" 2007 TL(only 15400 KM)......

  25. Tsi Vue

    Tsi Vue

    2 months ago

    6 speed manual?

  26. obrad popovic

    obrad popovic

    2 months ago

    Front looks little bit Cadillac,the rear bid Alfa Romeo,but wide.Great looking sedan.

  27. Stabiel


    2 months ago


  28. Cam Noel

    Cam Noel

    2 months ago

    I’ll be excited when they make a manual transmission for the Type S again

    • Southeast Daygo619

      Southeast Daygo619

      7 days ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nobody will buy it guy, there's a reason manuels are becoming extinct..... Better get used to it

    • Astronaut Brown Boi

      Astronaut Brown Boi

      8 days ago

      Mars Hall ikr 😂

    • Mars Hall

      Mars Hall

      11 days ago

      That next to nobody will buy.... If they sold, automanufactuers would still make them.

  29. BloodDrunk


    2 months ago

    Glad they didnt make fake exaust tip for the v6 T 12:42

  30. Frisk Mall

    Frisk Mall

    2 months ago

    The Japanese are bringing back the 90s with all the turbo Nissan, Acura, and Honda models.

  31. Otherworldlytwo2nine


    2 months ago

    a Honda OG like myself is still asking wtf is Honda waiting for to join the RWD club with Lex and Fin. this car would've been that much more of a monster if it sat on a RWD platform

  32. Phosphein GT40

    Phosphein GT40

    2 months ago

    The back design looked like the alfa romeo lights from the alfa romeo giuletta

  33. Cindy Fernandez

    Cindy Fernandez

    2 months ago

    give that dude a raise

  34. Omar Alvarez

    Omar Alvarez

    2 months ago

    Looks great , I love the hood to trunk ratio.

  35. Rocky Ali

    Rocky Ali

    2 months ago

    Ok gentlemen, for my next car (coming Fall 2021) it'll either be this Type S (white exterior on red interior) or the 2022 Genesis G70 (white on black/red stitching). I need all of you guys' opinion. Please vote and let me know. Majority wins, I promise.

  36. biyorkman


    2 months ago


  37. jack


    2 months ago

    Watch a 2.0T accord beat it in a drag race 💀

  38. Scott Scott

    Scott Scott

    2 months ago

    Three steps forward and two steps back. The tail lamps should be SQUARE and the tail pipes should be ROUND. (Just like on the 2020 Acura TLX A-Spec)

  39. Sanj


    2 months ago

    Well it all comes down to the test drive for me

  40. HPGDragon


    2 months ago

    I have a 2003 Acura TL Type S and now I just wanna move up to the 2021 TLX Type S

  41. Bubs Krz

    Bubs Krz

    2 months ago

    Since the Lexus IS350 officially out, I am now debating if I will get the IS350 or this TLX S Type? Both reliable engine and "re-sale" value is better compared to Infiniti's Q50 RS.

  42. Bubs Krz

    Bubs Krz

    2 months ago

    Will this be the 2021 Lexus IS350 killer?

  43. Kami Desu

    Kami Desu

    2 months ago

    kia k5 headlight?

  44. Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken

    2 months ago

    You fools should’ve called it the Acura Legend. You had an amazing opportunity to bring back the greatest moniker in automotive history and you failed.

  45. Blue Xiong

    Blue Xiong

    2 months ago

    When I see it on the show room floor I'll belive it and make sure the transmission doesn't fail prematurely either.

    • W G

      W G

      Month ago

      Hope it’s like my 2010 TL with 250,000k miles.

  46. Erik Wilson

    Erik Wilson

    2 months ago

    I wanted one until I found out its American made and designed rip, What happened to Japan?

  47. Daniel kim

    Daniel kim

    3 months ago

    You guys destroyed the beautiful type s concept and made an ugly cheap looking car

  48. biser ivanov

    biser ivanov

    3 months ago

    Killer!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

  49. Nataly Parris

    Nataly Parris

    3 months ago

    Sooo how much?

  50. robert bishop

    robert bishop

    3 months ago

    Nice Accord, bring it to the UK as a Honda (with a reduced hood)......please!!!!

  51. Louiienation


    3 months ago

    I actually might buy this when it comes out ...!

  52. goo24266


    3 months ago


  53. FYT Medical Supplies USA

    FYT Medical Supplies USA

    3 months ago

    2.0 Turbo with 280 HP ..Tat Sucks.....Its impossible to fight Audi S4 ...

  54. Bennett Vu

    Bennett Vu

    3 months ago

    Acura is back

  55. Master King Lee

    Master King Lee

    3 months ago

    What a beautiful thing!😍😍😍😍😍

  56. Toli P

    Toli P

    3 months ago

    Never had $ to buy a new car. didnt mind waiting few years.....not so with this acura.

  57. xHalalBoi


    3 months ago

    Shoulda done TT for the type S to keep up with the Q RS

  58. Hassan N E

    Hassan N E

    3 months ago

    Why Honda Mazda and Subaru does not make an alliance

  59. Vano Menabde

    Vano Menabde

    3 months ago


  60. xuimod


    3 months ago

    They need to put a quick dual clutch transmission in the type S (perhaps borrow from the NSX😀). The automatic transmission in the 2020 base TLX is a bit slow to shift and not sure it can handle the close to 400hp the twin turbo V6 will be pumping out.

  61. H


    3 months ago

    All Acura looks the same

  62. david trevino

    david trevino

    3 months ago

    Get rid of the wood in the car, it's not a boat .

  63. Chef Jeffrey Cruz

    Chef Jeffrey Cruz

    3 months ago

    Coupe with manual transmission!

  64. John Garcia

    John Garcia

    3 months ago

    Hate to say it but can’t wait till someone ruins theirs so I can take those sweet red leather bucket seats for my ‘93 DA9 Integra 😂

  65. 755hp


    3 months ago

    I swear, so many exterior vehicle designers have taken the bulging rear arches concept from the Mk4 Supra and applied it in their vehicle designs today.

  66. 755hp


    3 months ago

    3:37 WHoa, Whoa, whoa....no way that car moves through the corners that fast.

  67. greg soto

    greg soto

    3 months ago

    No thanks I'll keep driving Lexus

  68. Eduardo Pagani

    Eduardo Pagani

    3 months ago

    OK. I'm sold. Time to replace my Lexus, which I love but it is low tech and not fun to drive. I MUST get a new car by May 2021. Will the S-Type be available for purchase in the US then?

  69. Ito427 It0427

    Ito427 It0427

    3 months ago


  70. Aden Stein

    Aden Stein

    4 months ago

    I wonder if there gonna try and make a integra again???

  71. Vadiм Groz

    Vadiм Groz

    4 months ago

    Хотим Акуру

  72. Carl O

    Carl O

    4 months ago

    The concept looked so much better. I don’t feel it. Q60 still looks much sexier.

  73. ChristianX Z owner

    ChristianX Z owner

    4 months ago

    Want one over the Accord sport..

  74. Simplerway


    4 months ago

    Ugly, man Honda needs to find new DESIGNERS. Stop building UGLY car. Great car, but uggggggly.

  75. Elijah Yates Beats

    Elijah Yates Beats

    4 months ago

    fire fire fire

  76. bgmpt


    4 months ago

    WHAT ABOUT THE TYPE S ENGINE, THE HEART OF ANY CAR?!?! Lots of BS about "emotion". I don't want to buy emotion. I want to buy performance.

  77. Dude 1408

    Dude 1408

    4 months ago

    I dont need or want all that technology, just some nice hp, handing, speakers, brakes, all that extra stuff is stuff you will barely use. WHO THE HELL needs 16-way power seats when 6-way are just fine 🤣

  78. 8d Tuneess

    8d Tuneess

    4 months ago

    I’m glad Acura switched there technology with this car I hated Acura’s for that very reason. Their lack of technology 😭

  79. macoy321


    4 months ago

    Larger than TL, but smaller than RL 350+hp 350+lbs torque SW-AWD Type-S sports package Flat bottom steering wheel and its a SEDAN! the only thing missing is manual/stick shift WoW!!! I can’t wait to get one and get the white paint color. THANK YOU ACURA!

  80. Kevin Tran

    Kevin Tran

    4 months ago

    The back of the car definitely inspired by the Mazda 3 19.

  81. Matt


    4 months ago

    Great video from the folks at Acura. Can't wait for the turbo V6 model.

  82. Matt


    4 months ago

    I'll take one..just please don't make all the interior red.

  83. Umar Ali

    Umar Ali

    4 months ago

    I buy a Acura Tlx 2016 boomer give me chance to race type s

  84. Jacek Sky

    Jacek Sky

    4 months ago

    Great car i love Japan my Infiniti Q60S twin Turbo AWD is still good.

  85. Sy


    4 months ago

    Make it smaller.

  86. TravelMemory Lane

    TravelMemory Lane

    4 months ago

    It's going to be hard to choose betwen lexus is350, genesis g70 3.3T and Tlx type s for my next car.

  87. DeLaGoya


    4 months ago

    Acura still behind

  88. Ken Nguyen

    Ken Nguyen

    4 months ago


  89. Kenneth Cheung

    Kenneth Cheung

    4 months ago

    Why are they charging $20k+ more but have less power than the Honda Civic Type R?

  90. john thor

    john thor

    4 months ago

    Did the BRZ and TLX swap tailights?

  91. Francis The Predator 2.0

    Francis The Predator 2.0

    4 months ago

    The type-s is gonna be bout $60k. For that money, If it can outperform the German offerings, there's no better choice. otherwise its not premium enough for that money.

  92. Dora Broussard

    Dora Broussard

    4 months ago


  93. Double R

    Double R

    4 months ago

    Shit look like a Q60 🤦‍♂️

  94. DIVINE_logic


    4 months ago

    All this crap and no numbers its probably under powered

  95. Trench Foot

    Trench Foot

    4 months ago

    I came here for 3 words “ available manual transmission “ 😔 rip

    • R P

      R P

      2 months ago

      Sadly nobody buys and drives a manual anymore, well a few. I rather row my own

  96. Rain


    4 months ago

    but can you make the turbo flutteR?

  97. Ą†řąχΜФґğЄ


    4 months ago

    No manual transmission no moolah from me.

  98. Powder_ Days

    Powder_ Days

    4 months ago

    Looks a bit like a Lexus

  99. willie jefferson

    willie jefferson

    4 months ago

    What's the 3.0TT HP rating?

  100. Robert RS

    Robert RS

    4 months ago

    Type S 🔥🔥