2021 Acura TLX vs Honda Accord vs Hyundai Sonata N Line // DRAG & ROLL RACE

Thomas and James have put countless cars down the Throttle House test track. The 2020 Honda Accord 2.0T ($41,505.00 CAD) with a 10 speed auto has eaten many of them down the quarter mile but today we’ve brought out two challengers to see if we can de-throne the king of quick economy. The all new 2021 Acura TLX AH-AWD (Seen here in its platinum Elite trim $52,305.00) with the same 2.0T engine but added AWD, and the 2021 Sonata N-Line ($37,999) with 290 HP & 311 lb ft torque should give the Honda a run for its money. Things don't always go as predicted. Watch now and find out! SUBSCRIBE!

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Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, who are our heroes.

Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland

Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev


Music from Epidemicsound.com


  1. 황시목


    2 days ago

    소나타 뻥마력ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. GeePeeZee


    2 days ago

    Are all cars wearing the same tires? @7m22s it shows the nline with michline xice3. That's a winter/snow tire, not a tire you do drag races with.

  3. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    3 days ago

    The TLX really needs 300hp

  4. Jediii


    4 days ago


  5. NBA Instagram

    NBA Instagram

    6 days ago

    We just need a q50 to make it fun

  6. Jacqueline Wyatt

    Jacqueline Wyatt

    7 days ago

    The Honda Accord is so ugly 😂💀 I can’t it’s not an eye catcher although it’s speedy boi

  7. Fahad Munir official

    Fahad Munir official

    8 days ago

    Sonata beast

  8. FBROCK1


    9 days ago


  9. Jeff Adams

    Jeff Adams

    9 days ago

    Has anyone dyno'ed one of those GD accords yet?!?!? There's no fucking way they are only 250hp!

  10. Dhoom320 O

    Dhoom320 O

    10 days ago

    سرااا ي الاكورد ارقد انت وهو بس

  11. hammad qureshi

    hammad qureshi

    11 days ago

    We are just sonata lover 🇵🇰❤️

  12. Eric Claeyborn

    Eric Claeyborn

    11 days ago

    You guys should also consider the weight of the cars, not just the torque and H.P.. Hyundai should win! ------------------------------------------Weight----Quarter Mile---Torque-----H.P. Honda Accord------------------ 3380 lbs------15.7 sec.----273 lbs----252 Hyundai Sonata N Line----- 3541 lbs----- 13.6 sec.----311 lbs----290 Acura TLX------------------------ 4026 lbs------ 14.5 sec.---280 lbs----272

  13. Fangfang Chen

    Fangfang Chen

    12 days ago

    civic: am I a joke to you?

  14. american Dreamchaser

    american Dreamchaser

    14 days ago

    I own a 2018 Hyundai sonata. It's awesome 👍

  15. Ani Hani

    Ani Hani

    14 days ago

    All that tweaks, in Sonata, made German engineer..

  16. Andrei Di

    Andrei Di

    15 days ago

    Hi guys, please test it Honda Accord Hybrid vs Toyota Camry Hybrid vs Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

  17. Ehsun N

    Ehsun N

    16 days ago

    i have driven and beat the accord with the n line .. the driver is truly shit.

  18. Roberto Beltran

    Roberto Beltran

    17 days ago

    I bought a 2018 Touring 2.0T...after having it a year, I got t-boned at an intersection by an ass who ate a red light and crossed 4 lanes of road; my car was totaled. All airbags went off...yet, my daughter and I walked away without a scratch. A month later, I went back to Honda and bought a 2020 Touring 2.0T. Have not regretted it one bit. Fast car and super comfy....and SAFE!!

  19. Fadic4


    18 days ago

    Front end too loooool

  20. Fadic4


    18 days ago

    Accord beats TLX Acura: wait, that’s illegal

  21. dknight xs

    dknight xs

    18 days ago

    That Hyundai looks ugly af

  22. 日向伊勢


    19 days ago


  23. Chris Even

    Chris Even

    21 day ago

    ♥️🇯🇵❤️ HONDA

  24. Jasper


    21 day ago

    The accord 2.0 is so bad I bought 2 of them last year....love em!

  25. jose romero

    jose romero

    21 day ago

    Review the TYPE S!!!!!

  26. S. T.

    S. T.

    22 days ago

    What did y'all do wrong? The N-Line gets 5.0 to 5.1 0-60 from everyone, and James can't get it off the line? Motortrend has it as the fastest FWD car they have ever tested, with a 1/4 mile at 13.6! Seriously, something went wrong with the launch. Maybe better to brake launch or smash launch that car, something was seriously wrong with James launch.

  27. Newnewknew Kewl

    Newnewknew Kewl

    22 days ago

    Please do Kia Sportage SX vs Honda CR V touring vs Toyota Rav 4 xse

  28. Blake Anania

    Blake Anania

    23 days ago

    So not sure if this is the scenario but the sonata n line had a launch control software issue on early production models, and also needs the summer tire options in order to out its power down most effectively. I only bring this up because there are quite a few smaller channels that race the accord against the sonata and the sonata smokes it from a dig.

  29. 고구려삼족오


    24 days ago

    Torque Steer

  30. Bruhboi21


    24 days ago

    0:12 that intro tho, its a lambo hurucan, sounds soo good!!

  31. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

    S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

    25 days ago

    They gave the Asian Guy the home field advantage by letting him drive the accord 😂

  32. ItsMini


    27 days ago

    I like all of them. The Sonata is the best for tall people like me, though

  33. chuckhpnwx


    27 days ago

    The Sonata is the best looking, IMO, and a great car for the money. Hyundai would really have a beast if they could get the power down from a stop.

  34. Ben Jenkins

    Ben Jenkins

    27 days ago

    Would like to see the 2012 impala on here! It packs a punch for a car in its class

  35. Y K

    Y K

    28 days ago

    “Yea the seats are great. Nice front end too…. “

  36. ranivus


    28 days ago

    The N-Line you can customize the launch controls to adjust the rev line at launch... from what it looks like, that wasn't tuned by the driver.

  37. Bryant S

    Bryant S

    29 days ago

    Just purchased a sonic gray 2.0 Accord. That shit flys !!

  38. Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    29 days ago

    I have a special connection with the accord, my very first car was a 2003 accord v6 and I had SOOOO much fun with her. Plus the new accord really don't disappoint.

  39. Julie Caudill

    Julie Caudill

    29 days ago

    Just bought the Sonata NLine in the yellow and I love it!❤💯💥🗯💣

  40. Christian Sincich

    Christian Sincich

    Month ago

    So is nobody going to note we aren’t using the A-spec or Type S TLX, aka the performance cars?

    • Christian Sincich

      Christian Sincich

      Month ago

      Pretty shit comparison using 4 cyl TLX

  41. Phani Kiran

    Phani Kiran

    Month ago

    Dear Throttle House, please can your dashing duo do a compare of a fully loaded Honda Accord 2.0T against the latest Audi A4, BMW 2.0T and/or Merc C300 models? I always hear car reviewers talk about how an Accord is all the quick and comfort I need for daily life, but how would it fare against these two luxury daily drivers?

  42. George R

    George R

    Month ago

    On the very 1st run how the Hyundai got its ass kicked, reminds me of the 1st time I experienced my turbo getting heat soaked I won the first 2 or 3 races by the last race I could not figure out why my 🚗💨 would not go any faster & he started pulling on me!! I wound up pulling over & my turbo was glowing red 🔥😳 That's okay (slow as shit tho) I guess but don't turn it off, let it idle for a few minutes 👍👍

  43. Daniel Enochs

    Daniel Enochs

    Month ago

    Two Honda products vs Hyundai product.

  44. Panget Ka sobra

    Panget Ka sobra

    Month ago

    Acura tl 2005

  45. D U

    D U

    Month ago

    If these companies would put a electronic limited slip front diff in these it would be a huge improvement, not only that people would likely buy these more then they do now over an suv with that option added.

  46. stoplossM4


    Month ago

    Haha love my 10th gen Accord Sport. 👍🏾 I definitely think Honda under rates the horsepower

  47. philly spitta81

    philly spitta81

    Month ago

    The Hyundai Catfish , a face that could make a vulture puke 🤮

  48. Claro Dandal

    Claro Dandal

    Month ago

    Honda back and even leading the F1 and Indie car standings beating out Ferrari and Mercedes.

  49. Scott Stewart

    Scott Stewart

    Month ago

    Making all these personal, "I want to win", is childish. Just race the cars and talk about them. Everybody knows you're just mashing a pedal at the same time. There is zero skill

  50. MJ Zoom

    MJ Zoom

    Month ago

    Man, that Accord 2.0T is no joke for a sedan! Lol

    • Ameen h

      Ameen h

      Month ago

      @MJ Zoom lol

    • MJ Zoom

      MJ Zoom

      Month ago

      @Ameen h it looks horrible, like someone turned a catfish into a car. Lol

    • Ameen h

      Ameen h

      Month ago

      Lol these guys lined up a stupid hyundai with it.

  51. MJ Zoom

    MJ Zoom

    Month ago

    Sonata is hideous tho

  52. Joe Marzo

    Joe Marzo

    Month ago

    The accord doesn’t feel quick when driving? I disagree LOL

  53. Rolando Hernandez

    Rolando Hernandez

    Month ago

    Love the accord, but that tlx wasnt the aspec version

    • Will Croce

      Will Croce

      Month ago

      The a spec doesn’t increase speed unfortunately

  54. lazynamingbox


    Month ago

    5:54 i swear that was my expression as well

  55. ROBIN Barrientos De Paz

    ROBIN Barrientos De Paz

    Month ago

    I hate how they don’t launch like bruh they have paddle shifters

  56. Paul Scalisi

    Paul Scalisi

    Month ago

    The Acura styling is much better than the others, not worth 48K

  57. OMAR6575


    Month ago

    that's what happens when you put a detuned type R motor in a accord.

  58. Judah Richardson

    Judah Richardson

    Month ago

    I'll believe Motor Trend, C&D, Automobile, etc. instrumented tests that show the Sonata N-Line being quicker from a standing start a ACURA channel's entertainment value videos. That said, the real loser here is Acura, who've somehow managed to deliver yet another uninspiring, expensive "luxury sport" sedan that isn't remotely competitive in its class and gets sonned by similar nonluxury models. This after YEARS of hard talk from the brand about the incoming TLX. All kind of a moot point, though. Acura have so few dealerships that many viewers (such as myself) don't even have one in their metro area.

  59. BACHATU81 81

    BACHATU81 81

    Month ago

    I was really impressed and surprised I had my money on the Acura because... well I'm a fan but the results were interesting. Great video guys 👍🏽

  60. TM


    Month ago

    Love the gauge comparison shot

  61. Gary Inman

    Gary Inman

    Month ago

    I enjoy the reviews but I am seeing a trend that is to mostly compare to other Asian imports. I get that my interests are specific... I am interested in the "nanny" systems that you are so eager to turn off. I am looking for cars that compete with Tesla for safety as alternatives. US companies only offer the "nanny" systems on the top trim levels. Hunyadi is different. To me the start stop cruise control, lane keeping, camera systems, etc are what I want. I like wheels etc but those aren't what will drive my choice.

  62. Luke Vuitton

    Luke Vuitton

    Month ago

    Just gona leave the Asian out the race

  63. LegendaryStory


    Month ago

    but can you drift?

  64. Haneen Momani

    Haneen Momani

    Month ago

    "Well, the Accord is in a bloody different universe." "But the Accord doesn't even feel that quick when you drive it, you just get to watch the Sonatas disappear" This is so accurate 😂

    • Champagne Papi

      Champagne Papi

      Month ago

      Nice pun

  65. Ahmed Abdulrahman

    Ahmed Abdulrahman

    Month ago

    Sonata 2.5 turbo Accord 2.0 turbo Engine quality is better for Honda🤩

  66. Taureo Jones

    Taureo Jones

    Month ago


  67. hanbaek kang

    hanbaek kang

    Month ago

    Stupid sonata -_-

  68. Johnny Xiong

    Johnny Xiong

    Month ago

    It's all about the 10 speed auto!



    Month ago

    Do a video where everyone uses their paddle shifters!! Pllllzzz it would be hilarious

  70. Jihoon Kim

    Jihoon Kim

    Month ago

    역쉬...흉기차 ㅎㅎㅎ

  71. Philip Martini

    Philip Martini

    Month ago

    This is BS. The sonata does 1/4 in 13.5 or 13.7. TLX is 2 or 3 tenths faster than the accord so the results here are completely backwards. Fastest to slowest Sonata TLX Accord. Terrible video.

  72. damien roche

    damien roche

    Month ago

    does the N LINE use regular gas or premium

  73. George Sak

    George Sak

    Month ago

    So the Sonata had a pre-production issue that cut boost in launch control if you held the brake too hard. I guess its fixed now.

  74. Soviet Party Rock Anthem

    Soviet Party Rock Anthem

    Month ago

    The Accord Sport is absolutely awesome. For context I considered it alongside MUSCLE CARS and AWD turbo 6s for my next ride. Now I ended up going with a Mustang GT PP1, but the fact I even considered a 4 cylinder commuter car along side V8s and turbo 6s shows that it really is more spicy and fun then you’re average commuter car.

  75. jung kim

    jung kim

    Month ago

    Accord with stage 2 tune with Cai can make 280 whp bruh

  76. Praveen Pathak

    Praveen Pathak

    Month ago

    Bullshit video. Totally nonsense.

  77. CK K

    CK K

    Month ago

    Honda is king

  78. Josh Gutierrez

    Josh Gutierrez

    Month ago

    Hyundai really needs to step up their game

  79. Fam


    Month ago

    accord gang stand up!

  80. Tariq Mansour

    Tariq Mansour

    Month ago

    That sonata design 🤮🤮🤮



    Month ago


  82. Susana Moreno

    Susana Moreno

    Month ago

    3:00 SAVE TIME xD

  83. el kuka hernandez

    el kuka hernandez

    Month ago

    waooo¡¡¡ Hiunday 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😲😲

  84. FBI


    Month ago

    A nice race I would pay money to watch would be the Hondai Veloster Turbo and the Honda Civic Type R

  85. shewantbc


    Month ago


  86. Shan Smith

    Shan Smith

    2 months ago

    Hmmmm I just got the Acura and loveeeee it! Maybe cause I went from a Malibu hybrid to Acura ha! I put it in sports mode almost hurt myself. It’s good for me!

  87. Aman Aman

    Aman Aman

    2 months ago

    Does not seem real, what you guys are doing

  88. Paul Rodger

    Paul Rodger

    2 months ago

    Toronto here: city driver 85 %. What used year/make/model would you look at. My condo board will not put in an EV charger. Something fun. Usually 1 or 2 passengers. I've owned Mustang, Subaru/Accord, Elantra - in the past. suggestions?

  89. Tim Tran

    Tim Tran

    2 months ago

    I'll wait for the tlx type s, the accord is a detuned type r. No surprise there

  90. c S

    c S

    2 months ago


  91. George DeFeo

    George DeFeo

    2 months ago

    I want to know why you have a regular TLX going up against an end line Toyota why don't you have the ace spec Acura TLX going against an inline package against package that's fair

  92. David Wan

    David Wan

    2 months ago

    Karston is your Stig.

  93. Sergey Boglyukov

    Sergey Boglyukov

    2 months ago

    Honda made one of the best !! 10 gears transmission, much faster than any robot transmission. The breakthrough technology !!

  94. Fahad F

    Fahad F

    2 months ago

    جاي من سنابات الدب😂.

  95. Jumbomuffin 13

    Jumbomuffin 13

    2 months ago

    My mom had a 2000 Acura and that thing was damn fast and good… tf happened

  96. Acurazoid


    2 months ago

    The new Acura TLX is actually slower then the last gen

  97. Abhijeet Sharma

    Abhijeet Sharma

    2 months ago

    No no no sonata is not that bad change d driver wtf

  98. vigorosoPIMPJr


    2 months ago

    Can you do a video and compare the Acura TLX Type S

  99. 张康


    2 months ago

    SONATA N-line 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  100. Oneluv


    2 months ago

    Lol,that accord ain't no joke...