2021 Acura TLX Advance SH-AWD Reviewed + Snow & Sand

We test out the new 2021 Acura TLX in all the conditions appropriate for a sport sedan. (No, we didn't take it off-roading up the rock trail!) How does this new model compare to the competition? We have a full review, plus 0-60 and a lot more.

00:00 - Introduction
01:15 - Features
06:14 - Driving Impressions (inc. 0-60 test)
14:51 - Snow and Sand

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  1. G


    7 days ago

    Damn good looking car.. 10x more reliable than anything German

  2. albert dean castillo

    albert dean castillo

    26 days ago

    That dashboard and tranny stock are amazing feels like Ferrari mclaren setup

  3. brian gandlin

    brian gandlin

    Month ago

    Thanks for the review, makes me feel better than my tlx isn’t faster lol

  4. Eric P

    Eric P

    Month ago

    3:06 that how you know you’re getting old. When you start making noises when you get out of the car 😂

  5. Chip Skylark

    Chip Skylark

    Month ago

    Things a slow piece of shit! We’ll see how the type S does

  6. mugenman6


    Month ago

    THE ENGINEERS (ala owners manual) say to disable VSA in any low-traction situation in my '07 RDX. So I can imagine that three generations later, SH-AWD performs its magic best when left to its own devices 😈

  7. Rich Ostrander

    Rich Ostrander

    Month ago

    Does anyone lease this vehicle? Specifically around this trim? If so, do you mind sharing what you lease for and how much down?

  8. Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Month ago

    The 2021 Acura TLX awd needs the 6 cylinder back again Like Acura should have put the Acura RLX 6cylinder engine in the TLX.

  9. Mike A

    Mike A

    2 months ago

    Hello everyone! So i have some bad news for everyone that has a TLX, ILX and RDX. Not sure about the MDX but i am 100 percent sure almost all if not all of these models Re leaking from rear main seal! My new 19 ILX did and now my new 21 TLX does. Also had an RDX for a month it suffered from same problem this is not a coincidence. But... guess what heres the sad and toxic part. All of these cars had a slight smell coming through vents. Mostly when fan is on without AC. When motor is started and idling,etc.... get check asap. Look for small amounts of oil near fly wheel cover. And if youve been smelling oil fumes your not going crazy. The first vehicle this happened on was my new 19 ILX from the start,new. I had it upto 16,000km. Brought in for warranty rear main seal. They have to take tranny out to do. And change motor oil. Well... i got home the head mechanic didnt tighten motor oil drain plug! Oil all over lol. I do all of my own maintenence so this broke my heart,and if this wasnt bad enough. Then wife driving it home from work. Massive transmission failure she lost power when driving home from work. They put transmission in wrong. Traded it in for new 21 TLX. Exact same problem. :( pretty sad. What happens next we will see. This is real. Check it out everyone now. These fumes are toxic, get it checked you might find the same problem as me. Your welcome, and please let me know what you find.

  10. Nathan Russell

    Nathan Russell

    2 months ago

    What about the RDX Acura?!? Take it off road!!

  11. Yg lil

    Yg lil

    3 months ago

    Need it. Sold thanks to this man

  12. Drummond Fengdahl

    Drummond Fengdahl

    3 months ago

    such an insightful review! i think you described the reason why some folks think the TLX is boring: throttle response is equivalent to the Odyssey drive line. perhaps Honda can flash the transmission to make it more responsive in the Sports mode.

  13. Barry Williams

    Barry Williams

    3 months ago

    I'm here because I just seen this today in person and it was beautiful

  14. AJ Virdi

    AJ Virdi

    3 months ago

    How about the new Type S? Would you do one review for its handling in snow?

  15. John Reno

    John Reno

    3 months ago

    its a great car. i wish it has a cng option as well or lpg or diesel or hybrid with large battery.

  16. Osvaldo Salesk

    Osvaldo Salesk

    3 months ago

    Wanting to swap the trans in my civic coupe lol

  17. Moose


    4 months ago

    Thanks, you helped me make my decision to get sh-awd .

  18. August Martin

    August Martin

    4 months ago


  19. sprague49


    5 months ago

    2:29 The trunk floor is definitely stamped for a spare tire well...not a battery.

  20. XY Nurse

    XY Nurse

    5 months ago

    Wait so it's a reactive awd system???

  21. Come Concon

    Come Concon

    5 months ago

    Honda was the first Japanese automaker to release a luxury version of Honda named "Acura" later on, Toyota and Nissan followed Honda steps and released their own luxury version of Toyota and Nissan; Lexus and Infiniti.

  22. Rodrick Smalling

    Rodrick Smalling

    5 months ago

    When Acura coming with manual TLX ?

  23. Gaurav Ashwini Kumar

    Gaurav Ashwini Kumar

    5 months ago

    I really hope Acura comes to India, such a beautiful machine and well rounded package.

  24. Westsideaccord DRSansome

    Westsideaccord DRSansome

    5 months ago

    Excited to see the TLX Type S

  25. Jacobus DeRottmann

    Jacobus DeRottmann

    6 months ago

    1. The 2021 TLX does not have "woodgrain" - it has wood. 2. You commented that the shifting was unexciting (9:00 to 9:30), but I didn't hear you discussing the effect of different modes specifically on shifting? That should be happening? Also in Individual mode settings you can tweak the shifting separately from other settings and create up to five custom modes with each function adjusted where you want it. You pointed out individual modes but ignored the obvious question of whether THAT would have addressed your complaint about shifting response. 3. The tighter-than-Accord rear passenger space AND trunk space are impinged on by a more sophisticated suspension. That is why! I rarely haul more than one passenger so I would choose the better suspension; if you often carry adult rear passengers, okay get the Accord.

  26. Rodney Milner

    Rodney Milner

    7 months ago

    Where was this filmed?

    • Driving Sports TV

      Driving Sports TV

      7 months ago

      Lake Kacheelus off I90 in Washington State.

  27. Rodney Milner

    Rodney Milner

    7 months ago

    Is it just me, or is this basically the car that comes closest to what the Lexus GS was prior to its discontinuation? In all honesty, I have a HARD timing forgiving Toyota for discontinuing the GS...

  28. Rocco Vivona

    Rocco Vivona

    7 months ago

    hey, nice video. what tires would you recommend for a 2015 MDX???im due for a new set thanks

  29. Tony Lester

    Tony Lester

    7 months ago

    Another great review. Keep it up... I really like your production quality, and in-depth reviews.

  30. High-Tech Redneck

    High-Tech Redneck

    7 months ago

    C'mon type S

  31. No Name

    No Name

    7 months ago

    The weak rear seats are such a disappointment. Little leg room and minimal head room is massive dealbreaker. 😔

  32. Mike B

    Mike B

    7 months ago

    Do you have any videos testing lexus gs 350 awd 13 and up?

  33. Rich Considz

    Rich Considz

    7 months ago

    love this car

  34. Honest E

    Honest E

    7 months ago

    $50k for a car. Nope.

  35. thelastDAN


    7 months ago

    why do car reviewers care about back seat space? If im driving be thankful im even giving your ass a ride

  36. Will B

    Will B

    7 months ago

    What how is this a sport sedan with less then 300hp come on lol ...for the price u be a fool to buy this the Ford Taurus has 365 hp naw I’m good I’ll stay with my Q50 for the price of these cars today if It ain’t making 350 and up I’m good

  37. QuaziMoto


    7 months ago

    I just had a blast these past few weeks with all the snow we've been getting in New England thanks to my V6 sh-awd (2020)

  38. Y.X.


    7 months ago

    Imagine TLX type-s has a two-door coupe version

  39. Gamal Meakhael

    Gamal Meakhael

    8 months ago

    I like it but I will wait for two doors type S

  40. Kuncen RIG

    Kuncen RIG

    8 months ago

    The problem with the new Type S is will be using old V6 that been refined. While the inline 4 cylinder 2.0T's one in this one is the newest K series, the last line. Its detune K20C4, the same motor of newest gen civic type R. Totally different with previous K20 variant I rather this than new Type S. Or Bimmer 330i with B48 engine motor

  41. Steve A

    Steve A

    8 months ago

    The why do I get stuck in the snow with my SH-AWD, where as, I have never ever been stuck with my BMW AWD ??? And I hate BMW’s so its hard for me to pay it a compliment

  42. Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson

    8 months ago

    The blue interior lighting indicates you have it it comfort mode. Why wouldn't evaluate performance in the sport mode?

  43. East17A


    8 months ago

    back seat size for that price !!! just kills it badly . I can't believe they didn't consider the back size while people already going for SUV. because of size !!

    • sprague49


      5 months ago

      It's not Acura's fault that Americans are giants. LOL. They did offer the larger, longer RLX in the US but nobody bought it.

  44. Worlds_Greatest_Detective


    8 months ago

    I'll never buy a stupid crossover SUV. Sedans will always be the best and they'll remain the kings forever.

  45. Paul C

    Paul C

    8 months ago

    The front Acura emblem looks like somebody put on a clear band aid over it - right in the middle of the front grill.

  46. R Game愛知県産ヴォクシー

    R Game愛知県産ヴォクシー

    8 months ago


  47. Moto


    8 months ago

    Still don't have automatic trunk, Jesus.

  48. Undead Skill

    Undead Skill

    8 months ago

    How can you not get this over a big, bulky gas-guzzling suv.

  49. Takahiro Mintsumoto

    Takahiro Mintsumoto

    8 months ago

    One of the best car in the class.

  50. Rotwolf


    8 months ago

    hmm i see hond accord lines as well. that is nice i liked it :D

  51. Garald Weiss

    Garald Weiss

    8 months ago

    For that money I would buy Tesla Model S.

  52. Peace


    8 months ago

    Most Crossover SUV's are FUGLY, some have less space inside than this Acura...

  53. Norm T

    Norm T

    8 months ago

    According to J.D. Power research data, 65% of TLX buyers are men, matching the average for the Compact Premium Car segment. They are slightly older than average (58 years of age vs. 56), and they're making less money than average

  54. Павел Тучкин

    Павел Тучкин

    8 months ago


  55. first always

    first always

    8 months ago

    Отстой полный!

  56. Amy Yummy

    Amy Yummy

    9 months ago

    lol wtf? u drove on 2 cm of snow and a bit of sand and u say no problem any car can do that your review is bs

  57. Manage Pay

    Manage Pay

    9 months ago

    Still using a track pad? So 2000

  58. Вова Вовкинс

    Вова Вовкинс

    9 months ago

    17:12 looks like Big Valley from Rdr2 .

  59. notmycupotea


    9 months ago

    how is 49k not expensive?

  60. Muhammad Yehya Qazi

    Muhammad Yehya Qazi

    9 months ago

    Can you do tesla model 3 long range pls

  61. Fitz Patrick

    Fitz Patrick

    9 months ago

    Just bought one- I LOVE IT!

  62. Scott


    9 months ago

    For that kind of money, go buy a Kia Stinger. You will get an extra 100hp, and you still get all the tech, AWD, amazing handling, and it's even a hatchback.

  63. boby dee

    boby dee

    9 months ago

    29 MPG🤔 my 1999 V6 Maxima do 30 MPG on the highway

  64. Nick Knee

    Nick Knee

    9 months ago

    I'll stick with my Subaru's Symmetrical AWD, there's to many computer brains detecting things and I still can't figure out how they have a fwd configured engine be awd, it's crazy witchcraft to me.

  65. Nick Babeaux

    Nick Babeaux

    9 months ago

    Excellent video, thank you. I agree with you that Honda/Acura spent millions and millions of dollars developing a new platform that they are going to use for the next decade on this TLX yet they didn’t even put a panoramic sunroof, nor a larger sunroof then they have had in Acuras since the 80s. This is a really odd and disappointing decision, most if not all of the other big players and top sellers in this category have larger, or panoramic sunroofs, the new generation G20 3 series, the Mercedes-Benz C class, the genesis G70, the Volvo S 60. Honda and Acura have been putting panoramic sunroofs in several of their models for years in the United States, and even on civics/jazz is in the UK for much longer. Take for instance the 2017 Honda CRV, they didn’t bring the panoramic sunroof in this generation CRV to the United States till 2020, you could have it in 2017 in Canada however....? However I don’t agree with the reviewer here in that Honda/Acura is currently making reliable models, Hondas and Acuras just aren’t as reliable as they used to be, check out all the reliability ratings on their 2016 and up models, very few have more than above average predicted reliability, and they have significant amount of recalls and common serious issues sadly...

  66. Onkyo Live

    Onkyo Live

    9 months ago

    The style looks great. But 4 bangers with turbo.. for $50k U.S. no thanks.. all the great vehicles nowadays all made with turbo. Garbage...

  67. RuDrive


    9 months ago


  68. Jobssss


    9 months ago

    Great content that’s right on point.

  69. Jack Wong

    Jack Wong

    9 months ago

    2021 and still no standard v6...

  70. Striker 50

    Striker 50

    9 months ago

    Acura dropped the bag on rear seat room, trunk space, and low mpgs. The Accord is faster than this and didn't even use premium fuel. Wouldn't buy one of these unless they're around $24k in 3 years

  71. Zach G

    Zach G

    9 months ago

    Best normal Acura in quite some time

  72. ALEHator


    9 months ago


  73. Midi Man

    Midi Man

    9 months ago

    I used to own a 90 Ledged L and now a 2019 RDX - SH-AWD ASpec. The RDX is a good car, the build quality is not even close to the old 90 Ledged. No I am not a Acura hater just stating facts. The City Gas mileage and I mean a real city is crap in the RDX. My old legend got way better . Acura will not detune it to improve it either . Now for those who think I am nuts the RDX has 4 driving modes one for comfort could be ecno mode. If you want to drive like a lunatic all you need to do is push the d/s button or leave it in sport. Maybe I want to much for 40 k plus car, but I expect more from Acura. Ryan better get and Acura fast before they let GM build them along with the EV cars. I read yesterday they are going to let Cadillac build there EV cars. GM quality is the worst in the American industry. Acura again makes a stupid move they should have let Toyota build there EV cars.

  74. William


    9 months ago

    Amazing review man. Besides the “review” the shots in the video are 10/10. Keep on creating man!

  75. Edmund Chen

    Edmund Chen

    9 months ago

    Calling a modern sedan loud. Hehehe how spoiled we are. Here i am with a brick of a car that is so loud on the highway u gotta speak up to hear the other guy

  76. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    9 months ago

    I would definitely go with this over a BMW or Audi. I like the styling, and it's likely to be better built and more reliable than a German car. As a disappointed Subaru Legacy owner (I have a 2007, and I dislike the post 4th gen Legacy designs), seems something else always comes along. The Ford Fusion Sport was nice. Hate that Ford killed the Mondeo/Fusion, but this is a nice AWD sedan!

  77. Ilgar Hajiyev

    Ilgar Hajiyev

    9 months ago

    It looks like a perfect competitor to Mazda6 turbo. The looks are subjective - but the rest is very comparable. I would still choose the Mazda, though.

  78. Kimmie Karch

    Kimmie Karch

    9 months ago

    So curious... I have heard mixed reviews on if this is a compact/ small sedan or if it is a midsize sedan. What is your take on if it is a small or midsize sedan? And nice to see this on the roads of Washington State!!!

    • Driving Sports TV

      Driving Sports TV

      9 months ago

      It's a small, mid-size sedan. :)

  79. Geo H

    Geo H

    9 months ago

    Which turbo vehicle you know will last for ages without burning the wallet?

    • Barbecue Tech Tips

      Barbecue Tech Tips

      8 months ago

      Acura/ Honda and Lexus/Toyota.

  80. Geo H

    Geo H

    9 months ago

    With turbo, these carmakers don’t want owners to own vehicles for a long time but to trade/sell and purchase again.

    • Barbecue Tech Tips

      Barbecue Tech Tips

      8 months ago

      There are plenty of Acura turbo suvs that are 15 year old still going strong through.

  81. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    9 months ago

    Wow, much less room than the Accord. My parents just leased a 2021 Accord and the back seat legroom is incredible!

  82. Rob B

    Rob B

    9 months ago

    I hope Acura brings back the RLX with the new design language applied! Take the 2022 MDX interior and put into a sedan!

  83. Famicom Nintendo

    Famicom Nintendo

    9 months ago

    I really would like to see it compared with the 2020 RLX.

  84. Soldado Cañero

    Soldado Cañero

    9 months ago

    Que buena nave. Quien más??

  85. Wing Zhan

    Wing Zhan

    9 months ago

    Accord Touring 2.0T with SH-AWD

  86. Tigran Petrossian

    Tigran Petrossian

    9 months ago

    Way to add interest with that C grade reported pronunciation.

  87. Caius Priscu

    Caius Priscu

    9 months ago

    This looks really good. What other sports sedans AWD would be better but still keeping the price in the mid40k ?

    • Driving Sports TV

      Driving Sports TV

      9 months ago

      @Caius Priscu it would be. Oh! G70. Should have remembered. Almost bought my wife one a few months ago. It’s one of the best in the class.

    • Caius Priscu

      Caius Priscu

      9 months ago

      @Driving Sports TV thank you so much. One more question. Would Kia Stinger GT AWD not be a contender? It has some impressive power and nice design.

    • Driving Sports TV

      Driving Sports TV

      9 months ago

      You can get a base C-class with AWD for mid 40s. I haven’t seen the bottom trim in person, but they drive nice. You could get an AWD IS AWD. Of the 3, if I didn’t need to put teens in the back seats, I’d probably go with the Acura.

  88. Christian And Kaya

    Christian And Kaya

    9 months ago

    Absolutely love the fact you take the small cars to snowy conditions! There’s a few of us who are still interested in this aspect and I think you’re the only one I’ve found that does itb

    • 김동준


      2 months ago

      says scars face

  89. Eric Stefko

    Eric Stefko

    9 months ago

    all digital displays are not attractive, love the look of analog gauges

  90. supersaiyan310


    9 months ago

    ....Thank you, soo much 4 the revw! NICE-flowing revw!! njoyd itt! Thanks!

  91. Master King Lee

    Master King Lee

    9 months ago

    What a sexy machine!

  92. Daniel Melendez

    Daniel Melendez

    9 months ago

    spolier alert, unless that car drives so amazing that people with families are willing to overlook the uncomfortable back seat and tight quarters all around Acura is screwed. I hate to say this but Acura may be reliable but they are lacking motivation, design innovation and the finesse of European cars. The honda line of cars will do much better, Acura is slowly dying out. they need to wake up and create cars that consumers want to drive. The confused TLX does not do well as a family sports sedan. SHAWD can only do so much when everything else in the car has been overlooked from design to ergonomics.

  93. Teemo


    9 months ago

    How it compare to the German AWD?

  94. Frederick Smith

    Frederick Smith

    9 months ago

    Funny how you speak of the down grounded tires but takes it to the snow for a test... oh..ok... but no AWD system is any good without great tires. But anyway liked the review.

    • Frederick Smith

      Frederick Smith

      7 months ago

      @Jason Arias I said what I said if you didn’t comprehend that’s you.🤷🏽

    • Jason Arias

      Jason Arias

      7 months ago

      What are you talking about dude

  95. R Roe

    R Roe

    9 months ago

    Hey Ryan, I was up at the Pass while you were filming. I see my Outback in one of your scenes (16:55). I was making coffee at the lake, enjoying the scenery. You apologized for making any noise. It was fun to see a car like that Acura up there kicking around in the dirt, not the normal rigs that go up there. I bought my 2020 Outback based on some of your reviews. Thank you.

    • Driving Sports TV

      Driving Sports TV

      9 months ago

      That's awesome, thanks for posting a comment! It's so unfortunate they close off that area when the snow hits. Next time we cross paths, say hi! - RD

  96. Sheldon M3

    Sheldon M3

    9 months ago

    Needs better tires. This would be amazing with the correct tires.

  97. TheGomezIndustries


    9 months ago

    Does it still use a silly timing belt instead of a chain?

  98. Mike Criswell

    Mike Criswell

    9 months ago

    It's taken like 5 years, but Honda/Acura has finally updated and jumped on board with the Lexus styling everybody else is using. I have always liked the TL. That S looked great and am really excited to see everyone bringing out awd options. Great job as usual. Keep rocking in 2021!

  99. James Coleman

    James Coleman

    9 months ago

    there is lots of hype on this car and the type R, feels like honda is a pretty solid brand to go with because so many reviewers like them. but i think im going to wait till the type R come out to see which one i would buy.

  100. A_n_d_y_H


    9 months ago

    Wow, this thing is really noisy on the road.