2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Vs. 2021 Toyota Camry XSE - Is The Luxury Badge Worth It?

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Luxury cars have always been well known for offering a certain level of opulence over a less expensive mainstream brand. As Honda's luxury division, has always offered a car based off the Honda Accord platform, however for 2021, the gets its own unique platform and an interior that is worthy of the luxury badge on the nose. The Honda Accord's arch rival is the , but what happens when we put the up against the latest ? About $10,000 separates these two comparably sized sedans.

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  1. Redline Reviews

    Redline Reviews

    Year ago

    Do you guys think the luxury badge is worth the extra $10k in this case? Let us know below!

    • Abubakar Abdullahi

      Abubakar Abdullahi

      2 months ago

      Yes it is worth it no doubt

    • SquidProQuo


      2 months ago

      They both worth over the European and Kourean junk cars.

    • Broly V

      Broly V

      6 months ago

      Factoring the weight, crashing two cars head to head, TLX driver would probably fair better. Then the price of insurance and high interest rate for the toyota, it would close the gap more than half over 5 yrs. so ya,,, acura it is.

    • Mctrician2


      6 months ago

      @Apple Aya yeah 100%. And it still has good power. Its not like its a lawn mower. Good on you for being satisfied with your civic. I wish more people had that outlook. Too many spoiled people out there that "want" trucks and 40k plus cars even when they cant afford it. I think all people want is satisfaction from a vehicle. There is a certain level of satisfaction from driving something that doesnt bust your wallet every month, is reliable, well built and looks good. There comes a point when its how much power does a person need when the streets have speed limits.

    • Apple Aya

      Apple Aya

      6 months ago

      @Mctrician2 plus it keeps me out of trouble speed wise and is also very good on gas.

  2. Salavat Good luck

    Salavat Good luck

    2 days ago

    Acura TLX much better than camry.

  3. smokesgtp


    9 days ago

    Honda wouldn't let you use the Accord LOL

  4. C K

    C K

    9 days ago

    Does anyone else find the slab of flat plastic containing the Acura front emblem slapped onto the grill very odd and ugly?

  5. RovingTanker


    15 days ago

    A 200hp hybrid vs the TLX…. You really should have compared to the 301hp V6

  6. Abubakar Abdullahi

    Abubakar Abdullahi

    Month ago

    I will definitely pay the 10k more for that front looks alone

  7. Jimmy Peña

    Jimmy Peña

    Month ago

    Da fuck would you campare a Acura with a Toyota

  8. Kelly Almanzar

    Kelly Almanzar

    Month ago

    What a dumb comparison 🙄

  9. Robert Newhart

    Robert Newhart

    Month ago

    Broah. Less cocaine. "Obviously we'll start with the Camry"? "It DEFINITELY sounds a LITTLE more tinny"? Get a dictionary. There is no such word as "fant-cier". "More properly". Your English is embarrassing. You have a poor understanding of how to use words. Nope.

  10. Evan Wu

    Evan Wu

    Month ago

    the camry should be compared to the is. it's nicer the than the is

  11. carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandez

    Month ago

    Comparing a Camry with a Acura, is weed legal where you live, are you smoking weed?! Lol

  12. SquidProQuo


    2 months ago

    They both worth over the European and Kourean junk cars.

  13. futbolista latinoamericano

    futbolista latinoamericano

    2 months ago

    My friend tomato is the best brand in the world better then Honda. Acura is just another Honda product.

  14. Teresita Castró

    Teresita Castró

    2 months ago

    Mi luna 😃 okey okey okey fantasma okey okey okey okey okey okey okey okey

  15. Teresita Castró

    Teresita Castró

    2 months ago

    El niño delas sandalias fantasma okey fantasma okey okey okey Omar okey Iván okey okey Julieta okey genio okey okey okey okey okey okey fantasma okey okey okey okey okey okey

  16. Brian Sukhu

    Brian Sukhu

    2 months ago

    He should be comparing the current Accord with the TLX. As a Honda person, that would be my dilema, Accord or TLX.

  17. OccCeeno1


    3 months ago

    The 2020 Acura TLX was so spacious in the cabin. I hate that they took away all that space when they didn’t need to. I used to be able to bring all kind of things in my backseat including some furniture.

  18. Dennis Davidson

    Dennis Davidson

    3 months ago

    Yes you can get red interior on a Camry Hybrid for 2021.

  19. Roland Skoglie

    Roland Skoglie

    3 months ago

    It does infact come with the red interior, and a panoramic roof which I have on mine. Know your cars before you talk about them.

  20. Dean Mertens

    Dean Mertens

    4 months ago

    I drove a TLX hated it, it’s nothing like the old Acura‘s. I’d save the 10 grand get the XSE with the heated and cooled seats and all the bells and whistle‘s panoramic roof eight speed and V6 any day over that TLX. Honda isn’t what it was in the 90s comparing Toyotas quality to an Acura is funny. Going on about the Camry being busy? The interior in the Acura has got to be the busiest interior I’ve ever seen.

  21. Chris T

    Chris T

    4 months ago

    Seems very biased

  22. redpooh5


    4 months ago

    Camry 😍!!!

  23. RKGSD


    4 months ago

    I would agree. Camry Prime for sure. Why not add a Venza Prime too?

  24. InTdev


    5 months ago

    The engine noise of Camry is horrible

  25. TheKasai23


    5 months ago

    Y’all in these comments really gassing this Acura. Compare that jawn to the new is please. Let’s do luxury on luxury, honestly.

  26. Jorge Villacis

    Jorge Villacis

    5 months ago

    The Camry is a piece of shit with old tech non turbo engine. Toyota really sucks

  27. MobSquad01


    5 months ago

    Which is more reliable?

  28. Pooja Bathija

    Pooja Bathija

    5 months ago

    I lov3 the Toyota Camry hybrid xse with the rims

  29. William Mix

    William Mix

    5 months ago

    Camry is more fast 0 to 60 , 5.7 vs 6.2

  30. Ay yo

    Ay yo

    6 months ago

    Definitely rather go with the Camry

  31. Giuseppe DiMarco

    Giuseppe DiMarco

    6 months ago


  32. i Crylicc

    i Crylicc

    6 months ago

    Camry GANG

  33. WhatsApp


    6 months ago

    I’m not fan of Toyota but Camry is🔥 Acura🔥 too😎✌️

  34. Anthony Strunk

    Anthony Strunk

    6 months ago

    I’d take the Acura TLX it’s gorgeous, Acura did a great job!

  35. Frejborg


    6 months ago

    I normally don't pick on this sort of thing much but I really dislike the steering wheel on the Camry. So the answer to me is yes, the TLX is definitely worth the extra 10k. It's better in almost every way, certainly the ways that matter to me, or someone who would consider buying an Acura sedan.

  36. King kong

    King kong

    6 months ago

    The cuddly pelican partly dance because wrecker inadvertently need astride a resolute lip. joyous, onerous sunday

  37. Calwin


    6 months ago

    Great video. Wish it was a comparison with the Accord 2.0 though

  38. Green goo

    Green goo

    6 months ago

    My Camry hybrid has red leather

  39. Obaid Ur Rehman

    Obaid Ur Rehman

    6 months ago

    really like your style of car reviewing. very professional keep it up.

  40. Allison Sammarco

    Allison Sammarco

    6 months ago

    The base model of the TLX is the same price of the Camry but is so much better !

  41. Daniel Melendez

    Daniel Melendez

    6 months ago

    We definitely not comparing to 🍎 to 🍎 , the Toyota can be had in a 4 or 6 cylinder config. So does the TLX, plus the Acura can be had with SH-AWD, once we bring the fact that acura has a sweet transmission versus CVT, fughetta-about-it. So we shouldn’t even be having this conversation. If this was an issue about $$ and cents, Toyota wins all day. Why do they even bother making videos like this one.

  42. bc


    6 months ago

    Why didn't you compare the Base TLX to this Camry since they both come in at the same price? That comparison would've been much more fair! Why compare the a-spec?

  43. Reynaldo Garcia

    Reynaldo Garcia

    6 months ago

    Why is this even a question. TLX all fucking day

  44. Andres Chinea

    Andres Chinea

    6 months ago

    Can you compare the TLX 2.0 T with the Accord 2.0T? Specially after you drive the 3.0T

  45. Bikeman


    6 months ago

    the acura far nicer than a toyota

  46. Alvonte Rogers

    Alvonte Rogers

    6 months ago

    Unfair comparison by using a hideous camry. Should of thrown a k5 vs tlx

  47. Jay D

    Jay D

    6 months ago

    Just depends on what’s the better option to and for you! I was dead set on a TLX, before this redesign. But I chose the Camry it was a little bigger, Toyota’s are ultimately a bit more reliable, and while I don’t know about this redesigned TLX, but Acura was still using timing belts in their J-Series V6’s. Toyota moved to Timing Chains years ago. That’s important to me. Besides... my fully loaded XSE V6 w/red leather is no slouch!

  48. Jose Quiroz

    Jose Quiroz

    6 months ago

    How can you compare a hybrid to a aspec you should have done xse v6 or the trd one way different of a car

  49. ITSATRAP !


    6 months ago

    Compare it with a ES350, Avalon, Q50.

  50. John Watson

    John Watson

    6 months ago

    I believe the highest trim Avalon has memory seats, yes, all 3 Limited trims have memory seats.

  51. mccraejoey82


    6 months ago

    The acura is beautiful can't wait to the price comes down in a few years

  52. Francisco Gutierrez 28

    Francisco Gutierrez 28

    7 months ago

    You can tell this guy likes the acura right away

  53. Neel G

    Neel G

    7 months ago

    Could’ve done Lexus and Toyota

  54. CanadaCraig


    7 months ago

    I would probably take the Camry if it had the TLX's stereo!

  55. CanadaCraig


    7 months ago

    It should be noted that the Acura comes with a 4 year 50,000 mile 'Bumper-to-Bumper' warranty and a 6 year 70,000 mile 'Powertrain' warranty whereas the Toyota come with a 3 year 36,000 mile 'Bumper-to-Bumper' warranty and a 5 year 60,000 mile 'Powertrain' warranty. And it would cost you at least a $1,000 to have the Toyota's warranty match the Acura's. Probably more.

  56. Tim Timmy

    Tim Timmy

    7 months ago

    Anyone know how much the ELS sound system changed year over year? Starting in 2018. Is the 2018 ELS good?

  57. Alex Zanaldi

    Alex Zanaldi

    7 months ago

    please man talk a little bit slower

  58. Timothy Coyne

    Timothy Coyne

    7 months ago

    The Camry is a terrific car, but it would be one of my very last choices in a sedan, mostly because there are so many of them on the road. I don’t really feel the need to stand out, but I also don’t want to drive a car no one will ever look twice at on the road or in a parking lot.

    • T.


      7 months ago

      This so much. I love Toyota as a brand but damn.....they are all over the road... Millennials are in the new Camry's young and old....4Runners......Siennas.....Corrollas ....... everybody and their mama. I was going to go for an Avalon...one of the newer models but now I'm starting to see them pop up as well.... it's like we're all watching the same stuff on youtube.... I've never been down with the hive mind mentality. The Acura wins here for me.

  59. kmfiz


    7 months ago

    Thanks for the vid. I’d like to see a new TLX VS Maxima.

  60. Suman Chakraborty

    Suman Chakraborty

    7 months ago

    hope u r biased towards an Acura which IMHO is not refined

  61. Nitika Sharma

    Nitika Sharma

    7 months ago

    If you buy certified preowned in both, then camry is more expensive than tlx............you can get great deals on tlx but never great deals on certified pre owned camry............what could be the reason?

  62. Jack Wong

    Jack Wong

    7 months ago

    Camry black wheel is a No,No.

  63. Lee Thomas

    Lee Thomas

    7 months ago

    Hybrids can go to hell for the abomination they are

  64. ALLnamesTAKENffs


    7 months ago

    You forgot to mention @8.00 mins when you walked over to the pleb car, that the walk was slow and cumbersome.. lots of small stones on the gravel and you could really feel the pain through your shoes. Plus the fresh air smell around the pleb car was ruining the luxury cars vibe. Also, even though the panoramic sunroof sounds good on paper, it's a pleb car so unless you paid for it in a luxury car, all it does in a pleb car is ruin the luxury cars stats. Luxury cars ftw

  65. Lucky


    7 months ago

    Is the Acura driving part in Woodbridge VA? Looks like my neighborhood. 😅

  66. Jefrey Paulino

    Jefrey Paulino

    7 months ago

    10k more for minor details isn’t worth it , I’d rather the camry

  67. Still I Rise

    Still I Rise

    8 months ago

    Are they both Japan?

    • T.


      7 months ago

      Yes. Both are Japanese brands

  68. Darkside


    8 months ago

    I don't know about 2021 TLX, but My 2017 TLX transmission is really bad. Forget about the Camry but friend Maxima pull way stronger and so much smoother. Don't get me wrong it's a nice car and sad to let it go 🙁 Will get IS 350 or Infinity Q50 next 🙂

  69. TaySo _Real Bang Gamer

    TaySo _Real Bang Gamer

    8 months ago

    Thus guy said " THE TLX SOUNDS BETTER THAN OTHER LUXURY MERCEDES OR BMW " 🤣🤣 I HAD TO LAUGH BECAUSE MANE YOU NEED TO CHECK YO EARS NO SOUND SYSTEM IS BEATING MERCEDES OR BWM. you need to compare this to a Lexus not Camry your beefing this tlx up to much. And the Camry is the bigger car they my be the same size in looks,but the camry leg room is bigger and more space. Tlx leg room not enough for a 6.3 person like me in the back seats .

  70. Anthony oquendo

    Anthony oquendo

    8 months ago

    Get a lexus .

  71. German Beer

    German Beer

    8 months ago

    Good review. No, I would not shell out the extra cash.

  72. M H

    M H

    8 months ago

    Anything other than a Camry. Why? Because historically, the image of being a Camry drivers are just not... good.

  73. Andy Brian

    Andy Brian

    8 months ago

    At least here in Canada, a pretty big difference in final price when factoring in finance charges / interest. As much as I like the TSX and Honda / Acura over mpst products from Toyota, for over $10,000 the Camry 3.5 V6 is still the winner here despite the lack of driving fun factor, light nimbleness and interior / tech quality.

    • Alvin Simba

      Alvin Simba

      8 months ago

      As a canadian l 100% agree and I was sold on honda before but with finance charges/ interest, toyota got my business as a result and also with toyota no turbo involved which means cheaper to maintain in the long run as well even after the finance term is well and truly over along with warranty ending too.

  74. Nick S

    Nick S

    8 months ago

    Sofyan! Camry or Accord Hybrid!?!!??!?!?!

  75. Christopher B

    Christopher B

    8 months ago

    Absolutely worth it for the Acura. Toyota's Camry and Avalon need major redesigns, especially, God help us, the front of both cars. Yikes!

  76. G H

    G H

    8 months ago

    But is Acura really a luxury brand? Wish he used a MB or Audi instead of the acura.

  77. jose vazquez

    jose vazquez

    8 months ago

    Acura over Toyota all day Toyota sucks

  78. Trevor C

    Trevor C

    8 months ago

    Camry. Three words: takes regular gas

  79. Takumiinthe86


    8 months ago

    This man said upgrade the v6 to the hybrid man stfu don't ever disrespect v6s like that again

  80. Ryan Garr

    Ryan Garr

    8 months ago

    The dash-to-axle ratio on the TLX alone makes it look a LOT better than most FF-based sedans. A longer front end conveys sportiness and luxury.

  81. Geoff L.

    Geoff L.

    8 months ago

    Once that type-s drops I may become a tlx owner

  82. BlAir Akana

    BlAir Akana

    8 months ago

    You can’t be comparing a hybrid Camry to a 2021 TLX. The TLX aspec is better all the way around.

  83. Gavin Colgan

    Gavin Colgan

    8 months ago

    It’s crazy that it’s 2021 and they’re finally saying it’s not just a dressed up accord this model year!

  84. Diesel Douche

    Diesel Douche

    9 months ago

    That TLX looks good in every way. Just a shame they put a 4 cylinder in it. I'm pretty sure all TL fans were hoping for a twin turbo V6.

  85. Enzomims


    9 months ago

    Dumb. Two different cars. Maybe compare a Honda and an Acura or a Toyota and a Lexus.

  86. Thetimingwizard


    9 months ago

    There won't be any need of luxury cars in future. When mainstream cars can provide everything. 🤷‍♂️ because u go for trade mainstream cars have more value than luxury cars..

  87. Saeng Phomveha

    Saeng Phomveha

    9 months ago

    They both are good car but i take TLX over Camry..

  88. MrAtomicant


    9 months ago

    These are all very under poweelred cars and so cannot be called sports cars

  89. Mr H

    Mr H

    9 months ago

    Acura looks soooooooo much better

  90. area859


    9 months ago

    Acura for the win!!!

  91. tunedskillsz


    9 months ago

    When did the tlx get so big? I thought the tl was supposed to be the accord and tsx was on a civic body.

    • tunedskillsz


      9 months ago

      Oh wow I subconsciously answered my own question.

  92. Donovan Tyler

    Donovan Tyler

    9 months ago

    The TLX rear end in person is amazing.

  93. 40 NINE9

    40 NINE9

    9 months ago

    Camry is beautiful.. and the Acura only type S.. because the regular one did not impress me, it felt under powered when I test drove it..

  94. DM


    9 months ago

    US gets the best cars. Wish we had these in the UK.

  95. Ant's Rugged Films

    Ant's Rugged Films

    9 months ago

    Don't tell me you put the Toyota Camry sideways cuz you think it's more attractive. just to let you know we just had our first snow storm a week ago. my TLX pass the Toyota Camry sliding around the road the driver was mad that he didn't purchase an Acura with SH haha. 🇵🇷🇩🇴👍🏾

  96. GeronimoBiggles


    9 months ago

    Everything needs at least a v6. Preferably v8.

  97. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia

    9 months ago

    Responsive CVT doesn’t exist

  98. DEE VEE


    9 months ago

    that camry xse looks too plasticky

  99. Sau Smiit

    Sau Smiit

    9 months ago

    I would go for the real Accord, but not for the money they r asking

  100. Sau Smiit

    Sau Smiit

    9 months ago

    This is a perfect comparison. To the rest of the 'in' shape world - that is a true Honda Accord! Inspire is whats is sold in the USA as an Accord.