2021 Acura TLX Review // Don’t Buy That Mercedes, Yet.

What happens when you add an Acura badge and Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive to a four-cylinder turbocharged luxury sedan? The answer: the all-new redesigned 2021 Acura TLX Premium Elite. At $52,305.00 CAD, ($48,300 USD) this executive sedan is fit for a king, or queen, or even you! Watch as Thomas and James take it around the Throttle House Test track and discuss its interior and exterior attributes. SUBSCRIBE!

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Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland

Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev


Music from Epidemicsound.com


  1. Peter Nyamu

    Peter Nyamu

    13 hours ago

    My favourite car reviewers

  2. Prime Artemis

    Prime Artemis

    Day ago

    This car feels cheap and pathetic compared to German cars.. German cars and American Truck, SUVs just feel heavier, safer, stronger. Asian cars are flimsy

  3. Sam Phan

    Sam Phan

    3 days ago

    idk man, acura doesnt really feel like a high end brand imo

  4. Sohail60659


    4 days ago

    When would you do a review on the TLX Type S?

  5. momo


    4 days ago

    Different chassis than accord.

  6. Mike Denzler

    Mike Denzler

    5 days ago

    I’d like to see this go up against the G70

  7. Big Dog

    Big Dog

    8 days ago

    Not much rear seat leg room? I'm the driver, dammit, so why do I care!!! Note that the front seats move all the way back when engine is turned off and the leg room increases when the seats move back into position at startup.

  8. Big Dog

    Big Dog

    8 days ago

    Now if they can only come up with a way to turn off "Auto Restart" permanently.

  9. A-Spec Reviews!

    A-Spec Reviews!

    9 days ago

    There is absolutely no piped-in engine sound on this TLX. Acura uses very heavy active noise canceling to reduce the engine sound in comfort and normal mode and almost completely disables that active noise canceling in sport mode.

  10. Thaddeus Shell

    Thaddeus Shell

    9 days ago

    Its Honda not Honder but other than that good review 🤙🏻

  11. kon


    10 days ago

    Where's the Type S already? Make that happen. Vs zee Germans.

  12. Todd Beckett

    Todd Beckett

    18 days ago

    Just got a 2021 aspec! Awesome car!!

  13. Stinky Sundae

    Stinky Sundae

    19 days ago

    Shitty interior. Looks dated AF.

  14. Steve Rupert

    Steve Rupert

    21 day ago

    This might be the nicest review ever by people who are seriously disappointed with the car. “There’s a nice car in here somewhere, I think.” “I mean, it looks good, but it’s a 4 cyl.” “You step on the gas, and nothing happens, then there’s turbo lag, and it tries.” “The infotainment system is, ugh, not intuitive.” This review is like all others. The car looks great and is a nice redesign, but people continue to be disappointed by the engine, just like new RDX buyers. Oh, and there is no option to purchase this car in a V6, unless you get a completely different model.😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  15. 1Madbuyer


    21 day ago

    I own a 2015 and a 2019 TLX, I will not buy a gutless L4 that is force induced. They are hot trash and belong to tuner boys....you lost a repeat customer here.

  16. islandon22


    23 days ago

    The odds of seeing a mainstream Acura at the track are immeasurably minescule. However, the odds of this car being in bumper to bumper in freeway traffic are 100%. All these track demonstations are meant for a Type S. Taking this car to the track is like timing an offensive lineman in the 100 us dash; something he will never do in a real game. Keep it real.

  17. Tien Trinh

    Tien Trinh

    23 days ago

    What does he mean that german car interiors are more ordered?

  18. Start Visit

    Start Visit

    23 days ago

    Acura brand still exist?? what a surprise

  19. ShadowTheNeo'son


    24 days ago

    Hold up a $52000cad car that's a 4 cylinder?? Strong pass

  20. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez

    28 days ago

    Austin power reference

  21. Gyorgy Zoltan

    Gyorgy Zoltan

    Month ago

    Absolutly no problem at all with a FWD car. Had a shitty F10 5 series with RWD , absolutly usless 🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩.

  22. korutube


    Month ago

    *looks at his 20 year old Acura EL* WHY WONT YOU DIE?! I WANT A NEW ACURA.

  23. doben tiapon

    doben tiapon

    Month ago

    Not much more money? It’s $15,000 more than an accord sport 2.0t ($37,500 to $52,000) $10,000 more than a touring $42,000 it’s very nice in every way but not 10-15k nice 🤷‍♂️

  24. Chris Levesque

    Chris Levesque

    Month ago

    Which car do you prefer between the TLX and the G70

  25. Cameron


    Month ago

    Howcome there’s no fog lights

  26. Shane W

    Shane W

    Month ago

    nice car- too expensive -great reviews

  27. Mikhail Rudnev

    Mikhail Rudnev

    Month ago

    When test of type S ?

  28. ked Duff

    ked Duff

    Month ago

    Longer, wider and stiffer…. Um..Yeah that’s what she said.

  29. Ccrawford


    Month ago

    10:15 I completely disagree with Thomas. I have a 2019 MDX and it has the push button gear shifter and I'm completely used to it now. I don't even have to look. Obviously if you drive the car every day you're going to get used to it.

  30. George R

    George R

    Month ago

    I picked up the Accord 2.0t touring, traded in my '19 Civic Si both cars r hella fun the Accord is just a little more grown up but Si has that LSD I hope Honda puts 1 in the new Accord that would b awesome except I have the generation with out it 🤷🏼

  31. George R

    George R

    Month ago

    You can turn the traction & stability control off thru a sequence of using the traction control button, parking brake & brake pedal.. it's a little bit of a pain but once you learn how to do it's very simple n' takes about 10-15 seconds... Just a little FYI 👍👍

  32. reg


    Month ago

    i think the v6 with sh-awd suits the tlx for weight and balance ..

  33. PFYT88


    Month ago

    How much more mpg does this get more than the type s?

  34. Shourya Sengupta

    Shourya Sengupta

    Month ago

    Are we going to ignore that this car has an all wheel drive system called SHAW-D?

  35. Eric Banner

    Eric Banner

    Month ago

    It reminds me of the Acura Vigor. An oversized overwrought Accord.

  36. FlashWave2020


    Month ago

    Imagine paying 52 grand of hard earn money for such a boring car. They keep redesigning this car every few years and still can’t get it right.

  37. N .A

    N .A

    2 months ago

    Acura 👍you nailed it once again nice job. "Honda Japan" and "Honda Australia" We need this design for 2021 otherwise start closing your dealership and start packing your bags. The honda accord exterior design isn't good enough and isnt selling. Bring back the accord euro!!

  38. Demetrius moore

    Demetrius moore

    2 months ago

    Why TF isn’t this on Apple Music?! 👿

  39. Arcidz


    2 months ago

    Can we get a tlx vs k5?

  40. djaric


    2 months ago

    toight. Like a tiger.

  41. Marquis Strongchild

    Marquis Strongchild

    2 months ago

    Why cant they just keep the shifter😭😭😭

  42. Reiner D'souza

    Reiner D'souza

    2 months ago

    Every times James says “ and I’m James” it sounds like he’s reminding himself of who he is

  43. Dhirajj Dewan

    Dhirajj Dewan

    2 months ago

    I have a Honda Odyssey with the same shifter, I love it! It did take me a while to get used to, but I love it now. The new Acura interior is amazing! I am actually waiting for the Type S MDX, getting one soon.

  44. Dan Adams

    Dan Adams

    2 months ago

    When will you be reviewing the Type S?

  45. Arcidz


    2 months ago

    Give us a tlx vs k5 pleassseee

  46. King kong

    King kong

    2 months ago

    The automatic supply coincidingly fence because steam serologically push times a old-fashioned airship. bumpy, young fired

  47. Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson

    2 months ago

    Too fucking bias, I wonder if they got paid by Honda. Sadly ACURA is becoming to be a washroom wall.

  48. Art by Atlas

    Art by Atlas

    2 months ago

    I could see how the UI could be kinda tough, but I definitely like the Sci-Fi look of the interior lol

  49. Men Guarding Their Own Wallets

    Men Guarding Their Own Wallets

    2 months ago

    Heads Up: the 2022 TLX Type-R comes with a 360 hp Turbo-V6 ! Oh yeah baby !!!!

  50. Go Explore Asia

    Go Explore Asia

    2 months ago

    Exterior design already looks dated.

  51. Muhamad Naimuddin bin Nasruddin

    Muhamad Naimuddin bin Nasruddin

    2 months ago


  52. Neightrix Prime

    Neightrix Prime

    2 months ago

    I personally feel the touchpad is very intuitive. We've all used keyboards, mousepads, and touchscreens. It's not really bringing anything new.

  53. Hgood1


    2 months ago

    Like it a lot, but the weird clear plastic rectangle behind the acura logo on the grill is kinda funky.

  54. good life

    good life

    3 months ago

    I fucking need a RWD accord or TLX!

  55. Blake Neyland

    Blake Neyland

    3 months ago

    They really needed to include a full digital gage cluster.

  56. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    3 months ago

    Why did Acura decided to utilize Mazda design cues?

  57. G W

    G W

    3 months ago

    Thomas & James, i got a 2007 Acura TL Type S Manual. Feel free to contact me when the new TLX Type S comes out. Should be an interesting video, old vs new.😎

  58. rabson senat

    rabson senat

    3 months ago

    I would like to see it against the Genesis g70

  59. Shayan Amin

    Shayan Amin

    3 months ago

    R.I.P N.A 3.5 jseries v6

  60. vballmusicGod


    3 months ago

    TOIGHT LIKE A TOIGER, i thought i was the only one who said that regularly hahahahha

  61. Steve Wise

    Steve Wise

    3 months ago

    Acura went from a luxury brand to mainstream and compared to a Sonata and Accord. That’s the wrong direction.

  62. Daniel Ramnauth

    Daniel Ramnauth

    3 months ago

    hmm...it does look like a catfish...

  63. Aoru


    3 months ago

    So basically its kinda boring to drive this like subaru legacy. That leg room in the back though kinda appalling for a car that is 195 inches long, a legacy is only about 189 or so and it has way more leg room.

  64. Shawn Miller

    Shawn Miller

    3 months ago

    All the cars in this category bore me right now. I really want to upgrade from my Q50, but nothing makes me say "I have to have that car".

  65. TRAVIS411


    3 months ago

    Sounds just like my old TLX...overpriced HONDA, but better looking...still HONDA, with AWD. So 20K for AWD and a look? Really?

  66. Ryan Hsu

    Ryan Hsu

    3 months ago

    Jesus it looks ugly. Acura, Honda, Toyota is never a brand I look at.

  67. Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz

    3 months ago

    I like the Acura but I'm happy with my 2020 Avalon XLE.

  68. R Usack

    R Usack

    3 months ago

    Great video...great car!

  69. Saurabh


    3 months ago

    Accord will beat the shift out of Acura TLX in a drag race I can bet that.

  70. Sanjay Sundaram

    Sanjay Sundaram

    3 months ago

    Lexus ES350 over this . Sorry

  71. Alvonte Rogers

    Alvonte Rogers

    3 months ago

    Nah still buying the mercedes lol

  72. DVO


    3 months ago

    I hate those huge grills though

  73. Tax0311 Tax0311

    Tax0311 Tax0311

    3 months ago

    With a crapppppy and 💩y noisy as hellll 2.0 turbo engine, wayyyyy to goooo crappppy acuraaa

  74. John H

    John H

    3 months ago

    beautiful honda!

  75. Stephan Garcia

    Stephan Garcia

    3 months ago

    Sorry, but when I can get passed up by a minivan, that says something. I'm not getting another TLX

  76. Garrett Lake

    Garrett Lake

    3 months ago

    50g’s and 272hp? Pshhhh

  77. C'estLaVie


    3 months ago

    all the best design were dead since 2000. Cars from 1991 ~ 1999 were better.

  78. Honda Boy

    Honda Boy

    3 months ago

    I love this car but the grille emblem is just not working for me

    • Honda Boy

      Honda Boy

      3 months ago

      @kingfarticusreturns i don't like how they put a little clear plastic on the emblem

    • kingfarticusreturns


      3 months ago

      I think they finally got that part right. The beak was ridiculous, but so was the oversized Acura emblem that came after the beak. Now it's smaller.

  79. Symetrie


    3 months ago

    BUYERS BEWARE: if you really want to buy a TLX (which I cannot advise against enough) at least DO NOT buy the one with the ZF 9 speed automatic. Not only this car has been at least 10 times worse than the worst car I have ever had, with the atrociously horrible ZF 9 speed automatic every single time I was driving this thing I wanted to utterly crash it and completely destroy it. The only two things I did not profoundly hate from that stupid car was the V6 and the SH-AWD (which to give credit where it's due would have been both marvelous in a real car). Beside that, it's an absolute cancer and its value dropped like Gillette after their toxic masculinity campaign. Kept it 36 months, put around 50'000 km on it, paid over 64K$ CAD and the best offer I received (in extremely good condition) was 18K$ CAD when I tried to sell it. Just do yourself a favor and don't buy this thing Acura calls a car.

    • Symetrie


      3 months ago

      @kingfarticusreturns Absolutely right. Sadly Acura have been sliding down the garbage drain so fast since 2012. The last great Acura that I bought was a 2012 TSX A-Spec. I never thought it would become such unreliable garbage. Sometimes it's very expensive to learn in life, and that was definitely my most painful one. Never in my life will I ever buy/lease an Acura again.

    • kingfarticusreturns


      3 months ago

      Interesting to read this. I think your mistake was buying an Acura lol. Acuras are meant to be leased cheaply and then discarded.

  80. TheExpert


    4 months ago

    I like buttons for gear selection. I wasnt until i got shoulder injury temporarily. Now i realize how good that is. I like to see more space in the back.

  81. Mars Allen

    Mars Allen

    4 months ago

    Imagine buying an Acura instead of a BMW 5 lewl

  82. Daniel Melendez

    Daniel Melendez

    4 months ago

    Acura should take a closer look at the cars like the E39, real 4 door sedan with an attitude. You need a body that will age with grace and all those curves and sharp edges on the TLX are the opposite. Hopefully when the TLX type -s comes out the car will have more attitude although most likely it will be the same interior. I get it, this is a sedan on a budget if you will when compared to a MB or a BMW. However, it should be more reliable than the German rivals. These days they pack cars with so many electronics that they forget about the driving experience.

  83. Daniel Melendez

    Daniel Melendez

    4 months ago

    The Acura LOGO on the GRILL is UGLY! now, my biggest hot button is the lack of a shifter in a car that is supposed to be a 4 door sports sedan. While it is an Acura, they just dont get it that the front fascia of the car is everything. The grill is the whole attitude of the car, S-HAWD system is excellent. I know because I own a Acura MDX 2011 and that is a fantastic SUV in dry, wet and snow environments. I hate the beak in my MDX but Acura keeps making the same mistake.

  84. Andy Brian

    Andy Brian

    4 months ago

    Considering Mercedes quality control issues, reliability and almost legendary electrical faults, yeah, I would stick to the Acura any day of the week. If it were my money of course.

  85. Sosa Kinkos

    Sosa Kinkos

    4 months ago

    Liked for the Giulia shoutout. Love mine with all my heart

  86. Wolny Obywatel

    Wolny Obywatel

    4 months ago

    Accura for life!! 🔥

  87. Andiez Nutz

    Andiez Nutz

    4 months ago

    Dream car

  88. daniansar


    4 months ago

    Is the dead Europe Accord 😢

  89. Sarea Fancy

    Sarea Fancy

    4 months ago

    Thanks. Great video, great ACURAr. I wanna says thanks to hqreps. Hundred items of luxuxry stuff in cheap price, only a hundred bucks for each item. And it takes 10 days shipment, they are great, just share to you all.



    4 months ago

    Laughs in kia stinger gt

  91. Matthew


    4 months ago

    Stop making cars/tech that lie to us!

  92. Francis Gallozzi

    Francis Gallozzi

    4 months ago

    What you meant say was, don't buy this yet. Wait for the upcoming Type S.

    • AFCompany


      3 months ago

      You’re not going to get the Type S it’s going to be impossible. It sold out online in 8 hours in Canada and I assume will do the same in the US. Unless you know someone I highly doubt anyone will be able to get their hands on a 2021 Type-S.

  93. Gaming Norwegian

    Gaming Norwegian

    4 months ago

    1:44, like a Prius you mean... They also have batteries in the trunk, just saying.

  94. hifi noob 2018

    hifi noob 2018

    4 months ago

    Great car! I wouldn't buy a new luxury car from any brand considering the massive depreciation. However a 3-4 yr old Acura or Lexus with around 60k on the odometer is a great value!

  95. Bacnow


    4 months ago

    Luxury Cars like this should always be powered by modern V6 power plants! It’s not about raw peak power. It’s about finesse!

  96. Marco Bruno

    Marco Bruno

    4 months ago

    Nice but G70 is better

  97. King west

    King west

    4 months ago

    i really hate pumped in fake engine nice... can it be turned off?

  98. Zbig T.

    Zbig T.

    4 months ago

    Tlx...longa,wida,stiffa....what else to ask for!

  99. Rana Nayak

    Rana Nayak

    4 months ago

    Acura transmission is the worst in market.

    • AFCompany


      3 months ago

      You clearly aren’t talking about the 10 speed because that’s a great transmission. Are you talking about the old models?

  100. Mihaly


    4 months ago

    The Honda shifter is actually nice. We own two hondas with it and got used to it in a week. It's incredibly intuitive.