2021 Acura TLX Review // Don’t Buy That Mercedes, Yet.

What happens when you add an Acura badge and Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive to a four-cylinder turbocharged luxury sedan? The answer: the all-new redesigned 2021 Acura TLX Premium Elite. At $52,305.00 CAD, ($48,300 USD) this executive sedan is fit for a king, or queen, or even you! Watch as Thomas and James take it around the Throttle House Test track and discuss its interior and exterior attributes. SUBSCRIBE!
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Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland
Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  1. Shawn Miller

    Shawn Miller

    Day ago

    All the cars in this category bore me right now. I really want to upgrade from my Q50, but nothing makes me say "I have to have that car".

  2. TRAVIS411


    Day ago

    Sounds just like my old TLX...overpriced HONDA, but better looking...still HONDA, with AWD. So 20K for AWD and a look? Really?

  3. Ryan Hsu

    Ryan Hsu

    3 days ago

    Jesus it looks ugly. Acura, Honda, Toyota is never a brand I look at.

  4. Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz

    3 days ago

    I like the Acura but I'm happy with my 2020 Avalon XLE.

  5. R Usack

    R Usack

    4 days ago

    Great video...great car!

  6. Saurabh


    5 days ago

    Accord will beat the shift out of Acura TLX in a drag race I can bet that.

  7. Stock King

    Stock King

    5 days ago

    Lexus ES350 over this . Sorry

  8. Alvonte Rogers

    Alvonte Rogers

    7 days ago

    Nah still buying the mercedes lol

  9. FFF FFF


    10 days ago

    I hate those huge grills though

  10. Tax0311 Tax0311

    Tax0311 Tax0311

    11 days ago

    With a crapppppy and 💩y noisy as hellll 2.0 turbo engine, wayyyyy to goooo crappppy acuraaa

  11. John H

    John H

    11 days ago

    beautiful honda!

  12. Stephan Garcia

    Stephan Garcia

    11 days ago

    Sorry, but when I can get passed up by a minivan, that says something. I'm not getting another TLX

  13. Garrett Lake

    Garrett Lake

    11 days ago

    50g’s and 272hp? Pshhhh

  14. C'estLaVie


    12 days ago

    all the best design were dead since 2000. Cars from 1991 ~ 1999 were better.

  15. Honda Boy

    Honda Boy

    16 days ago

    I love this car but the grille emblem is just not working for me

    • Honda Boy

      Honda Boy

      4 days ago

      @kingfarticusreturns i don't like how they put a little clear plastic on the emblem

    • kingfarticusreturns


      4 days ago

      I think they finally got that part right. The beak was ridiculous, but so was the oversized Acura emblem that came after the beak. Now it's smaller.

  16. Symetrie


    16 days ago

    BUYERS BEWARE: if you really want to buy a TLX (which I cannot advise against enough) at least DO NOT buy the one with the ZF 9 speed automatic. Not only this car has been at least 10 times worse than the worst car I have ever had, with the atrociously horrible ZF 9 speed automatic every single time I was driving this thing I wanted to utterly crash it and completely destroy it. The only two things I did not profoundly hate from that stupid car was the V6 and the SH-AWD (which to give credit where it's due would have been both marvelous in a real car). Beside that, it's an absolute cancer and its value dropped like Gillette after their toxic masculinity campaign. Kept it 36 months, put around 50'000 km on it, paid over 64K$ CAD and the best offer I received (in extremely good condition) was 18K$ CAD when I tried to sell it. Just do yourself a favor and don't buy this thing Acura calls a car.

    • Symetrie


      4 days ago

      @kingfarticusreturns Absolutely right. Sadly Acura have been sliding down the garbage drain so fast since 2012. The last great Acura that I bought was a 2012 TSX A-Spec. I never thought it would become such unreliable garbage. Sometimes it's very expensive to learn in life, and that was definitely my most painful one. Never in my life will I ever buy/lease an Acura again.

    • kingfarticusreturns


      4 days ago

      Interesting to read this. I think your mistake was buying an Acura lol. Acuras are meant to be leased cheaply and then discarded.

  17. TheExpert


    17 days ago

    I like buttons for gear selection. I wasnt until i got shoulder injury temporarily. Now i realize how good that is. I like to see more space in the back.

  18. Mars Allen

    Mars Allen

    22 days ago

    Imagine buying an Acura instead of a BMW 5 lewl

  19. Daniel Melendez

    Daniel Melendez

    23 days ago

    Acura should take a closer look at the cars like the E39, real 4 door sedan with an attitude. You need a body that will age with grace and all those curves and sharp edges on the TLX are the opposite. Hopefully when the TLX type -s comes out the car will have more attitude although most likely it will be the same interior. I get it, this is a sedan on a budget if you will when compared to a MB or a BMW. However, it should be more reliable than the German rivals. These days they pack cars with so many electronics that they forget about the driving experience.

  20. Daniel Melendez

    Daniel Melendez

    23 days ago

    The Acura LOGO on the GRILL is UGLY! now, my biggest hot button is the lack of a shifter in a car that is supposed to be a 4 door sports sedan. While it is an Acura, they just dont get it that the front fascia of the car is everything. The grill is the whole attitude of the car, S-HAWD system is excellent. I know because I own a Acura MDX 2011 and that is a fantastic SUV in dry, wet and snow environments. I hate the beak in my MDX but Acura keeps making the same mistake.

  21. Andy Brian

    Andy Brian

    23 days ago

    Considering Mercedes quality control issues, reliability and almost legendary electrical faults, yeah, I would stick to the Acura any day of the week. If it were my money of course.

  22. Sosa Kinkos

    Sosa Kinkos

    25 days ago

    Liked for the Giulia shoutout. Love mine with all my heart

  23. Wolny Obywatel

    Wolny Obywatel

    26 days ago

    Accura for life!! 🔥

  24. Thomas Bergey

    Thomas Bergey

    26 days ago

    Stop saying it’s a more expensive accord, it’s on a complete different platform. Yes they are related but completely different. When I walk up to any Acura, I don’t think Honda. I think the Acura is better looking than a C class, the Giulia and the BMW. Wait till that type s comes 🔥

    • DriveCFL


      23 days ago

      Those who never drove an Acura and with so many Honda's on the road, you get those that always say that. It's ok, I'll drive the so called fancy Accord with the slanted H to an A, and enjoy the ride.

  25. Andiez Nutz

    Andiez Nutz

    26 days ago

    Dream car

  26. daniansar


    26 days ago

    Is the dead Europe Accord 😢

  27. myluxurylife. net

    myluxurylife. net

    27 days ago

    Thanks. Great video, great ACURAr. I wanna says thanks to hqreps. Hundred items of luxuxry stuff in cheap price, only a hundred bucks for each item. And it takes 10 days shipment, they are great, just share to you all.



    28 days ago

    Laughs in kia stinger gt

  29. Matthew


    28 days ago

    Stop making cars/tech that lie to us!

  30. Francis Gallozzi

    Francis Gallozzi

    29 days ago

    What you meant say was, don't buy this yet. Wait for the upcoming Type S.

    • AFCompany


      12 days ago

      You’re not going to get the Type S it’s going to be impossible. It sold out online in 8 hours in Canada and I assume will do the same in the US. Unless you know someone I highly doubt anyone will be able to get their hands on a 2021 Type-S.

  31. Gaming Norwegian

    Gaming Norwegian

    Month ago

    1:44, like a Prius you mean... They also have batteries in the trunk, just saying.

  32. hifi noob 2018

    hifi noob 2018

    Month ago

    Great car! I wouldn't buy a new luxury car from any brand considering the massive depreciation. However a 3-4 yr old Acura or Lexus with around 60k on the odometer is a great value!

  33. Bacnow


    Month ago

    Luxury Cars like this should always be powered by modern V6 power plants! It’s not about raw peak power. It’s about finesse!

  34. Marco Bruno

    Marco Bruno

    Month ago

    Nice but G70 is better

  35. King west

    King west

    Month ago

    i really hate pumped in fake engine nice... can it be turned off?

  36. Zbig T.

    Zbig T.

    Month ago

    Tlx...longa,wida,stiffa....what else to ask for!

  37. Rana Nayak

    Rana Nayak

    Month ago

    Acura transmission is the worst in market.

    • AFCompany


      12 days ago

      You clearly aren’t talking about the 10 speed because that’s a great transmission. Are you talking about the old models?

  38. Mihaly Lukacs

    Mihaly Lukacs

    Month ago

    The Honda shifter is actually nice. We own two hondas with it and got used to it in a week. It's incredibly intuitive.

  39. mrthree


    Month ago

    looks like a chevy from the sides

  40. ADELM5 F90

    ADELM5 F90

    Month ago

    Can someone tell why this car sounds like a v6??

  41. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Month ago

    "don't wanna put my car in by braille" couldn't agree more LOL

  42. Bert


    Month ago

    Way too heavy!

  43. Maira Castro

    Maira Castro

    Month ago

    The satisfying lemonade rhetorically tame because toad longitudinally scrape lest a inconclusive roof. ubiquitous, fast bicycle

  44. AL&MS


    Month ago

    Acura is a beast car

  45. robert bishop

    robert bishop

    Month ago

    Love the folk commenting on the pronunciation of the English guy. Honderr Hondarr Honder.....it’s just that the guy seems to hail from the South East of England and he’s, well, a touch posh, I guess. I love the Canadian’s pronunciation of House.......’I love to walk abooot in my Hoooose’. Not to mention they both pronounce the C heavily in Chassis, as Americans do. UK journos would say it more like shasee. These cars will never sell in the UK, which is such a shame. We’re obsessed with German saloons only, it seems (Mazdas saloons still sell well, though) and we need these Honda vehicles to show folk what good reliability means. I have just traded in a 14 year old Honda Accord euro (equivalent to the Acura TLS) and what a great car that was, for a 9th gen. Honda Civic(hatch, not sold in the states or Canada), another great car. Again, the Golf sells in huge numbers over here and the Civic sells poorly, even though they are made here.....I just don’t get it! Great content.

  46. Kenyon Payne

    Kenyon Payne

    Month ago

    I have a 2004 TL if you wanna do a new vs old comparison! :P

  47. Lifted_Above


    Month ago

    This car..... minus 600 pounds mass..... plus V6 with turbos.... and a 6speed manual....

  48. David Wan

    David Wan

    Month ago

    “Don’t buy that Mercedes yet.” New C class launches. “Okay, you can buy that Mercedes now.”

  49. Todd Duffy

    Todd Duffy

    Month ago

    It sucks compared to German cars, please stop the idiocy, especially with Hyundai and Kia.

  50. Dayne Vickers

    Dayne Vickers

    Month ago

    That front grill badge is indeed an 'abomination'... what were they thinking? They managed to put an actual looking badge on the MDX, why couldn't they do it on this?

  51. ramm150


    Month ago

    Masterful review..

  52. Littleathquakes


    Month ago

    that front overhang ugh

  53. Brayden Matthew

    Brayden Matthew

    Month ago

    taking the v6 away from the TL has to be some sort of crime

  54. ebay seller

    ebay seller

    Month ago

    sharp design. eventually id get the white version(JUST bought a mazda I will have to wait couple of years lol)

  55. Dat Hoang

    Dat Hoang

    Month ago

    TLX drive better than C300, but 3 series is better than TLX. I am a bit disappointed because I just bought C300 2020 instead of new 3 series. :((

  56. Leonine 5

    Leonine 5

    Month ago

    My top 2 favourite cars would be the Lexus ES and this Acura TLX :D

  57. KushPizzaSleep


    Month ago

    will u ever review the NSX?

  58. Richard Sutch

    Richard Sutch

    2 months ago

    I truly enjoy Throttle House but in the real world 99.9% of TLX buyers are not going to track this car nor drag race the Honda in the next lane. Nice car for what it is but does seem pricey (that is always relative).

  59. Dig Hole

    Dig Hole

    2 months ago


  60. Kenny Nguyen

    Kenny Nguyen

    2 months ago

    I'm sorry but TLX isn't on Benz level yet😄

    • AFCompany


      12 days ago

      It’s also 15k cheaper so why would you expect it to be? Haha

  61. Neil J

    Neil J

    2 months ago


  62. Neil J

    Neil J

    2 months ago


  63. Bimmer Life

    Bimmer Life

    2 months ago

    You 2 complain about dumbest shit none sense lol

  64. not sure

    not sure

    2 months ago

    Boring. Review something worth reviewing dweebs...

  65. New Vibes

    New Vibes

    2 months ago

    Acura is getting better with age

  66. Panthers1521


    2 months ago

    DO NOT buy this over a German car.

  67. Kris Rivera

    Kris Rivera

    2 months ago

    Mercedes looks better still

  68. Nate Zab

    Nate Zab

    2 months ago


  69. M S

    M S

    2 months ago

    Acura is so underrated, what a shame.

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Month ago

      They aren’t underrated. They make average cars and they have average sales. Also they only have 4 models

  70. verinox


    2 months ago

    Thomas sounds like Chris Hansen... I feel like I'm watching To Catch a Predator if I look away from the screen. And that's not a terrible thing?

  71. Brian Plescovich

    Brian Plescovich

    2 months ago

    Probably be great with a KTuner or Hondata tune.

  72. Reid Crowder

    Reid Crowder

    2 months ago

    I have never been a fan of the look of Acura's, but this TLX is really nice looking. (Plus it comes available in a beautiful dark purple colour. Which I love. Called - Phantom Violet Pearl.) It will be interesting to see it in the Type S.

  73. Alexander Maliy

    Alexander Maliy

    2 months ago

    Acura looks great, but It should be faster

  74. David B

    David B

    2 months ago

    I've got an Accord EX-L 2018 that I bought at the end of 2018 with 3k miles on it slightly used for 25k and I love it. When I saw the $48k price on this I vomited in my mouth a little bit. What could possibly be different enough from my Accord to be worth twice as much? Honestly I love my Accord and I heard that the TLX was like a Luxury model of the car but the price just doesn't seem to justify the differences. The Accord EX-L is an amazing vehicle you can get for damn near half the price. Maybe this says more about the Accord than it does about the TLX.

  75. Prince Ali

    Prince Ali

    2 months ago

    You shouldn’t mention Mercedes it’s not even close to it

  76. C Gamez OO

    C Gamez OO

    2 months ago

    Yet the Accord 2.0 and Sonata N are Faster in every way. This car is a waste of time and Acura just shot themselves in their kneecaps

  77. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    Then Cadillac shows up with 472 and 668 hp CT4-V and CT5-V for slight more money than 355hp Type-S!

  78. Benz-Beemer Jaah

    Benz-Beemer Jaah

    2 months ago

    Not a surprise how this channel has grown so fast 💨👌🏾

  79. Mark Massey

    Mark Massey

    2 months ago

    I love these guys opinions... every thing the internet says these guys repeat... lol ... I don't know they actually dont understand any of the geometry of any of the cars they drive

  80. Mykola Bogak

    Mykola Bogak

    2 months ago

    What fuse he took off in 5:22? I have 2016 Acura MDX have same problem to drift on snow? I did VSA off but still not that good

  81. Ann Handler

    Ann Handler

    2 months ago

    Interior looks better than the Nsx

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Month ago

      The nsx interior is 🤮

  82. Jblaze600


    2 months ago

    I miss my 2000 TL, satin silver, wood trim, banging system. I had the nice 6000k HIDS with the piaa fog lights. Ughhh

  83. airbenderx10


    2 months ago

    I actually really like the look of those gauges

  84. Roman


    2 months ago

    are you kidding me? 52k for a 4 cylinder and lazy transmission below-average mpg the list keeps going

  85. Ben Leshgold

    Ben Leshgold

    2 months ago

    I thought it said 33k 😅🥲

  86. Roland Williams

    Roland Williams

    2 months ago

    The TLX is supposed to slightly take the place of the RLX. It is supposed to be the flagship the RL was. So in a sense it is supposed to have the feeling of the 2009-2012 RL. You should test them versus one another

  87. Covid Hoax

    Covid Hoax

    2 months ago

    Accord is better looking and is faster.

  88. Gianluca Mirarchi

    Gianluca Mirarchi

    2 months ago

    Do a review on the Infiniti Q50 or Q60

  89. WotWombats


    2 months ago

    Great review. Can we get that Giulia TI Sport review soon? Even just on extra TH or insta? I feel you guys would love it (or do love it given all the references to it in this video)

  90. Leroy Brown

    Leroy Brown

    2 months ago

    Thom, James, this car sucks. 🙄 I got this as a loaner after bringing in my 2k TL for service. 😏 The transmission is choppy, the engine is constantly hunting for the right gear and the dashboard and center console are sooooo busy, my eyes never got used to it and were constantly searching for buttons. For the money, I bet the Genesis G70 is a better buy. 🙂

  91. Ashton 2176

    Ashton 2176

    2 months ago

    Acura should've just have used the full LCD screen for the dash screen, just like the new 2021 acura mdx, old analog gauges are just so very outdated

  92. B C

    B C

    2 months ago

    Already lost me to Audi. Don’t miss my TLX at all.

  93. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    2 months ago

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  94. ehSteezyy


    2 months ago

    @10:20 xD

  95. Will Spencer

    Will Spencer

    2 months ago

    Volvo S60 or Alfa Giulia are better than this.

    • ThatCarGuy 17

      ThatCarGuy 17

      2 months ago

      This car is hideous

  96. AFCompany


    3 months ago

    I saw a silver A-spec and it looks way better in person than it does in videos. It really stands out and looks super sporty.

  97. Ryan M.

    Ryan M.

    3 months ago

    this is not an accord! stop saying that! it has a completely different chassis, structure, technology etc.... they only share engines and powertrain. That does NOT make them the same car.

  98. R S

    R S

    3 months ago

    Genesis is the best in it's class. Acura's line up is so outdated and boring.

  99. I.B. MOTO

    I.B. MOTO

    3 months ago

    You guys sitting on the couch talking makes me think that you guys need a third person like “Captain Slow” and you are ready for a TV show. Could be the next TOP GEAR!!!

  100. Claude E Ortega

    Claude E Ortega

    3 months ago

    new 2021 Acura TLX