2021 Acura TLX A Spec takes on the smaller brother Honda Accord 2.0t Sport | Drag and Roll Race.

2021 Acura TLX A Spec takes on small brother Honda Accord 2 0t Sport Drag and Roll Race.Special thanks for this video goes to Calvin with Honda Accord 2.0T.This video was filmed in a closed area licensed for this type of event.

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  1. Calwin


    5 months ago

    This was a blast of a time. I can assure you all my Accord was never in Eco mode 😉. Sam is really knowledgeable and super unbiased when it comes to these videos so it was amazing to be a part of this one - I can't wait to see this channel continue to be awesome and grow into something more special in the years to come. Thanks Sam!

    • jaden._.c_


      15 days ago

      @George G. oh I see

    • George G.

      George G.

      15 days ago

      @jaden._.c_ nope. Last February I was looking to replace my 2015 optima sxt, emailed the dealer and was told they have ONE k5 gt on the way. I went that day and secured it.

    • George G.

      George G.

      15 days ago

      @jaden._.c_ don't know how many are left in Canada but mine was 1st in Quebec last February and only 2nd in Canada. More have been sold since then but not many.

    • jaden._.c_


      16 days ago

      @George G. btw, did you order it or something?

    • jaden._.c_


      16 days ago

      @George G. according to truecar (I'm not saying it's a fully reliable source) there's only 5 K5 GTs for sale nationwide in the U.S., you gotta be pretty lucky to get one (at least from my maybe non reliable sources) the k5 GT is a really nice car, if I could see one in person then I would be really surprised lol. in where I live, even seeing a normal k5 is rare

  2. 1BowlofSoup


    Day ago

    I was literally debating between a TLX a-spec or an Accord 2.0T touring but now I know what to get

  3. Eric Gundersen

    Eric Gundersen

    Day ago

    Calvin got a k tuner jk. I love my 2020 2.0 i really thought the acura was gonna just be like a foot or two ahead, not the Honda 2 plus cars ahead lol. Would love to see the new acura in the same blue i have.

  4. kulls96


    11 days ago

    Weren't you going to do a TLX 1st gen vs Accord? I saw a teaser thumbnail 1 month ago but never saw that video. :(

  5. Maurice Maingot

    Maurice Maingot

    12 days ago

    Your under a Genjitsu and thought you were racing a Honda Accord but its actually a Honda race bike lol. Nah that Accord has different numbers man it ain't not 252 hp

  6. freddy zermeno

    freddy zermeno

    13 days ago

    I drove an Accord Touring, the 10 speed transmission just launches the car so perfect.

    • Jake Sheridan

      Jake Sheridan

      10 days ago

      I have a 2020 2.0t touring with a jb4 engine tune including a K&N intake. Then added front strut tower brace, and stiffer engine mounts up front for better launches. Better then stock rubber with one size bigger and it’s very quick once you get the front to hook up. Such a great sleeper and doesn’t break the bank. Now give me an accord with the Acura SHAWD and now were talking Honda!!!! Great reviews.

  7. freddy zermeno

    freddy zermeno

    13 days ago

    The Acura didn’t sound like a 10 speed ?

  8. Kevin Breese

    Kevin Breese

    14 days ago

    And the "Precision crafted" Acura requires premium fuel to be slow. Sighhh.

  9. MrDave 777

    MrDave 777

    14 days ago

    That Honda(er) is impressive over the Acura(er.)

  10. Will i am 676

    Will i am 676

    15 days ago

    Oh look. Its the new 2022 honda civic VS 2023 acura integra

  11. Hussam Z

    Hussam Z

    15 days ago

    Accord is the best, thank you honda

  12. danbud1982


    16 days ago

    Do a video of a audi a4/a5 vs the honda accord 2.0

  13. Smokescreen


    16 days ago

    Thought the Acura do better off the start cus of the AWD

  14. michael bieber

    michael bieber

    17 days ago

    Ohhhh the accord pulls on this from a roll very similar to the way the tlx type s does. Your new vid

  15. Simon czesak

    Simon czesak

    27 days ago

    Pisses me off lol.

  16. Gee Thomas

    Gee Thomas

    29 days ago

    I smoked a TLX whit my 2013 Acura TL sh I told myself I would never buy the new Acura’s

  17. Salavat Good luck

    Salavat Good luck

    Month ago

    Весь секрет в том, что аккорд передневедущий, а инфинити- awd

  18. Alexis Martinez

    Alexis Martinez

    Month ago

    TLX Type S vs Accord 2.0T Please !!!

  19. Zach Beebe

    Zach Beebe

    Month ago

    I daily a 2.0t 6 speed. It's been a great car and can absolutely rip when you put the pedal down.

  20. trevyr geronimo

    trevyr geronimo

    Month ago

    Lol how is that possible, TLX has more HP and torque 😭😭

  21. 1wasinAlpha


    Month ago

    The 10 speed auto is making the biggest difference!!! The 2.0L Turbo engine is always in it's highest HP and highest Torque RPM

  22. wannabegolfin24- 7

    wannabegolfin24- 7

    Month ago

    That's a damn shame that TLX aint doing nothing more than that.

  23. A G

    A G

    Month ago

    I got a 21 accord sport 2.0 and it's definitely a sleeper. Surprised a few aggressive drivers on a pull.

  24. Jason Andoy

    Jason Andoy

    Month ago

    Should do it against the accord hybrid!

  25. biser ivanov

    biser ivanov

    Month ago

    Crazy speed and torque by Accord...lol !!!!

  26. Drone


    Month ago

    My parents own two accords. They’re such nice cars and I haven’t been able to understand why. Like they had a previous gen accord and one in the generation before that. Like they have NO business being as nice as they are.

  27. BagOfSoup


    Month ago

    FWD ftw

  28. Mike Crandell

    Mike Crandell

    Month ago

    Both great cars but I love my 2.0t!!!!!

  29. Dreamy


    Month ago

    Acura TLX Type S vs Honda Accord 2.0T Sport race please

  30. tracerit


    Month ago

    This channel is sponsored by Honda.

  31. SwishRecords SICURE

    SwishRecords SICURE

    Month ago

    What's what they bring to to table for the Q50 lol

  32. Come on Man

    Come on Man

    Month ago

    If the guys weight about 180 lbs that’s 580 lbs More

  33. Parkway808


    Month ago

    Wonder how the FWD TLX would fare here

  34. Rasheed Akins

    Rasheed Akins

    Month ago

    This is why you don't pay more for just the name and apparentlya lesser product....i love selling hondas

  35. Alejandro Jaime

    Alejandro Jaime

    Month ago

    Now type-s vs 2.0t

  36. Tanvir Kamal

    Tanvir Kamal

    Month ago

    I see This guy is a Honda fan

  37. Adam Brown

    Adam Brown

    Month ago

    Makes sense. 20hp and 7tq difference. Line loss through awd components and 400lb weight difference. I wonder how they compare on a track?

  38. ab


    Month ago


  39. Clownan around

    Clownan around

    Month ago

    It’s called a turbo

  40. Anthony Falcon

    Anthony Falcon

    Month ago

    Show u the name that all u paying for. B

  41. sk8punk318


    Month ago

    That Acura weighs so much more it's not even a surprise it lost

  42. Nicolas Salazar

    Nicolas Salazar

    Month ago

    I've had the accord touring 2.0T for a month now. Chose it over the TLX A-Spec of the same year (TLX would have had more mileage). Glad I picked the Accord. I get wheel spin even in 3-4th gear..the torque is ridiculously exiting!

  43. chuliao3


    Month ago

    I WANT TO SEE THE ACCORD 2.0T vs THE 2021 ACURA TLX TYPE S!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rubi .Jr

      Rubi .Jr

      Month ago

      Cant wait to see that race

    • Sam CarLegion

      Sam CarLegion

      Month ago

      We all want

  44. Tony R

    Tony R

    Month ago

    Would be interesting comparing the accord to is350 and infinity q50, see if it's bang for the buck

  45. Holywin Sword

    Holywin Sword

    Month ago

    Been driving Hondas for a long time. It is really fun to drive. My wife rdx is luxurious but not as fun as my accord ex.

  46. Julie


    Month ago

    WOW! There is absolutely no reason to spend that extra money on Acuras...

  47. james martinez

    james martinez

    Month ago

    If you care about speed definitely get the TLX type S. But the accord is nice for what it is, not luxurious at all

  48. knowledge is power

    knowledge is power

    Month ago

    I smoked so many cars in my Honda Accord 2.0T. I raced this guy the other day he had a Nissan Maxima i smoked him. 😆 He was like wtf you got on the hood dude.

  49. Thrillhouse Cycling

    Thrillhouse Cycling

    2 months ago

    That droning Acura sound just makes me sad. That Accord is an all-time great Honda, for sure!

  50. gfmathomas


    2 months ago

    You see his face and he thought he had the fastest car 🚗 🤣

  51. Ikamono101


    2 months ago

    It hurts my head how bad he is at driving the Acura... he didn't manually shift till fourth gear and the roll race he was out of the power band and stepped on it while in auto and manually shifted after the roll started...wtf. Also a better comparison for price and weight etc is the TLX tech package that's FWD

  52. Dayne Vickers

    Dayne Vickers

    2 months ago

    What just happened? Oh yeah, the Accord is 400 lbs lighter. You can't beat the immutable laws of physics.

  53. GetoverYourself


    2 months ago

    I ran an Accord Sport 2.0T (tuned say owner) in my X5M. While I stomped him hard, it was far faster than I thought.

  54. SGT Gunner

    SGT Gunner

    2 months ago

    They're making a huge mistake replacing the V6 with the inline 4.

  55. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez

    2 months ago

    Awd tax you bhp more than a fwd your welcome

  56. gloriouscock


    2 months ago

    please do tlx fwd vs awd

  57. Brincandopabajo


    2 months ago

    Why? Acura is stronger than honda cars. They made a mistake.

  58. Boggs D

    Boggs D

    2 months ago

    You probably had the ac on that's why you were loosing..lol



    2 months ago

    Could’ve just said Honda vs Honda 🤷🏻‍♂️

  60. SonOfSon T

    SonOfSon T

    2 months ago

    The Acura looks lighter than 4000 lbs I wonder why the Honda won

  61. Tropical Ridgeline

    Tropical Ridgeline

    2 months ago

    The Accord has the same but detuned engine of the Type R. Here in PR is one Accord with 450-460 hp.

  62. Viking_ Jerk

    Viking_ Jerk

    2 months ago

    Got my lunar silver 2.0T 1.5 wks ago n love it

  63. Dieter R

    Dieter R

    2 months ago

    Acura needs a lot to improve!

  64. xToFux


    2 months ago

    People don’t understand that AWD is going to have more powertrain loss compared to a FWD.

  65. imaginary i

    imaginary i

    2 months ago

    you are paying 20,000 more on the acura, only to get your ass kicked by the accord

  66. imaginary i

    imaginary i

    2 months ago

    as I suspected the Accord and civic sport will kick the Acura tlx's ass....

    • Calwin


      2 months ago

      Don’t think a Civic sport would kick any ass

  67. imaginary i

    imaginary i

    2 months ago

    the Acura is not 44K, it begins at 50k-55k

  68. foyaj ahmed

    foyaj ahmed

    2 months ago

    That guy is faking it!! 110% sure no doubt

  69. Victor Uvinas

    Victor Uvinas

    2 months ago

    X1 2013 vs Mercedes Benz CLA 250 2014 sport

  70. WillSki *Vision*

    WillSki *Vision*

    2 months ago

    It's amazing how many people post a thumbnail up or a picture hiding their license plate as if they are wanted by the law lol!!! but yet in the video you can clearly see the license plate and as if you don't drive everyday and hundreds and thousands of people don't already see your license plate? You need to understand that only officers of the law and law enforcement is able to look up your information by your license plate.

  71. Vova x

    Vova x

    2 months ago

    Этот водитель постоянно на Акуре и везде проигрует, он по ходу ездить не умеет или ему заплатили This driver is constantly on the Aсura and loses everywhere, he can not drive on the move or he was paid

  72. Buxue Wushu

    Buxue Wushu

    2 months ago

    How the hell the TLXs are 20% heavier than the Accords??

  73. Buxue Wushu

    Buxue Wushu

    2 months ago


  74. Elysian Concepts

    Elysian Concepts

    2 months ago

    I think by now anyone that knows about cars, would know 90% of awd cars from the line were meant to be “quick” but not “fast” in the long run. It’s more efficient sending power to 2 wheels instead of all 4. Only thing they both do good is handling in tight corners unlike the more skill you would need when driving a rwd car.



    2 months ago

    That's so weird, both cars come from Honda. Honda makes sport models of their car, yet the regular model is faster?

  76. Bobby Cooksey

    Bobby Cooksey

    2 months ago

    All i drive is accords, never dissatisfied with my purchases. Even better when you do this to people in much nicer or more expensive vehicles.🤣

  77. Jason Jay

    Jason Jay

    2 months ago

    FWD vs AWD. Not a fear race

  78. Roberto A

    Roberto A

    2 months ago

    Back then Acura was the trophy car. Now you just better off buying a HONDA HONDA LOL

  79. P M

    P M

    2 months ago

    Try changing the driver. It might have helped. 😆😆

  80. A C

    A C

    2 months ago

    Can't hear it anything

  81. Mr IDGAF

    Mr IDGAF

    2 months ago

    TLX Type s vs accord 2.0 please

  82. Glitch Rekal

    Glitch Rekal

    2 months ago

    The 2.0t is insane

  83. Njoro Ken

    Njoro Ken

    2 months ago

    Accord is one hell of a beauty and a beast

  84. lrod312


    2 months ago

    That 10 speed on that Accord is the real MVP here

  85. Ace


    2 months ago

    Yeah Honda with FWD only the front wheels are pulling the Honda. Not the fastest take off. But I’m the long run. It will win

  86. Sybile Hamil

    Sybile Hamil

    2 months ago

    The Acura was never about speed. It was always about looks and comfort.

  87. Alexander Ziomek

    Alexander Ziomek

    2 months ago

    “Thar she blows”, the Acura is chubby, probably is geard for smoothness and not speed.

  88. F S

    F S

    2 months ago

    Acura has become a joke!

  89. Uber Adventure

    Uber Adventure

    2 months ago

    Never underestimate a Honda Accord

  90. creativgenius2


    2 months ago

    Sam, do a drag race with a Honda 2.0 against an Infiniti Q50 or Q60.

    • creativgenius2


      2 months ago

      Almost forgot…make sure it’s a SPORT 2.0!

    • Sam CarLegion

      Sam CarLegion

      2 months ago


  91. Ivan Kartelyan

    Ivan Kartelyan

    2 months ago

    Where is break boost?

  92. Mikedoc52


    2 months ago

    400 lbs makes a difference and no one buys TLX to drag race. Like to see some twisty road racing.

  93. Cheque Taylor

    Cheque Taylor

    2 months ago

    Nah. Accord is big bro. TLX is little LITTLE bro

  94. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez

    2 months ago

    Acuras are heavy cars that’s why they are slow.

  95. RandomRandy


    3 months ago

    This video seals it for me. 2.0T as my next daily! Still Night Pearl or San Marino Red

  96. Yt__pito


    3 months ago

    I love my Accord more just watching this video and beating everyone I race 😮‍💨

  97. Yt__pito


    3 months ago

    He got you on everything

  98. Gipsy Avenger

    Gipsy Avenger

    3 months ago

    Leased the Accord in 6MT trim then ended up buying it because it is a sleeper. The Acura is a pig (over 2 tons) and not worth the hype. A better race would be the 2.0T against the Type S.

  99. Avinash Samaroo

    Avinash Samaroo

    3 months ago

    Turbo make a big difference with a 10 speed transmission

  100. S2XCREW


    3 months ago

    well that sucks because i love the tlx body wayy more and it's weird to me how they both are 4cyl turbo with same 10 speed tranny and accord still beats it like nothing.