2021 Chevy Tahoe | Trying to Do Everything

We review the brand new 2021 Chevy Tahoe with Z71 Package to explain the difficulties in designing an SUV that has to be everything, including a truck. We have 100s of SUVs that are soft urban haulers that sacrifice towing and offroad performance for refinement. The new Tahoe tries to do it all while competing against other products like Ford Expedition, Kia Telluride, Toyota Highlander, and many more.

00:00 - 00:43 Intro
00:43 - 5:54 Interior Impressions
5:54 - 12:43 Mechanical Impressions, Suspension, Towing, and More
12:43 - 18:39 Driving Impressions
18:39 Final Thoughts


  1. Michael Hasenstab

    Michael Hasenstab

    10 months ago

    I like this Etsy channel a lot. Please sign me up for your sale notifications. So cool how Mark coordinates his tops of with color of the interior.

    • Bjorn Wilder

      Bjorn Wilder

      2 months ago

      @Baker Colton glad I could help =)

    • Baker Colton

      Baker Colton

      2 months ago

      @Bjorn Wilder Thanks, I went there and it seems like they got a lot of movies there :D Appreciate it!!

    • Bjorn Wilder

      Bjorn Wilder

      2 months ago

      @Baker Colton Flixportal :P

    • Baker Colton

      Baker Colton

      2 months ago

      I know Im quite off topic but do anyone know a good place to stream new movies online ?

  2. Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller

    9 days ago

    This looks hot.

  3. Get_Yotted


    17 days ago

    New Chevrolet Tahoe, coming soon to a Mexican hood near you

  4. William Greenwood

    William Greenwood

    18 days ago

    I typically love savagegeese reviews - I think they could have done a better job with this one.

  5. Yale


    22 days ago

    GM ruined the Tahoe. Very unattractive from every angle. Don't even have a decent looking wheel package any longer.....

  6. Jose96David


    24 days ago

    "Starving and diverse wildlife" 😂

  7. J_ White

    J_ White

    Month ago

    I hope you guys review the Diesel as soon as possible.

  8. gocars


    Month ago

    Twinkies. Look out Raiti’s Rides, shots fired.

  9. mountainhobo


    Month ago

    I came here again after watching the Jeep Cherokee review where Jack casually mentioned he would take the Jeep over the Tohoe (without any further clarification). So for the first 5 minutes I get nothing but sophomoric humor aimed clearly at the teenage fanboy brigade, which likely does not even drive. Pity. Savagegeese used to be quirky but solid.

    • mountainhobo


      Month ago

      @savagegeese Add != substitute. It's all about the balance.

    • savagegeese


      Month ago

      Its giant family hauler. Its nearly impossible to make a video like this interesting, let alone fun to make. These odd nuggets that were randomly inserted have have to cut back on by 90% because of complaints like this or because of because everyone is offended by everything now. By doing this it sucks the soul out of making videos like this that are 99% straight, including more technical info than most channels. Our viewership is over 80% over 30 years old and they dont want complete card board presentation. So I wont apologize for trying to add some self-satisfaction into the process.

  10. MeliorIlle


    2 months ago

    Every fucking reviewer on ACURA got the Z71 trim but NO ONE took it off road to demonstrate its capabilities. Ridiculous.

  11. 103eaglecrest


    3 months ago

    Giant vehicle, short seats. Didn't GM think that maybe people over 6 feet tall would be interested in this?

  12. Jermaine Wynn

    Jermaine Wynn

    3 months ago

    Only nearly 8,000 🧐

  13. Sami Abdul

    Sami Abdul

    3 months ago

    if you want luxury the navigator and Escalade are wayyy better they can tow all that stuff too.

  14. 111danish111


    3 months ago

    Felt like a Raiti's Rides video with the cold cuts , mustard etc.

  15. Chris


    4 months ago

    1:57 oh shi

  16. Ed Chapman

    Ed Chapman

    4 months ago

    I know I'm five months late on this one, but the Bulb song on the head unit made my day.

  17. MM_2020


    5 months ago

    Yes. going to buy a $65k suv to destroy it. very odd way to show cargo space.

  18. John Goe

    John Goe

    5 months ago

    The most American car in the mind of someone who only knows stereotypes. Someone who has this has a Dodge challenger too and calls it 'compact'.

  19. TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    5 months ago

    Great Video guys, thanks again, (ouch $68K for that model, uhhh fudge everything is $$$ now)

  20. Naiyo


    5 months ago

    If you are a breeder lol

  21. tanoli 8

    tanoli 8

    5 months ago

    Hi I'm Todd... I'm not so sure about my masculinity...thus I need affirmation by pointing out various other gender fluidities that may exist and threaten my self image ;) I also eat meat but that's not enough...I must take issues with those who don't because since I can't self reflect enough...I can sure direct my anger and I securities outwards towards those I secretly admire and think may be even know are better humans than I can ever be Thanks for coming to my ted talk

  22. Jacana Productions

    Jacana Productions

    6 months ago

    Gotta love the magno dampers - bloody hell, I remember the old Audi Allroad with air suspension back in the 90s ......... welcome to 2021 !

  23. Kenneth Hans

    Kenneth Hans

    6 months ago

    Check out the lifter failure rate on Chebby engines. Plus a 5.3L in that 'building on wheels' - completely insufficient.

  24. Lee Price

    Lee Price

    6 months ago

    i love me a good tahoe any day!!

  25. Sly


    6 months ago

    That front end design is a disaster.

  26. Jay c

    Jay c

    7 months ago

    lunch meat in the door that was dumb af!

  27. James Zettelmeyer

    James Zettelmeyer

    7 months ago

    The compressor for the air suspension is going to get crushed the very first time that thing gets high centered. All that money and R&D and that's where they put it?

  28. Grayson St. Pierre

    Grayson St. Pierre

    7 months ago

    air bags are for groceries amirite

  29. sean c

    sean c

    7 months ago

    You cats are some fools🤣😆😂

  30. Bigbubbybadass 1

    Bigbubbybadass 1

    7 months ago

    There is a lot of hate for GM products by reviewers. crazy

  31. Jeff X

    Jeff X

    7 months ago

    Did they start to paint the frame or are they still coating in that useless wax coating?

  32. svtang03


    8 months ago

    How does the Tahoe (base/mid models compare to the 4Runner? Could the 4Runner be considered a more affordable alternative to the Tahoe? Or is the Tahoe superior in smoothness/ride quality? (in terms of daily driver/disney world trip)

  33. Billy Highfill

    Billy Highfill

    8 months ago

    The lunch meat KILLED me bro 😂😂😭😂😂😭😂😂😭😂😂😭😂😂😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 TOO FUNNY!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Alonzal Brown

    Alonzal Brown

    8 months ago

    What in the world did I just watch? Lol

  35. Marky Mark

    Marky Mark

    8 months ago

    Would be nice to perhaps see the quick specs of the vehicle in the description or start off with the HP and TQ of all 3 variants in the mechanical impressions segment.

  36. Sherman Bland

    Sherman Bland

    8 months ago

    omg I can't handle these puns! if your a breeder?!?! I'm dead asf

  37. Aaron


    8 months ago

    Nah NOT THE COLD CUTS. Y’all knew I have an irrational disgust for cold cuts

  38. Mike Camcorder

    Mike Camcorder

    8 months ago

    Can you live in this sports car?

  39. Dave Famular

    Dave Famular

    8 months ago

    Nice Twinkies.

  40. CAYMAN987


    8 months ago

    I have only 2 people and dont tow stuff anymore.. and I love manual trans and horsepower. But I think the tahoe serves a purpose

  41. C.H


    8 months ago

    Tahoe is for someone about to bugout. You can carry 5 yrs of food and plow through the covid19 ridden race in comfort.

  42. Sir Costa

    Sir Costa

    9 months ago

    dudes this is not a TRUCK!!!!!

  43. Vorch


    9 months ago

    One of the worst-looking cars of 2020. It looks like a refrigerator on a dolly.

  44. Trance88


    9 months ago

    I still don't know how a $60,000+ vehicle can be Chevy's biggest money maker. American families who buy this kind of vehicle must be up to their eyeballs in debt, trying to pay this off in less than 8 years. Americans love to live a lie, that's all I can think.

  45. Alex T

    Alex T

    9 months ago

    Does this generation of Tahoe and Suburban still have the miserable frame wax coating that peels off and rusts in two years in the midwest? I get that it’s a bonkers investment to set up high volume frame ecoating lines but Ford and Ram did it decades ago.

  46. Stewart Starling

    Stewart Starling

    9 months ago

    Damn Mark ‼️ you look pissed 😡 off today ‼️😆 This is a Tahoe I would actually own.

  47. Adam


    9 months ago

    dont like the new design. looks like a boat.

  48. דניאל אלון

    דניאל אלון

    9 months ago

    Dear followers!! Don't let the beautiful pictures confuse you . Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!Share so more people don't get screwed.

  49. Ander Ander

    Ander Ander

    9 months ago

    Wasting food and staining vehicle while virtue signalling..........how edgy.



    9 months ago

    Looks like new Subaru mixed with a Mitsubisi ugly

  51. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnson

    9 months ago

    What the hell electric arm rest?!

  52. Sakuro Chan asmr~

    Sakuro Chan asmr~

    9 months ago

    Ok, this might be my dream truck😁

  53. Christopher Bazaka

    Christopher Bazaka

    9 months ago

    If you’re a breeder

  54. Andrew M

    Andrew M

    9 months ago

    Whew that’s expensive. I think I’m going to keep driving my 1999 Tahoe, it’s only got 115,000 miles on it.

  55. Wyatt Sexton

    Wyatt Sexton

    9 months ago

    It was a cool video until the weird meat and twinkies shots appeared lol.

  56. Al Shahrani

    Al Shahrani

    9 months ago

    I owe one 👌🌝

  57. xuimod


    9 months ago

    Government motors Tahoe.

  58. gary said what?

    gary said what?

    9 months ago

    Sheet metal on the sides is so poorly done, it looks like it has been in an accident and repaired by a high school shop class.

  59. Jerome p

    Jerome p

    9 months ago

    He said Nalgene bottle wow I used to work for team world Corp programs up in Binghamton New York that’s use to print those bottle and ship them all over. I remember standing 10 hours up in the factory working just brought back flash backs loll

  60. Goobah


    9 months ago

    I’m only at breeding lvl 1 sorry

  61. Roger Quijada

    Roger Quijada

    9 months ago

    Would love to see a review on the Titan out of you guys. Especially compared to the Silverado and f150

  62. jacob manalang

    jacob manalang

    10 months ago

    i was debating on trading my 18 sierra 6.2 all terrain for a tahoe or suburban...gmc or cadillac variant if i could...but i dont think i will. my 8sp and 3.23 with my driving yields me avg 18mpg hwy to work and 15+ for stop and go. the things i carry ive adapted to under seat and console storage. im at 30k and its been great. still need a blower tho! LOL

  63. ol jack burton

    ol jack burton

    10 months ago

    3:05 Someone's been watching Raiti's Rides...

  64. Elvis Explorer

    Elvis Explorer

    10 months ago

    It’s already rusting lol

  65. Daniel Buchanan

    Daniel Buchanan

    10 months ago

    "If you’re a breeder.." LMFAO

  66. geoffrey keating

    geoffrey keating

    10 months ago

    Another dinosaur 🦖🦕, Tesla model Y performance ,0-60 three seconds , no maintenance, RIP/ICE vehicles 🔥💰

  67. CleanSC


    10 months ago

    God help the poor guy who buys this with 80k miles on it for $15k and thinks he got a deal...

  68. That Guy777

    That Guy777

    10 months ago

    hmm..ed loh over at motor trend said "the escalade rides like a garbage truck over rough pavement". so how is the ride over rough pavement?

  69. Clem Newton

    Clem Newton

    10 months ago

    Tahoe does everything bring your big wallet

  70. Greg Jonerick

    Greg Jonerick

    10 months ago

    2:30, savagemeats and Jack Slingapore. I have subscribed.

  71. Jeff Briggs

    Jeff Briggs

    10 months ago

    If discussed sorry.....but 2 front storages for twinkies...man that means 5yrs to enjoy that box..yum

  72. MetaView7


    10 months ago

    What a joke of a vehicle

  73. Michael Cooley

    Michael Cooley

    10 months ago

    Probably change your towing mpg estimate to 8 mpg with the gas engine. Diesel would probably be around 12 mpg towing. Diesel would be the way to go!!!

  74. Ben Dino

    Ben Dino

    10 months ago

    how does this thing get such terrible fuel economy? my 2011 silverado z71 with the 5.3 and 6 speed auto gets 16-18 mpg mixed driving running e15 garbage gas...

  75. ekidd3000


    10 months ago

    They did a little shout out to Ratis rides lol this video started out funny as fuk

  76. BiscuitPuncher


    10 months ago

    Can't wait to pick one of these up in 10 years for $6k.

  77. buzztrucker


    10 months ago

    GM Execs: We have to make sure to add unimaginative gimmicks that have a good enough chance of breaking so that consumers would be annoyed enough to pay for it to be fixed. GM Engineers: *How about an electronically sliding front center console*

  78. bebop redux

    bebop redux

    10 months ago

    Twinkie bobbing? I'm concerned.

  79. Desean Scarlett

    Desean Scarlett

    10 months ago

    Love the intros

  80. Jim 99west

    Jim 99west

    10 months ago

    Perfect size for a long trip

  81. Poisonous Python

    Poisonous Python

    10 months ago

    That interior fit and finish looks like it's going to age like smoked salmon in the sun. Ghastly already for a new vehicle

  82. Benny B

    Benny B

    10 months ago

    Already rust on frame lol

  83. gkoknok


    10 months ago

    don't get the whole meat scene...

  84. aDuckedUpGoose


    10 months ago

    I wonder if these guys listen to periphery? I saw the bulb album was playing

  85. meffer


    10 months ago

    Thank god for the 'tremendous headroom' because my head will surely swell 10-fold each time I cruise in my Tahoe to the local meat market.

  86. HandsomeAlex25


    10 months ago

    That's one ugly mug. A face only a mother could... nope... not even that.

  87. Car ree

    Car ree

    10 months ago

    im more bothered by the fact that he tossed all that met and spray mustard on ..like seriously what was the point

  88. chuckwalla 2

    chuckwalla 2

    10 months ago

    NA V8 for me all day, everyday.

  89. Cristian Mayen

    Cristian Mayen

    10 months ago

    I can finally fit my head in the center console 😳🤪🤪... Definitely getting one🤑🤑🤙

  90. werta5000


    10 months ago

    look more alignment adjusters to seize solid in 5 years of the salt. also it has red tow hooks so it must be trail rated

  91. John RidesADV

    John RidesADV

    10 months ago

    I feel like they are running some sort of test on this channel. 3 out of the last 4 videos have been rather boring cars, whereas prior to that it was more performance and sports cars. Are they testing the waters on doing more cars the average driver wants to see videos of, as opposed to videos the more hardcore enthusiast who likes the sports cars and classics wants to see?

  92. greenfire919


    10 months ago

    Twinkies for Raitis Rides

  93. killstrees


    10 months ago

    Once they get the bugs worked out of that diesel its gonna be an amazing engine for this platform. Boss from my previous job got a 1500 chevy with the diesel and he averages 35 mpgs! Helps he drives like the old guy he is, but thats incredible for a big vehicle like that. My little 2.8 colorado diesel barely averages 22 if I'm careful (I have a zr2 with mods that significantly increase drag).

  94. Vladsta


    10 months ago

    2:39 I see

  95. Ramli Orhak

    Ramli Orhak

    10 months ago

    What's with you Americans and crazy car sizes?

  96. Kane Viva La Kane

    Kane Viva La Kane

    10 months ago

    Love 5 series

  97. Matthew DeMarinis

    Matthew DeMarinis

    10 months ago

    2:29 to 2:40 is just clever, funny, brilliant and entertaining. Thank you!

  98. Monica Wilson

    Monica Wilson

    10 months ago

    Went from AFM to DFM, forgive my ignorance but what I’d DFM and how is it different?

  99. 3x + 1

    3x + 1

    10 months ago

    Who the hell spends $70k on a vehicle?

  100. steng2495


    10 months ago

    @raitisrides is gonna sue you guys for using his Twinkie comparison in the center console lol