2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 vs Rolls-Royce Cullinan // Battle Of The ULTIMATE Ballers

The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 ($230,200 CAD, $170,750 USD as specced ) and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan ($539,99 CAD, $439,124 USD) both promise resplendent luxury and adventure conquering capabilities. But for less than half the cost of the Rolls, how does the Maybach stack up? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE!!!

A big thank you to Lecos Auto for lending us their Cullinan - it’s up for sale!

Thank you to a particularly legendary AMG fanatic who let us film this on his property




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    2 hours ago

    Rolls Royce is i-phone of cars .

  2. Piyush Kumar Sharma

    Piyush Kumar Sharma

    5 hours ago

    James: Explaining the specs and features of the car *Meanwhile* Thomas: Figuring out what the heck is this car 6:50

  3. lukabakua


    7 hours ago

    Maybach is more luxurious but that car is t reliable at all. Dude rewiwed a factory new maybach and already it was squicking

  4. iamonly Important

    iamonly Important

    22 hours ago

    Their price varies a lot not good comparison

  5. Tommy Suan

    Tommy Suan

    Day ago

    Yes, I was just shopping for these cars but ended up with a Honda Pilot.

  6. Trap Pro

    Trap Pro

    Day ago

    His name needs to be james

  7. Ricky Results

    Ricky Results

    Day ago

    There is only 1 king of luxury Rolls-Royce

  8. The2001cobra


    Day ago

    Did rolls just buy all the old lincoln navigator dash and just wrap it LOL???

  9. jeremey Lin

    jeremey Lin

    Day ago

    The correct comparison should be the gls600 vs the Range Rover Svautobiography

  10. Sbonakaliso Sbonakaliso

    Sbonakaliso Sbonakaliso

    Day ago

    This is one of the greatest car's in the world.The first car to reach more than 6billion views.i love it

  11. R.B. James

    R.B. James

    Day ago

    Those that buy Rolls Royce don't care if it costs 200k more than the Merc. They want exclusivity.

  12. Jayden Mukahlera

    Jayden Mukahlera

    2 days ago

    Wadzi's bf

    • Edward Dhlamini

      Edward Dhlamini

      2 days ago


  13. BWE MP3 Subliminals

    BWE MP3 Subliminals

    3 days ago

    My favorite Cullinan review, awesome breakdown, if you want to attract a Cullinan with affirmations, check out our channel!

  14. Patrick martin

    Patrick martin

    3 days ago

    I love the way the Rolls looks, its shape reminds en of the original Jeep Wagoneer, the first luxury SUV

  15. The Browns

    The Browns

    3 days ago

    Seen a couple of the Rolls jeeps lately. Keep thinking somebody makes tgese from broken up hearses, black cabs and ice cream vans. They look so ugly it's untrue. Thankfully just bland enough to forget, otherwise it'd be a nightmare. Sure they are great from the inside if you don't mind knocking precious minutes off everybodies lives with the needless emissions.

  16. Mathew Jones

    Mathew Jones

    3 days ago

    Fun fact, out of any engine configuration, the v12 is the most balanced. (Least vibration)

  17. Declan Kelly

    Declan Kelly

    3 days ago

    Let compare these two cars, one guy drives slow and the other like a race car driver, useless comparison.

  18. Lee Chong

    Lee Chong

    3 days ago

    Wow those are beautyfull cars

  19. Gianni Paglialunga

    Gianni Paglialunga

    4 days ago


  20. G Musiega

    G Musiega

    4 days ago

    It is unfortunate that you think to compare the Rolls Royce to anything really

  21. Karol Romanski

    Karol Romanski

    4 days ago

    Rolls Royce watch too much Lara Croft xD

  22. Billy Bob Joe III

    Billy Bob Joe III

    4 days ago

    The ad placement had perfect timing: "No I actually ripped the badge off your 190e!" *Thomas looks at James in the rearview with dismay* CUT TO COMMERCIAL 😂😂

  23. Miles Brigham

    Miles Brigham

    4 days ago

    I'm sorry but the blue interior is hideous

  24. Kip William

    Kip William

    4 days ago

    Perhaps the new 2021 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is the new definition of luxury for a much lower price, a bit over $100.000 & the Jeep has all the power to compete in the big league.

  25. Stories of HIM

    Stories of HIM

    4 days ago

    Happily quarelling

  26. Mohd Aasim

    Mohd Aasim

    5 days ago

    Who wants to see a Rolls Royce Maybach?? 🤩🤩

  27. MrMangeced


    5 days ago

    The Rolls so ugly, should never have done a suv

  28. Grayson St. Pierre

    Grayson St. Pierre

    5 days ago

    The grill on the Cullinan has way more orange peel than what should be acceptable for that much money

  29. trapdaddyflex


    5 days ago

    It's so great how they don't just focus on the price, but you get the sense that they actually very carefully think about the cars

  30. Captain_Coleslaw


    5 days ago

    Isn't there a GLS680 with the 6 liter V12, like the S680

  31. Rob Buser

    Rob Buser

    5 days ago

    Comparing apples with pears...

  32. Spooky and Rhubarb

    Spooky and Rhubarb

    5 days ago

    You say that, guys, but every archaeologist I know's life is in ruins.

  33. Spooky and Rhubarb

    Spooky and Rhubarb

    6 days ago

    Honestly, such is its opulence, it wouldn't surprise me if the Rolls simply let you steal the hood ornament and just replaced it with another in gloriously extravagant perpetuity.

  34. Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton

    6 days ago


  35. Proud American

    Proud American

    6 days ago

    I own a GLE it looks exactly the same from the front

  36. A. V. F.

    A. V. F.

    6 days ago

    That Rolls interior looks absolutely terrible. "Gaming chair blue" Are you kidding me?

  37. K B

    K B

    6 days ago

    The Rolls looks so good de-chromed. The Maybach would look much better given the same treatment.

  38. Axel


    7 days ago

    Ngl i first thought the maybach was a bmw

  39. 8972 takoyaki

    8972 takoyaki

    7 days ago

    GLS is suck. it garbage. it has too small engine for it size and price

  40. Trya Perdana

    Trya Perdana

    7 days ago

    Isnt rolls made 4 seats cullinan that configured like the maybach?

  41. JBOsurf


    7 days ago

    The biggest problem the Maybach has is that it's not a Rolls Royce. In this market, that matters most.

  42. Mike Torre

    Mike Torre

    8 days ago

    nice but not practical for a working guy or family....

  43. J Bettis

    J Bettis

    8 days ago

    They may have an "off-road" mode or capability, but EVERYONE knows those wheels and tires will never see dirt, unless it's brake dust!

  44. C Johnson

    C Johnson

    8 days ago

    “So THEY say”. Who is “they”?

  45. Gifting Knowledge

    Gifting Knowledge

    8 days ago

    I own TATA nano once, now cycle due to COVID pandemic situation since 2020 june😥😥

  46. joe popes

    joe popes

    8 days ago

    If I had to choose one for free, had to drive it at least for 2 years and wouldn't get the money when you sell it, what would I take ? The Maybach for sure.

  47. spaghetti and meatballs

    spaghetti and meatballs

    9 days ago

    holy fuck i bought my car from there lol

  48. Trust Edits

    Trust Edits

    9 days ago

    maybach not my buck, please pronounce correctly

  49. David


    9 days ago

    Both exteriors are utterly tasteless.

  50. Cherokee Gotti

    Cherokee Gotti

    9 days ago

    I’m sorry but the cullinan doesn’t make sense. I doubt if anyone ever takes it off road other than a picnic on a grassy area. Which is why they built it. The phantom or ghost is a better option IMO if you have to have a rolls. But the maybach is the more sensible suv because of the features and interior. Vs rolls Royce who made an suv for the sake of building an suv.

  51. KiTT


    9 days ago

    Oh yes, the new bmw cullinan

  52. James George

    James George

    9 days ago

    Mayback is a bit more Modern, but if you’re of the old skool mentality then it the rolls lol

  53. Murali Krishna

    Murali Krishna

    9 days ago

    Why does the merc, look like a BMW front.

  54. Holden Baldassi

    Holden Baldassi

    9 days ago

    These guys are so cringe

  55. Blade Vamp

    Blade Vamp

    9 days ago

    As a person in industry, if you want the best and have the money Rolls all the way. Otherwise just buy a normal GLS if you can afford it. The Maybach GLS is blah.

  56. KNOW IT


    10 days ago

    How talkative 😄 this commentars are..

  57. getdealtwithquick


    10 days ago

    Rolls knows their clientele, of course. I don't think the "archeologists" they had in mind is some poor fellow you'd find teaching at a school. It would be the villain in a modern Indiana Jones movie.

  58. Robert Yanez

    Robert Yanez

    10 days ago

    No vehicle will ever beat the beauty of a rolls

  59. Marcus X

    Marcus X

    10 days ago

    Rolls way more sexy and beastly

  60. Nicholas Dickson

    Nicholas Dickson

    10 days ago

    Whenever one of your videos starts playing and I’m not looking I swear I’m listening to Mike Musto’s Canadian cousin. Love the content guys!

  61. Parth Tayal

    Parth Tayal

    11 days ago

    In beginning, did it really broke??

  62. Divine Styg Stylez

    Divine Styg Stylez

    11 days ago

    great content, realy enjoyed the review !

  63. Randy González

    Randy González

    11 days ago

    Cuando van abrir un canal en español ? 🙏🙏

  64. s prez

    s prez

    11 days ago

    first time watching this channel, I liked the way you took turns being the chauffeur. The mic picked up a lot more road noise in the Maybach.

  65. Bunsenn


    11 days ago

    Style: Maybach Opulence: Rolls Royce I’d really like to see a car with the high-end luxury and craftsmanship of a Royce, but with the looks of a Maybach, that would be cool.

    • Marvin Luig

      Marvin Luig

      9 days ago

      Rolls Royce is owned by BMW.

    • Marvin Luig

      Marvin Luig

      10 days ago

      Both are owned by Germany companies.



    12 days ago

    “I think drake owns one of these” drake actually owns the 1 of 1 chrome hearts rolls Royce Cullinan

  67. Simple-dude


    12 days ago

    One day I will have it❤️

  68. Donnie E.

    Donnie E.

    13 days ago

    Love these two even when you hate the cars. Don't hate these two cars btw

  69. Fuseii


    13 days ago

    6:54 i hate my mind😑

  70. ken campbell

    ken campbell

    13 days ago

    The Rolls Royce is far better then the Maybach

  71. Michael Phan

    Michael Phan

    13 days ago

    Nice video…Are they related? Anyone? Thanks :)

  72. Ringo Kallas

    Ringo Kallas

    13 days ago

    The Royce at the back looks like a london cab...

  73. Joseph Linz

    Joseph Linz

    13 days ago

    Hey mr peauderscmet, remember how you said I would never amount to nothing? *tink tink tink* is that a Mercedes?! Peter hang up the phone!

  74. AL Yah eL

    AL Yah eL

    13 days ago

    Is it me are do the Maybach kinda favors a Lincoln Beefed Up 🤔 They could've found a better design but very beautiful

  75. Zacc Walker

    Zacc Walker

    13 days ago

    The Maybach looks like an old navigator.

  76. Gerry Thomas

    Gerry Thomas

    13 days ago

    Rolls looks like a London Taxi.

  77. Luca Schyroki

    Luca Schyroki

    14 days ago

    Rolls Royce is also german

  78. Andrew Higdon

    Andrew Higdon

    14 days ago

    It’s not so much about consumer advice. It’s about a lesson in excess being part of the equation which creates our future. Hydraulic brakes, air conditioning, power steering, and automatic transmissions were once exercises in excess. Now they are all standard equipment. Oh, and ABS brakes. And now even rear view cameras.

  79. Thirumozhi Rajasekaran

    Thirumozhi Rajasekaran

    14 days ago


  80. Ok


    15 days ago


  81. Craig Nelson

    Craig Nelson

    15 days ago

    Why does the Maybach have a BMW grille?

  82. Krazykush617


    15 days ago

    I dont know why ppl continue to pay for these cars. If im going to pay that price, that car better fly or turn into a boat

  83. Nguyenminhtri Thaithibonghongtrung

    Nguyenminhtri Thaithibonghongtrung

    15 days ago

    The simple join proportionally rot because honey scientifically excuse an a dispensable year. volatile, oceanic edger

  84. hon solo

    hon solo

    15 days ago

    Get a bmw XB7 . 50% less price than both

  85. Ceyhun Coşqun

    Ceyhun Coşqun

    15 days ago


  86. Melih Eren Gündoğdu

    Melih Eren Gündoğdu

    16 days ago

    Cullinan Looks Fantastic but German engineering and efficiency can give the same feeling with the GLS600 much cheaper :)

  87. OCD Mods

    OCD Mods

    16 days ago

    Rolls has better back seat option than the bench seat. So not a fair comparison in that regard

  88. Brandon Murray

    Brandon Murray

    16 days ago

    Im not sorry I still like the Mercedes. I think it would make more sense if you had the money and made the purchase verse the Rolls. Then again if I had the money I would have both. I see there is alot of BMW technology in the Rolls which is nice to see here and there. Overall great video keep up the great work.

  89. Jedson Phiri

    Jedson Phiri

    17 days ago

    Am Christopher from Lusaka Zambia you guys you are great

  90. my surly trucker

    my surly trucker

    17 days ago

    You have to understand to the people this car is aimed at ie the RR it can be used as a utility vehicle, its the poor that think, don't be silly its ridiculously expensive, not the rich .

  91. A. Macdulio

    A. Macdulio

    17 days ago

    Dude, that falling star was a real treat.

  92. Adarsh Saraswat

    Adarsh Saraswat

    17 days ago

    Cobolto blue😂

  93. Garrett Dodson

    Garrett Dodson

    17 days ago

    Why did y’all go from calling the may school suv the GLS to the GLE. The gle chassis is what took over the ML series as the midsized suv. They way i understand the it is the maybach suv is off the gls chassis

  94. Catcha Card

    Catcha Card

    18 days ago

    no way... these guys said HERE IN TORONTO.

  95. iamhole


    18 days ago

    james you horrible little man, it is not MYback it is MAYback, stop it just stop it. i can forgive the yank for saying it wrong but you were taught better. great video by the way keep up the great work.

  96. Shakiel Lwamba

    Shakiel Lwamba

    18 days ago

    I still prefer range rover

  97. Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

    Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

    18 days ago

    @UCP-fvyHcSzaEqIWxF0ksPvA @ Sadly from 2030 on all combustion cars including classics will be banned from public streets in entire EU and Scandinavia :-( In Germany the Green Peoples Party gave order to shorten fuel supply from 2025 on by reducing all conventional fuel stations to only one state operated central gas station per city or county. Now they want to slow down all the gas station fuel pumps from 20 litre per minute to 2 litre per minute...From 2027 on in the EU certain car spares will be banned too....as exhaust systems, turbo chargers and even some engine and gearbox oils...California and New York will do the same from 2027 on.... So no investments should be done in oil burning cars any longer....They even created a new kind of crime here, called "Abgasbspaßung" :-)

  98. Charlie Montero

    Charlie Montero

    19 days ago

    James love u

  99. Charlie Montero

    Charlie Montero

    19 days ago

    Cullinan is horrible a horrible box and inside a lot of luxury nobody is going to take it outdoors it just to show I have tons of money look at me Prefer the Maybach is more useful and luxurious and u can buy it all around the world