2021 Toyota Sienna | SUV vs Minivan

We review the brand new 2021 Toyota Sienna to discuss the good and bad of the major changes. Trying to blend the SUV and Hybrid Minivan together is tricky in a world obsessed with raised up cars. if you are in the market for the Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, Kia Telluride, Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, or any other large SUV watch this.

00:00 - 00:35 Intro
00:35 - 7:19 Interior Impressions
7:19 - 15:44 Mechanical Story
15:44 - 22:55 Driving Impressions
22:55 Final Thoughts


  1. Teja Gundala

    Teja Gundala

    2 days ago

    Dude, your video was awesome! I was looking for a car with excellent space for two child seats in the second row. Definitely getting a minivan

  2. Torquer


    21 day ago

    10:30. Versa? Lol, that’s a new change….

  3. Chad Monroe

    Chad Monroe

    23 days ago

    Revisiting this review mainly due to the way over inflated trucks are in my area. Remembered Mark saying many use these as haulers. Guess I’m getting old I want usability over style. 😆

  4. Shawn Warnick

    Shawn Warnick

    Month ago

    Honestly you really do not need awd south of say Pennsylvania. Shoot my wife lived in Ithica NY for 4 years with a fwd Toyota matrix and rarely had issues.

  5. Martin Mackye

    Martin Mackye

    Month ago

    Silver lake blvd.....I see ya.

  6. AdamESD


    Month ago

    I think the problem is that Toyota is trying to make it not look like a minivan, when it clearly is a minivan. Chrysler accepts that the Pacifica is a minivan, and just makes it look good and work well. I actually think the Pacifica is one of the best looking vehicles of any kind on the road.

  7. curtis wood

    curtis wood

    Month ago

    I want to say thank you very much for this video. We are expecting our second child in the fall of this year, and am a lifelong SUV owner. Trying to be a "cool" millennial dad has caused me a tone of inconvenience with our current SUV, but I never really considered buying a minivan.......until I watched this video. Watching your video helped me clear my head and make a sane decision. Your comment about "not fighting with your car" really spoke to me, as that is ALL I was doing with my SUV. As a result, we added "minivans" to our list of cars to look at. We test drove an Odyssey, Q7, X7, Telluride, Pacifica, Pallisade, Land Cruiser (*for no good reason) and then a Highlander/Sienna (back to back). We ended up buying a 2021 Toyota Sienna XSE and it has been the most convenient car I've ever owned. This car caters to my day-to-day needs/life so well that its hard to imagine I will go back to an SUV. I'm less stressed when I drive, my fuel bill basically doesn't exist anymore, and I feel kind of smug when taking my son to daycare; I see the other parents my age STRUGGLING to get their kids out of their Outback's, Q5's and Range Rover's (etc), but simply wont buy a minivan because they cant handle the stigma or god forbid it might snow and they need a huge offroader to manage the crazy back-road conditions of a downtown urban environment. Anyways, thanks again, this was genuine consumer advise that resulted in a sale. I'm a lifetime subscriber now. Keep up the good work.

  8. fleuger99


    Month ago

    This would not be on my list for two simple things, the 2nd row seats cannot be removed (a glaring omission from your review) from the vehicle nor do they fold down into the floor so you have this big vehicle that cannot be fully utilized. Secondly, I hate 4 cylinder engines due to their lack of refinement and linear performance, no matter what their HP output is. I'd probably go Pacifica with the S package. I'd be willing to give up some fuel economy for better performance and practicality.

  9. weasel884


    Month ago

    One thing that makes it OK that this has a four-cylinder and it is When you compare call four-cylinder for 30 years ago that they did not have enough power for a vehicle of the size and 30 years later they have double the power and not getting much bigger in displacement so if I were to buy one of these I would have confidence in owning one due to the fact that it would have a sufficient amount of power compared to how a four-cylinder was three years ago

  10. Chris


    Month ago

    Best general review of the sienna 4th Gen that I've seen. I'm not a mini-van guy, but seriously considering 2022 version of sienna vs suv. The key factor for me is the mileage, cargo space and towing. The 11th year battery replacement is not a deal killer at all.

  11. RSalami


    Month ago

    jacks bottle is sexually confused in the Sienna.

  12. SaztanSRG


    Month ago

    Thinking of getting this or a Lamborghini urus

  13. Jerry Mandarren

    Jerry Mandarren

    Month ago

    Mini van aka urban assault vehicle -Navy Seal

  14. J M

    J M

    Month ago

    The Sienna is a land whale. Might be a nice ride and all that good stuff, but it ain't pretty.

  15. Derek


    Month ago

    Couple ownership notes: I don't think the 21 sienna is any slower than the v6 competitors. It doesn't feel at all sluggish compared to our 21 V6 Highlander platinum If anything we notice we have much more ability to get off the line than competitors. We do get 36mpg but only with non ethanol fuel. (91 non ethy) Ethanol fuel (E10, 87)drops the fuel economy significantly, to about 30-32mpg depending on how much you're idling and using the car as a living room. It's super quiet for a non luxury car Sometimes I would rather drive our sienna than my supra as weird as that sounds. It's a very relaxing drive. The entertainment system is awesome if you're not a boomer. We hooked up an apple TV with all our subscriptions for our kid, have Verizon unlimited Hotspot for data. Engine is only loud when you're getting up to speed. Once you're at desired speed it gets very quiet again. EV mode is awesome around neighborhood and scooting around in city/town quietly adding to a stress free ride. We have a Platinum and it seems to ride better than this XSE. Very soft over bumps but still feels more like a car in the way that it handles. Handles better than the new Highlander by a Longshot. The braking capability on the AWD between the two motors regenerative braking and the huge disc brakes, it stops very well. This vehicle feels like a limo for families. The end unless I edit

  16. Daniel


    Month ago

    toys, adult toys XDDD

  17. Daniel


    Month ago

    I hate how Toyota always has to add their futuristic goth dust to their normal (or should be normal) cars

    • Daniel


      Month ago

      The front could go with a slightly smaller mouth and the back could lose its edgy mascara taillights

  18. Subtle Pro

    Subtle Pro

    2 months ago

    Nice drivetrain..but not pretty.

  19. Joe Ramos

    Joe Ramos

    2 months ago

    Best looking. Best driving. Best all around SUV / Minivan. Overall good review. 👍

  20. Suthius


    2 months ago

    I LOVE the styling of the new Sienna. Finally, IMO, it looks good...compared to previous model years.

  21. John Grano

    John Grano

    2 months ago

    Can I oil spray a Toyota hybrid without voiding warranty with Toyota on my Venza or any toyota hybrid for that matter? I think it’s BS as they want us to purchase their dumb electromagnetic rust proofing device that doesn’t work and is expensive! Can you please advise?

  22. Andrew Reitze

    Andrew Reitze

    2 months ago

    Sienna or Odyssey?

    • Andrew Reitze

      Andrew Reitze

      Month ago

      @ikelee thanks. But that’s from 2018. The models have changed a lot. Back in 2018, this sienna didn’t exist.

    • ikelee


      Month ago

      According to Consumer Reports the Odyssey is one of the least reliable vehicles on the market. acura-video.info/name/video/e360uLCrrpLY14c.html

  23. Ted Archer

    Ted Archer

    2 months ago

    I'd still take a Grand C4 spacetourer, looks way more exciting

  24. Tyler


    2 months ago

    The only downside for me is I wish minivans were higher off the ground and 4x4 capable

  25. Tyler


    2 months ago

    I love minivans. They're an economic van that I can throw my bike in and a sleeping bag for weekend travel. Hall large objects. Throw in an inflatable mattress in with a movie projector for date night with the tinder hoes. They're very spacious for activity 😏

  26. klrrafman


    2 months ago

    Minivan test - can you put 4x8 sheet in the back? = fail

  27. Stalin


    2 months ago

    Prius taxi drivers have gotten 300,000-400,000 miles out of those cars with original batteries.

  28. Enrique Hernandez

    Enrique Hernandez

    2 months ago

    Kind of curious how the AC works on this baby. I drive a Prius as my commuter and dont even dare turn the AC on going home from work on a 20 min drive because it would never cool down in time in CA.

  29. Aziz Harrington

    Aziz Harrington

    2 months ago

    “That four cylinder and cvt sound real sweet” lol words I thought I’d never hear.

  30. shinkuflame


    2 months ago

    I know too many people with SUVs who complain all the time about how they wish they could fit more people and stuff in their car. I just nod as I open the side door with my foot, holding my Baby son and a diaper bag. Change your mindset, your answer is right in front of you. Can't really go wrong with any of the vans on offer right now. To each their own!

  31. Smokey McPot

    Smokey McPot

    2 months ago

    SUVs should have sliding doors and toyota sienna needs a TRD offroad version.

  32. Bass Dojo

    Bass Dojo

    2 months ago

    The Sienna has the right size, IF toyota can package the second row seats to fold flat into the floor like the 3rd row and can fit 4x8sheets it can be a cargo van as well, make the floor rugged and strong to withstand dragging and sliding things in and out all day long, stronger Electric motor for towing upto 5000 lbs, then all of my suv and trucking needs would be fulfilled, I'll buy it in a heartbeat... then flip the seats up when you need to haul people. The problem is they designed it as a minivan....They should have started with a cargo/utility mindset and then figure out OK how to also give it minivan capabilities as well. My brother owns one and wants to trade his other car for a truck because he doesn't think his sienna can handle cargo, to him its a family hauler, because that's how toyota packaged it. The major issue is those rear seats, if you want to haul cargo it has to come out, but then you can't take passengers unless you go back and put in the seats. Put the v6 in, give it towing capability, cargo van utilities with minivan fineness and BINGO....the un-minivan minivan.

  33. Karlavilizar Smithjonesmartinez

    Karlavilizar Smithjonesmartinez

    2 months ago

    All your comments about the shocks and vibrations transmited through the body, I have to wonder what the standard suspension would be like compared to the sport tune suspension that you tested. Sometimes I wonder what the hell Toyota was thinking. I had a 2013 Prius C, and just sold off a 2020 RAV4 hybrid. They both had harsh suspension tuning that gave rise to multiple rattles. And it's not like Toyota can't do a decent suspension tune, my loing gone 2000 Corolla and current '16 Prius put the PriusC and the RAV to total shame over expansion joints asphalt patches and the general road runner that occurs here in Colorado snow belt. The Corolla's ride was pleasant rather than punishing.

  34. David Babin

    David Babin

    2 months ago

    2012 Sienna owner. Just did over a 2 thousand mile road trip from houston to pigeon forge. Four adults and two kids, all luggage in the back. 3.5l V6. It runs a bit over 2,000 rpm at 75 mph, no problem, it is made for cruising long distance. The power rear doors are great. Then if you put the back seats down you can still haul 5 people and have a huge truck bed sized space for stuff. It has been a great vehicle.

  35. Pablo Rodríguez

    Pablo Rodríguez

    2 months ago

    I have "multiple" kids

  36. Sev5454


    3 months ago

    The guy in the glasses is kind of a douche.

  37. William


    3 months ago

    It's HUGE, yet gets you 36 mpg! Perfect for lots of kids and long road trips. Why get an SUV that gets worse mileage and has much less room?

  38. [Pz] chiu

    [Pz] chiu

    3 months ago

    Is it weird that I want a minivan without any kids? I just want a bigger hatchback car but I dont like suv. Wagon would be my first choice but toyota doesnt make any.

  39. Animexstudio 123

    Animexstudio 123

    3 months ago

    I bought one and absolutely love it. Like you said in your end, I came from a Nissan rogue (in euro spec) with 7 seats. I have four kids, and we were constantly fighting with the car. No space for stroller, for bags, kids complaining they have no leg space in back seats. Even the highlander we tested was too cramped. The sliding doors is amazing, and my 2 year old can press the button, open the door, cllimb in and sit himself down in his car seat all without any help from either my wife or me. At the end of the day, it's perfect for the family, and as any dad with kids under 8 will tell you, having kids happy in the car is pretty much the dream.

  40. SCraig 2018

    SCraig 2018

    3 months ago

    When I bought my 2006 Sienna the Prius was available, at the time my sales rep said to me by the time I pay it off I would likely be able to buy a Hybrid Sienna since Toyota’s plan was to go all hybrid. It’s taken them 15 years to get to this point. I think you have to factor that in, I would not be surprised if it takes them to 2056 to go all EV. They will need to shutdown every engine and assembly plant across the globe. It’s not just like they can modify the existing plants to build EV. The 4-cylinder engine is a real concern, they tried this in 2011 and they had no resale value. The engine belts snapped and the engines had to be replaced with 6-cylinders. Plus there was not much fuel efficiency benefit, only 1 MPG difference.

  41. iniuram


    3 months ago

    people want a house in a car. they want too much. i'm fine with a suv.

  42. Sergey Alexseev

    Sergey Alexseev

    3 months ago

    I got mine 2 month ago.Nice..I like it.But, I have only one problem ,sun roof is leaking.More then 65k,what should I do?

  43. Kneaded


    3 months ago

    Condom??? Reviewing a family car ???

  44. AircraftMechanic


    3 months ago

    Just bought one yesterday. Traded in a Highlander. We have 3 kids and the sienna is a much better fit.

  45. Stre3tSurf3R


    3 months ago

    Did you say adult toys? hahahaha

  46. MrOrangeVest


    3 months ago

    Speed limit in Texas is 85 mph in parts and sometimes your are stuck behind slow traffic on a 2 lane road and need to pass. I am definitely interested in improved engine performance and a quiet cabin. Can you slide a 4x8' sheet of plywood in flat with the seats out of the way? Coming from an owner of two Siennas, 2005 and 2015. Good review but too many generalizations about what minivan drivers want that are wrong. Road handling for instance. What's wrong with having it steer and go around corners like we want it to? For us, five kids mean trucks are out of the question. Full size vans lack versatility. SUVs are just plain small and won't allow 7 or 8 occupants PLUS luggage. One do-it-all vehicle has been the Sienna. Sad to see it get downgraded.

  47. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones

    3 months ago

    A condom would have prevented the need to purchase this van in the first place. :)

    • Gregory Mize

      Gregory Mize

      3 months ago


  48. A C

    A C

    3 months ago

    These are the doors of a billionaire, richard.

  49. bonob0123


    4 months ago

    give these things some ground clearance , some plastic cladding like they did on the crosstrek, it already has awd and pitch it to the suburban "adventure" appeal. they'll sell like absolute hotcakes.

  50. william ingram jr

    william ingram jr

    4 months ago

    Can you imagine if we had a Kia carnival front end and a Toyota Sienna rear end matched together that would be the perfect vehicle exterior-wise

  51. Adam M

    Adam M

    4 months ago

    seems really loud

  52. Kris Dickson

    Kris Dickson

    4 months ago

    Why no prime option? Weird rear entertainment screen, no panoramic roof. No ottoman feature with awd? Cheap plastics interior. Almost as much hard touch plastic as Chrysler. Last Gen infotainment?

  53. Nikholys Solstek

    Nikholys Solstek

    4 months ago

    About the battery being designed to last within the warranty period, nothing more untrue. My 2005 Prius has well over 200k miles and battery continues to deliver the same mpg as when new. If you go on Prius chat forums you will find owners with proof of their hybrid cars at 400k, 500k miles that still run impeccably and deliver good mpg. The percentage of batteries drying up within 100k is extremely low. Toyota rocks, they make products with respect for consumers.

  54. Tonite's tea corner

    Tonite's tea corner

    4 months ago

    I love the new Sienna, just wished it had a little more ground height. If Toyota put sliding doors on the next Sequioa, I think it will be game changer.

  55. HeavyProfessor


    5 months ago

    Great vehicle. Hilarious. My mom had a 2002 sienna, driving us around to travel baseball games. Lasted 300,000 miles. They have come a LONG way. Cool to see.

  56. Pongsan Apichatwanitkul

    Pongsan Apichatwanitkul

    5 months ago


  57. Mark R

    Mark R

    5 months ago

    Sorry. I fell asleep. His voice does it every time!

  58. Lucas Tadeo

    Lucas Tadeo

    5 months ago

    I was surprised to learn that the new Sienna comes with ventilated rear brakes. Why is this? Do other minivans do? are they expecting big break loads? Being a hybrid I would expect most of the brake load to be done by the electric motors.

  59. Charlie P

    Charlie P

    5 months ago

    It’s getting more and more expensive to be middle class these days and in the future....I have no qualms picking up a 2011 Sienna and feeling confident it’ll run great for a long time for little costs. Forget about picking these hybrids up in 2031 and not being worried that $6000+ battery could go out at anytime, or one of those fancy battery operated doo hickeys breaking down, etc... Save money and buy a pre 2021 Sienna. Whatever you lose in gas you’ll make up for in worry free/cheaper operation and maintenance... BTW, I rented one of these and that engine was super loud and rattling and I thought it was gonna explode even under normal acceleration. And if you believe those gauges on the car, the rental said it was getting 26 mpg based on all the miles that had been driven by all the different drivers. My 2015 sienna gets 23 mpg based on what the car says🤷‍♂️

  60. Bob Watson

    Bob Watson

    5 months ago

    I was hung up at first because the middle row seats can't be removed...on the odd chance that I need a load of plywood. Then I remembered that I can get the plywood delivered. It's not hard, folks.

  61. george v

    george v

    5 months ago

    I love that everyone hates minivans. That means that people like me can get sweet deals. I’m a car enthusiast and an engineer. I love cars that are purpose built. CUVs try to do too many things and often fail. I currently have a CRV and I can barely fit my family of 3 with a dog. I’m currently on the market for a minivan: Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. I don’t like CVTs though. Honda seems to get them right. Toyota/Lexus doesn’t. My hybrid Lexus is stupid slow.

  62. Tim Jerome

    Tim Jerome

    5 months ago

    Savage technical detail! Well done.

  63. Tgon Mwort

    Tgon Mwort

    5 months ago

    I like the KIA carnival

  64. proverbs31woman31


    5 months ago

    I believe, I receive!!

  65. Eugene POLYAKOV

    Eugene POLYAKOV

    5 months ago

    Was seriously looking at Sienna but for Non-Stow And Go even Non-removable, 2nd row seats 💺 is Big mistake, as well as the absence of a panoramic roof. That's why I choose less expensive $7,500 FEDERAL TAX CREDIT, Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid.

  66. Steve k

    Steve k

    5 months ago

    Expedition extended length 72 grand and up for mid-level trim. Ground clearance 9.6 inches. GMC Yukon 80 grand for mid level to top level trim and 8.6 inch approximate ground clearance. Top of the line Sienna and Pacifica three inches lower, 45 extra cubic feet cargo for about...20 grand LESS. So if you are not going off road like a jeep, if you don't mind the "sloped nose" and saving nearly 20 grand and better MPG, then it is worth looking into. Ego vs Numbers here.

  67. Steve k

    Steve k

    5 months ago

    As a long haul trucker who had a long 720 mile one way commute from home to work and back, I can see a minivan as an ideal vehicle for hauling cargo and groceries from home to truck while saving on fuel and extra cargo room on a trip. nearly 145 cu. ft compared to the Ford Expedition extended length of 104 cu. ft. it boils down to 2 choices for me Hybrid AWD where second row does NOT store in floor thus less cargo room...Sienna vs. Chrysler Pacifica that does store second row seat in floor and in AWD but no hybrid fuel economy in AWD. ALL I WANT is a minivan hybrid with AWD where its second row seats stow away in the floor...is that too much to ask?

  68. dhowar


    5 months ago

    I like bumpers. My 2007 has them this one does not. How can I adjust things on the roof?

  69. Christy Rath

    Christy Rath

    5 months ago

    Just traded my Sequoia for the Sienna. I love it!!!!

  70. tomf429


    5 months ago

    Don’t buy this without looking at the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In. Drive them both. Then, make an informed decision. Both are nice cars. I chose the Pacifica.

  71. MerlinMoorlo


    5 months ago

    What engine inside?? Hybrid?

  72. moicus29


    5 months ago

    They're not gonna put 400k on those hybrids😄

  73. selvakumar kanagarajan

    selvakumar kanagarajan

    5 months ago

    awesome explanation, loved it.

  74. Edgar Ben Joseph

    Edgar Ben Joseph

    6 months ago

    That grill... Jesus ! Incredible how Toyota just doesn't know how to style their vehicles lol

  75. Andrew Phillips

    Andrew Phillips

    6 months ago

    I’m proud to admit that I drive like an asshole too.

  76. Bruce BECKNER

    Bruce BECKNER

    6 months ago

    So this is fine when you’re hauling two people on relatively flat terrain. Suppose, however, that you fill 2 more of those seats and you’re in the mountains or even rolling terrain. Is that little 4-cylinder going to be wailing away pulling that load up a hill with 245 horsepower (or less if the battery is drained on a long grade)?

  77. NorthVan Larry

    NorthVan Larry

    6 months ago

    Is this Sienna hybrid the same as RAV 4 Prime?

    • ikelee


      6 months ago

      No. It’s more like the Highlander Hybrid

  78. James Dearyan

    James Dearyan

    6 months ago

    Stumbled on this video and looks like you're driving down a road I drive on all the time!

  79. Food Paradise

    Food Paradise

    6 months ago

    If this trend continues, I assume Americans build their houses like an SUV soon.

  80. M J

    M J

    6 months ago

    I wish they kept a non-hybrid version. Over the years i've known a bunch of people that bought highlander hybrids that would have lots of issues with the hybrid system after 5 years. The hybrid system is too expensive to fix and just not as reliable as a regular non-hybrid toyota product.

  81. tundralou


    6 months ago

    Well,they just towed my Ford Aerostar AWD away and I loved that van-not everyone hates vans,

  82. Harv Heavener

    Harv Heavener

    6 months ago

    The more these mini-van evolve. The more they look and work like the Pontiac Aztek...

  83. John Ng

    John Ng

    6 months ago

    I don’t think you need condoms driving a Sienna. Because you are likely to be married with 3-4 screaming kids and are not getting any from the misses. With that said... my wife and I have a 2015 LE. So let the roasting begin... hehehe 😝

  84. Jd Sergi

    Jd Sergi

    6 months ago

    That’s the best all-around automobile you can buy. It has a 600+ mile range, endless cargo/people flexibility and it’ll get you 150k miles without issue. Plus it’ll hold value. The Chrysler is a Chrysler and the Honda is a clear second place. If you have 40k-45k to spend on one car it’s hard to find something better.

  85. Bender


    6 months ago

    Bought a new 2011 Sienna and Highlander. My wife asked me why I stopped washing the Highlander two years ago but not the Sienna...because I want the damn thing to rust out so I can get a new vehicle.

  86. Steve Park

    Steve Park

    7 months ago

    Not sure if anyone else mentioned this before in the comments but the previous gen Sienna had intermediate shaft in the steering column issues and rear alignment that has very limited adjustability. Has these issues been addressed in this new gen from what you have observed while doing this review?

  87. Galin Valev

    Galin Valev

    7 months ago


  88. Thomas Qin

    Thomas Qin

    7 months ago

    At 5:58, is it easy to get the baby into the rear facing car seat when you have the front passenger sitting in that position? Or do you have to load the baby from the opposite side? There seems just not much room to put the baby in when you have a larger/taller rear facing child seat against the front seat.

  89. C D

    C D

    7 months ago

    This is a very good review, thank you!

  90. sam v

    sam v

    7 months ago

    There is no 8 seat option for limited awd version and this van looks like big trash bin😖

  91. B B

    B B

    7 months ago

    I'd love to buy this vehicle. Unfortunately I need to be able to remove that second row of seats.

  92. Tom


    7 months ago

    We used to own 2 chrysler minivans. Please don't compare Honda to them please!! We're empty nesters with a full size pickup and we're looking to downsizing but need awd or 4wd in winter. I'm very close to going back to a minivan, sienna due to the awd. Winter tires are a must! TY

  93. cedar23CA


    7 months ago

    wait, so s2fast fixes hybrids and EV for a living and is a S2000 fanatic? the irony

  94. BOT Chad

    BOT Chad

    7 months ago

    Of all the details I've caught on to with these videos the faux-holo sticker left on the Reebok hat might be my favorite. Practical, balling, and considerate all in one pretentious package.

  95. Cela Nichifor

    Cela Nichifor

    7 months ago

    Cite locuri are?

  96. Kamuichan99


    7 months ago

    It's a western thing where people love pointless Super Useless Vehicles to simulate an offroader for city driving - can't get more stupid. In Japan Minivans are king. CEOs there don't ride an Mercedes S-Class, they ride an Toyota Alphard luxury Minivan.

  97. Matthew Albers

    Matthew Albers

    7 months ago

    load that thing up with 5 people - luggage and sh$t for a vacation - and it would be dangerous on the highway....

  98. martin martin

    martin martin

    7 months ago

    10:03 hope that all those shield plate still be in place in a few years .I had two Matrix and a Vibe and all these plates fell with months of rattles before . With the Matrix you could get rid of them but here with all those batteries ,I don't think so.

  99. martin martin

    martin martin

    7 months ago

    The most annoying thing for me that wants a small camper & want going to the rear without going outside is precisely this bulky and wide central console that can't be removed without demolishing the dashboard .

  100. Alex LaJeunesse

    Alex LaJeunesse

    7 months ago

    I know how good the outgoing Sienna SE was. I’m extremely excited that the entire Sienna line is now hybrid with AWD available. I have no reason to buy one other than maybe as a road tripper/outdoor activity/camper vehicle, but I want one!