2022 Acura TLX Type S | Back From the Dead

We review the latest revival from Acura, the 2022 TLX Type S. As they attempt to reboot the badge, the new turbocharged V6, and SH AWD bait enthusiasts to try the next-generation cars and upcoming MDX Type S. We cover in great detail the good, bad, and engineering of what this car has become. The other options are the Genesis G70, Mercedes C43, BMW 3 Series, and Audi S4. Is this enough to generate excitement for sedans again?

00:00 Intro
1:19 Interior Impressions
4:07 Mechanical Impressions - What is Type S
4:59 The Mechanical Value and Differences of Type S
6:50 Suspension and Chassis Changes
8:20 Brakes and Steering Rack
11:24 Weight Balances
11:35 Why No RWD?
11:53 Engine and Transmission
16:00 Driving Impressions
25:58 Final Thoughts


  1. Coconut Waffle

    Coconut Waffle

    14 hours ago

    Really impressed with the exterior, tech, interior but the massive size (194.6" length) and ~4200 lb curb weight is just excessive.

  2. Chris Keo

    Chris Keo

    4 days ago

    Outdated af.

  3. FiggyG 69

    FiggyG 69

    6 days ago

    Sounds like the transmission ruins the car.

  4. Jack Sailor

    Jack Sailor

    9 days ago

    Brilliant Reviews from this channel! Please = What is the melody name in the beginning at 00:20? Great one!

  5. David Selinger

    David Selinger

    19 days ago

    Superb video guys! Also, is that final tune at the end the song music from Phantasy Star? Wow, that was unexpected.

  6. Tommy Geary

    Tommy Geary

    21 day ago

    Acura's comparison chat has at least 1 error: the Audi S4 has had an 8 speed auto for quite a while I believe...

  7. Adam Y

    Adam Y

    23 days ago

    Once they killed the VTEC they lost heir loyal customer base.

  8. Ivo Ivan

    Ivo Ivan

    24 days ago

    looks like a great car. Good job Honda

  9. Blueryx Falls

    Blueryx Falls

    24 days ago

    4:33 LMFAOOO

  10. Vito B

    Vito B

    24 days ago

    Just wanted you guys to know that your review of the type s persuaded me to decide on this model vs the Lexus IS 350 and the bmw m340. The value this car brings compared to the other competitors far exceeds them. Thank you for a very through analysis and information that was provided with unbiased review.

  11. BlueRice


    26 days ago

    acura has always been build in ohio. high quality and reliable

  12. BiG BeAR

    BiG BeAR

    28 days ago

    Nice engine to Tune with. Slap a KTuner on there and I’m sure there’s so much left to ring out of even just with the stock motor. Until you hit fuel limits on the injectors. With some larger injectors, larger intercooler, better exhaust manifold, intake and the rest of exhaust, this prob can wring out close to or over 450HP. Then u can get to actually building the motor…cams, pistons, larger turbo…should be fun.

  13. Greg Henry

    Greg Henry

    29 days ago

    Just test drove this car. Your review was spot on. The turbo lag and low redline are annoying, but the true dealbreaker is the transmission. The early upshifts when in manual mode - especially from 1st to 2nd - are not acceptable.

  14. Hemlawk AKA EDK

    Hemlawk AKA EDK

    Month ago

    I just want a sweet daily driver that will be reliable with some mileage in the future.

  15. lew dards

    lew dards

    Month ago

    when will turboski come back

  16. JSPH :

    JSPH :

    Month ago

    Honda fans will find a way to tune the transmission... better yet, lets hope for a Transmission software update! its possible! Remember the the 4th Gen TL has transmission issues, and it wasn't the transmission itself but a tweak in the software.

  17. Gabriel Beltran

    Gabriel Beltran

    Month ago

    The honest review I’ve been looking for, thank you.

  18. Lou M.

    Lou M.

    Month ago

    They need a Ridgeline type-S

  19. Mr Fister

    Mr Fister

    Month ago

    Too bad Australia can't get these kind of vehicles to bring excitement back to the Honda brand.

  20. 2020


    Month ago

    Only waiting for the screen to be touch to be the best sedan out there!

  21. ZiggyBoon


    Month ago

    If I can be anybody and drive like a maniac, then that's what I'm going to be. Anybody. Drive like a maniac.

  22. Jamie Bagala

    Jamie Bagala

    Month ago

    If this was on Netflix I’d subscribe for that reason alone, if this was on Stan I’d subscribe, hell if this was early release on Disney plus I’d buy it. This content, this channel, it’s not one of the best, it is simple “the best”. I came for the original ND Mx5 review many years ago, was blown away by someone articulating what I felt when I bought that car and have been completely hooked watching each video. Even the products we don’t get in Australia, even the products I love to hate like the cookie cutter Toyota Camry, I’ve grown to appreciate through your insight what makes them great and why some things are just better engineered than others. Thank you Mark and Jack. Whatever I buy next it will almost certainly be heavily influenced by what I’ve seen on your channel.

  23. Freedom Watch

    Freedom Watch

    Month ago


  24. Alan Sanchez

    Alan Sanchez

    Month ago

    great review

  25. CB L

    CB L

    Month ago

    I watched a lot if the vids for this car. These guys are the most thorough. As with all the reviews they are “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” when it comes to design and the mechanics they would like. It’s a solid car. Acura always gives you bang for your buck. You just need more bucks!

  26. Zatharos


    Month ago

    What a fucking shame the car still auto upshifts like an econo box. This absolutely NEEDS to change if they want actual enthusiasts to pick this over its competitors

  27. Kevin bond

    Kevin bond

    Month ago

    Jack: "Dynamically...it's kind of a let down". Best take on this car thus far.

  28. Air Expedition

    Air Expedition

    Month ago

    This should be the A spec model. The Type S should really be made to the level of the BMW M340Xi for that money.

  29. Tony


    Month ago

    4200 libs. ,push buttons transmission , trackpad, underpowered and overpriced. Several cars at this level do much better.

  30. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnson

    Month ago

    Don’t like Acura interior style. Bet Acura could have plagiarized the new Civic interior and Honda wouldn’t have minded.

  31. Ens tz

    Ens tz

    Month ago

    5:12 since when did the B9 S4 get a DCT? I thought ZF 8HP was the only option.

  32. SpartanCL1989


    Month ago

    The fact this isn’t the biggest car review channel on ACURA shows the state of our society. So many people just watch these goofs read off the window sticker and edit a video with a lot of cuts while yelling, instead of a thorough expert analysis. Keep it up Geese

  33. Taylor King Real Estate

    Taylor King Real Estate

    Month ago

    timing belt still? WTH Honda?

  34. Terrell Cole

    Terrell Cole

    Month ago

    Best overview for the TLX Type S on the internet. Great job and thank you.

  35. Piloteering Overlander

    Piloteering Overlander

    Month ago

    For the price I'd take a Kia fully loaded all day long. I'll pass. I'd rather a fully loaded accord. Acura does nothing for me.

  36. Roy Junior

    Roy Junior

    Month ago

    Great review! After watching now wish Acura would make a Type R version. For 53k I expected better from the transmission over my 2.0 Accord Sport. The shifting characteristics mentioned here is similar to what I experience with the 2.0 Accord. Very short 1st gear and sport mode drives better in full auto.

  37. drroger98


    Month ago

    So this or G70 or Stinger? Seems similar cars

  38. John P Rosas

    John P Rosas

    2 months ago

    I test dove this cause I need to find a new car to replace my Accord V6 6 speed Coupe. But the most important part of the car, the transmission, just doesn’t work. There is no manual mode, so even when you’re using the paddles the car shifts how it wants. You can’t just hold a gear and listen to the exhaust sound. If you’re not accelerating then the trans will just upshift. I can understand if it auto shifts at redline, but why is it shifting at 3k rpm when I’m cruising and want to hear the engine and exhaust sound? What’s the point of the paddles if there’s no manual mode?

  39. J Kelly

    J Kelly

    2 months ago

    "lets go over the pros and cons, theres a lot".......left this video with a lot to be desired with that "long list". amazing video other than that guys!

  40. CPRo


    2 months ago

    I'll buy one of these in a few years when used car market levels out. Hopefully be able to get one under 45k with like 30-50k miles. Absolutely amazing car but still a bit pricey.

  41. strtupg


    2 months ago

    Points well made. But, sub 5% of the owners will notice what was mentioned regarding redline and first gear shifting. What it will give you is a powerful, fun and well built Acura that will last a long time.

  42. ftr911drvr


    2 months ago

    Frankly it's a disappointment, it looks great but it's slow for what it is as quick as the Honda Accord is I was really expecting alot more from this type s . For the price it's not bad because it's really priced against the base versions of the best in class but it's no match for the S4, M340i, or C43AMG

  43. Tom Forstik

    Tom Forstik

    2 months ago

    What an amazingly thorough review. Great work guys!

  44. Brian Madison

    Brian Madison

    2 months ago

    I could do without the push button gear selector, especially on a car this sporty. At least Acura stuck with real analog gauges.

  45. juan DeLaPena

    juan DeLaPena

    2 months ago

    The from a dead stop has always been there I have that in my 07 tl type s looks like Acura hasn’t fixed that

  46. SBF HAWK


    2 months ago

    I am all for this car. I have a CRX that runs 11s so I do not need a car sedan that runs 12s. I have a Supra too. But i want a 4 door that runs well is comfortable one that will last and will be reliable. That little 25 percent that your talking about Dude I tell you in time those guys that tuned my CRX will find the ways to get this car to boost lower and to rocket out of launch mode. They want the car to last a long time. They do not want you to jack the transmission. Why do you think those Shit N Ws run so well but do not last very long. They cant hold together well. This car gives you plenty without worrying about breaking parts. What more can you ask for.

  47. s song

    s song

    2 months ago

    The type s stands for Slow. I’ll still take it tho

  48. Nathan Robert

    Nathan Robert

    2 months ago

    Feels like they got this from Jay Wolfe Acura and drove through Eastern Kansas.

  49. ayomaggotz


    2 months ago

    That wrap around shot @ 16:25 is sick. Shout out to the camera man

  50. Chris Keo

    Chris Keo

    2 months ago

    All that $ for a dope car but .....the infortainment 😂😂😂😂😂 wtf

  51. columbiars


    2 months ago

    All Acura cars from 2019 onwards are certainly beautiful! They have come back from the ashes somehow like the phoenix.

  52. combined effects

    combined effects

    2 months ago

    Hey guys - I have to agree with some of your loyal supporters - your level of dedication to your vocation here is stratospheric. Respect!

  53. OspreyBravo18


    2 months ago

    I don't think the engine will live up to the old one...even if it's more powerful the sound the old Type S made with a nice exhaust was something else.

  54. C R

    C R

    2 months ago

    “It has such an good road presence.” It literally has zero road presence. Just blends in. Styling isn’t great, proportions are wrong and they’re too big and heavy. So far it’s the slowest in the segment. Hard pass.

  55. Dan Wallace

    Dan Wallace

    2 months ago

    The envious quartz muhly unlock because freeze karyologically consist plus a embarrassed ethiopia. jolly, quick carnation

  56. jibba jABBA

    jibba jABBA

    2 months ago

    this in blue is easily the best looking car on the road today

  57. BIG Al

    BIG Al

    2 months ago

    What is the name of the intro music?

  58. Splak _

    Splak _

    2 months ago

    12:06 "Fine-particle peen hardens surface" 👀

  59. degoek


    2 months ago

    Id rather have this car than an Audi s4. Acura all day.

  60. out 4lox

    out 4lox

    2 months ago

    you guys continue to operate on a level strikingly clearly above and beyond your competitors or colleagues. and you make several of them look like absolute jokes. it's almost hysterically funny to me; one i can think of actually has more subscribers. and the guy doesn't know the difference between a carburetor, a dirty ashtray or a sex toy.

  61. Sergey Melnik

    Sergey Melnik

    2 months ago

    Id never cross shop this with something like the stinger and m340i due to it being fwd based even though it seems like a good car. The stereo frequency response is ok. I dont like that massive peak around 18khz but most people who buy this car dont hear that high anyway. The gti you just tested had one of the best frequency response graphs Ive seen, better than some studio monitors.

  62. Polat Alemdar

    Polat Alemdar

    2 months ago

    Roof should be panoramic sunroof

  63. wunderglass777


    2 months ago

    Great weighing of pros & cons. Glad to see the call-out on the piano-black center console -ugh! -so dated and lazy on Honda's part.

  64. Expat Johnny

    Expat Johnny

    2 months ago

    Sadly, look up pictures of a Mercedes Benz C43 AMG steering wheel, then read down the list of it’s features. It’s McDowell’s. 😂

  65. Deerreading


    2 months ago

    I will buy one in 6 years when my 07 rdx dies.

  66. Dante Everheart

    Dante Everheart

    2 months ago

    Acura did a damn good job on this! I love how they capitalized on their signature front end styling. And Honda/Acura make design some of the best headlights in the industry.

  67. Mulisha Beats

    Mulisha Beats

    2 months ago

    Whats the name of the song ? On the intro

  68. biser ivanov

    biser ivanov

    2 months ago

    Jesus Christ.... what a machine!!! Absolutely insane

  69. Mister J 23

    Mister J 23

    2 months ago

    Launch it in second gear

  70. Mistah Miggy

    Mistah Miggy

    2 months ago

    I'm probably in the minority, but I think this car would've been complete with a manual option.

  71. Scott Vaj

    Scott Vaj

    2 months ago

    As a former owner of the 1st and 2nd gen TL Type-S, I always felt it was the underdog in it's class. I am excited to see this latest model finally has the specs of true sports sedan!

  72. Allenwrench


    2 months ago

    Door handle positions are really weird .

  73. P Lei

    P Lei

    2 months ago

    With your personal feel, do you think in general will this car be more expensive on maintenance comparing with the outgoing previous generation naturally aspirated V6?

    • savagegeese


      2 months ago

      Yes for sure., more complexity over all.

  74. P Lei

    P Lei

    2 months ago

    I know if it’s two quite different car but if you were to choose between the Acura TLX Type S vs a one year old used Mercedes E450 that both costs the same price, will you pick one over the other. I like both but i still think the E450 better built and quieter. Please give me a 2 cents for my decision.

  75. Pine City

    Pine City

    2 months ago

    These cars might as well not exist, went to the Acura dealership a few days ago and they said they can only get 6 of these cars for the entire year and they were all sold at above MSRP. Absolutely a joke. They need to stop treating these cars like Bugatti's.

    • wongchai807


      2 months ago

      Lol to be expected. The civic type r being sold for 60-70k. The c8 no less than 80k any special car will be more. I believe they're only building 2k.

  76. Racer- X

    Racer- X

    2 months ago

    Wonder if that motor will make its way into the Odyssey….🤔🤞🏻

  77. Alexander Domínguez

    Alexander Domínguez

    2 months ago

    Bla,bla,bla,bla ,can't feel the car ,only bla bla

  78. Professor Pesca

    Professor Pesca

    2 months ago

    I wish we had stuff like this in the UK - we’re extremely limited in non-German premium saloons/sedans and with Infiniti leaving the market and Lexus discontinuing the IS for us the future looks dull indeed for those of us not interested in crossovers or SUVs. Great video as ever.

  79. Learn 2 Swim

    Learn 2 Swim

    2 months ago

    Thanks for the timestamps

  80. Roger Spalding

    Roger Spalding

    2 months ago

    I simply refuse to spend my hard earned scratch on any vehicle that has cylinder deactivation. This includes the new 5.0 liter V8 in the Ford F-150, or any other GM product, including Corvette and Camaro. Fortunately, the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 has not yet be ruined, I believe. Once the eco-nannies get their hands on the Ecoboost V6 or the Cadillac V6s, I guess it will all be over. Maybe the Honda faithful have no problem with counter-engineering. Many truck buyers are moving to the well engineered 6 cylinder diesel engines in the 150 - 1500 series instead of ruined V8s.

  81. WSL


    2 months ago

    May have to give up on my loyalty to Lexus. This Acura is the sweet spot between a IS350 F sport and the upcoming IS 500.

  82. Ash Aldridge

    Ash Aldridge

    2 months ago


  83. John Doe

    John Doe

    2 months ago

    initial D "Running in the 90s". lol

  84. Victor_Von_DOOM!


    2 months ago


  85. GetoverYourself


    2 months ago

    Another imitation BMW that falls far short, even in reliability.

  86. kjoey


    2 months ago

    The cars size is a let down. Too big!

  87. Gary Napoli

    Gary Napoli

    2 months ago

    Do you think it's faster than the Kia stinger/G70

  88. tbone21158


    2 months ago

    This blue color makes the Tiger Eye yellow color look like cheap mustard!

  89. Lil Wank

    Lil Wank

    2 months ago

    really excited to see what happens when the tuners get a hold of these

  90. Maxwell Wellmax

    Maxwell Wellmax

    2 months ago

    Wow, wish I could afford one :)

  91. Tramaine Mason

    Tramaine Mason

    2 months ago

    My hang up with this car is the analog gouges. Even Hyundai has digital LCD screen gouges now. Thought for sure a 2022 Acura TLX would have it.

  92. Steve Strang

    Steve Strang

    2 months ago

    Your production is so good! Excellent review!

  93. Precision Laser

    Precision Laser

    2 months ago

    Does this type s use timing chain? Do you know how much belt it carry exactly.

  94. Sam Franke

    Sam Franke

    2 months ago

    Interesting, Doug said the handling sucks.

    • Sam Franke

      Sam Franke

      2 months ago

      @Gregory Mize yeah... Doug

    • Gregory Mize

      Gregory Mize

      2 months ago


  95. RR Cherry

    RR Cherry

    2 months ago

    First gear seems neutered in most vehicles these days. Honda, Mazda, Toyota...nissan...anything with decent power.

  96. TPCV2


    2 months ago

    Great production values as always! The bias is still grating but, such is life. Stinger bests the TLX all the way around (Still so funny to harken back to that review (where Goose wasn't paid for the lavish comments) then see this, where the pockets get lined!)

  97. Kevin James

    Kevin James

    2 months ago

    They should make an R.... Sounds capable....but not fun. Audi and Acura seem allergic to fun driving cars.

  98. HMONG Meskas

    HMONG Meskas

    2 months ago

    No manual? I don't buy

  99. John Lukach

    John Lukach

    2 months ago

    It has the look but this really needs to have 390 to 440hp. The old v6 had 300hp this has turbo so why so little?

  100. chicho


    2 months ago

    Looks like a cheap copy of Audi 🤷🏻‍♂️