2022 Acura MDX Review: A reinvigorated contender | CarGurus

The all-new Acura MDX looks better, drives better, and sounds better.
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The 2022 Acura MDX arrives redesigned and reinvigorated. Forrest Jones takes it through its paces in Southern California to determine if the new MDX A-Spec can compete against the likes of the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Genesis GV80, Volvo V90, and Lexus RX L.
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Presenter: Forrest Jones
Cinematography: Phil Shuyler
Written Review: Jason Fogelson
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0:00 Introducing the 2022 Acura MDX
2:02 Under the Hood
2:46 The MDX Interior
4:50 Infotainment System
6:27 2nd & 3rd Row Seating
8:12 Cargo Space
9:06 Driving Impressions
13:16 Pricing and the Competition
13:51 Wrap-up and Final Thoughts


  1. M7 Productions

    M7 Productions

    12 hours ago

    In my opinion 8 to 10k overpriced

  2. terrell penny

    terrell penny

    Day ago

    Not worth it. Overpriced xline sorento is better

  3. Jermaine Vaughn

    Jermaine Vaughn

    Day ago

    This is nice am going to get it it cool good job Acura

  4. Ram 4570

    Ram 4570

    2 days ago

    No pony tails for me

  5. Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson

    2 days ago

    Great video,,,,, The aluminum trim should have a Carbon Fiber option. Hybrid Performance option in the Type S should be a detuned NSX drivetrain. This is the color combination I liked to replace my 2010 Advance Model. Great vehicle.

  6. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen

    3 days ago

    Don’t buy mdx it’s not worthy for that prices......just throw in a few thousand more for 2021 GLE350

  7. wyaldkingdom


    3 days ago

    Please make the Acura emblem bigger on the front grille. My friend on the moon can see it but my friend on Mars cannot. Lol

  8. wongchai807


    3 days ago

    Gorgeous...waiting for the type S!!

  9. 221ddj


    5 days ago

    I came super close to getting one of these...the power plant is just way too sluggish. I test drove the FWD and AWD version and they both felt super heavy. The A-Spec looks cool, but until they put that Type S engine in it, it's not worth it if you enjoy speed and throttle response. If you are a slow driver, but you want to look like you're fast, this is perfectly fine.

  10. Bob Lewis

    Bob Lewis

    5 days ago

    Too late Honda. You lost it.

  11. Bob Lewis

    Bob Lewis

    5 days ago

    Missing? Hybrid!

  12. Bob Lewis

    Bob Lewis

    5 days ago

    Yo I ain't listening. Go sing a reggae song instead. Lol

  13. J. Dere

    J. Dere

    5 days ago

    Own a 1990 Integra when it first come out. Love it and fun vehicle to drive and it had over 200K miles before I relinquished. The MDX is a great SUV. I look at it years later thinking of buying one. Somehow something about it made me to not buy one. When I was shopping for a luxury sedan, I test drove the RL. Everything is beautiful about the vehicle, that is until you take it on the road. That same old six cylinder is just no fun to drive. Unlike BMW, Mercedes or other EU luxury cars, the guide by wire respond from the RL has that delay respond when you step on the accelerator. Any 3 or 5 series BMW with make the RL eat dust. From 1989 to 2021, Acura still uses that same tire engine. Even though Acura is a well built vehicle, I'd would not even consider buy one.

  14. Pete B

    Pete B

    6 days ago

    Just bought a 2018 mdx which looks completely underwhelming compared to this 😂

  15. Harry Axe

    Harry Axe

    8 days ago

    Still using the same idiotic mouse pad and a navigation system that IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN!!! Still have to REWIRE THE HUMAN BRAIN to make this system work while the car si actually underway!!!!

  16. Khafre Bevins

    Khafre Bevins

    8 days ago

    2.0t is fine but let’s not forget this is a very heavy vehicle heavier than the last generation

  17. Khafre Bevins

    Khafre Bevins

    8 days ago

    I don’t understand why all you guys reviewing these car especially the TlX and MDX A spec keep looking for that sportiness in the A spec trim. The A spec is a Appearance package also compared to the German vehicles you get a ton of features standard in the MDX that you don’t get in its rivals. You will be spend $10,000 to $30,000 more with the German suvs

  18. Aris k. Ramos Bautista

    Aris k. Ramos Bautista

    9 days ago

    Nice interior but ....Hyundai Palisade better 💯✅

  19. Purunhanul Sonamu

    Purunhanul Sonamu

    11 days ago

    I've had Oldsmobile Cutlas Cierra, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda CRV, Acura MDX, Volkswagon Tiguan. Oldsmobile was the worst you can find. It literally was a car from hell. Breaking down every six months. 2014 Acura MDX is the second worst one. It broke down 6 times in 7 years. Acura MDX being made in Canada is not the same Acura MDX from Japan. I believe Acura are still built in Canada and the U.S. Good luck to future Acura owners.

  20. Devonte Hill

    Devonte Hill

    11 days ago

    I just like hearing you talk about 🚗 😍

  21. M4st3rm1nd


    12 days ago

    He always says I would not have recommended the last gen when the new gen comes out.

  22. EA0422


    13 days ago

    Just bought 2022 MDX TECH - Performance Pearl Red - I am happy camper - love the quite responsive ride and it is just a great looking SUV

  23. Anderson C

    Anderson C

    14 days ago

    I think it's VERY odd in this day and age when certain manufacturers decide NOT to include features commonly found in other brands/models e.g. front/rear camera/sensors. 360 camera. Park Assist (auto parallel/perp parks itself)... Would that cost Honda/Acura business? Possibly. TECH drives sales...realistically...more than performance. Especially when we're talking about SUV's. 99% of which will never be driven off pavement. So the "off-road ability" REALISTICALLY isn't needed. The more TECH in the SUV the better plus I think a rear window/door that is as vertical as possible (e.g. Merc G-wagon, Land Rover Defender...)...

  24. Ramiro Salazar

    Ramiro Salazar

    16 days ago

    thiis is a good suv but to expensive for me over $60 .000

  25. 北美老K


    16 days ago

    Great car. Thank you

  26. ConveyThis - Language Translation of Websites

    ConveyThis - Language Translation of Websites

    18 days ago

    MDX looks really cramped inside. Small seats for both drivers and the passengers. Built for small people 5'7 I guess.

  27. GT -C-

    GT -C-

    18 days ago

    In the first 25 seconds..."TO BE HONEST"...what else would be expected from you? NOT SMART saying this...especially when reviewing a car!

  28. n n

    n n

    20 days ago

    I wish they did a little bit more aesthetics wise to separate this car from the previous generation

  29. alex s

    alex s

    20 days ago

    Sounds like infomercial paid by Acura

  30. Emmanuel Adjei

    Emmanuel Adjei

    20 days ago

    Acura the best so far

  31. Jason Reid

    Jason Reid

    21 day ago

    My dream car

  32. ksb k

    ksb k

    23 days ago

    All new cars are over priced, but in 2 to 3yrs ill be getting that advanced top level trim

  33. Miguel Vargas

    Miguel Vargas

    25 days ago


  34. Kwa B

    Kwa B

    26 days ago

    Love this model! I been waiting for Acura to up the MDX in space.

  35. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    26 days ago

    Why no hybrid?

  36. Deepanshu _053

    Deepanshu _053

    26 days ago

    This would look good in 'British Racing Green'

  37. Will Smith

    Will Smith

    29 days ago

    I have a Toyota XSE and now I want that car in an SUV .... this is deff it ....!!! I’m bothered by the lack of a heads up display tho ...!!!

  38. Supreme Being

    Supreme Being

    Month ago

    Ehh It’s getting there but not trading in my Q7 for this

  39. Jerome91


    Month ago

    If feel that Acura needs to take a page out of Ford's book and start offering for trim levels and engine types to their vehicles.

  40. 2 Steak Sandwiches

    2 Steak Sandwiches

    Month ago

    Where are armrests for captains chairs in 2nd row. ? Volvo have the same oddity

  41. kinoman emeryt

    kinoman emeryt

    Month ago

    I wish they also offered this model with 2 row seat configuration. I am sure there are people who would prefer to have a regular size trunk instead of mostly useless 3rd row of "kind of" seats. Other than that I like the car very much and would definitively purchase it but not in 3 row configuration.

  42. 1stR 2Lost

    1stR 2Lost

    Month ago

    Is this a walk around or a review of using the vehicle?

  43. Demarco Powell

    Demarco Powell

    Month ago

    I can’t wait to see what the next Honda Pilot looks like . I’m empress with My 2017 , and the salesmen keeps emailing me about the new enhanced version but going to wait for a new design of the pilot

  44. Leandro Garcia

    Leandro Garcia

    Month ago

    2nd row seats very uncomfortable not even for a small drive 3rd row kids only Driver seat for slim person Beautiful interior but not practical

  45. Island Knight

    Island Knight

    Month ago

    I’m still seeing CX-9 😳😳

  46. XXtheJUMPoffXX


    Month ago

    Rear looks like an Infiniti

  47. Vu Dang

    Vu Dang

    Month ago


  48. bijaica


    Month ago

    Big NO without a basic touch screen!

  49. Phillip Grady

    Phillip Grady

    Month ago

    Very good review! I like the interior of the car. Not sure about that front grill; might look better in another color which is ironic because the previous model looked best in this dark grey color.

  50. Karim Selkridge

    Karim Selkridge

    Month ago

    I'm seriously upset.... why does this look more like the Type S Concept than the F'n TLX??? Smh

  51. Omair Sheikh

    Omair Sheikh

    Month ago

    Sounds so similar to the 1st gen NSX, love that V6

  52. ZeerXX


    Month ago

    there is not a suv in this category that looks better than this. Not overdesigned , striking lines and super reliable.

    • KL


      23 days ago

      I think this is the perfect one-car choice. Perfect balance of everything with supermodel looks and great reliability. Just wish I didn't have to wait a few years to afford one.

    • ZeerXX


      Month ago

      @Huy Luu I'm sure the gv80 was nice but I've had my experience with Korean cars and they have tarnished my image of them.

    • Huy Luu

      Huy Luu

      Month ago

      @ZeerXX I hope Type S would change my mind. Agreed on the reliability of an Acura. But Korean cars nowadays have about the same reliability. They poked engineers from other brands so I'm not surprised. The GV80 car got so many awards from all over the world that you can't just ignore it. Most recently it's named top SUV in its class by Cars and Driver. I test drove both this and the GV80 and was blown away by the craftsmanship of the GV80. This car was just meh for the money you spend imho.

    • ZeerXX


      Month ago

      @Huy Luu I dont want garbage german cars and that grille on gv80 is a deal breaker. Plus I would never spend that kind of money on a Korean car. Acura has a conservative style with aggressive but not over the top design. And that interior is awesome. And the biggest seller is reliability and resale value. Can't wait to see what the type S will look like.

    • Huy Luu

      Huy Luu

      Month ago

      To each of their own, i think this is way behind in term of styling compared to Korean and European car. Genesis GV80 is way ahead of Lexus and Acura imo. This is like a slightly more beautified Honda. Not on the same league as the other luxury car.

  53. brenda moncur

    brenda moncur

    Month ago

    Its the guy from tic tok

  54. otis decker

    otis decker

    Month ago

    I think they made the TLX better on the inside with the lights just to make it stand outside so it can sell haha

  55. Ivan Narvaez

    Ivan Narvaez

    Month ago

    N/A V6 over turbo 4 any day of the week.

  56. youtuberkt


    Month ago

    What does “sportier” mean?

  57. Rob K

    Rob K

    Month ago

    Yeah, it's bizarre that the HUD is not available on this A Spec but is on other trim levels. Makes no sense whatsoever what the manufacturers are doing with these option packages. I'm certain I will be purchasing a brand that I normally wouldn't because of this issue along with the interior color and wheel non-availabilities depending on trim level as well.

  58. D G

    D G

    Month ago

    Looks good from far but far from good!

  59. Gf Vu

    Gf Vu

    2 months ago

    No pets

  60. mjb0183


    2 months ago

    The dual zone temperature control “flippers” seem odd. Why not just a simple dial ?

  61. shiningyrlife


    2 months ago

    HUD is kinda a distraction for me to be honest. I like a clean nothing view in front of me.

  62. Durbar Biswas

    Durbar Biswas

    2 months ago

    Type S will NOT have twin turbo. That is incorrect. Only a single turbo

  63. Durbar Biswas

    Durbar Biswas

    2 months ago

    Why no HUD on the apsec???? Why do I have to sacrifice looks to get a HUD in the advance model??

  64. Mark Tella

    Mark Tella

    2 months ago

    Hope RX gets a face-lift sooner than later its getting old really outdated now

  65. StratNut2008


    2 months ago

    Wow it’s really nice!!! I’d like that color combo w the bigger output engine.. and great review btw!! I keep my cars for a long time so Lexus or Acura is on my list for my next ride.. currently driving my Avalon for 10 years.. haha

  66. Billeh


    2 months ago

    This this is still so god damn lacking in fuel economy I seriously have no idea why they would carry over the previous dinosaur engine to this great new platform. Meanwhile Toyota is killing the game with their hybrids

  67. kelanth462


    2 months ago

    That big sunroof is going to be a bitch in hot climates. Useless feature IMO

  68. J F

    J F

    2 months ago

    No turbo......why........

  69. HOH


    2 months ago

    I love the looks of this car! Time to move away from Nissan for now..

  70. Suhail Ansari

    Suhail Ansari

    2 months ago

    Nice car but Honda Acura brand is not available in India, I think that Honda should bring Acura brand in India. The logo of Acura seems to be inspired from Star Trek logo 😊

  71. JM M

    JM M

    2 months ago

    Great review thank you I will wait 3 years and save 30 to 50%

  72. GizmoMaltese


    2 months ago

    Do the old models have red seats as an option?

  73. J L

    J L

    2 months ago

    looks good except for red seats

  74. K.J GREWAL


    2 months ago

    I wish there were wood and carbon fiber options instead of that shiny piano black trim. German brands offer lots of different interior trim options, and if Acura wants to compete with them, it must offer different options. That piano trim will show lots of smudges and will be highly prone to scratches, and furthermore, it will also have issues with sun glare. It looks like Genesis GV80 is a better choice unless Acura can offer more options in the upcoming S version!

  75. Ryan K. Min

    Ryan K. Min

    2 months ago

    any air vent on 3rd row? the previous mdx didn't have one and whoever sits on 3rd row in sunny CA, you're dead sweating.. Thank you for great review!

  76. Khai Nguyen

    Khai Nguyen

    2 months ago

    Make this vehicle an ev and you got yourself a hit.

    • Aarush Tripathi

      Aarush Tripathi

      2 months ago

      The hybrid model was available from the 2017-2020 model. Maybe they stopped making hybrid MDX’s, or they will offer that in a few years after the new generation starts.

    • Nomaan Alwi

      Nomaan Alwi

      2 months ago

      They have a hybrid model

  77. THAIGERs


    2 months ago

    For some reason to me this car looks old, interior is a mess, not a 2021 look. I like the GV80 much better.

  78. Collin Sullivan

    Collin Sullivan

    2 months ago

    Good Review. Appreciate your honesty on things and features it is lacking. For something in the $55k - $57k range, heated steating wheel and heads up to display are now expected. Agree on reliability of brand. I think a much more powerful BMW X3 M40i which handles like a taut sport sedan is a WAY better deal for the money. Perhaps not as much space, and no 3rd row, but still a very good sized, capable SUV that sounds AWESOME and blows most things away. Bit of a sleeper, but a LOT of technology, performance, handling and the utility for the money.

  79. Benedicta Agbonhese

    Benedicta Agbonhese

    2 months ago

    Over price !!!!!!

  80. Robert Allen

    Robert Allen

    2 months ago

    Looks like Acura took some styling pointers from the Mazda CX 9. Good looking!

  81. Marcia Roberts

    Marcia Roberts

    2 months ago

    Over price what. about the 22 RDX

  82. R


    2 months ago

    Exterior not much change as compared to previous old models. Really nice improvement in interior.

  83. Edu Abi

    Edu Abi

    2 months ago

    I love it am going get it soon , I will trade my Acura MDX 2014!

  84. Brian Christensen

    Brian Christensen

    2 months ago

    So you said you wouldn’t recommend the previous gen. Is that against the current “heavy hitters” you mentioned or against their old counterparts? I’m not sure about your opinions. You don’t like the previous generation MDX but you call the nonfunctional air vent “cool”. How is a fake hole cool?

  85. noexistence1


    2 months ago

    Piano black...pass

  86. Don Le

    Don Le

    2 months ago

    Love the MDX currently owned 2016. Today price on a new MDX I’ll think it way overpriced. I would never pay $60k for an Acura. Good bye Acura you won’t get my business for that price.

  87. T Provo

    T Provo

    2 months ago

    I have a choice too make. Lincoln Aviator or MDX 2022 Type S which would you pick? My concern with the aviator is quality. I have a 2017 Pilot with 85k and it has been flawless so I don’t want to walk into car issues with a Ford product. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  88. Ariel


    2 months ago

    Nice car, but I cant help but notice how similar this new body style and the interior upgrades are to the Lexus RX 350 F Sport. Seems like they pretty much copied everything with a few minor differences. Lexus definitely killed it with the last RX and that was like 4 years ago. Surprised to see Acura just catching up with the times.

  89. Emman Lays

    Emman Lays

    2 months ago

    Dude looks like he's on the run. 🤣😁

  90. David SixSide

    David SixSide

    2 months ago

    Great detailed review! This is one of the nicest SUVs out there. That liquor diamond metallic exterior and red interior is 🔥

  91. khanh tran

    khanh tran

    2 months ago

    I don’t like the way of the exhaust of the Vehicle

  92. Jimmy Beaufils

    Jimmy Beaufils

    2 months ago

    I wish a call from my dealer to get that beauty and return the 2020

  93. pam oakes

    pam oakes

    2 months ago

    Does it have wireless CarPlay?

    • Aarush Tripathi

      Aarush Tripathi

      2 months ago

      New for 2022 model year. This car has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. First Acura to offer that. Have a great day.

  94. Empe Amparo

    Empe Amparo

    2 months ago

    Forrest, It is over prize. Acura could do better. No turbo charge, no heated steering wheels as compared to Elite Honda Pilot which has Vtec engine . Thanks for this video🙏🌞💥🇺🇸.

  95. 440centerline


    2 months ago

    Great review. I recently purchased a 2020 RDX after previously driving 3 Honda Accord coupes, the latter with touring trim. The features of this vehicle are amazing

  96. Changwu Jia

    Changwu Jia

    2 months ago

    I suggest you guys wait for 2022 Infiniti QX60,

  97. Joal Blo

    Joal Blo

    2 months ago

    I went to go see this at the dealer. That third row is a joke. It's beautiful though. Great 2 row but if you really need 3 rows, this is not the one!

  98. theshadowtalks


    2 months ago

    Great review. No way I would buy this over my Lincoln Aviator reserve for same price!

    • Khafre Bevins

      Khafre Bevins

      2 days ago

      @theshadowtalks by the way I’d take the Aviator over the BMW, you get more standard features and even fully loaded for a few thousand dollars less. But I’d take a Black Label with the monochrome look!

    • Khafre Bevins

      Khafre Bevins

      2 days ago

      @theshadowtalks just because you own a Lincoln dealership doesn’t mean you know or understand the vehicle, no automotive brand would create a vehicle in its line up to rival its own car, Aviator and Navigator aren’t even in the same class. The Aviator is a rival to it competitors. Also the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator don’t share suspensions they use different setups, only parts shared is a trim panel on the lower dash and the hood release. I know a ton about any vehicle you want to mention, I never said the Aviator was a bad preforming car I believe it’s a great luxury suv with a powerful engine and more powerful hybrid engine offering.when it comes to ride comfort it’s great, agility yes better than the navigator because it’s smaller lighter but when compared to other vehicles in it class it’s not the sportiest. But yes as you stated they are great cars!

    • theshadowtalks


      7 days ago

      @Khafre Bevins Your just wrong. I own a Lincoln dealership (and 7 other brands) and talked to many of the Lincoln engineers. They didn’t just “land” on fast and or sporty. They wanted a vehicle to rival the Navigator that was faster and more agile. They succeeded. Read the specs and you will understand why police use this frame in the Ford Explorers. You can ACURA a video and it shows the big differences between the Ford and Lincoln’s undercarriage and suspension. Now, if you really want the definition of Sport SUV, I can sell you one of our BMW X5’s that will give you a little bit of extra punch but with a much higher cost associated with its grandeur. But for the money, Lincoln Aviator reserve is the real deal. Can’t even keep them on my lot. ✌🏼

    • Khafre Bevins

      Khafre Bevins

      8 days ago

      @theshadowtalks because Lincoln did not try to be sporty the goal was strictly luxury they just so happen to have a powerful engine, having a powerful doesn’t make it sporty it just makes it fast. I love the Aviator but if I was looking for something more sporty with great handling I’d go for the MDX even though it not as fast. I drove both vehicles by the way. They both are amazing

    • theshadowtalks


      8 days ago

      @Khafre Bevins How you figure? Lincoln 0-60 5.3....2022 Acura 0-60 MXD 6.0-6.2. You might want to rethink that statement.

  99. 1quickster


    2 months ago

    If reliability is your main concern when you have to spend close 60 grand. This is the way to go.Previous MDX has transmission problem its the main reason they move up to a 10 speed automatic. One thing though a turbo engine is not as reliable as a normally aspirated one. This is not a sports car. Its an SUV. It's the reason Toyota is debating to put a turbo or not on the upcoming Lexus RX350. Longevity will be the issues. Its a gorgeous SUV. Well done Acura.

  100. Al P

    Al P

    2 months ago

    So, by watching your video, I think I made up my mind to go with the new Jeep Grand L coming out mid year. I love Acura but the new one does not really move me. Acura does have an amazing engine. Well, no surprises there, its Honda.