2022 Acura MDX Review: A reinvigorated contender | CarGurus

The all-new Acura MDX looks better, drives better, and sounds better.

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The 2022 Acura MDX arrives redesigned and reinvigorated. Forrest Jones takes it through its paces in Southern California to determine if the new MDX A-Spec can compete against the likes of the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Genesis GV80, Volvo V90, and Lexus RX L.

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Presenter: Forrest Jones
Cinematography: Phil Shuyler
Written Review: Jason Fogelson

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0:00 Introducing the 2022 Acura MDX
2:02 Under the Hood
2:46 The MDX Interior
4:50 Infotainment System
6:27 2nd & 3rd Row Seating
8:12 Cargo Space
9:06 Driving Impressions
13:16 Pricing and the Competition
13:51 Wrap-up and Final Thoughts


  1. noah dotson

    noah dotson

    4 hours ago

    My blood sweat and tears are in those seats

  2. Lancair W

    Lancair W

    13 hours ago

    Just bought the exact model 👍🏼 love it so far. The dealer thinks the front blocked air intakes will be used for the S-Type twin turbo.

  3. Etim Ekpimah

    Etim Ekpimah

    Day ago

    Why is the space for rear seats so small? I don't know why auto makers often prefer small back seats. I think cars were supposed to be made for travelling long distances apart from driving them around city.

  4. alex Ye

    alex Ye

    Day ago

    欧美版本的没有升级中文系统 都是扯淡 欧美版的 奔驰 宝马全部都升级中文系统了,

  5. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez

    6 days ago

    Great product at a great price

  6. shiningyrlife


    6 days ago

    With a kid being planned, gotta get this in type S

  7. Chris Salazar

    Chris Salazar

    6 days ago

    I hope I doesn't drain battery overnight..

  8. GòVẤp UsA

    GòVẤp UsA

    11 days ago

    Just test drive, not worth the money, really tight inside, end up getting the new Honda vans

  9. Paula S

    Paula S

    11 days ago

    Every time I research a mid size SUV I come back to the MDX. Quality & price are the perfect sweet spot. I saw a grey 2022 MDX with the black trim driving behind mine in my mirror and it blew me away. Looks very agressive. The pictures/videos do not do justice.

  10. GrotrianSeiler


    11 days ago

    Hate it. Looks horrible. Pass.

  11. SpeedRacer


    12 days ago

    All new cars are over priced. The redesign looks good and I agree with the heads-up display thoughts.

  12. John O'Connor

    John O'Connor

    12 days ago

    I wanted to get one but it was just to slow…. For that price I needed more speed…

  13. Jason Quong

    Jason Quong

    13 days ago

    Well…the last gen was great for something that offers a 3rd row. If you want something unreliable with tech, look elsewhere.

  14. M K

    M K

    13 days ago

    Nice car but overpriced. I would go with a Lexus at that price.

  15. Said Aslan

    Said Aslan

    13 days ago

    Compare to Germans MDX are more Reliable

  16. Irfan


    17 days ago

    rejected by dial pad 🤜🏻

  17. Fady


    18 days ago

    I agree that a turbo 4 would be great (similar issue in Cadillac XT6, the turbo 4 is actually only on the bare bones entry level) but can a turbo 4 tow anywhere near the naturally aspirated v6? I wonder if thats why they aren't using those turbo 4s in their bigger SUVs...because they're assuming users will tow something. What do you think, does that theory make any sense?

  18. duke


    19 days ago

    LOVE MDX. Have owned 2007 and now the 2017 Advance. Ill be getting another in 2027 lol. First one lasted 225000 miles trouble free. New one doesn't seem much different than current one I drive other than new body style. Beautiful car.

  19. Matthew O'Malley

    Matthew O'Malley

    19 days ago

    Great video - I hope Acura becomes a true competitor to Lexus - competition benefits everyone.

  20. bartosz obiedzinski

    bartosz obiedzinski

    22 days ago

    Really good car but piano finish is good looking when its new later u see all wipes scraches

  21. Antonio Castillo

    Antonio Castillo

    23 days ago

    Stop putting fake vents in luxury vehicles. It’s frustrating! For a 3.5 V6 it’s weak in HP and Torque. I love the way it looks but the power train needs a serious update

  22. TheKaffin8ed


    24 days ago

    Great review! I'm considering the MDX and this video is very helpful. I'm not a huge fan of the big grill but the interior is truly incredible looking!

  23. plixie1


    29 days ago

    Three kids, need usb chargers in as many places as i can get them. Cars 10k cheaper than the base with imo more functional features and admittedly less flash.

  24. MJ Fizzo

    MJ Fizzo

    29 days ago

    57k above what I want to pay for, might stick with the RDX Aspec which runs around 10k less

  25. Jean- Robert Larrieux

    Jean- Robert Larrieux

    Month ago

    That is a great car, but the quality of some of the materials used in the dashboard and the center console (black polish plastic material) does not belong in a luxury SUV. A wood trim matching the color of the interior would be a much better option.

  26. Jaylan Pittmon

    Jaylan Pittmon

    Month ago

    I was all for this video until He said stick a turbocharged 4cyl in that heavy suv… leave the legendary v6 alone. Especially in the TLX AND MDX… maybe put a turbocharger or supercharger on the v6. Definitely not replacing it with a 4cyl turbo.

  27. M Ha

    M Ha

    Month ago

    Does this have the Jerky motion as well?

  28. piyush sopory

    piyush sopory

    Month ago

    I like everything in my test drive except the 10 speed auto, too much lag in pick up

  29. Shino2600


    Month ago

    I think this is amazing…..

  30. J Lagos

    J Lagos

    Month ago

    Have a supercharged 4 cylinder engine in my large SUV and I agree that it would be a nice choice.

  31. J Lagos

    J Lagos

    Month ago

    Agreed on the APEC missing heads up display. :(

  32. aanand24541


    Month ago

    not for office workers,maybe for some women with families though.

  33. Josh Gibbs

    Josh Gibbs

    Month ago

    im driving one as a loaner while my 2018 is getting worked on. im disappointed in the lack of usb ports, less space for comfort feeling so its almost too sporty for its size and application. less headroom as well. for this price i wouldnt buy it at all. ill keep the 2018 sh awd then one day get a used lexus gx at this rate.

  34. Sean Hartel

    Sean Hartel

    Month ago

    Love the interior, but I’m pretty disappointed in the powertrain

  35. akui88


    Month ago

    acura use to be the luxury value leader, now the MDX is about the same price as an x5. my neighbor just got an mdx, it cost them 65K$...

    • wongchai807


      Month ago

      Its the times, its still better value than the x5. The x5 similarly equipped is much more. You can get the base for 47k i believe but just go all out and get the advanced or type s.

  36. Archie Blevins

    Archie Blevins

    Month ago

    Wife and I bought a 2022 in March and our first road trip was today 7-12-21. The road noise (tires) and outside wind is very loud very annoying. We both noticed it. I’m gonna think about trading it soon. 2015 Kia Sorento is much quiet

    • wongchai807


      Month ago

      It maybe be due to the 20in wheels. Windows up?

  37. Keith Willis

    Keith Willis

    Month ago

    It’s not a twin turbo V6 in the Type S…. It’s a twin-scroll single turbo V6

  38. Joseluiz Zeluiz

    Joseluiz Zeluiz

    Month ago

    Espetacular, um carro Premium.. Ótima apresentação, infelizmente ainda não temos no Brasil.. poucos Acuras circulam no Rio de Janeiro.. maravilhoso!!!!

  39. Crimson


    Month ago

    What an awesome review!! honestly one of the most detailed and informative reviews Ive seen...thank you!

  40. aldous chiu

    aldous chiu

    Month ago

    Honda and Acura are no longer on my car list.They are just not the same as old Honda.

  41. Jeff A

    Jeff A

    Month ago

    Great review, thank you very much! I know this is comparing apples to oranges, but just looking at storage space and legroom it appears that the Hyundai Santa Fe has virtually the same amount of cargo space and perhaps a touch more legroom. I realize the MDX has a 5 inch longer wheelbase, so I was expecting more room. You've probably looked at the Santa Fe; ignoring quality of the interior and perhaps build quality too, how do they stack up in your opinion? I can afford either one, that's not a problem, but I wouldn't mind saving $15,000 and just getting the Calligraphy version of the Santa Fe if I could live with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine (not a big fan, I would rather own a naturally aspirated six-cylinder any day of the week, so obviously that's a huge factor.) I just looked at a chart of dimensions, and the MDX is 4 inches wider, which would make it so much easier to fit three people in the second row. Another brilliant thing that Acura did on this vehicle was to allow a top trim version to have a second row bench seat! Now I haven't done an extensive study of other luxury brand three row crossovers, but all the mainstream brands with the exception of the Ford Explorer force you into captains chairs to get the top trim goodies. Thanks again.

  42. Jeff A

    Jeff A

    Month ago

    Is that wireless charging pad ventilated? It looks like it.

  43. Chuong Nguyen

    Chuong Nguyen

    Month ago

    Why the sucker does not make touch screen but the mouse pad?. I can not wrap my mind around it

  44. Richard Yao

    Richard Yao

    Month ago

    Shot in Irvine?

  45. Yasir Khan

    Yasir Khan

    Month ago

    Should have been a more powerful engine. This seems under powered for that size of a car

  46. Wyatt Clark

    Wyatt Clark

    Month ago

    I love this car but it looks a little to much like the gv80 and a Mazda mixed together

  47. TitaniumSpecial


    Month ago

    4cyl,.... um no

  48. varunratti


    2 months ago

    Bro when u talk abt headlight and led, u better turn on them and show them.

  49. Sonia Sharma

    Sonia Sharma

    2 months ago

    How much would it be in Canadian?

  50. Shahroo


    2 months ago

    Do you guys get paid to do these reviews by the car manufacturers?

  51. Lou Lindsey

    Lou Lindsey

    2 months ago

    Just bothers me this car looks like the Mazda CX9

  52. Mount Nebo

    Mount Nebo

    2 months ago

    Prepared by idiots, for idiots who are interested in the cup holders, seat colors, and wall to wall opinions not based on any objective criteria. Boooring!!!

  53. Zulqarnain Naseer

    Zulqarnain Naseer

    2 months ago

    Over priced

  54. Jasper A

    Jasper A

    2 months ago

    For a 2022 Model, Acura remains the ugliest luxury brand on the road. I’ll never understand why people buy it. If you gonna buy a luxury Japanese brand, it’s worth buying a Lexus which is better looking, more established, and it comes with the highest resale value and rank number 1 most reliable car for 2 decades.

  55. Yocheved Shvarzblat

    Yocheved Shvarzblat

    2 months ago

    I just got the 2022 base model it’s great but I completely agree that it’s just missing a couple things like 360 degree view heated steering wheel and heads up display if it had those I would say it’s perfect! My one complaint is also that the charging pad doesn’t always work your phone has to be exactly on the right spot which is alittle hard to get to or else it doesn’t work

  56. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    This is gonna be one of the slowest turbochargered SUV's. Someone gets walked?! That was a run! That had to +10 mph more at the end of the quarter mile for Guilia 2.0T than the Honda+ single turbo V6. acura-video.info/name/video/n6Ost4ymuJLC1X8.html

  57. Sri Poth

    Sri Poth

    2 months ago

    Thanks for your quick and fast review of each feature!

  58. Rishabh M

    Rishabh M

    2 months ago

    yooooo forrest what’s up man. love ur tiktok

  59. sam ahmed

    sam ahmed

    2 months ago

    It’s ok, not too good I had this 2018 model when I test drive they all same you can get better deal same price Porsche cay drive way and safety way and designed fabulous much better than acura

  60. Phillip Presswood

    Phillip Presswood

    2 months ago

    Well done review. Normal speaking voice, no yelling or other frivolous methods of keeping our attention. Much appreciated!

  61. Audio Phish

    Audio Phish

    2 months ago

    I like the GV70 better

  62. Andy Vo

    Andy Vo

    2 months ago

    Acura finally stepping out of its complacency. Hope an EV version will come soon.

  63. ALPG


    2 months ago

    4cyl turbo on that heavy car? C’mon man. V6 are reliable, v4 and especially turbocharged almost always have issues especially with burning oil.

  64. Tommy Ferreras

    Tommy Ferreras

    2 months ago

    nice SUV, but pricey, i rather get a BMW or RANGE ROVER for that price.....

  65. soeurm sann

    soeurm sann

    2 months ago


  66. joel a

    joel a

    2 months ago

    It looks way too much like a mazda cx-7. Still cant believe they haven't made 3rd row seats electric.Gonna keep my 2020 A-spec not impressed

  67. A. Nony Mous

    A. Nony Mous

    2 months ago

    Totally agree with the reviewer that it's weird the sporty edition has no HUD option.

  68. Bravo Zulu

    Bravo Zulu

    2 months ago

    Definitely looking forward to the Type S MDX review.

  69. Ly Ricky

    Ly Ricky

    2 months ago

    A suggestion: can you spend more time on things that’s not obvious to to eyes rather than describing the Lines on the car…thx

  70. r rosen

    r rosen

    2 months ago


  71. Marty Jacqz

    Marty Jacqz

    2 months ago

    Compare to cx 9 mazda what handles better and which one gives you a better sports feel?

  72. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    Except that the larger 3rd row seated Cadillac XT6 beats the 2022 MDX by about a second in Motor Trend handling course. The XT6 also gets TSP+ and tops MDX with 310 hp!

  73. Joey Kramer

    Joey Kramer

    2 months ago

    Great review. Acura needs to offer the A-Spec with Advanced trim features. Then it would be an A+ auto

  74. TheAnonymous916


    2 months ago

    Great review and straight to the point. One of the best review so far. Just disappointed that Acura didn't combine the Aspec Advance Technolgy Package together. Also no touchscreen is a big disappointment. Hopefully they'll bring it over on the 2023.

  75. M7 Productions

    M7 Productions

    2 months ago

    In my opinion 8 to 10k overpriced

  76. terrell penny

    terrell penny

    2 months ago

    Not worth it. Overpriced xline sorento is better

  77. Jermaine Vaughn

    Jermaine Vaughn

    2 months ago

    This is nice am going to get it it cool good job Acura

  78. Ram 4570

    Ram 4570

    2 months ago

    No pony tails for me

  79. Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson

    2 months ago

    Great video,,,,, The aluminum trim should have a Carbon Fiber option. Hybrid Performance option in the Type S should be a detuned NSX drivetrain. This is the color combination I liked to replace my 2010 Advance Model. Great vehicle.

  80. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen

    2 months ago

    Don’t buy mdx it’s not worthy for that prices......just throw in a few thousand more for 2021 GLE350

  81. wyaldkingdom


    2 months ago

    Please make the Acura emblem bigger on the front grille. My friend on the moon can see it but my friend on Mars cannot. Lol

  82. wongchai807


    2 months ago

    Gorgeous...waiting for the type S!!

  83. 221ddj


    2 months ago

    I came super close to getting one of these...the power plant is just way too sluggish. I test drove the FWD and AWD version and they both felt super heavy. The A-Spec looks cool, but until they put that Type S engine in it, it's not worth it if you enjoy speed and throttle response. If you are a slow driver, but you want to look like you're fast, this is perfectly fine.

  84. Bob Lewis

    Bob Lewis

    2 months ago

    Too late Honda. You lost it.

  85. Bob Lewis

    Bob Lewis

    2 months ago

    Missing? Hybrid!

  86. Bob Lewis

    Bob Lewis

    2 months ago

    Yo I ain't listening. Go sing a reggae song instead. Lol

  87. J. Dere

    J. Dere

    2 months ago

    Own a 1990 Integra when it first come out. Love it and fun vehicle to drive and it had over 200K miles before I relinquished. The MDX is a great SUV. I look at it years later thinking of buying one. Somehow something about it made me to not buy one. When I was shopping for a luxury sedan, I test drove the RL. Everything is beautiful about the vehicle, that is until you take it on the road. That same old six cylinder is just no fun to drive. Unlike BMW, Mercedes or other EU luxury cars, the guide by wire respond from the RL has that delay respond when you step on the accelerator. Any 3 or 5 series BMW with make the RL eat dust. From 1989 to 2021, Acura still uses that same tire engine. Even though Acura is a well built vehicle, I'd would not even consider buy one.

  88. Pete B

    Pete B

    2 months ago

    Just bought a 2018 mdx which looks completely underwhelming compared to this 😂

  89. Harry Axe

    Harry Axe

    2 months ago

    Still using the same idiotic mouse pad and a navigation system that IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN!!! Still have to REWIRE THE HUMAN BRAIN to make this system work while the car si actually underway!!!!

  90. Khafre Bevins

    Khafre Bevins

    3 months ago

    2.0t is fine but let’s not forget this is a very heavy vehicle heavier than the last generation

  91. Khafre Bevins

    Khafre Bevins

    3 months ago

    I don’t understand why all you guys reviewing these car especially the TlX and MDX A spec keep looking for that sportiness in the A spec trim. The A spec is a Appearance package also compared to the German vehicles you get a ton of features standard in the MDX that you don’t get in its rivals. You will be spend $10,000 to $30,000 more with the German suvs

  92. Aris k. Ramos Bautista

    Aris k. Ramos Bautista

    3 months ago

    Nice interior but ....Hyundai Palisade better 💯✅

  93. Purunhanul Sonamu

    Purunhanul Sonamu

    3 months ago

    I've had Oldsmobile Cutlas Cierra, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda CRV, Acura MDX, Volkswagon Tiguan. Oldsmobile was the worst you can find. It literally was a car from hell. Breaking down every six months. 2014 Acura MDX is the second worst one. It broke down 6 times in 7 years. Acura MDX being made in Canada is not the same Acura MDX from Japan. I believe Acura are still built in Canada and the U.S. Good luck to future Acura owners.

  94. Devonte Hill

    Devonte Hill

    3 months ago

    I just like hearing you talk about 🚗 😍

  95. M4st3rm1nd


    3 months ago

    He always says I would not have recommended the last gen when the new gen comes out.

  96. EA0422


    3 months ago

    Just bought 2022 MDX TECH - Performance Pearl Red - I am happy camper - love the quite responsive ride and it is just a great looking SUV

    • Vivek .J

      Vivek .J

      2 months ago

      Which interior did you get? Did you have other cars on your list?

  97. Anderson C

    Anderson C

    3 months ago

    I think it's VERY odd in this day and age when certain manufacturers decide NOT to include features commonly found in other brands/models e.g. front/rear camera/sensors. 360 camera. Park Assist (auto parallel/perp parks itself)... Would that cost Honda/Acura business? Possibly. TECH drives sales...realistically...more than performance. Especially when we're talking about SUV's. 99% of which will never be driven off pavement. So the "off-road ability" REALISTICALLY isn't needed. The more TECH in the SUV the better plus I think a rear window/door that is as vertical as possible (e.g. Merc G-wagon, Land Rover Defender...)...

  98. Ramiro Salazar

    Ramiro Salazar

    3 months ago

    thiis is a good suv but to expensive for me over $60 .000

  99. 北美老K


    3 months ago

    Great car. Thank you

  100. ConveyThis - Language Translation of Websites

    ConveyThis - Language Translation of Websites

    3 months ago

    MDX looks really cramped inside. Small seats for both drivers and the passengers. Built for small people 5'7 I guess.