2022 BMW M5 CS vs Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye // DRAG RACE, ROLL RACE & LAP TIMES

The 2022 BMW M5 CS ($170,800 CAD as specced, ~$143,000 USD) and the 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody ($116,685 CAD as specced, ~$89,735 USD as specced) are two of the most powerful sedans to ever reach the market. Are they different in price? Yes. But are they different in experience? Also yes. However they do share the unique ability of providing unending thrills and tire-shredding excitement while carrying a car full of people. Thomas and James are excited to take these four door super sedans onto the drag strip and the track to see how capable they really are. Watch to find out what happens! SUBSCRIBE!!!




FPV Drone Flying by Endless Media www.endlessmedia.ca

Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland

Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io


  1. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

    4 hours ago

    So no one is using the paddle shifters 🙄...

  2. Daeton Graves

    Daeton Graves

    11 hours ago

    Who needs brakes in a hellcat when you can just press the gas and do a 0° turn. Batta bing batta boom your backwards and stopped

  3. dumbdill


    14 hours ago

    bro he does not have the charger in srt or custom mode the car would be way more faster



    Day ago

    I love both BMW and dodge Mercedes is 🤣🤣🤣🤫

  5. ༆brhoom༆


    Day ago

    وينهم جماعت القبغ دخنوو😂

  6. leaf shinobi WMI

    leaf shinobi WMI

    Day ago

    You can have 797hp but if you can’t put it down the wheel then is pos😅😅

  7. djknucklez1


    Day ago

    Germans just do it better, I mean.

  8. JJ02MC


    Day ago

    I'm surprised the M5 didn't break down halfway through the race

  9. 0brand 0brand

    0brand 0brand

    Day ago

    Once the legislators destroy the combustion engine, the M5 CS will cement its CNN place in legend. Probably the best car in the world for the one-car garage.

  10. ريبو Repo

    ريبو Repo

    2 days ago

    ابلع جماعت الهيلكات

  11. InvaderXae


    2 days ago

    so we not gonna talk about the bmw center console breaking off... oooooook

  12. جول المشاكس

    جول المشاكس

    2 days ago

    The driver didn't give the Hellcat what it deserves. 👎

  13. AJ Joyner

    AJ Joyner

    2 days ago

    I drove a white m5 on 81 and opened it up wit my lady in the passenger seat... the fear on her face was priceless... the ultimate driving machine!!!!

  14. chad markling

    chad markling

    2 days ago

    need a different driver in the charger... he launched all sheepish.. while the guy driving the bmw just went to the floor with the peddle

  15. Vince Combs

    Vince Combs

    2 days ago

    Hell cat had a beginner for a driver , fact !

  16. MuahMan


    2 days ago

    Only problem with the M5, for nearly $200k it looks too much like a regular 5 series sedan.

  17. MuahMan


    2 days ago

    $170K for an M5. Isn't that more than a McClaren or ZR1. Fook that. OK, I take it all back. Wow. I can't believe how fast that M5 is in a straight line.

  18. LiL BriCKzZ

    LiL BriCKzZ

    2 days ago

    The way he says “ YOU WALKED AWAY“ like as if he’s mad disappointed



    2 days ago

    TNKS. I am getting one

  20. Robot Six

    Robot Six

    3 days ago

    It's $50k more expensive. It better be faster.

  21. Julia Posty

    Julia Posty

    3 days ago

    Show me the red key

  22. Richi Orillo

    Richi Orillo

    3 days ago


  23. Daniel Traconis

    Daniel Traconis

    3 days ago

    Dodge sucks anyways. 700hp hahahah

    • Mr. Piggy1234

      Mr. Piggy1234

      2 days ago

      Almost 800 hp



    3 days ago

    I was kind of expecting this, you pay a hefty price for the m5 cs so that better translate to numbers on the road.

  25. Thomas Santos

    Thomas Santos

    3 days ago

    power is nothing without traction...

    • Mr. Piggy1234

      Mr. Piggy1234

      2 days ago

      They need awd and loose some weight

  26. ICEY


    3 days ago

    the two legendary cars of speed



    3 days ago

    The whine of the redeye is just worth the money

  28. jeffrey biabo

    jeffrey biabo

    3 days ago

    The first thing I heard was that supercharger and I had a moment.

  29. dabosstbell


    3 days ago

    dodge is lazy af

  30. Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

    Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

    4 days ago

    Sadly from 2030 on all combustion cars including classics will be banned from public streets in entire EU and Scandinavia :-( In Germany the Green Peoples Party gave order to shorten fuel supply from 2025 on by reducing all conventional fuel stations to only one state operated central gas station per city or county. Now they want to slow down all the gas station fuel pumps from 20 litre per minute to 2 litre per minute...From 2027 on in the EU certain car spare parts will be banned too....as exhaust systems, turbo chargers and even some engine and gearbox oils...California and New York will do the same from 2027 on.... So no investments should be done in oil burning cars any longer....They even created a new kind of crime here, called emissions and smoke crime.:-((

  31. Mr Miagi

    Mr Miagi

    4 days ago

    I mean lets be honest That was embarrassing for the charger Having said that you putting up perfection against hunk of metal

  32. Devon Velazquez

    Devon Velazquez

    4 days ago

    Ain’t no demon 😔

  33. Efrain Romero

    Efrain Romero

    4 days ago

    Take the m5 to a dyno!!

  34. King is Humble

    King is Humble

    4 days ago

    Here in America , we prefer the near death experience provided by the hellcat charger

  35. Youtoo22


    4 days ago

    Wow BMW M5 CS wow I need one ☝️

  36. oRiGiNaLaKeR_07


    4 days ago

    And I thought my V6 camaro was fast ..

  37. rocko107 Me

    rocko107 Me

    4 days ago

    Lets say it like it is...these 2 will NEVER be cross shopped. No one considering a 140K plus M5 CS is thinking "maybe I'll test drive a Hellcat Redeye Charger as well". The BMW owners will take his pride that he(or she) feels like they just bought a super sedan worth every penny of the 140K plus they just spent.. because they did, and the Charger owner can't wipe the smile off their face every time they drive their Redeye and also feels like they got their 80K's worth.

  38. 1 3

    1 3

    4 days ago

    Compare the cadillac ctv blackwing to the BMW m5cs and challenger redeye please

  39. Hany Salman

    Hany Salman

    5 days ago

    Wonder why BMW downplays the amount of power? Wouldn’t more power make being want to buy it more

  40. michael'


    5 days ago

    I mean I drive a Dodge, but I would love to switch over to BMW Mseries just $$$ is the issue man. These Dodge are called poor man's toy for a reason cuz the price difference is just crazy lol That m5CS you can prob buy a used Audi R8 or an Nissan GTR which are all super cars so really, wasn't a fair comparison. You gotta compare cars around the same price point then see with same amount of money which car comes out on top.

  41. Guinea54


    5 days ago

    id take the m5 if i could.. but i think the hellcat looks cooler. Looks more sporty and mean.

  42. Josh


    5 days ago

    Could that hellcat sound more better the sound is just like wheeew

  43. x_pac4


    5 days ago

    BMW crazy ❤️😈

  44. FiggyG 69

    FiggyG 69

    5 days ago

    I just found out that Toyota had BMW and Subaru implement Toyota production and quality control practices. That explains why Toyota has partnered with them for the 86 and Supra, and why this is so good.

  45. moath sabrie

    moath sabrie

    5 days ago

    BMW 627 HP to the wheels, Dodge 797 to the crank, yeah no shit germans are going to win.

  46. 1997TL1000


    5 days ago

    That BMW is just insane. But at over $50,000 USD over the cost of the Hellcat, I would like to see if you put a few extra dollars into the Hellcat to see what it would do.

  47. Yung Lee

    Yung Lee

    5 days ago

    It's the drivers. Thomas will lose pretty much all the time against James if the cars are similar in specs on paper. Period.

  48. Ishak Sebi

    Ishak Sebi

    6 days ago

    Where are the Dodge fans!! Cant see none! Before you open your mouths(American muscle fanbois and JDM fanbois) pls dont compare your toys with europeans your gonna get ur ass kicked! Ok buh-bye.

  49. Maltinex Studio

    Maltinex Studio

    6 days ago

    i can't believe this bs... i'm going to USA to buy hellcat very soon and now you telling me this ...



    6 days ago

    Audi is far much better rs7



    6 days ago

    Some germans can keep up the rs7 is much much faster than the m5 cs it destroys scatpacks and keeps up with hellcat

  52. BerriesMcGOO


    6 days ago

    No mention of the dct in the m5…..

  53. Edkic Draganovic

    Edkic Draganovic

    6 days ago

    Ofc the bmw will pull on top

  54. Seab Copeland

    Seab Copeland

    6 days ago

    it would help if he could drive WTF

  55. Halftyme Entertainment LLC VITAL- topic

    Halftyme Entertainment LLC VITAL- topic

    6 days ago

    170,000 dollars no thank you Mopar all day

  56. Daniel Han

    Daniel Han

    6 days ago

    More proof that it’s not all about the hp

  57. Noah Lutgen

    Noah Lutgen

    6 days ago

    you could tell he let the hellcat win

  58. TTV_Graceful


    6 days ago

    with the extra 50k i could mod the redeye and make it way faster also the charger is heavier than the chally

  59. TTV_Graceful


    6 days ago

    im still taking the redeye-

  60. leonel Oate

    leonel Oate

    6 days ago

    i mean 170k and the hellcat specced up doesnt add power lol \

  61. Alex Mendoza

    Alex Mendoza

    6 days ago

    I’m sold on the M5

  62. King Kong

    King Kong

    6 days ago

    The AWD system makes a big difference in any car specially in the drag races.

    • Ryan.s Ryuk

      Ryan.s Ryuk

      3 days ago

      That's why audi takes off very quick

    • Denis Deari

      Denis Deari

      4 days ago

      Thats why they turned it off

  63. Lala Land

    Lala Land

    6 days ago

    😂😂😂are you done ✅

  64. rico igop

    rico igop

    6 days ago


  65. Roscoe Pretlow IV

    Roscoe Pretlow IV

    6 days ago

    Can we please see the zo6 vs that BMW.

  66. Chicago UI

    Chicago UI

    6 days ago

    Twin turbos. That’s all I have to say about that.

  67. Byrdland57


    6 days ago

    Let down by hometown heros dodge

  68. Michael mion

    Michael mion

    7 days ago

    M5 needs m3 grill

  69. Gregory Ludt

    Gregory Ludt

    7 days ago

    Almost had me with camel toe…

  70. Sattwik naskar

    Sattwik naskar

    7 days ago

    Dodge should make a great handling suv like the urus. But with more power

  71. Dr Hassan

    Dr Hassan

    7 days ago

    Weight, gearing etc is not being discussed its not just sheer hp

  72. Tony Oliver

    Tony Oliver

    7 days ago

    He launched the hellcat at 1500 rpm and it should have been 4500 rpm while the M5 was building boost during launch control.

  73. Big ceo Ken

    Big ceo Ken

    7 days ago

    I mean America is meant for donuts and burnouts 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  74. Rogério Silva

    Rogério Silva

    7 days ago

    That M5 is absolutely amazing, the best sedan for the category, but for 50 grand of difference......honestly I would go with the Charger, in that color.

  75. Chase Wells

    Chase Wells

    7 days ago

    Look at the price difference

  76. yung_marcell


    7 days ago

    Gets a fast car and gets speed warning

  77. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    7 days ago

    The Hellcat might be silly - but if I would buy these cars for my own money (yeah.. right.. xD) I'd take it any day over the BMW. Because BMW quality. That turd has a two year warranty - then it will start to fall apart and shoot peices of metal out of that fancy exhaust :P

  78. Jermaine Guy

    Jermaine Guy

    7 days ago

    The supercharger on the dodge is causing it to be a bit slower, when it shifts its not making its max hp since superchargers make all its power at high end, unlike the BMW which has a more linear power band

  79. Kevin Cudmore

    Kevin Cudmore

    8 days ago

    If Dodge made those cars for fun then they would have put a manual in both the charger and challenger!

  80. RoddyNotRich


    8 days ago

    Yeah the weight is holding the redeye back but the bmw is something else 🤯

  81. T3rm3nator


    8 days ago

    Germans when they lost to hellcat before, eeeehh horshe pawer iz not everything. Germans now, 😁😁😁

  82. Pacolypse


    8 days ago

    Ngl, you have a $140k bmw racing a $70-80k charger… honestly should’ve had a Demon. I get that it’s a sedan showdown but you could get 2 hellcats for that blw

  83. Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton

    8 days ago

    Why the hell don't you have the Porsche 911 Turbo S up there. You guys talk about enough. Show your damn work

  84. Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton

    8 days ago

    Crap guys why the hell all the expression. What times do not touch the Porsche Turbo S. Everyone compares the BMW M5 2 the Porsche Turbo S. I don't know why? The Porsche it's a much better car. Even for the money. That's not launch control but get a grip

  85. Tony the car gamer

    Tony the car gamer

    8 days ago

    The red-eye isn't slow it's a dodge all dodges are hard too launch

  86. Chris Vaughn

    Chris Vaughn

    8 days ago

    If the hellcat was lighter it would have won.

  87. Bryant Escobedo

    Bryant Escobedo

    8 days ago

    I feel like people who drive chargers or challengers have taken the crown of driving like idiots.

  88. Movietime Up

    Movietime Up

    8 days ago

    Now I want a bmw 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Eüro Nasty

    Eüro Nasty

    8 days ago

    Short shifting that M5 unfortunately. I think it could’ve done even better

  90. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent

    8 days ago

    Dodge still the best thing smoking for 55K you can race 200K cars in style and the parts ain't expensive.

  91. Rebaz Mohammed

    Rebaz Mohammed

    8 days ago

    Hellcat price is ridiculous

  92. Herakles


    8 days ago

    I think that’s the biggest whooping I ever saw

  93. Peter Gamache

    Peter Gamache

    8 days ago

    The M5 CS might look nice on the outside but the interior ... sorry, no. I don't need a carbon fiber codpiece.

  94. The_Assasination


    8 days ago

    Taking the god gear off bmw and still getting gapped lmao

  95. The_Assasination


    8 days ago

    And thats why bmw is in my top 5 icon cars

  96. 73Ambassador


    9 days ago

    While I am certain the BMW would still win, in true spirit of fairness and competition, they should have switched cars and then raced again. Any racer knows that reaction time can make a difference. Especially in that rolling race.

  97. Jean Balsec

    Jean Balsec

    9 days ago

    The gap of perf between turbocharged and supercharged cars is getting rediculous

  98. Ludak021


    9 days ago

    "it's so engaging to drive, it constantly looses the traction to the rear end" ummm, no, that's unsafe, bad car. Imagine this in a fighter jet when you add throttle and then proclaim that's "fun" but you are about to eject any second...

  99. jtc1964x


    9 days ago

    For twice the price, it should be faster. Now run the Hellcat vs a $85K BMW and show me the results

  100. Kamari Bryant

    Kamari Bryant

    9 days ago

    He makes us hellcat people look slow