2022 Honda Civic | Pleasing Everyone is Hard

We review the new 2022 Honda Civic Sedan to decide if this new-old approach works. The car is designed to be for more people worldwide, blending old-school clean design, and functional interior. The 11th Generation will usher in new trims later such as the Si and Type R, for now, we have the car for everyone. And would you choose this over the Hyundai i30, Veloster, Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, or VW Golf?

00:00 Intro
00:43 Interior Impressions
4:01 Mechanical Impressions, Suspension, and Engine
8:01 Driving Impressions
13:52 Final Thoughts


  1. l kl

    l kl

    7 days ago

    The noise inside the car while driving seem not good

  2. Kiran K

    Kiran K

    8 days ago

    The previous generation looked better. The nose looks like it was punched by some one causing the metal to flatten, the tail lamps are awfully larger & don't suit the overall aesthetics. The sporty look of civic for what it has been famous for is gone. Wonder if its influenced by boring Camry 😭. Better to have retained older outer design with new interiors & launch the current version as a retro version( grandpa version)

  3. Julio Q

    Julio Q

    9 days ago

    Oil dilution in the 1.5 still a problem?

  4. Ostad Fiha

    Ostad Fiha

    10 days ago

    They should make another civic with short wheelbase version . Just like the Hyundai Tucson . Short wheelbase for Europe & some other markets . Long for rest of the world.

  5. Steiner Ding

    Steiner Ding

    11 days ago

    The size of this car..I had to look at the title to know this is a Civic rather than an Accord.

  6. Andrew D.

    Andrew D.

    11 days ago

    Mazda3 is still a better choice. Optional AWD, more power if you go to the Mazda 2.5T engine (also 1.5T v. 2.5T, Mazda will naturally have better torque curves for daily use), you get a proper Automatic Transmission which is proven reliable and solid, and last but not least, the interior in the Mazda looks better and is at entry level luxury look and feel in higher spec trims. If you can get over the smaller interior space, I can't see how you can ignore the Mazda3 it's just the best entry level car in this class currently. It has something for everyone.

  7. Thomas Kinkade

    Thomas Kinkade

    12 days ago

    That dash is delicious. That said, do those knobs rotate continuously? If so, they ruined it. The knob needs to STOP when I can't have any more volume or when the AC won't get any warmer or cooler. I need a physical indication that I've reached the end of the adjustment.

  8. Lorrin Barth

    Lorrin Barth

    14 days ago

    With lines like, "It doesn't feel like a turd.", I'm surprised the Honda Marketing Department hasn't snapped you up.

  9. Mark Larry

    Mark Larry

    14 days ago

    Nice! Exterior reminds me of Audi

  10. AbsalomIndustries


    16 days ago

    That interior actually looks decent. I'm genuinely surprised.

  11. Sean Coleman

    Sean Coleman

    18 days ago

    Thanks for this review. I haven't owned a car since 1988 (really!). After 27 years in NYC, the wife and I've moved back to my native California and I'm shopping a car. The hatchback version of this new Civic is my frontrunner. Sedan of same is close behind, though! This review is very encouraging.

  12. Andriej69


    21 day ago

    Jesus, it looks even worse than X

  13. faceclutch


    21 day ago

    No difference between the Civic and Accord

  14. znalac1984


    22 days ago

    Great car but i hate the sound of cvt, i guess everything will be automatic in 10 yeahrs from now which is sad.Congrats on 500k subs,i watched this channel when u had 30k😀

  15. Joe Chongsiriwatana

    Joe Chongsiriwatana

    22 days ago

    He mentioned that sound insulation on Touring is better than other trim. Is there anywhere that documents this?

  16. Kyle Ling

    Kyle Ling

    24 days ago

    $30,000 for the civic touring! I'd buy a new civic with no more than $22,000.

  17. Master of Tricks

    Master of Tricks

    26 days ago

    Beautiful car, looks like Accord.

  18. mugensamurai


    26 days ago

    People want to hate this car but where I am currently living it's the perfect homage to the Accord Euro R.

  19. Tommy Kaira

    Tommy Kaira

    26 days ago

    Pleasing everyone? Did they even please anyone?

  20. tipoomaster


    26 days ago

    Definitely want to see that 4 way back to back

  21. EmileLeRate


    27 days ago

    im in love with the hatch.

  22. Tyler Ohno

    Tyler Ohno

    28 days ago

    I know the new Integra will be based on the Civic but I pray it'll be more than just "nice."

  23. Jaden Khor

    Jaden Khor

    28 days ago

    the nvh sounds appalling like the road / wind noise is quite apparent. it's a problem honda has never bothered to fix even on other cars like the city.

  24. Aalesia Norrea

    Aalesia Norrea

    29 days ago

    Reminds me too much of a German car now. I get that the previous gen was love/hate for a lot of people, but now it’s not unique. Also enough with the stupid tablets stuck on the dash.

  25. welding bilgin

    welding bilgin

    29 days ago


  26. Ijas Rahman

    Ijas Rahman

    29 days ago

    After this, I don't see any reason for getting an Accord.

  27. Cuthbert


    Month ago

    Man I wish the GTI had this dashboard. Ugh.

  28. Pete H

    Pete H

    Month ago

    Interior looks great except for that stupid screen sitting up above the dash. Externally... meh. CVT - seriously, why Honda? Completely boring. Maybe the 11gen Type R will be exciting in a non-WRX way. Maybe.

  29. K D

    K D

    Month ago

    That honeycomb design its just a dust collector and mke it harder to clean

  30. Samuel son

    Samuel son

    Month ago

    Honda Civic break,… the on to go

  31. nrich51


    Month ago

    A much more mature styled car , more sophisticated inside, practical and efficient. But this is the top level trim - lets see a review on a base model.

  32. Rick Sykes

    Rick Sykes

    Month ago

    It’s all about the Mazda3 Hatch the interior blows this one out of the water. I looked at both but had to go with the Mazda. No CVT, great interior quality and design, and IMO exterior is more sporty. But it was a hard choice. Honda offered more room in rear seats, better gas mileage, also a very good looking car and interior. Mazda just won out for me.

  33. Zac


    Month ago

    The front left diagonal shot looks like the last gen of scion TC with an extra door.

  34. Steve Kalas

    Steve Kalas

    Month ago


  35. Steve Kalas

    Steve Kalas

    Month ago

    That’s ONE HELL of a T-SHIRT - DUDE.

  36. matthew martin

    matthew martin

    Month ago

    It's starting to look like the Accord... Keep it more Civic...?

  37. Stefan C

    Stefan C

    Month ago

    That's a good CVT

  38. Ken Howard

    Ken Howard

    Month ago

    It is mentioned in the review, repeatedly, that this Civic - "at least, the Touring model" - is quiet. But now that many have bought this Civic Touring, I'm seeing references to loud cabin/road noise. Some have swapped tires for supposedly-quieter models, to little avail. I'm wondering if there's a remedy, without removing seats and carpeting to apply more insulation, or the silly idea of blasting the sound system to camouflage the noise (or buying a Mazda 3 instead)?

  39. Marb's Music

    Marb's Music

    Month ago

    Heading to pickup and EX version, same engine, in a few minutes. Your review was spot on as always!

  40. Rahul Vashist

    Rahul Vashist

    Month ago

    Such a beautiful car.

  41. Timothy Wilkinson

    Timothy Wilkinson

    Month ago

    My thumbnail says 2022 Honda Civic Everyone is Hard Must be a great Civic...

  42. Mr C

    Mr C

    Month ago

    Honey, I shrunk the Accord. Or did I copy a Jetta?

  43. Andres Cadena

    Andres Cadena

    Month ago

    I was so sad when I saw this new civic. I got a Kia k5 instead.

  44. Vorch


    Month ago

    Is 2021 too soon for the 2022 model to look outdated?

  45. Max Power

    Max Power

    Month ago

    horrible....it's another audigolfbmw style

  46. Alan Forde - Cheyne MS (1494)

    Alan Forde - Cheyne MS (1494)

    Month ago

    Previous gen looked better, why can't Honda just evolve the new model from the previous one?

  47. Kjll3rUnjc0rn5


    Month ago

    Well any suggestions youtube community? I think personally I am done with the Civics I love my 2016 EX look and shape but so does my wife so I’m giving her that car. But I am SUPER positive I don’t want this 2022 Civic, if I wanted a Jetta I just buy one. And 10k more for the Touring (which still lacks style imo) I would just get a basic Lexus. Any thing out there around 27-35k that looks sporty?!

  48. Lowk3y Chris

    Lowk3y Chris

    Month ago

    Looking forward to what they do with the Si and Type R

  49. Eileen the Crow

    Eileen the Crow

    Month ago

    I don't mind the interior, but the exterior is just bland now.

  50. Jack liu

    Jack liu

    Month ago

    So do you want a Toyota Camry, a Acura Camry or a Honda Camry. WTF do all these cars look like a Toyota Camry now

  51. John Franklin

    John Franklin

    Month ago

    All cheap steel stamped control arms....

  52. NativeRambler


    Month ago

    I love the Civics historically. But since cars keep getting bigger, I’ll just keep my Fiesta ST

  53. B G

    B G

    Month ago

    Is it as low getting in and out of, as the previous generation?

  54. Sokol Kristollari

    Sokol Kristollari

    Month ago

    They couldn't make it uglier

  55. Paul Kruglov

    Paul Kruglov

    Month ago

    Nice looking Civic!! Will they offer a hybrid, or are buyers stuck with the insight? Great review!

  56. Jessë Valentine Portz

    Jessë Valentine Portz

    Month ago

    If only it was the same size as my '85 civic.

  57. The Story Of India

    The Story Of India

    Month ago


  58. Darwin Carey

    Darwin Carey

    Month ago

    Waiting for Manual Hatchback

  59. D3-Embro


    Month ago

    They just remade a Camry more or less at least in styling

  60. Sergiovsousa


    Month ago

    Honda reliability with german inspired looks? Too bad I´m completely broke to buy one...

  61. elenchus


    2 months ago

    it's annoying how much ahead Honda is than Acura when it comes to tech.

  62. Habitual Skeptic

    Habitual Skeptic

    2 months ago

    This shit looks like a Camry, wtf!

  63. Shadman Sudipto

    Shadman Sudipto

    2 months ago

    A cvt would be superior tho for efficiency and in some cases performance if they didn't try to emulate torque converters. Sadly people care so much about hear shifts.

  64. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    2 months ago

    i'm glad capitalism finally started forcing engineers to make nice interiors with good materials. its no longer feels like your in chinese plastic toy factory . my girlfriend has Mitsubishi outlander . yes its one of the cheapest SUV on the market but its nicely made

  65. Brett G

    Brett G

    2 months ago

    Owning a 10th gen civic has been fantastic for the past 3 years. I would upgrade to the 11th gen BUT the CVT is the worst transmission. If you want any type of enjoyment while driving to work or around town, this cars has no character. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great daily but if you are into athletic driving even just a little bit the CVT ruins the experience

  66. grand50


    2 months ago

    2022 civic is meh

  67. Michael Hicks

    Michael Hicks

    2 months ago

    It's another ugly sedan that looks just like all of the other ugly sedan on the market.

  68. Uno Nisu

    Uno Nisu

    2 months ago

    life is too short to drive that kind of crap...

  69. 翔悠


    2 months ago

    Sounds like you are even more professional than a car engineer LOL. Why not you design and make your own car?

    • savagegeese


      2 months ago

      Im busy posting selfies on instagram.

  70. Colin Kao

    Colin Kao

    2 months ago

    So does anyone know where the Civic is being produced, if not Swindon?

    • savagegeese


      2 months ago


  71. anemite2


    2 months ago

    dont know in your country, but mine the civic is more expensive than a Jetta GLI, and everyone knows that the GLI is far superior to the honda in almost every aspect

  72. David L

    David L

    2 months ago

    It looks less ridiculous than the previous generation... I'll reserve judgement until I see the Si and the R.

  73. Phil Magro

    Phil Magro

    2 months ago

    I hope they improved the primer/paint/clear coat on their cars. Absolutely ridiculous to see so many on the road of prior gens with flaking cc.

  74. drewski


    2 months ago

    CVT 👎 equals crappy, dull driving experience.

  75. T L H H

    T L H H

    2 months ago

    What the hell Honda id doing,all I see is getting uglier..

  76. YeuLaKho


    2 months ago

    Interesting air vents🙀🙀

  77. Because He Lives

    Because He Lives

    2 months ago

    I test drove one of these other day I liked it except the black plastic on the door near the door handle I pressed on it and it flexed the door panel a bit, felt flimsy is this normal on Honda civics to have cheap interior door panels?

  78. Rodolfo Leon

    Rodolfo Leon

    2 months ago

    Doesn't the new generation Corolla CVTs have a physical first gear ?

  79. steve5ray


    2 months ago

    How many miles will the 1.5T engine last in your opinion? Will it reach 300,000 miles. I worry about the longevity of these turbo engines. Besides this worry, I really like the look of the new Civic.

  80. TheMTaddiction


    2 months ago

    Wow excellent cinematography in the intro!

  81. Robotron5000Deluxe


    2 months ago

    This car is huge compared to my old 95 civic eg.

  82. David Willkie

    David Willkie

    2 months ago

    I just got the 2022 Honda Civic Touring w/nav and it’s a lot of car for the price. Very stoked about it. It’s not as sporty as the 10th gen and it’s lacking a 6 speed manual but damn everything else is super nice. I’m coming from a 2019 Corolla SE fully loaded 6 speed manual and that car had no guts. That’s why I moved up to this Civic, has plenty of power for highway and overtaking. Just no manual and no hatchback at least yet anyway. My Honda dealer told us they did away with manual and hatches this year.

  83. Free Speech

    Free Speech

    2 months ago

    I like this design way more than prior generations, after 2004 civics looked horrendous. Honda finally caught my eye again on the freeway.

  84. richiesworld1


    2 months ago

    Honda Dolphin. Yuck 🤢🤮

  85. Ciara Honorable

    Ciara Honorable

    2 months ago

    If I wanted a adult Honda I would’ve purchased a Accord. I’ll keep my 10th gen hatchback

  86. Brian Hall

    Brian Hall

    2 months ago

    I like it but the taillights look too big. I think the 2022 hatchback looks better.

  87. LazyRock


    2 months ago

    "Easily seats 4 people" Yea it should. 5 is what would be truly impressive. Saying it seats 4 is like saying "car comes with 4 round wheels that touch the ground". Its a 4 door sedan.

    • Kurama Rosetta

      Kurama Rosetta

      Month ago

      Try Mazda 3. And suddenly 4 door sedan isn’t always for 4 people.

  88. Chris MacQuiddy

    Chris MacQuiddy

    2 months ago

    Hate all these driver crutches. First, more things to break down and cost a lot to repair. I can back up fine without a camera and stayed in the lanes. Get off the cell phones and focus on driving and you don't need all that extra stuff.

  89. Henry Nguyen

    Henry Nguyen

    2 months ago

    Looking forward to see your video IS500 lexus

  90. DC initials 31

    DC initials 31

    2 months ago

    Great title. Not impressed with hondas from 2002 to now. 90s hondas get me fully torqued.

  91. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    2 months ago

    OH my god... it looks good again!

  92. K Zero

    K Zero

    2 months ago

    Only stupid people will buy this, design is horrible and the price is so excesive

  93. Hal C.

    Hal C.

    2 months ago

    I drove a Touring yesterday and I thought the highway tire noise was rather high.

  94. Punktlig


    2 months ago

    This review is so detailed, clear, and informative. Holy crap, now subscribed. Can’t wait for the hatchback overview. That is the vehicle that I’m waiting to purchase.

  95. gregory walker

    gregory walker

    2 months ago

    while in no hurry, i think i've found the replacement for my 2008 accord exl--the best car i've ever had with that great 2.4 (7200 redline on tach).

  96. Scundoor Sup

    Scundoor Sup

    2 months ago

    Stay away from 1.5Litre turbo engine ..omg!

  97. Jonathan Helas

    Jonathan Helas

    2 months ago

    Hammerhead shark

  98. Tom will

    Tom will

    2 months ago

    I don't know. If you have to put a carpet on the bottom, i would say go back to the drawing board. Civic customers always wanted fun in a car, this seems dulled down.

  99. TheKingkingg


    2 months ago

    I agree, but that is Mr Hondas philosophy to achieve

  100. steven yerry

    steven yerry

    2 months ago

    please do the hatch when you can thank you