2022 Honda Civic Review // Compact King

The 2022 Honda Civic Touring ($30,265 CAD, $28,300 USD) has been newly updated with a slew of new features and redesigned styling. Although the same 1.5-litre turbo engine is in the Touring model as before, it has seen both a performance and efficiency bump for 2022. Thomas and James spend some time examining how the new Civic performs as a daily driver. Watch to find out what they think! SUBSCRIBE!!!




Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland

Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io


  1. James Engelsman

    James Engelsman

    Month ago

    Hey everyone. We just had a quick moment of Clarity. Karston was pretty Beat when editing this because he just got his second vaccine. Woo! The downside is we did mislabel the Corolla and the Mazda3 in the rear seat space comparison. For those who noticed, thank you!

    • London A

      London A

      19 days ago

      i want more puns from james

    • WB Wayne

      WB Wayne

      Month ago

      @VaTaN I guess the Civic can dance on a track. 🤣

    • WB Wayne

      WB Wayne

      Month ago

      You guys never miss a Beat. 🤣

    • WB Wayne

      WB Wayne

      Month ago

      @James Engelsman Awesome, looking forward to that.

    • WB Wayne

      WB Wayne

      Month ago

      @Shy I completely agree after looking at one today.



    2 hours ago

    Too much nonsense talk

  3. DaRyteJuan


    2 hours ago

    Yawn. 😴 💤

  4. Jim Good

    Jim Good

    4 hours ago

    Where’s the sporty Civic? Boring, no thanks!

  5. Mark Anthony

    Mark Anthony

    5 hours ago

    Blandiose is the word that comes to mind.

  6. Manlio Espinoza

    Manlio Espinoza

    5 hours ago

    I know it was the accord

  7. Dreamy_


    9 hours ago

    More High Performance Honda/Toyota vs Low Price BMW/Mercedes videos please

  8. Troy Truong

    Troy Truong

    19 hours ago

    the 2022 civic looks more mature and premium than the older civic design. I dig it. Older civics was cheaply made. No premium feel.

  9. Max Paskewich

    Max Paskewich

    20 hours ago

    ok that thing is actually cool

  10. Nickel Rocky

    Nickel Rocky

    Day ago

    It is amazing how much technology is packed in new vehicles compare to 30 years ago but yet they cannot build newer vehicles that will outlast cars built 30 years ago… this is a reflection how low standard people are putting up with auto manufacturers. They are all wired with so many computers and inferior Turbo engines and GDI engines which will carbon up in no time.

  11. Muhammad Abdullah

    Muhammad Abdullah

    Day ago

    It looks shit

  12. Jean-Bernard Joly

    Jean-Bernard Joly

    Day ago

    I agree, the civic is now too big when are they bringing the City?

  13. Zento Ki

    Zento Ki

    2 days ago

    the front super boring ... looks 20 years older ... eyes unable to wake up

  14. Chaos Specter

    Chaos Specter

    2 days ago

    Yea not for me prefer the 2021 look.

  15. BigKWS


    3 days ago

    This car looks really nice, but I would much prefer it in a 2 dr version since I'm not that big.

  16. S.O.U.L Ghreeb

    S.O.U.L Ghreeb

    3 days ago

    05:20 If you hear it again and again, report to the nearest doctor. lol

  17. Nickel Rocky

    Nickel Rocky

    3 days ago

    Honda Turbo GDI engines are crap. Why are you guys not fixing the issues with oil dilution and CVT?

  18. La Das

    La Das

    4 days ago

    Cut out all the cheeseball commentaries and it will be a good review. You guys shouldn't try so hard to be funny. It gets annoying.

  19. Dale Sharpy

    Dale Sharpy

    5 days ago

    No on the looks! My 10 gen 2021 Sport Touring looks way better in the front and yes the rear is controversial to some.

  20. D B

    D B

    5 days ago

    Omg these reviewers are excellent. Funny guys

  21. D B

    D B

    5 days ago

    "in 10 generations Civic has targetted a niche audience... The Human Race". 😅

  22. Kevin Breese

    Kevin Breese

    5 days ago

    Brilliant intro! Funny stuff.

  23. Lou F

    Lou F

    6 days ago

    Previous gen was ugly as shit Honda knew this why they have new design already

  24. NoLongerHuman13


    6 days ago

    No highs, no lows. It must be Bose ! That name brand recognition adds a nice bump to the sticker ( usually ). I gutted my infinit’s audio the minute I was able to. Bose. In the drink ,it went. The louder the push Bose car audio , the more base and highs it removes. To give you really REALLY LOUD clarity. But why would someone want flat loudness that’s really clear ! ? Hey guys. Did you hear my Bose system from 3 blocks away and could hear just how empty it sounded? If you haven’t heard Bose car audio , next time you are next to a convertible ( top down lol) , if they have the stereo on. Have a listen. How the sound is there but it’s just not really wanted. That’s what Bose feels like.

  25. J.M.R Vlogs

    J.M.R Vlogs

    6 days ago

    Wow I love the Cvt 😍

  26. Jim Smithers

    Jim Smithers

    7 days ago

    Has a CVT. GARBAGE!!!

  27. A. M.

    A. M.

    7 days ago

    This is how you make dash buttons, not some touch-button. This is also how the gear lever should be and the steering wheel should be a wheel, not a 'steering square' or steering triangle!

  28. Esolo


    7 days ago

    5:21 has me rolling lmfaoooo

  29. Sathea


    7 days ago

    The Honda mini accord

  30. raidenlewis


    8 days ago

    So this is the accord renovated as the civic?

  31. Tom


    9 days ago

    Damn thats a sexy car

  32. Lucknest


    9 days ago

    I want the new Accord look like the new Civic hatch just bigger

  33. Kevin A.

    Kevin A.

    10 days ago

    Honda/Acura has been struggling to design a "CAR". They lost their design touch a long time ago, like 10 years ago. Only thing they are churning out are the cars with too many port holes and weird lines. Front of Civic, and Accord, looks like the Bumblebee from Transformers.

  34. M-NKD


    10 days ago

    1:05 Dont like the door panel (bottom line) near the rear door. A seamless straight line twisted unnecessarily leaving a bad taste !!! 😀😀😀 They should avoid mindless design thnking.

  35. Dirk Pitt

    Dirk Pitt

    10 days ago

    A view from rear reminds me of VW Jetta

  36. Rich Pryor

    Rich Pryor

    11 days ago

    It looks like the civic design team got laid off during the pandemic and so they handed the project over to the insight team.

    • Rich Pryor

      Rich Pryor

      9 days ago

      @ANT BG The last one was just the embodiment of dubstep and ricer culture, this one just screams "I'm dead inside". Also, it looks dated even though it just came out.

    • ANT BG

      ANT BG

      9 days ago

      I mean i really like the clean look Because the last one was ok. Although the fake vents bug me

  37. Rich Pryor

    Rich Pryor

    11 days ago

    So do we just buy an accord now?

  38. Kumar Kumar

    Kumar Kumar

    11 days ago

    Civic is putting old design dashboard design, which corollas already did from 2016 to 2019 models. Now the Corolla is very modern looking sedan. Civic just did its opposite. Lets see the buyers choice and sales figures.

  39. Michael Hong

    Michael Hong

    11 days ago

    Honda tried "adulting" the Civic once before, it didn't work out too well.

  40. AMH MRD


    12 days ago

    The interior has much better quality and is more spacious. The front exterior is ugly af though

  41. Felipe Leon

    Felipe Leon

    12 days ago

    I see honda is still putting those digital ( etch A sketch ) infotainment systems still sticking out the dashboard. Honda please put them back in the dash. It looks so cheesy . The 2017 model Accord looks the best from the 18-19-20-21 models. I want the interior of the 2017 , on a 2021 accord . Idk why all car companies are doing this with the infotainment system.

  42. Johnny


    12 days ago

    This and the Accord are cars for people who don't like cars.

  43. Michael O

    Michael O

    12 days ago

    I own a 2020 Honda Civic sport and it has a decent acceleration and it is pretty quick for what it is and I tried the new 2022 Honda Civic and it’s way slower with a crappy acceleration and the only thing it has for it is that it has more space than the 2020 version but everything else is worse by far so definitely go with the older model you won’t regret it 👍🏼

  44. Harry Baals

    Harry Baals

    13 days ago

    can't believe you have to get the touring (which has the turbo engine that i do not want, on top of spending way more) just to get power seats, which my 2020 EX has. obviously im not switching anytime soon, but with the way honda is going, i might take my business elsewhere in the future

  45. vkhiev


    13 days ago

    The back looks nice the front is weird

  46. Harsh Harshly

    Harsh Harshly

    13 days ago

    Hands down best synergy of hosts on a car channel. Honestly had me laughing. Well done guys!

  47. Fresh Towels

    Fresh Towels

    13 days ago

    you forget to mention the kia forte when talking about the civic and forte has a perfectly weighted quick steering and feel great to drive and looks better.

  48. Fresh Towels

    Fresh Towels

    13 days ago

    lmao ok love the clever honda puns.

  49. Tommy Casidy

    Tommy Casidy

    13 days ago

    He's comparing the civics cvt to a Mazda 3 motor, I'll take the 3 😉

  50. elik


    13 days ago

    Honestly didn't find out about the puns till he mentioned it

  51. Reason Hound

    Reason Hound

    14 days ago

    Cant believe they got rid of the cool body design for this 2022 model

  52. Ani Hani

    Ani Hani

    15 days ago

    Well,You could be ugly, and than, you could be ugly like Honda Civic. For generations..



    16 days ago

    At this high price point , I wud prefer to go for Lexus...far better nd way more dependable nd reliable...this is jst mistaken drawing of accord 🤣🤣🤣

  54. Dennis Chang

    Dennis Chang

    16 days ago

    Easiest job in the world = Honda’s design team. Just copy accord’s front side and previous generation 15-19 Hyundai Sonata’s back side…haha.

  55. JAYDEN


    16 days ago

    Anyone else prefers the previous honda civic instead of the latest design??? It feels like the exterior is a disappointment!!

  56. Antoine Maxima

    Antoine Maxima

    16 days ago

    This is a big improvement, i was shocked by how ugly the last gen was.

    • ANT BG

      ANT BG

      9 days ago

      Fake vents galore

  57. rusher80


    17 days ago

    That honeycomb is good for duct collection of city and those AC knob good for kids to enjoy

  58. Dakota Winnie

    Dakota Winnie

    17 days ago

    The prelude to this video was hilarious

  59. Javier Rivera-Rodriguez

    Javier Rivera-Rodriguez

    17 days ago

    Oh no…..

  60. Bryan McHugh

    Bryan McHugh

    17 days ago

    The Civic is now a smidge bigger than an early 1990's Accord. Gorgeous car. It is about time Honda ditched the boy racer look. The new mini Accord will sell faster than crack.

  61. Nikki


    18 days ago

    Don’t understand why people like the FuTuRiStIc look on cars. Personally I don’t like that look, makes the cars look tacky. I can tell these 2 are all about the hype exotic cars. Rolls, Lambo, McLaren, etc. Honda ain’t for everybody. But I prefer Honda over Toyota any day.

  62. borgtennis


    19 days ago

    Can't believe they did it !!!!! The back is UGLY !!!!!!!!! They listened to the nay-sayers. The front is good and they should have kept the back. Will not renew unless they go back to the former back

  63. Tenzin Dodhon

    Tenzin Dodhon

    19 days ago

    Car looks better than the cars half these haters own lmao.

  64. 🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴

    🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴

    19 days ago

    Love the honda puns 👌🤣 this should be a theme😄

  65. Nickel Rocky

    Nickel Rocky

    19 days ago

    Honda, you can’t just increase the widening of tires to improve handling. This method of improving handling is deteriorating the overall ride quality and shortening the reliability of suspension components. Whatever happened to double wishbone suspension you used in your 90s Civic? The 90s Civic were built better.

  66. Trevor Evans

    Trevor Evans

    19 days ago

    Fleet managers will love these... I expect to see a lot in rental car fleets.

    • Trevor Evans

      Trevor Evans

      12 days ago

      @Riseabove # I guess you don't travel outside North America.

    • Riseabove #

      Riseabove #

      12 days ago

      Honda doesn't sell to rental car fleets. So good luck finding one there.

  67. Trevor Evans

    Trevor Evans

    19 days ago

    Boring, generic, Japanese sedan... Boring, boring, boring..

  68. Allan Mauricio Flores Ponce

    Allan Mauricio Flores Ponce

    19 days ago

    The Accord AND the Civic look a Lot alike... Mannnnnn this duo prank me

  69. John Labus

    John Labus

    20 days ago

    The design language in the shorter profile of the Civic looks better than the Accord in my opinion. In comparison, the rear quarter looks too long and droopy on the Accord in comparison.

  70. Dr. Johnny

    Dr. Johnny

    20 days ago

    Saying one thing: Type S 2.0 VTEC N/A 220 HP 300 NM Do it!

  71. Sebastian A

    Sebastian A

    20 days ago

    I love it! Just got one !

  72. John Donaldson

    John Donaldson

    20 days ago

    Boring. The rear end is so plain.

  73. AK


    20 days ago

    Hate that tablet glued on the dashboard design. Always looks nicer when it's integrated.

  74. Billy Rock

    Billy Rock

    21 day ago

    No PHEV. No hybrid. Honda falling way behind competitors. Ugly styling. 😢

  75. David Seo

    David Seo

    21 day ago

    Holy shit.. I am so sad.. Honda is going to be a thing of the past. Forgotten. This is so bad...

  76. Paul Rodrigues

    Paul Rodrigues

    21 day ago

    I have one a touring in red and absolutely love it! I already put 1,000 miles on it and it’s such a joy to ride! I just put the HPD package on it and it looks insane! Definitely recommend buying this car!

  77. habibrahbar


    21 day ago

    That was a close #Hondabump

  78. Mallugenix


    21 day ago

    Recently honda have worst design.

  79. Ian K

    Ian K

    22 days ago

    Why is everyone bagging on this car? It’s an attractively styled, affordable people mover. This is coming from someone driving a 2012 Jeep Patriot with 143,000 miles 😂

  80. olivia


    22 days ago

    this is my first car so excited!!

  81. Mystic Edge

    Mystic Edge

    22 days ago

    Civic is more reminiscent of the accord

  82. rentero0329


    22 days ago

    Am i the only one who really bothered on the panel gap between the front bumper and hood? 🤢🤮

  83. B9Bot 1

    B9Bot 1

    22 days ago

    I bought a 2021 Mazda 3 myself. It has 186HP without a turbo to burn up on you. Mazda has a modern 6 speed auto that has paddle shifters and sport mode. The steering is easy in the parking lot or on the road, don't know what these guys are talking about.

  84. Darryl Abate

    Darryl Abate

    23 days ago

    "Compact" lol

  85. D’ Marie

    D’ Marie

    23 days ago

    I have one and I love love everything about the Honda civics 🥰🥰🥰

    • D’ Marie

      D’ Marie

      22 days ago

      Omg great minds think alike and we are the same age 😁cheers to us with our 2022 🥳🤗

    • Quentin Turnage

      Quentin Turnage

      22 days ago

      Same here. I traded a 2018 Accord Sport for the 22 Civic Sport. I always had a place in my heart for civics but never bought the new generations because I am 32 not 19. I need a civic that is mature looking. Honda hit the nail on the head with the 22 civic. No car manufacturer can creat a car that will please ALL.

  86. Saad Areeb

    Saad Areeb

    23 days ago

    The last few honda puns represent a few of the best 😍

  87. John Tesoriero

    John Tesoriero

    23 days ago

    Why did it get so large?

  88. Justin Johnston

    Justin Johnston

    23 days ago

    getting mine by the end of the week!

  89. Jorge Morad

    Jorge Morad

    23 days ago

    Looks more generic than before…in one word…Boring 😒

  90. RL


    23 days ago

    What in the hell did Honda do to the Civic???

  91. King Agar

    King Agar

    23 days ago

    Honda has 2005 technology

  92. Tan


    24 days ago

    Nah I have the 10th gen civic. I think it looks so much meaner and so much better in general. I know it’s not for everyone but I love the style of the 10th gen. It stands out.

  93. everythingdiy


    24 days ago

    That has to be one of the ugliest cars ever made...

    • Lilrick96


      21 day ago

      Then you have not seen anything remotely ugly car in your life.

  94. Lightning962


    24 days ago

    I don’t like that it’s not AWD

  95. Mc Boruno / Bruno Willians Exclusive

    Mc Boruno / Bruno Willians Exclusive

    24 days ago

    One of my dreams is to own a Honda Civic, whenever I see one I pray to ask God to bless and empower me to succeed enough to get one someday. 🚀✍🏽 Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  96. Chris Moreno

    Chris Moreno

    24 days ago

    People who are saying it’s as big as the accord haven’t been standing next to both. I own a 2017 civic and a 2021 accord. The size difference, inside and out, is huge

  97. Saimir Hydi

    Saimir Hydi

    24 days ago

    NOOOOO to the noise of the cvt

  98. 사피오섹슈얼


    24 days ago

    I can’t believe it. This is the same grade sedan as Elantra in the same era. Too boring

  99. Solid wisdom

    Solid wisdom

    24 days ago

    The previous generation looks modern but not oh see so many on the road it’s not that cool of a car but this car looks interesting not that striking but must be a very smooth abs reliable car with a improved interior

  100. J. SHEP

    J. SHEP

    25 days ago

    I still love the 10th gen the most.

    • Jacob Potter

      Jacob Potter

      24 days ago

      Yea. The rear of them is beautiful...