2022 Lexus ES350 | Take it to The Grave

We review the updated 2022 Lexus ES350 Ultra Luxury trim to discuss the beauty and failures of this generation sedan. After several looks at the AWD version and Hybrid variant, we are able to help identify why someone would buy this to keep over some of the competitors. What would you choose, Genesis G80, BMW 3 Series, Audi A3, Acura TLX?

00:00 Intro
1:29 Interior Impressions
5:53 Mechanical Impressions, Engine and Suspension
8:15 Driving Impressions
12:46 Final Thoughts


  1. Bridgette L. Davis

    Bridgette L. Davis

    Day ago

    I love my Lexus ES 350! It is high quality and I’ve never had an issue with the car. I have my 3rd Lexus ES 350… each of the previous cars I kept for over 5 years. I only got a new car ES 350 because I wanted a “new car”.

  2. ji wang

    ji wang

    2 days ago

    Bullet proof engine with simple oil changes . Avalon and Camry share same power train.

  3. Mark Bernstein

    Mark Bernstein

    3 days ago

    Love my 2019 Es350

  4. Buckmark


    4 days ago

    This is the only review that I could find that shows Acorn leather interior. Thanks!!!

  5. The junkyard mechanic William

    The junkyard mechanic William

    4 days ago

    302 hp

  6. Safeer Jaffer

    Safeer Jaffer

    5 days ago

    I had a 1995 ES300 for a bit while I was trying to build up some savings. I replaced it with a brand new 2018 Mazda3 at the time and in many ways, that old Lexus felt more solid and almost newer mechanically. These are great cars.

  7. CA Driver

    CA Driver

    6 days ago

    Have you driven a Luxury trim? Curious how much better the Ultra Luxury is for NVH. Trying to find one of these..

  8. Jayant Jolly

    Jayant Jolly

    8 days ago

    What is the intro music??

  9. Europe C

    Europe C

    8 days ago

    ever want to park next to a new car and ding it? lolz

  10. John Stickel

    John Stickel

    8 days ago

    Human fingers have not “ evolved “..

    • Tony Sterbenc

      Tony Sterbenc

      6 days ago

      From our ape predecessors. Duh.

  11. Ken Macjoo

    Ken Macjoo

    10 days ago

    no review on rear seat?

  12. Nathan Snir

    Nathan Snir

    11 days ago

    This is no more no less than an overpriced, overdressed Toyota. Looking at Toyota's records with the NHTSA as well as constant recalls you get a very bleak picture of a manufacturer relaying on its past and doing its utmost to conceal the endless problems with its vehicles. I owned one so I am familiar with Toyota's poor reliability.

  13. Yarzz_Center 2020

    Yarzz_Center 2020

    11 days ago

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  14. Cosmic


    14 days ago

    For those of us in Northern regions, the front wheel drive is much better in the snow.

  15. Barber Lab

    Barber Lab

    14 days ago

    I just want to criticize your title “take it to grave “ i like your cannel and join watching it . I guess reviewer tested the car for not long term . How reviewer can say about reliability? He can argue that all Data from other sources shows it’s reliability. But he review should be base on only his experience on this car not from others review or DAta . Reviewer should not mention which he can test it .

  16. tee bone

    tee bone

    14 days ago

    Don't put your foot into throttle as much and the tires won't spin. The Ecu Ect adjusts to drivers habits. Great car! If you want folding seats get an SUV like an Rx. The es was comparable to the Camry in the early years but then started favoring the Avalon. The interior is great. When dark the interior has subtle lighting under the dash near the feet and small light that shines down from the rear view mirror on to the touch pad controls on the console. Mark Levinson stereo system which puts out a combined 1800 watts. F sport model has a flap in the air box that when sport mode is selected and you get on the gas it opens to give it a more throated sound like a cai . Well built car!!

  17. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith

    15 days ago

    How did u get the MPH to display in center screen? I have a 2020, maybe it's not possible

  18. Chicken Tikka Sauce

    Chicken Tikka Sauce

    17 days ago

    Waiting for them to update the entertainment iPads before I buy one

  19. Philip Clock

    Philip Clock

    18 days ago

    "This is the most comfortable car I've ever been in"...several unsolicited compliments from passengers in the 2 yrs I've had my 2019 ES 300h

  20. 4 REAL

    4 REAL

    18 days ago

    1:56 You would think that a company like Lexus would understand that those huge, tall center console displays can potentially obstruct a driver's view, to a certain degree, depending on how tall, or short, they are that, personally, I would consider somewhat dangerous. If nothing else, a huge, dark rectangular screen like that can potentially be a psychological, if not peripheral vison, distraction. 4REAL

  21. Aldo Celli

    Aldo Celli

    20 days ago

    Great job sir.

  22. The Watcher

    The Watcher

    20 days ago

    You have to watch for every pot hole. Low profile tires suck. Just finished with my 2017 lease. Now drive Lexus SUV. Much better.

  23. Ray East

    Ray East

    20 days ago

    For the past 40 years, I have owned Mercedes E Class cars, loving them but now at 83, it just may be time to dial back in engineering and performance. This is truly a luxury car without the high-performance numbers and german engineering and consider this car thereby saving money. I am thinking about it. I keep cars for a long time and this seems to fit that bill. Thanks for the unbias review that you cannot get from a salesman.

  24. Orlando Tourist Traps

    Orlando Tourist Traps

    21 day ago

    .... or you could buy a Camry. What this car is based on.

  25. James Nasium

    James Nasium

    21 day ago

    The recirc button on the HVAC has always been a b*tch if you like manual control. There is one button that cycles through 3 things: outside air, auto, and recirculate inside air. So, suppose you like manual control and like to frequently switch between outside and inside air, like I do down here in the hot Texas summers. Well, every time you want to change from inside to outside air you have to push the button twice; the first push changes the system to "auto" and the second push changes the system to outside air. They have had this same stupid button on 4 generations of ES!!!!

  26. Grizz0220


    21 day ago

    The ES 250 is AWD, your welcome.

  27. Gary Collins

    Gary Collins

    22 days ago

    Sometimes when I accelerate briskly with my '08 ES (112000 mi.) I get a lot of wheel hop. Any ideas?

  28. Yousaf Malik

    Yousaf Malik

    22 days ago

    Even the insects love this ES.

  29. Groove Master

    Groove Master

    23 days ago

    Unless I total it, this will be the car drive to my funeral when i die at 100

  30. Groove Master

    Groove Master

    23 days ago

    All these shinanigans are useless to me. The motor and over all car reliability is all that matters first and foremost. Toyota/Lexus is the one. Bought one last week.

  31. Jai


    24 days ago

    I can't believe how beautiful this car looks. This is one of the best looking cars. I am utterly floored by its aethetics. It's super subtle and refined. My jaw was physically left hanging seeing it for the first time. Talk about wow factor. This car is pure silent confidence. All the other flashy nonsense cars are just disposable money pits. Also, you look a bit like Maynard James Keenan. Lol

  32. Adam Borseti

    Adam Borseti

    25 days ago

    Just got my dad's 2015 ES-350 because he bought a 2021 model! What a car!

  33. Kurt


    26 days ago

    Nice to see a car reviewer actually applaud a car that isnt a sports car for once.

  34. Rodel Ramos

    Rodel Ramos

    27 days ago

    no HUD

  35. Iain Hogg

    Iain Hogg

    27 days ago

    I want reliability and endurance, this car would fit the bill for me, one of the few money pits out there

  36. Great Music Never Dies

    Great Music Never Dies

    28 days ago

    Thank you for pointing out what most people really want....quality that lasts. Nothing flashy... I'm so sick of cars with stupid "features". Lasting a long time..no drama. Naturally aspirated....simple...great drivetrain!!! Your mentioning it has 80% of what the top line cars have is such a great selling point!!! Excellent review!!!

  37. Lucas .Lucas

    Lucas .Lucas

    Month ago

    I would rather take it for a spin than to the grave !!

  38. Frank Z

    Frank Z

    Month ago

    I just want Lexus to give me a digital cockpit and I’ll make the change but those analog gauges make it look outdated

  39. Patriot


    Month ago

    Awesome video. I get it, not sure like you stated so well, if I can deal with the front wheel drive, in a otherwise great car. That said I appreciate the natural asperated engine and a real transmission. So sick of turbo's and CVT fake transmissions and for what 0.5 added MPG what BS. All in all, still a wonderful car for the highway. Thank for a great unbiased review as usual.

  40. Nature


    Month ago

    I would trust this car a loan for 6 years, but for ES hybrid. it's even more reliable XD. Eternal vehicle. And of course it's relaxing place to be after work. Multiply on 6 years in own - you won't regret. And the best bargain deal is 1 owner 15000 miles - the best price to get.

  41. Daniel Soler

    Daniel Soler

    Month ago

    Which interior color is this????

  42. JesusMsgr


    Month ago

    This review is way better than lots of movies I've watched over the last few years. I just love the way they do their reviews, its like a freaking movie! Thanks!

  43. D A

    D A

    Month ago

    Good video!!

  44. M Holmes

    M Holmes

    Month ago

    If this car came with a forced induction engine and AWD I would own one. Lexus has some of the best interiors in the business.

  45. Michelle D.

    Michelle D.

    Month ago

    Is this the Acorn interior color?

  46. Dave Penn

    Dave Penn

    Month ago

    This car makes a $5 pawn shop skateboard seem like a Saturn V rocket.

  47. Dave Penn

    Dave Penn

    Month ago

    I can't fathom why you would review this car. No enthusiast would have any interest in this car whatsoever. Are you trying to attract "autophobes" to your channel? The people who hate cars, hate driving, and hate people who love cars and driving?

  48. Jesse Bruce

    Jesse Bruce

    Month ago

    When I was 19 back in 2019, I bought my first car and it was a 2002 Lexus ES 300 and then in 2020 I bought a 2015 Camry and the 02 Lexus drove way better then the Camry. Now a couple of months ago I bought a 2011 Lexus ES 350 and I’m here to say now that I will forever be a Lexus fan. I will have no other car but a Lexus whether it be a sedan or SUV, hell if they make a pick up I’ll probably get it.

  49. Bandar Alhamdan

    Bandar Alhamdan

    Month ago

    وش منى خذها الى القبر 💀

  50. Hermann Alios

    Hermann Alios

    Month ago

    Guys Help me i have a old bone gs 300 s19 and i need help To Import a es 350 to Germany were have here only the es Hybrid 4zyl thx Boys

  51. The Lexus Dude

    The Lexus Dude

    Month ago

    I have a 2019 Lexus ES350 and is atomic silver with chateau leather it has only 13,724 miles and I absolutely love it I also have a 2014 Lexus IS250 but I am going to be selling my 2014 IS250



    Month ago

    Mark Levinson makes Hifi Cables costing more than a car. How did Lexus manage to budget into their cars? Or is it just a-bit of advice and marketing the badge?

    • savagegeese


      Month ago

      Most of these higher-end audio systems in cars are badge engineering there's very few that we test that would be considered anywhere near something good in the home space

  53. Greg Ashlag

    Greg Ashlag

    Month ago

    Great Review! Thank you for saying the truth about Lexus, it's not a disposable car like a Mercedes or BMW that once the warranty is over you might as well get rid of it. I had 2006 LS 430, got it it with 120K miles, drove it to 196K in 2 years until it got rear ended and totaled. It has been the best car I ever owned. The ES is the same quiet, comfortable, no drama, just a reliable car that would last for about 20 years.

  54. boe dillard

    boe dillard

    Month ago

    Does it still have a wooden steering wheel or have they moved to a more comfortable option?

  55. Amy Falcon

    Amy Falcon

    Month ago

    Ford Fusion Hybrid for me! 🙂

    • Tony Sterbenc

      Tony Sterbenc

      6 days ago

      They're good cars; I rented one and liked it. Well priced, too. Just don't expect the same gas mileage or long-term reliability.

  56. Stevespecs


    Month ago

    Just sold my wife’s mother’s 03 ES for 10k , 30 thousand original miles. Still feels and looks brand new.

  57. 6425 FF

    6425 FF

    Month ago

    Boring car with no good looks. Just a basic 4 door sedan..

  58. des carroll

    des carroll

    Month ago

    It's an upmarket Toyota Camry....same engine, it just costs thousands more..... buy the Camry instead....

  59. Jerrl Evans

    Jerrl Evans

    Month ago

    I’ve been driving a 2019 F Sport since July 2019 and that terrible torque steer that you mention is not a problem in mine.

  60. Bader Almatroud

    Bader Almatroud

    Month ago

    Will done .

  61. 有时真忍不住笑


    Month ago

    Sadly, ES with 3.5 litre engine does not come with all wheel drive

  62. Mike Denman

    Mike Denman

    Month ago

    It amazes me that you would take a semi-luxury family car, try to drive it like a high-performance sedan and then complain that it doesn't measure up, and somehow make that a negative.

    • savagegeese


      Month ago

      Its not. Just alt view. Car is great for what it is.

  63. Czarli W

    Czarli W

    Month ago

    Bla, bla, bla….LEXUS is THE BEST ALWAYS,

  64. james Kim

    james Kim

    Month ago

    My 2019 ES350 F-Sport feels like a rear wheel drive. When I step on it moves and feels like a Porsche Panamera 4, solid and sporty without the extra 400 pounds. Well engineered sports sedan.

  65. MD062010


    Month ago

    you gave an excellent review! I bought my '14, ES350, brand new. I'm approaching 100K- it's the first car I have ever owned, that drives as good as it di the day I bought it. I have had absolutely no issues with this car. I've also never owned a car that has held up so well. I live in Rochester, NY, where we have harsh winters and use road salt.... to date, I do not have a spec of rust. The body has held up amazingly- still get a mirror finish with routine washing. I'm looking a buying the new 2021, this November. Thank you so much for this review!

  66. Silvino Dorantes Sanchez

    Silvino Dorantes Sanchez

    Month ago

    i recently got a used 2008 es and so far its been grate

  67. Wayne Reid

    Wayne Reid

    Month ago

    run forest run I thought lexus was a superior car. I've been an Acura buyer and have never had any issues my is 350 f sport has a front differential seal which needs repair i tried to get lexus to warranty it the car has 70000 km on it the power train says seals included 110000 km i can't get lexus to cover it with a toyota shop they want me to drive it 10 hours to lexus. i don't think it will make it there with out damaging the diff lexus shop told me to cheek the level as i driver there, lol do you know i need a lift to do that, they said warranty is none transferable. also the rear sub woofer is crackling and needs to be changed. not what i expected 1300 to repair front seal they have to tear down half the motor to repair it. also Iam changing the front lower control arm bushing with figs bushing to stop the under steer and also stop the front tire wear. for sale cheap going back to acura for reliability.

    • Wayne Reid

      Wayne Reid

      Month ago

      @savagegeese lexus IS 350 F Sport

    • savagegeese


      Month ago

      Which model do you have?

  68. Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

    Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

    Month ago

    I got an ES350 loaner from the Lexus dealership. Very nice car, I was sad to give it back. Now I want to buy one.

  69. johnpro2


    Month ago

    I have owned my GM for 23 years ..so i can watch this one from heaven

  70. cajunweatherman


    Month ago

    Does it still have the antiquated cartridge style oil filter housing? Toyota has gone back to spin on filters for some of their new cars from the very old and obsolescent technology of cartridge filters. That would be about the only drawback in my opinion from keeping that engine rolling to 500,000 miles.

  71. rick nowak

    rick nowak

    Month ago

    I have a 2019 es 350. The ventilated seats are a bit annoying because of th fan noise. Any change with this 2022 ? I know. It ... IS A FAN so I don't even think that they COULD make it quieter. Just VERY curious and HOPEFUL. Thanks! Please reply.

  72. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole

    Month ago

    Great, just needs an equally simple/solid EV powertrain with folding seats. Then I would be sold. Until then Nissan Leaf it is, for its simplicity and NVH. Ive got another 7 years to watch all this happen...

  73. Hoder Harris

    Hoder Harris

    Month ago

    How many chickens had to die in order for you to make this video?

  74. ohurley11


    Month ago

    I love my ES 350. I drive it in eco mode which keeps me from driving like a dick. On long trips I can easily average 6.7L/100km (35mpg) and I love that it takes regular gas. I had a Camry before this car and I loved it too but the ES just takes everything up a couple notches. The power, comfort, quality, very glad I bought it.

  75. tizmon


    Month ago

    Intelligence is understanding and you get everything Toyota had intended, thus make you the best owner for the car. 85% satisfaction on everything you do with the car as long as you own it, and that’s unique. Only Toyota can do it. Congrats on finding a perfect car for yourself.

  76. Saint Preferred

    Saint Preferred

    Month ago

    I have an '03 ES300. 110K miles. Runs and looks like the day it was made.

  77. Saint Preferred

    Saint Preferred

    Month ago

    Get rid of the BOTTOM FEEDER GRILLE, I'm a buyer.

  78. Zachary Zarko

    Zachary Zarko

    Month ago

    If Lexus offered an AWD version, I'd buy one today.

  79. 晴嵐


    Month ago

    What color is this cover?

  80. Cole Chapman

    Cole Chapman

    Month ago

    Why the hell did Lexus think putting a digital clock on the screen tablet thing was a good idea? There is enough space underneath to house a clock. It breaks up an area that would look better as a single unit instead of some weird screen/digital clock mashup. I feel like this Lexus is beautiful, inside and out, but that part kills the perfectionist in me and I feel as though that clock should be moved to where the vents in the middle are and those can be adjusted to accommodate that change in layout. The issue I have with this is that design-wise it's not that attractive for a company that pays such close attention to detail as Lexus does. Instead of having a clean and simple navigation unit in the car Lexus for no understandable reason decided to clutter it up with that thing. Why? It makes zero sense. I like digital clocks in Lexuses. It makes sense since it is a luxury product focused on coddling baby boomers around Saddle River to and from the golf course. But I feel like in this case here it was poorly implemented and should've been more carefully thought out if they really needed to add it in.

  81. Imran Shah

    Imran Shah

    Month ago

    I test drove the ES300H and I was seriously impressed. The car is quiet, luxurious, reasonable quick, and has an excellent fuel economy. I scored 44mpg on my test-trip. This is a great car in my view. I also drove the V6 version. That's a non hybrid, and has much more power. But both are front wheel drive and I found the ES to have some difficulty to put all the 300 ponies on the ground through its front wheels. Rear wheel would have been better. The ES250 comes as an AWD but that's a less powerful car. So if I were to make a choice, definitely the hybrid version with the Mark Levinson audio.

  82. Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash

    Month ago

    No difference between my 2006 lexus

  83. Jeff Juma

    Jeff Juma

    Month ago

    I'm so glad I bought a GS350, I was considering an ES 350, but Now I really want a LS 500HL

  84. G Khang

    G Khang

    Month ago

    God bless Texas, but before IT does...he's gonna bless SavageGeese first because of all these high quality automotive reviews with deep content...

    • Imran Shah

      Imran Shah

      Month ago

      The only good thing about Texas is that Toyota/Lexus headquarters are in Plano, TX. Other than that, backwards.

  85. Michael Tran

    Michael Tran

    Month ago

    They should’ve implemented the new OS and taillight design seen on the new NX.

  86. alexander wei

    alexander wei

    Month ago

    Is your opinion of this car the same for the 300h variant?

    • savagegeese


      Month ago

      Similar yes. The H is better in MPG and refinement. But v6 better long term buy (over 10 years)

  87. Ron Smith

    Ron Smith

    Month ago

    Just put a higher grade tire on it and it should hook up.

  88. Dre Park

    Dre Park

    Month ago

    My mom has a 2010 Lexus es350. She’s 70, and wants to buy a new Lexus but she refuses to buy another car until the one she has starts to give her trouble. Problem is, I honestly don’t think it’s going to give her any trouble. Lexus makes the best car on the road, I love the Germans but if you want a car that’s going to last… this is it!



    Month ago

    tbh the last gen has a nicer interior...this looks too plastic and cheap. WHERES MAH WOOD TRIM!?!?

  90. Free Simba

    Free Simba

    Month ago

    Just a note on your commentary. Saying that "You want to buy to die in it" makes no sense. Until 3 years ago LEXUS was the MOST valuable trade mark, until it was taken over by the TESLA fandom. But your comment is totally unnecessary, and you should better take it out of this otherwise good video.

  91. David Wolf

    David Wolf

    Month ago

    I've just discovered your ACURA channel and, coincidently, I'm a long-time Lexus owner with my current vehicle being a 2020 ES300h Ultra Luxury model. You are absolutely correct about this model being designed for boring, retired guys just like me. I didn't buy it for any other reason than for all of the attributes you highlighted in this excellent review. What a wonderful car this is that obtains incredible mpg's!

  92. bunnycoookie noory

    bunnycoookie noory

    Month ago

    You didn’t say anything about the price

  93. RSalami


    Month ago

    That new plastic is freaking INNOVATION. hope they mass make it

  94. Karen Talamas

    Karen Talamas

    Month ago

    Can you tell me the color of the interior in this 2022 ES 350 ultra luxury Lexus? Any place we can see a list of exterior and interior color options??

  95. Bluesrain cancun

    Bluesrain cancun

    Month ago

    I always enjoy your review.

  96. Jamie McNeil

    Jamie McNeil

    Month ago

    Take a front wheel drive car to the grave? Perhaps after you have changed the motor mounts 15 times. A much better choice would be the conventional drive naturally aspirated V8 Mustang.

  97. Harry Wild

    Harry Wild

    Month ago

    Love the ES350 but the front grill!

  98. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    Month ago

    And also don’t forget, this car consumes regular gasoline unlike other brand’s competitor requires premium gas

  99. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    Month ago

    This guy’s video is just amazing

  100. Blaine Bauer

    Blaine Bauer

    Month ago

    Good review! I have a similar FWD setup and as he mentioned when I pull into traffic on wet pavement, the wheels just spin and I end up creeping slowly into oncoming traffic. It doesn't happen often but it's scary when it does.