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The Acura Integra might be the best front wheel drive car of all time. With great styling, stellar suspension, and legendary VTEC power, the Integra was a stand out performer at the peak of the Tuner craze. Join us as we explore the Integra GS-R, Acura RSX, and the impeccable Integra Type R.

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  1. Roidxn


    12 hours ago

    *Me looking at this with one parked right outside*

  2. Meshach Nicholas

    Meshach Nicholas

    3 days ago

    2021 I came back this episode......baaaaaaaaaaaa VTec just kicked in baby

  3. Friendly Neighborhood Ganjatarian

    Friendly Neighborhood Ganjatarian

    4 days ago

    My dream car needed this info thank you so much donut

  4. Mr Fox

    Mr Fox

    5 days ago

    somone watched too much epic meal time

  5. Joseph Melon

    Joseph Melon

    6 days ago


  6. Alex Iraheta

    Alex Iraheta

    7 days ago

    I got an ad with Jeremiah

  7. Ctr fk8

    Ctr fk8

    7 days ago

    No AC noooo

  8. PREACH3%r


    8 days ago

    Yeah cheap watches.. I find out that shit's made in China and I'm out this channel! that's all I'm saying

  9. Collins


    9 days ago

    Wassup with this guy shouting and shit. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. Alex P

    Alex P

    11 days ago

    I miss my teggy, RIP 😪😪😂



    14 days ago

    want one

  12. nostrum


    14 days ago

    this was awesome

  13. Jonathan Gutierrez

    Jonathan Gutierrez

    15 days ago

    Who’s watching this now that Acura is bringing back the Integra for 2022? 😍

  14. Efrain Diaz

    Efrain Diaz

    17 days ago

    Question I have a 98 acura integra ls 4 door. Wat size is the flex pipe sir.?



    18 days ago

    I got a 93 :)

  16. anay majmudar

    anay majmudar

    19 days ago

    integra coming back in 2022 by acura

  17. James dickwad

    James dickwad

    20 days ago


  18. StömpxRiot Official

    StömpxRiot Official

    20 days ago

    Well I think I know what my dream car might be. 97 integra, would be even cooler if I found one made on my birthday since I was born in 97🥲

  19. Chase Gibson

    Chase Gibson

    21 day ago

    Ah the classic 100 man knife fight

  20. 520hanky


    21 day ago

    I love that you mentioned tinsel town parking lot that's where I first drove my crappy civic to see fast and furious when it came out

  21. Brandon Villandry

    Brandon Villandry

    22 days ago

    Lmfao class was fun today

  22. Nub Nub

    Nub Nub

    22 days ago


  23. Jose Puentes

    Jose Puentes

    28 days ago

    I just found out that my dad had one and he crashed it in the water 😔

  24. a C

    a C

    29 days ago

    Rsx gay

  25. ML V

    ML V

    Month ago

    fucking shouting...

  26. Tim Philpot

    Tim Philpot

    Month ago

    Honda prelude, I thought that was what KILLED the Integra...... Which one was better to you?

  27. Angel Otero

    Angel Otero

    Month ago

    we will sell the shit out of these type R's and type S's so stop production and discontinue them we need cars with real problems that no one wants that sells in the U.S.

  28. Ahmed Shinko

    Ahmed Shinko

    Month ago

    Left me just like dad 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅

  29. Donyce19


    Month ago

    When the guys over at Acura saw this, they knew the 2022 Integra was on the right track

  30. Johnny Mason

    Johnny Mason

    Month ago

    It looks like the Integra is coming back sometime next year! We'll see how that goes! Hopefully it won't be just another hybrid-only car! Give it one more run as a high performance masterpiece!

    • lil onion

      lil onion

      Month ago

      Came too see this cause i’m so hyped for the new teggy

  31. RDM | Jeft

    RDM | Jeft

    Month ago

    Came back to this video because of the new 2022 Integra announcement! Let’s goooooo

  32. Captain Falcon

    Captain Falcon

    Month ago

    Seems like this up to speed will need an update sooooooon!

  33. Gonzalo Nunez

    Gonzalo Nunez

    Month ago

    Acura just teased a new integra

  34. Matthew Zoleta

    Matthew Zoleta

    Month ago

    Here again after the Integra teaser

  35. Donna Willis

    Donna Willis

    Month ago

    The paltry peru anatomically blink because lilac microbiologically bless from a lowly beef. abject, efficacious colt

  36. Giancarlo Salads

    Giancarlo Salads

    Month ago

    Who’s here after the integra got announced of it’s comeback? 🤚

  37. CoinYew


    Month ago

    Integra is coming back

  38. Bicc Truss

    Bicc Truss

    Month ago

    Make a video with all the info you have for the new 2022 integra

  39. MatthewKatidjo


    Month ago

    Came back to watch this video now that the integra is making a return!

  40. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    Month ago

    Who else came back here after the news that the Integra is coming back!!!!!

  41. Dan Christian

    Dan Christian

    Month ago

    Time for a part 2!

  42. Rawal Qayyum

    Rawal Qayyum

    Month ago

    Acura Just announced the teggy is coming back! Fingers crossed

  43. SWO_Woodsman_945


    Month ago

    My Dad owned a 3rd gen Acura Integra GSR back in 1996. And today August 13, 2021, he came in my room and said to me "I'm getting a new car". And as it happens, Acura has just confirmed they are now going to be coming out with a new generation of Acura Integra!!!!! LET'S FECKING GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  44. Tim Currie

    Tim Currie

    Month ago

    not cool charging to join - change that

  45. Mystery Mike

    Mystery Mike

    Month ago

    It’s coming back!

  46. Thot Terminator T-800

    Thot Terminator T-800

    Month ago

    Anyone else is here after Acura just announced 2022 spring for Integra? Nah just me? Cool.

    • ツ90sanimeツ


      Month ago

      YES SIR!!!! So hyped🔥🔥🔥

  47. Shaggy Searles

    Shaggy Searles

    Month ago

    Altho the Type R is the best trim cant go wrong with a Gs-R A Gs or Ls, only difference between the Gsr and Gs is the vtec and the gsr obviously didnt have a auto option

  48. Nathan Yu

    Nathan Yu

    Month ago

    0:08 that’s what my dad told me he was on imports

  49. Canto Mio

    Canto Mio

    Month ago

  50. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewski

    Month ago

    The blue-eyed transmission preclinically blot because numeric rhetorically roll inside a rambunctious swedish. enchanted, diligent aunt

  51. Freedom_Lasts


    Month ago

    i just saw a Integra Type R today.

  52. Carie Mooney

    Carie Mooney

    Month ago

    Bro. You are hilarious! Love it! In 2021 im close to buying a 94 GSR coupe. 125k miles. Great video!

  53. Adam C

    Adam C

    Month ago

    this guy is super lame. how do yall stand this?

    • TRE D

      TRE D

      12 days ago

      Dang, it sucks that you’re forced to watch it. You should move to the US so you can have freedom of choice in your video selection! Buen suerte!

  54. mr_ byebye

    mr_ byebye

    Month ago

    B18c5 for the price is a bad engine I just never understood why anyone would want an engine that's so overpriced and doesn't give u much more

  55. mr_ byebye

    mr_ byebye

    Month ago

    Acura did nothing Honda did it all Acura is another name Honda uses

  56. Senran Tomoko

    Senran Tomoko

    Month ago

    I have a dc5

  57. Bill


    Month ago


  58. Shirdon Bock

    Shirdon Bock

    Month ago

    how about you talk about Acura Integra discontinued parts because wer finding hard time to find it

  59. Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia

    Month ago

    Blew the head gasket on my integra 98. Casually waiting for my mechanic to be ready to repair it.

  60. Tomek K

    Tomek K

    2 months ago

    Honda Japan (日本) ≠ Acura Usa

  61. Andy Haz

    Andy Haz

    2 months ago

    I need a ringtone of your BAAHHHH!!

  62. Scar Beoulve

    Scar Beoulve

    2 months ago

    I drive an acura integra and fell in love with it from the second I started it!

  63. Kiel Li Van Cleef

    Kiel Li Van Cleef

    2 months ago

    and that is why I'm getting a acura rsx

  64. Turtlez_342


    2 months ago

    My dad had this car but he said he didn’t fix the problems with it and eventually sold it to a junker I wish he kept it though

  65. PocketyPockPock


    2 months ago

    Loving the Saab in the background. I own an Integra and a Saab lol

  66. Name Here

    Name Here

    2 months ago

    I just bought an 89 stock intergra. I'm so hyped.

    • Saber Miner

      Saber Miner

      19 days ago

      i bought a 95 ls yesterday bone stock

    • Yazim Alicea

      Yazim Alicea

      20 days ago

      @Shaggy Searles LS 😔 prolly gonna engine swap it eventually though

    • Shaggy Searles

      Shaggy Searles

      Month ago

      @Yazim Alicea what trim ive got a 00 gs

    • Yazim Alicea

      Yazim Alicea

      Month ago

      ayyyy got me a stock 01 teggy

  67. Dekisho T

    Dekisho T

    2 months ago

    This was the first donut video I ever saw, now I have an rsx and just bought a type r k engine, thank you donut for what I needed to know to get up to speed on the integra type r

  68. Joe F

    Joe F

    2 months ago

    That TBS intro seriously got my HYPED!!! Your lipstick his collar DON’T BOTHER ANGEL!

  69. Tagheuer Woods

    Tagheuer Woods

    3 months ago

    Since I saw their video on Honda's history and this one, I have the utmost respect for the brand and for low hp but lightweight cars. I'm even seriously considering a Honda as a first car and that might be a Civic Edit : I actually was considering a Civic before knowing about the history and great tech of the brand since this car can be quite affordable

  70. Mikel Nomikos

    Mikel Nomikos

    3 months ago

    I've watched this episode at least 3 times and it never gets old.

  71. Colton


    3 months ago

    And now they have a stocky for it!

  72. Emmet Harte

    Emmet Harte

    3 months ago

    I love my JDM ITR, best car I've ever had.

  73. リンゴ


    3 months ago


  74. Gio is trash

    Gio is trash

    3 months ago

    What’s a good started jdm car?

  75. Ellis Cook

    Ellis Cook

    3 months ago

    This makes me miss my 90 Integra GS. Had 318k miles on it before I got rid of it.

  76. Verenci


    3 months ago

    just got an integra this video made me not regret it one bit

  77. Timothy Granberry

    Timothy Granberry

    3 months ago

    Honestly the best video they ever made

  78. Mr. Screen Shot

    Mr. Screen Shot

    3 months ago

    Good thing we have a integra engine in our Honda Jazz K20a to k24 💙💙

  79. Lukas Novikas

    Lukas Novikas

    3 months ago

    0:13 right side imports Left side domestics

  80. PatrioticBoy26


    3 months ago

    V TEC

  81. Sun and D-970

    Sun and D-970

    3 months ago

    My 1998 Honda Accord has a vtec engine but it so sluggish on acceleration.

  82. J Solo

    J Solo

    3 months ago

    Rsx gang wya

  83. minecraft fox

    minecraft fox

    3 months ago

    imma get a civic type r fn2 this year and im gonna feel the og vtec that will be cool

  84. Aylee Moua

    Aylee Moua

    3 months ago


  85. Jeffrey Hill

    Jeffrey Hill

    3 months ago

    worked in a salvage yard and snagged a B18 from a totaled out R and shoved it in a CRX. Few bolt ons and suspension work later had an amazing track car... that got stolen a month later because I live in St Louis, it was recovered after being smashed into a tree so hard the engine was almost in the seats : (

  86. Joshua Jaimes

    Joshua Jaimes

    3 months ago

    I love this video. 😂

  87. Bahala Na?

    Bahala Na?

    3 months ago

    😂 this is my favorite car channel now hands down. Dude your hilarious 🤣

  88. ErichWilliam


    3 months ago

    What I wouldnt give for a yellow Type R

  89. Joshua Blankenship

    Joshua Blankenship

    3 months ago

    So happy to be watching this video. Just got a 2006 RSX Type S project car! And the best part is that it has the Type R K20A engine 😎

  90. c0B


    3 months ago

    1:05 scary

  91. c0B


    3 months ago

    Vtec yo

  92. Denny Hernandez

    Denny Hernandez

    3 months ago

    Everything you need to know about Acura RSX

  93. Umeed Ali

    Umeed Ali

    3 months ago

    Toyota soarer



    3 months ago

    donut george floyd

  95. Christian Prado

    Christian Prado

    4 months ago

    Please stop making me laugh, I’m trying to learn about Vteck 🤣🤣🤣

  96. sucksman


    4 months ago

    i love it when people say backslash so confidently

  97. freame


    4 months ago

    The base RSX With a K20A3, it's a good motor tho.

  98. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    4 months ago


  99. Dayle Levi Baynes

    Dayle Levi Baynes

    4 months ago

    In defence of GRAM GRAM!!!!!! RAWRRRR! VTEC!!!!!!

  100. No really I smoke a lot of cigarettes

    No really I smoke a lot of cigarettes

    4 months ago

    Just bought an integra GS