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The Acura Integra might be the best front wheel drive car of all time. With great styling, stellar suspension, and legendary VTEC power, the Integra was a stand out performer at the peak of the Tuner craze. Join us as we explore the Integra GS-R, Acura RSX, and the impeccable Integra Type R.

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  1. Mikel Nomikos

    Mikel Nomikos

    21 hour ago

    I've watched this episode at least 3 times and it never gets old.

  2. Colton


    6 days ago

    And now they have a stocky for it!

  3. Emmet Harte

    Emmet Harte

    7 days ago

    I love my JDM ITR, best car I've ever had.

  4. 赤りんご


    9 days ago


  5. Gio is trash

    Gio is trash

    10 days ago

    What’s a good started jdm car?

  6. Ellis Cook

    Ellis Cook

    11 days ago

    This makes me miss my 90 Integra GS. Had 318k miles on it before I got rid of it.

  7. Verenci


    12 days ago

    just got an integra this video made me not regret it one bit

  8. Timothy Granberry

    Timothy Granberry

    12 days ago

    Honestly the best video they ever made

  9. Mr. Screen Shot

    Mr. Screen Shot

    13 days ago

    Good thing we have a integra engine in our Honda Jazz K20a to k24 💙💙

  10. Lukas Novikas

    Lukas Novikas

    13 days ago

    0:13 right side imports Left side domestics

  11. PatrioticBoy26


    14 days ago

    V TEC

  12. Sun and D-970

    Sun and D-970

    15 days ago

    My 1998 Honda Accord has a vtec engine but it so sluggish on acceleration.

  13. J Solo

    J Solo

    16 days ago

    Rsx gang wya

  14. snake


    16 days ago

    imma get a civic type r fn2 this year and im gonna feel the og vtec that will be cool

  15. Aylee Moua

    Aylee Moua

    17 days ago


  16. Jeffrey Hill

    Jeffrey Hill

    19 days ago

    worked in a salvage yard and snagged a B18 from a totaled out R and shoved it in a CRX. Few bolt ons and suspension work later had an amazing track car... that got stolen a month later because I live in St Louis, it was recovered after being smashed into a tree so hard the engine was almost in the seats : (

  17. Joshua Jaimes

    Joshua Jaimes

    19 days ago

    I love this video. 😂

  18. Bahala Na?

    Bahala Na?

    20 days ago

    😂 this is my favorite car channel now hands down. Dude your hilarious 🤣

  19. ErichWilliam


    20 days ago

    What I wouldnt give for a yellow Type R

  20. Joshua Blankenship

    Joshua Blankenship

    22 days ago

    So happy to be watching this video. Just got a 2006 RSX Type S project car! And the best part is that it has the Type R K20A engine 😎

  21. BoomingCow


    22 days ago

    1:05 scary

  22. BoomingCow


    22 days ago

    Vtec yo

  23. Denny Hernandez

    Denny Hernandez

    23 days ago

    Everything you need to know about Acura RSX

  24. Umeed Ali

    Umeed Ali

    23 days ago

    Toyota soarer



    24 days ago

    donut george floyd

  26. Christian Prado

    Christian Prado

    25 days ago

    Please stop making me laugh, I’m trying to learn about Vteck 🤣🤣🤣



    25 days ago

    i love it when people say backslash so confidently

  28. freame


    27 days ago

    The base RSX With a K20A3, it's a good motor tho.

  29. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    28 days ago


  30. Dayle Baynes

    Dayle Baynes

    28 days ago

    In defence of GRAM GRAM!!!!!! RAWRRRR! VTEC!!!!!!

  31. No really I smoke a lot of cigarettes

    No really I smoke a lot of cigarettes

    Month ago

    Just bought an integra GS

  32. z Forbes

    z Forbes

    Month ago

    “hey! this is a fricken gsr!!!”

  33. SdewXGreat


    Month ago

    JDM is love, JDM is live... JDM will never get forgotten...

  34. William Adams

    William Adams

    Month ago

    I'm about to buy a 1997 integra . Hope it goes well

  35. William Adams

    William Adams

    Month ago

    Slept on

  36. Vebzuia


    Month ago

    Got a DA9, such a rare car, especially in Minnesota.

  37. Cutting Golden Shapes

    Cutting Golden Shapes

    Month ago

    i had a 98 silver /black LS.. sadly it got stolen :( 6 yrs later i never found the shell

  38. Zodiac909


    Month ago

    "it was the best, front-wheel drive, naturally aspirated car, of all time." AMEN.

  39. 3


    Month ago

    The Integra lives on as the ILX/TLX (got split up in 2014)

  40. Anon A

    Anon A

    Month ago

    Will never sell my da9 integra and currently working on buying other years and models, by the time I am done I will have a nice collection these cars need to be preserved.

  41. Noah_tea


    Month ago

    Watching this cuz imma start fixing a '95 Acura Integra 4 door GS-R that's been sitting outside, undriven, for 10 years. It's gone be a lot of work but worth it

  42. Brooklyn Nation

    Brooklyn Nation

    Month ago

    not me watching this and regretting getting my lude the day after looking at an integra 🥺

  43. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi

    Month ago

    Recaro's and a Momo in the from the factory Japan gets all the good stuff

  44. Rob the Wayward Woodworker

    Rob the Wayward Woodworker

    Month ago

    Just bought my son's 2000 (#1088) last week. Gonna restore it. It's almost stock anyway. Great little car.

  45. Jigenn


    Month ago

    im trying to find one to buy an its virtually impossible to find one thats not dogged out

  46. Seema Nair

    Seema Nair

    Month ago

    James : BrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 🤣🤣🤣

  47. phyphorous


    Month ago

    Why are you yelling when there isn't lightening or power baby?

  48. Bradley Riley

    Bradley Riley

    2 months ago


  49. Dragcura


    2 months ago

    I’m a domestic guy, ironically I ended up with an Integra for my first project car. Only paid 100 bucks for it.

  50. Tyler Vigil

    Tyler Vigil

    2 months ago

    ppl always talk ab vtec but never toyotas vvtli :(

  51. Ashutosh Bhandarkar

    Ashutosh Bhandarkar

    2 months ago

    1:07 is there any insurance for ears??

  52. Rayaan Firdaus Irani

    Rayaan Firdaus Irani

    2 months ago

    I finally found the VTEC clip !!!

  53. #in66


    2 months ago

    Любая Хонда это хороший автомобиль. А Хонда с VTEC, это лучший автомобиль!

  54. Luis Rosales

    Luis Rosales

    2 months ago

    Hi guys I’m a young dude that loves Honda’s I have a civic ek I blew a hole in my block I live in Dallas Texas I lost my job due to COVID and I don’t have tools or money to get my car fix I have most parts I need to get it back running but don’t have much time due to working everyday and catching up on bills that got piled up ......plz I could use some help with someone helping me swap the block and put new pistons

  55. sargon


    2 months ago

    It was the best!!!! It was a luxury civic. A civic with options. Easily modified. You can lightly modify it and get good are make it a monster. It was a daily driver. You could deliver pizza with it, or impress your girlfriend's father with it still stock. And it was all the same car There were so many notifications you can get anywhere easily with little too no work The Integra was so popular and so sought after in the 90s at one point it was on the most stolen car list for years... YEARS. One year had 5 different years in the top 10. 5!!!!!! In the same year!!!

  56. MisakaProject


    2 months ago

    If nsx is king of Honda, integra might be queen.

  57. Johnny Mason

    Johnny Mason

    2 months ago

    They could make a new RSX off of the ILX platform!! It would be awesome for the tuner market! With the Civic coupe gone, it would be perfect for the market right now!

  58. Andrew


    2 months ago

    I bought a 2001 GSR cause of this video 😂 I love it

  59. ehh


    2 months ago

    This might be a dumb question but are the 80s integras reliable? I want to get an 87 I just don’t know if I can use it to drive to and from work

  60. Nkh jk345

    Nkh jk345

    2 months ago

    This guy is the reason vtec and honda and all this is still a thing these days 😂



    2 months ago

    I love this show lol I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and I just can’t stop watching!!!

  62. Spmce


    2 months ago

    Funniest Donut Media video I've ever seen

  63. bruh Moment

    bruh Moment

    2 months ago

    Taking back Sunday is amazing

  64. Zack Coenen

    Zack Coenen

    2 months ago

    So you’re basically saying I shouldn’t buy the rsx-s I’m looking at

  65. Will


    2 months ago

    The imperfect title totally trust because triangle sicily observe anenst a dizzy william. rainy, sad september

  66. Mr. Birdman

    Mr. Birdman

    2 months ago

    Ahuenno rasskazal

  67. Maiel Gamez

    Maiel Gamez

    3 months ago

    I remember having that car in NfS Underground. Best nostalgia ever

  68. Tom King

    Tom King

    3 months ago

    I had a 95 GSR when I was in college and I loved that ride.

  69. Tamagoyaki


    3 months ago

    0:53 1:03 2:34 3:20

  70. HalfBreedMix


    3 months ago

    0:09 It's Smiley :-)

  71. Mr Kang

    Mr Kang

    3 months ago

    Real question: what is an immaculate 1998 Type R with low miles worth on the market today? I seen/heard everything from $40k to $80k

  72. Tom Wilkin

    Tom Wilkin

    3 months ago

    surely u can do a cefiro up 2 speed

  73. Richard Xiong

    Richard Xiong

    3 months ago

    Vtec just kicked in yo! Bawhhhhhhhhh!

  74. Francis Skundaliny

    Francis Skundaliny

    3 months ago

    James ,your voice&performance is Made for the pure rockn rollypunkmetallmachinesinger,👍⚙🏎😁

  75. Anthony Hebert

    Anthony Hebert

    3 months ago

    Ain't he Rumpelstiltskin's voice in Shrek Ever After?! Who's wit me?

  76. wololo10


    3 months ago

    The new vtec is camshaft advance not ignition

  77. Jeffrey Hammond

    Jeffrey Hammond

    3 months ago

    Love the TBS

  78. Ryan Justus

    Ryan Justus

    3 months ago

    Everytime i watch this, i love their videos but i always feel sad for owning an RSX 😞

  79. Benjamin Kunkel

    Benjamin Kunkel

    3 months ago

    Focus svt is better

  80. Patrick Sumner

    Patrick Sumner

    4 months ago

    I daily my 92 i fucking love it

  81. SaturnSkyKid


    4 months ago

    0:06 Why can’t I like both!?!

  82. Ayala Jara Brian

    Ayala Jara Brian

    4 months ago

    My uncle had the 2nd gen it’s cool

  83. Nathaniel Chang

    Nathaniel Chang

    4 months ago

    Teggy gang rise up!

  84. kone pine

    kone pine

    4 months ago

    I got 97 ls non vtec still taste then my friends 2003 tl type s

  85. Aleksej Stojanovski

    Aleksej Stojanovski

    4 months ago

    That scream is legendary

  86. Torpbeat


    4 months ago


  87. Bennett Richcreek

    Bennett Richcreek

    4 months ago


  88. Bennett Richcreek

    Bennett Richcreek

    4 months ago


  89. sǝoᗡuᴉʌǝꓘⅎⅎnʇSǝɥꓕ


    4 months ago

    My dad has a 96 integra Gs-R with 335,000 miles and it runs like new. Everytime he drives it we go up to redline, the car dosent smoke ethier, the orginal altenator also just went out, this proves that those Hondas will last forever. Very fun car 10/10.

  90. teejaketeja


    4 months ago

    This video is the best way to explain how vtec works 😂

  91. Derek A

    Derek A

    4 months ago

    Wrong generation of Si shown after the discontinued RSX. Should be 8th gen, you guys showed a 9th gen.

  92. Blake N.

    Blake N.

    4 months ago

    Better claws than xmen origins

  93. Francis Lugo

    Francis Lugo

    4 months ago

  94. unique_talents


    4 months ago

    I bought a 98 integra ls as a dd 4 years ago so my evo 8 is garage kept. The body n chassis is in bad shape, but runs really good and I really enjoy driving it. My goal is to completely restore the evo, but also would like to restore the teggy. I just can't let the car go, and doing everything I can to keep it going.

  95. Rew


    4 months ago

    Plot twist : everything he’s said in this video is a lie because he’s wearing a cap.

  96. ᚹᚨᛚᚲᚾᚢᛏ ᚷᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ

    ᚹᚨᛚᚲᚾᚢᛏ ᚷᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ

    4 months ago

    You dö know you have the greatest FWD car in the wörld right behind you!

  97. C14Commander


    4 months ago

    Gram Gram said I can’t open the box of Oats Crackers , what do o do now ? Should I throw her at the back of a vtec Honda orrr idk get my neck broken ?

  98. Stunnerシ


    4 months ago

    jdm front is godly, cant tell me any different

  99. Aspie Otaku

    Aspie Otaku

    5 months ago

    P71s smoke em and cost less.

  100. Eilyas Kettani

    Eilyas Kettani

    5 months ago

    Beat up to speed