ACURA LEGEND - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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The Acura Legend lived up to its name and proved that Acura knew how to build a great car. They challenged luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes, showing everyone that you don’t need to spend a ton, to get a ton. From turbos, all wheel drive, to crazy hybrid systems, the Acura Legend crossed the pond and became an actual Legend.

A big thanks to Jack @d4blx for our thumbnail image, and Rob Pia @87prf, for providing us images for this episode! Go check them out on Instagram!

►We FOUND The LOST Fast and Furious Integra!

►The History of Acura Integra

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  1. Luke Harris

    Luke Harris

    6 days ago

    Is that a bmw or a Acura? Damn. Love the headlights.

    • Luke Harris

      Luke Harris

      6 days ago

      Very s14/s13.

  2. Nathanael Reynolds

    Nathanael Reynolds

    23 days ago

    I found an Acura legend 1991 low mileage for 5k

  3. Eliseo Arroyo

    Eliseo Arroyo

    26 days ago

    I got a legend recently, I love it, everyone else hates it but I don't care

  4. Chino Designs

    Chino Designs

    29 days ago

    Dude thanks for making this video, I just bought another at 44 years old, I grew up on DMX's old block tough block in YOnkers and worked real hard to acquire one in High School, had it for a couple of years and then the head gasket went I ended up selling it it broke my heart at 19 years old I vowed to buy one again you can see my legend on my Instagram page: @chinodesignsnyc

  5. tmmsplace


    29 days ago

    Nine to see someone so into ricer engines 🍚 🥢

  6. Yanitza Velasquez

    Yanitza Velasquez

    29 days ago

    My parents currently have a Gen2 legend and I want to transmission swap it so bad 😭 it’s in such good shape and I just want to make it into a rally car lol

  7. Luke L

    Luke L

    Month ago

    Just bought an 88 Legend Sedan last week with some leaky gaskets and a cracked control arm I cant wait to have it ready to roll again!

  8. Moses Olivera

    Moses Olivera

    Month ago

    Up to speed on Acura TSX ?

  9. Diana Maravilla

    Diana Maravilla

    Month ago

    The cut duck methodologically glue because william fifthly plan notwithstanding a used cello. therapeutic, well-groomed deborah

  10. aoescool


    Month ago

    remember my cuz had a legend coupe.. it had power windows for the rear coupe windows.. freaking nuts!!!

  11. SweetFx


    Month ago

    Hey great video💯 you should really consider doing a video on the Opel omega b. It’s a great car for it’s time and definitely deserving of a video!

  12. James Pierre III

    James Pierre III

    2 months ago

    Owned one.... great on gas ⛽⛽⛽. SCOOBY¡!!! JONESTOWN!!!!

  13. Staghein


    2 months ago

    Buying a 2010 Acura TSX V6 tomorrow, LET'S GOOOO

  14. Trucks For Life

    Trucks For Life

    2 months ago

    I have an 87

  15. robertxcreatures


    2 months ago

    believe it or not but I recieved a 1987 acura legend from a family member and the car is in amazing condition, it only has 77k miles and no serious issues either, I was happy

  16. Josh Brooks

    Josh Brooks

    2 months ago

    I have a 91 legend runs drives good prey quick too ! Needs a paint job $3000 obo its currently white but paint is aged

  17. Mathew McCountry

    Mathew McCountry

    2 months ago

    Its a Honda in europe or atleast Slovenija its also called Honda Legend

  18. Sensei Joshu

    Sensei Joshu

    2 months ago

    About to buy a 1993 with the 6Speed and Type 2 engine later today!

  19. T1G3R 420

    T1G3R 420

    2 months ago

    No Acura RL ?

  20. Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan

    2 months ago

    Where the TL

  21. M B

    M B

    2 months ago

    I like the Legend. I'm looking for a Vigor though.

  22. Nathan_4


    3 months ago

    I thought that was a lexus

  23. Jordan Schoenenberger

    Jordan Schoenenberger

    3 months ago

    0:53 what is the song that is playing here?

  24. Ashton Maass

    Ashton Maass

    3 months ago

    Del sol? :*

  25. Earl Dominguez

    Earl Dominguez

    3 months ago


  26. The Starlight Alchemist

    The Starlight Alchemist

    3 months ago

    He seriously forgot the G20 and G25 Inline 5 cylinders...?

  27. Luke Johnson

    Luke Johnson

    3 months ago

    I daily a 94 gs

  28. Ashton Fowler

    Ashton Fowler

    3 months ago

    Vgt turbos sound amazing

  29. Trayge


    3 months ago

    I had both the gen 1 2.5L and the gen 2 2.7L. The gen 2 was better and honestly both were 2 of the most comfy cars i have ever driven. Love the Legend.

  30. 선풍기


    3 months ago

    Daewoo Legend's name was arcadia

  31. sargon


    3 months ago


  32. Reign Supreme media

    Reign Supreme media

    3 months ago

    Just bought my first acura legend can't wait to start tuning

  33. Sr Chip

    Sr Chip

    3 months ago

    Ok I'm buying one this summer 💯

  34. sargon


    3 months ago

    My 91 legend had heated side mirrors. Heated!!!! Legends were missing no options

  35. Angela Shuman

    Angela Shuman

    3 months ago

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  36. mouseanalyse


    3 months ago

    Hilarious video. No one does it like you! Interesting info about Acura too. The brand was never launched in the EU. The Legend was launched under the Honda flag. The Rover 800 was outselling the Legend, but neither of them ever sold more per year than each of ze Germans sold per month in this segment. In fact it’s worse than that. The Legend sold 1200 units in Europe in 1997, while the BMW on average sold more than 3.000 5-series PER WEEK in Europe that year.

  37. Brandon Bobb

    Brandon Bobb

    4 months ago

    my dad has the best acura legend in the world

  38. Rick Wong

    Rick Wong

    4 months ago

    I miss my '89 Acura Legend, manual transmission. So smooth, so fast, so great...

  39. par klurker

    par klurker

    4 months ago

    I feel like the Germans had the vaccuum doors in the 90's. My 94 318is has windows that seal when you close it

  40. Rudy V Rocha

    Rudy V Rocha

    4 months ago

    You forgot to mention the Acura Vigor

  41. dee nguyen

    dee nguyen

    4 months ago

    I had a red 87 LS and it is still one of my favorite cars up til date.

  42. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones

    4 months ago

    More power baby.

  43. Angelo Ogden

    Angelo Ogden

    4 months ago

    Fell asleep and drove one through a dumpster full of roof shingles... Then drove her home. Mostest beast woman I've ever rode. I miss her so much and it's impossible to find another. The cult scoops them up for parts.

  44. The Music Channel

    The Music Channel

    4 months ago

    8:12 lol

  45. crazexskater


    4 months ago

    I have a 92' LS coupe'. Awesome. Acura legend 🤟

  46. C Davenport

    C Davenport

    4 months ago

    I got 1!! 93 Legend thats my baby!....that and my GS300.

  47. Roger Carter

    Roger Carter

    4 months ago

    I have a 4 door 1994 acura legend green

  48. thành lên xuân

    thành lên xuân

    4 months ago

    The eager band geographically book because conga basically scare besides a lowly cake. grubby gruesome, open rooster

  49. Auggie Torres

    Auggie Torres

    4 months ago

    Managed to pick one of these up the other day as my day to day beater it is now my shitbox

  50. Tape Master82

    Tape Master82

    4 months ago

    I heard acura was gonna bring back

  51. Milton Ramos

    Milton Ramos

    5 months ago

    Car dudes are so snobbish. They never took my Acura legend seriously. They only knew about the cars other sheep car dudes were talking about but did these dudes know quality or good cars? Nope.

  52. Ken Simon

    Ken Simon

    5 months ago

    Do a Nissan Maxima video

  53. RyanRocket Gaming

    RyanRocket Gaming

    5 months ago


  54. Hobbes


    5 months ago

    This was my dads first bought car and whenever he sees one he makes it known that he regrets selling it. Im gonna buy one and surprise him with it!

  55. Jimmy Sweeney

    Jimmy Sweeney

    5 months ago

    A 6 spd manual was available in the sedan. At least it was in 94 model.

  56. XE [Arutettsua]

    XE [Arutettsua]

    5 months ago

    Wheres the RL tho

  57. Isaiah Shisler

    Isaiah Shisler

    5 months ago

    rewatching because i have one now hehehehe

  58. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin

    5 months ago

    Soft close doors are stupid, same with soft close trucks. I don’t know how many times people slammed the trunk on my 90 deville.

  59. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin

    5 months ago

    Thinking back to my one room shack, now my mom pimps an ac with minks on her back. ~Notorious B.I.G

  60. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin

    5 months ago

    My girl has an 03 Acura TL type s. Quick little car. But I hate it!! I’ll stick with my 1sg Cadillac STS v8

  61. RemnaD2


    5 months ago

    I still have my 1995 Legend bought it as a demo with 4k miles now has over 250,000 miles. Still runs nice as new. I haven't found a newer Acura that I love as much as my Legend.

  62. Raul Fisher

    Raul Fisher

    5 months ago

    The cult following is getting huge... Just purchased a 1994 Acura Legend GS 6 Speed sedan.... seriously this car was ahead of it's time. The original OG Flagship Car

  63. chasedwar2


    5 months ago

    In the UK the Rover 800 was a big car, my father had 2 of them. Both with Honda engines. The 2.0 and 2.7ltre. We also had a handful of Honda legends. The Acura brand was only for American market, they were Honda legends everywhere else in the world. In Europe the German luxury cars dominate, Lexus has some market share but infinity has failed to make any progress. Acura not even bothered.

  64. Tom Kajtazi

    Tom Kajtazi

    6 months ago

    I had 2 ka9 honda legends the best car i ever had the most comfortable seats in any car

  65. FEETLE


    6 months ago

    Maybe Consider this Japan's payback from World War II.

  66. Carlos Coleman

    Carlos Coleman

    6 months ago

    Do we a have a Acura TL up to speed???

  67. Blanche Sloan85

    Blanche Sloan85

    6 months ago

    Where do I find that old Daewoo commercial? I’d love to use that little clip as a gif or mpeg to troll people on gm forums and because I collect random 80s/90s ad material

  68. Alexandre Alex

    Alexandre Alex

    6 months ago


  69. MrIkillgamers


    6 months ago

    So what year was the best one because I want one lol

  70. Tre Sykes

    Tre Sykes

    6 months ago

    I have the 94 sedan legend Mint car

  71. Dan Hitesmano

    Dan Hitesmano

    6 months ago

    car companies are blowing it by not sponsoring every single other video donut makes. i want to buy every car james talks about

  72. GuidedOne


    6 months ago

    My neighbor had a 95 legend and i felt bad for the car, he started it as a build car then just let it sit for years until he junked it. If i had a garage at the time i would have bought it.

  73. o o

    o o

    6 months ago

    haha its the cool car from frank ocean song

  74. Jaden Smith

    Jaden Smith

    6 months ago

    Should do an up to speed on the tsx

  75. Dominic Ramirez

    Dominic Ramirez

    7 months ago

    My brother owns a legend i dunno if he enjoys it

  76. king_kong_ek9


    7 months ago

    My first car was a green 1990 acura legend sedan

  77. Big Hygiene

    Big Hygiene

    7 months ago

    Should've went over the RL, too

  78. Michael Bey

    Michael Bey

    7 months ago

    What can I say.. Its the LEGEND!🙌

  79. 1313 no manches

    1313 no manches

    7 months ago

    Just found that c20at motor for 1600



    7 months ago

    The 2nd gen legend looks like a r33 and a prelude had a baby

  81. 90's Acura Garage

    90's Acura Garage

    7 months ago

    one of the best acura cars in history

  82. Cherok


    7 months ago

    You should do next the Veloster!

  83. Philipp Weidner

    Philipp Weidner

    7 months ago

    Came here to find out about a sick looking RWD car and got very disappointed

  84. Rodolfo Peralta

    Rodolfo Peralta

    7 months ago

    I keep hearing that Fast and Furious song in the background

  85. Melinda Lee

    Melinda Lee

    7 months ago

    😥I miss my acura legend omg

  86. SanNissan Sanjuan

    SanNissan Sanjuan

    7 months ago

    Fun Fact in 1993 Only 2 Japanese cars Had a 6 speed Manual, 93 Supra Turbo & 93 Legend Coupe

  87. Joey Chases Checks

    Joey Chases Checks

    7 months ago

    I own one

  88. fukyeafuk1n0ath


    7 months ago

    I own the 96 model but its under the Honda name instead of Acura and has a 3.5L v6

  89. hugonubario


    7 months ago

    and then acura shoot themself in the foot with its replacement the RL

  90. STAYHIGH993


    7 months ago

    Everyone boycot reycon how are the best headphones if they are the first one you listened too?

  91. ride wrench repeat

    ride wrench repeat

    7 months ago

    Im on my way to buy a 92 legend 4door and ive never been mor excited to buy a car.... Am i the only one who think they kinda low key look like an R32?

  92. sheldon hoveskeland

    sheldon hoveskeland

    7 months ago

    What about the CL👀

  93. BamBeast105


    7 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about that sexy legend in the background?

  94. Gilbert Rodriguez

    Gilbert Rodriguez

    7 months ago

    Awesome car.... didnt mention the coupe had elecfronic rear windows

  95. Dan Cork

    Dan Cork

    7 months ago

    So back in 1994 my homeboy AL (r.i.p. Allen Hall) who was a couple of years older than me and was definitely someone that a younger cat such as myself with aspirations of being a baller, (like AL was,) would look at as let's say, a "role model" if you will. Well like I said, my boy AL was a baller so when he said he got a new car and that it was a 93 Acura legend and that he was having his triple gold Dayton's put on it and after that he'd come swoop me up from my job and show me the car. Well needless to say that 93 legend with the gold acura paint sitting on triple gold D's was fuckin beautiful bro! Well I got in and we smoked some chronic, cuz you know that's what we called it back in the day, Lol! Well I already LOVED the way the car looked but when we were driving along and he hit the gas and that Acura took off like a rocket while negotiating a nice tight s curve with the greatest of ease I said "This car is so fuckin badass AL" , I want one!! I'll get one one day homeboy you'll see. Well, sadly, he in fact did not get to see, that 25 years later, I did in fact get my 1993 Acura legend (mine has the gold paint too, like AL's) I was blessed with this car by a wonderful woman named "Freida" and it's a little bit longer of a story than I feel like writing right now but I will tell you that I am not what you would call a "lucky" person, I am charmed and I live a charmed life, not a lucky one. My sisters say that if they could have just 1 ounce of whatever it is that I have they would pay whatever the price would be if they could buy it because of the amount of amazing things that I have unbelievably come through unscathed and smelling like a rose. Long story short, I saw the car and "Freida" was asking $2000 for it but I only had $1000. SHE said hold on, a second and came back and YES I WILL SELL YOU THE CAR FOR $1000. Well we met up the next day and I ended up only paying $980 for my car !! I love my Acura legend!! It's almost 30 years old and EVERYTHING FUCKIN WORKS, EVERYTHING

  96. Dane Faircloth

    Dane Faircloth

    7 months ago

    I have a 91 legend and i love it. It has a 3.2 leader in it and is rear wheel drive

  97. Terrence Bennett

    Terrence Bennett

    7 months ago

    Interestingly, The Sterling 800 had reliability issues that the Acura Legend didn't have. Now that I know Rover was involved, the poor reliability makes sense. The Legend coupes were really nice looking cars.. Still classy looking today, especially the 1990-95 models.

  98. Bryan Alexander Prevost

    Bryan Alexander Prevost

    7 months ago

    I know this video is old but I probably wouldn’t have bought my first gen legends if it weren’t fir this video.

  99. Keenan Brooks

    Keenan Brooks

    7 months ago

    Fuckin awesome cars....

  100. Gabriel Sales

    Gabriel Sales

    7 months ago

    What about the TL bro ? Do the TL! TL, TL, TL, TL, TL!!!!!!!!