Acura MDX Prototype | First Look

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Acura calls this a “prototype”. Wink wink. “Prototype” label aside, this is basically the 2022 Acura MDX. We’ve got a few minutes to burn down, let’s get to know the 4th generation of Acura’s 3-row midsize premium SUV.
Starting with the exterior of the 2022 MDX, my first reaction was, oh yeah, that looks like an MDX. But keep looking and there’s a new-found dynamism to discover. We’ve got appearances from the requisite Acura Jewel-eyed headlights and pentagonal grille but look at how that diamond pattern reflects light. And notice how the body looks lower and wider…because it is.
There’s also heightened visual interest from a lengthier, shapelier hood, sculpted elements on the doors, and a distinct body line that connects the headlights with the taillights. I especially like the rear ¾ angle, for its simple yet striking and powerful quality.
Other exterior highlights include 21-inch wheels, an almost 3-inch longer wheelbase, tasteful and artfully drawn chrome trim around the greenhouse, and matte Liquid Carbon paint. I think the new MDX has a handsome shape.
Move inside and it’s clear Acura has worked hard to class up the joint. Oooh, leather, stitching, polished aluminum, open-pore wood that’s infused with metallic flake. I’m tempted to call this “fancy”, but I think we might’ve blasted right past that into “sumptuous” territory. Pragmatically speaking, the interior is said to offer improved legroom in all 3 rows and better headroom in the first and third rows.
Other notable interior details include 16-way front seats with 9 massage modes, a 1,000 watt 25-speaker ELS audio system, a panoramic moonroof for airy vibes, and something called Iconic Drive LED illumination that emblazons the interior with 27 lighting schemes that represent different driving modes and locations like race tracks and iconic roads.
I also need to mention the infotainment system. It’s a 12.3-inch unit that uses the same True Touchpad interface as found in the Acura RDX. Another 12.3-inch display sits in front of the driver as the gauge cluster.
As for the mechanical stuff, the Acura MDX Prototype utilizes a 3.5-liter V6 of unspecified power married to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Acura is also very proud that the front suspension uses a double-wishbone arrangement for sporty handling.
Speaking of sportiness, the MDX will also be offered as a racy Type S variant. We’ll have to wait to see what the MDX Type S looks like, but we do know it’ll feature the same 3-liter Turbocharged V6 found in the Acura TLX Type S sedan, which in that context makes a healthy 355 horsepower (355hp, 354 lb-ft). Naturally, the MDX Type S will dispense its power to all four tires via Acura’s super-handling all-wheel-drive system.
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  1. Brandon Blooming

    Brandon Blooming

    2 months ago

    The Genesis Gv80 is a World Class Luxury SUV. Which competes with cars even above the Acura MDX. The GV80 even goes head to head with the Bentley Bentayga which were both designed by the same designer Sangyup Lee. I do not hate the 2022 Acura MDX. I believe the acura MDX is a good looking car. The Genesis Gv80 is better than the 2022 Acura Mdx. The MDX looks too much like a Mazda which is not a bad thing. If you want to stay in denial about this then that is your opinion. And it is perfectly fine. I Respect your opinion. Again, I do not hate the 2022 Acura Mdx. I believe that it is a great luxury car. But when compared to the Genesis Gv80, the 2022 Acura MDX comes short. The Genesis Gv80 is a more luxuriously built Machine. I thank you for reading my comment.

  2. AutoFixEZ


    2 months ago

    I Have owned a gen 2 MDX for many trouble free years @ over 240k miles now. (it’s on my you tube channel btw). Will be upgrading when the new generation arrives but will still keep my gen 2. @AutoFixEZ

  3. Ida bagus Udayana

    Ida bagus Udayana

    3 months ago

    Still smell like honda typical japanese cars only branded for luxury in usa , i think buick or lincoln better for american

  4. David David

    David David

    3 months ago

    KBB couldn't find a better or at least more professional person to do the introduction? Totally ruined such a nice car.

  5. KenRyu


    3 months ago

    ACURA better step up. They were passed by Infiniti years ago and barely even considered in the luxury b category. Keep doing what their doing and bam genesis will even be ahead of them. No one I know that is looking for a new car ever mentions Acura. They always talk about a Lexus, Audi, Infiniti and if they feel like a higher class, Benz or BMW.

  6. ocean pearl .100 years ago

    ocean pearl .100 years ago

    3 months ago

    Ugliest suv in suv history. My thought..

  7. A Yates

    A Yates

    3 months ago

    Stance and design cue is ala CX9.

  8. Gustavo Gonzalez-Julian

    Gustavo Gonzalez-Julian

    3 months ago


  9. Pack Irish

    Pack Irish

    3 months ago

    tail light vezel ?

  10. G


    3 months ago

    The childish persona of this guy.. is this channel for the pre pubescent?

  11. G


    3 months ago

    Prototype.. "wink wink"? If it's not in production, it is in fact a prototype.

  12. Tri Dang

    Tri Dang

    4 months ago

    Woa very good horsepower more horsepower than Lexus 350 r

  13. lord_ RaeDan

    lord_ RaeDan

    4 months ago

    The face of it reminds me of the Mazda cx-9. Best looking MDX so far for sure.

  14. tiger


    4 months ago

    looks like pretty much mazda cx-5!

  15. Engin Akbaylar

    Engin Akbaylar

    4 months ago

    So beautiful 👍

  16. frzspillz


    4 months ago

    Too bad I can't afford it. Finally made a true 3rd row....nice looking car...

  17. gixxercon39


    4 months ago

    All good on the interior....meh on the exterior...Mazda cx 9 ish

  18. Christopher Rivera

    Christopher Rivera

    4 months ago

    Makes me want to trade in my 2017 acura mdx for this one. Sheesh!

  19. Browns64


    4 months ago

    No hidden rear wiper. Bummer

  20. Moush Gas

    Moush Gas

    4 months ago

    I hope they bring fully electric model. then boom. lots of buyer.

  21. Moush Gas

    Moush Gas

    4 months ago

    nice car but Lexus RX coming too.

  22. drophitz


    4 months ago

    Has any of the people from Mazda crossed over to work for acura? This shyt looks like a straight up MAZDA. this is not a product that innovates and leads. All its concepts have been done and they seem to be following old trends.1 LED - BMW AND AUDI. AND Mercedes have 2. No one uses iPad's anymore. To want to simulate that into a vehicle after 10 years of similar concepts in vehicles in the past outs shame on ACURA. 3. The head and taillights are already on other vehicles SMH. That damn big monitor in the front of my face takes away from my visual, making it more likely to encounter danger. That mouse pad will have me looking down all the time . try a senior or someone elderly or even myself in my 30z trying to press the buttons while doing 64 MPH instant crash. Ive been leasing my acura for 12 years not I can honestly say IM DONE.

  23. john smith

    john smith

    4 months ago

    Damn, that interior looks stunning, modern with the right amount of luxury. Love that interior color. But the steering wheel buttons need to be refreshed, Acura cmon

  24. chuck mak

    chuck mak

    4 months ago

    Wait for the type s

  25. J & J

    J & J

    4 months ago

    I finally LOVE Acura's interior. Their exteriors were almost always nice. Interior for someone reason was stuck in the early 2000's for awhile. Now it looks upscale & modern. Acura got its mojo back y'all!

  26. George Medley

    George Medley

    4 months ago

    I need to trade in my 2019 for this one

    • Bradley's Car Reviews

      Bradley's Car Reviews

      3 months ago

      Get the gv80

  27. Freedom soldier

    Freedom soldier

    4 months ago

    Wonder if Acura still will have the same transmission problem. Lexus RX 350 is much better buy for your buck.

  28. RIO MIA


    4 months ago

    It’s A combination of Mazda CX-9 , Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7



    4 months ago

    a small v8 and rear well drive mainly this car will sell like hell.

  30. Kiwi이야기


    5 months ago

    Anyway Honda..

  31. M Benito

    M Benito

    5 months ago

    Looks like a Mazda X9.

  32. Shawn 523

    Shawn 523

    5 months ago

    Finally the previous generation ones new 2017-2020 MDX models looked ugly especially being wide. But now for the 2022 Acura MDX prototype is better than other previous 3 years of the MDX.

  33. Young Kim

    Young Kim

    5 months ago

    Please acura ditch the touchpad and bring back the touchscreen.

  34. bo3adsa bo3adsa

    bo3adsa bo3adsa

    5 months ago

    Acura and Infiniti obviously losing the battel against genesis

  35. Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    5 months ago

    It’s much better than before, however it isn’t anything crazy. Now genesis did something crazy and honestly this new Acura Redesign doesn’t make it stand out

  36. Ben Strong

    Ben Strong

    5 months ago

    Reminds me of Mazda... which isn’t bad.

  37. Greg Myrland

    Greg Myrland

    5 months ago

    Telluride plus CX9 = new MDX. Not a bad look at all, finally.

  38. Ronald S 1984

    Ronald S 1984

    5 months ago

    acura is so boring

  39. Gladiator1972


    5 months ago

    I had MDXs for 14 years and the exterior design of this one reminds me of the Mazda CX-9. I love the interior.

  40. Purple Furture

    Purple Furture

    5 months ago

    Is there air con for the 3rd seat ?

  41. Millenial Demon Prince

    Millenial Demon Prince

    5 months ago

    Anybody else picking up CX-9 vibes??

  42. Denijal Denic

    Denijal Denic

    5 months ago

    Back is Mercedes copy

  43. N.H Cal

    N.H Cal

    5 months ago

    I hope they add a wireless charging port for phones.

  44. Gen Dao

    Gen Dao

    5 months ago

    It looks really handsome till I saw the red one.

  45. liang han

    liang han

    5 months ago

    I call this Gen a Mercedes Benz

  46. deep1


    5 months ago

    Nice car-- but reminds me of the Chevy Traverse from the rear....

  47. Adi Winata

    Adi Winata

    5 months ago

    Genesis change the game

  48. hello hi

    hello hi

    5 months ago

    Good job acura.

  49. 1 Rami

    1 Rami

    5 months ago

    Looks so good. I want one but type S

  50. Luke Chen

    Luke Chen

    5 months ago

    I like Lexus more.

  51. [Blank]


    5 months ago

    Just when people were complaining about the rims on the TLX & RDX, who knew that Acura would release some great looking rims mere months after introducing some generic rims

  52. florhmx


    5 months ago

    I L O V E my 2015 Mdx, and I can’t wait to see the new 2022, *BUT* does the new one have cooling seats like my 2015??!!

  53. C. J. Storm

    C. J. Storm

    5 months ago

    Is there going to be a hybrid?????



    5 months ago

    honda power

  55. Manie Packyaw

    Manie Packyaw

    5 months ago

    MDX just got shamed! ...look a proper RWD based platform 👌 Genesis overtook Acura for Luxury brand supremacy in the fast lane!!

  56. Z2Z7Z2Z


    5 months ago

    Did they just copy the front from mazda CX-9 suv? Acura really is lagging behind in their design department

  57. kim nguyen

    kim nguyen

    5 months ago

    Look more Elegant then Lexus ! I Love it ! 👍👍

  58. A Social Media Consumer

    A Social Media Consumer

    5 months ago

    Ooooooo 🤩

  59. US A

    US A

    5 months ago

    No. Mask ? 🤷🏻

  60. Gene S

    Gene S

    5 months ago

    Make the RDX in that style and Acura might actually compete in the segment

  61. Jonathan Oviedo

    Jonathan Oviedo

    5 months ago

    Nice but its just too freaking expensive the same with the tlx i have 2 acura TL TYPE S awd 09 TL can't afford the tlx Aspec

  62. Marc Lim

    Marc Lim

    5 months ago

    Looks like a Mazda CX-9

  63. BluePacificRQF


    5 months ago

    Thinking about trading in my 2019 RDX Advance for one of these... One thing that has always puzzled me - when they say a car's wheelbase has increased 3" and how that means it'll be so roomy inside, how can 3" really make that much difference?

  64. bo3adsa bo3adsa

    bo3adsa bo3adsa

    5 months ago

    I really want to like Acura but I cant. instead I LOVE the GV80. remember Acura was here before Lexus even exists and yet they're afraid from a less than 10 yeas brand aka Genesis.

  65. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen

    5 months ago

    I like everything that the 2022 Acura MDX offer. However, I still want the stick knob not push button for the 10 speed automatic transmission.

    • [Blank]


      5 months ago

      Hey, at least it's better than the "not a volume knob" that you'll find in FCA vehicles

    • Maria Green

      Maria Green

      5 months ago

      I prefer it as well

  66. Accelerator Pedal

    Accelerator Pedal

    5 months ago

    Wow a lot of resemblance to Toyota Highlander !!!

  67. YP L

    YP L

    5 months ago

    I miss auto week. This is lame.

  68. syenosis


    5 months ago

    They better dump the piano black by the time this is production.

  69. Fetta Boy Productions

    Fetta Boy Productions

    5 months ago

    There has to be a million times more older mdxs on the road then any American or German suv lol Toyota Lexus exempt 😂😂😂

  70. Waseem 5500

    Waseem 5500

    5 months ago

    I'm really enjoying your reviews... Nice camera man

  71. ふじやまぱぱ


    5 months ago


  72. Chidubem Gbeworo

    Chidubem Gbeworo

    6 months ago

    Please let me be the first to get this car am waiting for it that is exactly what I want please

  73. Chidubem Gbeworo

    Chidubem Gbeworo

    6 months ago

    I can't wait i love Acura please how much are we expecting

  74. iezzei


    6 months ago

    Good looking car but i'll go for Genesis GV80

  75. Semoan 22

    Semoan 22

    6 months ago

    I love the reliability of my Toyota but how I wish they would design like this.

  76. Andrew Sheridan

    Andrew Sheridan

    6 months ago

    Best t-shirt ever. What was that car?

  77. Maxwell A

    Maxwell A

    6 months ago

    Touch screen..touch screen...touch screen... I hope they make that an option in the production model..that would finish this off as a true luxury competition to the like of the Genesis gv80 and other entry luxury models. Overall, should be a good option for a sporty family crossover.

  78. Gregory Clarke

    Gregory Clarke

    6 months ago

    How tall is Micah?

  79. zzz


    6 months ago

    Micah you’re the funniest

  80. The_Notorious_9


    6 months ago

    Was that a prototype Zach Vlasuk? He looked similarly just about production ready. I love what Acura is doing now. Hopefully Honda designers take notes.

  81. Todd


    6 months ago

    Nice job Acura! Copy the CX9 and put an A badge on it. Very original!

  82. Jordan Gehlhausen

    Jordan Gehlhausen

    6 months ago

    Aww I miss Zach. I loved his dry sense of humor lol

  83. matteo


    6 months ago

    the taillights look like a 2015 QX-60.

  84. Tariq Talk Auto

    Tariq Talk Auto

    6 months ago

    looks Mazda cx9

  85. Dylan Wells

    Dylan Wells

    6 months ago

    I love this SUV I hope that matte grey makes it to the production version and that the TLX will get it!

  86. Eleanor Massaro

    Eleanor Massaro

    6 months ago

    Looks very promising. The exterior has the Mazda CX9 vibes, which is a good thing. But you also get a naturally aspirated V6 and a few more extra touches like the panoroof! Good job Acura!

  87. Umhahaha


    6 months ago

    what the difference between previous model... it looks just minor exterior

  88. Massappeal


    6 months ago

    Acura needs 2 bring back the Legend they fell off ever since getting rid of that car

    • Maria Green

      Maria Green

      5 months ago

      Yes 👍

  89. mr triple d

    mr triple d

    6 months ago

    Is that red car at 2:58 the return of the Legend? I think Acura letting us see that car wasn't a mistake. Lol



    6 months ago

    I love my mdx but this is 🔥 I loooove the new look. It was time.

  91. Eric Pickle

    Eric Pickle

    6 months ago

    Nice looking Acura CX-9... er I mean MDX.

  92. mon mon

    mon mon

    6 months ago

    It looks Mazda flatfoam

  93. mon mon

    mon mon

    6 months ago

    Looks so dated

  94. JuanK Bedoya

    JuanK Bedoya

    6 months ago

    This beauty is gonna be the next best seller!!! No doubt!!

  95. Static Alpha

    Static Alpha

    6 months ago

    i hate when they put big brakes and productions models are nothing like it

  96. gsxellence


    6 months ago

    It's not that bad have you still almost like a fail due to the fact it looks like a Mazda CX9 copy and I hate to say ITIT's still has that minivan retention look to It's not that bad have you still almost like a fail due to it.the fact it looks like a Mazda CX9 copy and I hate to say ITIT's still has that mini van retention look to it.

  97. Ha Duong

    Ha Duong

    6 months ago

    I have 2018 MDX and waiting for the new model. But from what I see the new one coming out still have the same front pentagon grill shape which makes the overall front looks about the same as older model. And from what I heard the ground clearance will be lower ( instead it should be higher for SUV ) and dimensions will be wider and longer. I don’t know if it fits my garage with another car besides. I do like the new interior and the infotainment display but it needs touch screen!

  98. havok


    6 months ago

    It looks so much more athletic now. I do hope they replace that piano black plastic on the dash and center stack with more wood! Just putting wood trim on the doors would be lame Acura.

  99. Stewart Starling

    Stewart Starling

    6 months ago

    Another winner from Acura!! I absolutely love my RDX! Great job Acura! ❤️

  100. Will Thomas

    Will Thomas

    6 months ago

    I love this S.U.V