Acura MDX 2022 Review

Today I am reviewing the 2022 Acura Mdx. It is a sport suv. Please do not attempt the reveal drifts and burnouts. The MDX is almost reaching production. The next video will be about how it feels to bee a youtuber back then and now. Hope you watch the whole video and participate in the challenge. The challenge goes for 6 months. The Closest answer will get to choose my next video.
Special thanks to windows 10, Powerpoint, And freecam 8


  1. Pai NJ

    Pai NJ

    21 day ago

    car fun for everyone

  2. Pai NJ

    Pai NJ

    21 day ago

    Good way to look for broke under 20 grand

  3. Pai NJ

    Pai NJ

    21 day ago

    I think it was made with magic powers

  4. Car Fun For Everyone

    Car Fun For Everyone

    23 days ago

    Challenge starts now. Please do not attempt the drifts and burnouts in the video. Whoever gets the closest guess wins a free pick of what They want me to filim. I will stop this in october 2021