Acura Type S - Origin Story

From 2001 through 2008, Type S set the standard for Acura performance in North America, offering a dynamic driving experience with more power, improved handling and stronger braking. Those high-performance variants continue to hold a special place in the hearts of driving enthusiasts. Today, 2021 marks the return of Type S with the debut of the 2021TLX Type S and 2022 MDX Type S.

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  1. habh8r77


    Day ago

    What do kids do when they cant get a type S,...try to bolt on and tune the best they can, what does a 50 year old do to their RDX to make it type s?!?!

  2. Armando Ulloa

    Armando Ulloa

    6 days ago

    2002-2003 3.2TL best Type S

  3. Vals Phone

    Vals Phone

    9 days ago

    Yes, the brand needs a resurgence. Of the old original engineers from Japan! Acura Integra is dead out of the gate in 2021. Just like the NSX and Supra, manufacturers don't fucking get it. Make the car a 5 speed manual, NA, and light under 30k, you will have a winner. But you'll fuck it up like the RSX!

  4. Fizine


    9 days ago

    not many people can say they rock a sunburst gold acura cl, luckily i can 🥵

  5. DJR


    11 days ago

    05 Acura TL owner here for the last decade or so. Really love that car and I always have fun driving it. It is a beauty too, specially with the spoiler and the side lines.

  6. Taco Tuesday

    Taco Tuesday

    15 days ago

    mdx type s got me bruhing

  7. Acura Racing fan

    Acura Racing fan

    24 days ago

    My local Acura dealers have been selling a lot of these. It's easy to see why. The Type S is a brilliant car.

  8. MichaelD8393


    26 days ago

    I'm looking at a 2001 CL 3.2 Type-S with the 6-speed manual; should I go for it?

  9. pissedoffatyt


    Month ago

    love my honda, but i'm ready for more horses!

  10. J L B

    J L B

    Month ago

    Cool video. I like how Acura celebrates its past, while looking to the future.



    Month ago

    I have a 2001 CL Type S. I love it. Not a fan of 4 doors.

  12. Wyatt Chiordi

    Wyatt Chiordi

    Month ago

    I have a 2006 tsx absolutely love it. The new type S look awesome too. Keep it up Acura!!

  13. Joe DiMarra

    Joe DiMarra

    Month ago

    Not having a type s RDX is just silly

  14. Gordon Gavin

    Gordon Gavin

    Month ago

    Bring back the RSX/Integra!

  15. Sylver Wolf

    Sylver Wolf

    Month ago

    I have had 4 RSX and god I love it more than anything in this world. My RSX brings me so much happiness. Please bring it back!!

  16. jwoshy


    Month ago

    Curious if Acura also took notice of the Japanese Market exclusive Type S Zero editions of the 97-01 NSX. If I recall correctly, the Type S Zero was designed as a successor edition to the then temporarily discontinued NSX Type R and utilized similar tuning and engineering techniques used for the previous NSX Type R models. Since a few Honda reps have previously made statements in the past few years that suggest future Type R variants will be a Honda-only edition, perhaps Acura can bring forward Type R levels of tuning and engineering under a Type S Zero name?

  17. Clear love

    Clear love

    Month ago

    I just want tell myself to ignore 0-60 time, but it seems to be the priority to evaluate a sport car. Sry Acura, maybe you could make a TLX TYPE R with 360 hp on wheel!

  18. Brad DenHartog

    Brad DenHartog

    2 months ago

    I love my 02 acura TL type s, unfortunately is falling apart and keep up is getting pricey , I would love to see how it was when it was new mine has well over 250,000 miles

  19. Pigvision


    2 months ago

    the cl and tl types were great cars with a shit transmission! honda really blew it with the transmission

  20. SW Game

    SW Game

    2 months ago

    2.2cl black on black was the best car I ever had!!!

  21. Егор Цыба

    Егор Цыба

    2 months ago

    RSX still looks awesome as it looked back in 2003

  22. Tyler Bonenfant

    Tyler Bonenfant

    2 months ago

    I wonder if my local acura dealer would let me trade in my 08 tl type s for a tlx type s lol

  23. Joe


    2 months ago

    Acura makes the coolest cars.

  24. La Leno

    La Leno

    2 months ago

    Nothing is better than a Honda Acura I promise

  25. mlody me

    mlody me

    2 months ago

    Besides the sizing issue that I have with this car (3 series on the inside, 5 series on the outside) this car ruined by a stupid trackpad that controls the screen! Acura is stubborn and is not giving people the choice on how to interact with the screen. they claim that the trackpad is safer to use - which is a total b.s. but at the same time there might be some truth to it in a sense that because the system is so no intuitive and crappy to use, no one is actually using it, so Acura achieved their b.s goal. I have been a big fan of Acura's and owned many of them, but not anymore, not until I that trackpad goes away or touch input returns - CarPlay is almost unusable in any of their new product because of this gimmicky interface!

  26. Lynn Jones

    Lynn Jones

    2 months ago

    Had a 2003 RSX-S for 14 years as a daily driver. Really made drive to/from work a lot of fun! Coupe version of the new car planned?

  27. Mark Conkel

    Mark Conkel

    2 months ago

    Where's the RDX Type-S?

  28. Hec Santi

    Hec Santi

    2 months ago

    Bring back the RSX!

  29. Lando CalrisiaN

    Lando CalrisiaN

    2 months ago

    Maaaan! This was so amazing to watch. Big fan 😍😍😍

  30. Alfonso Hunt

    Alfonso Hunt

    2 months ago

    Bought my first Acura CL in 1998 and a base TL in 2014. The TL is without question the best car I have ever owned as I absolutely love it! I can't wait to get my hands on the TLX type S!!

  31. crodrc51able


    2 months ago

    Miss my 4 door ‘94 Integra GS-R. Would make that engine scream every chance I had.

  32. btxbtxbtxbtxbtx


    2 months ago

    I'd buy the new TLX Type-S in a heartbeat, IF it had a manual transmission PLEASE ACURA

  33. Peter


    2 months ago

    @Acura..where’s the purity of a naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine?

  34. Jesus Holly Jesus

    Jesus Holly Jesus

    2 months ago

    Me and my wife both have Acura’s , She has and 2010 MDX awd With 135000 miles drove 4 hours to West Virginia to pick it up!! I have 2 03 Acura TL one is a typeS the other Base TL love the cars, Acura Honda I have only one request!!! Keep those transmissions top notch!!! don’t go backwards!!!! Acura owners for life!! Keep up the good work!! God bless

  35. Cy D

    Cy D

    2 months ago

    I love Acura's & Honda's, but I think the TLX Type S will get slaughtered by the Germans & Koreans. Its already losing in drag races against Audi & more will follow. I am a big fan, so I strongly advise give it at least 30HP more from factory in 2022 or 2023. It has way more weight and some extra torque & HP will make it much better.

  36. Shmacked King

    Shmacked King

    2 months ago

    Just an Acura CL type S owner! 3 owner of the car and it’s the second car I’ve bought

  37. Tae Park

    Tae Park

    2 months ago

    I was wondering what Honda was doing a few years back, with their designs. Honda seemed to be so lost. At one point, I asked Honda to catch up with their designs such as black trims etc. Now, I have no doubt that Honda not only caught up, but also stand out from its competitors. That is, design wise. I think Honda is forgetting something. What customers "buy into"? I'd say Honda needs to focus on how to bring its high revving engines. Without this one absolute unique characteristics of Honda, these Type S will be just one other fast cars on the road. I know this is "easier said than done", but I just wish Honda would keep developing their engines towards this. Even with turbo, high revving is possible. Environment factor? That is enginners part. But yeah, that is THE HONDA I know of.

  38. Uba Okereke

    Uba Okereke

    2 months ago

    Bring back the RSX

  39. Peter D

    Peter D

    3 months ago

    I love my 2003 Acura Cl Type-S!

  40. Mahp 303

    Mahp 303

    3 months ago

    Give us a Manuel transmission dammit!

  41. Franco Cagayat

    Franco Cagayat

    3 months ago

    I want the long gone Acura CL coupe Hopefully Acura will bring it back again........ And be called......ACURA CLX now as a flagship 4door coupe (think Mercedes-benz CLS Class, BMW 6-series gran Coupe and Audi A7)

  42. TundraBoy


    3 months ago

    I just picked up a 2003 Acura TL Type-S in Anthracite metallic and it has just under 100k miles and I gotta say it’s once of the most comfortable, best handling cars I’ve owned. Lots of great power too! I had a question. Mine has Type-S fender badges but every time I see another type s on the road, they never have the fender badges like mine. Only on the rear trunk. Does anyone know the difference or why mine has fender badges? I know mine isn’t an Aspec. Was just wondering why mine seems to be different from most that I see. Lol I think it looks real neat and stands out a lot more and notice people looking at the side badges. This car gets lots of compliments!

  43. CRAPO2011


    3 months ago

    Wonder if the 5AT transmission was rebuilt after this on event on the 2003 TL, CL

  44. CRAPO2011


    3 months ago

    I thought Acura wasnt a honda :-)



    3 months ago

    CANT wait for the MDX Type S !!! WHEN !? WHEN ?! WHEN ?! come on !

  46. Acura TL GTLM

    Acura TL GTLM

    3 months ago

    I love how the thumbnail has a 2nd gen CL Type-S and a 2nd gen TL Type-S.

  47. Dee Mix

    Dee Mix

    3 months ago

    Them damn transmissions gave them tl and cls a bad name and lowered the value of these beautiful cars except for the 03 cls 6 speed

    • Dee Mix

      Dee Mix

      3 months ago

      @Single Lens Reflex yeah thats true too

    • Single Lens Reflex

      Single Lens Reflex

      3 months ago

      Those Acuras where pretty forgettable too.

  48. DriveCFL


    3 months ago

    One day it will finally get to a dealership. Vehicle has been talked about for so long. Let's get the show on the road Acura.

  49. Brandon S

    Brandon S

    3 months ago

    Let's see a 2022 NSX Type S or R variant please

  50. 신지


    3 months ago

    Rsx make please 🙏

  51. N .A

    N .A

    3 months ago

    Acura 👍you nailed it once again nice job. "Honda Japan" and "Honda Australia" We need this TLX-S design for 2021 otherwise start closing your dealership and start packing your bags. The current honda accord exterior design is just a civic this isn't good enough and isnt selling. #Bring_Back_The_Accord_Euro

  52. Casual


    3 months ago

    Lol that ACR really screams for it's time

  53. Ash DYNA

    Ash DYNA

    4 months ago

    Marketing done right! Been an acura fan since i was a kid, now finally graduated and started to work. tlx type s is officially my first "reasonable" dream car!

  54. Husnan


    4 months ago

    11:18 shots fired at Toyota for screwing up the Supra. I don't think I personally could ever forgive them for what they did. On top of that they made an unattractive vehicle. However, the lack of a manual transmission for the TLX Type S is also a heart breaker.

  55. Brendon Gebhardt

    Brendon Gebhardt

    4 months ago

    I love my 2008 TL Type-S and will be super excited to get the MDX when released! Been waiting for the MDX to get its time to shine like this!

  56. Kaiyle Kabob

    Kaiyle Kabob

    4 months ago

    Will there be an A-Spec

  57. Damien Rubio

    Damien Rubio

    4 months ago

    Cool. I gotta 07 w/manual trans. Favorite car I own.

  58. Thrashmatique


    4 months ago

    Love my 07. But i can't stand the emblem "plaque" whatever sensor on the new tlx... it's so ugly. Other manufacturers have made a much better job incorporating it to the grill,bumper ect. With that said i love it none the less. Only wish to see more of that type s magic go around!

  59. Maximilian Lockard

    Maximilian Lockard

    4 months ago

    HONDA J-SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Painted Bird

    Painted Bird

    4 months ago

    I had cl type-s shouldn't have crashed it.

  61. JV 82

    JV 82

    4 months ago

    How many transmissions has that silver TL chewed through?

  62. Prince


    4 months ago

    If this is the beginning of this new gen Type S. Can't wait to see what will wear the badge and where it'll go next. A 400+ HP twin-turbo TLX? Exciting stuff!

  63. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    4 months ago

    I have a turbo 2002 RSX Type-S and a daily 2005 RSX I got for $1650 with 130,00kms (80,000miles), needs a bit paint of and other small things. Body panels are good. No rust.

  64. Riley Prine

    Riley Prine

    4 months ago

    Me driving my slammed 02 RSX: Haha Type S go brrrrrr 🥴

  65. Sergio Laguna

    Sergio Laguna

    4 months ago

    Would love an Acura TLX Type S… but dealerships keep pushing a mark up

  66. B dun

    B dun

    4 months ago

    whaaaaat please tell me these means another integra is coming! I will die in ✌ peace

  67. Cesar Villa

    Cesar Villa

    4 months ago

    If I can get financed for one I would love one 🤣

  68. Justin Marhold

    Justin Marhold

    4 months ago

    I'm craving a 2008 tl-S in that gorgeous blue.

  69. Pie 4life

    Pie 4life

    4 months ago

    They hired a Asian guy no wonder there sports line sucks.

  70. MemoryLeak


    4 months ago

    02 TL-type S owner. Thought I wasn’t going to love the car. But honestly it’s amazing, couldn’t ask for more. Hope to be a owner of a tlx type s someday

  71. Cosmic J52

    Cosmic J52

    4 months ago

    Rsx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁

  72. dong nguyen

    dong nguyen

    4 months ago

    So interga type S when

  73. Panda Guzman

    Panda Guzman

    4 months ago

    Dang it I'm trying to keep the cl type-s prices down

  74. James Dang

    James Dang

    4 months ago

    The 3rd gen TL Type-S was a let down.

  75. Karl Lee

    Karl Lee

    4 months ago

    I love the Type-S but why did you make it tho? You know if you made a Type-R people would love it even more since the Type-R are still easy to drive everyday.

    • Will B. Smooth

      Will B. Smooth

      4 months ago

      Type R cars are lighter, track-focused cars that have less luxury features (no sunroof, and sometimes no A/C, etc). Type S cars still give you performance with the added luxury...and Acura is a luxury brand, so it makes sense.

  76. Mateusz Okon

    Mateusz Okon

    4 months ago

    Had a 3g tl type s leather was crap dash cracked after that i was done with it

  77. JDM Haze

    JDM Haze

    4 months ago

    make the TLX a RWD (w/optional awd) !!! this is literally the only reason i have'nt bought an acura,,, you have so much potential,, REACH IT!!!

    • JDM Haze

      JDM Haze

      4 months ago

      @Will B. Smooth I want sedan,, Can they just give me RWD with a splash of practicality

    • Will B. Smooth

      Will B. Smooth

      4 months ago

      Buy an NSX or S2000

  78. Charles Nguyen

    Charles Nguyen

    4 months ago


  79. Come Concon

    Come Concon

    4 months ago

    I drive the RXS Type S and love driving it. it is a fun car to drive.

  80. Love Overeverything

    Love Overeverything

    4 months ago


  81. Deepen Gandhi

    Deepen Gandhi

    4 months ago

    Acura is BACK!

  82. wolf


    4 months ago

    6:00 great soundtrack design 5-7-2021

  83. Marcos' 6.2

    Marcos' 6.2

    4 months ago

    Acura will always push out underpowered Type S' over the years and it will never be a real sports car

  84. glc 3223

    glc 3223

    4 months ago

    Hope to see Acura in Europe next future 🙏🏻

  85. Ivan P.

    Ivan P.

    4 months ago

    Time to buy all the old Type-S now before they sky rocket in price

  86. Ali Kazi

    Ali Kazi

    4 months ago

    Why aren't you in Australia? I used to live in the US and it was my dream to own a Acura at some point but then I moved to Australia and I would have made my dream come true if you had presence here. Please make it happen. Launch in Australia.

  87. SMGxEnWHYc46


    4 months ago

    Honest question, are you guys cools with me slapping a DC5 front end in an EM2?

  88. Klen TheCreezi

    Klen TheCreezi

    4 months ago

    Seizure warning gosh..

  89. A’J RoZa

    A’J RoZa

    4 months ago

    I love my 2008 Tl Type S in great shape still, my babe

  90. william lee

    william lee

    4 months ago

    Is anyone going to bring up the elephant in the room? Acura has not had a mainstream premium coupe in over a decade. Coupes are a niche product and a manufactures desire to have coupes in their vehicle lineup show they have the R&D budget and good health of the brand to afford a project like that.

  91. E Johnson

    E Johnson

    4 months ago

    I had a white ‘99 Honda Accord EX coupe with a V6. That thing was fast and smooth! Sold it to some young guy and later found out he wrecked it racing it.

  92. Ben dogg

    Ben dogg

    4 months ago

    Rsx type s was my first car and I still think about that car till this day. So many great memories

  93. C S

    C S

    4 months ago

    The CL type S is still a great daily driver. The automatic CL-S had a crappy 3rd gear clutch pack but other than that, it’s a solid car

  94. Frankie Garza

    Frankie Garza

    4 months ago

    I love my baby

  95. imvents


    4 months ago

    My dad has an 05’ RSX!

  96. Ian Docena

    Ian Docena

    4 months ago

    The CL9 TSX Type S would’ve been a good feature as well, but also not sold in the US domestic market unfortunately...

  97. SDFcommander


    4 months ago

    Welcome back Acura. I think if you made a modern day Acura Integra Type S with one of your amazing 6 speed manual transmissions, it would sell like hot cakes!

  98. A-A-Ron


    4 months ago

    Soo how would I go about type s-ing my mdx lol 😄😅

  99. Tremayne Douglas

    Tremayne Douglas

    4 months ago


  100. Nicholas Wilhoite

    Nicholas Wilhoite

    4 months ago

    I have a 3rd gen TL Type S and I love it but can yall bring back a coupe please? A CLX Type S maybe? Just a thought...