BMW M5 v Nissan GT-R v Ducati V4R - DRAG RACE *tuned cars vs stock bike*

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It’s time for a drag race with a difference!

Mat’s lining up in the Evolve-tuned BMW M5 Competition, which produces a mega 800hp and 950Nm of torque! Think that’s impressive? Trust us, that’s nothing… The Nissan GT-R alongside him puts down an astronomical 1,600hp and 1,500Nm!!

So with stats like that, we had to bring in a competitor with a difference. Which is why our third and final competitor is the Ducati Panigale V4R!! It’s powered by a 998cc V4 motor which produces 221hp and 112Nm. Doesn’t sound like much, but don’t forget it only weighs 193kg!

So then, can you pick a winner?! All we know is, you don’t want to miss this!

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  1. Lorene Pucelik

    Lorene Pucelik

    Hour ago




    5 hours ago

    Bike is a beast. GTR waste of money smh...

  3. Just Ivan

    Just Ivan

    15 hours ago

    bike is cheap and fast

  4. Chintansinh Solanki

    Chintansinh Solanki

    18 hours ago

    GT-R is love ❤

  5. david stankovic

    david stankovic

    Day ago

    ⭕⭕ GTR ⭕⭕ Oo_/-------------------------\_oO

  6. Erdem06efe


    Day ago


  7. neuspeed79


    Day ago

    what I wanna know is where does Rocky get $$ to mod the GTR..?

  8. DZONI31


    2 days ago

    ja sam cigan

  9. gavin schulte

    gavin schulte

    2 days ago

    11.8 with a broken gear box lol

  10. Thomas Feldbauer

    Thomas Feldbauer

    2 days ago

    Bike sounds best

  11. Diego Papadia

    Diego Papadia

    2 days ago


  12. Hasan


    2 days ago

    R25 ile delerim hepinizi

  13. ali sadiq

    ali sadiq

    2 days ago

    GT-R laughing on bmw 😂

  14. Farrah Carolina

    Farrah Carolina

    3 days ago

    Bmw is the best

  15. Fighting ulster Man

    Fighting ulster Man

    3 days ago

    What’s the point of spending 300 grand on a car if it shits itself , what a waste of money , what does that guy do for a living

  16. Calvin Newsom

    Calvin Newsom

    3 days ago

    Bike motorcycle 🏍️

  17. Tom Berris

    Tom Berris

    4 days ago

    The GT-R said “bye bye...✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻”😂

  18. Noel falconit

    Noel falconit

    4 days ago


  19. Adam fan Caylus

    Adam fan Caylus

    4 days ago


  20. NoLou 114

    NoLou 114

    4 days ago

    Nice GTR…well…if you use it‘s power ist will explode but…yeah…the color is nice

  21. anth remoh

    anth remoh

    4 days ago

    300K and shits itself more often then not

  22. C P

    C P

    5 days ago

    Piece of junk gt-r 🤦‍♂️ goofy owner don’t bring that junk to a video if it doesn’t run

  23. DJ LIMEZ69

    DJ LIMEZ69

    5 days ago

    U need to do ruff vs porsche

  24. Fortniter200 Aldape

    Fortniter200 Aldape

    6 days ago

    I think the Nissans engine is to strong for the car

  25. MonsterManish


    6 days ago

    Why spend so much money only to blow the car in performance

  26. Raj Roy

    Raj Roy

    6 days ago

    Ninja H2R

  27. Carlitos Brigante

    Carlitos Brigante

    6 days ago

    Rocky is the 👑 King

  28. Mousa Alblwi

    Mousa Alblwi

    7 days ago

    It starts at 5:07 you are welcome



    7 days ago

    Hahahaha the king of the cars 😎

  30. mirek z

    mirek z

    8 days ago

    Get him in the r34

  31. kelly zhuang

    kelly zhuang

    8 days ago

    I think your car is the loudest

  32. Wake Awaken

    Wake Awaken

    8 days ago

    Just click, didn't see the video yet, to see the bike smoke the cars Edit: only the last race was a drag race, and as i saw, that was a bad lunch for the bike

  33. ninja_pizza3 gamer

    ninja_pizza3 gamer

    9 days ago


  34. HarleyPlayz


    9 days ago

    Bmw m5 is my dream car.

  35. The Don

    The Don

    9 days ago

    Ah yes, once again Nissan's Achille's heel ie its transmission lets it down. Don't touch a used GTR people, they're famous for having rubbish transmissions!

  36. Jose Kanjikuzhy

    Jose Kanjikuzhy

    9 days ago


  37. The Real Cat of 2020

    The Real Cat of 2020

    10 days ago

    Imagine ruining a GTR by modifying it, only for the modifications to literally brick the car...

  38. C C

    C C

    10 days ago

    Ok now get a stretched 303whp h2

  39. Zero Budget

    Zero Budget

    10 days ago

    WE need more drag races with slow cars ! :D

  40. real isrealite

    real isrealite

    10 days ago

    Rickey Gadsen on a a Yamaha r6 went 9.96 135mph in the quarter mile.The Yamaha was totally stock.The guy on the Ducati is no drag racer.

  41. S E Я G I Ø G Α Я C I Α

    S E Я G I Ø G Α Я C I Α

    11 days ago

    That's why I'm still more in love with motorcycles 🏍 Loving overtake xpensiv cars on autobahn 😛😛😛

  42. Bonginkosi Masuku

    Bonginkosi Masuku

    11 days ago

    So this man spends 300 grand on a car to do that lol 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 like really? He has to fix it now 😹😹😹

  43. hector ruelas

    hector ruelas

    13 days ago


  44. hector ruelas

    hector ruelas

    13 days ago


  45. Luke


    13 days ago

    Why would you own a car with tons of power if u cant even do some pulls

  46. pfano mudau

    pfano mudau

    13 days ago

    M5 best exhaust sound

  47. elies chitour

    elies chitour

    13 days ago

    The BMW clearly sounded the best



    13 days ago


  49. John Holms

    John Holms

    14 days ago

    Next time you got to replace the Ducati for the Kawasaki H2R

  50. Murphy's law 78

    Murphy's law 78

    14 days ago

    If it breaks. It breaks. 🤣

  51. marty gadd

    marty gadd

    14 days ago

    more bikes vs cars matt, please

  52. Crumpled paper

    Crumpled paper

    14 days ago

    That Ducati was really holding back. Trust me it would destroy both of those car

  53. Small K

    Small K

    15 days ago


  54. Ties Kok

    Ties Kok

    15 days ago




    16 days ago

    next time...NINJA H2R....please

  56. Yashkumar


    16 days ago

    M5 m5 oooooooohhhhhh

  57. Smon


    16 days ago

    Why is the tuned m5 competition so cheap? 60k?!

  58. Siddhartha Singharoy

    Siddhartha Singharoy

    16 days ago

    only bmw

  59. hashan hashara

    hashan hashara

    16 days ago

    M5 😘

  60. Megan Burgasser

    Megan Burgasser

    17 days ago

    Git yen yene in the of rood course

  61. Dailydriver


    17 days ago

    I love this channel! Straight to the point. So glad I found this

    • cloud04


      10 days ago

      Ive already see most of his videos

    • cloud04


      10 days ago

      Yes ive been watching him for about 8 months now

  62. Rekha Sawjiani

    Rekha Sawjiani

    17 days ago

    M5 has the best sound

  63. Jashua-Jeremiah


    17 days ago

    Can we have a Ninja h2r drag race :P

  64. andrew williams

    andrew williams

    17 days ago

    That £35,000 Ducati looks good value next to £360,000 of cars.

  65. Christian Seals

    Christian Seals

    17 days ago

    Give your life to God it will be the best decision you ever made🙏🏾 I promise I love u and God loves u more that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ our lord and savior to die for our sins🤍🤍

  66. Fun learn FSC

    Fun learn FSC

    17 days ago

    This man talk too much

  67. Sebastian Daniels

    Sebastian Daniels

    17 days ago

    Why involve a bike!?

  68. Be loving

    Be loving

    17 days ago

    😂😂 Superbikes and bikers can Distroy supercars any day 😂🔥

  69. Adz300


    17 days ago


  70. Amirul


    17 days ago

    god do the zilla things🤣

  71. Yvan Official Youtube

    Yvan Official Youtube

    17 days ago

    after all, Bike is faster than cars but topspeed, i dont know.

  72. Simon Sykes

    Simon Sykes

    18 days ago

    "Couples of accidents couple of close calls" 🤦‍♂️ "it aint the bike, its the rider"

  73. Simon Sykes

    Simon Sykes

    18 days ago

    These guys are armatures. So the Nissan is so good because it won? "Dont destroy your transmission" haha what the hell is the point in a car thats hundreds of k but breaks when you use it. To anyone kidding yourself, a bike, be happy

  74. Jayski Allthewayski

    Jayski Allthewayski

    18 days ago

    300 grand and it's a piece of shait. Goes to show, don't let just anyone tune your car.

  75. Imaschweizer


    18 days ago

    M5 best

  76. Aditya Gajbe

    Aditya Gajbe

    18 days ago

    Please try drag race with Kawasaki Ninja H2r

  77. Yahya Zouhair

    Yahya Zouhair

    18 days ago


  78. Spartan


    18 days ago

    Drag race 09:25

  79. Terry Breedlove

    Terry Breedlove

    18 days ago

    GTR does the 1/4 mile in 11.8 seconds with a blown transmission. 😳

  80. Barry Bigballs

    Barry Bigballs

    19 days ago

    Why would you do another run when it’s clearly got a problem .. more money than sense I suppose

  81. Istvan Bartha

    Istvan Bartha

    19 days ago

    So Nissan have lousy gearboxes....

  82. BakeryStore


    19 days ago

    Hmm i wonder who's gonna win the drag race, the M5 with RWD and 800hp or the GTR with AWD and twice as much HP hmmm

  83. Baikuntha Rijal

    Baikuntha Rijal

    20 days ago

    The M5 one the reading of test I loved it

  84. Larem Thorpe

    Larem Thorpe

    20 days ago


  85. Reginald House

    Reginald House

    20 days ago


  86. Somil Rao

    Somil Rao

    20 days ago

    BMW m5 : why are we here just to suffer

  87. Sakeena Ilyas

    Sakeena Ilyas

    20 days ago

    Sorry but do you guys actually know what you’re on about or not ….

  88. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    20 days ago

    1600 hp wouah !!! Insane power -> no match :)

  89. Alessandro Moia

    Alessandro Moia

    20 days ago

    Too easy for borgo panigale s bike

  90. Nyiko Maswanganyi

    Nyiko Maswanganyi

    21 day ago

    I'm siding with M5 sounds all the way!!!

  91. Rotor Blade

    Rotor Blade

    21 day ago

    That gtr doesn’t look very reliable 😂

  92. Muhammad Essat

    Muhammad Essat

    21 day ago


  93. mr.crypto13


    22 days ago

    Rocky‘s insta page seems to be as down like his transmission

  94. Mohammed-Zahid Miah

    Mohammed-Zahid Miah

    22 days ago

    i just hope the gtr in the drag race doesn’t fuck the transmission

  95. Mohammed-Zahid Miah

    Mohammed-Zahid Miah

    22 days ago

    gtr gone man fuck the beemmer

  96. Linux Jedi aka Big Evil

    Linux Jedi aka Big Evil

    22 days ago

    5:00 you’re welcome

  97. Haz Amirul

    Haz Amirul

    22 days ago

    if Honda NXS join the race..

  98. H.A.Z


    22 days ago

    Gtr is the best sound

  99. МАХ !?

    МАХ !?

    22 days ago

    Чтоб я знал, что он там молотит на своём "английском"