Bugatti Chiron Super Sport review - how fast can I drive it on the Autobahn?

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Mat’s got his hands on the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, and he’s going to find out whether this absolute behemoth can really live up to the €3,000,000+ price tag!

Naturally, you would expect a car with such a hefty price tag to be powered by a seriously impressive engine… And this Bugatti is no exception! Once you get up close with the Chiron Super Sport it’s impossible to miss the gigantic 8-litre quad-turbo W16 that pumps out an insane 1,600hp & 1,600Nm of torque!

Now, we could tell you about the rest of the car… But seriously, you should stop wasting your time reading this and just start watching the video. This one’s NOT to be missed!!

00:00 Intro
00:58 Exterior Design
02:45 Engine
03:47 Brakes & Brake Test
04:42 Chassis
05:24 Interior
07:22 Boot
07:49 5 Annoying Things
09:14 5 Cool Things
12:35 Driving
16:35 Autobahn Driving
21:17 0-60mph
22:12 Verdict

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  1. carwow


    Month ago

    Is this our greatest review EVER?! LIKE if you agree, & don't forget to COMMENT to say thanks to Bugatti for lending us this car! Oh, and you can say thanks to Mat for reviewing it by subscribing to his own channel:

    • Martina Pauline

      Martina Pauline

      9 days ago

      Yes is the best bugatti chiron super sport

    • Shokkerz1976


      12 days ago

      Looks like it may be the swan song of the fossil fuel era, I think future generations with they're high range low top speed battery/hydrogen/bio fuel cell cars will be thinking..'why?' ...and the answer will be 'because we could'.. we'll at least the engineers at Bugatti could...fair dews Bugatti and Matt for the review.. epic!

    • Loyal Lion

      Loyal Lion

      14 days ago

      200th comment

    • JEDI


      17 days ago

      #carwow #matwatson could you link the AV equipment used

    • Claudio AGMFilho, M.D.

      Claudio AGMFilho, M.D.

      18 days ago

      🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏🏻👏🏻, Thanks Bulgari for letting us testing drive this car

  2. nathanielwoodall pickens sc

    nathanielwoodall pickens sc

    5 hours ago

    H2r is just as fast. And the h2r is 40-60k

  3. Nahshan Yahudah

    Nahshan Yahudah

    8 hours ago


  4. J B

    J B

    9 hours ago

    I didnt like the video ;)

  5. Synth Wave

    Synth Wave

    13 hours ago

    I enjoyed this video- hello from South Africa

  6. Mayank Beniwal

    Mayank Beniwal

    15 hours ago

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    Rbrtgrphy by Robert

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  8. Skywalker ranch

    Skywalker ranch

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    A crash in that and you would burn up like a flare in the night.

  9. George Simon

    George Simon

    19 hours ago

    Englishers poking fun at germans is timeless. Clarkson and company made it so cool!

  10. The Ghost Wanted

    The Ghost Wanted

    Day ago

    This bilionare car has passat parking sensors.Im very impresssed of its quality.

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    Henrik Koukku

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    Day ago

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    Ronald Fleming

    Day ago

    At Min 21:29 OHHHHHHHH

  14. Philip Mathiasen

    Philip Mathiasen

    Day ago

    9:55 why does it look like matt is doing he's review before getting kicked out

  15. Klasse Ax

    Klasse Ax

    Day ago

    i like how he scrapes it with that thing hahah legend

  16. Shiva Shankara

    Shiva Shankara

    Day ago

    Still prefer a donkey

  17. ARZ 7

    ARZ 7

    Day ago

    Mat is like Rowan Atkinson but only thing is that he speaks a lot more than Rowan 😂… most perfect 👍🏻 présentér who makes u laugh in his video along with explaining technical specs … absolutely sensational

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    Mw Chalhoub

    Day ago

    stop laughing like a women here you might get into a tree

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    K.R. Lee

    Day ago

    I want to get it… but I can’t

  20. Martin Schuster

    Martin Schuster

    2 days ago

    Now I just need to save a little more money. Just another 3 million euros missing and its mine. Peanuts 😂

  21. Filipe Carvalho

    Filipe Carvalho

    2 days ago

    Jesko please😁

  22. nthnrnz33


    2 days ago

    I love the child-like spirit inside of this guy! Hilarious!!

  23. GG Kanal

    GG Kanal

    2 days ago

    nice... Bugatti build an Diesel

  24. Kosmas


    2 days ago

    6:08 71.9 l/100km…!!!!✈️✈️✈️

  25. Vid Šelih

    Vid Šelih

    2 days ago

    Matt, please pronounce Rimac correctly. It's Rimac with "C" not Rimak with "K" as you pronounce. Mate Rimac probably doesn't care too much, however I think it's not that hard to pronounce it correctly.

  26. Tony Rodd

    Tony Rodd

    2 days ago

    Petrol tank empties almost as fast as its top speed.

  27. stoppel3000


    2 days ago

    50.000Nm actually means 5 metric tons of force on a lever of 1m, not 50 tons.. still amazing (:

  28. Solomon Johnson

    Solomon Johnson

    2 days ago

    Stick of truth 😁

  29. Cren Shaw

    Cren Shaw

    3 days ago

    “It’s nuts”

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    3 days ago

    His german accent is fantastic.

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    20:25 Stop it! You try speak German with a clear none accent voice!!! I bet you don’t even have a second language

  32. Blue the Velociraptor

    Blue the Velociraptor

    3 days ago

    Bugatti: “300mph is just too dangerous. Let’s make the top speed 273mph instead so that everyone can be safer.”

  33. Ludovic Beck

    Ludovic Beck

    3 days ago

    This guy’s gringe levels may just be infinite guys…

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    Producers: "what definition?" carwow: "Yes."

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    Gints Noneims

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    Bénédict Dathus

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    Kert Balamiento

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    Bugatti is the beast on supercar

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    3 days ago

    can it be ordered with a towing hook ? Somehow I have to transport my pigs to my farm from the market

  40. Allan Dida

    Allan Dida

    3 days ago

    Yanni should buy it

  41. Daniel Segewitz

    Daniel Segewitz

    3 days ago

    Still slower (not top speeed though) than an 130.000$ electric 4 door sedan.

  42. Yura Yalta

    Yura Yalta

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  43. Abhijith


    4 days ago

    Excited to buy one of these in the next 60 years and then spent 5x the money for maintenance

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    Sim Therapy

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    Positive Vibes

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    that ride just costed his channel 50k pound

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    Vienna Binders

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    matt tim

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    Wyatt Bulin

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    4 days ago

    It’s about as fast at the Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja (H2R) 1000 which has a recorded top speed of 400 KPH right around 256MPH.

  53. Andru


    4 days ago

    eww the supersport looks ass imo compared to the original chiron.

  54. John C

    John C

    4 days ago

    Do carwow sell this

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    Mr Mawson

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    David Robins

    5 days ago

    "Just go out and buy it"...yeah, if you've got a few million in the bank.

  63. S.E.N


    5 days ago

    I would be scared to go that fast on a public road. Like he said, can't trust other drivers

  64. KImboeslice K.O.

    KImboeslice K.O.

    5 days ago

    Wrong about having to be very wealthy to travel in one. haha this video is a lie right off the bat.

  65. Argon Krypton

    Argon Krypton

    5 days ago

    how fast you can drive? i will tell you the rule #1: when a lane is free on your right side drive on it !

  66. andreiradu1945


    5 days ago

    I've noticed a huge bump in this channel's subscriptions, I wonder why...

  67. Dr. Abdullah Naeem

    Dr. Abdullah Naeem

    5 days ago

    my car only goes to 240

  68. tahaak


    5 days ago

    I will own this car (or the current Bugatti made) in 10 years. I will come back to this video and tell you if I made it.

  69. ItsHalvar


    5 days ago

    some people on the autobahn are just so annoying..... Take over the left side of the road just to pass 1 car then slow down again. literally just blocking people that wanna go fast

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    ORLANDO Gomez

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    Jacques Bredenkamp

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    Omkar Surum

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  73. M͜͡ʀ★Pʀᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ彡


    6 days ago

    i can see you are showing fake speed

  74. AK AK

    AK AK

    6 days ago

    Thanks for allowing us to live this through you.

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    Theright Pathzakariya

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    michael mannoia

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    Awesome video. I love how excited you got after you had all four turbos on. Very funny. Thank you.

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    Noah Bialkin

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    6 days ago

    At 6:10... really? A manual operated steering column? I’m sorry, but I find that unacceptable cheap in a car this expensive. So it’s like: “ we have build the ultimate car... But MAYBE we can save some money by keeping the steering column simple.....” 🤦🏼‍♂️

  81. Agustin Lidén

    Agustin Lidén

    6 days ago

    I❤ love this car drive review of Bugatti chiron Supersport.

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    Taurine Motors

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    Agustin Lidén

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    Sunder Sharma

    6 days ago

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  86. Antonio


    6 days ago

    Imagine seeing in the mirrors, that a Chiron smashing the road over 300 km/h behind you

  87. Payoff Wizard

    Payoff Wizard

    6 days ago

    Are you a politician? Cuz you're good at shoving the truth up the tailpipe.

  88. Sahil Choudhari

    Sahil Choudhari

    6 days ago

    It’s cool how Mat’s reviewing the Bugatti with Rimac’s stick of truth as now Bugatti is under Rimac (Mate Rimac)

  89. Kong yanhua

    Kong yanhua

    6 days ago

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    Adam Whittingham

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    Erik Eriksson

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    "The tires are specially designed for the car. You can tell that they are as they have BG written on them. Personally I prefer a BJ" Haha!!

  92. David Edwards

    David Edwards

    6 days ago

    Unfortunately, not a lot of 'normal' people could afford a car like that. The next problem is, other than the Autobahn, most roads have speed limits. In Australia the maximum speed limit is 110Kmh, so what good is a car that does over 300Kmh?

  93. zafurchio


    6 days ago

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    nick kakoulidis

    6 days ago

    "Personally I prefer a BJ" - Legend

  95. Mohammed Jafar

    Mohammed Jafar

    7 days ago

    Buggati owners are like iphone owners they don't need features they need performance

  96. 2jz


    7 days ago

    النترا تقفل ملفك

  97. U:P


    7 days ago

    It's actually 5 tons and not 50 tons.... but it is still impressive

  98. niceguy60


    7 days ago

    Incredible useful Car 🤦‍♂️ I reach 300 mph everyday in London rush hour on my commute to Work

  99. Robert Brown

    Robert Brown

    7 days ago

    Unpopular opinion warning. Speaking as a green liberal snowflake with a residual interest in sports cars it strikes me that this car is a bit useless. What's that you say? Heresy? Firstly I don't think anybody should be driving at anything like that speed on public roads. Secondly I don't think it would be much use on a race track. Thirdly I think it's really ugly. I think there are some beautiful sports cars such as the original 1960s Ford GT or the original E-Type Jag. I'm sure it isn't it engineering achievement but I don't really care for all that effort and ingenuity going into producing toys for the ultra wealthy with no regard to the future of the planet or public safety on the roads. Sermon over

  100. PascalBuyens


    7 days ago

    But Mat? BuGatti doesn't have any "J" in it :) (11:29 joke lol)