The owner's comparison you've been waiting for! How does the new C8 Mid-Engine Corvette drive compared to the refreshed Mid-Engine Hybrid-Powered Acura NSX? Find out in today's episode!! I hope you all enjoy! What do you think, should Chevrolet infuse hybrid electrification into a future variant of this new Corvette?

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  1. Wiwik Ariani

    Wiwik Ariani

    13 days ago

    Ya honda acura

  2. corvette72778


    27 days ago

    turbos suck! Chevy should not add turbos. They are not reliable long term.

  3. AreSs


    Month ago

    fascinating cars. Love it

  4. The Big Empty _

    The Big Empty _

    Month ago


  5. dan w

    dan w

    Month ago

    If Jeff Spicoli had a friendly son.

  6. ragaso76


    Month ago

    Me gusta mas mi sentra

  7. djshortcutt


    Month ago

    Always Acura 🙌🏽

  8. G Money

    G Money

    Month ago

    Debating on these 2 because of $amc

  9. Hendra Tosigie

    Hendra Tosigie

    Month ago

    Saya owner 2 mobil iki wkwk amin

  10. Jim Gurganious

    Jim Gurganious

    Month ago

    Doesn't the NSX weigh almost 3800 pounds? Would like to see a return to the trend of lighter and less complicated high performance cars.

  11. Gene Edmunds

    Gene Edmunds

    Month ago

    I🇺🇸 I'll take the Nsx! The Corvette is nice, but NSX damn.

  12. Blackhawk556


    Month ago

    Didn’t this guy have a Ford 500GT?

  13. 19XBlackskillsX97


    Month ago

    Glad to see a Young smart man

  14. Uriel Ocampos

    Uriel Ocampos

    Month ago

    scott pilgrim got a corvette lol

  15. Fred Tanaka

    Fred Tanaka

    Month ago

    Would have loved to have seen a head-to-head show down...

  16. Alex Corll

    Alex Corll

    Month ago

    They're both amazing, but the NSX is simply too expensive imo.

    • SSaini


      Month ago

      NSX is 80-90% of the Porsche 918 performance for $160K, how is that too expensive?

  17. 12 Dreams Full

    12 Dreams Full

    Month ago

    The passenger is extremely calm @6:44 while a kid is hammering the NSX to the floor. I couldn't.

  18. Larry Royovitz

    Larry Royovitz

    Month ago

    Does this open...no, you're not allowed to service this engine. Stupid question.

  19. Ninjakid15


    2 months ago

    This guy is very annoying

  20. F100 FE390

    F100 FE390

    2 months ago

    Neither of these cars is fast by modern standards. Sporty family sedans blow them off the planet.

  21. Mark Valentine

    Mark Valentine

    2 months ago

    As nice as the cars are. That is an extremely beautiful place to drive in. Wow.

  22. Steve Radanovich

    Steve Radanovich

    2 months ago

    What's with the F ing face diaper?

  23. Rotary 4tw

    Rotary 4tw

    2 months ago

    For the price range the NSX is in everyone’s rear view mirror, it’s like the overhype of the S2K. My 27 year old Mazda eats NSX’s for lunch. 💁🏻‍♂️

  24. Jensar Joey Sayson

    Jensar Joey Sayson

    2 months ago

    its a honda right? that thing will outlast the corvette even with the hybrid system innit

  25. Arccway


    2 months ago

    I’mma fan of the NSX!

  26. Murfy Ali

    Murfy Ali

    2 months ago

    Cool car

  27. Murfy Ali

    Murfy Ali

    2 months ago


  28. joshua lyons

    joshua lyons

    2 months ago

    weird interviewer

  29. Mark Alvarado

    Mark Alvarado

    2 months ago

    ok this was a dope vid tho no cap

  30. Mark Alvarado

    Mark Alvarado

    2 months ago

    say corvettes should be hybrid jk but still hehehe

  31. Chris atk

    Chris atk

    2 months ago

    18yr old kid driving a Corvette???? How.

  32. PGP Kronics

    PGP Kronics

    2 months ago

    Guy just until the corvette will have 3 hybride motor

  33. robert tarimo

    robert tarimo

    2 months ago

    V Corvette is the best NSX is joke

  34. blaw11b


    2 months ago

    NSX=New Sports Car Experience. Still living up to that name.

  35. ckneasel


    2 months ago

    I feel like the NSX owner was scared to death of the C8...

  36. Maurice Jones

    Maurice Jones

    2 months ago

    So nerdy

  37. mfmf100


    3 months ago

    Love both. Have to love the Vette sound. Cost no object: NSX. Real life: C8. Next comparison? Z06 or ZR-1

  38. DMJ 822

    DMJ 822

    3 months ago

    Who’s Silicon Valley billionaire’s kid is this?

  39. latino914


    3 months ago

    NSX 😍

  40. turk 182

    turk 182

    3 months ago

    NSX is made in a lab and the other in a barn.

  41. Mgaret03


    3 months ago

    This is so cool two car guys with equally interesting and fun cars getting to experience both cars and share their opinions. great video!

  42. mc leonard crouise

    mc leonard crouise

    3 months ago

    Man I Iove both cars but the brain in this kid heads Im liking it better lol..all the numbers and how stuff works love it!!lol..

  43. Aww Aww

    Aww Aww

    3 months ago


  44. BC Neil

    BC Neil

    4 months ago

    its about 573. You know right then he doesn't understand what horsepower is.

  45. Apple Aya

    Apple Aya

    4 months ago

    Two amazing cars

  46. gabrielwhite


    4 months ago

    everytime i see this corvette "mutation" that looks like some ferrari and corvette meshed together, i feel like its a cheap noname car from the game Burnout 3 that is used to play in the early 2000s....era

  47. Romes Republic

    Romes Republic

    4 months ago

    The Acura NSX has got to be one of the most underrated super cars out there, because everyone just sees it as a fancy honda. Luckily that also makes the car more attainable for anyone who is well off but not rich.

  48. Modern Blueberry

    Modern Blueberry

    4 months ago

    Chevys Could come out with an E-Ray so the NSX might have a proper competition.

  49. Abraham Garcia

    Abraham Garcia

    4 months ago

    I like both cars they're both very good.

  50. Robotrem


    4 months ago

    ACURA NSX is the jester in gta right ?



    4 months ago

    please dont compare the greatness of it all with an american POS whale of a car!! tnx!! that red POS will break in a month or two

  52. Stan Z

    Stan Z

    4 months ago

    Never was a fan of Corvettes

  53. Romello Savage

    Romello Savage

    4 months ago

    I hope 🤞 the nsx win

  54. Sodeepopkid


    4 months ago

    What does Travis do for a living? How old is the host?

  55. Dorie Johnson

    Dorie Johnson

    4 months ago

    What a goober

  56. rev run

    rev run

    4 months ago

    Very good review👍

  57. david029014


    4 months ago

    Corvette interior looks nicer

  58. mike isaacs

    mike isaacs

    4 months ago

    Everybody laughed at the NSX now they all are going with electric motors! I want a NSX

  59. Alan Land

    Alan Land

    4 months ago

    I want one of each!

  60. Jo Hannes

    Jo Hannes

    4 months ago

    Tesla S would murder both of them

    • Комми Юте

      Комми Юте

      Month ago

      Tesla will die after the third lap.

  61. sokodad


    5 months ago

    They look very similar.

  62. Arnold Massey

    Arnold Massey

    5 months ago

    Only thing kind of near this thing is the bmw i8

  63. mike stroup

    mike stroup

    5 months ago


  64. J S

    J S

    5 months ago

    The C8 Corvette is the first Corvette since the 70’s that actually looks good. Chevy always sucks at styling and interiors but they finally did something right with the C8. Even their trucks interiors are lacking.

  65. Herakles


    5 months ago

    The nsx is so much nicer I wouldn’t touch the c8 just for the ugly wall between the passengers with the stupid push buttons morons gm designers

  66. joseph preston

    joseph preston

    5 months ago

    Finally, someone who uses the term "price point" properly.

  67. PHKJohnny Walker

    PHKJohnny Walker

    5 months ago

    Wearing a Whuflu face diaper in a car with only 2 people..Hahaha!

  68. Brian Strom

    Brian Strom

    5 months ago

    Dude! That's so trippy! Maybe have a host over 17 years of age would make a better show.



    5 months ago




    5 months ago

    Trippy. Are you on CRACK STONER.

  71. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez

    5 months ago

    Dude’s voice is annoying af. “That is so trippy dude oh my gosh”...alright I’m out.

  72. Billy Mulligan

    Billy Mulligan

    5 months ago

    Come on people really a Corvette over a NSX??? I would take a NSX over three 2021 corvette's Not even in the same ball park !

    • Alex J.G

      Alex J.G

      5 months ago

      why would you even want 3 corvettes

  73. Lesevesel


    5 months ago

    I've seen an NSX for sale at the local MB dealership's showroom floor. It was black on black and I didn't find anything that stood out. Sorry, but it looked generic.

  74. head inthekloudz

    head inthekloudz

    5 months ago

    Nsx starts off at 157k before oppositions. The vette starts off 59k before options. All these fan boys saying the nsx is better, duhhh it better be better if I'm paying half a quarter million. But once that c8 z06 comes out its gonna be a wrap unless you have a 812. When the c8 zr1 come out, foreigners are gonna wish they were born in America 😂🥳🤣

  75. Mickey


    5 months ago

    Japan VS USA

    • Комми Юте

      Комми Юте

      Month ago

      @Hayy Papi NSX is a overpriced mediocre compare to C8.

    • Hayy Papi

      Hayy Papi

      4 months ago

      Japón easily

  76. Josh Lara

    Josh Lara

    5 months ago

    The c8 is ok but the nsx looks soo beautiful

    • Ronald Charan

      Ronald Charan

      5 months ago

      Exactly my thoughts. The nsx is so sexy and the new vette looks strange. Disproportioned.

  77. supervong1


    6 months ago

    The Nsx will hold its value ma y years from now. But the C8 Vette is a better buy. It's cheaper, looks better...come on it's the American Dream Car!

    • Hayy Papi

      Hayy Papi

      4 months ago

      It’s like the LFA too now it’s dope car too

  78. Danny phantom

    Danny phantom

    6 months ago

    Missed the perfect opportunity to say "Is ThAt A suPRA"

  79. Ricco Namz

    Ricco Namz

    6 months ago

    This guy sounds like the tom holland peter parker in civil war😆😆 ....

  80. A S

    A S

    6 months ago

    I wouldn't even compare a Corvette to nsx. Nsx waaaaay better

    • A S

      A S

      Month ago

      Lol.. over priced? I'm sure your the type of guy that only sees rim's and interior. U know nothing about car technology and that's why u think it's over priced

    • Комми Юте

      Комми Юте

      Month ago

      NSX is worse. Cheap interior, limited features, overpriced.

  81. Ryan F

    Ryan F

    6 months ago

    The NSX while much more $$$ will shit on a corvette. In any test!

  82. Sp4rrow


    6 months ago

    It was at the lighthouse that the last race of need for speed ended

  83. Hakeem Miles

    Hakeem Miles

    6 months ago

    That was a cool video!

  84. Random, football & Cars

    Random, football & Cars

    6 months ago

    The NSX is twice the car the C8 vette is

  85. D. Stiefel

    D. Stiefel

    6 months ago

    NSX Owner: $130k+ car and a $200 Movado on the wrist. haha

  86. Jaykob Wilson

    Jaykob Wilson

    6 months ago

    I wish it was either fully gas or fully electric. Same with the bmw i8 i hate hybrida

  87. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    6 months ago

    *I would lovingly take either car or both.*

  88. هاشم زليط

    هاشم زليط

    6 months ago

    This Supercar actually ti is coming from Honda.

  89. ventas solunic

    ventas solunic

    6 months ago

    Better u need play station game 😴😴😒

  90. Fernandini Kini

    Fernandini Kini

    6 months ago

    What do these guys do for a living?

  91. adhokshaj kl

    adhokshaj kl

    6 months ago

    It's so trippy

  92. adhokshaj kl

    adhokshaj kl

    6 months ago

    Forget the cars 0:04 this scene is lit

  93. rehman accord

    rehman accord

    6 months ago

    honDa NsX should be hard top convertiable

  94. Arabic YouTubers News

    Arabic YouTubers News

    6 months ago

    Nsx stole my heart

  95. David Silva

    David Silva

    6 months ago

    Most people don’t even understand the NSX.

  96. Carlos Quiroz

    Carlos Quiroz

    6 months ago

    Guy's voice reminds me of Marty McFly 😁

  97. Chris Perrish

    Chris Perrish

    6 months ago

    I sill take the nsx...honda is always going forward in its time

    • Joe Coolioness

      Joe Coolioness

      6 months ago

      I have to agree. Especially since the Corvette is selling for almost as much as the NSX, I'd take the NSX. Now if the Corvette drops to MSRP it's the bargain buy and would be hard to pay so much more for the NSX.



    6 months ago

    Culos era uno contra uno

  99. الفخم


    6 months ago

    The interior of the NSX is a collection of scrap

  100. Martin E

    Martin E

    7 months ago

    The Honda would outlast the Corvette