Here's Why You Can't Afford A Honda NSX

Honda/Acura NSX Prices led the JDM Collector Market in the early 2010's, but how crazy have prices really gotten? And Why?

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0:00 - Intro
0:29 - The History of the NSX
8:51 - The Alex Zanardi NSX
10:20 - The Refresh
12:57 - The New NSX Sucked
14:12 - NSX Prices Over The Years
16:20 - The Big Tuna
20:04 - NSXs You Can Buy NOW
21:32 - Giveaway!


  1. Albon


    3 months ago

    What would you spend your $445,000 on? An NSX-R or something else?

    • Jonathan Lalchhuanawma

      Jonathan Lalchhuanawma

      Month ago

      I would spend on Lamborghini Aventador roadster

    • Chris D

      Chris D

      Month ago

      Ridiculous. You buy an Acura NSX, same year, change badge, seating... done. $75 000 You can have one for the price of a brand new middle to top tier model muscle car Challenger, Charger, Mustang, Camaro, and a Corvette. Considering the NSX is an old 5 second car...... everyone of those cars mentioned is closing in on 3 seconds, some have surpassed that. Save your money, or make the same amount go further atleast. Buy a new car.

    • Darren Yehuda

      Darren Yehuda

      Month ago

      @Darren Yehuda Yup, have been watching on InstaFlixxer for years myself :D

    • Darren Yehuda

      Darren Yehuda

      Month ago

      you prolly dont care but if you are bored like me during the covid times you can watch pretty much all the latest series on InstaFlixxer. I've been binge watching with my gf during the lockdown :)

    • Rishit Dua

      Rishit Dua

      Month ago

      A house AND a GTR . . . . . . . . . . . . . some food too

  2. Nikolas Macaluso

    Nikolas Macaluso

    2 days ago

    I still find nsx's for less then 60k

  3. sKijetHD


    3 days ago

    thx for reminding me

  4. Russel Belen

    Russel Belen

    4 days ago

    Amazing content I’m an NSX fan thank you bro

  5. Drake Chambless

    Drake Chambless

    5 days ago

    When I was around 3 years old my dad had an old 97’ nsx murdered out. I remember him driving me around the block. Better days man.

  6. Robert Sullivan

    Robert Sullivan

    6 days ago

    Nice effort on the video but a lot of hyperbole here. For one I own a 97 Spar yellow I bought new and has 66k on the clock. It's in great shape, but trust me no one is going to give me what I paid for it. I'm active in NSX community yes your going to pay because there aren't many around but if you are patient you can pick one in good condition for 50/65k. Also be prepared to pay for upkeep everythijg comes from Japan and spares are getting pricey. A electronic power steering module for run you 3k and a slave valve for the clutch $600. They are getting long in the tooth for maintance is going to cost you. Obviously I love the car but no one is coming up to me at car shows and races offering me even 90k. He picked and extreme example.

  7. Tony Quigley

    Tony Quigley

    7 days ago

    is it ok for him to just completely steal all the honda city footage from someone elses channel without asking?

  8. Nicholas R.

    Nicholas R.

    8 days ago

    With Gas prices going to record levels, collectible classic cars are the least of my worries.

  9. Aleks Jedrzejewski

    Aleks Jedrzejewski

    8 days ago

    A friend of mine got his for 90k last year

  10. Damn Chinn

    Damn Chinn

    10 days ago

    Dream car!

  11. テオドールエーベルバッハ


    11 days ago

    I love NSX

  12. Rajan Rai Realty

    Rajan Rai Realty

    12 days ago

    can buy the new nsx used for 110 150 new uo to 180k but no ones buying em. theyre good but the old ones are just ok not enough power

  13. Rajan Rai Realty

    Rajan Rai Realty

    12 days ago

    You cant compare a clapped out old nsx w high miles to a like new trype r ow low mile car idiot



    13 days ago


  15. Goldfish Emperor

    Goldfish Emperor

    14 days ago

    One of my all time favorites in Gran Turismo

  16. Khalil


    14 days ago

    Ayo IS THAT A SUPRA??!!

  17. elibutton


    17 days ago

    Love this car. Love the Supra too. Nice summary of the Life of the NSX - lots good information.

  18. Bee Ly

    Bee Ly

    21 day ago

    Worst choice if u ask me. Underpowered, old clusters, and interiors are just old looking. Sorry, for that much, I would spend it on something else

  19. 2 Amendment

    2 Amendment

    21 day ago

    This channel is better then donut 🍩

    • 2 Amendment

      2 Amendment

      21 day ago

      @Albon lol never donut can eat a nut your the best you should call your channel Croissant

    • Albon


      21 day ago

      Appreciate the love! I like Donut as well! They have some great stuff!

  20. Mario707


    22 days ago

    Why can't they make beautiful cars like this again?

  21. Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon

    23 days ago

    drive fast cars now- history will find you rich

  22. Troy


    24 days ago

    My all time dream car, ideally I'd love an NA1 NSX-T pure for the style and an NA2 NSX-R to put to its paces. Considering these prices however, I'll take whatever I can get! 😅

  23. Glen Woodfin

    Glen Woodfin

    24 days ago

    DAMN, that was a tour de force. I held on to the seat of my pants as the story unfolded!

  24. Frank Farago

    Frank Farago

    25 days ago

    Well, I never ran across a Japanese car company or model I liked. However, I remember that in the winter of 1990-1991 I decided I wanted to get me one of these NSXs. This was at a showroom in Alexandria, Virginia. I was ready to pay the full sticker price -- and was shocked to find out they actually wanted me to pay $12,000 over MSRP sticker price. Walked out of the showroom in disgust and never as much as looked at a Japanese car again. In my view, these original NSXs look extremely dated, with a typical 1980s design. No way would any of them worth over $30K used today (July 2021). These "collectors" are just squandering away their money, in my view. After all, this is still only a Honda. Which is definitely NOT a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren, Königsegg, and so on.

  25. levapods 25

    levapods 25

    25 days ago

    Fun fact: I didn’t need to watch this video to know I can’t afford an nsx

  26. Thunderclapper God

    Thunderclapper God

    25 days ago

    vtec bro

  27. DQ10


    26 days ago

    -Love my 95 purple nsx..contemplating ITB’S-

  28. Santos Sarmento

    Santos Sarmento

    27 days ago

    Impressive and rare video. A comprehensive, detailed, precise and intelligent analysis. A real and rich piece of automotive history. Thanks for the class!

  29. epicmiata


    27 days ago

    abkes helo

    • Circuit


      27 days ago


  30. epicmiata


    27 days ago

    Helo abks

  31. Wh!z4rd _

    Wh!z4rd _

    28 days ago

    man i be cryin lmao

  32. Travis Dark

    Travis Dark

    Month ago

    they are beautiful cars

  33. lotus esprit

    lotus esprit

    Month ago

    Honda Nsx 1992 pop-up lights for me are the best...its a true drivers car and are going to be colectors car in 5 to 10 years.

  34. Dasun


    Month ago

    Arguably the best JDM out of japan in the 90s. Perfect in everyway. Handled like a dream. Looked sexy as fuck and not fat like the supra (sorry), kicked supercar asses for half the price back then all while being daily drivable. Man I wish I was born 20 years ago.

  35. BL000OOO000D


    Month ago

    because women keep asking me what kind of ferrari is that and I tell them I brought it here from Soviet Union Russia

  36. VIP


    Month ago

    Wish that Doge made me some money to buy the knucklehead's NSX hahaha

    • Albon


      Month ago


  37. JT


    Month ago

    I'm buying one soon. One owner 1993 NA1 completely stock with 30k+ miles for 87K USD.

    • Albon


      Month ago

      Awesome! Enjoy it!

  38. Thomas The Locomotive

    Thomas The Locomotive

    Month ago

    Whoever butchered that nsx but converting it into a disgusting convertible should be in jail

  39. Ray Orlando Rassi

    Ray Orlando Rassi

    Month ago


  40. Walter Burch

    Walter Burch

    Month ago

    So the Honda NSX and the Acura NSX look exactly the same?

  41. R A Y E D

    R A Y E D

    Month ago




    Month ago

    I hate all nsx owners!....... Out of jealousy...

  43. NezEtY


    Month ago

    i got one of those nsx-R :D

  44. qitstrn


    Month ago

    I’ve thought of selling mine but every year it keeps going up in value.

  45. Amer Ayob

    Amer Ayob

    Month ago

    I don't know .. everytime I think I can buy a car you come and tell me why I can't afford it 😂💔

  46. Klavs Kehlet Hansen

    Klavs Kehlet Hansen

    Month ago

    "NSX" was mentioned over 100 times...

  47. eg-mak


    Month ago

    That's my dream car as well as the mistsubishi 3000 gt (active aero, pop-up headlights😍)

  48. Miy_seyl lᇌ

    Miy_seyl lᇌ

    Month ago

    I like these cars but after discovering so many under appreciate and underrated JDM I wanna thank JDM fans for overlooking them because without you guys I might not have been able to afford them.

  49. UsmValor


    Month ago

    Damn, I only heard about cray's in books xD Both Tom Clancy and Micheal Crichton used them in their works.

  50. Twin Turbo

    Twin Turbo

    Month ago

    At that price, I would much rather just get a Porsche.

  51. lordfiremann


    Month ago

    Second video at 0:32 sec and im sure that netflix must give you a show my man

  52. F Billey

    F Billey

    Month ago

    Make me feel good about my 2015 prediction and bought one for cheap.

  53. 一慶 4444

    一慶 4444

    Month ago

    Yesterday I’m down town Los Gatos California, I saw an original 92 NSX-R under 10k miles with the interior absolutely mint, the aura it gave off... just sheesh, only now do I realize how lucky I was to see it in person

  54. Charles Malone

    Charles Malone

    Month ago

    I tapped on this video for a look inside the current market for a Honda/Acura NSX. I left the video when I realized it was a lame up to speed knock off. Leave it to the donut media boys.

  55. Rajan Rai Realty

    Rajan Rai Realty

    Month ago

    there not alot. even the new ones are an ok price used or new

  56. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity

    Month ago

    Its just not the same without those Pop up Headlights and Special Editions that were so closely involved with some of the Best Race Car Drivers Ever. 2016 NSX is not an NSX...The 90's NSX is Honda's Magnum Opus

  57. Victor Franco

    Victor Franco

    Month ago

    That's not true u can still get used NSX pretty reasonable. Or u can import from Japan

    • lotus esprit

      lotus esprit

      Month ago

      With Rhd, no thank you.

  58. Osiris


    Month ago

    hahahahah what a bull,you can buy them here for €50.000-80.000

  59. Robbie R

    Robbie R

    Month ago

    My most favorite car... My dream car ever since I saw Ayrton Senna Drive It I knew it drives like a dream... Then I drove one!!! I could have bought one for 27k it had the back bumper push in... What did I do I went and bought a BMW 3 series ZHP... after watching this Video I wanna Cry

  60. Chris Purcell

    Chris Purcell

    Month ago

    My dad has a 2005 Acura NSX. It’s such a great car and I’m so happy he has it. Such a machine

  61. AAron Balakey

    AAron Balakey

    Month ago

    Lol... I remember looking at these on craigslist while I was in highschool. I thought to myself "30k ain't too bad. Can't wait to buy one after I graduate college and get my career going!"...

  62. ///Mmmmm


    Month ago

    Highly overrated car. Drove one on the dealership lot before I bought my E46 M3. Wasn’t impressed. Prices are high because of nostalgia, not performance...

    • lotus esprit

      lotus esprit

      Month ago

      Overrated is Supra,rx7,Gtr not nsx

  63. J Garcia

    J Garcia

    Month ago

    I test drove a 92 with 28k miles in perfect condition and the person selling it wanted it 28k cash and I only had about 20k and of needless to say, I was not able to get it that was at the end of 2008. black on black. missed the window of opportunity. was a nice driving experience!

  64. BustaHymen


    Month ago

    I didn't know they're so rare! Cool When I went to high school in the nineties I worked at a Honda dealership over the summer. One day a sales guy came up to me and asked "Would you like to take the NSX for a spin?" I had just got my license. One of the best days of my life...

  65. Kil Won Yu

    Kil Won Yu

    Month ago

    Where do I start to look for NSX online other than eBay, Craiglist, or Facebook market?

  66. bladerunner1b


    Month ago

    I still contend to this day there was a little NSX in that eras Honda Prelude. Specifically in regards to being low/flat and incredible visibility.

  67. Christian Erekson

    Christian Erekson

    Month ago

    25 years later why you can’t afford the Honda Civic or Accord 😭😂

  68. GUTY GTK


    Month ago

    We need spanish subtitles please, in the GTR video

  69. Manaf Al-Balushi

    Manaf Al-Balushi

    Month ago

    and then a nockhead comes and says it drives like an accord, smh

  70. Kaća Bez Gaća

    Kaća Bez Gaća

    Month ago

    Here is why your video is a pure shit cringe - Honda NSX is around 40k euros. Cope with it. Bye.

  71. De Corium Johnson

    De Corium Johnson

    Month ago

    I own 1 96 NSX T man. white on tan 67k miles I want sell it either

  72. Randy Randerson

    Randy Randerson

    Month ago

    Current american car design is ass. New NSX looks bad

  73. Ulises Reyes

    Ulises Reyes

    Month ago

    Do a why you can’t afford and evo 😏 I want to watch a video of that while I sit in my evo 🥰😂

  74. Kevin halilovic

    Kevin halilovic

    Month ago

    So the video title be like... yes i tell u whyvu cant afford it.. not cus u know u broke... ppphahaha; ) ok

  75. Ozkr palminteri

    Ozkr palminteri

    Month ago

    way too much 4 a glorified honda.

  76. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Wow very positive

  77. Gustavo Medina

    Gustavo Medina

    Month ago

    Things are only worth what people are whiling to pay for it

  78. M Taka

    M Taka

    Month ago

    Very rare does a car video make me emotional. Yours did.

  79. supra angel

    supra angel

    Month ago

    The brave plaster electronmicroscopically follow because authorisation intringuingly boast despite a rich lamb. kaput, shrill mosque

  80. Ethan Markwart

    Ethan Markwart

    Month ago

    Your Japanese pronunciation is spot on.

  81. Brook Davidson

    Brook Davidson

    Month ago

    How about doing one of these for the Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster? I may be interested in selling mine and I know the prices have increased a lot lately.

  82. Dee Niro

    Dee Niro

    Month ago

    I changed my shifter knob to aluminum and I definitely feel a difference in weight too. 5:58

  83. plan je

    plan je

    Month ago

    oh why can`t - whom say want and there is everything about I not even brand new for free

  84. Beef Supreme

    Beef Supreme

    Month ago

    American taste meant bloated heavy and the dreaded AUTO TRANSMISSION.

  85. lol lol

    lol lol

    Month ago

    Every video until 2015

  86. IAmShaneBlack


    Month ago

    Audio sounds like you’re swimming

  87. VeryZestyLemon


    Month ago

    But what if I was rich??

  88. Theseus


    Month ago

    in usa everything is overprised like shit...

  89. davie crocket

    davie crocket

    Month ago

    In 20 years I will have about 38 million ! Why the hell would I still want to spend 445000 or whatever on an old outdated NSX your crazy! Even when I could easily I still wouldn't

  90. The Hell Spawn

    The Hell Spawn

    2 months ago

    What's next? Here's why you can't afford n EVO? 🥲.

  91. The Hell Spawn

    The Hell Spawn

    2 months ago

    Makes me want to save up and buy my neighbors Acura NSX he was asking 45k but he wrapped it in neon green so its fuggly however it drives like a dream.

  92. Joe V. Natsy

    Joe V. Natsy

    2 months ago

    hugs to zanardi, again rehabilitating after another nearly deadly crash as paralympic athlete fella can't catch a break

  93. KEK Freedom Heritage

    KEK Freedom Heritage

    2 months ago

    Good report. Please send us that merch

  94. TheTec12


    2 months ago


  95. Dave Moore

    Dave Moore

    2 months ago

    Please read this word: A l u m i n i u m. It is NOT: Aluminum.

    • Albon


      2 months ago

      Sir Humphrey Davy, the scientist that originally named Alumium/Alumina, eventually went on to use the phrase Aluminum, which is noted in an 1812 lecture of his. At the same time, other scientists began using the phrase Aluminium (namely W. Simpkin in 1811). Eventually, both phrases began to get accepted but as time went on, the British Science Community began to standardize Aluminium, with the North American scientists adopting Aluminum. The ACS adopted Aluminum in 1925 but the IUPAC standardized Aluminium, so its universally accepted as just a regional accent difference.

  96. tonyjesuslover


    2 months ago

    I had the chance to buy one for around 25,000 some years ago, but i dont get it.

  97. Paul H.

    Paul H.

    2 months ago

    Why? Because people will do dumb things! It ain't worth it....period.

  98. Apophis STR

    Apophis STR

    2 months ago

    A time when Honda really was powered by dreams

  99. jef hannes

    jef hannes

    2 months ago

    The integra you show is a 90's car

  100. Paul Mc Adam

    Paul Mc Adam

    2 months ago

    The choptop was a custom build for rapper/actor Ice-T. Price has increased!