Honda (Acura) NSX vs Nissan GT-R DRAG & ROLLING RACE + BRAKE TEST | Head-to-Head

Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R - they're two of the fastest Japanese cars money can buy, but they go about it very differently. So which is faster - the old-school Nissan, or the Ultra hi-tech Honda also known as the Acura NSX in the USA? I find out in this carwow drag race.

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    28 days ago

    You need a nismo to do job

  2. Namra Olib

    Namra Olib

    29 days ago

    Both good car..but nsx is hot right now...

  3. Manny saini

    Manny saini

    Month ago

    Honda nsx is a very popular car

  4. POTATER man

    POTATER man

    Month ago

    Still like Gtr more

  5. KMD techx

    KMD techx

    Month ago

    Gtr never disappointed but nsx does

  6. Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

    Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

    Month ago

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  7. avin ramjattan

    avin ramjattan

    Month ago


  8. ACE


    Month ago

    I don't care but the Godzilla is a legend. 🔥🔥🔥

  9. lovepreet singh

    lovepreet singh

    Month ago

    Rocket 🚀

  10. Manny saini

    Manny saini

    Month ago

    I already know that it starts from 145 ps



    Month ago

    NSX very special car :)

  12. Hotel 210

    Hotel 210

    Month ago

    I love nissan more but sadly. XD They really made the honda performance slightly better than the gtr. Cant wait to see r36 with electric motor too kekekeke

  13. JackLuny [PUBGM]

    JackLuny [PUBGM]

    Month ago

    I Like Honda Nsx)

  14. Houdini Engine Official

    Houdini Engine Official

    Month ago

    False Advertisment, It is HOUDA aka HONDA, Made In CAMBODIA get the Fact straight

  15. ANG ED

    ANG ED

    Month ago

    Long distant ,GTR mind win......😁

  16. ZEA /Buruds

    ZEA /Buruds

    Month ago

    After all NSX uses a motor, so the start dash is amazing.

  17. Snoddy A

    Snoddy A

    2 months ago

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  18. kevin s varghese

    kevin s varghese

    2 months ago

    Nsx did a wheelie😳

  19. K Os

    K Os

    2 months ago

    And people mock Honda... Pffff

  20. Amelia Bitonio

    Amelia Bitonio

    2 months ago


    • Moonlight


      Month ago

      *The Power Of Dreams*

  21. CBLizay 1

    CBLizay 1

    2 months ago

    Honda makes the best off the lot performance compact cars they’re are always ahead of others it’s just what people choose to do aftermarket that makes Toyota and Nissan outshine Honda’s performance but nothing is as fun as Tossin around a beater civic

  22. nipun enjoyment :)

    nipun enjoyment :)

    2 months ago

    Heaven 🏁

  23. close the light please

    close the light please

    2 months ago

    Actually I can't believe this...

  24. Charmin Baer

    Charmin Baer

    2 months ago

    NSX any day over the GTR. I miss my '93 NSX. No way do I get one now with the cars appreciating so much in value. Even an S2000 is in the $30K+ range these days. My favorite GTR is the R34 followed closely by the R33. These new ones are so so.

  25. viko setiawan

    viko setiawan

    2 months ago

    Fake ,GTR is winner 💪

  26. Street Custom RR

    Street Custom RR

    2 months ago

    honda wheels lifted as tunned car

  27. Tahsin Abir

    Tahsin Abir

    2 months ago

    Fake gtr is the best boys

  28. Samxnder_


    2 months ago

    They still make amazing videos but the intros are too long now and they talk too much specially when yianni is there.

  29. Rainer Julio Escamilla Ramírez

    Rainer Julio Escamilla Ramírez

    2 months ago

    No hay punto de comparación!!!!, NSX por mucho se lleva al GTR!!, a mi parecer esta un escalón arriba!!!!!!, es como comparar a un Mustang con un Corvette!!!!, corvette está un paso arriba!!!!!

  30. Abdelhadi Zanire

    Abdelhadi Zanire

    2 months ago

    هوندا افضل

  31. Michael Michael

    Michael Michael

    3 months ago

    I still don't understand how the NSX did so horrible in sales... Maybe because people don't know sh*t about cars.

  32. Michael Michael

    Michael Michael

    3 months ago

    That Acura literally jumped over the starting line...

  33. 🍪Mr. cookie🍪

    🍪Mr. cookie🍪

    3 months ago

    Fast cars are great, but I prefer to drive in luxury and style. I will get to my destination only a few minutes behind these fast cars. I will be safer and I will enjoy the scenary more. There is not enough roads to drive these cars on public roads safely.

  34. Afzhaal Anwar

    Afzhaal Anwar

    3 months ago

    Race the NSX with the Nismo GTR

    • B47-t


      2 months ago

      both do 10.8 seconds so it would be INTERESTING

  35. Risk0systems UK

    Risk0systems UK

    3 months ago

    Love the NSX but Godzilla is King.

  36. Brotastic Comedy

    Brotastic Comedy

    3 months ago

    Matt is like always in the winning car



    3 months ago

    Godzilla vs Kong

  38. youtuber


    3 months ago

    Mat looks much younger here

  39. Sinon 30

    Sinon 30

    3 months ago

    old gtr thats why

  40. Nadjer Bora

    Nadjer Bora

    3 months ago

    try the nismo

    • B47-t


      2 months ago

      tie both do 10.8 seconds



    3 months ago

    UK doesn't have Acura?

  42. Athanassios Tasoulas

    Athanassios Tasoulas

    3 months ago

    I like the angles of every shot in this video. Nice!

  43. Jamie Gotti

    Jamie Gotti

    3 months ago

    Whoever’s driving that gtr cannot drive disgrace 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  44. Zack Horne

    Zack Horne

    3 months ago

    Can't beat the dinka jester

  45. Cosmas Mukono

    Cosmas Mukono

    3 months ago

    Back when the drag races were straight to the point

  46. numan ch

    numan ch

    3 months ago

    Back when Carwow videos were only 2:21 long, but still had all the challenges we wanted.

  47. Mustafa Samir

    Mustafa Samir

    3 months ago

    I don't know why the Honda (Acura) NSX is very underrated

  48. Esteban Robledo

    Esteban Robledo

    3 months ago


  49. Pixxelz


    3 months ago

    in conclusion electric motors are op

  50. Ex Soldier

    Ex Soldier

    3 months ago

    Honda nsx👍👍👍

  51. Wigor Matheus

    Wigor Matheus

    3 months ago

    Idêntico o AUDI R8

  52. Peter 117 b

    Peter 117 b

    3 months ago

    Great if you don't mind paying $50000 more for a few feet lol. I'll stick with gtr

  53. Claude Baron

    Claude Baron

    3 months ago

    It’s just that for the price of the NSX you can have a mods GTR that would completely destroyed the NSX , and moneys for moneys I would preferred à mods GTR than a stock NSX.

  54. HaveeshGamez


    3 months ago

    the gt-r is stock, and so is the NSX but the NSX has electric motors and it has more horse power and torque, if it was evened out it would be a more fair race. (no hate, this is all in my opinion)

  55. XxZzSs


    3 months ago

    wow Gta 5 jester

  56. Vano Menabde

    Vano Menabde

    3 months ago

    HONDA 👍

  57. Drake Drake

    Drake Drake

    3 months ago

    Love them both ! Great race

  58. Anand Masti

    Anand Masti

    3 months ago

    Honda is king 👑👑👑👑👍👍👍👍

  59. Yokai Gaming

    Yokai Gaming

    3 months ago


  60. Omar Perez

    Omar Perez

    3 months ago

    The old school nsx is beautiful This is like okay

  61. J M

    J M

    3 months ago

    Electric motor jump my @$$, he jumped that first race! :p Edit: Nevermind, really good reaction time on both cars and I think because he was in front of the camera it kinda looked like he jumped at first, I think he barely got a better reaction but super close! Awesome!

  62. Billal Hossain Francis

    Billal Hossain Francis

    3 months ago

    Best Sport car japanese automobile industry

  63. Muhd Asqualani

    Muhd Asqualani

    3 months ago

    Let’s say gtr use 3.8L V6, twin turbo (600bhp)/610NM + 155hp (electric motor) + 4WD = totally 755bhp / 700NM

  64. Calvin hutabarat

    Calvin hutabarat

    3 months ago

    GTR horsepower : 545 hp NSX horsepower : 573 hp

  65. g4do


    3 months ago

    One word , two syllables "Nismo"

  66. Magma Gamer 13

    Magma Gamer 13

    3 months ago

    Vtec Kick in yo

  67. Geraldo Valdez lopez

    Geraldo Valdez lopez

    3 months ago

    En español

  68. Ezekiel Aiya

    Ezekiel Aiya

    3 months ago

    I and my friends want you to make a video of an audi a7 thats the 2014 model and an infiniti Q60 in a drag race

  69. kaffi GgHouse

    kaffi GgHouse

    3 months ago

    NSX WAS always the king

  70. kaffi GgHouse

    kaffi GgHouse

    3 months ago

    yeah yeah but the Nsx is expensive you can buy now like two or three gt-r for 1 nsx

  71. 2021 Nissan Rogue SV

    2021 Nissan Rogue SV

    3 months ago

    tanner fox be like: my gtr is in the dust.

  72. pazli pais

    pazli pais

    3 months ago

    cantik tmpt review kereta

  73. CoinYew


    4 months ago

    Dislikes are from gtr fans thinking they would defeat the nsx.

  74. Pal Gill

    Pal Gill

    4 months ago

    I'm just going to say this before the race starts I really want the Acura to win both races the rolling race and the normal race

  75. TK empty

    TK empty

    4 months ago

    I would like to test with R32

  76. edans barton

    edans barton

    4 months ago

    GTR got what it deserves

  77. P,H P,H

    P,H P,H

    4 months ago


  78. Davido RenaCello

    Davido RenaCello

    4 months ago

    Godzilla vs NSX

  79. J FastLikeANascar

    J FastLikeANascar

    4 months ago

    The brakes were obviously which ever one had the Brembo brakes 😂

  80. Caio Martins

    Caio Martins

    4 months ago

    Honda 🇯🇵❤

  81. Lithu Roy

    Lithu Roy

    4 months ago

    Best thing is that both are JDM❤️❤️❤️🇯🇵

  82. ayyan shaikh

    ayyan shaikh

    4 months ago

    Who was the winner

  83. PWm


    4 months ago

    Best Japanese sports car

  84. 370z Bros

    370z Bros

    4 months ago

    The beginning

  85. M. huzenn

    M. huzenn

    5 months ago

    This video sponsored by honda😂

  86. kamal asna

    kamal asna

    5 months ago

    kalau jauh sikit kena nsx tu

  87. Fazil Mohamed

    Fazil Mohamed

    5 months ago

    the sunset though

  88. Jesper Sommer

    Jesper Sommer

    5 months ago

    You jump the start every time 😏

  89. Aaron Vector

    Aaron Vector

    5 months ago

    Idk what honda put in that nsx for europe but our nsx (in america) isn't that quick

  90. Sâñdèépâ Wijêšiñğhê

    Sâñdèépâ Wijêšiñğhê

    5 months ago


  91. Sir DeRANGED Psycho

    Sir DeRANGED Psycho

    5 months ago

    Good old days

  92. Saudi Tate

    Saudi Tate

    5 months ago

    Honda ,thats what happened

  93. T270 WHISPERER


    5 months ago

    I can6 believe the NSX won, I have seen better times for the GTR though.

  94. 23Hamlet24


    5 months ago

    Back when Mat Watson went straight to the race.

  95. destructoidx99


    5 months ago


  96. The Bolligarch

    The Bolligarch

    5 months ago

    Honda is the king of Japanese Performance Engineering

  97. PrivateNexus 5

    PrivateNexus 5

    5 months ago

    brake test would of possibly turned out differently after 12 hard brakes in quick succession? or after a few hard racing laps.

  98. Naswar Daswar

    Naswar Daswar

    5 months ago

    I’m suprised

  99. Assalam Azeem

    Assalam Azeem

    5 months ago

    GTR is a V6 3.8 liter while NSX is a V6 3.5 liter

  100. Nateopotatoe


    5 months ago

    Ugliest place to put a front plate. Yikes