Honda (Acura) NSX vs Nissan GT-R DRAG & ROLLING RACE + BRAKE TEST | Head-to-Head

Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R - they're two of the fastest Japanese cars money can buy, but they go about it very differently. So which is faster - the old-school Nissan, or the Ultra hi-tech Honda also known as the Acura NSX in the USA? I find out in this carwow drag race.
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  1. John Dell

    John Dell

    Day ago

    Yeppers, love the carwow drag race vids :) Also, the NSX looks better IMO.

  2. Lawrence MacDonald

    Lawrence MacDonald

    Day ago

    One fast honda

  3. Kieron Zamanjah

    Kieron Zamanjah

    Day ago

    It's a Acura nsx

  4. Yamin Danial

    Yamin Danial

    Day ago

    In my country Singapore, the NSX cost $999,997

  5. trapped soul

    trapped soul

    2 days ago

    modified NSX is much faster

  6. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    7 days ago

    Gtr all day over NSX. All the money you save on the GTR would easily make it into a monster and still have plenty of cash in your pocket.

  7. Tina Wisler

    Tina Wisler

    7 days ago

    I’ll take that Honda... lol

  8. Rizaldo Mullings

    Rizaldo Mullings

    8 days ago

    They should’ve brought out a Lexus LFA as well

  9. Crypto


    8 days ago

    i think i would like the nsx more, if the tail lights were a bit different, idk something about the ones it has rubs me the wrong way, dont get me wrong they're not bad, i just think they could be better

  10. Nice Garry

    Nice Garry

    11 days ago

    id never drive anything electric, my family would thing im gay

  11. Devinda Nadeeshan

    Devinda Nadeeshan

    11 days ago

    Godzilla vs mechagodzilla 😍💕

  12. Elian Beats

    Elian Beats

    12 days ago

    Lo bueno que el vtec no jala 👍😔

  13. Miguelito Dz

    Miguelito Dz

    12 days ago

    You Can tell he no longer has fun doing these videos

  14. Flaniganskywalker


    14 days ago

    The NSX also has a 3.5 liter twin turbo 6 to take over after the electronics is what happened giving it even more instant power then a GTR. I had that engine in a crosstour and it was no slouch and is uber reliable.

  15. audex


    15 days ago

    are you sure "broke" is past tense in this situation?

  16. Random Daily videos

    Random Daily videos

    16 days ago

    @ 1:45 the sunset tho 🔥🔥

  17. Mohammad Al-Alawi

    Mohammad Al-Alawi

    17 days ago

    I really love the NSX but GTR with few 1000 dollars will beat the Bugatti and the NSX will be just a journey

  18. MP 07

    MP 07

    17 days ago

    Ah.. the old times when you didn't have to wait 3 minutes for the race to start

  19. Mukti nath Mishra

    Mukti nath Mishra

    17 days ago

    Name of Honda nsx in gta 5 Dinka jester

  20. Kyohei Ken

    Kyohei Ken

    21 day ago

    Honda NSX is infernus in Gta Sa

    • Nadith Chandrasena

      Nadith Chandrasena

      20 days ago

      Yes and the fastest car in the game

  21. Isaac L

    Isaac L

    22 days ago

    3 years later and I’m still amazed that the Acura nsx smoked the Nissan GT-R, nsx does 0-60 n 2.7 seconds thanks to that electric motor but fanboys of gtr be like: gtr would win on track tho” hell no even the nsx is shaped better then the gtr and is prob lighter to as well they both got awd n nsx is faster n general so nsx is the best overall gtr only sounds better that’s it...

  22. feverlica gaming

    feverlica gaming

    23 days ago

    well you have the highest model nsx then its fair using the Nismo

  23. Treyleelee


    24 days ago

    Doesn't waste lol anytime thank you..

  24. Dr. Johnny

    Dr. Johnny

    24 days ago

    Hybrid done right

  25. Donald Soles

    Donald Soles

    25 days ago

    For an extra $45,000, you can beat a GTR!

  26. justin james

    justin james

    25 days ago

    Finally a raw quick video. Excellent.

  27. Tafadzwa Manyeku

    Tafadzwa Manyeku

    27 days ago

    Electric vs petrol

  28. shuffari steffree

    shuffari steffree

    28 days ago

    If money is not an issues,, I take both. .

  29. Michal Pupek

    Michal Pupek

    28 days ago

    12 year olds freaking out over the fact that their dream car can't beat a "slow Honda"

  30. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    28 days ago

    The NSX has changed a lot regarding performance.

  31. ChristinaFox


    28 days ago


  32. Spear and fear

    Spear and fear

    29 days ago

    Kids who think there car guys: ThE HoNdA NsX On GtA Is NoT HoNdA BuT a AcUrA Me: Are you Dumb

  33. Mr Steel Heart

    Mr Steel Heart

    Month ago

    GTR & NSX is the both japanese power . love em' both !

  34. Vicente Z. Torralba Jr

    Vicente Z. Torralba Jr

    Month ago

    150K Acura. What is that? Never heard a car that weigh that much. Pls correct yourself.

  35. Irsyaz man

    Irsyaz man

    Month ago

    Without the electric motor, that Honda is nothing against that beast

  36. Gigachad


    Month ago

    People shit on the NSX just because it's a Honda, if it was a German car people would praise it all the time

  37. Steven Gonzalez

    Steven Gonzalez

    Month ago

    It's not about power, it's about balance. 🙏🏽😉👍🏽

  38. Spongegar Guy

    Spongegar Guy

    Month ago

    $113,000 vs 157,000... if you spent that 44,000 difference on mods this race will be a different story LOL. im no GTR fanboy I just want the people praising the nsx to know this.

  39. Sand Man

    Sand Man

    Month ago

    The NSX is great

  40. Duane Gordon

    Duane Gordon

    Month ago

    They should have posted a price comparison as well

  41. ORLANDO Gomez

    ORLANDO Gomez

    Month ago


  42. 1Solace


    Month ago

    I rather get a Porsche

  43. fairuz wahab

    fairuz wahab

    Month ago

    honda with KER system

  44. James Bond

    James Bond

    Month ago

    This is like tecomparing apples and oranges. If the GTR had an electric motor on addition to it's ICE, it would smoke the NSX. The NSX is a hybrid.

  45. S110 killen

    S110 killen

    Month ago

    Next test is new GTR NSX and Supra. 🙏 😊

  46. Esteban Robledo

    Esteban Robledo

    Month ago

    Wtf nsx

  47. Ahmed Mufthy

    Ahmed Mufthy

    Month ago

    Why the GT-R driver has a bad reaction time in both races? That's why he keep losing.

    • Ahmed Mufthy

      Ahmed Mufthy

      Month ago

      @Pegassi Oppressor you better watch Motor Trend's GT-R vs NSX racers. Then you can see who is pushing the entire time.

    • Pegassi Oppressor

      Pegassi Oppressor

      Month ago

      The nsx was still pushing the entire time calm down

  48. shuffari steffree

    shuffari steffree

    Month ago

    If I have a money,, I'll take both 😁🤘

  49. BB Q

    BB Q

    Month ago

    GT-R caught a cold.

  50. Hayden's JBL's

    Hayden's JBL's

    Month ago

    I love the gtr, pure JDM, no electric motors. But that nsx is impressive 👏

  51. laistab 1

    laistab 1

    Month ago

    Lol goin back in videos can see the change

  52. Rosid Muhtadi

    Rosid Muhtadi

    Month ago

    We have Honda GTR in Indonesia, the supra GTR. 😅

  53. Chevaun Leith

    Chevaun Leith

    Month ago

    Funny that the gtr is still continuously used as a benchmark for all "fast supercars"



    Month ago

    C'mon man, ALL stock GTR's are 10 second cars and will crush these NSX's. This is the fastest NSX I've seen on you tube and the absolutely slowest GT-R. Something is very wrong here.......(Sales must be down for the NSX.)



    Month ago

    Never seen or even heard of an 11 second GTR.. What did it have a governer or something???

  56. Skydive


    Month ago

    now throw a modified VTEC into the nsx



    Month ago

    Put that NSX against a porsche turbo S. Let's see what happens. Lol



    Month ago

    Considering the NSX is £150,000 and the GTR only £84,000 and this NSX winning by this short margin, I'd still give more consideration to the GTR.

  59. John Delgado

    John Delgado

    Month ago

    That’s bc it’s not the nismo, btw the tunibility of the gtr is a lot higher

  60. MindCrime


    Month ago

    wtf did this dude say at 0:06

  61. My Pets

    My Pets

    Month ago

    The GT-R "broke in shorter distance"? No, it braked in shorter distance; it didn't break. 🤣

  62. My Pets

    My Pets

    Month ago

    Wow! Brutal launch from the NSX. 🙊

  63. Eevee SlashTX

    Eevee SlashTX

    Month ago

    godzilla vs pop1poppolkas

  64. Adam Noah Lol

    Adam Noah Lol

    Month ago

    Electric motor is the future guys

  65. Kirk Zamora

    Kirk Zamora

    Month ago

    Idk like nsx so much but I like civic

  66. Filippo Bertetto

    Filippo Bertetto

    Month ago

    well, for twice the price it doesn't look like twice the performance to me...

  67. sin king

    sin king

    Month ago

    Honda is the best

  68. Syawal Shahrizky

    Syawal Shahrizky

    Month ago

    0:30the nsx gonna fly

  69. Mikhail 76

    Mikhail 76

    Month ago


  70. Daaud_liverpool


    Month ago

    Tbf The gtr did really well keeping up with the nsx. As the nsx is a hybrid and mid engined. Deffo go for the gtr

  71. Cosimo Crupi

    Cosimo Crupi

    Month ago

    You jumped always. FYI.... GTR dont weigh 84,000 pounds

  72. Andy Jacobs

    Andy Jacobs

    Month ago

    OMG! That gorgeous sunset at 1:44! Love the NSX!

  73. Brick Head

    Brick Head

    Month ago

    Compare prices... Modify the GTR with the difference in price and the NSX will get smoked.

  74. Nick Smith

    Nick Smith

    Month ago

    GTR loses in like every single car wow race that it's in

    • 29_21 พศิน วงษ์เสริมหิร์ญ

      29_21 พศิน วงษ์เสริมหิร์ญ

      Month ago

      While Lamborghini , Porsche and Ferrari did 10.4 , 10.1 and 10.4 This gtr did 10.8 It is really good for the price but seem like it is not really a Godzilla like in the old days 😓

  75. Paul Visage

    Paul Visage

    Month ago

    Just broke in a slightly shorter distance? Should it not be just braked?

  76. rthelionheart


    2 months ago

    Everybody gangsta until a BMW M5 Competition shows up.

  77. 結城君


    2 months ago


  78. Adeeb Rahman

    Adeeb Rahman

    2 months ago

    Love these older vids, newer ones just drone on with endless talk..

  79. とわめい


    2 months ago

    HONDA is Number One

  80. Ramadlan Badar Mahangkoso

    Ramadlan Badar Mahangkoso

    2 months ago

    I stil upset about the cbr videos .

  81. Johnathan Valdes

    Johnathan Valdes

    2 months ago

    Nsx took longer to break because of the ceramic breaks. They work better at higher temps

  82. Nismo Republic of Gamers

    Nismo Republic of Gamers

    2 months ago

    Nsx has never beat a GTR. Something is not right!

    • Elderifys


      2 months ago

      It has tho



    2 months ago

    You guys check this race out by top gear gtr clearly beats nsx



    2 months ago

    I would still take the gtr cuz I'm not a fool to spend that much extra money for a 0.2sec lead



    2 months ago

    Let's put them both on a drift race and let's see who wins

  86. Steve Barnes

    Steve Barnes

    2 months ago

    NSX.....Double The Price for less than ONE STANDING SECOND over the GTR. Yup, that's a deal if I ever saw one. Seconds only count in F1, not running to the market on Saturday. And Speaking of the market, which can hold more groceries? GTR wins!

  87. Zee Hussain

    Zee Hussain

    2 months ago

    NSX is a balanced everyday super car

  88. Davide Marchiori

    Davide Marchiori

    2 months ago

    I love both

  89. Woke AF

    Woke AF

    2 months ago

    Motor Trend got 11 flat in the GTR (World's Greatest Drag Race 7) So the NSX, at its best, is a step ahead of old Godzilla, at its best



    2 months ago

    Make a video of astorn martin dbs vs nissan vtr

  91. Lemzy Wonder

    Lemzy Wonder

    2 months ago

    i wud still buy a gTr anyday, i think its a more clever car and looks better

  92. mohd faisal

    mohd faisal

    2 months ago


  93. Jhong Gonzales

    Jhong Gonzales

    2 months ago

    Yotota mataraw the best car in the word.

  94. jijie 292

    jijie 292

    2 months ago

    godzilla met ultraman

  95. Ansari Khurram

    Ansari Khurram

    2 months ago

    Still love gtr

  96. Gavaughn Stewartson

    Gavaughn Stewartson

    2 months ago

    That nsx is pretty great for racing

    • Gavaughn Stewartson

      Gavaughn Stewartson

      2 months ago


  97. 21DaHoagie12


    2 months ago

    thanks for not wasting my time and actually getting right to it 👍

  98. tagelkagis


    2 months ago

    im just not a fan of electric motors. NSX, Tesla, or w/e

  99. Eric Wanyonyi

    Eric Wanyonyi

    2 months ago

    My TL is lazy below 4k rpm. Torque is really high up in the revs. An electric motor would help.

  100. Bull M

    Bull M

    2 months ago

    yet you would still buy the gtr xD