Honda-Acura NSX review - see why its acceleration is so mind-boggling!

This is the Honda NSX. It’s an electric supercar that comes with a six-figure price tag, but can it compete with the likes of a Porsche 911 Turbo or an Audi R8? Join me in my latest review to find out how this humble Honda compares to the competition!

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  1. Rajvir Vlogs

    Rajvir Vlogs

    4 days ago

    I freaking loved this Honda instead of shortlist I'll buy it. 26 milesper gallon is goood 😃

  2. ET tit

    ET tit

    7 days ago

    Beautiful car.

  3. Ricochete


    13 days ago

    Take my supercar on a holiday? No thanks.



    17 days ago

    i want to buy a new Super car, but i want an overpriced , bland car with no passion , soul or flare with only a V6 engine that will depreciate like a sinking stone with a badge that says i cant afford a Lambo or Ferrari or even a Mclaren i know i will buy this HONDA NSX

  5. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    21 day ago

    The cupholders don’t hold the bottles tight enough and when you accelerate this car can accelerate really fast your drinks in their flying out the back and a copy will be everywhere the coffee was spilled over the interior and hopefully it doesn’t leave stains over your comfy sport seats and the worst thing is that it doesn’t get on any of the E bit such as the steering wheel in the vents and the timing system because I was this close not gonna work if the liquid when the gadget is not going to work

  6. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    21 day ago

    In fact I don’t believe the fact that a Honda build airplanes because if they would build airplane this is the time is it it would be a lot better than this it’s like they take any of the time in system from a car there’s less expensive than 10,000 pounds

  7. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    21 day ago

    You get a beautiful Digital Drive is display I love the fact how do you close colors and it shows information quite well but it shows you would care you’re right in the very middle and the red cat and I love the fact of the miles per hour is integrated into the tile which is very cool to make space and I love the fact that you just use the swivel wheel to control different gadgets and stuff like that role than having to fast around in the entertainment system like you do on Audis and stuff yeah there’s other wheels so easy to do when you’re driving I don’t have to stop in Fatt around

  8. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    21 day ago

    I think I know what the Venti things are for I think it’s the ventilate the air from inside to outside say you don’t get all stuffy inside that’s cool but the paddle shifters of that childish and awful the paddle shifters the plastic key yeah I love the design of the steering wheel but the paddle shifters just let the design down it’s a shame because other than that the rest of the interior is gorgeous I actually prefer the interior of this car to the action Audi R8 this car looks very Japanese it is it it Hass to be big is this because Honda is a Japanese brand and the infotainment system it’s childish it’s like they taking the entertainment system from a car that cost less than 10,000 pounds what the heck Honda I wish Honda timing system could match BMW or Audi or Mercedes

  9. DreTheChronic


    21 day ago

    It's obviously an interior letterbox



    21 day ago

    That's my Dinka Jester from GTAV

  11. Raiyan Moledina

    Raiyan Moledina

    22 days ago

    AYRTON SENNA 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  12. JRock


    26 days ago

    the slot on the side of the center console is for the detachable cup holders.

  13. Keenan Brooks

    Keenan Brooks

    Month ago

    The car is expensive because of the engine and the electric engines....i bet that car runs so well

  14. 현석 최

    현석 최

    Month ago

    가격 성능 디자인 파워시스템 드라이브 트레인 세계최고의 차다.

  15. demo_max


    Month ago

    Dream car 🥺

  16. Man of steel

    Man of steel

    Month ago

    It's driver focused car

  17. Manny saini

    Manny saini

    Month ago

    145 PS ARE A lot

  18. Manny saini

    Manny saini

    Month ago

    I no that Honda still have everything

  19. Bathma Sivakumar

    Bathma Sivakumar

    Month ago


  20. Vedansh Sharma

    Vedansh Sharma

    Month ago

    if i got the choice between an r8 and an nsx i would say r8 in a second because i have a 911 and an nsx and that nsx spent more time in the workshop rather than the road its a crap car

  21. unix player

    unix player

    Month ago

    At the time, the Japanese automaker announced that worldwide production would be capped at just 350 units. And the NSX taken to Laps Suzuka Circuit in Japan 2-seconds faster than the 2021 NSX .

  22. Kirk Smith

    Kirk Smith

    Month ago

    I think that's where you put your Nintendo game cartridge.

  23. And I Mean It !!!!

    And I Mean It !!!!

    Month ago

    It's a Honda car !!! Though interior is very cheap and outdated but still it's Honda !!! So it's reliable and easy to service !!! And it's not like other sports car. I can use this car as a regular car !!! You know what I mean to say !!! It's Honda and that's it !!!! Anytime this car over any other super car like lambo or McLaren !!! It's Honda !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Juan Santino Fernandez

    Juan Santino Fernandez

    Month ago

    It's a great car, but it's not an nsx

  25. Blingchachink


    Month ago

    Must buy

  26. My tribal adventures

    My tribal adventures

    2 months ago

    Worst review ever Time to unsubscribe Even my grandma doesn't complain like him

  27. Bruhn't


    2 months ago

    NSX Type S review any time soon?

  28. Jordanis Ramos

    Jordanis Ramos

    2 months ago


  29. mag iczny

    mag iczny

    2 months ago

    I have to admit two things. 1. Exterior of the car looks amazing 2. Interior quality is more comparable to some hatchback not super car

  30. Carter Garnon

    Carter Garnon

    2 months ago

    Option the folding mirrors.

  31. Zack is baked

    Zack is baked

    2 months ago

    Sounds like an r8 awesome

  32. Yon Yon

    Yon Yon

    2 months ago

    No wonder only few buy this car 🤣 not worth the tag price

  33. watch it

    watch it

    2 months ago

    Way way much cheaper plastic inside! Beautiful design really beautiful but the cheap plastic all inside just yells NO ! Come on guys 😞😕

  34. Kelly Forbes

    Kelly Forbes

    2 months ago

    Move to America and its called an Acura nsx

  35. Kelly Forbes

    Kelly Forbes

    2 months ago

    That slot is made for a cupholder and they are in the glovebox

  36. Kelly Forbes

    Kelly Forbes

    2 months ago

    Carwow-"The inside is not worth the money and it should be 18k Me-"Shut your fricking mouth up"

  37. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh

    2 months ago

    Honda is Honda ❤️

  38. John Adams

    John Adams

    2 months ago

    Too many ABOMINABLE Ads~! Cannot watch anymore.

  39. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs

    2 months ago

    You forgot to mention Honda makes motorcycles---isn't that what they started with?

  40. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    2 months ago

    I was expecting discussing the timing system to be just as good as Mercedes not

  41. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    2 months ago

    You do realize that’s an Acura NSX right

  42. Gazza1818


    2 months ago

    its for a twin cup holder that

  43. Backwardlooking


    2 months ago

    Given it’s rivals unreliability and Honda’s awesome reliability record that is a no brainier. Something that is important IF you intend using the vehicle regularly and owning it long-term. Not a prima donna kept in a garage.

  44. Perol Malek

    Perol Malek

    2 months ago

    I want to see it in my country

    • Perol Malek

      Perol Malek

      2 months ago

      Did you say plastic-y

  45. Adrian Hetmanski

    Adrian Hetmanski

    3 months ago

    The NSX glass stickers on the side should have been etched on glass.



    3 months ago

    Buying a car like the brand of late paul walker? Wew what a waste.. they blame the tires WTF



    3 months ago

    It can offer you more than any hyper cars in the market today.. so why not.. and its honda one of the most reliable brand in the world.. in fact japanese cars are more reliable than any of the european cars and western cars..

  48. Alex Strege-Chaney

    Alex Strege-Chaney

    3 months ago

    That flappy thing is for cupholders that would come in the glovebox if you bought it brand new

  49. Nature in 4K

    Nature in 4K

    3 months ago

    Are you roasting or reviewing the car 🚗?????

  50. Zsolt Kertész

    Zsolt Kertész

    3 months ago

    best looking japanese supercar of the days. also, mindblowing dirve capabilities, performance.... I instantly shortlisted (in my dreams :D)

  51. Jack Sylvester Dylan

    Jack Sylvester Dylan

    3 months ago

    Same as acura and who is Copy cat?

    • Maple Tales

      Maple Tales

      3 months ago

      How do Honda copy when Acura is sub-brand of Honda Division. Acura need get R&D license from Honda .

    • Fakhri


      3 months ago

      Honda own Acura lol 😆😆😆

  52. Shigeo Shirakura

    Shigeo Shirakura

    3 months ago


  53. yagya


    3 months ago

    How many of you know it's the Dinca jester of gta 5

  54. Billal Hossain Francis

    Billal Hossain Francis

    3 months ago

    Wonderful japanese sport car

  55. S S

    S S

    3 months ago

    7:30 加速

  56. rollvideo


    3 months ago

    Is it true that the original NSX was too good? (Too easy to drive, not challenging enough?)

  57. rollvideo


    3 months ago

    The slot is for inserting a floppy disk



    3 months ago


  59. Luiz Junior

    Luiz Junior

    3 months ago

    Obrigado Senna ❤️ 2:25

  60. Noushad Noushad

    Noushad Noushad

    3 months ago

    Cup holders is the heck

  61. Powdered Toastman

    Powdered Toastman

    3 months ago

    Would I spend €145k on a Honda. Yep

  62. Abdullah Saeed

    Abdullah Saeed

    3 months ago

    When the legendary vtec kicks in 7:30



    3 months ago


  64. Buonarotti10


    3 months ago

    Can't imagine anyone driving this car while trying put luggage in the boot.

  65. bane ave

    bane ave

    4 months ago

    you missed honda motorcycles



    4 months ago

    Asking if you would pay $145000 for a “Honda” NSX is like saying a Lexus LFA is a $400000 Toyota

  67. Brotund


    4 months ago

    Ferrari cuts cost on interior with cheap material. Everyone: Ok. Honda does the same Everyone: *I TOOK THAT PERSONALLY*

  68. shmuck azoid

    shmuck azoid

    4 months ago

    I sat in one once and my gosh is it cramped in there. Kinda like the c7 corvette

  69. Honda S2000

    Honda S2000

    4 months ago

    I don't care if people say this car is a bummer to the old one. This car will forever be my dream Supercar.

  70. Kinang Eagle

    Kinang Eagle

    4 months ago

    The NSX is the least luxurious supercar ever

  71. Ahsan ShaKil

    Ahsan ShaKil

    4 months ago

    How much the price in france

  72. Red Special

    Red Special

    4 months ago

    What do british journalists mean by "humble honda badge?" Are you fcking kidding me? They are the only ones that say this damn racist buggers!! Hammond said that too. What the actual f?? That Honda badge is actually worth more than any other badge in automotive history! Soichiro Honda was a humble and honest once in a lifetime GENIUS who didn't think of money first but focused on delivering engineering perfection instead. Honda has dominated in so many motorsports more than any other manufacturer and forever will because racing is in their DNA. Not ferrari nor porsche have dominated so many categories of motorsports like Honda have. They dominate ferrari and mercedes in F1 today just like they did back in the day with Senna, Prost, Mclaren and Williams. They also came up with the NSX back in the 90s which literally sent ferrari back to the drawing board!! They dominated them not only on track but on the road also with a car that had only 290bhp. The NSX-R just annihilated every other Porsche or Ferrari of that time. Honda also makes the best engines in the world, just think about their F1 engines, their Type R and Mugen engines, their racing engines. Their achievements in motorsports are unparalleled. From F1 to Indy to BTCC to MotoGP and Superbike and everything in between they win it all since so many decades. Plus they are so damn diverse damn it!! The most genius company of all time. So yes, stop it with the "humble Honda" badge you damn british journalists!! You are the only ones that say this!! This badge is worth more than Ferrari and Porsche. Honda just doesn't like to steal money from people. Their company culture is engineering perfection at prices that people can afford. And apart from the incredible racing heritage, you are definitely getting extraordinary quality, engineering perfection and incredible value for money!!!

  73. Derek


    4 months ago

    My RDX has a better interior. Step it up Acura

  74. Kevin One

    Kevin One

    4 months ago

    i hate this chanel as much as i do this dude

  75. Syed Thouseef

    Syed Thouseef

    4 months ago

    You are biased dude

  76. Shug !

    Shug !

    4 months ago

    Would I spend that on a "Honda"? Absolutely!! You say "Honda" in a denigrating fashion. Let's keep in mind that the average daily commuting Honda is superior to most any car in terms of standard features, performance and most importantly, reliability - FAR superior to any British car ever made. Here, you have a supercar that provides a supercar experience, is attractive AND isn't going to HAVE to go back to the shop bi-annually. A Honda.....YES!!!

  77. gordon sanco

    gordon sanco

    4 months ago

    we all know that the hdmi is for the pc on the passenger seat

  78. Christian Hiuhu

    Christian Hiuhu

    4 months ago

    i like it more than a Ford Mustang

  79. Abdullah Saeed

    Abdullah Saeed

    4 months ago

    its about the quality of the car not the brand so honda is just amazing

  80. xeon99keanTM `

    xeon99keanTM `

    4 months ago

    You forgot about Honda doing motorcycles

  81. Diablo - sama

    Diablo - sama

    4 months ago

    Imagine have honda nsx and your crush ask you what car you use and you tell her honda and she ignore you because of honda

  82. CanadaCraig


    4 months ago

    I would gladly swap that carbon fibre roof for REAL aluminum dashboard trim. [And a smarter infotainment system]

  83. Caxle Gaming

    Caxle Gaming

    4 months ago

    It shape like honda civic from out side

  84. Flaviu Escobar

    Flaviu Escobar

    4 months ago

    Honda last longer then eny supercars

  85. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    5 months ago

    I can’t even afford the cheapest Honda

  86. Vourn2020


    5 months ago

    It's a Honda and all your friends laugh out loud until you did 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and you have the last laugh.

  87. Cristofer Choucoutou

    Cristofer Choucoutou

    5 months ago

    7:30 "FUCK"

  88. Erwin Velasco

    Erwin Velasco

    5 months ago

    It’s for the cup holder!

  89. Andrew C

    Andrew C

    5 months ago

    who buys a sports car to do grocery shopping?

  90. Lant Kamei

    Lant Kamei

    5 months ago


  91. Arvin V. Boncalos

    Arvin V. Boncalos

    5 months ago

    This should be titled "Dissing the New Honda-Acura NSX for 5 Minutes Straight"

  92. Rohan D

    Rohan D

    5 months ago

    What about the superbike.. U didnt mentioned it..

  93. Radzo


    5 months ago

    I think if u are rich & humble u should buy this. If u rich but neutral, just buy 1 of this then buy another famous supercar & compare which u prefer to use irl. The rarely u use can just sell out.

  94. Tony Virili

    Tony Virili

    5 months ago

    You forgot motorbikes

  95. TeamKeruak77 Channel

    TeamKeruak77 Channel

    5 months ago

    dude.. u forgot their made motorcycle too

  96. Motorsoul ss

    Motorsoul ss

    5 months ago

    Cup holders are horrible. Wouldn't buy.

  97. Neil Padfield

    Neil Padfield

    5 months ago

    People might be more willing to spend 145K on a Honda if journalists stopped asking if you would spend 145K on a Honda! Great video, by the way.

  98. 윤명미


    5 months ago

    어떻게 한국말 댓글이 없나. GTR,포르쉐면 댓글 꽤 많이 달리는데. 철처히 한국에선 외면 받는 NSX

  99. Mehdi Jakani

    Mehdi Jakani

    5 months ago

    With all the necessary interior and practicality upgrades this would be the perfect daily supercar. Can be rebadged to Acura for the Euro snobs too. It's an impressive piece of technology and reliability!

  100. ramster04


    5 months ago

    Its a mail box inside Honda 👍