Honda-Acura NSX review - see why its acceleration is so mind-boggling!

This is the Honda NSX. It’s an electric supercar that comes with a six-figure price tag, but can it compete with the likes of a Porsche 911 Turbo or an Audi R8? Join me in my latest review to find out how this humble Honda compares to the competition!
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  1. The Sword Prince

    The Sword Prince

    11 hours ago

    I don't care if it's a Honda or Acura, either way, it is badass.

  2. Beto NN

    Beto NN

    Day ago

    I would rather spend a fortune and "run" in a reliable Honda or Lexus over the German or Italian counterpart "resting" its time in the mechanic ...

  3. yaniolek S

    yaniolek S

    2 days ago

    It is a cup holder ☝️

  4. Hamse Anders

    Hamse Anders

    4 days ago

    So the only reason it's a shortlist and not a "buy" is brand snobbery?

  5. Budok Klate

    Budok Klate

    5 days ago

    Honda just need to increase its TORQUE, BRAKE POWER and LESS TECHNO DEVICE in it and it will become THE BEST SMART SUPERCAR EVER. Ans yeah.. The HP too. Lol

  6. Hacker


    5 days ago


  7. Gaurav Thakur

    Gaurav Thakur

    6 days ago

    Did I just see a casette player there?

  8. Otto M.

    Otto M.

    8 days ago

    It has Apple CarPlay which saves the entertainment system 👍🏼

  9. M 0077

    M 0077

    9 days ago

    Yes you definitely would buy this masterpiece, It's a cut price porsche 918!

  10. D.M.E.


    9 days ago

    All the silver plastic interior should of been carbon fibre. Are mini-discs still a thing in Japan? The boot is the suitcase, just put all your folded clothes in bags straight in there.

  11. Alex


    10 days ago

    Its da cupholder

  12. Lithiums


    13 days ago

    Honda in Pakistan is considered un reliable and Toyota are the most reliable here.

  13. Vhas水


    21 day ago

    2:24 Holy shit that was a great reference, Senna helped develop the NSX in the 90s

  14. Raz TMCE

    Raz TMCE

    25 days ago

    Only in my dreams😅

  15. Daniel Whyte

    Daniel Whyte

    25 days ago

    2.48 how do you not know what that's for??..... it's clearly for cassettes, I know you remember cassettes bro 😂😂

  16. Omar Sakr

    Omar Sakr

    26 days ago

    The acceleration though

  17. Ahmed Raza

    Ahmed Raza

    26 days ago

    You cant stop honda lovers 😂😂 mr toyota btw car shape is supper and i love it

  18. Cars top speed And drift

    Cars top speed And drift

    27 days ago

    Honda copy Lexus LFA

  19. Nouri Alnaqeeb

    Nouri Alnaqeeb

    27 days ago

    Honda copied acura

  20. M A R K H O R

    M A R K H O R

    29 days ago

    The only hybrid that everyone wants.

  21. Josh Bassett

    Josh Bassett

    Month ago

    I love Honda/Acura style with the balance of futuristic designs with very reliable technology, that still keeps most of the sensable daily livability.

  22. Peter Kassner

    Peter Kassner

    Month ago

    Love all the positive comments.... I had one of the original NSXs and it was so superior to the European sports cars of the day. The thing that let's this one down is it was designed in USA, not Japan, so has a really tacky interior. Oh well....

  23. Mani K.b

    Mani K.b

    Month ago

    Who is from gta 5

  24. Raz Zelda

    Raz Zelda

    Month ago

    Honda civic on steroids

  25. Elias Salcedo

    Elias Salcedo

    Month ago

    It’s hard to justify buying this when the GTR exists

  26. john owls

    john owls

    Month ago

    Saw one of these crashed this morning in Sheffield

  27. Real Verdade

    Real Verdade

    Month ago

    If I have the money I will buy it don't care if is a honda

  28. Dobrivoje Mutavdzic

    Dobrivoje Mutavdzic

    Month ago

    That is a socket for removable cup-holders, you annoying man...that NSX is one of the best cars of the generation! Really?

  29. sa7man 0808

    sa7man 0808

    Month ago

    Senna in glove box 😥

  30. Mr. 2cents.

    Mr. 2cents.

    Month ago

    Who would spend $150.000 on a Honda? Not me. But I would spend it on a NSX.

  31. kj bunnyboiler6353

    kj bunnyboiler6353

    Month ago

    Apparently they do motorcycles as well!

  32. ease owyeung

    ease owyeung

    Month ago

    The exterior design is Awsome! However the inteiror desgin is a huge disappointment, too many curve surfaces colliding with each other. I wished the designers had simplify the design, make it cleaner and more minimalist. Form follows function would be a good credo to follow.

  33. jaytee742 gearhead

    jaytee742 gearhead

    Month ago

    it’s a Honda. What do you expect? You just bitched through the whole review about how cheap everything feels. The car will outlast every super car and out perform most of them. Reliable and cheaper to repair and maintenance. And you’re bitching about the radio or how much trunk space it has. Bias much. How much trunk space do a Bugatti have or the 911 turbo s or better yet a Lamborghini hurricane? You wouldn’t make such a big deal about those cars trunk space.

  34. Andie P

    Andie P

    Month ago

    I lurve this car!

  35. AMARO


    Month ago

    I told my friends that i drive a honda, they died of laughter before entering depression mode.

  36. George Frikker

    George Frikker

    Month ago

    How can this idiot drive this car. Get out.. You not deserve it.. Grow up to honda.

  37. DS19


    Month ago

    That's why I called Chinese Car,this car in my opinion on this cheap shit worth not mor then 50 thousands..

  38. Tim Lindroos

    Tim Lindroos

    Month ago

    I had Honda CB 750 in the 70,s! Four cylinder and good sound but not good at the road! No more Honda motorcycel for me! But the Kia Stinger i have is wery much ok!

  39. Teladevalapalli Rajiv chandra

    Teladevalapalli Rajiv chandra

    Month ago

    Why don't you use it in any of your drags

  40. Ahmad Bilal

    Ahmad Bilal

    Month ago

    So no one's gonna acknowledge the subtle Senna homage at 2:27? That was good.

    • Porter Whitaker

      Porter Whitaker

      3 days ago

      Never would have seen that😅😂

  41. Hakan Kursun Music

    Hakan Kursun Music

    Month ago

    dream car!!!!

  42. Project Tomorrow

    Project Tomorrow

    Month ago

    9:40 it's a great car because it is a Honda . 0 to 60 under 3 sec . no crazy gas guzzling, large and heavy V8 , V12 . 26 mpg . if it's a Honda it will last and have less maintenance cost . So yes i would buy it because it is a Honda . Hondas are less of a pain in the ass to own .

  43. Dawin Alexander

    Dawin Alexander

    Month ago


  44. Dawin Alexander

    Dawin Alexander

    Month ago

    I would love to have thise

  45. Srećko Tvrdić

    Srećko Tvrdić

    Month ago

    That item you are wondering about is clearly condom disposal unit

  46. Erick G

    Erick G

    Month ago

    Buddyyyy you just wanna shit on this car to lower the price so you can buy it stop hating

  47. Diptanshu - Self Challenger

    Diptanshu - Self Challenger

    2 months ago

    7:28 When V-TEC AND E-TEC kick in........

  48. Ganesh M B

    Ganesh M B

    2 months ago

    My Verdict: Should buy it 😀

  49. Richard Drinkwalter

    Richard Drinkwalter

    2 months ago


  50. Seb


    2 months ago

    honestly for the price, this car kinda sucks. Even if it accelerates really quickly.

  51. Richard w

    Richard w

    2 months ago

    I'd rather have a more reliable engine in a car than leather and alcantera upholstered dash. You hardly touch that when your driving so what does it matter ? If you keep your cars for a decent amount of time reliability is paramount. Watson your becoming a brand snob and need to do a more grown up review like Harry's Garage.👍

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Month ago

      All new supercars are reliable aside from Mclarens

  52. lavar anthony

    lavar anthony

    2 months ago

    Lmooo imma just buy an R8🤣🤣🤣

  53. Slathibatfas


    2 months ago

    The slot is for pligging in hdmi plus cards

  54. Jamie Cleeves

    Jamie Cleeves

    2 months ago

    Best engine makers in the world crappie review for a fab car

  55. LTAC turn1

    LTAC turn1

    2 months ago

    I like what's in the glove box 🏎️🏁🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  56. sergiobisonte


    2 months ago

    whooo takes cofffeee when driving?????????????????

  57. Jonny Jeans

    Jonny Jeans

    2 months ago

    omg hahahahaha you are forgoten Motorcycles hahahahahahahahaha

  58. John Smith

    John Smith

    2 months ago

    Honda spends the money where you can't see it, but can feel it on the long term! (the technical stuff and durability)! It's funny cuz we went over a world economic fuck-up but, still haven't learned anything. We still put value on the brand and fancy interiors! :))

  59. Royal Blood

    Royal Blood

    2 months ago

    If a company makes aeroplans and also makes cars . I will trust that company

  60. Pip Pipster

    Pip Pipster

    2 months ago

    It’s quite obviously a letterbox for midgets.

  61. Abdullah Ar Rafi

    Abdullah Ar Rafi

    2 months ago

    Mat: Would you spend a hundred and forty-five thousand pounds on a Honda? Me: Well, the VTEC kicks in before you realize, the looks are bonkers, and the reliability should be as all Hondas are supposed to be. Apart from the sh*tty infotainment(which I can always swap later on), this is actually worth spending on!

  62. Rikesh Patel

    Rikesh Patel

    2 months ago

    when nissan brought back the gtr, they kept the old design language. why tf did honda not do the same when they brought back the nsx. might as well not call it an nsx if it has nothing to do with the old one.

  63. madz 91

    madz 91

    2 months ago

    My car in GTA V online

  64. dms znb

    dms znb

    2 months ago

    "Allohumma solli 'alaa muhammad, wa 'alaa aali muhammad"😌



    2 months ago

    the thing on the side of the centre console is a ATM.

  66. Scott Will

    Scott Will

    2 months ago

    This is a sleeper

  67. Nadeem Shokat

    Nadeem Shokat

    2 months ago

    Yes I’ll shortlist it when I have £145,000🤪

  68. Nicolas Mikah

    Nicolas Mikah

    2 months ago

    These are not plastic, it’s real aluminium



    2 months ago

    Who come from BITLIFE

  70. Niko Lauss

    Niko Lauss

    2 months ago

    2:47 maybe it's for 90's cassettes :D

  71. Robert T.

    Robert T.

    3 months ago

    This guy sucks. Why would anyone would take a large rigid suitcase anywhere knowing you are driving a sport car? yet it has room for the entire golf bag. Maybe two small carry-ons? The demonstration of the cup holders is dumb knowing there is an attachment in the glove compartment. Doug DeMuro has a better take on the car.

  72. Kevin Liu

    Kevin Liu

    3 months ago

    Of course I would spend that money on a Honda. In F1 territory, they are just as powerful as Mercedes. And they had Senna.

  73. 19_ILB_063 {Ojas Kaushik}

    19_ILB_063 {Ojas Kaushik}

    3 months ago

    7:30 He has to be fakin it

  74. Oisín O'Neill

    Oisín O'Neill

    3 months ago

    To reply to 2:55, I think you can slide your phone holder for passengers.

  75. cameron fournillier

    cameron fournillier

    3 months ago

    A mail box

  76. no social media

    no social media

    3 months ago

    That's a dustbin

  77. Khriebu Usou

    Khriebu Usou

    3 months ago

    Awsome car

  78. Scott Crooks

    Scott Crooks

    3 months ago

    For me, the new NSX just doesn't live up to the original version, especially in the style category.

  79. Peter c

    Peter c

    3 months ago

    The Japanese usually make good reliable cars

  80. Aleksandar Vojinovic

    Aleksandar Vojinovic

    3 months ago

    bro GTA5 revealed this car at 2013.......

    • Aleksandar Vojinovic

      Aleksandar Vojinovic

      3 months ago

      @Alex J.G Jeah but they built so much more cars as Merc GTR and jaguar F type R

    • Alex J.G

      Alex J.G

      3 months ago

      they based the jester on the nsx concept car which came out before gta 5

  81. Simon Alexander Critchley

    Simon Alexander Critchley

    3 months ago

    Matt,that slot is for when you are pushing the envelope,goes in there .....

  82. MrAzzywazzy


    3 months ago

    If an Audi r8 and a Mclaren P1 had a baby it would look like this 😂

  83. Ronak Singha

    Ronak Singha

    3 months ago

    There are cracks underneath the logo in 4:09

  84. rhon christian fernando

    rhon christian fernando

    3 months ago

    Why are you complaining in a little compartment? Its a supercar not a family car



    3 months ago

    "When the v tec kicks in "

  86. ゆう


    3 months ago


  87. Deep Senpai

    Deep Senpai

    3 months ago

    you call this expensive, we have to pay more then twice for this lol

  88. canvas11xD


    3 months ago

    Why is it in mph if it was made for Europe?

  89. olny12


    3 months ago

    So underrated

  90. GuanJun 1

    GuanJun 1

    3 months ago

    I love it.

  91. mstar501


    3 months ago

    Really pretty looking car! They shaped the rear decent, not that chunky as i.e. LaFerrari, Corvette c8 and many other supercars.

  92. Philip Kane

    Philip Kane

    3 months ago

    all this gweillo ever do is complain. LOL

  93. Tom Everett

    Tom Everett

    3 months ago

    Really? An Audi commercial in a vidio for the Honda NSX? ACURA's algorithm is dumber than a Yahoo editor.

  94. Demetre Jakhaia

    Demetre Jakhaia

    3 months ago

    2:48 its a cassette player

  95. ArnoldsK


    3 months ago

    What a beast. Such a great design.

  96. Minplazy xD

    Minplazy xD

    3 months ago

    The flapy thing at the passenger was the cupholder and the cupholder is in the glovebox

  97. Anchored


    3 months ago

    Very entertaining review. Quite enjoyed it

  98. just Max

    just Max

    4 months ago

    Does it come with a vtec?

  99. Manuel Lara

    Manuel Lara

    4 months ago

    Rules of my car NOT EATING DRINKING OR SMOKING. So no worries about flying bottles. With CarPlay connection who cares about the outdated info system of the NSX? The car is beautiful, fast and reliable. What else can we ask?

  100. tacfoley


    4 months ago

    That carbon-fibre roof panel is a $6000 option.