HONDA BATTLE! -- 2021 Acura TLX vs. 2021 Honda Accord: Comparison

Let's compare the all-new 2021 Acura TLX Advance vs. the 2021 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring! Is the Acura worth the extra $11,000?? Both Honda sedans are powered by the same 2.0L Turbo engine, have a ton of luxury on the inside, and sporty yet refined exteriors. That said, the Accord stickers for just over $38,000 in its fully loaded trim compared to the $49,000 price tag for the fully loaded TLX Advance! So which should you go with? Go ahead: CLICK to find out :) Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review -- it helps us more than you can imagine!

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Comments: 726 

  1. Jason Lurf

    Jason Lurf

    21 day ago

    For 2022, the Honda website offers heated steering wheel as an option. ~$445

  2. Gary Z

    Gary Z

    Month ago

    A great comparison topic. A while ago I assessed and drove the V6 TLX vs latest top end Accord. Accord is more practical transportation and good value. But back to back the TLX put a big smile on my face that Accord could not. The Advance model TLX is not worth the extra $ BTW. Mostly gimmicks added. But the SH-AWD is a Wow difference. So how much is the smile on your face worth every time you drive? (PS - I bought the TLX )

  3. B1 BO

    B1 BO

    Month ago

    i'd choose (and did choose) the 2.0 sport over both of these, it's sexier and quicker!

  4. Victor.


    Month ago

    Why is the Acura so ugly

  5. captainkrunch


    Month ago

    5 inches less rear legroom in the tlx is laughable

    • Fadhly


      18 days ago

      yeh the same size as 5 series with the interior size of 3 series/civic.. I'm wondering if Integra would cannibalize the TLX or not

  6. Jay


    Month ago

    Accord hands down. Spend the extra 10k on hoes

  7. Alan C

    Alan C

    Month ago

    The Honda doors are so tall they go up to your shoulders, makes it a pain to use the atm.

  8. ITALIAN926


    Month ago

    Traded in my '19 Accord Touring for a '21 TLX Advance FWD, the TLX wins all day long. The ONLY thing I like better with the Accord is the rear legroom, and bigger trunk. Thats it. TLX looks better, inside and out, nice to have the interior LED lighting, automatic ventilated and heated seats. folding side mirrors, much better sound system, ( my accord had too many rattles with heavy bass) , quieter and nicer ride. The voice recognition is way better in the TLX, although I dont know if they improved that on the 21 Accord. They should have compared a FWD car for a more fair comparison. $2000 less for the TLX w/o AWD.

  9. Richard Cory

    Richard Cory

    2 months ago

    So the answer is get a Base TLX SH-AWD for only 3 grand more than the accord.

  10. Big Rig

    Big Rig

    2 months ago

    For price and what you get and even looks I would go with the Accord Touring

  11. M B

    M B

    2 months ago

    Acura looks so much better better materials and awd. The accord looks cheaper and like a dollar store Audi a7 and so many uber drivers use it. Very common

  12. theory816


    2 months ago

    I thought the TLX was 25k more than the Accord but its actually 12k more when comparing base models. For 12k more I would just get the TLX. You get: -a bit better styling(Accord looks good too, can't beat the crab taillight design(myfav)) -way better interior styling -more sound deadening -more prestige I think those things may be worth it for 12k. But I wouldn't pay more than that. Otherwise you are getting into the territory of 2 cars for one. I just don't see myself giving up 2 nice Accords for one Acura.

  13. Amin Abdolhosaini

    Amin Abdolhosaini

    3 months ago

    If you are buying one , accord depreciation is much less than acura...

  14. Red Capote

    Red Capote

    3 months ago

    That hybrid Accord touring with 48 mpg city and highway is far too good to pass up. And when I plan on living in California, that's going to be quite important. I currently have a 2020 Accord LX and the trunk space, the rear legroom, the gas mileage, the great looks, all for $25k out the door, it is SUCH a good value.

  15. Paul Lim

    Paul Lim

    3 months ago

    Very good review and the perennial issue for Acura. Why get an Acura when it's basically a Honda in a tux. Same engine, same transmission... Until the styling of the Acura moves away from 1990s slant nose design with the ridiculous point on the tip of the nose and the rear, and starts making cara that look more luxury, they will never be considered a true lux brand.

  16. Paul Lim

    Paul Lim

    3 months ago

    Very good.

  17. bobdolespen


    3 months ago

    To say that a price difference of $11,193 is not a "big deal" when broken down into payments is an irresponsible statement and clearly car salesman speak. It is a difference of $11,193 off the top and then even MORE when you finance it over the life of the loan factoring in interest. For most people, including those who can afford these cars 11k is a significant amount of money regardless of whether you pay it up front or pay MORE over the life of the loan due to the increased finance cost/interest.

  18. Moose


    4 months ago

    If you can’t afford the TLX, buy the Accord. There is no comparison as they are completely different vehicles. More trunk space, storage space and rear seating are not what most people looking for a sport sedan are concerned with. Anyone who has used the infotainment system in theTLX for more than a week will tell you it is much better and safer than the touch screen. Deprecation is also a factor depending on how often you trade in. Love my TLX SH-AWD and is a Hoot and a half to drive in Sport Mode. 😎

  19. Anthony Romero

    Anthony Romero

    4 months ago

    You forgot cost of maintenance, I have owned a Acura s type, now I own a 2019 Honda Accord hybrid touring. Lots cheaper 5 points for Honda Accord 😆 lol

  20. Austin Butler

    Austin Butler

    4 months ago

    My wife has a 2.0 EX-L, i have a A-Spec TLX. The Accord becomes more fun to drive once the flare of the TLX wears off. The Accord is more nimble, faster acceleration and can handle better Gs in the corners. The TLX is a very nice car, but after a few months of putting premium gas into a car that gets spanked by your wife’s car, you just don’t see it the same way. I’m giving back the TLX. It’s a lease anyway.

  21. Dennis Fernandez

    Dennis Fernandez

    4 months ago

    If honda accord was all wheel drive! Would be the best car!

  22. SquidProQuo


    5 months ago

    The result: Acura TLX and Honda Accord win against the competition.

  23. Andrew Bagos

    Andrew Bagos

    5 months ago

    What was the decibel rating for the Accord at highway speeds?

  24. Chris Clayton

    Chris Clayton

    5 months ago

    I have the same Accord and leave people in the dust with ease.

  25. Trevor C

    Trevor C

    5 months ago

    Acura just for the AWD. Live in Illinois and you got unpredictable weather (raining a lot at times) and unforgiving snow storms at times. I would go Honda if they would offer AWD so for the time being Acura

  26. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    5 months ago

    The Advanced version won't be the best for long the Type S badge is coming back after a 14 year hiatus

  27. nmarkert01


    5 months ago

    Someone else uses this music as their intro music. I think it’s a sports page on ACURA or maybe it’s here. But I don’t think I’ve watched your page enough lol

  28. John Lain

    John Lain

    5 months ago


  29. Green-Pill Neo

    Green-Pill Neo

    5 months ago

    I dont know, i think a car that already costs $40 grand is prestigious enough for me.

  30. SimplyAestheticBlossomGirl


    5 months ago

    I pick Acura since it has a bit better stuff than honda

  31. E. Bear

    E. Bear

    6 months ago

    Thanks for the review! What was the interior sound decibel rating you got with the Accord? And did you get that decibel reading while driving on the same road at about the same speed as when you noted the TLX's interior decibel rating?

  32. ozagala!


    6 months ago

    Its no contest its like comparing a 5 star hotel vs a motel.

  33. g2g tech

    g2g tech

    6 months ago

    Good job guys

  34. jove1155


    6 months ago

    That TLX center console looks AWFUL. I would never buy Honda, my ex had one and the motor died in less than 5 years. My next car is the Genesis G90.

  35. Noelle


    6 months ago

    Honestly, at a first glance new Accord's front looks so much more classy than Acura but I've never liked Acura's design to begin with. After going to multiple dealerships, I chose Camry SE. The front of it is nice but the back is so cool (in my opinion). It looks awesome in predawn gray with tinted windows and 18" wheels. I liked certain features of accord better than camry but overall camry won. New Accord has a pretty awful looking back and it really eliminated it from consideration after I started looking at those cars at the dealerships. Accord feels more spacious inside but I'm a woman of an average height (5'7) so I don't really need that much space, however I wouldn't go for a compact like Corolla or Civic.

  36. Andy Brian

    Andy Brian

    6 months ago

    At least here in Canada, a big difference in the out-the door-price between the Accord 2.0t vs the new TLX 2.0t. Alot. Too much. Content, AWD, curb weight and prem. fuel requirements are ALL factors in my decision other than price. In the end, I could not justify spending at least $7500.00 or more on the TLX. Love my Accord 2.0t and have no regrets.

  37. Steve Casey

    Steve Casey

    6 months ago

    Non skippable ads; no thanks..

    • Car Confections

      Car Confections

      6 months ago

      The video creator has no control over the ads you see, if that's what you're implying

  38. Paul Santos

    Paul Santos

    6 months ago

    The accord has better looking wheels

  39. Eric P

    Eric P

    6 months ago

    So choose between an Accord or an Accord with an Acura badge. 🤔 That’s a hard one 😂😂😂

  40. william carter

    william carter

    6 months ago

    Honda gonna last just as long and not cost as much when this needs to be serviced

  41. IdgafShae


    6 months ago

    Did Acura sponsor you or something cause now I want that car and not a honda accord 😂😂

  42. KK2891


    6 months ago

    Honda Accord 2.0T 6-speed gets the win

  43. Ryan G

    Ryan G

    6 months ago

    Acura # 1

  44. dale908


    6 months ago

    Really love your reviews. I currently have a 2017 Accord EXL. I am very heavy and the Accord is comfortable for me. Is the TLK as roomy upfront as the accord and as easy to get in and out of? Also looking at S60, ES 350 & CT5. Accord has good visibility as well. Any suggestions?

    • Car Confections

      Car Confections

      6 months ago

      Thank you! Overall, the TLX has a tighter interior than the Accord, but it probably just about the same as the CT5 and S60. The ES350 is the most spacious among the new stuff you're looking at. If comfortable is your #1 priority, then that's where I would look. Hope this helps!

  45. GeraldPUR


    6 months ago

    Exellent comparison.

    • Car Confections

      Car Confections

      6 months ago


  46. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee

    6 months ago

    You should’ve compare the Accord with a FWD TLX Advanced.

  47. William Lind

    William Lind

    6 months ago

    Isn't there a TLX V6 turbo Sport out?

  48. Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    6 months ago

    George Michael doing car reviews?? Gotta have faith 🤣🤣. Seriously though you did a great job with the review and really like the split screen for comparison.

  49. Ing. Eduardo Mata

    Ing. Eduardo Mata

    6 months ago

    Acura TLX

  50. Sarah Hood

    Sarah Hood

    6 months ago

    Owner of a 2013 Honda Accord V6 EX-L coupe (in 2021) I am very happy with it and all of the features that it has. I went through an Acura or Honda decision myself. As a previous driver of an Acura Legend and family member to many accord owners, I did carefully consider both options. They made the correct decision for the video, in my view. I think I’ll go with another Honda. That Acura NSX is hot though. 😎 My Honda is my daily driver and I have hauled 8 bags of (50 pound per bag) feed in a pinch. It handled wonderfully. Great fuel mileage, several years later- All features are still working wonderfully-

  51. Mohammed A Wadud

    Mohammed A Wadud

    6 months ago

    ct5 vs tlx please!

  52. Westsideaccord DRSansome

    Westsideaccord DRSansome

    6 months ago

    Now: Accord Type R VS TLX Type S 2021

  53. Marktuyet


    7 months ago

    I'm still driving my white 2001 Accord EX . Think it my be time for another white Accord .

  54. Quantum Imperfections

    Quantum Imperfections

    7 months ago

    I wholly disagree on the infotainment decision (however I must say I enjoyed the review). Having tested both vehicles and infotainment systems I found the TLX actually much easier to use. People get disuaded by the kitsch touch pad design but the main difference is the TLX infotainment is laid out WAY better. only like 3 levels of very simple menus to get literally ANYTHING you want. The Accord however as typical of a touch screen design has several menus you had to get through to do everything and isn't as intuitive. I've felt as though the TLX touchpad being different has every car reviewer going "ThE mOsT iNsAnE lEaRnInG cUrVe HuMaNiTy HaS eVeR eXpErIeNcEd" when in reality it took me about 15-20 minutes until I realized Acura finally got infotainment right. The Accord definitely beats the TLX for the backseat though; I didn't realize how small the TLX rear seat leg room was until I, a 5'9" man felt a bit claustrophobic with the drivers seat where I'd left it.

  55. CanadaCraig


    7 months ago

    Just don't race the Accord 2.0T in your new TLX because you'll LOSE!

  56. LR


    7 months ago

    I wish someone could make an aftermarket TLX type grille for the accord

  57. Death to Pakistan

    Death to Pakistan

    7 months ago

    The touring accord maybe .4 sec faster then the TLX but if you look at the sport 2.0 accord it’s 300 LBS lighter then the touring accord so probably .2 sec faster then the touring model of the accord

  58. Jeffrey Watson

    Jeffrey Watson

    7 months ago

    Love my 2021 Honda touring in white pearl 😍😍😍 #honda4life

  59. TEXASBLAZE 101


    7 months ago

    Accord looks better to me

  60. David Francisco

    David Francisco

    7 months ago

    TLX looks more like a girl car

  61. Julian Leon

    Julian Leon

    7 months ago

    The accord has to be one the ugliest cars ever, and literally everyone and they mama got that car😭😭

  62. Mel 1018

    Mel 1018

    7 months ago

    Thr back of the TLX is gross

  63. Nick G.

    Nick G.

    7 months ago

    Only comparison between the two is that they’re both assembled in Marysville, OH. Other than that, the TLX dominates everything else hence the reason the price ranges from $38,000 to $49,000. Could be $60,000-$63,000 for the Type S when that comes out.

  64. Greg Keller

    Greg Keller

    7 months ago

    Of the 2 I’d take the Honda. I’d rather wait for the type s if I had to pick the acura.

  65. DVO


    7 months ago

    I will sell my cryptocurrency for TLX. I spent $5000 and now I can afford a TLX!

  66. Kankala


    7 months ago

    It’s just me or Honda Accord 2017 has a better look than the 2018-2021? It just look too big and weird

  67. shmuck azoid

    shmuck azoid

    7 months ago

    I like the inside of the Honda more

  68. Judy Johnson

    Judy Johnson

    7 months ago

    So in this comparison: Accord > TLX... there’s another comparison: TLX > Camery ... therefore: Accord > Camery... at least for 2021!

  69. Bmwm340i


    7 months ago

    just got the 2021 2.0 sport accord and managed to get some 0-60 times as low as 5.54 seconds

  70. Ken Wong

    Ken Wong

    7 months ago

    Beautiful vehicles TLX and Accord! 👌👌😎😎😎😎

  71. Google it

    Google it

    8 months ago

    The whole problem with Acura is that Honda branded vehicles are already excellent, and if you want luxury, the German brands outclass Acura is pretty much every category. At least where I live, Acura isn't really even considered "prestigious." It's considered a good car, don't get me wrong, but most people who want a luxury car go German and most people who want a Acura end up with a high end Honda

  72. kelvin herrera

    kelvin herrera

    8 months ago

    TLX is trash lol 😆

  73. Wiseguy


    8 months ago

    TLX is probably better but is it really $11,000 dollars better? Hell no. So Accord 2.0 all day.

  74. Pooper Mac

    Pooper Mac

    8 months ago

    Acura is a fantastic vehicle as always, with a lil questionable design choices. Like those wheels... They should be better. Other things

  75. Miguel Arreola

    Miguel Arreola

    8 months ago

    I was going to trade in my 18 Accord Touring 2.0T for a 21 TLX but decided not to. The interior of the TLX is tiny, I couldn’t believe how small it was. I love my Accord.... The TLX is beautiful tho.

    • Shaun Reddy

      Shaun Reddy

      8 months ago

      I'm right there with ya. I have an 18 Accord Touring Hybrid. Though I've owned way pricier cars from the German, I just can't get rid of the Honda, it's fairly fun and roomy with good gas mileage. I want the TLX, but my Accord is paid off, so Honda all the way

  76. Nick Hines

    Nick Hines

    8 months ago

    Lexus makes the best automatics, that hondas,acuras suck,

  77. Nick Hines

    Nick Hines

    8 months ago

    I own a 2000 tl, it's ok, a money pit tho, I would choose the Honda because it's more refined, also a stick is a must, their automatics suck, big problems! Trust me, but you buy what you want, it's your 💰

  78. Jacobus DeRottmann

    Jacobus DeRottmann

    8 months ago

    So does the Acura have a full size spare or none? About the room: you mentioned the handling of the TLX, and the tighter rear passenger compartment. The two are related. The TLX has a more sophisticated suspension system, and the design impinges on the rear passenger space AND the trunk space. So that becomes a question of whether high quality sports sedan handling is more important, or the additional room. For my part, if I were buying either it would be the Acura because I'm single and would only rarely haul additional people in the back, and having even a little more edge of control in curves is part of the enjoyment of driving.

  79. Alex Brinker

    Alex Brinker

    8 months ago

    Honda Accord does have heated steering wheel as a dealer installed option.

  80. honey bear

    honey bear

    8 months ago

    TLX all day

  81. TheJayster571


    8 months ago

    Accord design looks better.i don’t like the Acura grill or the car’s design looks ugly.

  82. Junz


    8 months ago

    If only the accord had a decent sound system like the tlx.

  83. The Spaghetti Man

    The Spaghetti Man

    8 months ago

    Tbh. The accord is way nicer. The front end and side views are much better. The Honda’s interior of far more simple. I would say they are both very nice cars but for the first time In 10 years I bought the accord over the tlx. I purchased 2 new Acura’s since 2010.

  84. Covid Hoax

    Covid Hoax

    8 months ago

    Accord is a better car. TLX is heavy and underpowered with a cheap interior. TLX dash is mot stitched leather. It’s cheap looking PVC. Engines are the same. Put premium fuel into Accord and you’ll TLX level of power.

  85. D Harr

    D Harr

    8 months ago

    Both are pretty mediocre as far as design goes.

  86. Henry Santos

    Henry Santos

    8 months ago

    As much as i try to like the accord its an ugly car.

  87. Jake R

    Jake R

    8 months ago

    Apples to Oranges... compare a $30k Toyota Camry to a $60k Lexus GS... 🤨

  88. venom999333


    8 months ago

    AWD is a HUGE ➕.

  89. Regan


    8 months ago

    The TLX for me. In person the TLX is so wide and muscular. It has some serious road presence.

    • Fadhly


      18 days ago

      would u go for TLX or Integra? New Civic has a good bone for Integra.. Although TLX got its own platform but It has a 5 series size with the interior size of 3 series, not much differrent than Civic/Integra

    • Romando Payan

      Romando Payan

      7 months ago

      @pyledriver ATX tell me something I don't know... Accord v6>

    • The Spaghetti Man

      The Spaghetti Man

      7 months ago

      Nah. Accord is actually alot nicer.

    • PMoney West

      PMoney West

      7 months ago

      @Sagar Ningshetti And trunk space wt a spare tire 👍🏽

    • Romando Payan

      Romando Payan

      7 months ago

      Accord V6 >

  90. InfinityOrchid


    8 months ago

    Is this a real leather or synthetic or vegan leather?

    • Car Confections

      Car Confections

      8 months ago

      Both of them have real leather

  91. Don Berry

    Don Berry

    8 months ago

    The Japanese one loses.

  92. Roxy DeJaneiro

    Roxy DeJaneiro

    8 months ago

    11 k for a speck more of luxury? Nah. Save the $11k and add a civic with 80k miles on it to your fleet of Hondas .

  93. Leonine 5

    Leonine 5

    8 months ago

    Tldr: accord is more practical, tlx is more spedazzle lol

  94. Mert Ozbahcivan

    Mert Ozbahcivan

    8 months ago

    Acura is different level car according to accord for sure

  95. Karen Kubik

    Karen Kubik

    8 months ago

    Want a 6 Cylinder

  96. Johnny Pham

    Johnny Pham

    8 months ago

    I would get a base tlx AWD over the top of the line accord. Just traded my 18 tlx aspec awd for the 21 tlx aspec awd and it’s miles better in quality and driving dynamics.

  97. BuhhoBuhho


    8 months ago

    The tlx interior is kind of ugly

  98. mccraejoey82


    8 months ago

    If accords had awd it would be perfect but I like the look of the tlx More and for me I would rather say I have an acura

  99. Web Enabled Services

    Web Enabled Services

    8 months ago

    Gasoline type makes a difference for me, does the Acura take premium only? The accord take regular gas



    8 months ago

    The Accord is stupid looking... TLX wins