Honda J Series V6 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

This video shows you step by step how to replace the valve cover gaskets and spark plug well seals on a Honda J series V6 engine. I perform this service on a 2008 Acura TL. Other vehicles may have slight differences, but the information in this video should be able to guild you through the valve cover gasket and spark plug grommet replacement on your engine.

This is Episode 6 in the Acura TL Series.

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Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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  1. init211


    8 days ago

    Hi, have you ever tried to remove front valve cover without removing manifold on this engine? Like this guy did: Is that possible?

  2. Steve Tonnesen

    Steve Tonnesen

    17 days ago

    I found it to be super simple to insert the valve cover bolts into the rubber part of the washer by simply separating the rubber from the metal. I was able to easily press them over the large part of the bolt by hand without any extra effort. Super easy, no damage to the rubber at all. I also found it to be very simple to get the spark plug tube seals out with a seal pulling tool. This destroys the seals, but so what.

  3. Kris Kjellquist

    Kris Kjellquist

    Month ago

    Big thanks Eric....did this job today with no issues.

  4. aj bramlett

    aj bramlett

    Month ago

    This video helped fixed my problem with my acura. Even after the dealership tired to fix it twice which was lies.

  5. Ralph Brazoban

    Ralph Brazoban

    Month ago

    Do you have to bleed the brakes after removing the brake booster line?

  6. Edwin Rijos

    Edwin Rijos

    2 months ago

    Erick quick tip, find where to screw that bolt some were in the frame. Put the gasket then screw it in instead of taping with a hammer. That is how i do it and never break those things, well i used to do what you just did, and after trial and error found the method i gave you. hope it helps great vid

  7. Goatlady7


    3 months ago

    Do you need thread locker on throttle body bolts?

  8. Kadin Miller

    Kadin Miller

    3 months ago

    Well shit, I did my front gasket on my 2000 honda accord v6 and put the spark plug seals on backwards 😂

    • Max H

      Max H

      3 months ago

      As long as its sealed, i wanna say youll be alright? Inspect the spark plug tube for oil id say ole chap

  9. Eric Rejanovinshi

    Eric Rejanovinshi

    3 months ago

    Hey @EricTheCarGuy, do the spark plug tube seals go all the way down to meet the lip in the valve cover? Or do they go down until they're level with with the rim?

  10. Jimmy Wells

    Jimmy Wells

    4 months ago

    What a pain in the ass for a valve cover gasket?!

  11. Noah Tedrow

    Noah Tedrow

    4 months ago

    are the valve cover gaskets the same for the 3.2 and the 3.5 because the box i got say "Honda 3.5"

  12. Gotta Go

    Gotta Go

    5 months ago

    ERIC FOR PRESIDENT 2024 let’s go 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Corey King

    Corey King

    5 months ago

    Some people remove the power steering pump in order to get more opening for the rear valve cover so that it gives more room to pull the harness while others don’t and force more pressure by pulling the harness. I did it exactly as Eric the car guy did here and my boss yelled at me asking why I removed the power steering pump to get the ten mm bolt and the ground. Told me that I didn’t need to remove the p/s pump. Was given a warning and one more time I be fired :(

  14. Conquer Yourself

    Conquer Yourself

    5 months ago

    I found a trick on putting the rubber thru those cover bolts. I put the bolt and rubber to the head cover and tighten it. To rubber will push itself thru the bolt without getting damaged.

  15. Frankie Lugo

    Frankie Lugo

    5 months ago

    My 2010 3.5 front valve cover is rotting. Is this normal? I need a new valve cover. When removing the valve tube seals the metal is just crumbling. Anyone have this problem?

  16. pompilio 88

    pompilio 88

    5 months ago

    exelent job.

  17. Nathan Mutz

    Nathan Mutz

    5 months ago

    Thank you Eric! If you are ever in Pueblo, CO Dinner is on me. Here is a video of another way to install the new grommets. It worked well for me. Stay dirty.

  18. chattifactory


    6 months ago

    what happens if you do touch the throttle plate .............................................i touched the throttle plate :(

  19. Anglegrinder46


    6 months ago

    You look like you have so much room in that rear valve block,mine looks so limited and half blind for work

  20. Anglegrinder46


    6 months ago

    Why do some of these engines have the Map sensor to the side?Also how come you have the coils that fit TL like Hitachi which say Not for My 06 Mdx Touring,they look like they'd fit..

  21. Patrick Hurley

    Patrick Hurley

    6 months ago

    Have you tried High tack for the gasket insert into the valve cover.

  22. shootr04


    6 months ago

    Thanks for these videos as always Eric! I’ve had several Hondas/Accords but purchased my first V6 Accord recently. I’m sure these will come in handy!!

  23. p1epoppa


    6 months ago

    How much for this job?

  24. Justin


    7 months ago

    Hi Eric; long time, first time. I have a 2008 Honda Accord V6 coupe, coming up to 194,000 miles. I have some oil leaking from (most likely) the valve cover gasket, and also have to do the timing belt/water pump. I was thinking I would change the head gaskets out while I was down there. I don't want to put new head gaskets on to have them leak right after I reassemble the manifold, but I also don't want to reassemble the manifold, and then have the old head gaskets start leaking 1,000 - 2,000 miles after I just got done with all of this work down under. I've had a history of both: changing parts that I didn't necessarily need to change, and getting a crap part and having it crap out a month later, and also not changing parts and having parts I *could have changed* crap out a month later. What are your thoughts on this trap, based on what you've seen out in the real world? Is it usually better to live and let live, or to change OEM parts out when most convenient? I'd love to get your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  25. Derrick Anderson

    Derrick Anderson

    7 months ago

    @17:04 Why in the world you just reach for a socket so they go evenly? I've only rebuilt less than 10 engines but that one had my toes curling lol

  26. Alford Lau

    Alford Lau

    7 months ago

    Take my $ for this job 😂

  27. Lebron Jordan

    Lebron Jordan

    7 months ago

    Use a socket instead of a vise when removing or installing grommets 🙂!

  28. angelo barscua

    angelo barscua

    7 months ago

    Very well done video!!!

  29. Mike Wiggins

    Mike Wiggins

    7 months ago

    Just watched the video, nicely done. Observation: When I removed the old valve cover gasket, I notice some sealer in the corners from the manufactory. QUESTION: Should I replace the sealant?

  30. rambling rebel68

    rambling rebel68

    8 months ago

    Ever consider putting those gromets in hot water for a few mins.. may make the diff between broken and done right

  31. bremms1


    8 months ago

    Good channel Eric. I have an 08 Ridgeline and the idle was always a bit rough. Not bad, just not super smooth. It threw a code once or twice, don't remember the code, but it was indicative of the valves being a bit tight. So I decided do adjust the valves and put in new valve cover seals. Job is a lot of work since you need to remove the plenum. Have to say it idles so smooooth now though and economy improved a little bit. I'm arms deep in fixing the dreaded oil pump leak now.

  32. NightHawk J30

    NightHawk J30

    8 months ago

    When i replaced the valve cover gasket grommets seals on 05 Accord EXV6 Sedan. I just used a little bit of some silicone grease well the paste. And they on with just by hand didn’t use a mallet

  33. Aseem Agarwal

    Aseem Agarwal

    9 months ago

    Hi Eric, please tell about this vcm technology in the j35 series engines. Is it common to all the 3.5 v6's ? Wanna buy a 2010 accord please help

  34. Henry Lee

    Henry Lee

    9 months ago

    SUPER GREAT VIDEO ERIC..i think you mentioned to get more lift from the rear wiring harness, we can loosen the bolt under the power steering pump. Obviously the power steering pump and the associated belt needs to be removed from the engine block which is an extra 3-hours of work.. There is also the rear oxygen sensor cable which interferes with being able to lift the wiring harness out of the way. The connector plug there is extremely hard to undo because it is constantly moving while trying to unto the connector with both hands reaching over the top of the engine. Is there a trick to undoing this connector/plug wire?.

  35. B Gundogdu

    B Gundogdu

    9 months ago


  36. Tangled headphone Gamer

    Tangled headphone Gamer

    10 months ago

    Excellent info and extremely helpful thank you !!!

  37. Jake L.

    Jake L.

    10 months ago

    is it the same way to do on a type s?

    • Eric Rejanovinshi

      Eric Rejanovinshi

      3 months ago

      I just finished working on my Type S valve cover gasket seal. It's pretty much the same. Scotty Kilmer recommends putting some adhesive on the inside so the gasket doesn't slip out and bend when installing.

  38. MarioDIY


    11 months ago

    I'm enjoying this series. I'm happy for you getting it running better than it was. Any updates on the timing belt kit? Many had comments/concerns that the kit was counterfeit. Maybe the topic can be a great video series. Thanks!

  39. Eli Scofield

    Eli Scofield

    11 months ago

    Feels good to watch one of these videos when I actually need it. Love watching these anyway

  40. JERRY P


    Year ago

    Dude...No offense, but you gotta eat your veggies. You're rapidly aging.

  41. ToyotaMan1985


    Year ago

    Hey, the way I’ve always done these is to slowly work them around the lip there instead of pounding them on to there. Tilt them around the lip to “work” them on there. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

  42. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson

    Year ago

    I was told that fixing a valve issue is pointless

  43. GOAT Master

    GOAT Master

    Year ago

    I don't like the VC gaskets because I have to pay attention to how I put them in... you could have hand pressed the bolt gaskets. Not one of your best videos.

  44. Dov Sellem

    Dov Sellem

    Year ago

    Real nice camera work. Really validates the workmanship and expertise. Thank you

  45. Brandon Minton

    Brandon Minton

    Year ago

    I just did this to my Acura, and I could not have done it with out this video. Thank you thank you!

  46. alan rodriguez

    alan rodriguez

    Year ago

    Hello the car guy I would like to know if you could help me with my problem I have a 2008 honda accord v6 3.5 j series In this link you can see the Sound it makes and I can't find the fault. I will be very grateful greetings from Lima Peru

  47. Brian Will

    Brian Will

    Year ago

    I don’t understand going to all that effort and not using genuine Honda parts. Just sayin’...

  48. Greg V

    Greg V

    Year ago

    So quiet and peaceful in that shop I absolutely love it

    • Thomas Gonzalez

      Thomas Gonzalez

      5 months ago


  49. Doe Life

    Doe Life

    Year ago

    Hey there Eric just a suggestion for non mechanics Which I am. You should tell them the size of the sockets & rachets you're using. & also the things 'Solutions' you used to clean the engine bay & intake manifold!!. Love your channel bud!!

  50. Pedro Gadea

    Pedro Gadea

    Year ago

    Not sure it is very important but the torque spec on the covers themselves is 8.7~9 ft.lbs..and the sequence is different IIRC. Great video, as always, keep up the good work

  51. Brandon Brunkow

    Brandon Brunkow

    Year ago

    I just did this service and had really bad leaks after. I pulled it all apart again, and the tube gaskets 4/6 of them were broken. The seal was leaking as well. I'm really not sure what I did wrong... Anyone know how to help me do it right this time?

  52. Mike R.

    Mike R.

    Year ago

    Hi Eric... thanks for this and all your videos. Really the best on the internet. I bought a 2007 Accord EX V6 with a possible head gasket failure. I'd love to see a complete J series rebuild video from start to finish: engine removal using a crane to all necessary seal replacements to re-installation. I'd pay for that video. Thank you.

  53. Victor Raphel

    Victor Raphel

    Year ago

    Again, glad you are back. Videos are easy to watch and very helpful.

  54. Mr wick

    Mr wick

    Year ago

    Bruh give thise guy a medal

  55. Daniel Johnston

    Daniel Johnston

    Year ago

    Hey Eric, I have a 2005 Honda Accord with the J series V6. Found a leak under the transmission, and traced it back to the filter housing, replacing that has fixed that problem. However, the leaks continue despite the trans fluid now remaining at a constant level. After looking at this secondary leak, I realized it's definitely oil, which explains why it was hard to tell what the leak was to begin with. I noticed when cleaning the engine bay months ago that the exhaust manifold on the front of the engine was sludged a bit, but disregarded it because I hadn't found the leak yet. Is it common to see the valve cover gaskets on these engines leaking? Great video. Thanks!

  56. 2GR Victor

    2GR Victor

    Year ago

    What happens if you over torque the bolts?

  57. George Le

    George Le

    Year ago

    Thanks Eric that is very good sharing video .. thanks a buns

  58. J Sun

    J Sun

    Year ago

    Anybody know if he ends up using gasket maker in conjunction with a new gasket replacement?

  59. tzant


    Year ago

    hey!! start that engine :)))

  60. ypree Gaming

    ypree Gaming

    Year ago

    great video, QUESTION; the oil pan being wet is the actual cause of a "valve cover gasket" need to be replace?

  61. Brandon Y

    Brandon Y

    Year ago

    Thanks Eric, another great video, fixing to tackle this job myself.

  62. Billy Tiphareth

    Billy Tiphareth

    Year ago

    Hi Eric, thank you for sharing this video. It's very straight forward and detailed. I have a question, if you or anyone else who is familiar with the J35 engines. Is this service exactly the same for my TL? If so, I'm definitely going to be doing this DIY very soon.

  63. Anthony Giordano

    Anthony Giordano

    Year ago

    Great job pal . Do you have or can you make a video on front wheel bearing replacement please. Thanks

  64. Elohmn


    Year ago

    I have a problem with the valve covers of my 99 accord. Mine dont look like that inside at the spark plug tubes. Mine is not just a simple machined circle but it has a 2nd step & a thin lip & a very shallow trench that blocks any seal from fitting in. I have both an aftermarket & oem set for the seals & neither fit like any video shown. I've watched practically every video in regards & all of the vavle covers look different from mine. Was there something odd man out on the 99 j30?!

    • Elohmn


      Year ago

      Never mind. I actually cleaned it down to the steel ring inside the old gasket. Yep that was my mystery ring structure thing in my valve cover. Problem solved

  65. Derek Delfrate

    Derek Delfrate

    Year ago

    Enjoying this series. I have an 08 Tl type s and this is very helpful, couldn’t find many other vids that went into depth this far. Thanks for everything!

  66. o carrillo

    o carrillo

    Year ago

    Hello, nice video On my 2008 odyssey 3.5L, 117K miles, I removed the valves cover to adjust the valves. But I shock to see one head so dirty and the other one (rear) nice and clean, WHY?????? Please help me, if need to remove head, bad oil lubrication?? I changed the oil every 3-4K, since 23K. HELP,,, PLEASE

  67. TheShangralaaaa17


    Year ago

    10mm coilpack bolts???? They're allen head bolts

  68. Ty MacWalters

    Ty MacWalters

    Year ago

    Eric, separate the metal portion from the gasket portion on to install the valve cover bolt easier. You can then just put it on like a tire.

  69. trundlepuf Pendants

    trundlepuf Pendants

    Year ago

    would have looked so 🔥 if you painted the IM and VCs

  70. Nazarettos


    Year ago

    It's like watching porn wow so adicting.

  71. Barton Durbin

    Barton Durbin

    Year ago

    Eric, you are the man. I love the J series engines. The automatic transmissions leave a lot to be desired but if you can find a manual J series TL or Accord, they are simply awesome. Quick enough, easy to work on, sound good.

  72. Joe Lopez

    Joe Lopez

    Year ago

    My oil pan is covered in oil, a lot of people are saying i should start with replacing these gaskets.....

    • Alexander Cahoulan

      Alexander Cahoulan

      8 months ago

      hey man if you havent already heard this, after 11 months lol, its most likely the v-tec solenoid housing gasket. Or also called oil filter housing gasket. Look it up. I have SAME leak and I did new valve covers and grommets and spark plug seals. still there. So its either oil pump leak, which is a total biatch to fix or oil filter/vtec solenoid housing gasket. There's videos on it. But make sure you search j-series.

  73. Alfredo Valero

    Alfredo Valero

    Year ago

    Eric I have a 2006 acura tl it started with my gas cap letting air in then afterwards I cleaned the cap and now I'm having an issue with a misfire and I also changed the sparkplug and coils and still having a misfire on 4,5,6, what can it be. One issue I saw with the gasket was on spark plug one the tube seal is leaking a little ,but can that effect the misfire?

  74. Cesar Hernandez

    Cesar Hernandez

    Year ago

    Word of advised use OEM parts all the time

  75. bigwavedave25


    Year ago

    Thank you very much for this series!! So informative and helpful. "I advise you get extras..." 💪💪

  76. Josh Miguel

    Josh Miguel

    Year ago

    Honestly Eric, you're a DELIGHT! I truly enjoy your videos, your humility and the fact that you don't B.S us, no-frills, no gimmicks, cut and dry straight to the point! I will be supporting your patreon as you entirely deserve it! A true heart warm thank you for your service!

  77. Joey Robertson

    Joey Robertson

    Year ago

    I tried going to your website to ask this question but it will not let me register but it says I am already registered? Anyway months back I ask you a question about an 02 sensor. Well I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 V8. I know this is the wrong spot to ask questions but I tried the right spot not working. So I got the truck from a guy who was unfortunately driving it in 2nd gear because he is stupid. , so I got the truck ended up getting a new transmission because no reverse and of course 2nd gear because of stupid guy. Now I can drive and it tells me I have miss fire. Fixed the miss fire. Then OB2 tells me my cat is bad (conversation we had) so after trying to clean it and other shit that failed useless I just ordered another exhaust from rock n auto. Brand-new aftermarket but looks identical to old exhaust. After drive cycle it flips the same code but different sensor so again I said fuck it and bought all 4 sensor premium brand Bosh. Now all that's left since we talked 3 months ago is freaking bank 2 sensor 1. It tells me slow response or insufficient switching. Do you think because I bought an after market exhaust it is confused or some shit? I need to get my tags already have 2 tickets. My only truck. Where or what test would you do in this situation? Thanks, Eric look forward on hearing from you Cheers!

  78. Sakis c

    Sakis c

    Year ago

    Hello Eric, are you happy with the Felpro gaskets? I am about to di the valve covers (both leak V8 Tundra) on my car and i was wondering if I should go with OEM or aftermarket.

  79. Tu Tran

    Tu Tran

    Year ago

    I miss my 05 TL, really like the power and handling. The style never get old and good MPG. Wish you have series about the RL (05-08), that would be awesome.

    • trundlepuf Pendants

      trundlepuf Pendants

      Year ago

      bags and wheels soooo nice on an RL

  80. WarHawk Gaming

    WarHawk Gaming

    Year ago

    What is the difference between the 3.5 type s engine and 3.2?

    • trundlepuf Pendants

      trundlepuf Pendants

      Year ago

      displacement- bigger intake and diff exhaust also about 12-15hp

  81. Dan Elmer

    Dan Elmer

    Year ago

    Hey Eric is there an easy way to make a one time donation to you? You wouldn't believe how much you've helped me over the years, I want to make a donation but am having trouble finding a place and don't really understand how patreon works. Thanks!

    • Pharaoh Acura

      Pharaoh Acura

      Year ago

      Dan Elmer same here

  82. sanecrazy1too


    Year ago

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  83. cius esnal

    cius esnal

    Year ago

    Please can I now the muffler is clogged or stuck?

  84. J. M.

    J. M.

    Year ago

    Eric is a little rusty. It seemed like he never replaced Honda valve cover gaskets before. The valve cover grommets are really easy to be pressed in by hand with a proper sized socket. Also, the spark plug seal should be installed with a big socket or specialized too. Well, Eric used a big hammer, not a "professional".

  85. Tyler Don Dada

    Tyler Don Dada

    Year ago

    Is there a way to contact you in regards to questions I have?

  86. Mike Kilian

    Mike Kilian

    Year ago

    Eric, I really like your videos. I understand now why it costs more now to get you car worked on. I don't like it but I sure understand seeing all the work you do for example on the valve cover gasket. Working on my 63 Dodge back in the day, replacing a valve cover gasket took about 10 minutes! I like watching your videos for the newer cars and I have a few channels that I watch for the older (and easier to work on) cars. Thank you for your effort in putting out these videos.

  87. Mauricio De Stefano

    Mauricio De Stefano

    Year ago

    I need to replaced my power steering pump for a 2008 Honda CR-V . The original part cost $670 . Aftermarket cost between $100 and $250 . What do you recommend ?

  88. pntdblack


    Year ago

    Hey Eric what do you know about Honda dilution problem with the 1.5 turbo engine? Is it only on certain years and models? Does the problem still exist in the 2020 civics?

  89. Cupitor Veritatis

    Cupitor Veritatis

    Year ago

    Just out of curiosity...which other Honda\Acura cars do you also like as used car projects/daily drivers? Like I heard the MDX is pretty solid and that the 6 cylinder RDX is prettt good too...thoughts?

  90. Bob Reikowski

    Bob Reikowski

    Year ago

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  91. Astral Auto Repairs

    Astral Auto Repairs

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  92. drigotechbras


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    Ian Cady

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      David Hedeen

      9 months ago

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  96. Pecan pie

    Pecan pie

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    What would be a good or best Axel Gear Oil 75-90w to use on a Nissan Rogue 2015 Awd? I never owned An 4 wheel drive. First oil change Thanks in Advance. An it was my birthday

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    Big Dog50001 Automotive

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  98. DLz Chaos

    DLz Chaos

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    I’m watching this video and I’m thinking of work because at Honda we have trouble with our v6 engines with VCM so we have to replace the pistons rings on cylinders 1-3 (sometimes 4) so when we lift the head on the block we have to lean all the way over into the engine bay on the pilots and odyssey’s just to get it out but the harness is always in the way and the head is pretty heavy so doing that on the pilots where the engine sits low in the engine bay is super annoying. I’m rambling though lol

  99. Drew Beats

    Drew Beats

    Year ago

    I like your Milwaukee's 👌

  100. Ted Bonbrake

    Ted Bonbrake

    Year ago

    I put a spacer onto a bolt and chucked it up in my drill press, then using a file I tapered the spacer so I had a cone the sized of the valve cover bolt. Using a 14mm socket, a hammer and some silicone spray, the seal will drop right on with no damage. I know it might take a while to make the cone, but I have had the same one tor 15 years and it has saved me hours and hours of time. Also, I find that NOT replacing the seals leads to leaks because the new seals are thicker than the collapsed old seals thus they apply more pressure to the valve cover gasket itself.