Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R NISMO review with 0-60mph, 1/4-mile + brake test!

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How’s this for a Japanese supercar showdown?! Nissan GT-R NISMO vs Honda NSX!

Mat’s brought two of Japan’s most famous super car exports together to put them through their paces to find out which is the #1 must have in 2021!

So how do they stack up on paper? Well starting with the Nissan GT-R NISMO, it’s powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 which will produce an awesome 600hp & 650Nm of torque. If you're in the market for one, you'd better get prepared to take a BIG hit on your wallet though, with the price starting at £180,000!

So how does the NSX compare? Well this hybrid Honda is powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 along with a total of three electric motors, and as a result it can produce 581hp & 645Nm. So the performance is pretty similar to the GT-R… And so is the price! Although the NSX starts at £150,000, the upgraded edition we have here will set you back £180,000!

Will Mat be able to pick a winner? Does Godzilla have what it takes against the hybrid NSX?! You’ll have to join him for this group test review to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:35 Price
01:40 Exterior Design
04:11 Chassis
05:38 Twisty Road Driving - Nissan GT-R
06:51 Twisty Road Driving - Honda NSX
07:57 Brakes
09:43 Interiors
11:47 Engines
12:35 0-60mph
15:05 Practicality
15:41 Daily Driving - Nissan GT-R
16:54 Daily Driving - Honda NSX
17:58 Verdict

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  1. carwow


    2 months ago

    So which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

    • Md. Rasel

      Md. Rasel

      4 days ago


    • yocaha1


      9 days ago


    • Xo12B


      13 days ago

      honda any day

    • Robert DeMartino

      Robert DeMartino

      14 days ago

      The NSX all the way without"?" (Especially for the price range and considering the old NSX used to be half the price it is now) Besides Porsche I've always loved the NSX and they just made it even sexier looking and way more powerful so it's not even a question especially for the price and actually both the exterior and interior are way nicer looking on the Acura speaking of which why were you calling it Honda NSX {and it has the H emblems on it...why?) Yes I know Honda makes Acura but that Acura and Bloom and begging looks so much nicer and it just even sounds nicer saying it but on the car and the rims always has to have the Acura symbol, just like my first car was the beast of a family sports sedan and the last of the all around best Acura models was my 2001 TL TYPE-S pretty much ever until the 2022 models they finally stepped their game up with the remodeling of the TLX along with the trucks but even though they got nicer looking lnone of them compare in comfort and interior space including the last of the BOSE surround sound though I was very glad to see they still have it in the NSX {also in the discontinued RLX} at the same time makes me wonder why they took it away from every other Acura which was one of their biggest mistakes...

    • Saifuddin Udin

      Saifuddin Udin

      19 days ago


  2. Yp Singh

    Yp Singh

    4 hours ago

    You need help in your reviews... not accurate and no one buys cars based on your inappropriate rash quirks ... just saying. Drive a few first before talking about them.

  3. rong Yao

    rong Yao

    3 days ago

    I think Honda makes some of the most impressive looking race dial’s

  4. Ling Zhang

    Ling Zhang

    3 days ago

    It's just sad to see how dated the infotainment systems are in these Japanese super cars.

  5. Luiz Eduardo Nascimento

    Luiz Eduardo Nascimento

    4 days ago

    The best of this video wasn’t cars but the lovely sunny day!

  6. Travis Tran

    Travis Tran

    6 days ago

    4:07 sorry, why?



    6 days ago

  8. joe montoya

    joe montoya

    6 days ago

    GTR is exciting!! NSX seems like it's not sure what it is😎

  9. Ben Timmerman

    Ben Timmerman

    6 days ago

    As an American, it looks weird seeing a Honda logo on an NSX instead of an Acura logo. The Acura logo fits the car more in my opinion

  10. onegaisti


    6 days ago

    I still love the GT-Rs but I'd rather have the NSX. The Nissans just haven't changed much since 09 and they're still sports cars. The NSX is way more modern, stylish (imo) and rare

  11. pok3rh3rgood


    6 days ago

    The nsx looks like a r8

  12. Cars VS Cars

    Cars VS Cars

    7 days ago

    🔥🔥Two perfect cars as only the Japanese can do. But the GTR is still number 1 for me

  13. Jonathan Molina

    Jonathan Molina

    8 days ago

    3 years ago you raced this same 2 cars and the NSX did better with 1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds. What happened today?

  14. umer swag

    umer swag

    8 days ago

    Bro these was no fuel in nsx that's why there was a bit of lag

  15. Niloc Whalehands

    Niloc Whalehands

    8 days ago

    The fact that cars are normally doing mid to low threes now, even getting into the twos, is just stupid. Mid to low 4s was insane and in the 3s was godly of 15 years years ago.

  16. yazdan ahmed khan

    yazdan ahmed khan

    10 days ago

    I Love GTR sound, look, and everthing in this car

  17. Morten Berg

    Morten Berg

    11 days ago

    You did NOT make that joke 😳😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. 2slick35


    11 days ago

    This one is a no-brainer for me...GT-R all day!💯💯💯

  19. Stephen Whiteaker

    Stephen Whiteaker

    13 days ago

    A Tesla S Plaid will blow either one of these away.

  20. Brandon Pittman

    Brandon Pittman

    13 days ago

    Are you giving these cars time to build boost before launch?

  21. Cosmos Daniel

    Cosmos Daniel

    13 days ago

    I rather the honda their engine has much more durability than the Nissan.

  22. Jenny D

    Jenny D

    13 days ago

    GTR's are so ugly from the front end. That is 15 other vehicles i see on the road easily.

  23. Disgruntled Coffee Worker

    Disgruntled Coffee Worker

    14 days ago

    Says gtr door is easy to open. Proceeds to say nsx is hard. Doesnt realise both have same door hand hinge mechanic.

  24. Milan Cvetkovic cvele

    Milan Cvetkovic cvele

    14 days ago

    Realistically, Honda is better than Nissan, but in this case it is not better.

  25. Christine Ayres

    Christine Ayres

    15 days ago

    Also Nissan can be much cheaper had , as you can buy one for £35 grand , the NSX is like £80 grand at least

  26. unix player

    unix player

    16 days ago

    Japan is stepping up the game! At the time, the Japanese automaker announced that worldwide production would be capped at just 350 units. And the NSX taken to Laps Suzuka Circuit in Japan 2-seconds faster than the 2021 NSX. The 2022 NSX Type S was first presented with an Acura badge in early August. 2022 Nissan GT-R is a powerful and tenacious-handling sports car that earns its nickname of Godzilla.

  27. Drxzy saey8aam

    Drxzy saey8aam

    17 days ago

    IMO the Honda nsx looks like a Lykan hypersport

  28. Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸

    Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸

    18 days ago

    Love both cars 💯❤️

  29. Htoo Man

    Htoo Man

    18 days ago

    now nsx type s quicker than nismo

  30. jeffrey alvarez

    jeffrey alvarez

    19 days ago

    nsx bec hybrid gtr isnt

  31. azamiruddin


    19 days ago

    I still believe electronic cars has less reliability compared to old school cars.

  32. riccccccardo


    19 days ago

    But the Honda was begging you for petrol Re petrol light? Lol

  33. jkirk1626


    19 days ago

    In America, that Honda is branded Acura.

  34. Jordan Chitwood

    Jordan Chitwood

    20 days ago

    Acura for the win!

  35. Abubakar Abdullahi

    Abubakar Abdullahi

    21 day ago

    There is nothing artificial about that sound,it's real sound no speakers no nothing



    21 day ago

    HONDA NSX? I thought it was Acura NSX.

  37. Paul Stevens

    Paul Stevens

    22 days ago

    NSX any day

  38. tom szir

    tom szir

    22 days ago

    I agree. GT-R wins the test. Always. :D

  39. Bones12x2


    23 days ago

    The R35 was always more analog than people said. That was just a bit of truth that was largely exaggerated by people who had never driven one hard at a track.

  40. Christopher Daniel

    Christopher Daniel

    23 days ago

    The nsx is more of a John wick vs the gtr that's more of a dead pool.....both can kill you but the nsx is never openly challenged especially if you know it's name.

  41. Justin Sadovy

    Justin Sadovy

    23 days ago

    Im from usa why is that nsx a honda and not an acura?

  42. Abishai Sebastian

    Abishai Sebastian

    23 days ago

    Mat your standing next to godzilla

  43. Zacariah Zacki

    Zacariah Zacki

    24 days ago

    The Honda has more Ferrari Lamborghini look and looks much premium than gtr . The Gtr is like pimped up Celica .

  44. Олександр Бутенко

    Олександр Бутенко

    25 days ago

    Honda is expensive accessory, GTR IS LEGEND))

  45. Keep It Mashed

    Keep It Mashed

    25 days ago


  46. G M

    G M

    26 days ago

    Probably the NSX, they look absolutely sick in gloss black ;) If you were hacking around on rough tracks, farm areas, or anything but high-quality roads the GTR would have to be the one.

  47. iminsleepyjoesbasement


    26 days ago

    4:05 matt says as the gtr nismo holds up fist sticks fist in car's exhaust pipe takes it out makes the funniest face and says sry just had me 💀

    • B. Saulius

      B. Saulius

      17 days ago

      but inside is 3 fingers pipe... so...

  48. iminsleepyjoesbasement


    26 days ago

    can we appreciate how funny matt is and how entertaining me makes things such as the exhaust pipes on 4:00 had me dead🤣😂💀

  49. LurkerDood


    29 days ago

    You need to test The NSX Type S vs the Nismo 😁🤗

  50. Чеширский Кот

    Чеширский Кот

    29 days ago

    Type S?

  51. Barrinton Townsend

    Barrinton Townsend

    29 days ago

    I love this video and Nissan gtr

  52. Enzo Defran

    Enzo Defran

    29 days ago

    If the gtr r35 is called godzilla, then the r36 is probably going to be called nuclear godzilla and the r37 is going to be called godzilla earth

  53. Big Injun

    Big Injun

    29 days ago

    How many thousands of horsepower have people put in a gtr? Now what's the highest horsepower nsx? I rest my case.

  54. #CRYPTO BOND 007

    #CRYPTO BOND 007

    29 days ago

    Gtr is a boring car, can't take corners, it's a full on boat with the biggest brake pedal your find in a sports car. The throttle input is slow and laid back it's Built for straight line speed and is looking old and dated now. Nsx for the win all day, until nissan produce another skyline design.

  55. Prabhath SR

    Prabhath SR

    Month ago

    This dude has interesting connection with cars, dude trynna fist the gtr 🤣

  56. Colin Blades-Thomas

    Colin Blades-Thomas

    Month ago

    I just love uncle Matt

  57. robby w

    robby w

    Month ago

    Next make nsx vs gtr vs supra vs lexus lc500 vs infiniti Q60 red sport 400

  58. MI naqashbandi

    MI naqashbandi

    Month ago

    Shape of GT-R ✓

  59. MI naqashbandi

    MI naqashbandi

    Month ago

    Why you spent 19 minutes It was the 3 minutes job

  60. Irfan Dani

    Irfan Dani

    Month ago

    Im kind of person that like something with analog and minimalist.definately gtr

  61. Anil Singh

    Anil Singh

    Month ago

    Who thinks Godzilla is taking this one for the win

  62. biser ivanov

    biser ivanov

    Month ago

    NSX it's most beautiful sports car!!!

  63. Zayd Shaikh

    Zayd Shaikh

    Month ago

    In his video of drag race b/w Gtr and NSX he did a 1/4 mile in 10.8 sec in NSX

  64. Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq

    Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq

    Month ago

    Acura NSX???

  65. JMbytes 07

    JMbytes 07

    Month ago

    Guys I think it really 11.something on gtr I've watched many gtr races it's really just 11.9secs Below on quarter mile

  66. Home Theater System Blog

    Home Theater System Blog

    Month ago

    I have driven both Nissan Sentra and the Honda Civic. civic is miles better.

  67. Home Theater System Blog

    Home Theater System Blog

    Month ago

    Honda quality is much better than Nissan including their family sedans.

  68. Mobile Disco Wirral

    Mobile Disco Wirral

    Month ago

    NSX all day

  69. Trevor Sakala

    Trevor Sakala

    Month ago

    The gtr all day everyday bby❤️

  70. Atharva Pallikulam

    Atharva Pallikulam

    Month ago

    I remember it as Acura NSX 😂 ik both are the same tho.....

  71. Dwerp pie

    Dwerp pie

    Month ago

    imagine buying a tesla thats faster cheaper and comes with 2 extra seats

  72. Pruthi Pritam

    Pruthi Pritam

    Month ago

    Mat Watson and his bullshit bias.

  73. Tommy Alyf

    Tommy Alyf

    Month ago

    Nissan GTR King of the king sport japan.

  74. DrBeastage


    Month ago

    Android Auto, Apple Carplay? hello Honda and Nissan? also NSX canceled :(

  75. Forgiver SB

    Forgiver SB

    Month ago

    Would take the nsx

  76. Draven 2k

    Draven 2k

    Month ago

    gtr is my dream car but ill happily have either.

  77. Mickey Bauer

    Mickey Bauer

    Month ago

    Nissan looks like a regular car with a supercar performance while NSX is a proper supercar and one of the most beautiful cars in existence. I no longer have to be the fastest kid between two traffic lights so i’ll pick NSX for it’s beauty and refinement (even though i’m a big fan of Godzilla)

  78. Khames Alkhteeb

    Khames Alkhteeb

    Month ago

    GTR 💪🔥🔥💪💪♥️❤️⚡⚡⚡✈️✈️✈️ جودزيلا وبس

  79. Simmo


    Month ago

    Not really a fan of either but ill take the Honda all day long, for one main reason, dickhead GTR fans!

  80. Misiek Shego

    Misiek Shego

    Month ago

    Bro ho will pay for a Nissan almost $200,000 🤦🏻🤦🏻

  81. erwin ellis

    erwin ellis

    Month ago

    When the GTR was launched in mid 2000's, they say it is a playstation on wheel, and nissan didn't just built a new car, they built a new yard stick. Does this description ring a bell?

  82. Yon Yon

    Yon Yon

    Month ago

    Godzilla ~ wins

  83. TwoWheelWarrior


    Month ago

    Way to go buddy!

  84. bloodrune329


    Month ago

    I love that I heard a noise in the NSX that I’m very familiar with in my 2013 accord

  85. Mr. 2cents.

    Mr. 2cents.

    Month ago

    The NSX. No question.

  86. LuciTulcea


    Month ago

    Hey Matt! You need some spectacles mate! The GTR looks rudimentary compared to the NSX.

  87. A.M


    Month ago

    You should switch off the ESC when do time attacks and launch. The car slowing down because if ESC.

  88. Peter P

    Peter P

    Month ago

    Tesla PLAID !!

  89. Nick Kaluse

    Nick Kaluse

    Month ago

    anyone knows what the gadget he is using to calculate the 0-60

  90. fun fun yo

    fun fun yo

    Month ago

    GTR vs a base nsx THE NSX WINS IN ANY DRAG Wait for the type r/s nsx vs Gtr nismo

  91. John Fern

    John Fern

    Month ago

    The Honda won more than the gtr but this guys could get paid to talk good about cars 🙄

  92. Frank RenewablesCheap

    Frank RenewablesCheap

    Month ago

    The Plaid Model S is much faster, and cheaper.

  93. Orhan TOPAÇ

    Orhan TOPAÇ

    Month ago

    Personally ı didn't like you molesting the cars... But never mind :D You seem ashamed enough

  94. marky quindoza

    marky quindoza

    Month ago

    I love the nsx, the design and everything, just a bit disappointing at launch and people don't really like it as much as a gtr but i still love it

  95. HighOctane


    Month ago

    lets be honest people who buy GTR Nismo would likely to put their car sitting in the garage rather than driving it on the road.

  96. Steven R.

    Steven R.

    Month ago

    The NSX is superb; however, Honda over engineered the car to show case the future, and that is very strange for Honda to do. They should of made a non-hybrid V6, in keeping with the original recipe of the 90s legendary NSX and introduced the Hybrid NSX as the top tier model (like the ZR1).

  97. islandon22


    Month ago

    I'll bet the Honda will last a lot longer.

  98. Gheorghe Irinel Gulai

    Gheorghe Irinel Gulai

    Month ago

    NSX 999

  99. TheJoeMB


    Month ago

    Then Honda says they are stopping production of the NSX.

  100. BlueRice


    Month ago

    The NSX, i believe its actually 500hp. i remember reading it said the nsx engine produce 500hp added electric motor combine north of 573hp. electric motor aid most only toque fill and less on acceleration. at certain speed and rpm the electric motor is turn off and act mostly regen and corner handling. that mean the rest of the power come straight from the engine which is only at 500hp. GTR you caught full power straight from the engine from low speed to high speed. in a sense, its has better power delivery at higher speed. slightly better acceleration on mid to high than that of nsx. but if they tune the nsx to used electric motor more often at higher speed that be tricky and hard since you need space for regen. it can be very good for track race. but then it will throw off 573hp mark since now you used more electric motor than before.