How Much Did My $200 Acura TL Actually Cost?

In this video I summarize the work that I did to my $200 Acura TL to make it roadworthy. I also share how much those repairs cost. You might be surprised by the result.

This is Episode 10 in the Acura TL Series.

Episode 9:

This video concludes the 2008 Acura TL series .

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  1. Lcorcoran


    20 days ago

    My 04 Acura TSX has 263k on it just passed California smog last week.

  2. highrzr


    21 day ago

    No car payments are so liberating. We've been conditioned to think a continual car payment is normal which it is not. Like the old saying goes, "there's a sucker born every minute". If the vehicle you have is in good running condition, keep it as long as you can no matter what it looks like. The new vehicles are not built to last.

  3. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    Month ago

    4:58 the 04 to 06 models had the replaceable transmission filter that transmission is Also the famous transmission that never failed to fail it was a Carry over from the 99-03 TL and Odyssey. For 07-08 Honda throughout that abomination of a transmission and threw in the Acura RL's automatic transmission That's why it doesn't have a filter and that's why it takes a few more quarts of fluid because it's a physically bigger and more robust transmission That's why they're a little bit different

  4. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez

    Month ago

    Hey Eric do you possibly know how to program new TPMS sensors on this model of Acura??

  5. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Tyrone Shoelaces

    Month ago

    I don't know how old this video is so maybe you know this yourself now but, I own a 2008 Acura TL, and the tighten the fuel cap is a faulty sensor that can be replaced in 5 minutes but it costs about 90 dollars, and then it will just pop again, just like the hands-free Bluetooth unit above the rearview mirror. Those two units are so faulty that Acura website groups wanted to get together and file a class-action lawsuit so we all could get working units, but there wasn't enough of us. Also just like everybody would happen, my transmission died one month after the dealership replaced the transmission fluid and filter.. If you like music, download DTS music files and then burn them onto CD's using NERO and you will have amazing 5.1 surround sound in your car. It's amazing how the voice comes out of that big center speaker, the bass in the subwoofer, the guitar in the front left speaker, etc, you get my point. If you aren't into burning CD's because there is a bit to it, you have to have a .cue file of it won't work.... .wav files won't be 5.1, you will know you did it right if you try to play the CD in a regular unit and it's just hissing. Google 5.1 DTS CD for sale and you will find a site that will sell you CD's for 14 bucks a pop.

  6. Toyota Nerd !!!!

    Toyota Nerd !!!!

    Month ago

    These are really good cars. Only downside is to wide and low. Easy to scrape a curb. And easy to bottom out. I had a 6 speed it was fun to drive luxurious good on gas and incredibley reliable

  7. Brad


    2 months ago

    One of the big problems with paying to have work done is that a lot of places bill you for the hours by the book, not how long it actually takes. For example, the Toyota dealer I used to work for billed the customer 8 hours for resealing a timing cover on a Prius. But the job only took most guys about 4 hours. Just the timing belt on this car would cost about $1200 were I worked.

  8. jteddy11


    3 months ago

    Mine just clicked over to 101, 000 miles, did the timing belt, water pump and replaced motor mounts (the back motor mount is a Pain). Tip I would say for home gamers is take off the belly pan, I would have lost so many sockets, nuts and bolts, most fell thru to the ground, only lost one nut lol. Also check the belt before putting on, had an OEM Honda belt that had a defect, crack in it, that would have sucked if I did not catch it, but I did not catch it until I had it almost all buttoned up and had to redo the hole thing.

  9. Kartunes


    3 months ago

    Great video! I love my 2008 TL too. The 5.1 ELS sound system still sounds amazing. Try it with the correct DVD-A.

  10. Foster Farms Ok

    Foster Farms Ok

    3 months ago

    with the price of used and new cars I see no problem spending money making an older car brand new.

  11. A J

    A J

    3 months ago

    Where do you find a $200 car? Especially a TL. Those are cool cars

  12. Hayque Porter

    Hayque Porter

    3 months ago

    Worth every cent😎😎

  13. Jax Fl

    Jax Fl

    4 months ago

    I have had my Acura TL 06 14 years now. I love the way it drives. The issues I have had was the parasitic drain due HFL, Battery kept dying. Oil leaks that were from engine oil pan. 2 Cracked dashboard and replaced one. Except for a few minor things I plan on keeping the car. Just some very minor paint chipping and dings.

  14. Israel Cortez

    Israel Cortez

    4 months ago

    love your videos Eric.. I watch them all the time i own a 09 accord V6.

  15. Quality guy

    Quality guy

    4 months ago

    Eric. My hands free link stopped woking on my TL. Cost to replace is around 800$ (Cdn). Simply added an Alexa echo for 40$ and I can access music an make phone call hands free! Also have someone to bug with questions while driving alone!!

  16. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    4 months ago

    I have the same problem with my car for that gas cap light The root of the problem for the Tighten gas cap light It's actually the Purge evap canister valve on the intake manifold near the throttle body That goes bad And it causes that warning message to come on It's a denso unit I see a lot of folks on forms say when scavenging junk yards Get one that is made in Japan because that solves the problem If it's made in Mexico don't touch it with a 10-ft pole The Mexican made ones were complete junk and caused the warning lights according to forms

  17. Tpz 76

    Tpz 76

    4 months ago

    I have an 08 TL-S with 125k and most pertinent services would be timing belt/water pump ($1000.00), and the front compliance bushings which are serviceable... but would be better to replace the entire control arm, however, OEM lower arms for the 08 Type-S run about $420.00 per side. While the few aftermarket options available are in the $90.00 range, there is something to be said about Honda/Acura vehicles not agreeing with aftermarket parts, and the front lower control arms are not something I would "cheap" out on.

  18. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    4 months ago

    You should do a video on the loose gas cap problem because that is actually a very very common issue with these vehicles I hear it's the purge valve I've actually been experiencing That issue on my 07 TL Type S

  19. Angel HC

    Angel HC

    5 months ago

    I bought an '07 recently for $4500, the main difference being the condition of the exterior. The seats are all torn which is something I will probably address at a later time when I have some extra cash and willingness. Pretty damn good car for the money. It's a pretty comfortable daily and drives really well and has an engine that pulls strongly. The one thing that really dates this car is the 5 speed auto. I bought new tires for it, replaced the front control arms, and recently upgraded the head unit to a double din so I could have Android Auto and add a backup camera(base model).

  20. SickAsFck Felix

    SickAsFck Felix

    6 months ago

    Gas light..evap purge valve..

  21. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi

    6 months ago

    How is that dashboard not cracked

  22. Giuseppe Mirasola

    Giuseppe Mirasola

    6 months ago

    Hi Eric, big fan thanks for sharing your knowledge. Quick question, I have a 2005 RL and I’m trying to find out if this car has a transmission fluid filter that should be replaced (current mileage is at approximately 90 k). The owner manual recommends transmission fluid change but silent on the filter, any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  23. Edgarcast11


    7 months ago

    Dude I remember your old videos and taught me a lot on my first car (Honda civic) back in the early 2010s and now I got an acura tl same model and color lol glad I reconnected to your channel again

  24. Josh Spidle

    Josh Spidle

    7 months ago

    My tl was smashed to shit and still got stolen i wouldn't be so sure that car is safe

  25. michael purdum

    michael purdum

    7 months ago

    I just bought an 07 and she is clean! new timing belt, power steering pump new Michelins. I am second owner and have all service records etc Inspected for $4200.00. awesome car!

  26. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    7 months ago

    Adding an apple carplay/Android Autp Pioneer or Sony head unit to one of These things is a godsent pretty much brings it up to date with modern cars

  27. NightHawk J30

    NightHawk J30

    8 months ago

    I use Sirus XM satellite Radio in my 04 Accord EXV6 Sedan. Its from the factory that way as well. And Aux it has as well

  28. Don Clemons

    Don Clemons

    8 months ago

    Love the little smile at 4:38. I had the same reaction when I test drove my 2008 type s when the vtech kick in. (yo)

  29. DAD TYPE 2

    DAD TYPE 2

    9 months ago

    I remember the commercials for this car that was on tv and it was at the time a tech wonder magical car, (maybe to just me) lol. But yes good video it is a matter of weighing the balance of good bargain against money pit unhappy. Or more work and trouble than it's worth. Absolutely much better to do the work yourself if you can or if you have money to burn. But I did something similar on my truck with 4x4, talked the seller (private owner) down from 2,300 to 1,500 as I pointed out many things that needed repair which all were true. Then I did all the repairs myself spending about 600 bucks under so for me this was a good deal. That was about 5 years ago and the truck still runs great. Thanks for the video Eric!

  30. Patrick Carrillo

    Patrick Carrillo

    9 months ago

    The Acura vigor That is a god-awful name It's pretty obvious why

  31. Vince Wilkes

    Vince Wilkes

    9 months ago

    If your TL doesn't give you a loose gas cap warning, then you lied about having a TL.

    • shx29


      9 months ago

      True lol

  32. Aj W

    Aj W

    9 months ago

    I love these cars. Im in NC. I see an 08 TL online at a dealership in KY for $8,999 with 90k miles. The pictures look great. Would you suggest this as a good deal for a sight unseen purchase?

  33. Joseph Patricio

    Joseph Patricio

    10 months ago

    Like you I too had a 93 Vigor with the 5 cylinder. Great car, I kept until it started having transmission problems at 320,000 kms.

  34. Jamal Fakih

    Jamal Fakih

    10 months ago

    Might as well replace the driver door card and find new front seats.

  35. lldankll


    10 months ago

    As someone who doesn't have time, space, or tools to work on cars (especially something as time consuming as this), you gotta pay the price but you don't need to pay dealer price. Was in the market for months looking for something to replace my current daily. Almost got gyped on a Lexus (nearly $14k to get an IS250 sorted with 77k and a rusted sub frame). Finally a good condition TL popped up. If you can get something relatively clean and a good mechanic, you can also get a lot of this stuff done and at a good price if you walk in with the right expectations. Bought a TL (In indy) for 5k (Florida car, in indy, 120k miles), needed some maintenance done (close to what was done in the video) and $1.5k she's golden. I put a good buffer (almost double, that's what something in very good condition runs about, a little under). Still no payment, and something that's gonna last me the next 100k minimum.

  36. Jesus Rojas

    Jesus Rojas

    10 months ago

    1. I’ve heard that on Acuras and Hondas, you have to take off the transmission in order to access the filter. And the only way for the seat memory to work is if you have the stock keyless fob. Pick one up on eBay and program it and you should be fine

  37. Andres Chinea

    Andres Chinea

    11 months ago

    Well I'm trading my 17 civic to get a 05 TL manual. The civic has 35k mike's and j hate the clutch and shifter. The TL has 187k. Feels like a dream.

  38. Randall Guitar

    Randall Guitar

    11 months ago

    This is why well maintained 2005 - 2010 Acuras command fairly high used sales prices especially if they are cosmetically good as well.

    • Jax Fl

      Jax Fl

      4 months ago

      I have had people ask me if I was selling mine 2006 TL 147K. I have all maintenance records. I am getting it detailed soon. Its a keeper.

  39. Dietz 18

    Dietz 18

    11 months ago

    Loose gap cap is most likely a faulty fuel evap canister purge valve. Theres a write up about it.

  40. Harinder Singh

    Harinder Singh

    11 months ago

    Hi Eric, instead of Handsfree link I am using this Mpow wireless receiver and the wire you can hide under that silver trim and it is very good for phone calls and music.

  41. Dylan John

    Dylan John

    Year ago

    Where’d you buy the seat cover from?

  42. Sweeperspelar


    Year ago

    You should just sand it down and primer the bare metall areas and roll raptor liner on the outside. Its hard and durable paint :) Doesnt cost much

  43. Slayer-33


    Year ago

    I have an 07 Type S, looooove the vehicle.

  44. Lord Humongus

    Lord Humongus

    Year ago

    I got a 05 TL I bought off the Dealer in 05 I have never had any issues I have 110k miles on it. I have a few paint small paint chips. I replaced the the brake pads once. I think TL's are worth more then 5K to get for 200 plus 2300 in parts is a steal. Most reliable Cars on the road in my opinion.

  45. Practice and Repeat

    Practice and Repeat

    Year ago

    I have a 2004 Acura TL with 171k miles. Bought it in 2005 with 12k miles for 25,000. Hopefully I can get a couple of extra more years out of it. I used Mobil 1 full synthetic oil and replaced it every 4k miles. Change out the transmission fluid every 60k miles.

  46. mike73ng


    Year ago

    You quote 10-12 hours labor but I wonder if that’s book rates. Also, around here (Seattle) labor is more like $150-175/hr.

  47. Jim Wong

    Jim Wong

    Year ago

    Not feasible to dump $3,000 parts into this crappy car? Why $700 for snow tires.

  48. MrDave 777

    MrDave 777

    Year ago

    Eric, you are a gentlemen and scholar. I have an 06 TL so these videos are gold!

  49. Anthony Ng

    Anthony Ng

    Year ago

    My TL has 235K miles and run like a new car.

  50. Big Sam

    Big Sam

    Year ago

    Nice video, had same issue with my v6 accord about gas and dab alil grease around the trim and it fixed it since my gas cap was replaced

  51. javier morillo

    javier morillo

    Year ago

    in minute 2:33 the rims wath number is the diameter ?? HELP PLEASEE

  52. AleX V.

    AleX V.

    Year ago

    Is that a foxbody in the back?

  53. Pedro Lopez

    Pedro Lopez

    Year ago

    what’s the difference between a base model tl,and a type s?because i’ve had both and i honestly can’t tell much of a difference..if anything i liked my 05 base model more than my 07 TL-S

  54. hondatrix


    Year ago

    Should have a round little filter in it...

  55. Carrie Watkins

    Carrie Watkins

    Year ago

    Eric I don’t care what anybody says you are the best ACURAr there is. You put out helpful content for us fools that drive the older cars and want to keep them going. I myself have a 1999 TL and I find it very fun to drive. It has most of the original 225 horse still going strong. It looks like shit but drives like a fine piece of machinery. Thank you for what you do. Thank you much.

  56. Chris Orozco

    Chris Orozco

    Year ago

    i am surprised you did not have to do any calipers! pattern failure for that car :( also on the transmission filter part of the video, i can confirm my 06 has the filter in the location you said it was :) lastly, someone looking at older cars should have in mind a used car of say past 10 years should not really be looking at blue book value vs vehicle repairs. that car is no longer going to be profitable, at least not in most cases

  57. Jesse Kohli

    Jesse Kohli

    Year ago

    Do you have any recommendations for led license plate bulbs?



    Year ago

    Eric, love all your videos specially these 2008 Acura TL once. I have the same car same color, I recently got the P0741 Code up on BlueDriver Scan tool. I've been trying to locate the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve to replace, internet has not been much helpful. Would you mind pin pointing where it is please?

  59. jimmyd99


    Year ago

    Do you break even with the ad revenue from the repair videos from the TL?

  60. sexiewasd


    Year ago

    I just bought one of these, same year. I also live in a cold climate. I though you should know that compustar has a remote start for this car with a T-harness so only one wire needs to be spliced at the fuse box. everything else just plugs in using factory connectors.

  61. James Parker

    James Parker

    Year ago

    i just brought one 2006 Acura TL 140k

  62. Jacoby Chavis

    Jacoby Chavis

    Year ago

    Just got a 2008 acura TL base. What is the diameter of the exhaust pipe?



    Year ago

    I love the video Eric thanks for the Post. Would you happen to know if tire shops will keep the road hazard and treadwear warranties when you are two different sets during the year? I have 235/45 all seasons on 18 inch wheels that have warranty, and I'm looking to put 235/50 nokian winter tires on 17 inch wheels. I was only able to find these tires at discount tire so I should probably ask them but I was wondering what your take on that was. since I would only run them during the winter I may just end up having to get them without a warranty if I can't keep it.

  64. Jimmy Jones

    Jimmy Jones

    Year ago

    HA was wondering why the original rims weren't on there. Snow tires......$2300.00 for all parts and it's basically gonna go another 200K miles no problem!!

  65. Slayer-33


    Year ago

    How was this a $200 car? You stole it for this price lol, that's an 07-08 TL MAAANN Wish I knew how to service my TLS. NJ bro. The HFL shoulda just left it unplugged, get a $15-20 Bluetooth adapter from Amazon and ran an aux wire from under the storage area on the armrest out to that little storage area infront or the shifter. I love these 3rd gen TL's man. A lot of car for the money.

  66. LucasTheProducer


    Year ago

    I spent about the exact same on repairing my Acura TL 2007 to the same condition

  67. Loudon Bands

    Loudon Bands

    Year ago

    No cracked dash yet? LOL

  68. Bradley Bunger

    Bradley Bunger

    Year ago

    Probably too late, but don’t put an aftermarket bushing, or lower control arm on. Replace the bushing with an oem. My TL has an aftermarket lower control arm that lasted two whole weeks and I have significantly increased bump steer. Wish I would have kept my oem ontrol arms, so I could just pay to have the original bushings pushed in. Fun car!

  69. Mohammed IBRAHIM

    Mohammed IBRAHIM

    Year ago

    Thanks Eric, please I really want you if possible to talk about people just go with a car mileage as the only indication how the car is reliable or about to die. We do have cars overseas from 70's and even 60's and still working no major problems

  70. nodamnametouse


    Year ago

    You can buy the seat bottom and back from the dealership with new/what they call leather

  71. Diego Almeida Yépez V.

    Diego Almeida Yépez V.

    Year ago


  72. TechnicallySuperior


    Year ago

    Thanks for the video , also got a j series on an accord that i reset .

  73. jim smith

    jim smith

    Year ago

    I'm having the same issue with the lower control arm bushings on my TL not sure how to change them out.

  74. Lus S

    Lus S

    Year ago

    Wish I could find one that cheap. Usually they go around 2000 here in Canada in rough shape.

  75. Ashley Wilson

    Ashley Wilson

    Year ago

    I appreciate these videos. I own an ‘04 TL and it helps a lot to see what goes into doing these repairs. Mine has close to 250k and it runs great. Dealership says that I should be good for at least 350k and I am thinking about having the major service done at some point to see if I can’t get 400k+ out of it. 👍🏾👍🏾

  76. RFT Inc.

    RFT Inc.

    Year ago

    That’s not a $200 car....and repairs out in the real world would be upwards of $ addition to the $4000 in parts. Look at comparable vehicles with even 200k miles, these cars are hot commodities, they aren’t cheap.

  77. Honey Maria

    Honey Maria

    Year ago

    Hii brother i just want to know i have acura tl 2005. That has navigation beside buttons are not working and seat heat buttons are not working to what can i do ?

  78. Anthony Giordano

    Anthony Giordano

    Year ago

    Hi have you done the front wheel bearings yet on this car? If not can you do a video on that please. Thanks pal

  79. XEL Gonzalez

    XEL Gonzalez

    Year ago

    Change the evap emmisions purge solenoid valve for the gas cap light to go away... make sure you buy oem... dorman has very bad reviws

  80. Babak


    Year ago

    hey Eric I have the same car, love it, mine's silver though. You forgot to add maintenance cost for that beard. ;-)

  81. David Rubio

    David Rubio

    Year ago

    Replace ur transmission solenoids

  82. JustDriveBaby


    Year ago

    This is the average car payment in the US $550 a month for new car and nearly $400 for a used car, that doesn't include any maintenance. If Eric gets to use that car for one year that car pretty much pays it self.

  83. LucasTheProducer


    Year ago

    What seat covers did you use ?

  84. Tom Pepper

    Tom Pepper

    Year ago

    How many miles on the odometer? It looks like a nice driver.

  85. Insert Name

    Insert Name

    Year ago

    That is a great price for a car that you can take on trips.

  86. Unknown


    Year ago

    You could have saved thoes 400 from the original Bluetooth just because that Bluetooth only allows u to answer calls and no music. i have a usa spec bt45 hon3 Bluetooth plug and play it goes in the back of the radio and it makes your car able to answer calls and play music and it only cost me $120

  87. drippingwax


    Year ago

    My sister-in-law was supposed to sell me her 2007 TL, but she does not take care of her cars. She took it to her mechanic and he persuaded her to sell it to him for $500 so he could fix it up for his daughter. Or she could have followed through with her commitment, I would have paid her $1,000, and fixed it up myself. Oh well. I am still driving her last car, a 1999 Accord 2.3l. That is a good car! :)

  88. Mr Fister

    Mr Fister

    Year ago

    My man needs a trim STAT!!

  89. Shawn Hasenbalg

    Shawn Hasenbalg

    Year ago

    Lol this is v6 legend

    • Shawn Hasenbalg

      Shawn Hasenbalg

      Year ago

      In Japan, eu

  90. Rod Castaneda

    Rod Castaneda

    Year ago

    Really appreciate these vids man. I'm really interested in one of these, an 08 to be exact simply because I've always wanted one. All these vids help me see the pro and cons to make a better decision as to weather or not I should buy one. Thanks man!

  91. Mat Smith

    Mat Smith

    Year ago

    Wtheck, $400 for handsfree? Just buy fancy AirPods and leave em in your car lol

  92. Charles S

    Charles S

    Year ago

    Get a roav Bluetooth fm transmitter from Walmart for 15 bucks. Plug it into the auxiliary port in the arm rest. Set it to a station and it's cleaner than what you got there.

  93. J C

    J C

    Year ago

    Finally subscribed. Much thanks to this video, I'm looking around for one of these.

  94. mlballstar04


    Year ago

    evap canister purge valve will fix the gas cap light issue.

  95. GRORG


    Year ago

    Never really been a "car guy", but a few days ago I found this channel and some 8 year old video about you taking an engine apart. Liked it very much! The reason I searched for one, was because I started to feel a bit odd: I drive an A6 in real life and as a hobby I've been building these plastic car kits - and I know nothing about how cars actually work.. And so, not really knowing what the plastic engine parts were that I've been assembling. Decided to enlighten myself - now a subber as your content here is very interesting.

  96. Felipe Duran

    Felipe Duran

    Year ago

    I agree about the exterior look for the car. But you should for sure polish up the headlights for better visibility 👍

  97. edgar padilla

    edgar padilla

    Year ago

    I bought an 06 Accord for $350. All I needed was a used JDM motor, cost me $550, and had my buddy install it, $300. After registration I was at like $1500 after all was said and done.

  98. Nick Hannum

    Nick Hannum

    Year ago

    I do like that it’s a little beat up. Battle car.

  99. Nick Hannum

    Nick Hannum

    Year ago

    He put new tires on and didn’t do an 80 dollar alignment?

  100. Nick Hannum

    Nick Hannum

    Year ago

    Forgets to mention it take premium gas. 🙄

    • Jax Fl

      Jax Fl

      4 months ago

      I drove 12 of the 14 yrs I owned mine TL and used regular gas. No issues.