I Bought Hoovie's Garage's Mercedes 300TD From CAR TREK 5... Huge Mistake!

I'm collecting Car Trek cars like Super Bowl rings.

I've done it again... I BOUGHT an ex-Car Trek car. But this time, it was from Tyler of @Hoovies Garage . During the 5th season of Car Trek, the boys were tasked with finding their first cars with a limited budget. In Tyler's case, this 1983 Mercedes 300TD filled the role for the show. The beige Mercedes had quite the journey on Car Trek 5... It was subjected to Tyler mimicking @ChrisFix for some "repairs", and hauling Ed and Freddy around Atlanta Motor Speedway as a track taxi!

But now, it's mine. In this introductory video, I show the process of picking the car up from @Ed Bolian , driving it home, and then giving you a FULL tour and my driving impressions.

Have you ever wondered what buying an ex-Car Trek car is like? Well wonder no further!

Huge thanks to @VINwiki and @Tavarish for making this possible. I am so excited for what's next!

Thanks for watching!

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Ed Bolian
2:42 Road Trip
5:44 The Big Reveal
6:40 Car Walk-around
9:26 Interior Findings
13:55 Driving The 300TD
17:01 Outro And What's Next


  1. GreaverBlade


    Day ago

    If you want to keep it, do your crazy safari build. It would be neat to do something crazy with it. If you want to sell it, restore it. If you are on the fence, restore it as you may fall more in love with it.

  2. Pedro Fernandes

    Pedro Fernandes

    3 days ago

    Please restore it. In 2003 I bought a 1977 300D (non turbo), I loved it! I drove it daily for 6 years, I junked it because the floor was rotten. So sad It was beyond repairs!

  3. G. Steel

    G. Steel

    4 days ago

    Noooooooooo! Thank you thank you Elliot for making patently wrong car decisions; great fun to watch, your enthusiasm is awesome and I am hoping this works as a vaccine against my future car acquisitions.

  4. MrHamlet


    10 days ago


  5. That Trans Geek Girl

    That Trans Geek Girl

    12 days ago


    • Elliott Alvis

      Elliott Alvis

      12 days ago

      Noted, thanks for watching!

  6. Zach Goebeler

    Zach Goebeler

    13 days ago

    I would keep it just as is and fix stuff when needed! Make it your daily and upgrade your v70r and Maserati and others to have as your fun, sporty cars

  7. Greg DeSena

    Greg DeSena

    13 days ago

    Definitely restore.

  8. Jeff Gibson

    Jeff Gibson

    14 days ago

    FIX IT!!

  9. Andre Gasset

    Andre Gasset

    16 days ago

    HP upgrade + restoration

  10. Mohamed Yasin Arakkal

    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal

    16 days ago

    Pls convert those hideous Sealed beamed US Headlights to the European Headlights. Add an inter cooler to add more power. Don’t restore it. I’d keep the patina and fix all the issues except the paint.

  11. Michael Tutty

    Michael Tutty

    17 days ago

    Lovely video, Elliott. As for climate control being cutting edge, my 76 Ford Thunderbird had it. So did both of my 78 Thunderbirds and my 78 Buick Electra Limited. The feature dates back to the 60s at least.

  12. David Humpherson

    David Humpherson

    18 days ago

    Dad's are to be treasured. You obviously do, and it's lovely to see father and son being together 👍All the best.

  13. matt hayward

    matt hayward

    19 days ago

    I know nothing about diesels but whatever the diesel equivalent of an LS swap is do it. The car deserves a visit from the testicle fairy

  14. SeaBass85008


    20 days ago

    Restore it, with maybe some slight upgrades to bring the power to more current levels.

    • Elliott Alvis

      Elliott Alvis

      20 days ago

      I like that plan!

  15. ROAM


    20 days ago

    The two holes in the left front fender are for a alarm system. one hole for a key and the other for a light. Not as sensational as Ed's comment.

  16. MultiMegafred


    21 day ago

    Since you asked: Restore it to some extent, leave a bit of patina, and make sure you do an undercoating and spray a load of wax into the doors and sills, as they are the first things to rot away. Cheers from Germany (from a guy who drove a '78 300D -nonturbo- sedan as one of his first cars)

  17. MultiMegafred


    21 day ago

    Love your dad's Atari Shirt!!! 🤩

  18. Isaac LeMasters

    Isaac LeMasters

    21 day ago

    Monark nozzles, valve adjustment, tighten up stearing box/rebuild, fix the worst dry rotted stearing components, flush all your hydraulic fluid/filter change, power steering flush and filter, hell mine as well flush all fluids out, adjust your bowden cable since its not shifting at the correct times, injection pump timing , then drive the shit out of it. Hell filter some wvo oil for free from a family owned local resturant and drive in the summer for free. Fuel filters always need changed,... hoovies condom fix is hillarious, a all metel monark primer pump is 40$ and is easy to fix with some crow socket wrenches. And last bonus, their is a in tank fuel screen on the bottom of the tank that sometimes gets clogged and robs preformance... all my w123's are slow, but not embarrasingly slow like the one in the vid:) best of luck, it will be around awhile unless the rust wins. 🤙

  19. Lance Hill

    Lance Hill

    21 day ago

    First of all, congratulations on picking up what I reckon was the best car out of the three. In saying that - and as you have observed - she does indeed have some quirks.....and some of these have turned into minor issues that sort of need to be addressed at some point. If it were mine, I'd be in the camp of restoring it...but only so far. The condom really does need to be replaced....and not with another condom. The fuel filter - when Tyler hauled it out - was quite dirty, but I don't recall him actually having replaced it due to the replacement being wrong or missing something, so I'd be making sure that was ok too. While you're at it, may as well replace the air filter if it needs it. Ok, I could list a bunch of maintenance items to go through and check and / or do, but suffice to say I'd look it over mechanically to see what needed done - and that's it. Except for one thing. That turbo has to be one of the most sad excuses for a forced induction unit imaginable. To make the car a little more safe when pulling into traffic, I'd be scouring the forums online to see if anyone has managed to successfully graft a bigger one on. Mind you, that is presuming the current one is still functioning correctly and I suppose after 283k miles, it probably isn't. If I happened to fall over a 4 or 5 speed manual box and associated pedal box and clutch mechanisms, I would probably grab them up and do that conversion too, but that's because a) I like a manual gearbox and b) it would help to shift it along quicker - especially off the mark - but it's not strictly necessary. If you did do a manual swap, keep the auto setup though as the next owner might want to return it to 'factory'. The hair conditioner needs to work - absolutely. There's nothing worse than having a button to cool you down that does not work. With all the refrigerant that went in, it is likely that a little tell-tale spot has appeared somewhere to indicate where it is getting out again, so should be relatively easy to fix. Wipers are a necessity where I live, so making them work would also be high on the list....and the flickering rev counter would drive me mad, so I'd find the cause and fix that pronto! Body-wise, I would attend to any rust....and the left hand C-pillar is worse than it initially looks. There is marked signs of filler lifting close to the LH rear luggage window that leads around to where the rust hole is. However, it IS fixable, but just paint match the colour and patch the beast. See, if she's still sporting her original colour and there's only the one rust patch, why not leave her as a "survivor" conditioned vehicle? This beast has been to the moon and is on it's way back - fact. Her original colour is up there with watching concrete dry - fact. The interior colour compliments the outside colour in the same way that a cream sock compliments a prosthetic limb - fact. However, originality is more likely to keep her value up, so if the Merc is repainted a different colour, it would need to be a period-correct one for the model, painted inside and out and in the engine bay......and that costs big bickies. Also, when a car is repainted, one gets paranoid about the dings and scratches that might appear, so patching her (unless there are many of them) and keeping her original-to-the-car colour appears to be the safest bet - and best for keeping her value up. However, it doesn't stop you doing things like chucking a 20 or 30 percent tint on the side and rear windows which would a) keep prying eyes and heat out and b) help keep the interior - and the look of the car - cool. A decent performing stereo system that looks retro can also be fitted, allowing you the conveniences of modern bluetooth connectivity while she still looks standard. Sheepskin covers on the seats will also stop the thigh-burning sensation after leaving it outside during the day in summer, as well as adding to the comfort and retro styling. Then what? Ok, after the new turbo, hair conditioning makeover, maintenance stuff, rust repairs, paint touch ups, window tinting and interior comfort mods......just drive the beast. Do for it what its been doing all its life and doing very well. Daily it. Get it out and seen. The car has a unique history and they are a lovely cruiser - a great family car too even in this day and age. All the best

    • Elliott Alvis

      Elliott Alvis

      21 day ago

      Thanks for the detailed comment Lance! You make some great points. I appreciate you watching!

  20. Abby Black

    Abby Black

    22 days ago

    Restore it

  21. Matt Josephson

    Matt Josephson

    23 days ago

    No number 3, making it into a Daktari vehicle. A general tidy or resto would be worthwhile.

  22. Adrim


    23 days ago

    100% Do a safari build with it!

  23. German 666

    German 666

    23 days ago

    I remember i beat a guy i know out buying a 300td wagon on craigslist. I got it for what i thought was a deal took it home did some repairs got it going and it turned out to be a pile of rust. There was no floor under the rear carpets etc my friend hounded the lady i got it from and wound up figuring out i had it. He bugged me and said he was gonna buy it blah blah blah so i sold it to him for double what i paid. Then he bitched non stop about how much of a pile of shit it was. Poor car. Ran good though

  24. David Wilson

    David Wilson

    23 days ago

    LOL! You should listen to Mrs. Alvis next time...no Maseratis.

  25. Peter Collingwood

    Peter Collingwood

    24 days ago

    Options 1 or 2. 3 is for idiots.

  26. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill

    24 days ago

    Definitely go with the safari overland camper build. Would look so amazing but definitely keep the beige paint job.

  27. H B

    H B

    24 days ago

    Restoration…. You might even end up making money!

  28. Lawrence Wagner

    Lawrence Wagner

    24 days ago


  29. dick faber

    dick faber

    24 days ago

    you need black smoke racing in your life, and the life of this car acura-video.info/tv/R9bEqWxOhmeT-vo88kyLFQ.html

  30. Malcolm Macdonald

    Malcolm Macdonald

    24 days ago

    Restoration for sure

  31. theboard 1

    theboard 1

    25 days ago

    I want one

  32. Diamond Digger

    Diamond Digger

    25 days ago

    Twin Turbo

  33. MDP1


    25 days ago

    restore it it’s in to good shape to do something crazy to

  34. cardsfanbj


    25 days ago

    "Put about 8 gallons worth of gas in the old Mercedes diesel" Well, that's not going to end well...

    • Elliott Alvis

      Elliott Alvis

      25 days ago

      I put diesel in, I just am so used to saying “gas” 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  35. Duck Norris

    Duck Norris

    26 days ago

    Buccee’s started here in Texas and for those unfamiliar they are a mega gas station with dozens of gas pumps, super clean toilets and a crazy amount of hot and cold road snacks and more and more. They have really made the competition lick Loves up their game .

  36. eric glass

    eric glass

    26 days ago

    Enjoy as a every day driver and fix as needed.

  37. Tony Booth

    Tony Booth

    26 days ago

    I think a complete restore with the wizard he would thrilled plus he may have some donor parts left over from the last exercise and a compeition to name her in full glory.

  38. Jon Kwin

    Jon Kwin

    26 days ago

    The comfort level and ease of driving of these are their best points. Yes restore it, but add some horse power - add an intercooler and whatever else would make it run better, fix the steering/handling as well. As for what to do with it - put the seats down and use it as an errand wagon, add a draw bar and haul trailers with it, fill it with a tent, chillers etc and take it on a camping holiday. Actually they do most things well, but don't take it to the track, you don't need to be very smart to realize they were never intended for that.

  39. ハリスMr


    26 days ago

    Restore it !!!

  40. Martin Smarda

    Martin Smarda

    26 days ago

    An please restorate it. Maybe a more modern Merc Diesel Engine, maybe get one from a W210/W211 270CDI?

  41. Martin Smarda

    Martin Smarda

    26 days ago

    Haha, this was the strongest (by far...) Diesel-model of the W123 series. If that is dangerously slow, then I don´t know what you´d think about the "base" version, like a 200D with 55hp ;)

  42. n g

    n g

    26 days ago

    First off, when are you going to get one of Ed's cartrek cars? Second, you should get DieselPumpUK to do you up a pump.

  43. Danny


    26 days ago

    Restore it.

  44. Dave Benson

    Dave Benson

    27 days ago

    Uh oh, so your heater core is leaking?

  45. ReallyRandomRides


    27 days ago

    I knew it would make it. Another vintage car I'd love to own. Yeah those older naturally aspirated diesels are slow, though they last forever. Too bad about the a/c not working. I definitely I think you should restore it. Like you said, those cars keep going up in value.

  46. Michael Ross

    Michael Ross

    27 days ago

    "Auto Climate Control in 1983 was cutting edge" My Dad had a 67 Olds 98 LS with 'Comfortron'. It was at least as sophisticated as on 300TD in 83. As bad as GM was at everything else, they had the best HVAC.

  47. Dan Wallace

    Dan Wallace

    27 days ago

    The pathetic alcohol practically overflow because cheek disappointingly drum astride a salty needle. cheerful, agonizing wallaby

  48. Stefan Egger

    Stefan Egger

    27 days ago

    your dad has Atari t-Shirt so he is sympatic to me. What a legend.

  49. Forenzis


    27 days ago

    Either fix as needed, or restore it. These are classic, and are becoming more and more rare to find in great condition.

  50. Zachary Olt

    Zachary Olt

    27 days ago

    sounds like it needs an big turbo ls 👀👀

  51. Brady Sanchez

    Brady Sanchez

    27 days ago

    Nice marketing strategies you got going on here 😂

  52. Groovelessons


    27 days ago

    „Everything is in German it’s ridiculous“ me watching in Munich... „Nein. Not ridiculous at all“...

  53. slebdad


    28 days ago

    Full restore.

  54. lilredexptsc


    28 days ago

    Restore it.

  55. Corey


    28 days ago

    Hopefully we see some more on this soon, the other 2 cars have like 3 or 4 videos each so far. My vote is for restoration

  56. Blake Seymour

    Blake Seymour

    28 days ago

    ive got an 82 of the same car thats just about as beat up as yours. only has 400k miles on it lol. they are great, slow, bulletproof cars. although they are going up in value for restorations, my vote is for safari build as i would love to see u drive it offroad across some deserts and through some rivers. cant do that in a pristine resto

  57. Skitzo


    28 days ago

    Please please please Do Not do that “zebra” strip nonsense…..just restore the thing

  58. m1t2a1


    28 days ago

    Did the Ford LTD Country Squire copy Mercedes with the rear facing seat, or the other way around? Our first rear facing seat was in a '72 Ford.

  59. babyjay ASMR

    babyjay ASMR

    28 days ago

    definitely needs a wrap or paint job. would look sweet af if you lowered it a lil with some nice & appropriate wheels

  60. Danny Castro

    Danny Castro

    28 days ago

    Leave it as it is👍

  61. IWD


    28 days ago

    A 40-year-old Mercedes always runs. Especially a Diesel. :-p The T-models (that's how Mercedes calls the estate cars) really get rare nowadays. So each saved car is most appreciated. And hey, TV series heroine Jennifer Hart and her husband drove one of these back in the days. We may not forget about good old Max. So this car is a TV legend. Guess they did not have a Diesel, though.

  62. Braden Mallory

    Braden Mallory

    28 days ago

    New to the channel! This channel is defiantly a gem! I’ll be here for good! I’d say restore it the poor wagon has been though a lot and deserves it!

  63. MsErica647


    28 days ago

    Definitely restore it... that car deserves that.

  64. Chris Skuse

    Chris Skuse

    28 days ago

    Rebuild, don’t spoil it

  65. Shane Ewing

    Shane Ewing

    28 days ago

    I would prefer that you sell it to me but if not then please just repair or restore it.

  66. Stephanie Solis

    Stephanie Solis

    28 days ago

    Tyler showed us if you honk the the horn the tack on the cluster starts working again. I would say restore it, it’s not to far gone at all.

  67. Dan Tarver

    Dan Tarver

    28 days ago

    Restore it!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Epic Win Face Pie

    Epic Win Face Pie

    28 days ago

    bro with my experience with old mercedes. its going to be an absoltue money pit. ive had a v8 500sl and it ATE my money like thanksgiving stuffing bbro, but to each their own. im sure the turbo deisle is cheaper but still

  69. Steve Greer

    Steve Greer

    29 days ago

    I want a 80s benz diesel, W123 or W124, i know they aren't reliable any more...but i love them

  70. joe08867


    29 days ago

    Go through the motor and do the African safari build. That would be very cool.

  71. hmg9194


    29 days ago

    Dude just roll the window down, RIP ozone

  72. Philip Magnusson

    Philip Magnusson

    29 days ago

    There's a guy on youtube with a w116 300SD with the older version of this OM617 engine with around 115hp, he's adjusted the timing on the cam and injection pump and that thing rips on the 2nd gear shift it's hilarious

  73. Wayne G

    Wayne G

    29 days ago

    Restore it. I just finished restoring my "83 300SD. It now runs like a Swiss Army Knife. I noticed a good bit of smoke when you were accelerating so the injectors and fuel delivery systems will need servicing (maybe valve stem seals and definitely valve lash adjustment) but you will be amazed at the performance improvement after you get the mechanicals in order. Granted it will never be "fast" but it WILL be safe and smokeless. The cosmetics are pretty easy. It just takes time. EVERTHING on these is serviceable with parts readily available and reasonably priced. These deserve to be saved if possible. Don't turn it into a clown wagon!

  74. Brian Barnes

    Brian Barnes

    29 days ago

    RESTORE IT!! 1961-1985 Mercedes Benz cars were built to last, and were nicely styled. True classic.

  75. Ivan Vladimir Buttigieg

    Ivan Vladimir Buttigieg

    29 days ago

    Restore it

  76. Craig Tiano

    Craig Tiano

    29 days ago

    Not sure that anyone wants to buy a restored car with 260k on the odometer. I'd keep it running and use it as a long-distance parts hauler. The thing has a 700+ mile range between fill ups.

  77. Loganbay


    29 days ago

    I owned this same car back in the day. We called it Buttercup and it was a tank. Drove it 100k only because i had the worlds best MB mechanic. It drove back and forth 1200 miles to Florida and the climate control worked perfectly. The rear hatch is held up with gas struts not springs. The rear seat has seat belts for safety I did not see them in that car. This guy expects a car with over 200k and 38 years old to drive like new lol. It will take a lot of work to make this car feel newer again. What did he expect?

  78. hernan alonso

    hernan alonso

    29 days ago


  79. Mike Holbrook

    Mike Holbrook

    29 days ago

    I had an exact twin to your car. 1983 300TD. What a wonderful car and a true tank. MercedesSource should be a place to find out about some maintenance stuff. The car can run much better with not much expense and time. Remember this is a momentum car so watch way out front and drive it like you stole it. Use that gear shifter and run it up fast going down hill and then close the throttle to create a lot of vacuum to pull out the carbon. You stole it at $3k. Just keep fixing stuff as it breaks. It will be fine.

    • Elliott Alvis

      Elliott Alvis

      29 days ago

      Thanks Mike! That’s a great idea. I appreciate you watching!

  80. Christopher Trask

    Christopher Trask

    29 days ago

    Your dad seemed very comfortable driving the Mercedes when it is sorted you should gift it to him

  81. Weblider


    29 days ago

    Just fix the volvo..

  82. hannes telwin

    hannes telwin

    29 days ago

    I like it to see hes former glory from back of the days

  83. Viking Warrior

    Viking Warrior

    29 days ago

    Just do needed repairs and maintenance Get the tach working again.

  84. James Luke

    James Luke

    29 days ago

    None of the 3 in my personal opinion. Fix it correctly to a good daily driver stature and either enjoy it or sell it after the repairs. Again... This is my personal opinion only. 😁

  85. Don Wilson

    Don Wilson

    29 days ago

    Restore it .. do it the honor of not becoming a funny car.

  86. 127EZ


    29 days ago

    2 restore it

  87. Dave Saunders

    Dave Saunders

    29 days ago

    You need to restore it, she's a nice old original car. This era of Mercedes Benz is possibly its finest, just nice old cars.

  88. Saint James Amos

    Saint James Amos

    29 days ago

    Restore it I'd love to see it all dolled up

  89. Eric Siebert

    Eric Siebert

    29 days ago

    Buc-cees is worth getting a hotel room for a week and waiting for it to open 😂

  90. Classic Jalopy

    Classic Jalopy

    29 days ago

    Repair it and make a reliable and comfortable driver out of it.

  91. Anibal Castillo

    Anibal Castillo

    29 days ago

    Bigger turbo and custom inyection pump from dieselpumpUK so it gets faster 👍🏻

  92. dj33036 .dj63010

    dj33036 .dj63010

    29 days ago

    One of the greatest cars ever built! Please don't degrade it by pimping it out.

  93. Ken Blood

    Ken Blood

    29 days ago


  94. jrbuch


    29 days ago

    I'd restore it and fix it up :-)

  95. Hvy Chvy G20

    Hvy Chvy G20

    Month ago

    Kent at Mercedes Source is a wealth of information for these W123 cars. Check out his ACURA channel.

  96. Velixare


    Month ago

    wait a sec, 283k is the most ina car you've driven? that makes my car look like a miracle at 410k lol

  97. cupraboy !

    cupraboy !

    Month ago

    If that was a modern car rolling into a gard rail , the air bags would have went off , door snapped back then caught fire 🔥, good luck with this German tank 👍

  98. Scot Fenedick

    Scot Fenedick

    Month ago

    This has a potential of being a great support vehicle. Clean it up, freshen it up, and invest in it. These things are going for stupid money. Keep making content. We will keep watching

  99. trwsandford


    Month ago

    Bone stock restoration. or leave it.

  100. Onimalap


    Month ago

    Check for one of those drifting... it’s quite of a sight.