Introducing The All-New 2021 Acura TLX

The all-new 2021 Acura TLX is Acura’s quickest, best-handling and most well-appointed sedan in the brand’s 35-year history. With a model-exclusive body structure and chassis architecture, all turbo engine lineup, and an athletic stance with bold proportions, the new TLX delivers dramatic gains in both style and dynamic performance.
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  1. Mahp 303

    Mahp 303

    7 days ago

    You guys should make a type s version in a 4 cylinder manual. With Civic type r motor. Or make this in a type r with Acura’s version of type r motor. I would get one if you make this in v6 type r version.

  2. 이빛채운


    9 days ago

    한국어 자막은 만들었는데 한국은 왜 안나옴? 어코드가 더 못생겼는데

  3. Ian Chang

    Ian Chang

    Month ago

    Can the tlx beat the ct5 and the civic type r

    • Ian Chang

      Ian Chang

      Month ago

      CT5 v

  4. Stress Test

    Stress Test

    Month ago

    Dropping in to watch after seeing the Lexus is500 press release.

  5. NileshR12


    2 months ago

    I would love to test drive the TLX & TLX Type-S to lease one of them once the Type-S goes on sale this year. It looks amazing inside & out! Acura please just bring the center screen forward in the TLX, RDX, & 2022 MDX to make them touchscreens because Apple CarPlay & Android Auto work better on full touchscreen systems

  6. NileshR12


    2 months ago

    I'm so excited to see this at my local Acura dealership! Acura is BACK with this epic sporty luxury sedan! I've been loving the way this car looks everytime I've seen it on video & in pictures

  7. Neil J

    Neil J

    2 months ago

  8. Bornfiregaming


    2 months ago

    No auto shifting in Sport mode

  9. Your Favorite person

    Your Favorite person

    2 months ago

    The 4th Generation is still a sports sedan (2014 Acura TL)

  10. millionaireunknown1


    2 months ago

    Acura please make updates to your S Type vehicles. Acura please start making your vehicles with more than 400 horsepower; turbo charge 8 cylinder. Please upgrade to a Els 3d audio system with over 1,800 watts that sounds just as good or better than the upgraded Burmester audio system that you can get in a Mercedes and Porsche.. Please change the infotainment and other screen where you see the speedometer and tachometer to oled technology. Please make your leather seats look and feel like Mercedes Designo seats.

  11. edad4oasis


    3 months ago

    Why no manual transmission option Acura? I’m ready to trade in my 2015 do you think the ‘22 Type S will have a digital dash and panoramic sunroof?!?

  12. Daniel Guzman

    Daniel Guzman

    3 months ago

    So why not make it type R instead of Type S to make it more nostalgic and bring back the integra type R

  13. Moises Escobar

    Moises Escobar

    3 months ago

    Loving my 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec (White/Red) SH-AWD! Can’t wait for the Type S and see how that drives 👀

    • Scott


      2 months ago

      I have the 21 TLX A-Spec also in white, but FWD. I'm loving it. Probably going to trade in for the type s

  14. Brad V

    Brad V

    5 months ago

    It saddens me that the RSX is out of the picture, because I feel that would have made for a great Lexus RC competitor. All things considered I'd say I'm on to something if you use the correct engine and transmission.

  15. Lance Garcia

    Lance Garcia

    5 months ago

    that front emblem plate for the sensors or whatnot really kills it for me. So much so I think it would probably stop me from buying the car. It bugs me that much. I feel like I'm the only one complaining about it... is it just me? Other than that though, great looking car, but god damn I just wanna tear the plate off on that grille. All the other Acura's don't have this problem and they look great. Maybe something aftermarket will come out?

  16. Gaurav Ramasani

    Gaurav Ramasani

    5 months ago

    Welcome back Type S. And welcome back Acura. My new dream car!

  17. Phnog


    5 months ago

    song name starting at 1:05?

  18. Nunna Cruz

    Nunna Cruz

    6 months ago

    😂Nothing it’s not

  19. vladimir castaneda

    vladimir castaneda

    6 months ago

    I just say incredible, amazing, wow

  20. The Fulcrum

    The Fulcrum

    6 months ago

    nice, so a FWD honda accord re-skin and +20k to price tag. FWD platform, no thanks. I'll take a q50 3.0T anyday

  21. Luke Sims_3230441

    Luke Sims_3230441

    6 months ago


  22. AndyNyle


    6 months ago

    There is a huge emphasis on emotion, to me it looks overdone, not just for this car but other manufacturers as well (audi, lexus)

  23. VaN_GoGH


    6 months ago

    0:16 and 12:25 drift has already been debunked to be fake and done with altered physical rear E-BRAKE not available on production model. Few tech people have slowed the video down and rear wheels can be seen locking up prior to drift indicating mechanical brake that was installed for shooting this video. Utterly disgusting what you did Acura. Not only you hyped up this car to oblivion and released a joke of a car but you're also LYING and creating fake videos. SHAME ON YOU ACURA! This comes from someone who's bought new Honda and Acura cars for decades (nearly 20 cars).

  24. Est. 1982

    Est. 1982

    6 months ago

    Type S concept should have been the TLX. This looks like a mix of a genesis/infinity/bmw

  25. Over Educated Sp

    Over Educated Sp

    6 months ago

    Bad ass! What a gorgeous car!

  26. clegaainz


    6 months ago

    270hp/tq isn't bad but I hoped for more

  27. Illyrian Gamer

    Illyrian Gamer

    6 months ago

    >sport car >front wheel drive lmao at asian engineering

    • Jerome Fernandez

      Jerome Fernandez

      5 months ago

      Get a life

  28. Nolan Hewitt

    Nolan Hewitt

    6 months ago

    My mother drives a 2017 Acura tlx and man it’s a great car, it drives nice and had great gas mileage. This new and refurbished version of the car just has a good place in my heart. Glad to see Acura making something as great as this again.

  29. Dean Anderson

    Dean Anderson

    6 months ago

    looks like the 2013-2017 Audi's

  30. Irfan Sid

    Irfan Sid

    6 months ago

    I like the new shape but 2018 model was great as well

  31. original lone wolf

    original lone wolf

    6 months ago

    How much more bigger is it then my 2014 sh awd TL

  32. rxdawg75


    7 months ago

    Ive been a Honda guy for over 20 years. I almost left this earth last month due to a heart attack at 48 years old with a wife and 2 kids. I am morbidly obese (350 lbs on 5' 10" frame). My wake up call came hard and fast. I have been exercising and eating right for the past 2-3 weeks. I am buying a Type-S when I hit my goal weight of 175 lbs and/or body fat percentage of 18%. I plan on being a Honda guy for at least 20 more years.

    • rxdawg75


      6 months ago

      Stepped on the scales this morning. (Oct 1st)=301.7 lbs. Almost 50 lbs lost! (I know a lot of that was excess fluid...but I'm feeling really good!)--I'm thinking red or black exterior and hopefully I can get the red interior of the Aspec.

  33. UhhhOhNoo0oo0OoOoo0oo0


    7 months ago

    Better rebuild the brand. Used to be decent and were well above the Honda (Accord) branding. The original Acura Legends used to compare with the Lexus and Infiniti sedans. Then they got underpowered, cheaper and middled between Accord and Luxury sedan. They became sluggish with little advancements. They mirrored Nissan now and Infiniti. This is still a sporty Honda Accord. Luxury with sport and not Sporty with some little luxury. I and others I know don't even consider Acura anymore. When the older Accord Sport or New Accord is really well done, the Acura TLX has to separate itself from the Honda branding. The original TL was a huge decently luxurious mess and the later TLX so cheap and slow with little luxury. Make the vehicle more expensive with more luxury. It fits into no class. Nissan had Altima/Maxima Infiniti had Q50, Q60 (Yes, I know the corporations) Toyota (Toyoda) has Camry and Lexus had ES350. Acura is supposed to be a Luxury brand that is much more sport oriented than its competitors and the same price. Don't show the S Top of the Line model. This iteration does the same. Trying to appeal to ages 28-45. 272HP isn't enough. Launch performance? You selling a F'ing ACURA. Yes, it's the best sports sedan, as far as it's classic but, you don't get bang for the buck and luxury with sport should have been the goal. Nobody is going around a turn like that who buys a TLX. Stop with this crap. I could run this division 15 years ago and today better than Honda. With packages and additions, you can put anything on a car. The Type S is a niche vehicle. It should be about sales and what you get. Rigidity is what I want in an Acura. Because I lap the Nurburgring every day. This is the worst marketing team for the last 15 years. Maybe worse than Nissan/Infiniti in the last 7 years. It's not an Acura NSX (and that was horrible marketed and delayed) , it's certainly not an Acura Legend and it is a Sporty more expensive Accord. There is still little incentive to buy this over a Sporty Accord. They had the market and got lazy. Made cheap cars that were not worth the money. It's almost like Honda wants to run this division into the ground. Toyotas are better made (even they are getting lazy and cost cutting) and Acura should go back to something special. When you get bloated and farm out the division whilst mailing it in-I heard American made and stopped listening after that..We make nothing quality anymore>We are a service country. (They are talking about tire contact patches, ride height and Brembo brakes) Are you kidding me? (The Type S iteration, only, looks decent and the rest is a marketed Accord)

  34. chigasaki06


    7 months ago

    I like the interior except that button shifter. Pushing a button is not sporty.

  35. DMN


    7 months ago

    Very Camry-ish styling

  36. Formula 1 Fan Colorado

    Formula 1 Fan Colorado

    7 months ago

    To me a front wheel drive vehicle and "sports cars" are mutually exclusive events. If I was even remotely interested in this car Id just buy a Civic for half the price. But they are ugly as hell so that would never happen either. The folks at Acura should take a ride in a Lexus sometime and reflect on how they missed the point, year after year.

  37. James Daple

    James Daple

    7 months ago

    Nice job Mrs Modena!!

  38. Paul


    7 months ago

    Looks like the new Subaru Impreza

  39. Daniel M.

    Daniel M.

    7 months ago

    Doesn’t makes sense why it’s 2021 today year is 2020

  40. Dmeist


    7 months ago

    Sounds better than it looks.

  41. Skooter623


    7 months ago

    Sold. I want a blue one please. ASPEC. You might be able to talk me into red.

  42. Franklin Navarro

    Franklin Navarro

    7 months ago

    Why not just bring back the Integra

  43. Aaron


    7 months ago

    I want 550 hp with twin turbo AWD wiith optional rwd, wide body, 20 in wheels, two tone bright colors.. mabe you need an option where we can design our own Acura

    • Troy Truong

      Troy Truong

      6 months ago

      Aaron then it becomes too expensive. Most cant afford.

  44. Robloxian Dino

    Robloxian Dino

    7 months ago

    I wish it was touch screen

  45. Keith Luken

    Keith Luken

    7 months ago

    Almost a hit with the Type-S, who removes content form ther top tier car? Audi S6 has everything A6 has and then some, same with Genesis, G70 Sport is the top trim. Acura decides to remove content on the top trim, go figure. 8 TLs/TLX in 16 years and will have to skip the Type-S. And why the suede inserts, love the pure red leather on my 19 APEC.

  46. Diivisionツ


    7 months ago

    Give it for free to me

  47. Bray Zap

    Bray Zap

    7 months ago

    Did they finally change the engine and shit? The TLX a-spec bs was such a bust This at least looks better

  48. May Chang

    May Chang

    7 months ago


  49. lexusrcf lover

    lexusrcf lover

    7 months ago

    It actually sounds really good for a forced induction car

  50. Posiden226


    7 months ago

    When I think sport sedan, front wheel drive four banger doesn’t come to mind.

  51. mlm6267 miler

    mlm6267 miler

    7 months ago

    Can I get a hybrid version? If so, I’m sold!

  52. Ben


    7 months ago

    This car will offer a manual transmission, right?

  53. Lucius


    7 months ago

    Mazda 3 has a bigger screen than this, what’s up with car makers and super small screens.. if you are paying 40 grand plus you should get a nice sized screen

    • Lucius


      7 months ago

      Troy Truong something like what’s in the Tesla would be great

    • Troy Truong

      Troy Truong

      7 months ago

      U want a 60" tv in your car?

  54. Diego Ramirez

    Diego Ramirez

    7 months ago

    Will the Type s reach México?

  55. JD Ruby

    JD Ruby

    7 months ago

    Stop selling junk.... scotty kilmer

  56. Link


    7 months ago

    Nice car big disappointment when it comes to power you guys deliver a beautiful vehicle but never any real horsepower that’s a crossed Honda and Acura so disappointing

  57. R P

    R P

    7 months ago

    I’m 6’8” does it have room for me?

  58. Benito Nava

    Benito Nava

    7 months ago

    Soooooooo cooollllll I love it one day am going to get that car

  59. TheCopyrightChannel


    7 months ago

    How nuch horsepower?

  60. courgargold


    7 months ago

    Man I really wish this was more in line with the concept car Type S. This is okay, but not really as radical of a change as I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy one and it’s still a beaut, but I just thought they were going to make it extra to reclaim their sports crown.

  61. AwesomeGamer3000


    7 months ago

    Don't let them get to a 1mil!!

  62. Relax T

    Relax T

    7 months ago

    Gorgeous looking❤️❤️❤️

  63. GSPA100


    7 months ago

    Its the same price as the rdx. Acura losts their minds. Its 7k more than the 2020, how is this even justified. This car wont sell well. Why buy this when you can get the rdx for exact same price!!! No good.

    • Troy Truong

      Troy Truong

      7 months ago

      Suv trend is stupid. As a guy, i hate suv.

  64. ashtray ketchum

    ashtray ketchum

    7 months ago

    I sure hope it comes with an automatic transmission 😍🥰😍

  65. Bk Suntzu

    Bk Suntzu

    7 months ago

    Have Acura fixed transmission, Bluetooth, infotainment, and battery monitor sensors issues yet? Plus, what is with partnering with GM?

  66. Todd


    7 months ago

    if its not a stick it won't sell well

  67. SimplyIslandgal242


    7 months ago

    🤔😳🤗sexy car!!!

  68. AutoBazaarUSA AutoBazaarUSA

    AutoBazaarUSA AutoBazaarUSA

    7 months ago

  69. DD Ng

    DD Ng

    7 months ago

    Do they still have timing belt on these things? Ugly grille btw!

  70. Hyhj Gotti

    Hyhj Gotti

    7 months ago

    The trunk area lights look like a fisker karma

  71. Hyhj Gotti

    Hyhj Gotti

    7 months ago

    Infiniti please watch and learn

  72. Dav Ford

    Dav Ford

    7 months ago

    Can we get a coupe.

  73. Zeke


    7 months ago

    Stinger gt vibes from the tail 🙃

  74. Boopy


    7 months ago

    This is how I failed no simp semtembee

  75. javon scott

    javon scott

    7 months ago

    Can I have a car please

  76. Dusty Misfit

    Dusty Misfit

    7 months ago

    Very nice. Would like to get one but concern if it has pealing paint like my 2015 that Acura declines to repair.

  77. LadiesMan 217

    LadiesMan 217

    7 months ago

    This actually looks nice, Honda upping their game ngl.

    • Bk Suntzu

      Bk Suntzu

      7 months ago

      Won’t with partnership with GM next year. Car will be named “Hongm”.

  78. Jack McCarthy

    Jack McCarthy

    7 months ago

    Oooooh more vtec

  79. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    7 months ago

    I might trade my truck for one of these!!!!!

  80. Kathleen Renee

    Kathleen Renee

    7 months ago

    This car looks like a Kia Stinger with a Tesla trunk.. 😑 I always loved TL’s & TLX’s but the interior of the old TLX wasn’t for me & now this body isn’t for me 😭 I had to switch to a Q50 because it was the only car I liked.. luckily 2021 Lexus IS are 🔥

  81. Nicky Vidal

    Nicky Vidal

    7 months ago

    Coming soon to a nearest Acura dealer. We are all excited waiting for this car.

  82. Awesomebread


    7 months ago

    now take 2 doors out and make a CLX

    • 0 0

      0 0

      6 months ago

      They will after this one.

  83. mugensamurai


    7 months ago

    Acura this thing better be quicker than the Kia Stinger turbo v6. Otherwise the Koreans have beaten you...

  84. Touge Boat

    Touge Boat

    7 months ago

    I own a 2003 Type S and this makes me super excited. Can't wait to see it in person and then buy one once they depreciate lol

  85. qwerty6801


    7 months ago

    About time Acura

  86. Marcus Xavier

    Marcus Xavier

    7 months ago

    So proud of the design team. ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT. This is the best interior on any vehicle ive ever seen.

  87. Steve V.

    Steve V.

    8 months ago

    Lexus has let me down over the last 10 years and really give me no desirable options to replace my ‘07 IS350. This TLX raises me back up and gives me hope for my future driving pleasure.

  88. Leftclick


    8 months ago

    Lexus should take notes.

  89. Boopy


    8 months ago

    i love this i have been looking at this for hours

  90. Mi TV PR

    Mi TV PR

    8 months ago

    I see some of this video on

  91. ignorance is bliss.

    ignorance is bliss.

    8 months ago

    My loan was up last year and I finally paid of my tl. always stuck within the Acura family but I refused to get into another finance with the new tlx and their interior is not far apart from the 2014 tl. Now we are talking....

  92. Mark689


    8 months ago

    This will probably be my next car. Going to make this happen

  93. Bhagat


    8 months ago

    Oooooof that's hot

  94. etbadaboum


    8 months ago

    It looks fantastic, I'd love to see it in Europe.

  95. Kouki Integra

    Kouki Integra

    8 months ago

    Please don't make the type s sound weak!!

  96. Kouki Integra

    Kouki Integra

    8 months ago

    Shut up and take my money!!🤣

  97. William Polk

    William Polk

    8 months ago

    Awesome car. I love the new styling.

  98. neil doe

    neil doe

    8 months ago

    Is this Fwd or Awd or Rwd?

  99. felix Soto

    felix Soto

    8 months ago

    same ugly open grill showing radiator like the new honda accord

  100. John Ward

    John Ward

    8 months ago

    Welcome Back Acura