Introducing the All-New 2022 Acura MDX

The all-new 2022 MDX is the most premium, performance-focused and technologically sophisticated SUV in Acura history. Occupying its new position as the brand flagship, the next-generation Acura MDX marks a quantum leap forward with a bold exterior design coupled with a sophisticated and elegant new interior featuring the most high-tech and advanced cockpit in the brand’s 35-year history.
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  1. Kartik Ivaturi

    Kartik Ivaturi

    Day ago

    Own a 2003 MDX. Picked up the 2022 in Red yesterday. Awesomeness!!!

  2. Deepanshu _053

    Deepanshu _053

    3 days ago

    Make this available in India

  3. FA Gaming

    FA Gaming

    4 days ago

    Ok I’m not getting the 2018 Acura I’m getting this one because i drive a 2011 Camry and I really need to trade in or just buy it and keep the Camry also so thanks Acura for making an amazing MDX! 👍

  4. Marvin Robbins

    Marvin Robbins

    25 days ago

    I leased a Acura MDX 2020 on March the 19th ,2020 at Paragon Acura located in Woodside,Ny the sales representative Mohamad did not provide me with a copy of my lease agreement until one day after the sale was completed. Once I obtain my copy I discovered I was charge $55,341.02 on a MDX with a sticker price of only $47,925.00 . The sales representative Mohamad charge me for wheel locks, mats and other items I never requested or agreed to. The finance manager Syed advised me I needed a Maintenance package for the vehicle to avoid any service charges in the future this was another lie a ploy to take a advantage of a unsuspecting customer. The advertised lease agreement for the acura MDX is $385 I'm paying $760 a month this is with 710 credit score. After showing all of the discrepancy to the sales manager Ali and asking him to make corrections and refund my money and adjust my lease agreement nothing has been done as of today's . I would not recommend Paragon Acura to my worse enemy in Woodside New York. I made request to adjust my lease agreement and a refund my money before the application was submitted. My request fell on deaf ears.

  5. KP KP

    KP KP

    27 days ago

    Is that Integra for sale?

  6. John W

    John W

    28 days ago

    Loud azz commercials. Never buy one for that reason alone

  7. Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox

    Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox

    Month ago

    .. .notreeses

  8. Xuchen Wu

    Xuchen Wu

    Month ago

    Will never buy Acura. Crap

  9. DJ K pack Channel

    DJ K pack Channel

    Month ago

    I definitely hope Acura give us a 580 turbo charge TLX since every new cars is coming out with 400+ hp

  10. RAY RAYS


    Month ago

    This was to be 2021 mdx. But cuz of COVID it’s 2022

  11. sooeyz28


    Month ago

    As a current YD3 MDX owner, I wish Acura made the 360 degree parking camera that is standard on an Advance model at least an option on lower trims. Also, can I wish for a chain driven V-6, please.



    2 months ago

    Just test at dealer and a bit disappointed! A touchpad instead of touchscreen display... glossy plastic deck that can reflect light and yourself! Look cheap for $60,000 daily driving! What an ugly wheel for Advance package, everything else are nice, love the LED light theme, sound awesome but NO rear entertainment for kids which defeated travel in luxury SUV purpose.

  13. Bluor3


    2 months ago

    Original owner of a 534,000 mile '01 Acura MDX. Super reliable & still going! Thank you Acura!

  14. srmk24


    2 months ago

    What a joke. You guys make videos on comparisons to who you think are your direct competitors for this car and turn off comments. If you are bold enough to make such videos, then you need to have the balls to let people leave comments

  15. David


    2 months ago

    I wish Acura would bring back the ZDX. I really liked it.

  16. Khaled T

    Khaled T

    2 months ago

    Acura dealerships and customer service is garbage, and no way to compare it to BMW or German car! I had the worst experience ever with their dealership of Priority Acura in VA

  17. ElizabethYT Playz games and music

    ElizabethYT Playz games and music

    2 months ago

    I'm Buying it

  18. MGR 99

    MGR 99

    2 months ago

    "The driver's SUV" is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

    • JediFarce


      2 months ago

      It would make sense if it were a Mercedes AMG

  19. Hüseyin Müdüroglu

    Hüseyin Müdüroglu

    2 months ago


  20. Muhammed Behbudov

    Muhammed Behbudov

    2 months ago

    O şet

  21. Raza Shah

    Raza Shah

    2 months ago

    Amazing love it

  22. Ree Fin

    Ree Fin

    2 months ago


  23. Fancy Paul

    Fancy Paul

    2 months ago

    Affordable Audi killer

  24. Just A Fan

    Just A Fan

    2 months ago

    This guy already has driving videos out before the embargo (not fair to other ACURArs): MilesPerHr

  25. Pro_ WolfTheGamer

    Pro_ WolfTheGamer

    2 months ago

    Will we get a arcura nsx Roadster for Honda or Arcura

  26. AutoFixEZ


    2 months ago

    I Have owned a gen 2 MDX for many trouble free years @ over 240k miles now. (it’s on my you tube channel btw). Will be upgrading when the new generation arrives but will still keep my gen 2. @AutoFixEZ

  27. Alee S

    Alee S

    2 months ago

    What trim is the grey/metallic car in this video?

  28. Joshual Nazarick Property Solutions

    Joshual Nazarick Property Solutions

    2 months ago

    Hopefully it doesn’t come transmission recalls because of the turbo

  29. frankpaul3204


    2 months ago

    The interior is already outdated. It’s the same as the RDX. Cmon Acura this is lazy.

    • David Zambrano

      David Zambrano

      2 months ago

      If you dont like it why are you here

  30. Randy Li

    Randy Li

    3 months ago

    test drove a 2019 rdx last weekend. Car is seriously amazing, accelerates and handles like a sports car.

  31. boostedmaniac


    3 months ago

    At 12:20 Acura knows their clientele with the uppa baby stroller. But this still might not fit my stokke baby stroller.

  32. Brandon Hansen

    Brandon Hansen

    3 months ago

    Can't wait to trade my 14 MDX in for this!!! 2 more weeks!

    • Arlis Krasniqi

      Arlis Krasniqi

      2 months ago

      huh jobs, but

    • Omer Fejza

      Omer Fejza

      2 months ago


  33. Pendelton King

    Pendelton King

    3 months ago

    Please bring back the angled dash design like the first-generation NSX had into your model lineup.

  34. OCD HD

    OCD HD

    3 months ago

    For $70k...ehhh not impressed.

  35. علی حیدری

    علی حیدری

    3 months ago


  36. Isaac James Tea

    Isaac James Tea

    3 months ago

    Damn wish they had al this for the current RDX

  37. Syrian Recipes

    Syrian Recipes

    3 months ago


  38. The Father

    The Father

    3 months ago

    We’ve had 3. Wife’s primary car. All 3 had horrible transmissions, which Honda is known for. They don’t break, they just suck. They can’t figure out the tune. We still love them. Hopefully they’ll do better on the “in house 10speed”. I drove it today fir first time in a while. Pulling out of my driveway I’m like, oh yeah, transmission still sucks...

  39. قناة العاب

    قناة العاب

    3 months ago

    السلام وعليكم إخوني في الله أرجو منكم أن تشتريكو في قناتي أنشر فيها جميع أنواع العاب الرائعة رابط قناتي.

  40. Anger61


    3 months ago

    Holy crap, the Type S will be a beast! What an awesome vehicle!

  41. STEEL SCRAP Kingdom

    STEEL SCRAP Kingdom

    3 months ago

    Better than any Tesla

  42. STEEL SCRAP Kingdom

    STEEL SCRAP Kingdom

    3 months ago

    Lotta ppl really like this car Much better than any VW PRODUCT!!!

  43. Jim Franklin

    Jim Franklin

    3 months ago

    We used to think the MDX was the best car on the road we bought one back in 2000 for my wife she fell in love with it and that's all she ever wanted from then on the next four cars we bought we're MDX but the last one we bought mysteriously kept losing oil and I got on ACURA and there was almost everybody else that had one was also having that problem to losing oil we kept waiting for them to recall them to fix it and they claimed there was no problem bull shit So know we would never Owen one again thanks Accra

  44. Brad Wolf

    Brad Wolf

    3 months ago

    Is liom Acura. - Eugene Kwok

  45. jose garcia

    jose garcia

    3 months ago

    I don’t get why cars are 2022 before 2022 why does that happen? They release 2021 but are called 2022? How does that make sense or is there a reason for that?

  46. Osceola Ma’at

    Osceola Ma’at

    3 months ago

    I was brought here by a miss click

  47. D 20

    D 20

    3 months ago

  48. Marvin Villada

    Marvin Villada

    3 months ago

    2022? Wow I was expecting the 2023. Waste of time.

  49. Possible Games

    Possible Games

    3 months ago

    *Literally any other car company* WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!!

  50. Excalibur


    3 months ago

    Please do a mdx type r to take on x5m

  51. Aldo V.

    Aldo V.

    3 months ago

    I've Never Smiled or been So Excited & Anxious about a Car ever in my Life until i seen this..I Feel like I am going to be in this Vehicle when the Type S comes out Cant Wait! Faith & Patience.

  52. Thomas MacGruber

    Thomas MacGruber

    3 months ago

    Looks like a2015 Mazda

  53. Bazán 04

    Bazán 04

    3 months ago

    We gotta give this round to Acura. Sorry Lexus.

  54. Tony Nazir

    Tony Nazir

    3 months ago

    I am in sales in va. let me know if some like to buy. Thanks

  55. Ricardo Moran

    Ricardo Moran

    3 months ago

    Oraaaa y cuanto quieren!?

  56. Kelly Adams

    Kelly Adams

    3 months ago

    That Type S thoooooo 😍

  57. R4ZR Hunter

    R4ZR Hunter

    3 months ago

    The interior is like Lamborghini urus with like Mercedes lighting

  58. Bozhidar Petrov

    Bozhidar Petrov

    3 months ago

    Japan and Korea are the real automakers. Good job! Genesis, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, Toyota Crown

  59. Roman Makarov

    Roman Makarov

    3 months ago

    тест драйв ACURA MDX 2020 Подписывайтесь👍

  60. shyenne gilzean

    shyenne gilzean

    3 months ago

    Love acura and honda

  61. Mohammad A Wadud

    Mohammad A Wadud

    3 months ago

    acura is just a fancy honda and also none of their cars offer a v8 which is downright cheap and honda like. but i do like mdx interior not bad of a fancy honda then

  62. Globery Gokker

    Globery Gokker

    3 months ago

    Boy that’s cap

  63. THE


    3 months ago

    Bring back the OG the Acura L E G E N D$$



    3 months ago

    My dad had a 2001 Acura mdx

  65. castYOUTUBE intoHELLFIRE


    3 months ago

    Believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 🤍🖤🤎💜

  66. Gregory Davis

    Gregory Davis

    3 months ago

    Don’t cancel RLX.... please

  67. Daniel Vieira

    Daniel Vieira

    3 months ago

    When do Acura, comes to Europe?

  68. Tune 2GR 3is

    Tune 2GR 3is

    3 months ago

    If the new MDX is still using the same 9AT, just throw the whole car away. That transmission is just pure garbage.

  69. Jonathan Baum

    Jonathan Baum

    3 months ago

    Was the switch in air flow direction intentional?

  70. David Bern

    David Bern

    3 months ago

    That front end is atrocious

    • JediFarce


      2 months ago

      The 2001 has a better looking front end

  71. pidoka809


    3 months ago

    Good buy in 3-4 years... Lol @ $60k

  72. Isalwaysgolden2


    3 months ago

    Please make a TLX with a Sportback/hatchback. ITS GONNA CHANGE THE LUXURY CAR DIVISION GAME FOREVER !!

  73. Dolart


    3 months ago

    I had a 1990 Acura Legend, the best car I ever own.. Today I have a 2012 MDX and a 2010 Toyota Highlander... Toyota the best! Never a problem... MDX, many technical problems, and fast depreciation. Acura used to be the best, no any more.

  74. Garrett Giuffre

    Garrett Giuffre

    3 months ago

    Blacked out windshield standard?🙏😉

  75. Garrett Giuffre

    Garrett Giuffre

    3 months ago


  76. Garrett Giuffre

    Garrett Giuffre

    3 months ago

    The new RDX was a fantastic performancing and handling vehicle will be excited to see what the MDX and RDX Type S will have to offer!👌

  77. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia Kibera

    3 months ago

    The chez rocker mix on ACURA

  78. loyal4 the way

    loyal4 the way

    3 months ago

    Low reliability

  79. ThatCarGuy 17

    ThatCarGuy 17

    3 months ago

    The current MDX looks a lot better. The new one just looks like a more aggressive Mazda CX-9 even tho this is based on the a pilot.

  80. OB


    3 months ago

    The interior is light years ahead of the current 2020. Well done.

  81. Nenett Ramsarran

    Nenett Ramsarran

    3 months ago

    02/02/2021. It will be available for sale.

  82. Geraldine Guthrie

    Geraldine Guthrie

    3 months ago

    I don’t have Alexa or AT&T. Will the iPhone 12 Pro w/Verizon work?

    • xray40Gamez


      3 months ago

      Apple CarPlay isn’t a service provider type thing all iPhones i think above the 6 can do Apple CarPlay

  83. Geraldine Guthrie

    Geraldine Guthrie

    3 months ago

    Working with a dealer to get the 2022 Acura MDX.

  84. J S

    J S

    3 months ago

    Back to luxury Acura!

  85. gazon moto headz

    gazon moto headz

    3 months ago

    Lies lies lies engine not bad transmission garbage reliability is a joke

  86. btgamble2249


    3 months ago

    Will the new MDX have heads-up display similar to the current RDX?

  87. Oyeolsakin


    3 months ago

    Love this new MDX. Really good eye candy in and out. It has stiff competition though. The new GV80 in particular. And perhaps the new QX 60, whenever that comes out. RX in its current form is not really in the game, except for Lexus die hard.

  88. Mark Carrasca

    Mark Carrasca

    3 months ago

    I love that Acura brought back Catalin Matei, who designed the 2001 Acura MDX which won the North American Truck of the Year Award.

  89. Joshua


    3 months ago

    and i’ll never be able to afford it

  90. KK2891


    3 months ago

    The digital gauge cluster looks generic compared to its competitors. It needs more spice

  91. Fire Heart

    Fire Heart

    3 months ago

    Damn, it looks better than gv80 in my personal opinion:

  92. amos saint fleur

    amos saint fleur

    3 months ago

    Getting one only issue i have that it’s not touch screen.

  93. vntmusics


    3 months ago

    I still like my 2020 mdx. It has 2 screens! :)

  94. Neil Gillespie

    Neil Gillespie

    3 months ago

    My 2007 Acura MDX gen 2 is still running like a champ at 151,000 miles. Very little maintenance needed. I just follow the maintenance schedule. Nothing else ever happened. This new one looks like a beauty.

  95. Suren Xavier

    Suren Xavier

    3 months ago

    Still rocking my 2003 MDX! 200K miles, and still drives like a brand new SUV! The engine is buttery. The cabin is still mint, and the cowhide feels amazing.



    3 months ago

    honda power

  97. Mike M

    Mike M

    3 months ago

    Nice looking truck but still doesn’t make enough power I don’t understand why you use the same motor at least turbo charger or supercharger..I was looking forward to new truck but not anymore I think I’ll buy another BMW

  98. Aret Zelli

    Aret Zelli

    3 months ago

    Great, but important questions: will the LCAs be stamped steel again or forged aluminum? Will the crash safety be best in class? Will the transmission handle it?

  99. Ibil Syahbani

    Ibil Syahbani

    3 months ago

    Wow so cool great one honda!

  100. Nathan Jay

    Nathan Jay

    3 months ago

    Did they fix the fucking headlights?