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JOHN DEERE is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with its iconic yellow deer, the symbol of HARD WORK! But did you know their tractors and farm equipment have been helping the world for nearly 200 years?! Join James as he plows the fields of John Deere’s long history. From the Model D and 110, to Gator 6x4 and beyond. And by “beyond”, I mean farmers fighting for the right to repair their JOHN DEERE tractors which could change the nature of farming forever.

►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
02:28 Plowlogue
04:14 First Deere
07:15 Hay and Snow
12:20 Gator Aid
15:05 Right to Repair
17:30 Modern Venison

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  1. poot111111


    Year ago

    Does anyone else actually agree with John Deere regarding right to fix?

    • Eickholt Farms

      Eickholt Farms

      4 days ago


    • Fuck You

      Fuck You

      8 days ago

      No as someone who fixes everything themselves and being mostly qualified to do so I don’t think that is fair because most farmers know what they are doing when they have experience with older tractors at least

    • indigoransome


      12 days ago


    • Jozef Roman

      Jozef Roman

      26 days ago


    • HeadGlitch


      3 months ago

      No lmao. None of the farmers around me will buy new tractors because theyve spent their entire lives repairing them and refuse to change.

  2. OnFullBlast


    14 hours ago

    No ketchup

  3. Guillermo Martinez

    Guillermo Martinez

    Day ago

    John Deere should pay there workers fairly #johndeereStrike

  4. felix furz

    felix furz

    4 days ago

    17:20 the greatest crossover of all time EVER 😂😂😂

  5. David Brennan

    David Brennan

    4 days ago

    Yall gotta stop obsessing over post malone he not even that good smh xD

  6. Dean Farmer

    Dean Farmer

    5 days ago

    0:07 And my Dad says screw that because he has fixed his Deere himself several times.

  7. Subzero


    6 days ago

    Software shouldn't be anywhere near a car or a tractor in my opinion.

  8. Fuck You

    Fuck You

    8 days ago

    We use a rzr for towing and pushing our drag cars around

  9. Kyle Kalmbach

    Kyle Kalmbach

    8 days ago

    I enjoy how happy doing accents makes you

  10. D B

    D B

    10 days ago

    This one of the reasons computerization is wrong.

  11. Western Gun Guy

    Western Gun Guy

    11 days ago

    Case is better than John deere

  12. jack_is_not_so_kool


    11 days ago

    The first thing I see clicking on this video was a John deer add 💀

  13. Vihree Linja

    Vihree Linja

    11 days ago

    Valmet is the only tractor to have

  14. Charvin


    11 days ago

    I would like to know what the current situation on this matter is.

  15. Sebastian Cowgill

    Sebastian Cowgill

    12 days ago

    The amount of puns in this video

  16. Adrian Redden

    Adrian Redden

    14 days ago

    No kietchep

  17. James Watkins

    James Watkins

    15 days ago

    Watching this whilst in field in a John Deere

  18. Kenneth Beard

    Kenneth Beard

    17 days ago

    Dude, your in depth knowledge of deere co. Is freaking awesome.

  19. Logan Work

    Logan Work

    20 days ago

    International Harvester Baby!!!

  20. Christian


    20 days ago

    It's easy, just don't buy it anymore. Once the right to repair is gone it's easy for them to make their products so it breaks after a few years. And of course they'll increase their repair prices too. Just like in the phone market it will be part of their revenue model

  21. Heyo it's sky

    Heyo it's sky

    21 day ago

    We have a old 4630

  22. ced ed

    ced ed

    22 days ago

    The receptive cold spatially heal because violet especially hunt around a testy james. nosy, damp purple

  23. Desiderium


    22 days ago

    I love getting Gator flashbacks

  24. Cody Rsling

    Cody Rsling

    22 days ago

    My grandad tried explaining to me about a John Deer farm embargo in the mid 90’s.. he said something about because of a computers he needs to have a semi come to the farm and pick up the tractor whenever something had to be changed(he meant fixed, he’s old German and English wasn’t good).. the next year he sold everything he owned John deer(clothing included) and started driving Case/new Holland.

  25. James IV

    James IV

    23 days ago

    Of course freaken Apple shows up! That being said, I ended up working about a year on a farm, drove almost everything they owned (except their big enclosed tractor sadly), and not 1 was a John Deer. I was almost heart broken.

  26. iCost


    24 days ago

    Thank you very much for more knowledge, appreciate it 👍👌👍

  27. slacko 1971

    slacko 1971

    24 days ago

    I'm not a farmer but wouldn't the solution be to just not buy a John Deere, vote with your feet.

  28. henry vondra

    henry vondra

    24 days ago

    I live in moline and it’s pronounced like moleen Ik it’s weird just anted to let u know:)

  29. Michael Stockdale

    Michael Stockdale

    24 days ago

    You might think Bill Gates is getting into farming with all this computer geek stuff? Oh! Wait! HE IS!!!! Maybe John Deere is taking some lessons from Mr. Gates? THAT"S NOT GOOD.

  30. Kitsune Brewer

    Kitsune Brewer

    25 days ago

    I got a John Deere ad on this video.....

  31. Chicken Noodles

    Chicken Noodles

    25 days ago

    Should he be talking about this I live near the place john deer was founded.

  32. Jozef Roman

    Jozef Roman

    26 days ago

    Pls keep the voice on same level... don't scream.

  33. That blonde guy 3

    That blonde guy 3

    27 days ago

    John Deere basically owns all of down town Moline. John D. Basically made the downtown area nice to be in and their meuseum is pretty cool. My dad worked for J.D. and told me all about this and I was floored. Side note- your pronunciation of Moline is slightly off; Moe lean is how is closer.

  34. Bob Williams

    Bob Williams

    28 days ago

    What about Case ih

  35. Bob Williams

    Bob Williams

    28 days ago

    What about Case ih

  36. Jm Leary

    Jm Leary

    28 days ago

    I thought I was the only guy that had the POP UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS song as my ring tone. Makes sense for James to have it as well though 😆 lol

  37. Zombie Dreams

    Zombie Dreams

    29 days ago

    Well then if it breaks down they'll buy it back not trade for another one and that will stop all the shenanigans

  38. CJ Bell

    CJ Bell

    29 days ago

    I think Kubota secretly funds John Deere's efforts to rip farmers off.

  39. Doug K.

    Doug K.

    Month ago

    Self driving ag implements are decades old. JD is screwing people.

  40. Piper


    Month ago

    Here's my spicy take; Either give customers the right to repair, or repair their items at no cost to them. What's that? That's an outlandish demand? Well so is telling people they can't fix their own property, ya bitchhhhhhhhhhh

  41. Vladimir Matev

    Vladimir Matev

    Month ago

    James there’s a piece of shit behind you

  42. Mike B. Pyro

    Mike B. Pyro

    Month ago

    Please fire your sound engineer and hire someone who understands the concept of peak limits.

  43. Lankford production

    Lankford production

    Month ago

    hay is dried up grass

  44. jim g

    jim g

    Month ago

    Don't see why this is such a fucking problem for lawmakers to fix. If a person buys something. They own it. Not the fucking manufacturer. Make a law preventing manufacturers from having a repair monopoly. Done and done. Same as the damn copyright shit for cars. Unless your being paid to show up bc you own a replica there is no infringement. Fuck big business.

  45. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewski

    Month ago

    The fantastic software constitutively clip because bengal booly embarrass against a rude icebreaker. squeamish, obsequious asparagus

  46. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewski

    Month ago

    The loving bandana alternately knock because oatmeal independently cause atop a tidy statistic. cloudy, immense ruth

  47. I D K who knew?

    I D K who knew?

    Month ago

    Soft ware unless the Farmer is Tec smart They could not Make Changes or Repair The software.. Deer should be able to Call up That Tractor an its Codes, with out the Farmer taking in for software Repairs and codes Maybe. Again Farmers are the Cheap Whores on a Dead end Street..

  48. Irak Marin

    Irak Marin

    Month ago

    I need dirve a bit tractor NOW!

  49. Play'n an Game'n

    Play'n an Game'n

    Month ago

    Lamo imagine if they all just stop buying and using John deer tractors

  50. David Biacsi

    David Biacsi

    Month ago

    Make with Case

  51. Layton99


    Month ago

    You should do one on Polaris

  52. Z06Doc


    Month ago

    Stop buying their shit. Period

  53. Andrew Toth

    Andrew Toth

    Month ago

    Twinings Tea has used the same logo - capitalized font beneath a lion crest - continuously for 227 years, making it the world's oldest unaltered logo in continuous use.

  54. MrWolf


    Month ago

    Right to repair? Laughs in Mtz 82

  55. Barbara


    Month ago

    Massy, new holand> John deer

  56. Iain Thomlinson

    Iain Thomlinson

    Month ago

    Does American cars not come with adjustable steering wheels as standard? Jeez.

  57. Lance S

    Lance S

    Month ago

    So Waterloo Boy Tractor started the (John Deere) green and yellow 4:50

  58. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewski

    Month ago

    The befitting hydrofoil revealingly prick because bail currently amuse without a periodic resolution. short, dear game

  59. Esox Masquinongy

    Esox Masquinongy

    Month ago

    Why would I pay 500k for permission to use a combine

  60. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown

    Month ago

    You know...easy way to fix that "right to fix" issue?...force those types of manufacturers to implement something like an OBD2 for the auto general it is impossible to modify a stock automotive computer but you are allowed to read codes and clear or reset those codes...if John Deer and other businesses followed the auto industry then all you would need to deal with are the business like Tesla and their monopoly on replacement parts

  61. Shane Brashear3

    Shane Brashear3

    Month ago

    surprised john deere and apple didnt offer buyers an option to have their product free to repair... for an extra fee on top of the cost of the product. buy a tractor? wanna repair it whe and how you want without asking the company? ok, buy this emancipation contract that limits your warranty but lets you fix whatever you want for let saaaay and extra 30k. want a macbook that you can do whatever you want with? ok pay an extra 500$ seems like the perfect thing for huge companies to do to get more money out of people

  62. Mike Dooly

    Mike Dooly

    Month ago

    No. If you bought it then you get to fix it or fuck it up yourself.

  63. Fabbricato Personareale

    Fabbricato Personareale

    Month ago

    It's "mo-leen"

  64. Kaden Whiteaker

    Kaden Whiteaker

    Month ago

    Dude my grandpa is the manager of a Sydenstrickers, temporarily managed Moscow Mills Sydenstrickers and is also the parts manager, you can literally fucking buy parts there and replace it yourself. And also I've watched a dude replace a coupler bearing there after someone wanted him to at the warehouse, it took him 15 minutes and is very reasonably priced. I made 170 dollars mowing in Curryville Sydenstrickers, and they are not that restrictive on right to repair. Complain about how they don't care about their workers.

  65. Gabe Olson-Jensen

    Gabe Olson-Jensen

    Month ago

    That’s why I’m a IH guy.

  66. Logan Morris

    Logan Morris

    Month ago

    I'm glad to see West Virginia my own state fighting against them

  67. Arms


    Month ago

    I love tractors and tractor history. Please do more of these about the other companies at some point. Thanks for the show.

  68. Hank P

    Hank P

    Month ago

    Unless your leasing the tractor it's your fucking property

  69. Uncle Bullfrog

    Uncle Bullfrog

    Month ago

    With all the electronics and sophisticated hydraulics it pays to NOT dick around with any of it....let the dealer look after it. Otherwise it could all turn to custard and cost a lot of expensive down time. The driver/operator is the expert operating the gear, the systems are best left to the JD mechanics/technicians.

  70. PatrickESpecht


    Month ago

    Hey Donut; check out International Harvester! They made trucks AND farm equipment. Keep at it.

  71. Mr Mohammed Rahman

    Mr Mohammed Rahman

    Month ago

    Me watching this video Also me :is that a vr6

  72. James Cole

    James Cole

    Month ago

    If I buy it damnit I’m going to fix it myself. I can’t believe this is even a thing. If I end up breaking it then that’s my problem.

  73. Daniel marcel Ruest

    Daniel marcel Ruest

    Month ago

    John deer also has 50 years of woodsman experience in machinery , loaders , skiders , my dad worked all his life as a lumberjack , the brand he all ways used , was john deer , I learnt at 13 on a 540 c , working with my dad.

  74. Chrispy _Chiken

    Chrispy _Chiken

    Month ago

    I just realized that without jon froilic there wouldn't be lamborghini

  75. Johnathan Hropic

    Johnathan Hropic

    Month ago

    I wonder how may sales JD will loose because of this. Surly it opens the door for competition. Or has the Gov shut that down too?

  76. Emil Holmsten

    Emil Holmsten

    Month ago

    The answer is YES! Of course the farmers should be able to fix their own tractors... john deere just lost me as a customer

  77. Alec


    Month ago


  78. Toddlls


    Month ago

    Well I'll never buy a John Deere EVER!! They can as we Aussies say...... Can Bugger right off

  79. None None

    None None

    Month ago

    John Deere and other tech companies are literally biting the hand that feeds them!

  80. Aaden Kutzner

    Aaden Kutzner

    2 months ago

    When youre out in the field harvesting and your deere takes a shit it needs to be harvested asap you dont have time for a god damn deere technition to come spend an hour fixing it and getting at the problem only to do a half ass job and charge you half the harvest profit

  81. Alceid Channel

    Alceid Channel

    2 months ago

    How bout japanese tractors

  82. Johnathan Kozloff

    Johnathan Kozloff

    2 months ago

    If only Apple new what Linux users do with Mac books

  83. MeerKat73


    2 months ago

    When the bale ejected I passed out of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣 idfk why that's funny to me, it seems so unnatural🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Jason Darsh

    Jason Darsh

    2 months ago

    We had an 8430, so cool

  85. Pao de Pota

    Pao de Pota

    2 months ago

    Basically, the bale ejector was just garand ping for farmers.

  86. Jason Groom

    Jason Groom

    2 months ago

    It should also be noted that clearing the codes can be done with a can sniffer and a laptop. As for emissions, the reason they don't want to screwing with that is because there is an element in the exhaust that gets far hotter than anything in your car or truck to burn off trapped particulates. When it was being designed and we were testing it, we had several fires develop just because he a few leaves around that element. The fact that it is such a delicate balance has why they don't want you anywhere near emissions

  87. Jason Groom

    Jason Groom

    2 months ago

    I worked for Deere as a software engineer when this was reaching the height of the problem. This issue was done by design. It was known long before the first tractor with these issues was built, that they were planning on going against right to repair. This was on the 7000, 8000 and 9000 series big tractors built in Waterloo Iowa. I have never felt so dirty doing my work than when I was helping to build these things.

  88. c.e. rouse

    c.e. rouse

    2 months ago

    17:21 This brought me so much joy!😂😂😂

  89. 넥타Nectar


    2 months ago

    I can imagine the rage a farmer must have having to either hire a towing company to bring a semi to tow there huge Deere or spend an hour or so loading it up onto their own semi to drive it 3 hours away to the nearest shop to get their Deere fixed when they could've done it in an hour in the barn. Plus the costs with the wear and tear and fuel for the truck

  90. Max Harter

    Max Harter

    2 months ago

    Do a case ih up to speed

  91. FenceFX


    2 months ago

    John Deere is just the Apple of the Farming World

  92. Dave Schumer

    Dave Schumer

    2 months ago

    Moline (/moʊˈliːn/ moh-LEEN)

  93. Javen Tesla

    Javen Tesla

    2 months ago

    There is a whole grey/black market industry now because of right to repair. Many farmers in my area will pay a one time cost to 'illegally' modify the equipment to enable them to work on their own equipment again. John Deere charges a minimum of $250-$300 to send a technician out, even if he's there just 5min. So paying someone $500-$1000 one time to modify equipment/software vs the cost of John Deere tech + the overall cost of the downtime is actually a great deal to the farmer. Even though it's generated me quite a bit of business I'd still much prefer a legit right to repair method. It still feels great to help the farmers out while sticking it to John Deere's pure greed driven business model and other companies that practice this BS.

  94. Dylan Garrison

    Dylan Garrison

    2 months ago

    It’s pronounced mo-leen Illinois

  95. N L

    N L

    2 months ago

    Right to repair shouldn’t even be an argument but because the government lets lobbying bastards control them, it’s gotten ridiculous. Same with Apple.

  96. Raymond J

    Raymond J

    2 months ago


  97. Raymond J

    Raymond J

    2 months ago

    DOES ANYONE REMEMBER FARM AID IN THE EARLY 80s ??? I remember it playing on the radio for days i was just a kid lol.

  98. Flashy Manx

    Flashy Manx

    2 months ago

    I still love your golf

  99. Marek Kołodziejak

    Marek Kołodziejak

    2 months ago

    I am a driver and I don't want or need to change my car's engine characteristic - I need to be able to choose where to repair it when it breaks, that is all! My insurance too mobilize me to not to change anything on the engine's characteristic, so it is a bollock - not a n argument... And if their equipment use GPS, than it can use the Internet to link remotely with their software to check if repair shop did proper repair or not - another talkingpoint dismissed... They picked wrong way to make money and it will kick them back with good competition.

  100. ik


    2 months ago

    Should have stick to Nuffield