Land Rover Defender | Unique Status Piece

We review the 2021 Land Rover Discovery and the huge amount of engineering. It is rare for something to have this level of character and capability while also trying to capture an old way of doing things. While there are other products like the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Prado or 4Runner, the Discovery is definitely unique.

00:00 - 00:50
00:50 - 6:05 Interior Impressions, Technology, Seats and Audio Testing
6:05 - 14:13 Mechanical Impressions, Body Structure, and Suspension
14:13 - 21:31 Driving Impressions
21:31 Final Thoughts


  1. Mirwais Rahin

    Mirwais Rahin

    Month ago

    Not talking about reliability. Lol.

  2. hellodzheng00


    Month ago

    So the seats DON'T absorb farts? .... no thanks.

  3. Just Saying

    Just Saying

    Month ago

    I have not read any comments, when I stubbled across this channel I liked it, but I just searched the Defender and came back to this channel from results. Now I have had 4 beers and I am in Lockdown but why does this duo not work for me. In this new world do we have to be PC with everything or should we just have mates talking abut a car. Do you know what I mean?

  4. James Buckey

    James Buckey

    2 months ago

    It seems asinine to build an unreliable wilderness vehicle but I’m probably missing the point

  5. Cyr Media

    Cyr Media

    2 months ago

    You have some confusing explanations. Does it have a electric traction motor like a hybrid that you say gives it another 100 hp? Or are you just talking about the electric supercharger that is set up before a regular turbo charger?

  6. RSalami


    3 months ago

    my volve xc 90 also had 2 super charger leaks, they bought it back. superchargers from oem have issues

    • RSalami


      3 months ago


    • RSalami


      3 months ago

      i have the paperwork, they replaced the origns and stuff and failed their own smoke test

  7. Callum Standish

    Callum Standish

    3 months ago

    So many liters of stowage 😍

  8. adolfo sandoval

    adolfo sandoval

    3 months ago

    Land cruiser or defender????

  9. Centuri0n


    4 months ago

    this exterior design is going to age very poorly. It already looks like something from 06

  10. jeffone2nv


    4 months ago

    It’s all organic food you’re eating 🤮lol 😂

  11. petayV8


    5 months ago

    V8 one next pls 😁

  12. Cole Chapman

    Cole Chapman

    5 months ago

    This is going to be super helpful driving up speed bumps in a Bloomingdales parking lot

  13. J Mack

    J Mack

    5 months ago

    Man, that thing was loud in the cabin when you were driving…

  14. Signet


    5 months ago

    G550 still waiting 🙏

  15. T C

    T C

    6 months ago

    They lost me at this thing had issues that were improved...for the 1st owner So at the most 30k Hmm

  16. Princip Warehouse

    Princip Warehouse

    7 months ago

    I wish they had used real units for their descriptions, like I'm supposed to know what a liter or millimeter is.



      5 months ago

      You got a 2 liter of coke in your house? Half is a liter. Millimeter is tip of a pencil.

  17. Firestarter


    7 months ago

    Is the balloon an off road recovery vehicle for stranded Land Rover owners?

  18. Robert Ashley

    Robert Ashley

    7 months ago

    In 20 years, 99.9% of Defenders will be in the junkyard because they are too expensive to repair. Meanwhile, a good portion of the "primitive" JL Wranglers will still be on the road, albeit with many repairs and modifications. And the Land Cruiser 70 will still be in production, virtually unchanged except for perhaps an electric powertrain. Land Rover succeeded in making a second Discovery and attaching a famous name plate. It is optimized for the rich to go mall crawling, and maybe a once in a lifetime trip to see a national park while staying at nice hotel nearby. Nobody in their right mind would overland this thing unless they had a certified JLR mechanic following along in a second vehicle, preferably a Jeep or Toyota that can take them back to civilization if the Defender is unrepairable.

  19. Tom Drummy

    Tom Drummy

    7 months ago

    what’s the storage thing on the side for? Spare replacement parts? Not big enough

  20. D R

    D R

    7 months ago

    Jeep Wrang-gle-ler-er

  21. D R

    D R

    7 months ago

    Did it catch fire or break down at all during the shoot?

  22. projectNERV


    7 months ago

    What a piece of junk.

  23. Race Bannon

    Race Bannon

    7 months ago

    Absolute junk. If you like any Land Rover product, lease do not purchase as it will see the service department frequently.

  24. Aleks U

    Aleks U

    7 months ago

    20:14 That reaction was visceral... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

  25. 上善若水


    7 months ago

    95% of land Rover from 10 years ago are still out there, the other 5% made it home.

  26. 上善若水


    7 months ago

    It sounds amazing, great technology and car, but I will still choose a land cruiser......

  27. Fred


    7 months ago

    Endless money pit

  28. Robert Beyer

    Robert Beyer

    7 months ago

    Blah, Blah, Blah... 95% of these will never a National Park, let alone an off-road trail. This thing is a costume for rich white suburbanites.

  29. test box

    test box

    7 months ago

    what is different between this and disco? just look ?

  30. Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones

    7 months ago

    Questionably named "Urban Package"

  31. Austin H

    Austin H

    8 months ago

    The off-roader for the person who doesn’t offroad but wants to look like they do

  32. Chad Hanson

    Chad Hanson

    8 months ago

    Not near as fun as a Jeep Wrangler you can buy for $35k and after 100k miles and 7 years you can sell for $26k You loose as much driving this off the lot as daily driving a wrangler for 7 years!

  33. Luca Gattoni-Celli

    Luca Gattoni-Celli

    8 months ago

    Glad you mentioned how loud it was because man, it sure seems that way in the audio!

  34. cbcsmithers


    8 months ago

    3:21 Hello stock footage of Pittsburgh Whole Foods!

  35. Catbeat Brigade

    Catbeat Brigade

    8 months ago

    That’s some hot hot garbage

  36. Muzz Milk

    Muzz Milk

    8 months ago

    If you think a warranty is the answer to reliability issues clearly you have never had to drive a rental unit for months at a time while a LR dealer has your vehicle. Absolutely a clown comment to make when justifying the LR reliability issue.

  37. Tim Paddy

    Tim Paddy

    8 months ago

    Definitely the least ugly Land Rover in decades

  38. spishco


    8 months ago

    Nice Depeche Mode sample off the top.

  39. Taco Cruiser

    Taco Cruiser

    8 months ago

    TFL bought one of these for their channel and it was a disaster.

  40. FutbolPro101


    8 months ago

    If you want to go into the Jungle , drive a Land Rover. But if you want to be able to come out of it, drive a Land Cruiser.

  41. Beach Boy

    Beach Boy

    8 months ago

    Greatest comeback in history 🙌

  42. Bumba Clat

    Bumba Clat

    8 months ago

    Say what you will this car is a beast and seriously great to drive

  43. Bumba Clat

    Bumba Clat

    8 months ago

    Great review, really interesting. The Tech Beat issues are cool af

  44. Brian Gaudette

    Brian Gaudette

    8 months ago

    That fart almost totaled the Car. Bravo

  45. Adam Boyle

    Adam Boyle

    8 months ago

    Jack should legit be a voice actor or news anchor

  46. Kuddlesworth NA

    Kuddlesworth NA

    8 months ago

    "People you don't like or childred" so just people you don't like then.

  47. Kurt Muroki

    Kurt Muroki

    8 months ago

    what a fancy Honda Element... I prefer the Honda Element.

  48. colburn888


    8 months ago

    Can it handle months of midwest rock salt??

  49. WC Gettings

    WC Gettings

    8 months ago

    Thought that was the new bronco at first.

  50. Brian Frichette

    Brian Frichette

    8 months ago

    Jack finally earned himself a "Final Thoughts". Fantastic production as always.

  51. Kalombo Chilongoshi

    Kalombo Chilongoshi

    8 months ago

    Nambia??? 🤔

  52. William Kinn

    William Kinn

    8 months ago

    You would think that after all these years they would figure out how to build a reliable SUV. It is a fashion piece that should only be leased.

  53. the car wreck hunter

    the car wreck hunter

    8 months ago

    how much did Landrover pay you to make this commercial for them?

  54. Christian William

    Christian William

    8 months ago

    So I really enjoyed the review. Except the parts where you basically reverse judge the affluent for buying this. Who cares if Buffy & Muffy buy one to drive to their golf course? You sound ALMOST snarky in a ‘99% of people who buy this don’t need its skill set’ Let people buy whatever they want and don’t judge ‘em for liking what they like. I don’t want to say you sound jealous but you definitely came off like just because you’d take yours off-road you’re cooler than the affluent crowd who never would.

  55. Chris Carlton

    Chris Carlton

    8 months ago

    If Land Rover isn't concerned about the Bronco, they should be.

  56. Jus Ski

    Jus Ski

    8 months ago


  57. Tejan Patel

    Tejan Patel

    8 months ago

    However.. however.. however

  58. Trail Runnah

    Trail Runnah

    8 months ago

    I saw one of these the other day, the thing that most surprised me about it was that it wasn't on a rollback 😄

  59. fighter835


    8 months ago

    Every single one of these will be in the junkyard in 10 years time, they're pure unadulterated crap. I don't know about you guys and gals, but what I really want in a tough 4x4 is to get far away from civilization and promptly break down.

  60. J Sz

    J Sz

    8 months ago

    @4:02 My name is Mud.

  61. George Hugh

    George Hugh

    8 months ago

    Does it come with Land Rover's usual Shia LaBeouf-level of Reliability?

  62. George Hugh

    George Hugh

    8 months ago

    When did they suddenly start measuring space in liters? Did they make a pandemic stock-up at the package store?

  63. George Hugh

    George Hugh

    8 months ago

    What happened to the video section breaks?

  64. MotoBoy


    8 months ago

    No offense, but I hope you start reviewing more interesting cars. One's that get you interested, because they get us interested. Sort your videos from most popular to least and you'll see what I mean. Car guy stuff! That's what the people want....I think

    • MotoBoy


      8 months ago

      Probably not the best video to post this on, but still

  65. Tom Laurie

    Tom Laurie

    8 months ago

    So, a great vehicle for the effluent in Nambia?

  66. Seb


    8 months ago

    What Depeche Mode remix was that. Sounded like Stripped a little bit but the rest was new to me ears.

  67. schmoab


    8 months ago

    And the reliability on brand new ones is hilarious!

  68. nfgibson2


    8 months ago

    The dynamic with Jack has hit its stride. You guys got the formula right. Please don’t stop.

  69. Joolz1982


    8 months ago

    Now Stowage is that yr attempt to imitate our English accent :), or is that he only what Land Rover are calling Storage?! Ignore me it is a word! “Space for stowing something in”. @14:15 was really hoping you would suddenly run of the road for some off road action.

  70. rubikscub3


    8 months ago

    I’ll take a Land Cruiser, thank you!

  71. Cobra


    8 months ago

    I hear Depeche Mode.... I realize this is my shit right here

  72. whiteandnerdytuba


    8 months ago

    A discovery with more plastic and a higher profit margin. This competes with a discovery or velar far more than the wrangler

  73. Luca Gattoni-Celli

    Luca Gattoni-Celli

    8 months ago

    More polished but also more casual and punchy without losing what makes your stuff great.....keep experimenting, the big audience will join us soon!

  74. Luca Gattoni-Celli

    Luca Gattoni-Celli

    8 months ago

    Aspect ratio transition, slick!

  75. Luca Gattoni-Celli

    Luca Gattoni-Celli

    8 months ago

    Best intro yet, boys

  76. Nikephorus


    8 months ago

    Lemon Rover Defective

  77. Jonathan P

    Jonathan P

    8 months ago

    He bought a Volvo?

  78. Fidel Trujillo

    Fidel Trujillo

    8 months ago

    More like look forward to let it rip in one in the future.

  79. Jeacee


    8 months ago

    8:11 what a corny way to defend the land rover's terrible reliability lol "designed for the first owner".

  80. Suwaebu Ceesay

    Suwaebu Ceesay

    8 months ago

    Really "Nambia" couldn't even take time to learn the country's name properly.. Its called NAMIBIA....

  81. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson

    8 months ago

    I can't wait to see these all over Atlanta on 22s getting pulled onto the back of repo trucks

  82. Quinten Robinson

    Quinten Robinson

    8 months ago

    Vulfpeck, nice choice! 👌👌🎶

  83. Brad Poer

    Brad Poer

    8 months ago

    (Instantly spots Vulfpeck on the radio) Atta boy, Jack. Atta boy.

  84. hotchhh


    8 months ago

    Whole foods mode haha

  85. hotchhh


    8 months ago

    Can you guys review the old frontier with the 4.0?

  86. Mr. Bottomsly

    Mr. Bottomsly

    8 months ago

    This was an excellent video. I like the humor thrown in as well. Also, as mentioned earlier in the feed, the Whole Foods mode was hilarious. Cheers, with soy and lattes.

  87. Absolutely


    8 months ago

    No mention of the doodle? Seems like a goodest boye

  88. Mike Gill

    Mike Gill

    8 months ago

    You take a land Rover if you're going into the take a Land Cruiser if you want to come back

  89. Don C

    Don C

    8 months ago

    will it fit through a Starbucks drive-thru with that roof rack?

  90. Hector Laureano

    Hector Laureano

    8 months ago

    It baffles me, why you would buy this thing...

  91. Scott_T


    8 months ago

    I like how JLR took everything we ever loved about the original defender, and gave us something completely different.

    • A L

      A L

      5 months ago

      I thought that too but saw a Carwow video with them parked next to each other. They have surprisingly similar dimensions.

  92. Patrick Lawrence

    Patrick Lawrence

    8 months ago

    OK, i love you guys's reviews. they are always in-depth, thorough, and complete with both statistical information and your educated opinions. Your review of the Lexus ES was the capper for buying a 2020 for my wife and she loves it. But i had to comment on the reliability comment of 'its complitacted'. Cmon now...this thing is marketed, and is replacing a vehicle that is supposedly built to drive across the continent of Africa or Australia. To give the excuse that its 'complicated' as being one of the reasons that LRs breakdown sooooo quickly and easily is a huge cop-out IMHO. The guy who is known for doing such drives, Pierre White, drives older Land Cruisers and such because they are reliable and his are complicated too. People who do want a reliable car flock to things like the 4Runner. if JLR wants to build a more reliable vehicle, then spend the money in R&D, do the engineering work, and build it. All cars are complicated. How about taking 10% of that out of your products, and just make them last at least as long as the owner is paying off the note. And before someone says im a hater, i owned a Disco from 1995-1999 and loved it, until i didnt because the dayum thing started to do just what we all know LRs do...break, then break again, then break some more...i want to love this Discovery, but ill keep my paraphrase the joke, 'the LR got me there, my 4Runner ALWAYS gets me back'

  93. NMRH258


    8 months ago

    TFLCars died for Jaguar Land Rover's sins.

  94. SupercarSean


    8 months ago

    This has to be the most you can spend on a car and still end up with plastic rockers and bumper trim.

    • Orochi C

      Orochi C

      7 months ago

      Ram TRX is covered in plastic as well and costs a lot more.

  95. Billy Beheler

    Billy Beheler

    8 months ago

    Land Rovers are much better these days.....their reputation was ruined when BMW owned the company. Since they joined forces with Jaguar I think their much better, but that’s just my opinion. If I had the money I would have one in a heartbeat

  96. Michael A.

    Michael A.

    8 months ago

    Definitely a lease

  97. A T

    A T

    8 months ago

    Don’t value money, pretentious, obnoxious, and want everyone to know you’re arrogant? Buy a defender!

  98. ogkillla


    8 months ago

    You simply cannot beat the Durability, versatility, and reliability of a Body On Frame Construction. When it comes to Comparing this with a Wrangler, the Defender may be more comfortable On Road, but the Wrangler will easily outlast this ; Simple Non hybrid Engines , manual transmission, and front + rear Live Axles. Anyone that complains about the Wranglers driving characteristics is not the intended audience.

  99. Francisco Bastos

    Francisco Bastos

    8 months ago

    99.9 %. Confident about your statistics?

  100. Mr M

    Mr M

    8 months ago

    Oh man, that was a Jack Stink-a-pore special. Mark, you might want to look into investing in an Air by Microclimate.