Living LARGE in the 2021 Lincoln Navigator | CAR MOM TOUR

Finally got around to touring the highly requested 2021 Lincoln Navigator and WOW am I impressed! This luxury SUV is both stylish and functional.

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    Day ago

    Kelly must love losing money Lincoln is garbage they don’t last period. How many other Gen navigators do you see on the road ??? Very little. This new navigator has the areo dynamics of a tractor which makes since because ford lincoln is designed by 80 year old farmers

  2. jesi renee

    jesi renee

    Day ago

    Do the Hyundai palisade calligraphy

  3. JB3


    5 days ago

    Great info.. i appreciate this and love the Navi also.. will you please review the Dodge Durango??

  4. Life with Ari

    Life with Ari

    8 days ago

    I have a 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 I love love love my car! However my third row has no A:C vents. Currently pregnant with my fourth and my car would still be perfect to fit my new baby but no A/C makes it hard for my oldest son.

  5. Jun Wang

    Jun Wang

    10 days ago

    12:26 nice T

  6. Chelsea Mendoza

    Chelsea Mendoza

    10 days ago

    I’d love to see you review the Durango R/T! Super curious about the car seat space

  7. onepunch oldman

    onepunch oldman

    11 days ago

    Jaguar clone made by McDonald

  8. Van A

    Van A

    12 days ago

    Can you review grand Cherokee L.

  9. Yoo Toob

    Yoo Toob

    13 days ago

    I subscribed because of the hyperness in another video 🤣🤣

  10. Jessica Landrio

    Jessica Landrio

    16 days ago

    You nailed this review! I have the bucket seats in the middle and the center console has better cup holders. My biggest complaint is the screen. It feels dated and doesn’t have a way to save favorite phone numbers when using Bluetooth. My other car is a Wrangler and I like the Jeep screen and set up better even though it’s much smaller. It’s truly the most comfortable and nice to drive vehicle.

  11. Random Person

    Random Person

    18 days ago

    *Angry 5'4 noises* Fight me ! 😤😭

  12. kmd0629


    19 days ago

    You had me subbed at 6ft lol

  13. Michael Barrera

    Michael Barrera

    23 days ago

    The new dodge wagoneer please 🙏

  14. Joe


    25 days ago

    Ford Explorer please

    • The_Car_Mom


      25 days ago

      on the list!

  15. Xbox2PointO


    25 days ago

    She should do the 2022 Kia Cardinal

    • Xbox2PointO


      25 days ago

      @The_Car_Mom then you should do the 2020 Dodge Caravan

    • The_Car_Mom


      25 days ago

      I have the Carnival reviewed on my channel!

  16. Morgan DeRouen

    Morgan DeRouen

    26 days ago

    Lincoln Corsair!!!!!

  17. Irfan H

    Irfan H

    27 days ago

    I am still debating if I should go with bench or captain for the 2nd row. Any suggestions?

  18. BillieAnne Kennedy

    BillieAnne Kennedy

    Month ago

    Love all your videos! Thanks for your real life parent perspective. Can you review the NEW 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L that is coming out this month? It is the new 3rd row Jeep.

  19. Aidan Mitchem

    Aidan Mitchem

    Month ago

    Pls don't make fun of gm pls bc I got in a fight with my friend about that so ok

  20. Davina Patterson

    Davina Patterson

    Month ago

    Can you review the Jaguar F Pace?

  21. Chastity Elliott

    Chastity Elliott

    Month ago

    My mother in law has one of these and it is super nice!

  22. Jenny Smith

    Jenny Smith

    Month ago

    I actually just got one so far I am at 15.8mpg in the city stop go. Drove from Vegas to Salt Lake with 40mpg to go. You can program the back door to be opened with foot. Under the I opens the glass. For moms when you turn off the car it dings and reminds you to check rear occupants. Phone as a key is fabulous.

  23. Suenai Duncan

    Suenai Duncan

    Month ago

    I LIVE for your sass. Seriously. It gives a certain je nais se quois.

  24. loochiburr


    Month ago

    I'm a mom of 2! Can you please do the Mercedes GLE 53 Coupe?! I'm also 5'11 and I would love to see your opinion on it. Thank you!!!!

  25. Amy Bibby

    Amy Bibby

    Month ago

    I’ve got the Navigator with the trunk extended. Not sure if I have a lemon, but it has constantly had electrical and engine issues. Also the cup holder space and front pockets for driver are not spacious enough. The purse pocket isn’t deep enough everything slides out of that pocket into the leg space of the passenger and driver. Also the cup holders in the second row are weak and are totally in the way of the person sitting in the middle seat of the bench. But everything else you stated is totally true.

  26. Amber Parry

    Amber Parry

    Month ago

    Thanks for this thorough review!! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  27. Franco Porto

    Franco Porto

    Month ago

    LOL, super-sized SUV door not holding a super-sized coffe cup? DEAL BREAKER

  28. Sebastiana Bulfamante

    Sebastiana Bulfamante

    Month ago

    would love to see you review the escalade!

  29. Brittney Lauriat

    Brittney Lauriat

    Month ago

    Mazda CX-9 please : )

  30. adam81019


    Month ago

    Can you do a video on Mustang Mach-E?

  31. Carrie Barnes

    Carrie Barnes

    Month ago

    I’d love to see you review the Subaru Ascent!

  32. Ansley Wardlaw Jordan

    Ansley Wardlaw Jordan

    Month ago

    Infiniti QX80!!

  33. Kcramblett


    Month ago

    Ford Explorer - never mind found it on Instagram!

  34. Keylee San Miguel

    Keylee San Miguel

    Month ago

    Please do the 12+ passenger Vans

  35. Soie Silky

    Soie Silky

    Month ago

    Thank you Kelly!

  36. Amanda Valle

    Amanda Valle

    Month ago

    Would love to see a tour of the Volvo XC60. So curious about the trunk space and how it'll fit a stroller.

    • Jill


      24 days ago

      I have the Xc60 and the trunk space is amazing !

  37. Norm T

    Norm T

    Month ago

    Only $90K and no rear view mirror camera like GM offers in almost all SUVs today? Have you tried to drive with people's heads or cargo in the way? Third-row forward-facing convertible: There are no lower anchors in the third row, so we installed the convertible seat with the seatbelt, which was problem-free. Again, the fixed head restraint didn’t interfere with seat fitment. Three top tether anchors sit halfway down the third-row seatback, and they’re easy to see and use. Third row booster: The third row’s stable buckles should make it easy for kids to buckle up independently. The third row’s fixed head restraints are small, so they don’t impact how the booster sits against the seatback. The middle position’s buckle strap comes down from the ceiling, which blocks the driver’s view unless they have the Suburban’s available camera-based rearview mirror; this spot should be avoided otherwise.

  38. Kelly


    Month ago

    I'd love a review of the Mercedes GLS

  39. Abby Finkel

    Abby Finkel

    Month ago

    Please review the QX60! Very interesting in the redesign for 2022.

  40. Haden Fullam

    Haden Fullam

    Month ago

    Please do Honda Pilot!

  41. Ed Kaempf

    Ed Kaempf

    Month ago

    Good summary of the vehicle. I own a black 2021 Lincoln Navigator Reserve, with captain chairs in the middle row. The middle row console is huge, and contains two additional cupholders, which are at elbow height, so no need to reach down low. The rear gate also can be opened by waving your foot to either the left or right of the trailer hitch (i.e., in addition to the small buttons underneath the light bar). I test drove and examined the detailed reviews of the Navigator, BMW X7, and Mercedes GLS 580. IMHO (and the opinion of several motor magazines), the Navigator is the best luxury full-size SUV. It has more horsepower and torque, a faster 0 -60, much more storage, and more height. Yes, the BMW looks really nice inside, and the MBZ has a VR navigation system, but the Navigator has so much more.

    • Latoya O'Brien

      Latoya O'Brien

      29 days ago

      Did you look at the Yukon Denali before deciding? If so, what was the deal breaker?

  42. Stanton Taylor

    Stanton Taylor

    Month ago

    I've got a Navigator. Front row console: I give it a knock and you actually demonstrated why. The opening is smallish and the tray a little large. Combined with its orientation you have to remove it to gain reasonable access. The Navigator isn't an F150, but you don't do this is in an F150. It's not a reason to not buy a Navigator, but this should be redesigned.

  43. Catherine Mendez

    Catherine Mendez

    Month ago

    Could you do a review of the Subaru Forester? 😁

  44. Montenegro ZETA

    Montenegro ZETA

    Month ago

    This cars biggest problem is there is new Escalade.It looks outdated for 2021

  45. Amaya Miller

    Amaya Miller

    Month ago

    Can you do 2021 trailblazer! I’m looking into but not sure if a car seat with go best with it

  46. Phil Dandy

    Phil Dandy

    Month ago

    Range Rover LWB please!!

  47. Erica Lindberg

    Erica Lindberg

    Month ago

    Any chance for a Tahoe, Suburban or Traverse review soon??? 🤞🏻

  48. Melanie Pack

    Melanie Pack

    Month ago

    I love my Navigator. We got the Captains Chairs in the 2nd row since my kid’s don’t need a car seat or booster anymore and they enjoy the space between them. It’s an amazing car and goes quickly with its 450 Horsepowers. Was looking at the Cadillac first but definitely liked this one better.

  49. tricia constantaras

    tricia constantaras

    Month ago

    Mitsubishi Outlander !

  50. Siham Alhajri

    Siham Alhajri

    Month ago

    Can you please review Land Rover defender ☺️🙏

  51. hallieb119


    Month ago

    Can you review a Honda Pilot!

  52. Crystal Horne

    Crystal Horne

    Month ago

    Great review, as usual! I would love to see a Ford Explorer review please.

    • The_Car_Mom


      Month ago

      on the list!!

  53. Crystal Horne

    Crystal Horne

    Month ago

    Great review, as usual! I would love to see a Ford Explorer review please.

  54. Ali


    Month ago

    It will cost you a fortune to fix it after warranty end 👀

  55. Omid Riahi

    Omid Riahi

    Month ago

    First time I see that the size of the cup holder is a metric to choose a car!!! Bigger the cup holder the better the car

  56. Brandon Durias

    Brandon Durias

    Month ago

    Dad here can I get a review for the Infiniti QX80 please! Thank you

  57. Crystal Johnson

    Crystal Johnson

    Month ago

    Please do a dodge Durango

  58. drw1926


    Month ago

    Man that is absolutely gorgeous. Sadly it's well outside of our budget, but a low-mileage 3-year old unit coming off lease may be possible soon.

  59. Kelley Warner

    Kelley Warner

    Month ago

    Do a review of a Toyota Sequoia! 😍

  60. reneenayrba


    Month ago

    Do you have a video on the GLS?

  61. jbussure


    Month ago

    Can you do a video on the 2022 VW Taos?

  62. David Carroll

    David Carroll

    Month ago

    Yikes, $93k is more than I paid for my 2004 and 2012 Suburbans combined! Yes, it IS time for me to get another new one, but haven’t pulled the trigger because the ones I like are between 75 and 85. Both my old ones are still on the road and doing well with each well over 200,000 miles with the families that now own them.

  63. Maks Maks

    Maks Maks

    Month ago

    Nice vehicle

  64. Kate Waido

    Kate Waido

    Month ago

    I’d love to see a review of the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer GMC Yukon

  65. Lindsay Higgins

    Lindsay Higgins

    Month ago

    Any chance you could review older navigators and Escalades 2015-2019. Used cars are hot right now so trying to see what would be the best fit. Also, love that you are going to tap in to more cars. Maybe do some “dad” cars lol 😁 Also, really hoping these car designers will start calling you for advice. You’re thinking exactly what all of us moms are thinking. Where are the sun shades in these big cars? 🙄

  66. Bobbi Schlick

    Bobbi Schlick

    Month ago

    Jeep Grand Cherokee L!!

  67. Xochi Lona

    Xochi Lona

    Month ago

    Kelly is coming for us shorties😂😂😂

  68. marvin aviles

    marvin aviles

    Month ago

    As always, another awesome review. Keep it up. And yes, not everyone with kids drives an SUV or minivan so crossing over to sedans and trucks should definitely be on your to do list.

  69. Christian Olivares

    Christian Olivares

    Month ago

    love your videos so insightful for your next video can you do the new 2021 jeep grand cherokee L

  70. Courtney Turner

    Courtney Turner

    Month ago

    Built in sunshades?

  71. Louisa Assibi

    Louisa Assibi

    Month ago

    Please review the Mercedes GLS 450.

  72. Peter Sova

    Peter Sova

    Month ago

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  73. Dany


    Month ago

    The designer got to the rear wheels and died

  74. Frankie Lai

    Frankie Lai

    Month ago

    Car mom please review Range Rover

  75. Allan Wetter

    Allan Wetter

    Month ago

    GLE, Porsche Cayenne, and Range Rover would be awesome. It would also be nice for a roundup review where you choose your favorite SUV or do head to heads.

  76. D T

    D T

    Month ago

    Just finding your channel and love the reviews. Could you do a review of the Mercedes Benz GLS 580 with captain chairs??

  77. Fe Fella

    Fe Fella

    Month ago

    How tall is your husband tho?

  78. rhetse8444


    Month ago

    Honda Odyssey ! You are not done with family cars yet!

    • rhetse8444


      Month ago

      And Acadia!

  79. starmollymay


    Month ago

    Please review 2021 Chevy suburban Z71 or RST

  80. Brian Clark

    Brian Clark

    Month ago

    You should tie the new Hyundai Tucson. Interior space beats out rav4 and crv. Hybrid would be best to test

  81. David Vanley

    David Vanley

    Month ago

    Great video. Please do Cadillac XT6 and Lincoln Nautilus

  82. Adri King

    Adri King

    Month ago

    I would like to see a review of the Tesla model X or Tesla model Y, both are 7 seat passengers and in a great price👍😉

    • jordan janke

      jordan janke

      Month ago

      She has it on her Instagram

  83. Kristin Temsic

    Kristin Temsic

    Month ago

    I love your reviews!!! I am looking for a family hauler! Would love to see a Chevy Tahoe and/or Suburban, especially in comparison to their GMC counterparts! The Jeep Wagoneer has also been catching my eye lately!

  84. Mary Theresa

    Mary Theresa

    Month ago

    Ford Explorer review please

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    ashley b28

    Month ago

    Can you review a new Land Rover Discovery!

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    Emma Bemlott

    Month ago

    Ford Explorer Ford Edge Toyota Sequoia

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    Pinned• by •Tech lead

    Month ago

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      Naomi Yoder

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      Mitchell woods

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      I heard that his strategies are really good.

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      Deborah Patrick

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    • Reeves Martinez

      Reeves Martinez

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    • Darlington Martin

      Darlington Martin

      Month ago

      Crypto is the new gold❤️❤️.

  88. Kelli Johnson

    Kelli Johnson

    Month ago

    I’d love to see a review on the Jeep Grand Cherokee L!! Not sure if it’s out yet. But they’re making a 3rd row version of the grand Cherokee.

  89. michelle Gillingham

    michelle Gillingham

    Month ago

    Would love to see a review of the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L as well as the Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer 😀

  90. israeldebetania


    Month ago

    Omg u always make me laugh! Keep on doing! Love your reviews

  91. Stacey Ackerson

    Stacey Ackerson

    Month ago

    Maybe it's the lighting but the cargo space looks smaller than Yukon XL or Suburban

    • Danielle Martini

      Danielle Martini

      Month ago

      It is. I’ve tested all 3 of those 🤦🏼‍♀️

  92. LB


    Month ago

    GLS 450

  93. Alison Frazier

    Alison Frazier

    Month ago

    Great review! Would LOVE to see you review/tour a Toyota Sequoia!

    • Taylor Faulk

      Taylor Faulk

      Month ago

      I agree!

    • Kelley Warner

      Kelley Warner

      Month ago


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    Amanda Ottaviano

    Month ago

    Have you done the Lexus lx 570?

    • Danielle Martini

      Danielle Martini

      Month ago

      Yes she did…you should watch it! Hilarious!!

  95. Brooke Danley

    Brooke Danley

    Month ago

    Can you do Chevy blazer

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    Life of Ty

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    Jamison Bonds

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    Sharon Reynolds

    Month ago

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  99. Christina C

    Christina C

    Month ago

    Can we please get a tour of the Honda Pilot? I’ve commented every week and I need it. I know you have a life, but I don’t. Please help.

    • Stacey Ackerson

      Stacey Ackerson

      Month ago

      She did a 2020 Honda Pilot tour on her Instagram

  100. Sarah D

    Sarah D

    Month ago

    Do some used vehicles too for the budget mommas!