Michael Jackson Dance Evolution 1968 - 2009

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  2. Sara Omarova

    Sara Omarova

    Hour ago

    Красиво танцевал , красиво пел , показывал красивое шоу и всё это Великий Майкл ! Второго такого пока ещё нет !

  3. Venkat Chendyala

    Venkat Chendyala

    6 hours ago

    Dancing , singing, stylish, ....... It's Legend 🔥

  4. Patty


    7 hours ago

    He was so cute as a child and a fantastic singer, song writer and dancer.

  5. Odin Eyes

    Odin Eyes

    7 hours ago

    Michael Jackson Genius

  6. Rodrigo Meza

    Rodrigo Meza

    9 hours ago

    Ningún artista como el, pasarán muchas generaciones y su legado seguirá vigente.

  7. Kelly Evans

    Kelly Evans

    9 hours ago

    I honestly think micheal jackson was the most talented human Ive ever seen…I think to have known him wiuld have been the most incredible experience.

  8. josue leonel

    josue leonel

    11 hours ago

    Wow, that of 1996, with golden clothes, is amazing, fabulous, I´ve never seen it

  9. Ryan Lusanta

    Ryan Lusanta

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    Day ago

    I still loving him

  11. Cloud Queen

    Cloud Queen

    Day ago

    MJ was a force of nature. No one can EVER top him in music or performances. He still influences today's artists, but they can never be him.

  12. Relevant .C

    Relevant .C

    Day ago

    he was right, they dont care about at all. they are doing their best to take us to hell with them.

  13. Ladjane Coelho

    Ladjane Coelho

    Day ago

    Como tudo aqui na terra é passageiro.

  14. Karen Ward

    Karen Ward

    Day ago

    He was such a great talent whose personal life overshadowed his incredible contributions made to choreography, video making and songwriting.

  15. Divine Reflections

    Divine Reflections

    2 days ago

    I WIIIIISSSSHHHH I could have seen this man in concert in my lifetime💯💔💔💔💔...I would have cherished the moment 4ever

  16. Divine Reflections

    Divine Reflections

    2 days ago

    Where Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake gets it from...Micheal did all these dance moves 1st💯

  17. Christopher Harrison

    Christopher Harrison

    2 days ago

    Halliburton Hallmark Moments

  18. 4thecollectors


    2 days ago

    His first moonwalk was 1981 with James Brown

  19. 4thecollectors


    2 days ago

    The king of music not pop

  20. Young Lee

    Young Lee

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  21. Peter K

    Peter K

    2 days ago

    To bad i never got the chance to see him live

  22. Xjustlookatmex


    2 days ago

    It's such a regret that he had so many people around him yet he was so lonely and nobody wanted to/could help him... just draining all the money from him like he was some kind of fountain of wealth. Crazy and disgusting. Tears are just going down my face while I watch this pure genius in his natural habitat, so happy days before his departure to Lord. There will never be anyone like him

  23. Victori Samoluk

    Victori Samoluk

    2 days ago

    Почему ты так рано ушёл 🥲🥲🥲

  24. Papadoc Fpv

    Papadoc Fpv

    2 days ago

    Yea, he's bad, but he didn't create the moonwalk, a man named Bill Baily born in 1912 did it in his 20, or 30s, then another guy copied it calling it the electric slide who taught it to Micheal Jackson who renamed it, and made it famous.

  25. Winnie L

    Winnie L

    2 days ago

    no, he didn't pass away. He lives eternally in our memories

  26. Zahid Sayed

    Zahid Sayed

    2 days ago

    1:23 proves he believed in improvising, be it just a simple turn about. Being a dancer is one thing and inventing steps another. I pity those people who still think he is just a dancer/singer.

  27. Sabiduría Chaira Patentada

    Sabiduría Chaira Patentada

    2 days ago

    Holy crap. From the very first seconds, you can tell he had it... he freakin' had it!

  28. martha lorena rodriguez-w

    martha lorena rodriguez-w

    2 days ago

    Tan guapo con su color d piel y se frego

    • Sabiduría Chaira Patentada

      Sabiduría Chaira Patentada

      2 days ago

      El vitiligo es una enfermedad tremenda, para todo aquél cuya imagen pública es modo de vida.

  29. Yu Yu

    Yu Yu

    2 days ago

    เกิดมาเพื่อเต้น เหนื่อยตายเพราะทุมเทให้การเต้น น่าสงสารจริงๆ

  30. 김춘수


    3 days ago

    나의 영원한 스타^^

  31. remy riderz

    remy riderz

    3 days ago

    Look at this video i feels michael is alive around me..😳😳😳

  32. Saboohi Durrani

    Saboohi Durrani

    3 days ago

    Bless you for composing this video! Throughout the video and the captions my heart felt full of love and awe for Michael Jackson in my years. Last clip welled my eyes with tears. May God bless him with Mercy, Forgiveness, and Blessings- Aameen! Hope to see MJ in heaven forever ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Dave Cotterell

    Dave Cotterell

    3 days ago

    He will always be the greatest entertainer of all times 👍🏾👍🏾



    3 days ago

    Never never

  35. عالم خفيف ظريف world

    عالم خفيف ظريف world

    3 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video 👍 ❤ 📹 I love it ❤ 💖

  36. 雅兒


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  37. David Keep

    David Keep

    4 days ago

    Bet you there are now grown people who won't forget him either ! A talent but a sick talent !😎👍

  38. Ester Willis

    Ester Willis

    4 days ago

    There will never be another Spirit like this one!!! I see more than flesh! He was "The Entertainer"!

  39. Valentina Giorgini

    Valentina Giorgini

    4 days ago

    The one and only... Absolutely the greatest!

  40. FrankWhite32nd


    4 days ago

    “ Become The Rhythm “ MJ .

  41. vanessadelima


    4 days ago

    Acho que nunca mais vai existir alguém ao nível do mike 🥺🥺🥺

  42. Numba Two

    Numba Two

    4 days ago

    Went backwards. Its like his moves were too complicated in the past. So was forced to dance more robotic for mainstream to keep up. The 'Woke" know what I'm talking about.

    • Sabiduría Chaira Patentada

      Sabiduría Chaira Patentada

      2 days ago

      The same phenomenon happened to Queen, in terms of musicality. What a damn shame. With each passing album, their music became more accessible, even cheesy and predictable.

  43. Celia


    4 days ago

    I am kinda surprised to see them doing those robotic movements in 1974. I always thought that craze started in the 80s or later.

  44. gyanesh soni

    gyanesh soni

    4 days ago

    miss u

  45. Mary Riley

    Mary Riley

    5 days ago

    Man, Michael was so talented. And so cute before he messed with his face. We miss him.

  46. Barbara Walters

    Barbara Walters

    5 days ago

    This was very nicely done. Good job.

  47. ShadesOfMist


    5 days ago

    someone tell me pls how this can be 4:28 , i cant understand it please someone tell me the trick ???? magnet shoes `????

  48. Juana luz Gonzalez ramirez

    Juana luz Gonzalez ramirez

    5 days ago

    Que se puede decir de este gran artista simplemente el mejor en todos los aspectos y por siempre nadie como el asi de facil EL GRAN MICHAEL EL ARTISTA

  49. Angel Gonzalez

    Angel Gonzalez

    5 days ago

    Smooth criminal

  50. 김원옥


    5 days ago

    찾으시던 한국어댓글입니다 ㅎ 기분좋은하루되세용

  51. Jesse Diaz

    Jesse Diaz

    6 days ago

    That robot tho.. He's the best to ever do it.

  52. G.D.M.


    6 days ago

    I was fortunate enough to see the Jackson 5 in 1969 when I was 10 years old ! They were incredible! Michael kissed my hand ! I use to play I want you back , all day everyday before I saw that concert ! I am the one that got everyone I knew to know who Michael Jackson is !!! 😊👍

  53. Autobot Diva

    Autobot Diva

    6 days ago

    no remember the time?? no sir

  54. Linda Seel

    Linda Seel

    6 days ago

    Dear, sweet Michael, so talented and gifted. He worked very hard to make these shows, and you can see he genuinely loved his work. He brought so much joy to so many others yet deep down he was sad. I always got the impression that if there was someone in need, he would have given them the shirt off his back. R. I . P. Michael. May you know the happiness you always gave to others. 💞💞

  55. Ивета Лозева

    Ивета Лозева

    6 days ago

    MJ forever! RIP

  56. Mama Warrior

    Mama Warrior

    6 days ago

    There are many with unthinkable talent but Michael was special. Something Spiritual that you can't even put into words .

  57. Maria Reyna

    Maria Reyna

    6 days ago

    I grew up an love MJ

  58. Christopher Drake

    Christopher Drake

    6 days ago


  59. Rosana Cristina Teixeira Teixeira

    Rosana Cristina Teixeira Teixeira

    6 days ago


  60. Kartik Sharma

    Kartik Sharma

    6 days ago

    He was GREAT.

  61. Mktar Alyam

    Mktar Alyam

    6 days ago

    كان وسيم ببشرتة السمراء

  62. Umesh Joshi

    Umesh Joshi

    6 days ago

    Down memory lane. It was great to see MJ after so many years. When I was young, we use to see vedios thru VCD or VCR. Thanks to upload

  63. Angel Tirael

    Angel Tirael

    6 days ago

    Джексон был красавчиком до всех пластических операций и даже ветелиго его не испортилобы. Есть косметика, что бы всё хорошо загримировать, если уж так его это комплексовало. Я думаю, что его приняли бы и любили в любом виде. Он уникальный. Таких больше не будет. Ни таких, ни подобных.

  64. Gayle Southworth

    Gayle Southworth

    7 days ago

    Blows me away his last performance was in 20 years ago ! 😳 ~ there will never be another Michael ♥️

  65. young hong

    young hong

    7 days ago

    검은얼굴이 어떻게 하얗게 이세대의 최고의가수 생이너무짧았어

  66. Marcelo Garcia

    Marcelo Garcia

    7 days ago

    A evolução como artista ficou milionário.. mas acdecafencia como ser humano ppor não se aceitar ..

  67. Maria Christiana Lima da Cruz

    Maria Christiana Lima da Cruz

    7 days ago

    Saudades Eternas De Voçe Amado e Inesquessivel Michael Jackson 😭😭😭😭😭

  68. The Free State

    The Free State

    7 days ago

    Wow! I forget how gifted and talented this man was! I was serving as a missionary in Albania when I heard about his passing. He truly was gifted and incredibly talented! He inspired millions with his amazing music and dance! He is missed, but he is a legend! And as the Sandlot teaches us, “Legends never die!”

  69. itree


    8 days ago


  70. Allison Le

    Allison Le

    8 days ago

    He was incredible at a very young age.

  71. Universal Editing Zone

    Universal Editing Zone

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  72. Brenda Fenech

    Brenda Fenech

    8 days ago

    He will never be forgotten, he had so much talent and amazing control of all his body moves & timing that will never be duplicated! His music had the best beats!!!

  73. Angie Bega

    Angie Bega

    8 days ago


  74. kurt casanova

    kurt casanova

    8 days ago

    I bet the kids he abused could careless how good of a dancer he was.

  75. Maria Elena Chunga Contreras

    Maria Elena Chunga Contreras

    8 days ago


  76. Deu na telha do careca

    Deu na telha do careca

    8 days ago

    Uma luz muito a frente do nosso tempo.

  77. Azim


    9 days ago

    Al fatiha Miachel jackson

  78. Khatarnak Ishan

    Khatarnak Ishan

    9 days ago

    Michael Jackson is pop guys 💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡

  79. John Sams jr

    John Sams jr

    9 days ago

    1974 is when he became an absolute beast

  80. Barbara Ingram

    Barbara Ingram

    9 days ago

    There will never be another Michael Jackson just like there will never be another Elvis Presley I felt really bad for Michael because he didn't have a childhood he never got a chance to grow up with other children have fun go to the park go to regular school sleepovers so that carried over into his adult years but he was never a pedophiler or a child abuser he was just Michael a very warm-hearted honest loving caring child stuck in an adult body he was so incredibly amazing and talented may he rest in peace in Jesus name amen

  81. Sogand B

    Sogand B

    9 days ago

    The best The king A great human 💙

  82. Marcus Robertson

    Marcus Robertson

    9 days ago

    I don’t care what you think or say about Micheal Jackson this man was musically bless

  83. Willy Thompson

    Willy Thompson

    9 days ago

    RIP OUR BRO ❤️

  84. tami snow

    tami snow

    10 days ago

    When the person dance better than the backup dancers begin and stopped

  85. C.O Jones

    C.O Jones

    10 days ago

    King of Pop bar none.

  86. Aaron M.

    Aaron M.

    10 days ago

    Never heard of this guy.

  87. Алёна


    10 days ago

    Майкл Джексон уникален! Это такая энергия, такая харизма, такой талант. Его движения восхищаются и завораживают!!! Браво 👏 👏 👏 Ты всегда в наших сердцах !

  88. karthi yayini

    karthi yayini

    10 days ago

    விடாமுயற்சி விஸ்வரூப வெற்றி.

  89. rbfreitas


    10 days ago


  90. Бахтияр Кахоров

    Бахтияр Кахоров

    11 days ago

    Как Майк Жексон некто немог танцивать

  91. vernita walters

    vernita walters

    11 days ago

    Great man will be missed but loved forever...his sister Janet is a great performer as well and also loved .

  92. Palisha Adans

    Palisha Adans

    11 days ago

    Imortal incrível te amo muito ❤️❤️😻❤️❤️

  93. Sun


    11 days ago

    The Jackson 5 was my first ever concert!

  94. Billie H

    Billie H

    11 days ago

    I don’t see any evolution. I see his original steps being repeated up until his last home videos. Now, Beyoncé’ has evolved in her dance moves. I have NEVER seen another human being able to sing LIVE and dance like she does for an hour and a half. Truly a badass. That girl wasn’t even out of breath. That was in NOLA it was July 2009.

  95. Frank Aris

    Frank Aris

    11 days ago

    A real talent, great dancer, marvellous singer and just a wonderful person.

  96. Lily Grg

    Lily Grg

    12 days ago

    His dance is great but when I see his face i feel so uncomfortable and scary it's looks like With mask

  97. Roberta Rocha

    Roberta Rocha

    12 days ago

    I wonder what he would be able to do with all the technology that we have today… not that he needed anyways

  98. Steve Suschank

    Steve Suschank

    12 days ago

    Amazing choreography!------Loni P.

  99. Monique Johnson

    Monique Johnson

    12 days ago

    No one was like this man!

  100. Monique Johnson

    Monique Johnson

    12 days ago

    Smh. This man was amazing! God bless his soul.