New Acura NSX: Is The New NSX Now A Supercar Bargain???

Today I drive and review an Acura NSX!
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  1. Sinden Beken

    Sinden Beken

    7 hours ago

    Hello from Indonesia, mobil favorit di underground game....

  2. iRateMusic


    2 days ago

    LOL. Why not one wants to buy this car as a collectible? it's heavy... don't tell anyone about TESLA

  3. Embo


    3 days ago

    I love everything abt it, except the hybrid part🤮

  4. Ho Lee Fook

    Ho Lee Fook

    4 days ago

    Overpriced trash. Not worth more than 100K but they charge double.

  5. NuclearShot


    4 days ago

    suddenly i don't like my bmw m3 f80 anymore

  6. Mike Vescovo

    Mike Vescovo

    5 days ago

    I wish I wasn’t poor and could afford this. I would take this over any other car.

  7. John Corbin

    John Corbin

    6 days ago


  8. Kalambre One

    Kalambre One

    12 days ago

    Dislikes are from GTR fanboys.

  9. DJ McFlurry

    DJ McFlurry

    13 days ago

    Got to have acura call it the s zero and honda get the nsx so they can make the type r bliss

  10. sneakwastaken


    13 days ago

    That noise you heard was a radar detector alerting you to Ka band.

  11. phuong huynh

    phuong huynh

    13 days ago


  12. Mario Frlan

    Mario Frlan

    14 days ago

    One day i will buy one

  13. XplodingGamer620


    16 days ago

    Dream car. No doubt.

  14. JCSD Music

    JCSD Music

    17 days ago

    Thank you for the awesome, honest, & thorough review. 👌🏾

  15. Brendan Fogel

    Brendan Fogel

    17 days ago

    If I bought this car, I would take those Acura logos off

  16. Kenneth Myers

    Kenneth Myers

    19 days ago

    I love the car, but the interior basically uses the components of the TLX/RLX.

  17. Facen't


    24 days ago

    This looks better and runs better than most super cars in my opinion

  18. David White

    David White

    27 days ago

    At 170k no its not. Still overpriced. But a fantastic car!

  19. ae613400


    Month ago

    As a one of the Japanese, I really want to know what is the sales point and unique points?? What point win the Audi R8? Every Japanese understand that NA1 NSX is a legend , and R35 GT-R, Lexus LFA also. How about this? I know this is not the Japanese car but US car.

  20. Xavier


    Month ago

    D2D SALES! 😈

  21. Jonathan


    Month ago

    i don't know why reviewers feel the need to always tell us that the ride in sport or sport+ mode is such and such... well... duh! Tell us what the ride is like in normal or eco ...

  22. DONALD Jean-Jacques

    DONALD Jean-Jacques

    Month ago

    This car is sick the way it puts down the power but technology wise it gets a 5 out of 10 lol

  23. Tigerex966


    Month ago

    I absolutely hate the push botton gear selector, it looks so cost cutting and cheap. bring back a high quality leather and metal shift knob. It's the worst thing in the whole interior.

  24. Tigerex966


    Month ago

    I read the engine is $90K alone, if Honda had a lower price version with the civic type R engine which is $20K alone. They could sell this for $80K, in corvette territory, and still do about 0-60 in 4 seconds, because of the much lighter weight. And as Battery tech gets better they could increase the power and range of the electric motors and batteries. Maybe even add a manual option. That would fill up Acura showrooms like nothing else. Or it could be the Honda S3000, or Prelude. Without all the hybrid stuff for under $50K to go against the supra, and Z. Am I crazy.

  25. Ragfar William

    Ragfar William

    Month ago


  26. Norman Silver

    Norman Silver

    Month ago

    I saw one from a Super Tuner shop eat a new performance Corvette in a Drag Race.

  27. Gz Alex

    Gz Alex

    Month ago

    I like how he has a radar detector 👀



    Month ago

    C'mon man. WAAAY too over priced (just like the original). Predict they will have major sales problems (just like the original). I'll take my modified GT-R any day.. Hope to see one on the road one day so I can pass it.

  29. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    Month ago

    Actually, a lot of reviewers give tis car compliments.

  30. Reemo Williams

    Reemo Williams

    Month ago

    Automatic is the only flaw in this car.

  31. jmsmikey


    Month ago

    Great review as always~ I'll get one of these someday. I LOVE the mountains in the background.

  32. Ahmad Elsaadi

    Ahmad Elsaadi

    Month ago

    Wish they would update the steering wheel and make it look more modern, maybe even a bigger touch screen but otherwise the car is amazing and super slept on.

  33. _Tony_ Verrazano_

    _Tony_ Verrazano_

    Month ago


  34. Israel Rivera

    Israel Rivera

    Month ago

    Honda Racing F1

  35. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy

    Month ago

    In general

  36. Poverty Spec

    Poverty Spec

    Month ago

    Bargain? LOL I'd rather have a GT-R and have money left over.

  37. jubitolik


    Month ago

    Dude, asphalt on your roads is racing track quality 😯👌🏼

  38. aggiewoodie


    Month ago

    I really like the NSX...but, if I’m dropping $160-200K, I’d probably be looking more at a 911.

  39. Ray S

    Ray S

    Month ago

    interior is trash. get a porshe with this money

  40. Rakhsi Prayogo

    Rakhsi Prayogo

    Month ago

    Matte black Acura NSX

  41. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

    Month ago

    I actually like it with the Acura logo. And, it is also one of the best looking modern supercars for me.

  42. Steven Babe

    Steven Babe

    Month ago

    great looking on the outside but the inside looks cheap

  43. Dijhili


    2 months ago

    Interior is so bland and plastic dated. Dash is blah and even the center screen is weak at best. Outside is looks and sounds nice, inside......i'd like a refund please.

  44. Riff Raff

    Riff Raff

    2 months ago

    This car is gunna be a real Popular used car. The mk4 did terribly in sales too but now it’s a legend

  45. royal001ful


    2 months ago

    I respect what it just looks like a honda civc or an accord or looks ricer and cheap...they needed a better does not look like a supercar...and fyi? carbon fiber is overused and played out..the interior looks cheaper than the exterior....if you buy a 200k need better friends to help you make decisions...mclaren 600lt..porsche r8...old mclaren mp12 lc500....your choices were endless...even a c8 vette..slap yourself....i dont care how fast it is, its ugly...and an acura.

  46. Barry Taff

    Barry Taff

    2 months ago

    Excellent review. You've totally sold me on this amazing machine. However, I'm waiting for the R-model due out later this year. Thank you for your video.

  47. jordan lewis

    jordan lewis

    2 months ago

    I think the car could have spoken the entire video 😂😂 couldn’t hear much 🤦🏾‍♂️

  48. mooeing


    2 months ago

    No the c8 is

  49. RoyalVileSwat


    2 months ago

    The price for the amount of horse power....

  50. Herakles


    2 months ago

    is it me or the steering wheel doesn’t look sporty rough not thick enough and no stitching know what I mean ? Looks like bat mobile awesome 60 came in a blink haha

  51. civoreb


    2 months ago

    What I got from this review is that the car is “so cool” lol he sounds like its his first super car hes ever seen/reviewed lol

  52. keoki777


    2 months ago

    This car was a failure for Honda from a sales and serving as a halo car perspective.

  53. Andie P

    Andie P

    2 months ago

    I lurve this vehicle

  54. とわめい


    2 months ago

    HONDA is Number One !!

  55. mr manu

    mr manu

    2 months ago

    Beautifully sublime styling

  56. AJ Fiore

    AJ Fiore

    2 months ago

    If that’s what the interior looks like in a $200,000 super car I’ll take a shit in the driver seat, my 8 series individual package had an interior that makes this thing look like dog meat, the nsx dash looks like an mdx.... cheap

  57. Chín Chị

    Chín Chị

    2 months ago

    Chiếc này khá đẹp ... rất chầm .rất ok với tôi

  58. Joe Strickland

    Joe Strickland

    2 months ago


  59. Joe Strickland

    Joe Strickland

    2 months ago

    I think HONDA missed the mark stylistically and missed an opportunity to capitalize on it's legendary predecessor

    • John Corbin

      John Corbin

      6 days ago

      @Sharing Lungs it definitely stands out and though it doesn't compete with the r8 or the huracan in terms of interior styling and tech, it definitely stands out and it has the performance which is really why you buy a supercar in the first place

    • Sharing Lungs

      Sharing Lungs

      11 days ago

      I agree 100%. Way too conservative on the styling. The car just doesn’t stand out from regular cars. Design wise looks like mid market sport car like competing with corvette or Jaguar not the likes of R8 or Huracan.

    • sdlausen


      Month ago

      Looks, design, style are subjective! When are people going to learn that? I think the new NSX looks stunning at every angle. It has great proportions.

  60. love bud

    love bud

    2 months ago

    Corvette is copying ...haha

  61. Shuqi Yang

    Shuqi Yang

    2 months ago

    dont get me wrong, I love honda.....but .... it's still a Honda..

    • Xavier x

      Xavier x

      2 months ago

      You pay what you get. So

  62. Clofresh Foster

    Clofresh Foster

    2 months ago

    the fucking doors dont even lift up..i'll stick with my bmw i8 that i bought used for a great price

  63. steven phan

    steven phan

    2 months ago

    C8 and still got money to burn....

  64. Leon Moor

    Leon Moor

    2 months ago

    The price should've been around 120k-150k brand new anyways. Their overpricing killed its sales from the start!

  65. Jacek Sky

    Jacek Sky

    2 months ago

    The best car in the world 👍

  66. Cuban Pete

    Cuban Pete

    2 months ago

    One thing you can be guaranteed of on youtube is alot of hate for acuras by chevrolet drivers who swear they have a fisker in the driveway.

  67. Ben Flores

    Ben Flores

    2 months ago

    Nah I’ll take a hellcat instead

    • Ben Flores

      Ben Flores

      2 months ago

      Under 100k with over 700hp

  68. W Lee

    W Lee

    2 months ago

    The car looks and sounds amazing but the shot at 13:24 of the mountains out the front windshield is gorgeous. Is this in Denver?

  69. 松田小乃実


    2 months ago

    ホンダの車ですか? 私は嫌いなので、ACURAに出さないでください、観たくないので.意味わかりますか?ZARDは、ホンダが嫌いです.私もZARDに入っています.HONDAという会社は、Maedaです.

  70. Sheldon Smalls

    Sheldon Smalls

    2 months ago

    The Look On That Car Is Definitely Bruce Wayne

  71. Juan Camilo

    Juan Camilo

    2 months ago

    How much is that car approximately???

  72. nonono whoa

    nonono whoa

    2 months ago




    2 months ago

    🔥Dam that LOOKS NICE🔥

  74. D. Stiefel

    D. Stiefel

    2 months ago

    Damn that thing sounded like crap when it first started up.

    • Sm M

      Sm M

      2 months ago

      Ummm no

  75. F.Segura Barquero

    F.Segura Barquero

    2 months ago

    I want one... Total beast

  76. kevin pineda

    kevin pineda

    2 months ago

    Lol all of you saying you would buy this car if you had the money know damn well that if it were YOUR money, you wouldn’t even consider taking it over a huracán, Ferrari, or even a 911...

  77. Adrian Wipf

    Adrian Wipf

    2 months ago

    Looks great! Would like to make this test drive too... ... in the parking lot!? 😢 😢 😢

  78. MPH Syndicate

    MPH Syndicate

    2 months ago

    I gotta get one of these ASAP!!

  79. dms znb

    dms znb

    2 months ago

    Allohumma solli 'alaa muhammad, wa 'alaa aali muhammad 😌🤲

  80. Yapaul Aung

    Yapaul Aung

    2 months ago

    For $150k, i rather get a Ferrari

  81. Yapaul Aung

    Yapaul Aung

    2 months ago

    How much is it

  82. Ender -

    Ender -

    2 months ago


  83. M. Brandon

    M. Brandon

    2 months ago

    Don't quit your day job, Ben.

  84. Angel Booker

    Angel Booker

    2 months ago

    I just wouldn't spend all that money on a acura

  85. Christian Garcia

    Christian Garcia

    2 months ago


  86. WONtothaG


    2 months ago

    It should have been designed as a mid rear engine car

  87. Anthony Ware

    Anthony Ware

    2 months ago

    I LOVE the NSX. And the GTR is aging vote is for the NSX.

  88. x x

    x x

    2 months ago


  89. Jase D

    Jase D

    2 months ago

    Knight rider vibes. All it missing is the red strobe light.

  90. trickman8


    2 months ago

    I wasn't prepared for this what's so ever!? What did you expect, come on this is NSX!

  91. Roman Kavrelishvili

    Roman Kavrelishvili

    2 months ago

    BMW m5 competition 2021 120k$ brand new ! More faster , more aggressive , more luxury , more brutal sound and much more MORE ! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Alex J.G

      Alex J.G

      2 months ago

      And cheaply made and really unreliable and just expensive to maintain

  92. Electric Eye Media

    Electric Eye Media

    2 months ago

    $100K for a used 2017+? No! LOL. Maybe $120K for a high mileage one. As of January 23, 2021 prices have gone up on the NC1 NSX. NSX that were listed at $130K are now going for $145K and higher. Manufactures who haulted productions in 2020 due to the flu.. ..uh I mean corona (rolls eyes) are behind from 6-12 months creating scarcity in the new market and driving up used prices.

  93. Joe Banks

    Joe Banks

    2 months ago

    what was the sound when driving? speed limit warning?

  94. Positive Vibes

    Positive Vibes

    2 months ago

    Keep this car because it will shoot up in value trust me

  95. هاشم زليط

    هاشم زليط

    2 months ago

    This Supercar actually ti is coming from Honda.

  96. vincent lo

    vincent lo

    2 months ago

    You talk too much sir. I can't listen to the sound of the exhaust

  97. nazım otuzdört

    nazım otuzdört

    2 months ago

    woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ! no dude just a fucking car !

  98. e higgin

    e higgin

    2 months ago

    great review! incredible car. i also wish people didn’t trash this car so much. it looks gorgeous.

  99. Daily Lucky Numbers

    Daily Lucky Numbers

    2 months ago

    Getting this car as soon as I win lottery

  100. AlexBryan


    2 months ago

    This is the most underrated supercar of all time, PERIOD!



      8 days ago

      @MOPARman345 HEMI Yes!

    • MOPARman345 HEMI

      MOPARman345 HEMI

      8 days ago

      I think it failed primarily because of its price. It isn't rich people who want the NSX, it's your average car guy, yet these were priced for the rich. The second reason is, the NSX was a hybrid supercar, before hybrid supercars were really a thing.

    • Aaron Carmody

      Aaron Carmody

      22 days ago

      @ADVICE MASTER agree 100



      Month ago

      @Nobody Knows Dude, at least test drive a 911 turbo. Cheaper, proven, dependable and WAY more reliable.



      Month ago

      @Nobody Knows Good luck to you sir! ,(just don't opt for red, additional 6,000.00) Hope to se you on the road!