new lexus nx 2022 plenary presentation full

new lexus nx 2022 plenary presentation full
The all-new NX opens a new chapter for Lexus, heralding new directions in exterior and interior design, new powertrains, including Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid electric, dynamic improvements that deliver a more rewarding and connected driving experience, next generation multimedia and connectivity and the use of advanced technologies for higher levels of safety, comfort and convenience.


  1. thefreshestprince89


    24 days ago

    Can the Plug-in Hybrid self charge as the car goes along?

  2. Lukasz P

    Lukasz P

    Month ago

    Wow what an amazing presentation for this awesome new Lexus NX! Lexus4Life!

  3. Mark


    Month ago

    @lexus welcome to 2015 with the “new” 2022 NX 😂😂😂😂😂

    • The Truth.

      The Truth.

      Month ago

      Quality before quantity. It’s not German. ;)

  4. S Johnson

    S Johnson

    Month ago

    It's okay looking but I wish Lexus would kill off that spindle grille or just tone it down some🤔

    • reymode_06


      Month ago

      Just buy it in black ;-)

  5. West is in my Blood

    West is in my Blood

    Month ago

    Which illiterate disliked this video?