NEW LUXURY! -- 2022 Acura MDX vs. 2021 Genesis GV80: Comparison

DECISIONS! Which is better? The all-new 2022 Acura MDX or the new 2021 Genesis GV80?? Both are bringing their respective brand's best to the table... TONS of luxury, style and features all for a $60,000 price tag! But it begs the question: which car pulls it off better? Will it be the Acura MDX Advance or the newcomer Genesis GV80?? Go ahead: CLICK to find out :) Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review -- it helps us more than you can imagine!

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  1. topagent


    Day ago

    Their thoughts who say Japanese cars are still more reliable and dependable are still back in 90's, but I can diggit people's loyalty towards Toyota, Honda or Nissan because they were excellent indeed. Of course, Toyota, Honda and Nissan are still good make cars but their progression stopped 30 years ago. Their great r&d in 90's still mingling in their mind victory thinking they're still No.1 in this fast pace evolution and transformation of 4th industrial revolution. Poor, silly kinds. Yea, I agree Japanese cars were dominated auto industries back in 80 -90's even up to early 2010. NOT ANYMORE! Let's face the fact, most of us if not all of us living in the thoughts of past experience like molded in brain can't keep up with fast developing technology. People! it's time to break out from the cocoon of the fixed thoughts. Now it's time to look around see the changes around you, experience the reality, starting from taking a test drive on all new and revolutionized Hyundai, Kia and Genesis. You will be surprise that you have lived this long.

  2. haris baig

    haris baig

    3 days ago

    Both are AWD, not to ignore MDX is 6 cylinder and GV80 is 4 makes a big difference, GV80 interior is classic though

  3. Delores Pico

    Delores Pico

    4 days ago

    I have a toyota 4 runner 2007 and looking for the same height... I do not like the outdated interior controls not techie enough for me. Also I have been looking for the wood leather steering wheels and would love to have the front camera sensor and digital speedometer with panorama one piece sun roof.. Can you please give me any suggestions? Thank you love the side by side comparison. I will be leasing and want a 2022.. Thank you

  4. Raptor79


    5 days ago

    Listen though, watch a review/comparison where people don’t just cruise around but actually push the cars/drive them a bit then there is a huge difference- you will not believe how we’ll the MDX drives/handles- and how well the engine sounds when it’s being driven aggressively. This may not be important to the average SUV driver- but if it is, the MDX is the easy choice- it really does drive like a well sorted sports sedan- it’s really quite incredible.

  5. David Liva

    David Liva

    7 days ago

    Genesis did a great job, but being a Honda guy, going MDX Type S when available. Plus I believe the Acura will hold its value for resale better in the long run.

  6. Intrepidz


    7 days ago

    How ignorant would you have to be purchasing a Dodge over an Acura? One is extremely reliable while the other is not, because well it’s a Dodge product. Check the Kelly Blue Book value on a 5 year old Acura and then a Dodge product. My wife’s 2012 MDX has never seen a shop for anything. I guarantee you cannot say that with any Dodge SUV’s.

  7. Stanislav Zavizion

    Stanislav Zavizion

    11 days ago

    Acura the best!!!

  8. Yves Patrick Mardice

    Yves Patrick Mardice

    13 days ago

    The MDX looks like Mazda CX-9.

  9. patt b

    patt b

    13 days ago

    This Korean car is so weak and has no handling at all , it is weaker than Toyota

    • Adil Sagadiyev

      Adil Sagadiyev

      3 days ago

      Excuse me what do you mean weak

  10. charlet foster

    charlet foster

    18 days ago

    I really like the Genesis 😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Scott J. Parisi

    Scott J. Parisi

    19 days ago

    I'm getting ready to move on from my 2017 MDX Advance and considering the new MDX but love this GV80. I like the MDX for using a tested NA V-6. Anyone have thoughts on the long-term reliability of the turbo motors on the GV80?

  12. A.B. Sanneh

    A.B. Sanneh

    19 days ago

    Taking into account the reliability of Honda/Acura engineering as well as the ability to maintain value over time, the MDX is a much better choice to the KIA ops.... sorry Genesis. I will never trade my Aura for a Kia. However, Fresh from the production line, they are both really nice and flashy vehicles.

  13. Jon McClure

    Jon McClure

    22 days ago

    Drove every luxury SUV sold in America. I live in Hoover, Alabama and drove the GV80 and yes it does have many bells and you know what, but Genesis is not proven to have the long term quality that Honda/Acura has and the MDX with over one million made, great on safety five star and talk to past owners and they say MDX hands down. I also found the lane assist feature on the Genesis much to aggressive when it sees the white lines with a very strong pulling at the wheel, not so with the lane assist on the MDX, very subtle yet compliant. The radar on the adaptive cruse control was not mentioned and I too drove both and the Hoover Genesis had an $8,000+ upcharge for this same model shown on the GV80, even same color too! They need to get this model off the ground before over pricing that much. Also, Acura like most all luxury dealers have their own dealerships not shared with the lower end models and there is a better treatment in this area for sure. The third row is for sure just fine and most suitable for average people, but like most I will keep it down loving the huge storage area with the third row down. The MDX also has a very interesting hidden storage area where you can put at least 40 grocery bags without need for containment or moving around while moving. Side area storage too. I watched at least the 20 top car reviewers on ACURA and all seemed to be blown away with the total inside and out remodel of the 2022 Acura MDX, and most were actually "giddy with excitement" with only a few reservations, the touch pad, (after just four days it is a breeze), and some want more and more power, (all car reviewers always want more and more power), well this fall the S-Sport model comes out with 355 pony's under the hood, so that should make even them most happy! Believe me this 3.5 big asperated six does not need turbo and turbo's have had there problems, just something else to go wrong. This engine has been around for years and has proven that it is tried and proven and perfect combination with the new in house 10 speed, not so with that four turbo charged engine in the Genesis. I got the Pearl Red and you need Sun glasses when you look at it! I was close to buying the BMW X5 but they have had issues with parts that cost as much as a second car and Scotty Kilmer can tell you much more about the the difference between German long term quality and Japanese long term quality, much like Consumer Reports three year ratings with number one being Mazda, Lexus, Toyota and then Buick, with the Germans way down the list. Honda and Acura are making some really great vehicles, I will drive this for three years and I just hope to out live five more cars at the three year/36,000 mile standard warranty's. Next time I expect the Lexus RX will be bigger with a usable third row, and perhaps a PHEV that gets 50 miles on a charge, allowing most Americans to drive 80% on just EV and not have driver anxiety either. Just hoping, as Lexus will also turn heads again by say 2023. I will be looking and please get those safe, light, fast charging and 500+ miles on a charge solid state batteries on the market.

  14. Y. AsM

    Y. AsM

    22 days ago

    My choice would be GV80 ♥️♥️

  15. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

    23 days ago

    checked out both last week, mdx interior looks so cheap because of that hugh piano black material on dashboard

  16. John Smith

    John Smith

    25 days ago

    I'll take the MDX that SHAWD makes it fun to drive

  17. Serneity Ko

    Serneity Ko

    26 days ago

    Not sure why honda models are under acura badge in NA, these acuras are sold with honda badge overseas lol

  18. T Phillips

    T Phillips

    26 days ago


  19. Kyaw Myo Khine

    Kyaw Myo Khine

    27 days ago

    Genesis should amend infotainment screen to more square shape with closer to the driver

  20. sewgatormomm


    28 days ago

    I test drove both and the GV 80 had so much more road noise than the MDX. After watching this, I wonder if I was driving a lemon.

  21. Jon


    29 days ago

    It is close enough, a non-turbo Honda engine will be so much more reliable long term. Hyundai has always had durability issues with little things like sensors going bad, interior plastics rattling, etc. If you think past the warranty period, the MDX will be a far better car to own.

  22. Jon Q. Public

    Jon Q. Public

    29 days ago

    I don't get the dealers in my area of the US. They're only stocking the GV80 in the basic boring colors, silver, gray, back. And 90% of them have the Black interior. WTF?! How are they going to have the Blue with a black interior instead of the Dune/blue interior. Just disappointing I can't get the color combo in the trim I want.

  23. Pam Paquette

    Pam Paquette

    Month ago

    I choose the GV80 2.5T AWD basically because of the driving feel that seemed similar to my earlier BMW X5. In addition the GV80 offered more choice with color matches for exterior/interior combinations. Price in Canada was some $5,000 less for the GV 80 similarly equipped.

    • szbxa


      Month ago

      stay away from genesis, both the engine choices are plagued with known design flaws, especially the 2.5T, the early hyundai applications in Korea are already suffering from carbon buildup, cylinder knock and oil burn issues. KIA/hyundai historically made unreliable problematic engines and continue to do so. Please do not be fooled by the shiny shell of their new designs.

  24. Ronnie Juayno

    Ronnie Juayno

    Month ago

    I think Mazda CX-9 is more torque than this GV-80 and the price is 60k..

  25. venom999333


    Month ago

    I like the GV80 alot but MDX has a Honda motor under the hood. A V6 Honda motor. I can't imagine the 4 banger turbo will sound better than the V6. Don't care it has more power or torque. Everyone knows what they are getting with a Honda motor. Are you positive the Hyundai motor can be equal to that reliability?



    Month ago

    Acura is an original designed car. The genesis, on the contrary has similar outlook of Lincoln aviator, or Mercedes of some sort. Actually all Korean cars copy the design of their German or America counterparts. That is little cheap. Acura is the winner no doubt

  27. Calvin Sc

    Calvin Sc

    Month ago

    MDX is awesome, but GV80 is more charming.

  28. Tom Davis

    Tom Davis

    Month ago

    Best comparison video I have seen good job

  29. Andy T

    Andy T

    Month ago

    it’s good to know you guys personally picked Tesla model 3 for yourselves. Genesis looks cleaner, less cluster like a Tesla, you gotta give Genesis another 10 more points for that alone.

  30. King Leong

    King Leong

    Month ago

    There is a 3rd row GV80 but the price go higher into the 67k. So MDX is a better choice for a family especially if you need the occasional third row for the grandparents or friends

  31. Hamed


    Month ago

    If you guys notice the Genesis engine looks so dirty compared to the Acura MDX engine, the reason for that when you look at the Genesis hood it's sticking up from finders and there you will see a big gaps I went and checked it out and didn't like that engineering, it's making it easy for dust to go inside to the engine and the engineering is not very will with that, also you can see many thing in Genesis as a copy of other suv from front you will find the Bentley style from back glass you will see the infinity Q design if you look at the steering wheel you see the Buick SUV steering wheel design so there are many thing that turns me off to spend that much money on Korean mixture design SUV so I prefer Acura unless it's Japanese vehicle even if it's with less power compare to Genesis pluse no one can drive morthan 70 MPH in the US or 120 km in Canada 😉

  32. J5


    Month ago

    GV70 vs GV80 !!!

  33. J5


    Month ago

    Waiting for that GV70

  34. Savann Sun

    Savann Sun

    Month ago

    I would pick MDX just for the look.

  35. Andy Francis

    Andy Francis

    Month ago

    Acura is know for reliability Hyundai genesis ???

  36. Pal Reem

    Pal Reem

    Month ago

    GV80....MDX looks to much like a Mazda

  37. Whodunit


    Month ago

    Genesis always claims to be gunning for the big boys but the sales never pan out. Still, that's a very nice vehicle they have produced.

  38. romeo lopez

    romeo lopez

    2 months ago

    GV80 is on fire!...sure winner in all aspect...

  39. Baker Hanbali

    Baker Hanbali

    2 months ago

    Why I would pay $70,000 just to get a third row with two way adjustable climb in the back definitely going for the Acura

  40. Baker Hanbali

    Baker Hanbali

    2 months ago

    I’m a Japanese fan I’d personally go with the MDX has a much better gearbox with better seats and a more sporty engine

  41. Kevin Sovuth

    Kevin Sovuth

    2 months ago

    GV80 by a long shot lol

  42. Speedtail 12

    Speedtail 12

    2 months ago

    Can I take the mdx exterior and the gv80 interior?

  43. M H

    M H

    2 months ago

    I bought 2007 MDX, 2011 MDX, and 2020 MDX but for the next SUV, I will buy GV-80 for sure.

  44. Daniel W

    Daniel W

    2 months ago

    Last year's MDX is the best choice

  45. Clarence Lyles

    Clarence Lyles

    2 months ago

    MDX will hold its resale value why would you pick the GV80 a brand that doesn't have the pedigree?

  46. James Grier

    James Grier

    2 months ago

    gv80 still deciding on it becuase of the the fact of the one where it is touchscreen and the auto parking thing

  47. Si Hyun Paik

    Si Hyun Paik

    2 months ago

    Acura gives me an image of a typical Honda or meaning quite ordinary look whereas Genesis producing luxurious look both in and out. Without doubts the winner is Genesis GV80.

  48. Mr. N

    Mr. N

    2 months ago

    They are both nice cars but g80 is in a different league

  49. My Quach

    My Quach

    2 months ago

    Don’t like the big grill on the genesis.

  50. fffwe


    2 months ago

    genesis will catch fire. google it

  51. ismet Muhamedagic

    ismet Muhamedagic

    2 months ago

    After 10 years acura still reliable and value

  52. ismet Muhamedagic

    ismet Muhamedagic

    2 months ago


  53. Lanange Jagad

    Lanange Jagad

    2 months ago


  54. Sharath Sunil

    Sharath Sunil

    2 months ago

    Obviously will go on with MDX, As it has tma greater value and reliability.

  55. Sterling M

    Sterling M

    2 months ago

    No points for drivability which the MDX dominates in? The GV80 drives like a boat, the MDX is one of the best handling SUVs out there.. Also, I love the look of the new G70s.. but the GV80 is fugly, what is up with the steering wheel.. trying way to hard to be a Bentley ripoff and will age terribly.

  56. Nathaniel Barnum

    Nathaniel Barnum

    2 months ago

    I will pick MDX

  57. Quest4Truth


    2 months ago

    Need the aspec for the Acura looks wayy better inside an out

  58. Quest4Truth


    2 months ago

    My two fav suvs out rite now

  59. S Johnson

    S Johnson

    2 months ago

    I'll take the Acura hands down. Very modern looking and techy I love it. The Genesis I cant do that grill and too much chrome just not my taste but the interior is damm nice I must say.

  60. Carol LHote

    Carol LHote

    2 months ago

    We researched every midsize SUV available and decided to purchase the GV80 Prestige edition on January 5, 2021. We are very comfortable with our choice. We have owned many SUV's over the years. This one is the best ever, by far.

  61. Pete Scott

    Pete Scott

    2 months ago

    I just with the gv80 had that third row guess that’s in the price upgrade

  62. ridge


    2 months ago

    Car brands need to stop using piano black as a "luxury feature"

  63. ridge


    2 months ago

    The debate is do u want a cool, sporty looking car or do you want a mature, luxurious looking car

  64. Al P

    Al P

    2 months ago

    I love the Acura. Acura has been around for a very long time, however this GV80 is just incredible and can not be ignored. The amount of car for the money is unmatched, not even talking about safety. Acura is starting to be boring.

  65. bashir6789


    2 months ago

    Acura all day, every day.

  66. Kenneth Reid

    Kenneth Reid

    2 months ago

    I like the genesis GV80

  67. Christina Molette

    Christina Molette

    2 months ago

    Geneis is my favorite

  68. James Taylor

    James Taylor

    2 months ago

    Damn both are awesome SUVS. I like gv80 just a tad but more. Just another note I don’t like the steering wheel of the gv80

  69. Kay Hyde

    Kay Hyde

    3 months ago

    Genesis GV80...... Nice Car .

  70. MaxusMV


    3 months ago

    I like gv80, but unfortunately it’s not suited for tall guys: with 6’5” I feel the ceiling scratching my hair and I don’t have enough thigh support even with the optional seat length extender. In this regard Volvo XC90 is much better

  71. Alex Kozachenko

    Alex Kozachenko

    3 months ago

    Guys GV80: Rule

  72. nick v

    nick v

    3 months ago

    Guess Im the odd man out but the GV80 doesn’t do anything for me. The interior gives me a range rover knock off vibe. Im also sick of the tablet screens. Acura would be my choice.

  73. Barry Williams

    Barry Williams

    3 months ago

    The Acura looks better to me. The Genesis looks like a cheap Bentley copy cat

    • kil koh

      kil koh

      Month ago

      Cheap copy..? But designed by the same exact designer..?

  74. christian bouchard

    christian bouchard

    3 months ago

    The Acura looks like nice Nike jogging outfit and the Genesis looks like a Hugo Boss suit, you to decide how you feel like looking:)

    • sunny singh

      sunny singh

      Month ago

      For sure Acura not even a question

    • sean


      2 months ago

      @Hassan Ahmad many people won’t prefer the way genesis looks? thats some unpopular opinion there

    • Hassan Ahmad

      Hassan Ahmad

      2 months ago

      Exactly many people wouldn’t like the lights and the shape of the genesis snd prefer the mxd but many would like a sharper light so it’s only preference

  75. Phil Henderson

    Phil Henderson

    3 months ago

    Why can't we all just get along and appreciate both of these vehicles for what they have to offer! They're both excellent in my book. There's definitely more money and extra effort behind the development of the Genesis, but this new MDX is also a good product for what it is and the best MDX to date! However, the GV80 is a true Korean product (fully built in South Korea) vs. the Acura which is a pretend Japanese product (built in USA). I'd pick the Genesis simply because it's so unexpected. Who would've thought Hyundai would get this good in such a short amount of time. Honda, on the other hand, had all the time, money, and potential in the world to come up with a vehicle as good, if not better than the GV80. Yet, they decided to take the cheap route for nearly two decades and build mediocre vehicles up until last year. This new MDX, as well as the new TLX are a response to increased competition from Korea. Def. a step in the right direction for Honda, but it wouldn't have happened without the unrelenting competition coming from Hyundai/Kia.

  76. Walt Harris

    Walt Harris

    3 months ago

    I’m buying the GV80 next week I’m so excited this vid just confirmed my decision... Thank you!

    • joe larnaque

      joe larnaque

      Month ago

      @Walt Harris good luck to you for the camp, and good luck to Tybura for when you get your hands on him! 😁💪

    • Walt Harris

      Walt Harris

      Month ago

      @joe larnaque Thank you! I’m getting in June now right after my fight! But I test drove it before I left for camp and it’s amazing!

    • joe larnaque

      joe larnaque

      Month ago

      Hi Walt! (big fan here :) Did you get your GV80? Your opinion so far?

  77. woosungx01


    3 months ago

    I think Hyundai did a fantastic job on choosing the name "Genesis", feels luxurious and sophisticated, also Hyundai Corp (parent company of Hyundai Motor) is one of the few motor companies that can cover the entire product lines within themselves, not only it has the capability to make almost all auto parts but through their subsidiary (Hyundai Merchant Marine), they have a capability to ship the auto vehicles oversea (vessel shipping) themselves, and not to mention they make their own ship (vessel) from Hyundai Heavy Industries as well. Hyundai is the second largest company in South Korea after Samsung, it used to be the largest but Samsung took the place. People joke around Hyundai from its past quality reputation, yes they did have a bad quality issue but among top 5 largest auto companies (fuel engine based) Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault-Nissan, GM, and Hyundai at 5th largest fuel engine auto company, Hyundai has the shortest history (only around 50 - 60 years), yet it became 5th largest automaker worldwide. Perhaps, people will not joke around Hyundai if they know its legacy and progress that is on-going..

  78. Francis Agbayani

    Francis Agbayani

    3 months ago

    The Genesis is a poor copy of a Bentley. Hyundai hired the designer of the Bentayga to design their cars. The Acura has history for being the first Japanese luxury brand in America.

  79. Andy Ortiz

    Andy Ortiz

    3 months ago

    The genesis gv80 testing not top of the line since the top of the cluster is fully 3d digital and has a v6 engine with 375 horsepower

  80. brad cast

    brad cast

    3 months ago

    I still think the Genesis looks ugly. Dinosaur looking front and awkward hump in the rear

  81. Mary Blavo

    Mary Blavo

    3 months ago

    My choice will be GV80, I drive the 2009 Genesis loves it

  82. Johnny Vazquez

    Johnny Vazquez

    3 months ago


  83. Robb Groves

    Robb Groves

    3 months ago

    Just a FYI, something I just heard was that the GV80 and GV70 will support wireless CarPlay and android auto through a software update.

  84. H Lee

    H Lee

    3 months ago

    Genesis wins

  85. Phillip Mcswain

    Phillip Mcswain

    3 months ago

    Reliability and paying the extra money for the third row should have been apart of the testing as well. MDX would have clearly been the favorite.

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      2 months ago

      you can’t talk about reliability on a car that has just come out

  86. RICHM


    3 months ago

    Thank you!

  87. chicho


    3 months ago

    Acura looks cheap...

  88. Jat T

    Jat T

    3 months ago

    SAD! That you really didn't look/talk about the advantage of SH-AWD and the dynamics OVER the gv80. Acura would earn points there!

  89. tt qq

    tt qq

    3 months ago

    I will buy acura!!!

  90. C L

    C L

    3 months ago

    GV80.. Acura needs to hire new car designer.



    3 months ago

    It’s still a Hyundai!



    3 months ago

    I like the XT6 and Lincoln better than these

  93. Gumhoptop


    3 months ago

    I honestly think the Acura has a more sporty vibe to it than the Genesis, but the Genesis has a more luxurious and premium vibe to it than the Acura. I'd pick the Acura just for the sake of reliability though. Won't know how reliable these new Genesis's are until more time passes. The J series has proven to be a very reliable engine in the past 20 years.

  94. Shilei Long

    Shilei Long

    3 months ago

    No comparison... MDX is 7 seater while GV80 is 5 in this trim. The GV80 trim with 7 seats will cost you much more.

  95. Hiển Lê

    Hiển Lê

    3 months ago

    I will pick the Genesis GV80 over the Acura MDX.

  96. solid snake

    solid snake

    3 months ago


  97. 3alarm247


    3 months ago

    After the Tiger Woods incident, the GV80 has already shown what lots of buyers needed to see.

    • sean


      2 months ago

      @Tou Vang lmao woods was going insanely fast and he lost control.

    • Tou Vang

      Tou Vang

      2 months ago

      Yup. Its shown us that hitting a little curb will send you flying into a ditch.

  98. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    3 months ago

    Wait the MDX doesn't have a blindspot camera?

    • Jean-Philippe Poisson

      Jean-Philippe Poisson

      23 days ago

      It has, but they didn't talk about it in the review...

  99. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    3 months ago

    Why would you take the Genesis when the MDX is basically the same price?

  100. mack cummy

    mack cummy

    3 months ago

    MDX looks better.