The 2021 Acura TLX Type S Is a Shockingly Sporty Sedan from Acura


Acura TLX Type S review! The Acura TLX is a midsize sedan from Acura, and the new TLX Type S is the sporty version. Today I'm reviewing the TLX Type S, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of Acura's coolest new car. I'll also drive the TLX Type S and show you what it's like on the road and review the driving experience.


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  1. Aminu Abdullahi

    Aminu Abdullahi

    Day ago

    Great performance car imo drove one yesterday. i agree tho that back seat is VERY sorry for the cars size LOL but overall great car.

  2. MurderMostFowl


    3 days ago

    How does "band name" factor into value? That makes no sense. Value != Fame. I feel like value is supposed to be an expression of quality for the dollar.

  3. MurderMostFowl


    3 days ago

    I prefer having a non-touch screen. I hate the new trend of "throw an iPad on the dashboard". They're ugly and will outdate itself faster than regular buttons.

  4. MurderMostFowl


    3 days ago

    drive modes are such a stupid gimmick. You only need two modes... regular and "show off".

  5. Damilola Akanni

    Damilola Akanni

    3 days ago

    We need to hear Doug's opinion on the new Integra prototype. It seems like he's the only car youtuber I know who hasn't done so.

  6. andre grier

    andre grier

    4 days ago

    Type s badge everywhere so everyone knows you got a TYPE S 😂 love this video thumbs up !!

  7. Tokyo Toxic

    Tokyo Toxic

    4 days ago

    I cant be the only one who from the thumbnail thought this was the new integra

  8. Animenut


    5 days ago

    Could have gave us 50 hp more to make 400 common acura guess I'm just going to have to do a tune on it.

  9. Kidkulafu1


    5 days ago

    I own a 2010 TL SH-AWD 6 speed manual and very happy with it! You do have to put a little bit of modifications to your liking in order for you to unleash the 3.7 liters full potential. I hope Acura considers bringing back the manual option on these sedans. My ride is 11 years old now with 140 k but I wouldn't trade it with any of these new vehicles.

    • Byn 163

      Byn 163

      4 days ago

      New integra :-)

  10. Elio- Martinez

    Elio- Martinez

    5 days ago

    garbage l.sound like s...

  11. Greg Dixon

    Greg Dixon

    6 days ago

    That color combination is an abomination.

  12. Joe k

    Joe k

    6 days ago

    exactly how much adderall did he snort before this video.

  13. Money Talks

    Money Talks

    7 days ago

    Doug bows more than an autistic monk on coke - rocks back and forth like he has internal music lol

  14. Francesca Dalton

    Francesca Dalton

    7 days ago

    how is the new "integra" the same fkn car lmao

  15. Jose M Brito

    Jose M Brito

    7 days ago

    Infotainment is horrible and distracting and no LCD Instrument cluster. It’s ridiculous that the Accord has better infotainment and instrument cluster.

  16. FirsfName Lastname

    FirsfName Lastname

    7 days ago

    Never saw that car in Europe

  17. Jsttyler


    8 days ago

    Id rather this car any day over the new Integra

  18. Jarett Wyse

    Jarett Wyse

    9 days ago

    Does Doug have Parkinson's?

  19. Jeff Rose

    Jeff Rose

    11 days ago

    The true touch pad is easy to use, I love it just as much as the infotainment in hondas

    • Alex Massengale

      Alex Massengale

      4 days ago

      I really like it now that I'm used to it. No stretching for a touch screen and no finger prints everywhere. Only takes a day or two to get used to it. Much prefer it to a touchscreen though it would be nice to put both in.

  20. M S

    M S

    12 days ago

    I have had many BMWs and the quality and reliability once you get to 2007 or later is crap. Flat out.

  21. digga27 one

    digga27 one

    12 days ago


  22. Kit Rocks

    Kit Rocks

    13 days ago

    No Wall Street is green because usually green is associated with gross and snot and people on Wall Street are all gross disgusting and greedy snot

  23. Listen 2 The Rhythm

    Listen 2 The Rhythm

    13 days ago

    the rear lights reminds me of a BRZ/FRS

  24. TheRandomAdam


    13 days ago

    not typically known for making a fast car yet the nsx does 0-60 in like 2.9 seconds

  25. Robby Llewellyn

    Robby Llewellyn

    14 days ago

    would rather own CT5-V forsure

  26. Flowmasta Flam

    Flowmasta Flam

    14 days ago

    didn't expect that actually. would have assumed 280hp at most. cool looking and plenty of power.

  27. Catcha Card

    Catcha Card

    14 days ago

    almost thought this was an integra and got excited

  28. Undead Skill

    Undead Skill

    14 days ago

    Kind of hating on Acura. I’m sure it handles press good.

  29. King Boo

    King Boo

    15 days ago

    They could’ve just integrated the Acura logo on the grille without having that big a*s transparent plate…

  30. FishingStiX 610

    FishingStiX 610

    15 days ago

    Why u being so obnoxious about their type s badge?

  31. ToastedRoasted


    15 days ago

    opinions on the new ""Integra""?

  32. Allen D

    Allen D

    15 days ago

    I feel like the TLX should have been the Integra. But we shall see the showcase tonight.

  33. Argenis Escorza

    Argenis Escorza

    16 days ago

    I like his reviews but man does this guy TALK 🤦🏻‍♂️ like, wayyyy too much 🙄

  34. Maserati Ghibli

    Maserati Ghibli

    16 days ago

    カッコいいし、いい音だな〜 日本でも売ってくれないかな〜

  35. Random Ghost

    Random Ghost

    17 days ago

    I'm a yolo on a call option to get this car

  36. martunafish


    18 days ago

    accord is faster

  37. Jb Taylor

    Jb Taylor

    18 days ago

    This car is so 🔥🔥🔥 not a fan of the color

  38. RuffBuff716


    18 days ago

    It looks nice. But. For that price I need a car doing 4 secs 0-60. Just get a m340

  39. Reggie N Happiness

    Reggie N Happiness

    19 days ago

    Is it a full size?

  40. Donny G Jr

    Donny G Jr

    19 days ago

    Imma own one of these

  41. captainkrunch


    19 days ago

    Tie your fucking hands together

  42. Клим Климов

    Клим Климов

    19 days ago

    Тайота Камри нервно курит 👌😁

  43. Pablo Javier Hernández Calderón

    Pablo Javier Hernández Calderón

    20 days ago

    All I can say is, the car seems to work pretty well at a pretty good price point. And with how trustworthy Hondas/Acuras have been in my time driving them, this might be my aim tbh. For an average person who enjoys some speed but doesn't always drive crazy, should work top notch.

  44. Laika Buzz

    Laika Buzz

    20 days ago

    * If Quentin Tarantino did car reviews *

  45. Gabe7356


    21 day ago

    For The price I would get a bmw and have fun driving it

  46. Rafael Garcia

    Rafael Garcia

    21 day ago

    I was thinking getting a brand new IS 300, now this TLX is making me question my decision.

  47. Smokey Dabear

    Smokey Dabear

    22 days ago

    Another piece of crap gimmick for losers that want to have the sense of a high end car. Design is good tho

  48. ArbenJae


    24 days ago

    Didn’t u say u hated Lexus’s touch pad? And u gave Honda a pretty good rating on theirs…. 🤔 I own a Lexus and their touch pad is great and probably better then this Honda’s

  49. LIZA Koronovsky

    LIZA Koronovsky

    24 days ago

    Oh i love Honda😍

  50. malakius


    25 days ago

    That front console is hideously outdated.

  51. Godg


    25 days ago

    Asian car? lol

  52. Yu Kun He

    Yu Kun He

    27 days ago

    doug:cars and bids🤗

  53. RC


    29 days ago

    Plot twist: The Acura TLX type S is actually an Acura Integra. They just changed the name for not disappointing the whole world

  54. Mark Morris

    Mark Morris

    29 days ago


  55. BlueSky


    29 days ago

    looks like a mix between a Hyundai and an Audi...

  56. 杰 白

    杰 白

    Month ago


  57. AlexAtlanta


    Month ago

    That is one ugly interior.

  58. No WackyTobaccy

    No WackyTobaccy

    Month ago

    For the price of this car you can get a Tesla model 3 performance

  59. Jay Smith

    Jay Smith

    Month ago

    Whoever decided on the non-touch screen is now homeless

  60. Isaac Brown

    Isaac Brown

    Month ago


  61. Jerk Norris

    Jerk Norris

    Month ago

    I wish Australia would get Acura

  62. Simon czesak

    Simon czesak

    Month ago

    I expected a lot more from the Japanese :(

  63. diego


    Month ago

    Civic in steroids

  64. Demetri Harlan

    Demetri Harlan

    Month ago

    40k I can get a Lexus ES 350. They need to make their sedans bigger.

  65. Leo Abundez

    Leo Abundez

    Month ago

    There should be a Doug Score certificate for every car Doug actually recorded on the window sticker.

  66. Tom Yost

    Tom Yost

    Month ago

    My guess is the transmission buttons were designed that way, with different feel and shape to each one so you would definitely know the one you touch without looking is the one you want. Actually common on many Honda models too. No two buttons are alike for a reason. Noticed this driving auction cars on a lot as a job.

    • Tom Yost

      Tom Yost

      Month ago

      Actually, any controls shaped uniquely are going to be easier to find without looking compared to some brands which make everything similar shape which takes your eyes off the road to find the control you want. Good design.

  67. Lone Maus

    Lone Maus

    Month ago

    I guess they don’t want people to buy these since there Over 50k.. Jesus

  68. Chuckey YooHoo!

    Chuckey YooHoo!

    Month ago

    Btw, new Acura Integra is coming!

    • Chuckey YooHoo!

      Chuckey YooHoo!

      Month ago


  69. shmuck azoid

    shmuck azoid

    Month ago

    The interior could've been better

  70. Mike J.

    Mike J.

    Month ago

    "Tiger's eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown colour and a silky lustre." That's where the name of the color comes from. They're beautiful as polished stones.

  71. Mama Luigi

    Mama Luigi

    Month ago

    I have an 07 TL Type-S with a 6-speed manual fantastic car

  72. Ty E

    Ty E

    Month ago

    They didn't have to make it that big honestly take some tips from bmw

  73. francisco jr. millan

    francisco jr. millan

    Month ago


  74. SkeksisRule


    Month ago

    I like that color.

  75. Dick Welty

    Dick Welty

    Month ago

    If your audience is German performance car lovers this is a good review, however those who desire Reasonable Luxury and performance at a bargain price might find that this is the car for them. The TLX is about $10,000 less than similarly equipped cars. I figured that $10,000 would buy about 45,000 miles worth of gas for the TLX, to sat nothing of the cost of maintenance of most of other "performance" cars. You are the only reviewer that does not like the road holding and handling. I believe you expected the TLX to be a track car. That is not what Acura was designed to be. The track car buyers want super fast cars that will drift the corners and sound the part of a race car. Most luxury car buyers want a reasonably fast car that is quiet, comfortable and handles well on the road. Other reviewers have commented that the TLX is a car that almost nobody can drive hard without getting in over their head . I remember when the first NSX was introduced it was said that it was the kind of a car that a business man could drive fast without killing himself. I think that the TLX was conceived along that line of thought.

    • marc30599


      26 days ago

      @SBF HAWK Exactly I agree which is why I am buying one! The TLX Type-S checks all the boxes for me

    • SBF HAWK

      SBF HAWK

      27 days ago

      @Troy Yeah I have a Macan GTS and i get alot of those options but those were not free buddy those cost well over 20000 over the 75000 price. The GTS fully equipped like mine had a sticker of 92500 Dollars man. So they will charge you up the Wazoo for that Okay Buddy. Now this Acura Minus the Heated seats in the back which nobody uses. My kids dont use them in the Porsche they wont use them in the Acura either. The only thing is the Heads up display I would of like that but there is a Heads up display port that is prewired as the other non Type S TLX have included in the TLX tech package that can easily be fitted for Alot less then 1500 hundred bucks. You also do not want a touch screen for many reasons number one safety you start reaching over to the screen its too far for you to be reaching to touch the screen when your are in the middle of driving its stupid. The Acura has the touchpad mouse pad on the bottom with a Nice elegant Wrist rest pad. Its very intuitive. Another thing too the only M series car that is hard to beat is the M3 with the XWD option which is the fastest of the bunch but that car cost about 95000 with all the bells and whistles. This Acura with the 3 minor bolt ons is getting 4.4 o-60 once the tune gets up to speed that will probably end up in the 4.0 0-60 making it fast as the M5 and M3 respectively with the Competizion package. Not too mention the Reliability as opposed to the BMW. In my Book Acura has a making of legendary offering at an very reasonable price.

    • marc30599


      Month ago

      @Troy however, to get those "options" in a german luxury sport sedan you have to add it "a la carte" as an add-on to the base model which will bring the price past the asking price of a Type-S or even Advanced Package TLX

    • Troy


      Month ago

      Its not a bad car, however their are a few flaws it doesn't have that its rivals have. Acura doesn't offer a 360 surround view camera, no Digital dash, no heads up display, no rear heated seats, and no Touch screen (so much easier than a touchpad). The German luxury sport sedans has these options.

  76. Zayed Ahmed

    Zayed Ahmed

    Month ago

    Acura always has the least attractive interiors compared to its rivals

  77. Ian Bower

    Ian Bower

    Month ago

    Good to see it hasn’t got those horrible dark rear side windows.

  78. Neck Bone

    Neck Bone

    Month ago

    That is about the weakest looking bracing I have ever seen 9:50. Even a Pep Boys Honda addict would give this the side eye.

  79. Courtney Barnes

    Courtney Barnes

    Month ago

    One thing Doug never discusses is how the German cars are junk. True, they might be more fun to drive but I’ll take reliability over extra fun. Draining your bank account to keep a BMW running ain’t that much fun (for a regular guy). I’m still on the fence with Honda/Acura transmissions though. We shall see if this generation proves to be better. Until then, I’m sticking with Toyota/Lexus

    • Bnizzofashizzo


      29 days ago


    • Aron Crane

      Aron Crane

      Month ago


  80. Amandeep Singh

    Amandeep Singh

    Month ago

    Dude you spoiled the whole review with you Chickenish body language. Can't watch more than 5 minutes.

  81. Victoria Random

    Victoria Random

    Month ago

    This is nice for the price.

  82. bvoasis


    Month ago

    Plate is technically a magnifying glass

  83. aquaagu2


    Month ago

    That’s a good looking and good sounding car

  84. Edward ArchangelMichael Odquina

    Edward ArchangelMichael Odquina

    Month ago

    DOUG DOES IT AGAIN!!! Ha ha! Love ya man! Thank you for reviewing my Type S ! ! !

  85. Masum


    Month ago

    Thank you @Doug for finally answering what that ugly plate was all about. However, I still think they could have done more and got lazy about the radar glass plate..really killing the look of this amazing grill. Like c'mon you are selling 50-60K worth car and can't get the radar thing together?

  86. Super YeMeNi

    Super YeMeNi

    Month ago

    The dumbest person I've seen

  87. Horo Ex

    Horo Ex

    Month ago

    Best sedan of this category

  88. Michael Fedorsha

    Michael Fedorsha

    Month ago

    That color is horrifying

  89. Dylan Tinney

    Dylan Tinney

    Month ago

    2025 Acura TLX is gonna have a Bop It toy for a gear selector

  90. Drew V

    Drew V

    Month ago

    Doug on 5g+

  91. Brooks California BBQ

    Brooks California BBQ

    Month ago

    Really critical this time Doug over things that’s are fine

  92. M VC

    M VC

    Month ago

    I saw this vehicle in a nice blue exterior color and it looked stunning. Great job on this one Acura. Honestly tho, bring back the integra 😎

    • Daven Jashwalia

      Daven Jashwalia

      29 days ago

      3 pedals = anti theft system.

    • M VC

      M VC

      Month ago

      @Will B. Smooth hopefully is dope 🙏🏼

    • Will B. Smooth

      Will B. Smooth

      Month ago

      The Integra is coming back...Acura announced it in August 😁

  93. Xp Lee

    Xp Lee

    Month ago

    That exhaust was DAYUM!



    Month ago


  95. Angrytango


    Month ago

    I have the cash to buy this car but my monkey brain is not compatible with it. I need an emergency brake that my money brain can pull up and down. And if the car has paddle shifters… make the paddle shifters stationary! Come on now… and the button P, N, R, D? What’s up with that? I also hate the proximity sensors. I don’t need them. I love it’s looks but i don’t like driving it for the reasons I mentioned

  96. Asiatic-Conservative


    Month ago

    WoW, you’re very enthusiastic when reviewing a car. 😎

  97. JG B

    JG B

    Month ago

    Doug's quicker than my playback speed.

  98. Davion Harper

    Davion Harper

    Month ago

    wish they'd just make a V8 already

  99. Troy


    Month ago

    Haven't seen 1 since it came out!

  100. Alex Kang

    Alex Kang

    Month ago

    tigers eye is the name of a gemstone. similar to this car's paint color.