The 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec is an Impressive New Japanese Luxury Sedan

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The Acura TL and TSX were two loved sporty sedans that were combined into one car back in 2015. The #AcuraTLX was designed to blend the strengths of both cars but unfortunately didn’t really do it, harmoniously. For 2021, the all-new #TLX sees one of the most comprehensive redesigns in Acura’s history and while a #TLXTypeS is on the way next year, this #TLXAspec offers a lot of bang for your buck and should give luxury sedan buyers a genuinely good alternative to European offerings.


  1. Redline Reviews

    Redline Reviews

    6 months ago

    The wait is over! You guys have been requesting a full review on the new Acura TLX all summer long and here it is! It gets us excited for the upcoming Type S, as the base engine is more luxury sedan versus sport sedan.

    • Nick Manning

      Nick Manning

      2 months ago

      Great car but short on power and it does sound like a 4 cylinder

    • D H

      D H

      2 months ago

      You guys are way too hung up on where a car model is manufactured. It's about the brand. Acura is a Japanese company, Ford is an American company, etc. That's what he means when he says "new Japanese luxury sedan".

    • Erik Wilson

      Erik Wilson

      2 months ago

      The TLX was manufactured and designed by USA not Japanese, in essence it is an American car

    • Chuck Simonds

      Chuck Simonds

      3 months ago

      The don't offer a panoramic sunroof because it compromises rigidity.

    • Joskj j

      Joskj j

      4 months ago

      @D H so the ford anglia is American because it’s a ford? The ford anglia was designed,built and engineered in the uk but no one calls it a British car Edit: I mean know one calls the anglia American

  2. g robles

    g robles

    2 days ago

    Typical ugly rear end Honda product. Long gone are the days where REAL car enthusiasts only cared about in what was under the hood 😪 I can't care less in how a key fob looks. It is AMAZING how can somebody care about that. 🙄

  3. kingdarius5252


    9 days ago

    How the hell do 16 speakers fit in this car? They must be really tiny. I would make the salesman show me every single one!

  4. mrheisthelogos


    11 days ago

    Sorry but I don't think this can compete with the Genesis g70!

  5. Mr. Oshawott

    Mr. Oshawott

    13 days ago

    Surprisingly, I've warmed up to the Acura TLX after watching this video. It seemingly has a slightly higher roof than most modern Sedans. Plus, I find the TLX's fascia more eye-pleasing.

  6. J Z

    J Z

    16 days ago

    It's hard to make a v4 sound good. But this is the way we are headed... *sigh*

  7. Juan Carraballo

    Juan Carraballo

    16 days ago

    digital & analog is the best cluster believe me 💯

  8. Juan Carraballo

    Juan Carraballo

    16 days ago

    acura had hit the nail bullseye seriously & on test drive this beauty soon.

  9. Derick Owens

    Derick Owens

    20 days ago

    Nice looking redesign. Just not impressive. Acura is lagging and doesn’t really feel much more premium than its sister company Honda.

  10. Fry 18

    Fry 18

    21 day ago

    This car is BEAUTIFUL 😍

  11. Omair Sheikh

    Omair Sheikh

    23 days ago

    Reviewers keep saying "Japanese Luxury sedan" when these new Acuras are all completely built in the US. More Americans should be proud of the quality in these new Acuras

  12. cordinate81


    24 days ago

    Japan made in Ohio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. 佐藤順哉


    Month ago

    Acura, please release it in Japan! I will definitely buy it!

  14. Roll99Tide


    Month ago

    I like my 2016 TL and my 2019 MDX ASPECT SH AWD , but I’m probably going to be switching to a certified Lexus GS 350 or an Audi S5 Sportback!

  15. william lee

    william lee

    Month ago

    They made huge improvements but with this being a new generation, they could have done more. 3 series here I come

    • Will B. Smooth

      Will B. Smooth

      Month ago

      Just wait for the Type comes out this summer.

  16. Bryan Lara

    Bryan Lara

    Month ago

    you’d think you’d at least have a touch screen with this kind of trim level in 2021 like other car manufacturers 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. Tamon Yanagimoto

    Tamon Yanagimoto

    Month ago

    No backseat USB’s ... ouch

  18. M O

    M O

    Month ago

    Much better look, love the interior, but those specs!!!! Acura will just never get to that truly sport class. It's a damn shame. I have a 4th gen TLSHAWD and it's the best car I've ever owned. I always thought it should have been faster than the 305 rated hp. Don't even get me started on the lack of a manual. Acura should get back to the old days.

  19. A K

    A K

    Month ago

    I think Honda (as is usual with them lately) is going about this the wrong way. They should have introduced the TLX Type-S (or even a Type-R) first, which would become a truly halo product, and then after a period, introduce the tamer, regular TLX, whose popularity would reflect off of the TLX Type-S/R. Currently, the TLX gets thrashed from a performance standpoint, by the Accord 2.0 and a variety of other high-performance models, and by the time the Type-S arrives, the damage will be done, and nobody would be buying the TLX anymore.

  20. Peter Tingley

    Peter Tingley

    Month ago

    It's technically not Japanese, its an American made sedan with the FEEL of a Japanese car.

  21. Ziyi Chen

    Ziyi Chen

    Month ago

    Dream car no doubt!

  22. Mike A

    Mike A

    Month ago

    I hope that you can also review the redesigned 2021 VW Arteon. The lease on my 2019 Acura TLX A-Spec is coming to an end in 3 months and I am considering the Arteon with the Premium SEL R-Line package and the 2021 Acura TLX with the Advance package. I am curious to see your thoughts on the features, value, and driving dynamics. I think that the TLX looks more sporty/aggressive with the exterior and the Arteon looks more modern with the interior. Keep up the good work. Your reviews are always very thorough and informative.

  23. Jerry Wright

    Jerry Wright

    Month ago

    They should have throw the V6 3.5 with 290 and not even put in the Honda 2.0T you just lost me Acura

  24. crocop2712


    2 months ago

    Shame we don't get these here in Switzerland

  25. Gipsy Avenger

    Gipsy Avenger

    2 months ago

    10 speed is this cars achilles heel not to mention it is a pig weighing in at @ 2 tons (3990). WTF ? Grab an Accord and be much happier.

  26. Bearded Builder

    Bearded Builder

    2 months ago

    I wonder if Acura will ever build an RSX again with a manual?....

  27. M H

    M H

    2 months ago

    The alloy wheel design is SO underwhelming... such missed opportunity! Come on, Acura! Keep up!

  28. SL


    2 months ago

    Call me old fashioned, but cars have to much tech these days. The segment going over the pad and screen was annoying. I feel these screens are getting out of hand and most of this shit is not necessary. Especially while operating something that could kill others while you look for your favorite song. Just drive the damn thing.

  29. Kritt Masta

    Kritt Masta

    2 months ago

    I think they did a good job didn't go full digital on the gauges. I like some of the classic analog. If they have analog clock like Lexus in the middle would have been even more amazing.

  30. Yashua Mpolokeng

    Yashua Mpolokeng

    2 months ago

    This car doesn't look Japanese at all, it looks American (don't know if that's good or bad). The interior doesn't seem like it will age well and the infotainment tambourine sound would get on my nerves.

  31. N M

    N M

    2 months ago

    This is SOICHIRO HONDA's dream! HEY!HONDA JAPAN's CEO! Why only overseas? Please!please!please bring this to the Japanese market! I'll buy it! Prove that Lexus isn't the only Sports sedan out there!

  32. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    Then Cadillac shows up with 472 and 668 hp CT4-V and CT5-V for slight more money than 355hp Type-S!

  33. hmm hmm

    hmm hmm

    2 months ago

    let me save you 27 minutes : get a 3series.

  34. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez

    2 months ago

    Really really great review. Loving the new tlx but disliking the weak engine. I wouldnt think twice about this aspec awd if it had about 300 hp and a little but more torque. Great review!

  35. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    According to J.D. Power research data, 65% of TLX buyers are men, matching the average for the Compact Premium Car segment. They are slightly older than average (58 years of age vs. 56), and they're making less money than average

  36. Javi L

    Javi L

    2 months ago

    Keep up the good work

  37. tonyboy tonyboy

    tonyboy tonyboy

    2 months ago

    No damn way people will pay 50K+ out the door for an Accord+...4 Cylinder just not happening

    • Erick Sanchez

      Erick Sanchez

      9 days ago

      Completely different platform from the accord.

  38. Gerardo V.

    Gerardo V.

    2 months ago

    Nope, the Mazda 3 holds that distinction.

  39. Sergio Ruano

    Sergio Ruano

    2 months ago

    Don’t like it

  40. naywahn


    3 months ago

    9:13 A *LOT* of passengers are going to be changing the drive mode, when their "jam" comes on...

  41. o4komodo


    3 months ago

    I absolutely hate screens that just stick out of the dash like that. Looks tacky and cheap. Looks like someone just placed an ipad on top and called it a day.

  42. George Henry

    George Henry

    3 months ago

    Soyfan Bey i would ask you wich is better Acura Tlx or the new Lexus IS series?

  43. Traveller


    3 months ago

    Absence of touch pad for the screen could be a deal breaker, same with new MDX, it is an evolutionary way to unclutter dash board.

  44. M


    3 months ago

    the exhaust and backend are ugly

  45. Ronald Collins

    Ronald Collins

    3 months ago

    Thanks!!! Can't wait for the Type S review. The TLX is on my List. The Infotainment system has me wary.

  46. BobbyBoom13


    3 months ago

    Where is the V6 turbo?

  47. Pierre


    3 months ago

    Come on Acura too much money not too include simple things like auto start on the remote and power folding mirrors smh otherwise I like my 19 RDX advanced.

  48. N


    3 months ago

    Its nice...but wow...its over $50k with options? Only 270 hp? No thanks..

  49. Chase Visions

    Chase Visions

    3 months ago

    0 to 60 in 6.5 sec? Nah. It needs more power!

  50. MrWing


    3 months ago

    That are is so pretty it’s crazy

  51. Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Justin Thaw-Bolton

    3 months ago

    I like the new Acura TLX awd. But I wish Acura would have kept the 6 cylinder instead of giving the car a 4 cylinder. I am not a fan of the turbo 4 cylinder. I love Acura 6 cylinder engines they sound nice

  52. Cloneufc


    3 months ago

    This thing sucks! For 3.5K my RSX makes 450whp daily on stock internals.

  53. Manny Rosy

    Manny Rosy

    3 months ago

    What’s up with all these cars now a days with small ass engines???

  54. X X

    X X

    3 months ago

    Those dash gauges still suck. Like he said they’ve been around for far too long.

  55. Erwin K

    Erwin K

    3 months ago

    They fucked up the back of it lmao

  56. James Powles

    James Powles

    3 months ago

    I used to own and love the old 3G TL Type S. I had a couple of them actually an auto and a manual. Such a cool car and unfortunately I still just can’t get excited about Acura’s. I will say they’ve got the styling right. It’s a great looking car inside and out, but as a car enthusiast who has owned some impressive cars I can tell by watching the review and reactions it’s not an exciting car. I really hope the new Type S lives up to the hype, but even if it does I’m not sure I’d come back.

  57. Jerod Dawkins

    Jerod Dawkins

    3 months ago

    I live in the Atlanta area (land of cars) and I’m not seeing this car on the road. Why????

  58. Uba Okereke

    Uba Okereke

    3 months ago

    Honda has the same vehicle trim issues with the Accord. You have to step up to the EX trim to get remote start, blind spot monitoring. Can't get it on the sport trim, which is dumb.

  59. warset


    3 months ago

    This is designed and built in the USA. And also the Acura brand is not available for the Japanese market.

  60. Matthau San

    Matthau San

    3 months ago

    I'll save my money and get a 2.0 turbo Accord. Same motor, front wheel drive, and a faster 0-60 time. The Accord probably does 80 plus percent of the TLX on a daily use.

  61. Tiburon Negro y blanco

    Tiburon Negro y blanco

    3 months ago

    The best

  62. JuanitoMaxxCarnaje


    3 months ago

    2022 Genesis G70 is where it will be at

  63. Chris Cole

    Chris Cole

    3 months ago

    Acura hasn't impressed me since the legend over 20yrs ago..They just dont compare to other luxury brands in style & look. They don't have presence.

  64. Maurice Kwurue

    Maurice Kwurue

    3 months ago

    I will take my chances on the Kia Stinger over the Type S

  65. DL ABC

    DL ABC

    3 months ago

    nissan altima is faster then this car

  66. HueTubeR


    3 months ago

    4-cylinder turbo bullshit. Give me back my V6!

  67. BartekPLUS


    3 months ago

    Yeah... no.

  68. The Rookie 7117

    The Rookie 7117

    3 months ago

    I like the front of the car, not really feeling the back of it though

  69. [Blank]


    3 months ago

    The next thing I want Acura to do (after redesigning the ILX) is to wagonify the TLX.

  70. Mikey T

    Mikey T

    3 months ago

    What is the break in period for it? I checked my manual and I can't find anything about it. I've been gentle and haven't wanted to accelerate too fast yet haha. I agree about the ride. I have the Advance and the suspension is insanely comfortable. I hate to say it, but it is actually smoother than my step mom's 2020 Audi A6.

  71. Sohail60659


    4 months ago

    I’ve this same exact car as in the review. They should put the rims from the RDX A-Spec and add better side sills and exhaust tips like the ones from the last generation A-Spec. Other than that the exterior is beautiful. The interior gives you the feel of a sports car, which is very cool compared to the Audis I’ve owned. The engine doesn’t serve the car well. Too coarse and drone-like when pushed harder. Car of this size needs a V6 like the one from the 3rd generation. I feel that Acura purposely held back a few exterior touches and then the engine to make sure that the Type S version is more distinctive and desirable. Acura moving in the right direction though!

  72. Billdolladrmz_ B

    Billdolladrmz_ B

    4 months ago

    When Exactly Is That V6 Actually Coming 🤨

    • Aarush Tripathi

      Aarush Tripathi

      2 months ago

      If you are talking about the Type S model, then it will be Spring of 2021.

  73. Jerry Gartrell

    Jerry Gartrell

    4 months ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t add a panoramic sunroof 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Shohruh Shamanov

      Shohruh Shamanov

      2 months ago

      and they won't, they only offer it in RDX and MDX, even base models. However, most of the TLX competitors don't have panoramic sunroof either.

  74. dhruv pathak

    dhruv pathak

    4 months ago

    R.I.P. BMW 3 series!

  75. Cooleye 888

    Cooleye 888

    4 months ago

    SO DISSAPOINTED, I love the looks though. Yes the Type S might make up with the power but its still heavy for sure and not nimble. I hope im wrong.

  76. A ZDX

    A ZDX

    4 months ago

    Thank you :)



    4 months ago

    I thought acura was a car company not a boat company 🤪

  78. Lifted_Above


    4 months ago

    Hey BMW........ this design here? This is how you do a front design. Not your ridiculous BEAVER TEEF looking for a tasty tree to chew on.

  79. Jimbo


    4 months ago

    There's a hidden gem in this review (4:47) -- I spy an 03/04 Infiniti M45 (Nissan Gloria/Cedric) in the background. NA V8, 340 HP from 17 years ago!

  80. The Pleb

    The Pleb

    4 months ago

    Rear look somewhat like a Alpha Romeo

  81. Tedster B

    Tedster B

    4 months ago

    What do you mean engine noise thru the speakers?

  82. Andres


    4 months ago

    How much?

  83. Sir Feynman

    Sir Feynman

    4 months ago

    Isn’t it technically an American car kinda since Americans designed it?

  84. hhputube


    4 months ago

    Man, looking forward to getting this 2021 model, but they didn't keep the V6! everything is 4 cylinder turbo nowadays

  85. Play 838

    Play 838

    4 months ago

    Premium Gas no thanks I will buy the new sexy sentra!

  86. Joskj j

    Joskj j

    4 months ago

    Man Acura is back in action

  87. Moises Escobar

    Moises Escobar

    4 months ago

    Man... the touchpad works perfectly 😂 patients my guy and the car overall is amazing!

  88. No Comment

    No Comment

    4 months ago

    The previous gen 0-60 is about 5.3-5.5 vs 6.5 in this one

  89. Robert S

    Robert S

    4 months ago

    This car is made in Ohio.

  90. elCART3L


    4 months ago

    Man, those wheels are trash. That’s the best wheel design they could come up with.

    • Shohruh Shamanov

      Shohruh Shamanov

      2 months ago

      I wouldn't say they are trash, they are ok, I saw them in person. Type S will have crazy rims. Wait for that one

  91. Richard Howard

    Richard Howard

    4 months ago

    Hey guy. Remember, people love things you hate. Learn how to be a Critic. Or learn to be a engineer. I love my 2021 TLX A spec. I'm 65 and had no problems with the car. Maybe it you. Keep up the good work Acura.

  92. G2theB


    4 months ago

    No replacement for displacement.

  93. Damon Huang

    Damon Huang

    4 months ago

    Acura still keeps that damn button gears. that's just so upset

    • Shohruh Shamanov

      Shohruh Shamanov

      2 months ago

      yeah it might not be what you're looking for, but man, they are so easy and convenient. I have these on my Accord 2018.

  94. Inner Peace

    Inner Peace

    4 months ago

    After test driving this, I was really disappointed. When it comes out, we'll see if the type S is any better...

  95. ittotaq


    4 months ago

    Dude there's WAY too much unnecessary panning. And the colors are really washed out

  96. Joseph Rasero

    Joseph Rasero

    4 months ago

    The 2021 TLX should be in line for the most improved luxury sedan however the 2021 version is a heavy, bloated, expensive car that doesn't really disrupt the industry enough to sway luxury buyers from going German and entry level buyers from just getting a Kia Stinger. With the Acura RLX now discontinued the TLX now is the largest sedan Acura offers. The 2021 TLX is a noticeable 3.9" longer than the 2020 version and 2.2" wider, however the 2021 TLX is only offers .4" more rear legroom and actually has a trunk that is .8 ft smaller than the 2020 version. So while exterior wise this sedan might be a mid size sedan it's interior dimensions are more akin a Genesis G70, BMW 3 Series, and Audi A4 and even some of those cars offer bigger rear legroom and cargo space. A base model now starts at $38,525 which is $4K+ more than the outgoing model which would be fine if it was more disruptive and offered some of the Tech feature standard. IMO the Kia Stinger GT model is a better performing sedan with slightly more utility and the gold standard BMW 3 series frankly has more prestige, slightly better performance, and more utility since it offers a 17 ft trunk. Again the 2021 is much improved compared to the outgoing model and still is cheaper than Germans but not by much now, making the 2021 TLX just a hard choice unless you are an Acura loyalist.

  97. Matthew Chea

    Matthew Chea

    4 months ago

    Can you find a G37 or Q60 IPL and review it!? Thanks!

  98. kingoftesticles


    4 months ago

    This is a big accomplishment for Acura. This new TLX might actually be chosen on its own merits and not because of the 299/mo. lease.

  99. veowsaku


    4 months ago

    Acura doesn't get it, FWD platform needs to go! Even Hyundai went to RWD platform with Genesis and their sales have improved.

  100. Veyronp87


    4 months ago

    this 2.0t TLX is definitely nice and better than the old one for sure but i'd be lying if i said i didn't expect a little more. here's to hoping the Type S is a knockout