The 2022 Acura MDX A-Spec is Acura's New 3-Row Flagship Luxury SUV

Since its introduction in 2001, the has been one of the best-selling 3-row luxury SUV's in America. While the current generation was starting to fall behind its main rivals, for 2022, @Acura has finally given the exactly what it needs to be worthy as the brand's flagship vehicle. This is the closest thing you'll get to an , at least until that model arrives later this summer.

Click here to watch how the new MDX stacks up against the 2021 :

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  1. Redline Reviews

    Redline Reviews

    6 months ago

    The new MDX gives us hope that Acura seems to have found their mojo again. We look forward to trying out the Type S models later this year! We'd also like to see Acura give us an Advance plus A-Spec trim together! At just over $58k for this A-Spec model, it is a much better value versus a lot of competitors which get a quite a bit more expensive.

    • Ryan K. Min

      Ryan K. Min

      5 months ago

      I guess the best option, for now, is to customize an advanced model with 20-in glint black alloy wheels as an option. And do your own black accent for a sporty appearance... so sad

    • 18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

      18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

      5 months ago

      Can you turn the sound off though? When scrolling through the options

    • Tommy Do

      Tommy Do

      5 months ago

      @mrsj1417 you’re crazy, Genesis yes, Kia no.

    • MS RR

      MS RR

      5 months ago

      @Mr21scott and double wishbone suspension, SHAWD, a better engine, much nicer digital cluster, pano roof, ambient lighting and so forth. Oh, and i can get that for less than a loaded Korean. Nice try though 😂

    • Mr21scott


      5 months ago

      @MS RR Except Kias and Hyundais have much better reliability now than Acura. Nice try though. And if you want to spend $10k extra for...the buttons, you deserve what you get.

  2. yonty steinnetz

    yonty steinnetz

    Day ago

    Needs a touch screen 😒

  3. K G

    K G

    2 days ago

    test drove yesterday mdx , it's nice but not really big inside maiybe because I'm driving SIENNA now.... also dealers asking too much on this truck with 3k down my payments like 700 a month, super expensive car

  4. deathward990


    3 days ago

    Whats the mileage on it?

  5. Fernando Magaña

    Fernando Magaña

    4 days ago

    BEAUTIFUL, too bad they only come with a naturally aspirated 3.5 :(

  6. jjgreek1


    23 days ago

    I need a touch screen

  7. Ahmed Mohiuddin

    Ahmed Mohiuddin

    Month ago

    Lovely great review, thanks

  8. [Blank]


    Month ago

    Will the fake vents on the sides of the front fascia become real vents on the Type S?

    • Jordan Rosenberg

      Jordan Rosenberg

      19 days ago

      They won't because Acura tested it and said by making them "real", it would increase drag

  9. Tan N

    Tan N

    Month ago

    No 3rd row vents? I pity the people or kids in the 3rd row in the summer time.

    • Tan N

      Tan N

      19 days ago

      @Jordan Rosenberg The windows are already tinted from the B-pillar back from the factory

    • Jordan Rosenberg

      Jordan Rosenberg

      19 days ago

      Get tinted windows

  10. TD Michael

    TD Michael

    Month ago

    Another great review. The 2022 model year will be a disaster. Thousands of people are having transmissions replaced.

  11. Randy Baker

    Randy Baker

    Month ago

    Highlander weighs less, has more power, has a less-complicated dash layout.

  12. Covid Nineteen

    Covid Nineteen

    Month ago

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A brand new redesigned dash board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Robby Lao

    Robby Lao

    Month ago

    God damn she’s beautiful in red

  14. Alpha Beta

    Alpha Beta

    Month ago

    No touch screen and 10 gears? LOL

  15. Lion Beast

    Lion Beast

    Month ago

    This is a great looking vehicle but Acura should definitely do a better job with packaging 📦 there options. Acura you have my attention!

  16. Joshsmoove


    Month ago

    Why would he not show the phone charging without the case. That would have been important to show.

  17. Cesar Rojas

    Cesar Rojas

    Month ago

    Is that a Mazda?

    • A C

      A C

      Month ago

      the back reminds me of Mazda CX mixed with some elements of Acura RDX gen 1.

  18. Vuk Forest

    Vuk Forest

    2 months ago

    Acura all the way!Thank you for interior and exterior design,you really rock

  19. pimptasticone


    2 months ago

    Which park did you film this at? Looks familiar but can't place it

  20. My Quach

    My Quach

    2 months ago

    I’m waiting advance mdx type s this summer I need infotainment in the back seat for grand kids long road trip, it would compete with European luxury that is on the market now a day, if ur listening acura my entire family had all the mdx generation would not buy other brand vehicle.

  21. Tony Bland

    Tony Bland

    2 months ago

    It's a great vehicle. I'd still have the CX9. And the ambient lighting is more than adequate. I HATE this new trend of Vegas nightlife neon sign "ambient" lighting. Its like manufacturers forgot what "ambient" actually means (cough) (cough) Mercedes. But bravo Acura. They are kicking ass.

  22. Mihail G

    Mihail G

    2 months ago

    Acura they took all those two screens and now Audi Q7-Q8 Added that 2 screens LOL :(

  23. Yoan Morales

    Yoan Morales

    2 months ago

    A lot of nice features do you have to go to the advance model it’s like they’re pushing you to get the other one something that you could offer on the lower trims🤔👎 almost 60,000 and my kids don’t even get a Entertainment system waooooo

  24. JiTengful


    2 months ago

    Still timing belt?

  25. Justin Fontaine

    Justin Fontaine

    2 months ago

    Its a lot of money for a Honda

  26. Justin Fontaine

    Justin Fontaine

    2 months ago

    Acura needs to update how it spec's each model like he says. You can't get an A-spec with all the rest. Also the gauge cluster is not all that great and has many elements of my Honda Ridgeline. They kind of copied styling from Mazda CX-9 because that vehicle looks great and for the money I'd still choose the CX-9 for much less money. You'll be at 65k for a fully loaded and you could get a CX-9 Signature for 20k less

  27. Jas Chana

    Jas Chana

    2 months ago

    thank god acura didn't put a 2.0L turbo in it. The rest of the manufacturers are shoving those shit tiny engines in these massive suv's - totally under powered and crap sounding.

  28. Norm T

    Norm T

    2 months ago

    Except that the larger 3rd row seated Cadillac XT6 beats the 2022 MDX by about a second in Motor Trend handling course. The XT6 also gets TSP+ and tops MDX with 310 hp!

  29. G MAN

    G MAN

    2 months ago

    I’m looking to buy the S Type, but with the chip shortage, it may be a long wait.

  30. Alireza Ahmadi

    Alireza Ahmadi

    2 months ago

    Hello, thanks a lot for the all awesome review. I have an question. What do you think about the 2022 Acura MDX technology package AWD or FW?.

    • The Gamer Brother Man

      The Gamer Brother Man

      13 days ago

      Get the AWD. It handles like it is riding on rails.

  31. Jon Mcclure

    Jon Mcclure

    2 months ago

    Drove all the luxury SUV'S the 2022 MDX, Checks all the boxes. Paid cas 14 miles on odomitor, same great red, light interior, lot more room than the others, very silent inside, love tech, everything! Honda/Acura makes great engines. Great service too! Total makeover, great job.

  32. Thomas Griffith

    Thomas Griffith

    2 months ago

    “More interior space on the inside”... as opposed to more interior space outside?

  33. BlazeReviews


    2 months ago

    This MDX or a Bmw x7?

  34. Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson

    2 months ago

    It needs to be buffed out and ceramic coated. Acura has too much orange peel, the paint finish could be refined. Looks great otherwise. I'm an owner of a 2010 MDX Advanced model with 280k+, Mayan Bronze Metallic with Brown Umber interior, great vehicle. Buffed and coated and it looks new. It should come with a Hybrid option to get the 0-60 in line plus towing would be a better experience. I would want the ASPEC Red with Red Interior which I don't think they offer. They also need a Carbon interior trim package.

  35. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon

    2 months ago

    Double Wishbone Suspension, Sh-AWD with Vectoring, interior and exterior by far more sophisticated than competitor

  36. Exey


    3 months ago

    Bye Felicia! :-D

  37. Deepen Gandhi

    Deepen Gandhi

    3 months ago

    Great to see Acura bring back the Double Wishbone suspension, that I think was first introduced with the 2004 TSX! That car handles so well for a non-AWD car! We still have one going strong at 220k miles!

  38. John Smith

    John Smith

    3 months ago

    The tail light look so cheap and ugly too, hopefully they redesign soon.

  39. Rakhsi Prayogo

    Rakhsi Prayogo

    3 months ago

    What it's This Intro Music & Artlist in Redline Reviews

  40. Jon McClure

    Jon McClure

    3 months ago

    100% correct, as he ask for the plug-in hybrid with the competition moving forward and full EV leaving many who travel long trips, etc. do not want driver anxiety. Plug-ins with say 50 miles on battery charge will allow most to drive 80%+ on EV and then still have the security of knowing you can drive another 400 miles on gas! Other than that, MDX is much better. The new RX should be bigger with a third row, and also have the plug-in prime format, much like the RA4 Prime in 2022. Fun time for new formats!

  41. 2 Steak Sandwiches

    2 Steak Sandwiches

    3 months ago

    Love it but needs real captains chairs. Good to see that acura is trying again. They have been phoning it in for the last decade or more

  42. Thamac15


    3 months ago

    Less than 300 hp and tq,....that’s gonna be a no from me dog. Why Acura? Slooooooooow

  43. Thamac15


    3 months ago

    The amount of scratches and swirls/marring on the paint is mind boggling.

  44. A Farangi

    A Farangi

    3 months ago

    I have the RDX, the touchpad is not good, very distracting.

  45. Gaurav Agg

    Gaurav Agg

    3 months ago

    This color looks sexy

  46. Eddie Yi

    Eddie Yi

    3 months ago

    Nice! Glad to see Honda making moves earlier than Toyota. I'd probably opt for the Advanced spec for the features. I can always change the looks later.

  47. Drew R

    Drew R

    3 months ago

    I found it hilarious and ironic that you asked for a plug-in hybrid version because I said the same thing when I started reading about this!

  48. 7D


    3 months ago

    The cup holders of the second row seats should be covered when folding down the seats.

  49. Benoit Proulx

    Benoit Proulx

    3 months ago

    Are you serious? No Touch screen...........

  50. Monica K

    Monica K

    3 months ago

    I have 2016 MDX and I'm buying 2022 for the tech wireless charger, 1 screen, android auto. I get enough speeding tickets so while I want the type S I probably shouldn't get it.

  51. Justin H

    Justin H

    3 months ago

    Do type s mdx when out!!

  52. Omaer 1

    Omaer 1

    3 months ago

    Very Nice!

  53. Michael Elliott McWilliams

    Michael Elliott McWilliams

    3 months ago

    I am deciding between the Aviator and MDX? Which would you buy and why?

    • Jordan Rosenberg

      Jordan Rosenberg

      Month ago

      MDX, - much more reliable and better value, plus more technology

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      3 months ago

      Aviator - way more power, RWD platform, nicer interior.

  54. JD V.

    JD V.

    3 months ago

    I Hate Acura shift button so much that i purchased Higlander XSE

  55. ناظم   nadhem

    ناظم nadhem

    3 months ago

    The best SUV ever look very sporty bet have a big problem is very low to the ground look like a sedan doesn't look like an SUV

  56. keytothegate K

    keytothegate K

    3 months ago

    Did he say you have to go to higher trim to get heated steering wheel? The rear end of the car looks dated already and the info screen mounted on top of the dash is always bad. No excuse for not having touch screen. It looks like Acura is now taking ideas and sharing parts with Mazda? I'm not staying here long enough to hear the price on this thing

  57. First Don Diego

    First Don Diego

    3 months ago

    When you said it looked like a Mazda CX-9, I laughed because not only do I think it does too, so do a few of my coworkers. Just so you know, I work at an Acura Dealership.

  58. Planes Are Great

    Planes Are Great

    3 months ago

    This is the only Acura I see people driving anywhere.

  59. Soda Fountain To The Stars

    Soda Fountain To The Stars

    3 months ago

    AMEN to the Plug-in Hybrid option. Acura will be left in the dust if they don't get on the EV wagon. Plus, YES to the A-SPEC with the Advanced package. Why this is not an option is insane!! Almost every new Acura I pass on the road now is an A-SPEC. Yet they think these drivers don't want the other features? Who's making these decisions at Acura!! Wake up!!!

  60. Donna D

    Donna D

    4 months ago

    They should make a car above and the mdx a truck base suv like a competitor to a Infiniti QX80 bmw x7 Cadillac esclade Range Rover and the first rwd v8 acura which is what they should have done to the legend/rl/rlx years ago

  61. Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Justin Thaw-Bolton

    4 months ago

    I won’t be trading in my v6 TLX for the 4 cylinder turbo.

  62. Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Justin Thaw-Bolton

    4 months ago

    I think Acura is making a huge mistake by replacing the v6 in the TLX to a 4 cylinder turbo.

  63. Bob Bowie

    Bob Bowie

    4 months ago

    its nice but it still doesnt stand out visually.

  64. AK


    4 months ago

    360 cam and HUD should be standard for any premium/ luxury car.

  65. Omair Sheikh

    Omair Sheikh

    4 months ago

    Fuckkkk it almost sounds like an old school NSX 😲

  66. H T

    H T

    4 months ago

    Captain chairs without the armrests? Come on Acura.

  67. Ray Brooks

    Ray Brooks

    4 months ago

    Way too much shiny, black plastic on the interior. It's annoyingly distracting while driving. I would expect a premium brand such as Acura to give us at least some real wood or carbon fiber.

  68. Goa Way

    Goa Way

    4 months ago

    Nice. I actually like this one. Mainly because it is red. Whenever I see this kind of red, I think Harley Quinn. 💕🖤💓

  69. Goa Way

    Goa Way

    4 months ago

    Do they have a smaller version of this? Like one with just two rows?

    • Erick Sanchez

      Erick Sanchez

      4 months ago

      If you mean this same model with two row's then no but the center seat in the second row can come off but if you mean a smaller model then look into the acura rdx that one offers two rows.

  70. Kamran Pathan

    Kamran Pathan

    4 months ago

    Can you start with the price at the beginning of the video? Or at all? Not sure I’ve seen you mention it

  71. Rick Hambly

    Rick Hambly

    4 months ago

    I've waited a long time for this restyling... picking my A-Spec up tomorrow. (Still got my 2004 TSX that I picked up in 2004. Just turned over 225,000 miles. 🤙)

    • C is for Chris

      C is for Chris

      3 months ago

      I picked up a blue Aspec yesterday . It’s so beautiful and everyone is taking pictures of it as we drive or have it out in the driveway.

  72. morris f

    morris f

    4 months ago

    Running with the big boys now...

  73. Dale's Acura TLX

    Dale's Acura TLX

    4 months ago

    🇨🇦 New MDX is beautiful....This is a great channel, excellent job buddy!!!

  74. Adin Mehanovic

    Adin Mehanovic

    4 months ago

    Um, if I want a 4cylinder engine I will go with literally any other auto brand. I’ll gladly take this 6cylinder!!!

  75. klppdc


    4 months ago

    Nobody can beat Honda. Lexus is like a boring soap box compared to this. Germans will sell you crap engines which die after 100K miles. Honda is king. Hopefully they bring back S2000.

  76. ColorCodeTrader


    4 months ago

    This is why I like Redline. No other reviewer dares utter the obvious about this looking like a Mazda.

  77. PortMiamiMike


    4 months ago

    Which is the Top Trim level?

  78. Canadian Brock

    Canadian Brock

    4 months ago

    This SHOULD have been done 5 years ago.

  79. Cloneufc


    4 months ago

    EEEEWWW! Acura needs to get back into making SUV's. Most of the new MDX's look closer to minivans. The first-gen MDX looks like a real SUV! Come on acura!

  80. Jerry Wright

    Jerry Wright

    4 months ago

    Hell no No 4 Cyl turbo! Your crazy! Always a Six ! maybe a 3.7 would have been better with the old TL 3.7 with 300 hp

  81. TheKingkingg


    4 months ago

    One more thing, you keep smiling whenever you put your foot to the floor, but you are still wanting more, more, more... you did same with NSX review and type R.... when is more enough?... based on comments from so many reviewers, we will soon have 70 " tv in our vehicles and tractor trailer engines😂😂😂😂😂

  82. TheKingkingg


    4 months ago

    Thanks for your review, you are very good when you stick to the fact, I either laugh at, or scratch my head when you start adding your saying the vehicle should get more power to 300hp, why???(which you also then say type S is coming soon 😂😂😂... also, most of us owners buy MDX or pilot but don't always carry 7 passengers in fact very rare.... another thing is shift controls clear up space for adding buttons because of ACURA reviewers. Another thing is volume controls ( which the driver has steering wheel controls) and many of you forget this class was created by Acura MDX and still best seller and possibly best reliability.

  83. Edward Conner

    Edward Conner

    4 months ago

    A Spec is the best looking trim but unfortunately if you want a loaded one you loose the look & instead gotta deal with a crapload of chrome etc & that sucks, not sure why manufacturers do this

  84. lilmoris1


    4 months ago

    Great vehicle, only ruined by black leather interior.

  85. neervilakomcommunity


    5 months ago

    checked out third row . its hard for a adult to get in/out

  86. Dreamy_


    5 months ago

    Alex on Autos like the Acura MDX, therefore I like Alex on Autos 👍

  87. FIREBLACK 74.14

    FIREBLACK 74.14

    5 months ago

    The whole grille is a superman shield shape.

  88. Jeff X

    Jeff X

    5 months ago

    Is the engine noise real or pumped in through the speakers?

  89. Nick Pol

    Nick Pol

    5 months ago

    Great review 👍👍👍

  90. JDMKing919


    5 months ago

    So based on your assessment at the end, the Type-S trim will come w/ the Advance package & the top end ELS sound system?

  91. Tammy Banh

    Tammy Banh

    5 months ago

    With all the snow and sleet that we just had, do you think this car will be good performance for these weather? Is there any other car / suv you would suggest?

  92. أبو𓃭أمير ألسيد

    أبو𓃭أمير ألسيد

    5 months ago

    They kill my dream☹️ $50,000 Wow I have to buy Honda now 🥺

  93. Spike 939

    Spike 939

    5 months ago

    Such a great review, and the new MDX looks smoking.

  94. Arthur Samaul

    Arthur Samaul

    5 months ago

    Hi what kind of camera you are recording with in side the car thanks

  95. Claudio Moncayo

    Claudio Moncayo

    5 months ago

    I loooooove redline cars reviews , they are very professional and have so much great valanced good and bad information, did I say very professional! 😎 the best car review you tube Chanel

  96. 18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    5 months ago

    Piano black is WACK.

  97. 18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    5 months ago


  98. Ed p

    Ed p

    5 months ago

    a what load of money? hahahahaha

  99. syan sana

    syan sana

    5 months ago

    The nice exclamation steadily sign because philippines uniquely compare times a draconian bite. few fierce, hard ellipse

  100. Gillies Okano

    Gillies Okano

    5 months ago

    This looks amazing!