The 2022 Acura MDX A-Spec is Acura's New 3-Row Flagship Luxury SUV

Since its introduction in 2001, the #AcuraMDX has been one of the best-selling 3-row luxury SUV's in America. While the current generation was starting to fall behind its main rivals, for 2022, @Acura has finally given the #MDX exactly what it needs to be worthy as the brand's flagship vehicle. This #MDXASpec is the closest thing you'll get to an #MDXTypeS, at least until that model arrives later this summer.
Click here to watch how the new #Acura MDX stacks up against the 2021 #CadillacXT6:
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  1. Redline Reviews

    Redline Reviews

    2 months ago

    The new MDX gives us hope that Acura seems to have found their mojo again. We look forward to trying out the Type S models later this year! We'd also like to see Acura give us an Advance plus A-Spec trim together! At just over $58k for this A-Spec model, it is a much better value versus a lot of competitors which get a quite a bit more expensive.

    • Nova Amari

      Nova Amari

      Month ago

      not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hacker xD

    • Ryan K. Min

      Ryan K. Min

      Month ago

      I guess the best option, for now, is to customize an advanced model with 20-in glint black alloy wheels as an option. And do your own black accent for a sporty appearance... so sad

    • 18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

      18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

      Month ago

      Can you turn the sound off though? When scrolling through the options

    • Tommy Do

      Tommy Do

      2 months ago

      @mrsj1417 you’re crazy, Genesis yes, Kia no.

    • MS RR

      MS RR

      2 months ago

      @Mr21scott and double wishbone suspension, SHAWD, a better engine, much nicer digital cluster, pano roof, ambient lighting and so forth. Oh, and i can get that for less than a loaded Korean. Nice try though 😂

  2. Eddie Yi

    Eddie Yi

    44 minutes ago

    Nice! Glad to see Honda making moves earlier than Toyota. I'd probably opt for the Advanced spec for the features. I can always change the looks later.

  3. Drew R

    Drew R

    3 days ago

    I found it hilarious and ironic that you asked for a plug-in hybrid version because I said the same thing when I started reading about this!

  4. 7D


    3 days ago

    The cup holders of the second row seats should be covered when folding down the seats.

  5. Benoit Proulx

    Benoit Proulx

    5 days ago

    Are you serious? No Touch screen...........

  6. Monica K

    Monica K

    6 days ago

    I have 2016 MDX and I'm buying 2022 for the tech wireless charger, 1 screen, android auto. I get enough speeding tickets so while I want the type S I probably shouldn't get it.

  7. Justin H

    Justin H

    8 days ago

    Do type s mdx when out!!

  8. Omaer 1

    Omaer 1

    11 days ago

    Very Nice!

  9. Michael Elliott McWilliams

    Michael Elliott McWilliams

    11 days ago

    I am deciding between the Aviator and MDX? Which would you buy and why?

  10. JD V.

    JD V.

    12 days ago

    I Hate Acura shift button so much that i purchased Higlander XSE

  11. nadhem ناظم Ahmed أحمد

    nadhem ناظم Ahmed أحمد

    12 days ago

    The best SUV ever look very sporty bet have a big problem is very low to the ground look like a sedan doesn't look like an SUV

  12. keytothegate K

    keytothegate K

    13 days ago

    Did he say you have to go to higher trim to get heated steering wheel? The rear end of the car looks dated already and the info screen mounted on top of the dash is always bad. No excuse for not having touch screen. It looks like Acura is now taking ideas and sharing parts with Mazda? I'm not staying here long enough to hear the price on this thing

  13. First Don Diego

    First Don Diego

    15 days ago

    When you said it looked like a Mazda CX-9, I laughed because not only do I think it does too, so do a few of my coworkers. Just so you know, I work at an Acura Dealership.

  14. Planes Are Great

    Planes Are Great

    16 days ago

    This is the only Acura I see people driving anywhere.

  15. Soda Fountain To The Stars

    Soda Fountain To The Stars

    16 days ago

    AMEN to the Plug-in Hybrid option. Acura will be left in the dust if they don't get on the EV wagon. Plus, YES to the A-SPEC with the Advanced package. Why this is not an option is insane!! Almost every new Acura I pass on the road now is an A-SPEC. Yet they think these drivers don't want the other features? Who's making these decisions at Acura!! Wake up!!!

  16. Donna D

    Donna D

    17 days ago

    They should make a car above and the mdx a truck base suv like a competitor to a Infiniti QX80 bmw x7 Cadillac esclade Range Rover and the first rwd v8 acura which is what they should have done to the legend/rl/rlx years ago

  17. Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Justin Thaw-Bolton

    19 days ago

    I won’t be trading in my v6 TLX for the 4 cylinder turbo.

  18. Justin Thaw-Bolton

    Justin Thaw-Bolton

    19 days ago

    I think Acura is making a huge mistake by replacing the v6 in the TLX to a 4 cylinder turbo.

  19. Bob Bowie

    Bob Bowie

    20 days ago

    its nice but it still doesnt stand out visually.

  20. Armin K

    Armin K

    23 days ago

    360 cam and HUD should be standard for any premium/ luxury car.

  21. Omair Sheikh

    Omair Sheikh

    24 days ago

    Fuckkkk it almost sounds like an old school NSX 😲

  22. H T

    H T

    25 days ago

    Captain chairs without the armrests? Come on Acura.

  23. Ray Brooks

    Ray Brooks

    25 days ago

    Way too much shiny, black plastic on the interior. It's annoyingly distracting while driving. I would expect a premium brand such as Acura to give us at least some real wood or carbon fiber.

  24. Goa Way

    Goa Way

    26 days ago

    Nice. I actually like this one. Mainly because it is red. Whenever I see this kind of red, I think Harley Quinn. 💕🖤💓

  25. Goa Way

    Goa Way

    26 days ago

    Do they have a smaller version of this? Like one with just two rows?

    • Erick Sanchez

      Erick Sanchez

      22 days ago

      If you mean this same model with two row's then no but the center seat in the second row can come off but if you mean a smaller model then look into the acura rdx that one offers two rows.

  26. Kamran Pathan

    Kamran Pathan

    26 days ago

    Can you start with the price at the beginning of the video? Or at all? Not sure I’ve seen you mention it

  27. Rick Hambly

    Rick Hambly

    27 days ago

    I've waited a long time for this restyling... picking my A-Spec up tomorrow. (Still got my 2004 TSX that I picked up in 2004. Just turned over 225,000 miles. 🤙)

    • C is for Chris

      C is for Chris

      8 days ago

      I picked up a blue Aspec yesterday . It’s so beautiful and everyone is taking pictures of it as we drive or have it out in the driveway.

  28. morris f

    morris f

    28 days ago

    Running with the big boys now...

  29. Dale's Acura TLX

    Dale's Acura TLX

    28 days ago

    🇨🇦 New MDX is beautiful....This is a great channel, excellent job buddy!!!

  30. Adin Mehanovic

    Adin Mehanovic

    29 days ago

    Um, if I want a 4cylinder engine I will go with literally any other auto brand. I’ll gladly take this 6cylinder!!!

  31. klppdc


    Month ago

    Nobody can beat Honda. Lexus is like a boring soap box compared to this. Germans will sell you crap engines which die after 100K miles. Honda is king. Hopefully they bring back S2000.

  32. ColorCodeTrader


    Month ago

    This is why I like Redline. No other reviewer dares utter the obvious about this looking like a Mazda.

  33. PortMiamiMike


    Month ago

    Which is the Top Trim level?

  34. Brock Kostiuk

    Brock Kostiuk

    Month ago

    This SHOULD have been done 5 years ago.

  35. Cloneufc


    Month ago

    EEEEWWW! Acura needs to get back into making SUV's. Most of the new MDX's look closer to minivans. The first-gen MDX looks like a real SUV! Come on acura!

  36. Jerry Wright

    Jerry Wright

    Month ago

    Hell no No 4 Cyl turbo! Your crazy! Always a Six ! maybe a 3.7 would have been better with the old TL 3.7 with 300 hp

  37. TheKingkingg


    Month ago

    One more thing, you keep smiling whenever you put your foot to the floor, but you are still wanting more, more, more... you did same with NSX review and type R.... when is more enough?... based on comments from so many reviewers, we will soon have 70 " tv in our vehicles and tractor trailer engines😂😂😂😂😂

  38. TheKingkingg


    Month ago

    Thanks for your review, you are very good when you stick to the fact, I either laugh at, or scratch my head when you start adding your saying the vehicle should get more power to 300hp, why???(which you also then say type S is coming soon 😂😂😂... also, most of us owners buy MDX or pilot but don't always carry 7 passengers in fact very rare.... another thing is shift controls clear up space for adding buttons because of ACURA reviewers. Another thing is volume controls ( which the driver has steering wheel controls) and many of you forget this class was created by Acura MDX and still best seller and possibly best reliability.

  39. Edward Conner

    Edward Conner

    Month ago

    A Spec is the best looking trim but unfortunately if you want a loaded one you loose the look & instead gotta deal with a crapload of chrome etc & that sucks, not sure why manufacturers do this

  40. lilmoris1


    Month ago

    Great vehicle, only ruined by black leather interior.

  41. neervilakomcommunity


    Month ago

    checked out third row . its hard for a adult to get in/out

  42. Dreamy


    Month ago

    Alex on Autos like the Acura MDX, therefore I like Alex on Autos 👍

  43. FIREBLACK 74.14

    FIREBLACK 74.14

    Month ago

    The whole grille is a superman shield shape.

  44. Jeff X

    Jeff X

    Month ago

    Is the engine noise real or pumped in through the speakers?

  45. Nick Pol

    Nick Pol

    Month ago

    Great review 👍👍👍

  46. JDMKing919


    Month ago

    So based on your assessment at the end, the Type-S trim will come w/ the Advance package & the top end ELS sound system?

  47. Tammy Banh

    Tammy Banh

    Month ago

    With all the snow and sleet that we just had, do you think this car will be good performance for these weather? Is there any other car / suv you would suggest?

  48. أبو𓃭أمير ألسيد

    أبو𓃭أمير ألسيد

    Month ago

    They kill my dream☹️ $50,000 Wow I have to buy Honda now 🥺

  49. Spike 939

    Spike 939

    Month ago

    Such a great review, and the new MDX looks smoking.

  50. Arthur Samaul

    Arthur Samaul

    Month ago

    Hi what kind of camera you are recording with in side the car thanks

  51. Claudio Moncayo

    Claudio Moncayo

    Month ago

    I loooooove redline cars reviews , they are very professional and have so much great valanced good and bad information, did I say very professional! 😎 the best car review you tube Chanel

  52. 18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    Month ago

    Piano black is WACK.

  53. 18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    18 RLX Vibrant 7 DCT

    Month ago


  54. Ed p

    Ed p

    Month ago

    a what load of money? hahahahaha

  55. syan sana

    syan sana

    Month ago

    The nice exclamation steadily sign because philippines uniquely compare times a draconian bite. few fierce, hard ellipse

  56. Gillies Okano

    Gillies Okano

    Month ago

    This looks amazing!

  57. Ashton 2176

    Ashton 2176

    Month ago

    Would've been nice if they gave the new tlx that same full digital driver display instead of that old analog dash

  58. GhostPrime21


    Month ago

    cant wait until they do something about their halo car

  59. A-Spec Reviews!

    A-Spec Reviews!

    Month ago

    I would have liked to see a mild hybrid setup to address the low-end torque issue. Replace the alternator with a 48V assist motor. Instant torque and seamless auto start/stop.

  60. George Lustrea

    George Lustrea

    Month ago

    You talk to fast..

  61. K. Laster

    K. Laster

    Month ago

    Is this new Acura worth giving up my 2019 Volvo XC90 R design?

  62. quane6


    Month ago

    Did a good job designing but theirs packaging is stupid why can’t we get a fully loaded aspec or get the advance with the appearance package why do we have to get either or

  63. karumban


    2 months ago

    Any updates on the new TLX type S?

  64. Hot Curry

    Hot Curry

    2 months ago

    My mdx aspec noise issue

  65. fabulousprofound


    2 months ago

    I just came from the Audi Q7 review... how can Audi expect to compete against this?

  66. jean cadet

    jean cadet

    2 months ago

    Looks like a infinity end. Mazda had a baby

  67. Don


    2 months ago

    Nice design. Definitely will wait for S-TYPE. Hope they'll let you configure S-TYPE with advance trim and I'll buy it. Do you think someone 6'2 would be comfortable driving this generation of the MDX??? Great review as usual. 👍🏾👌🏾

  68. Al Pa

    Al Pa

    2 months ago

    looks and feels like a Honda

  69. sooeyz28


    2 months ago

    No timing chain yet?

  70. Veyronp87


    2 months ago

    very nice 3 row SUV. cant wait for all of Acura's Type S models. really gonna put the industry on notice

  71. Ray Brooks

    Ray Brooks

    2 months ago

    Great looks and packaging. At this price point no touch screen, miles of piano black plastic, and an infotainment screen sitting in a bowl are deal killers.

  72. Dayne Vickers

    Dayne Vickers

    2 months ago

    Really like the new look especially from the front, but, geez, that Acura emblem looks to be almost as large as a human head! Yeah, I know it probably includes cameras, etc, but, wow, they must really be proud of it.

  73. tommy ho

    tommy ho

    2 months ago

    Should u try using the manual shifter? I feels faster

  74. tommy ho

    tommy ho

    2 months ago

    How is that compare to an rx350 in ride?

  75. tommy ho

    tommy ho

    2 months ago

    Mpg is worst then my 14 mdx shawd why? Thought more gear mean better mpg?

  76. Leavon Fletcher

    Leavon Fletcher

    2 months ago

    Very nice but I like the Genesis GV80 interior more.

  77. Kronos Sheldon

    Kronos Sheldon

    2 months ago

    As a multiple Acura Owner family (Vigor, Integra, Legend, MDX), it’s disappointing that they have polluted their DNA with that of another manufacturer. Combine this with the ultra thin gauge steel of the body, and that REALLY CHEESY afterthought display, and it will be really difficult to even enter an Acura showroom. Why not go upmarket and buy a Honda Pilot.

  78. jaybanthony


    2 months ago

    Sweet! Bye Bye Lexus.

  79. Reggie R2

    Reggie R2

    2 months ago

    Damn it looks nice!!!

  80. Vu Nguyen

    Vu Nguyen

    2 months ago

    I think its time you upgrade your video quality to 4k resolution

  81. Irina Graña

    Irina Graña

    2 months ago

    VOX 🇪🇸💚

  82. John S

    John S

    2 months ago

    With the longevity and reliability of this engine, there must be an ecu tune to push this Mdx to the 315-320 hp range without a problem at all.

    • f181234


      2 months ago

      A car this big and heavy you probably wouldn’t notice the extra 10-20 HP

  83. Nivla Evif

    Nivla Evif

    2 months ago

    Great review/info on the new MDX.🤔I wonder if the next generation Honda Pilot will ride on this platform?

  84. Kanishk Kammaripalle

    Kanishk Kammaripalle

    2 months ago

    I liked the car until I realized it has no touchscreen.

  85. FJ


    2 months ago

    I really don't like the black around the wheel wells. It does look sporty in the A -Spec configuration but I wish they would color match around the wheels and bumper. It seem like every car company is going to it and I don't care for it. Fine on an Explorer or a Jeep but let's stop when we move into more luxury lines of vehicles. Also, PLEASE no more tablets sticking up or attached to the dash board! The Germans have gone away from it and it give a much more finished look when they are incorporated within.

  86. hdavey72


    2 months ago

    What so great about mercedes and audi. Let acura do their thing

  87. hdavey72


    2 months ago

    You're so detailed, and you have good taste. O like ur style

  88. hdavey72


    2 months ago

    I think you love honda, acura. Good for you

  89. B Mendez

    B Mendez

    2 months ago

    That is one ugly back end....reminds me of the Honda CRV...what the hell were they thinking on both???

  90. Tony Rock

    Tony Rock

    2 months ago

    looks like mazda's design.

  91. nickystoryify


    2 months ago

    Sefyan I love your channel, you know your shit! ! But you have got to start using the word "Sound" when you are describing the sound of the engine and or exhaust note, especially if you like what you hear. When you say the word "noise" it gives the impression that you disapprove of what you're hearing. If it weren't for me being long time subscriber, I wouldn't know your face lights up, voice fills with excitement and because you feel it you'll swear 🤣 (my favorite part). Please take heed, love your work! !

  92. Garrett W

    Garrett W

    2 months ago

    29:10 that has to be the ugliest engine cover I’ve ever seen 😂. At least the actual engine is a gem

  93. styner3


    2 months ago

    I feel sorry for the 50K that bought a 2020 model

  94. Barrington


    2 months ago

    Bye Felicia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Eric Banks

    Eric Banks

    2 months ago

    The first good looking MDX, finally!! The Pallisade and Telluride have more space in the 3rd row though. I’d still pick the 375 hp Genesis GV80 over the Acura MDX

  96. ster


    2 months ago

    But its just so butt uggggly. Designed by the blind to achieve equity? Sounds right. Maybe they should have brought in the same European guys that Genesis did.

  97. dzionassi


    2 months ago

    Civic trying to run away from you ;)

  98. J Mack

    J Mack

    2 months ago

    I heard this ‘newer’ engine requires 91 octane... 👉💩

  99. Honest E

    Honest E

    2 months ago

    No matter how many times customers say, "Do NOT put piano black trim in or on a car," they still do it. Stupid. Same thing with all the screens and touch stuff. People need their eyes on the road, not their consoles. If you're going to bother putting screens in the car, then stop giving us unintelligible engine lights and indicators that tell us nothing about what is wrong with the car. If people can buy $30 car error code readers, then it should simply be built into the car. After watching him at 5'7" have his knees extend farther from the back row than the middle row goes, I stopped watching. Why have all the cargo space if you literally can't functionally use the third row seating?

  100. superscot17


    2 months ago

    Kinda looks like the Mazda CX-9 from the front