The Acura NSX is the UNDER APPRECIATED Daily Supercar! Will it be Forgotten?

The Acura NSX, or Honda NSX outside of the USA, is undoubtedly a seriously under-appreciated supercar. It launched with hybrid tech normally reserved for hypercars so I'm at Vegas Auto Gallery, to take it for a drive!
When I first drove the new generation NSX a number of years back, I was immediately impressed by the clever technology and how it integrated driving settings and the EV mode flawlessly, in a very easy to use car. From the layout of the interior, to the small packaging, and even the hugely variable exhaust note all in the case of the perfect daily supercar. This technology at the price point really set the way for new cars we're seeing coming through now like the McLaren Artura.
The NSX is powered by a 3.5l twin turbo V6 with 3 electric motors for a total power output of 581hp, however the additional motors and battery technology does bring about a weight penalty compared to rivals. What it does though is take a totally new approach to everything and result in a vehicle that stands out, looks fantastic, and is certainly very intriguing.
Values have softened since launch, but still hold relatively high compared to cars like R8s or McLaren Sports Series models for example, and I firmly believe it's going to be an interesting car for the future as really one of the first pioneers of this technology.
Thank you to Vegas Auto Gallery for lining up the test drive in their Acura NSX! No doubt this car won't be hanging around for long:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:12 Walkaround
04:19 Test Drive
07:12 Red Rock Canyon
09:41 Returning
13:14 Interior
16:44 Showroom Tour
18:21 Wrap Up
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  1. Shmee150


    Month ago

    The NSX is often under appreciated whereas it was really a pioneer of new technology that we're starting to see more and more on the market. This has to be an interesting car to watch for the future?! Thanks to Vegas Auto Gallery for the test drive!

    • Harshith Sadhana

      Harshith Sadhana

      27 days ago

      is the fuel gauge not straight

    • john air

      john air

      Month ago

      @Shmee > *MKBHD entered the chat* < he used to own an NSX

    • BigBaron D

      BigBaron D

      Month ago

      You never sleep, do you? Just joking. I hope you put together an overview video of your entire America trip.

    • ANN NAFI

      ANN NAFI

      Month ago

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    • Pat's Garage Online

      Pat's Garage Online

      Month ago

      @Michael Gakanga I've never had access to a 918. My sub count is only 16k. 🤣

  2. Karan Phull

    Karan Phull

    6 days ago

    Under appreciated? No my son, it’s given the respect it deserves. That design was a failure and if you think otherwise you don’t know wtf you’re talking about nor do you know anything about the OG Acura NSX

  3. C Straley

    C Straley

    8 days ago

    These are also very rare to see on the road. I have owned one since 2018 and have never seen one on the road lol. I have swapped out my entire car collection and the NSX was the only survivor and I plan on keeping it forever.

  4. C Straley

    C Straley

    8 days ago

    I adore the NSX!

  5. Thunderbolt Calgary

    Thunderbolt Calgary

    13 days ago

    Aventador has the same cup holder. You don't see anyone complaining about it.

  6. Screen Apple

    Screen Apple

    13 days ago

    I heard this car is too heavy. LOL.... I hear alot of guys say nahhh. this car is not collectible. it's a nice sports car. It looks like Bugatti in Toyota.



    14 days ago

    I love the NSX perhaps the most technological car ever done.

  8. CommanderTaco


    16 days ago

    Why a hybrid tho, 3 electric motors? I just like the car to be full gas or full electric, no need to complications the car like this, repairs must be a bitch

  9. Chris Graham

    Chris Graham

    19 days ago

    Shmee saying trippy like an experienced acid user ahaahah

  10. Boosted Trav

    Boosted Trav

    21 day ago

    Those stunning Evora GTs!!

  11. Chris Garret

    Chris Garret

    22 days ago

    If you want "an interesting package of technology" then this car is for you... I'd pass

  12. Richard Henry

    Richard Henry

    22 days ago

    Fantastic shmee , very interesting 🧐 sir

  13. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor

    23 days ago

    'it is a little bit quirky'.... where did i hear that word quirks before....

  14. Alen Green

    Alen Green

    24 days ago

    without electric motors, 150 - 200 kg lighter and RWD = perfect.

  15. P Lei

    P Lei

    26 days ago

    I’m so glad they don’t put an IPad jutting out on the dashboards like most new cars these days. Thank goodness!

  16. P Lei

    P Lei

    26 days ago

    It’s sad they don’t sell many of the RLX hybrid. It so much quieter than the NSX with almost all the driving dynamics of the NSX but of course you have to change expectations a bit knowing it’s a lot heavier. This makes the RLX such a great handling and ride vehicle. The only thing that stop me from considering the RLX is they don’t have Apple Car Play.

  17. Papote Yata

    Papote Yata

    26 days ago

    This guy is 🗑

  18. Logλn L

    Logλn L

    26 days ago

    The most underrated supercar of all time.

  19. Jacob Booth

    Jacob Booth

    26 days ago

    Fun fact: the gold building behind shmee in the beginning of the video is where the las vegas golden knights play.

  20. Jim R

    Jim R

    26 days ago

    You say it feels like it could use more power but didn't drive it in track mode or talk about track mode which fully unlocks the powertrain.

  21. Sameer


    27 days ago

    This & Ford GT is already sidelined and soon forgotten and the reason *V6*

  22. Harshith Sadhana

    Harshith Sadhana

    27 days ago

    in this car, is the fuel gauge straight or not straight?

  23. Visual


    27 days ago

    Not under appreciated . Just over priced.

  24. David David

    David David

    27 days ago

    Hybrid tech in this is so cool, the development of it is going to be amazing

  25. Nicholas Chen

    Nicholas Chen

    27 days ago

    If this new NSX have VTEC, it'll be crazy.

  26. myluxurylife. net

    myluxurylife. net

    27 days ago

    Thanks for your video.... Great video, great ACURAr. Thanks to hqreps, help me to realize my bag collection goal of this season. So many cheap items and such good quality. Join them and get yours now

  27. BBBT


    27 days ago

    Its the super car nobody wants then 10 years later its worth 40-50% more than retail lol. Love the new NSX, it begun the super car hybrid movement

  28. bear2bull


    27 days ago


  29. Jaybee Boy

    Jaybee Boy

    28 days ago

    NSX is great car a lot of specs, a true super car, very special, but i think what its look like is the problem, coz it's not sexy and pretty..

  30. YOHA


    28 days ago

    What was that weird lifted town and country at 10:09

  31. keraman bin mohamad iemansah

    keraman bin mohamad iemansah

    28 days ago


  32. Raymond Tran

    Raymond Tran

    28 days ago

    I think Shmee should add an NSX to his garage, this Blue one will look nice next to the Senna

  33. B14z3


    28 days ago

    I kinda hope it gets forgotten so its value goes down-

  34. Xpeng Fangirl

    Xpeng Fangirl

    28 days ago

    well hydrogen is now ready for very high power applications, including cars, but the NSX is extremely relevant, probably the best supercar, unfortunately the Iron Man, botched its sales potential

  35. davewesley11


    29 days ago

    Wish you would show the inside of some the cars Tim . love to see what the interior is like

  36. Project.D Films

    Project.D Films

    29 days ago

    Great car all around 👍🏻

  37. Josh Rosema

    Josh Rosema

    29 days ago

    I love that color! Definitely under-appreciated. They look great.

  38. jan novak

    jan novak

    29 days ago

    HONDA/Acura best....

  39. Willem Van Der Nest

    Willem Van Der Nest

    29 days ago

    Make sure to visit Brooks from Drag times before you leave America.

  40. Afdal Asadullah

    Afdal Asadullah

    29 days ago


  41. Carlife


    29 days ago

    It's so cool, I just got back from Vegas and I remember all of these places

  42. adnan faishal

    adnan faishal

    29 days ago

    you are not forgot the track mode are you

  43. dakotah dunham

    dakotah dunham

    29 days ago

    These look good with Widebody kits

  44. jimded


    29 days ago

    Rear lights look a bit Aston Martin

  45. SP


    Month ago

    This car will depreciate to under $100k soon and it will be a great price to pick it up for. I am positive I will able to afford one in the future.

  46. Bushmaster


    Month ago

    How can you not love that v6 noise? 😍

  47. MVBLLI


    Month ago

    What is a hondur nsx?

    • Francesco Schettino

      Francesco Schettino

      29 days ago


  48. Lloyd


    Month ago

    Looks too much like an accord

  49. Neil's EMTB World

    Neil's EMTB World

    Month ago

    My best mate has one of these

  50. LMFC


    Month ago

    0:24 THERES A BALL or something else rolling in the wind.

  51. Iain F

    Iain F

    Month ago

    #Shquad........hi Tim, this was one car that I always though should have been more successful.....

  52. Kebin. D

    Kebin. D

    Month ago

    Lmao its not Interior looks like a 10k car

  53. D Mac

    D Mac

    Month ago

    You can see where GM got it’s Corvette platform...

  54. Megumi T

    Megumi T

    Month ago

    The NSX is a very interesting car!

  55. OSEH


    Month ago

    This, the artura and the Maserati mc20 are such incredible cars

  56. OSEH


    Month ago

    It’s such an underrated, beautiful car! U should definitely get one

  57. Luke Slater

    Luke Slater

    Month ago

    Shmee were u going to do a collab w Houston @ Royalty🤔👍🏻.

  58. LFGstockades


    Month ago

    "he says about this" "blabla, he says", hehe. Starting to talk like Jimmy Broadbent.

  59. Chad Kennedy

    Chad Kennedy

    Month ago

    I hate the acura badge

  60. Sean


    Month ago

    Not a fan of the rear, but it definitely Will last the test of time.

  61. Luke Daniel Galon

    Luke Daniel Galon

    Month ago

    i did hate it once but overtime i like it.

  62. Josh's Channel

    Josh's Channel

    Month ago

    It's good looking for sure, but it's missing exotic appeal, especially the front end. It just looks like any other acura.

  63. Swaraj Chhajed

    Swaraj Chhajed

    Month ago

    Dinka Jester 🧐

  64. Louis d'Oliveira

    Louis d'Oliveira

    Month ago

    Now this Shmee can become a top gear presenter. Well done. You dont have to giggle uncontrollably.

  65. Louis d'Oliveira

    Louis d'Oliveira

    Month ago

    5:00 minutes almost a giggle. Are you trying to giggle less?

  66. riccccccardo


    Month ago

    I do love this car reminds me of my 450h gs.

  67. Alexander Briggs

    Alexander Briggs

    Month ago

    Truly is a shame how underappreciated the car was/is. A victim of poor marketing and an overlong development

  68. Connor Segeren

    Connor Segeren

    Month ago

    That key is the same as a 2015 civic

  69. MiG


    Month ago

    Take this same car, put a Ferrari or Mclaren badge on it and people will be raving about it....I think it’s an awesome car but people just think Honda and cheap when it comes to it...but let’s face the truth, Ferrari and the other big companies are at par with quality compared to the NSX.

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Month ago

      not really because the Huracan/F8 are def better cars with better interiors, look better, are faster, sound better etc. People say that this is underrated but in reality it isn't.

  70. Paul Gamble

    Paul Gamble

    Month ago

    The NSX has always sailed a little under the radar. The first generation car only really caught people's imagination because of the involvement of Ayrton Senna in it's design and build stages. Even now, the price of the first gen NSX is so low compared to the competition of the time. I don't know if it's because of the image of the more mainstream saloon and hatchback range, or because they are just a little too modest as a company and don't yell about how stunning thier supercar is, either way this car is a serious bit of kit and is (in my opinion) massively underappreciated.

  71. Da Red Snappa

    Da Red Snappa

    Month ago

    5:37 catch that sly and sneaky Bentley?

  72. Zdravko Franjkovic

    Zdravko Franjkovic

    Month ago

    I'm totally agree with you!

  73. VSM News

    VSM News

    Month ago

    The only issue with this car is that they called it the NSX. If it was called any other name it would have done well, same goes for the new Supra

  74. RdxzzWrld


    Month ago

    The NSX Is the Most underrated JDM Car In the World Ngl

  75. Nick Helfrich

    Nick Helfrich

    Month ago

    Just looks so bland for a supercar imo

  76. Sam Walling

    Sam Walling

    Month ago

    You should have stopped by and seen Houston at Royalty Exotics 👍👍 And I’ve honestly always loved the new NSX!

  77. Drew Kangaroo

    Drew Kangaroo

    Month ago

    I think it’s a very boring car. Still fetching about £90k minimum here in the UK... no thanks.

    • Anders Eriksson

      Anders Eriksson

      29 days ago

      What you could get for 90k instead eh..

  78. Shankroid Beast

    Shankroid Beast

    Month ago

    You put out an unbelievable amount of great content. I don't think anyone knows how hard you really work doing this.

  79. 偏屈親父吉珍難解


    Month ago


  80. kris c

    kris c

    Month ago

    Overengineered just like the old one,far ahead of its time. This year the first hybrid mc claren is coming out... this one 2016....

  81. blindeyeshater


    Month ago

    Looks like a McClaren 570

  82. Craig Shields

    Craig Shields

    Month ago

    I think that is poor design when you can't figure out how to properly include cup holders. It seems like an afterthought.

  83. Trunks Briefs

    Trunks Briefs

    Month ago

    No one: British people: HONDER

  84. shxwnny boii

    shxwnny boii

    Month ago

    hello shmee! will you be visiting Tj Hunt?

  85. GENgamerX


    Month ago

    I like it, idk why it doesn't it get more attention tho.

  86. Chevy Life92

    Chevy Life92

    Month ago

    Shmee150 what do you think about the Lotus ?

  87. Dayne Rampersad

    Dayne Rampersad

    Month ago

    you should add an NSX to you collection

  88. Ethan Bond

    Ethan Bond

    Month ago

    I am in the market now for a supercar and the nsx is just too many compromises. Its interior is poor and akin to ford focus with that large centre console dial. It can only be serviced in one location in the UK at the moment. The aftermarket is weak and engine mods are a magnitude more difficult to tie in with the hybrid system. I feel it was a car build by the engineers of honda for the engineers of honda, but not for the enthusiast who wants to tinker.

  89. bo matt

    bo matt

    Month ago

    I really like the NSX. The design is beautiful, it has nice wheels, it’s fast, it has 2 turbos and 600+ horsepower.’s a Honda! Crazy. I think a base price of $158k is a bit expensive for an Acura but I actually really like it. And it’s sad that people over look it when they think of super cars but I’m sure it can compete with names like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche. It’s a great car.

  90. A M

    A M

    Month ago

    The way he looked at the logo on the steering wheel after that Lambo pulled in like “why am I driving an Acura” 😂😂

  91. deps981


    Month ago

    Beautiful car.! lovely color, Timyou should get one of those.!

  92. Shahadath Khan

    Shahadath Khan

    Month ago

    Acura NSX with Liberty Walk kit is 🤩

  93. Francois Montesinos

    Francois Montesinos

    Month ago

    You know that las vegas was called atomic city because they used the place to try atomic nuke around 15 km from the city, shmee your are radio actif now!

  94. Omar Monelle

    Omar Monelle

    Month ago

    I'm guessing no TX2K for Shmee150. He's heading west.

  95. antoine


    Month ago

    I think it would be very well a more desirable car if it wasn't an Acura. Most people who has or wants a super car want that super car ego boost, they rather tell people I drive a Lamborghini rather than i drive a really fast Acura

  96. sdlausen


    Month ago

    *You gotta love how people are FINALLY realizing how good the NSX is.* Car reviewers, internet ACURA keyboard warriors, and brand snobs have incessantly picked on the NSX for no reason. The LFA had the same reaction when it was released and now look at how much people lust over it.

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      Month ago

      the LFA is an amazing supercar, the old NSX is also an amazing supercar, the new NSX isn't really

  97. Scrappy Owl

    Scrappy Owl

    Month ago

    I am joyanna

  98. kris ferguson

    kris ferguson

    Month ago

    Hey Shmee, I really enjoying watching videos whilst you are on your tour of America and you have done some great vids with other youtubers that i follow including Stradman, Burlacher & Tavarish. You should try and meet the Goonzquad boys, they have a great selection of cars and always produce good content videos

  99. Josh Geoffrion

    Josh Geoffrion

    Month ago

    5:37 just a Casual Bentley Continental GTC in the background

  100. Podkriznik


    Month ago

    I was never a fan of this car. It looks boring and dull compared to other supercars IMO.